Pension Fraud: How SSS paid N152 million into Maina’s secret account

SSS operatives

Nigeria’s secret police, the State Security Service (SSS), once made curious huge cash transfers into a bank account associated with a former chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms, Abdulrasheed Maina, PREMIUM TIMES can report.

The uncovering of the payments, investigators say, suggests Mr. Maina and the security agency had been in an unholy relationship for a while.

On Tuesday, PREMIUM TIMES exclusively reported how Mr. Maina received security protection from operatives of the Nigeria Police Force and the SSS who also allegedly provided a hideout for him.

Mr. Maina is on the run following moves by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to charge him to court for alleged N2 billion fraud.

As exclusively reported by this newspaper two years ago, Mr. Maina has a history of using bankers and other intermediaries to launder most of the money he allegedly embezzled from the pension funds.

Sometimes in 2011, while serving as chairman of the pension task force, Mr. Maina, using his banker sibling, Khalid Ali Biu, opened a corporate bank account in the name of Cluster Logistics Limited domiciled at Fidelity Bank.

Mr. Biu, who was a staff of the bank, was both the bank’s account officer as well as a director of the fictitious company, according to bank and company registration documents sighted by this newspaper.

Bank papers, including mandate card for the Cluster Logistics account also identified Mr. Maina as a signatory to the account.

Investigators said the account had over N500 million cash inflow that were mostly cash deposits made between 2011 and 2013.

Withdrawals from the accounts were also largely in cash. Some of the money, according to investigators, were also changed into dollars.

Curiously, however, among deposits into the accounts were three payments made over a period of one year by no other than the SSS, under its preferred name of Department of State Services (DSS).

Bank documents show that the security outfit paid a total of over N152 million.

The first tranche of over N61 million was paid on November 16, 2011 and the last made on November 14, 2012.

One of the deposits shows that it was made in the name of “DSS Pension Biometrics”.

It is unclear if Cluster Logistics offered any services to the SSS to warrant any payment.

The discovery of the account details, according to a source, “unsettled the SSS despite the EFCC’s effort at downplaying the matter in the spirit of inter-agency esprit de corp.

“Now that the whole case is being revisited it is important for the president to order forensic investigation into the SSS pension department,” he said.

Another EFCC official, who asked not to be named, said before the recent controversy over Mr. Maina’s matter, the commission was already preparing to arraign some of the bankers who aided the dismissed civil servant to allegedly launder billions.

PREMIUM TIMES could not reach SSS for comments on this story Wednesday night. The agency has no official spokesperson.

EFCC’s spokesperson , Wilson Uwujaren, did not respond to multiple telephone calls from this newspaper.


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  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun

    It’s time the Presidency declared CHIEF, THIEF, DORO BANDIT ABDULRASHEEDI MAINA WANTED WITH A BOUNTY ON IS HEAD. Many pensioners are suffering because of this man’s attitude towards duty and money entrusted in is care. He looted #2 billion naira alone, Maina is just a completed mad man, that needs a proper brain check up. A P C GOVERNMENT MUST NOT DISAPPOINT THE CIVIL SERVANTS, THEIR FAMILIES, AND THE MASSES OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY ON THE WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION, WE VOTED FOR WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION, ABDULRASHEEDI MAINA MUST FACE THE LAW TO PROVE HIS INNOCENCE.

    • Daniel

      Why are you deceiving yourself?

      As if we are not aware of this drama going on.

      PMB is now the enabler of Maina.

      He has only dropped the hot potato.

      Stop supporting this devilish government!

      • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun

        Junk news.

  • Shahokaya

    The SSS payments according to this report were made to Maina during the Jonathanism era, so also were the huge money he is alleged to have stolen. It is indeed very curious why this Maina was always given security protection during the PDP era and when he came back now.

    • Mayo

      Really? Are you so blinded by hatred that you can’t read? Nothing in the article said SSS provided security to him during GEJ’s tenure. Premium Times referrred to one of their previous articles where they said Maina came back to the country sometime ago (under Buhari) and was given security by police and SSS. Maina’s family also confirmed the same during their press conference.

      Yes, SSS paid pension money into the funds being overseen by Maina but that was pension and when GEJ’s goverment found out the man was corruptly enriching himself from the funds, he was sacked.

      • Shahokaya

        Liars have short memory. Kindly read the following report on the Herald of December 14, 2012 and see whether your uninformed trash still hold:
        The controversial Chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team (PRTT), Mr Abdulrasheed Maina arrived at the Senate yesterday afternoon around 2.30pm and almost caused a row in the committee room as reporters and other people present scurried to catch a glimpse of him.

        However, the Senate Committee on Establishment and Public Service and States and Local Government Administration refused to acknowledge his presence.

        The committee had on Wednesday mandated the Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Abubakar to produce Maina alive or dead by 11am the next day.

        After waiting for him for 3 hours, the committed started sitting around 2pm.

        The Chairman of the committee, Senator Aloysius Etok, apologized for the delay, blaming it on official bottlenecks.

        He recognized invitations organizations present but lamented the absence of Maina. Hence, he said the committee had been patient with Maina just to give him a fair hearing and then adjourned the proceedings to 2.30pm.

        Immediately the hearings were adjourned, Maina walked into the committee room surrounded by operatives of the State Security Services, SSS.

        A visibly angry Senator Etok then circulated a second arrest warrant for Maina, signed by Senate President David Mark and the Clerk of the Senate, Mr Ben Efeturi, which read thus:

        “Pursuant to the powers conferred by Section 89 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended), a warrant is hereto issued by the President, Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for the arrest and compelling of attendance of Alhaji Abdulrasheed Maina of the Customs, Immigration, Prisons and Pension Office (CIPPO).”Maina should be produced by the Nigeria Police before the Joint Committee on the Investigation of Pension Funds on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 12 noon, at the National Assembly Complex, Abuja.

        “This warrant is to be executed by the Nigeria Police.”

        After the circulation of the warrant of arrest, the committee members ignored the presence of Maina and left the hall.

        However, Maina told reporters that he is not under any arrest, as he was in the Senate to clear his name of allegations of fraud, adding that he has the highest respect for the Senate.

        He said: “But if there are some elements of bias, they have to be considered and looked into.

        “They are talking about 2005. I was not there in 2005, so they could not have been talking about me.

        “If members of the committee claimed to have uncovered a fraud of N195 billion, they should tell Nigerians how and where.

        “Through our investigation, we have caused the seizure of some property. We have recovered billions of naira for the Federal Government. Some suspects are under trial. All these things are on record. I have no reason to disobey the Senate.”
        Maina storms-senate-late-in-company-of-sss-operatives.DECEMBER 14, 2012 by DERIN

  • forestgee

    Unbelievable, PMB is just scratching the anti corruption fight in this Country. There are imbeciles or corrupt persons working in this government…more things will be uncovered when this government is out of power in 2019.

    • FineBoy

      2011 and 2012 payments na PMB or GEJ?

      Please read in full

      • Daniel

        Maina has been in this government under DSS protection until we shouted two days ago.

        How come?

        Never ever attempt again to give excuses for a corrupt old man called PMB.

        Integrity in the dustbin.

        • FineBoy

          Better change your name to either Eli or Benoni.

          Daniel those fit u

      • forestgee

        Gej reinstated Maina

      • rules_emmanuelO.

        Your sense of basic decency is missing.. Go look for it!

  • Harry

    PMB is completely not in charge of Nigeria, people are now ruling Nigeria on behalf of PMB. It’s Magu alone that is fighting the war against corruption and that is why they don’t want Magu as EFCC Chairman. From what we are seeing now in PMB’s administration, it’s very clear that PMB is not what we thought he is. It was late Tunde Idiagbon that masterminded the war against corruption in the days of war against indiscipline (WAI) which we are now ascribing to PMB.

    • FineBoy

      Hatred of PMB will not allow you read dates and time of payments.

      Call GEJ to explain the 2011, 2012 payments

      • Daniel

        Recall, Maina was sacked in 2013 and he was on the run.

        With all these facts, PMB in 2017 reinstated the mess through the DSS and Dambazau and the AGF.

        That is how fantastically corrupt PMB is.

        So, get the perspective.

        What does change mean to you?

        • FineBoy

          He went to Court what happened?

          Is that same way Oduah was sacked?

          When DSS paid him money in 2011/2011, your uncle sacked him and asked him to go in peace with the loots?

          • Daniel

            Buhari is the shame of a beleaguered nation to watch.

            Very messy regime.

            One week, one scandal

          • FineBoy

            Take heart.

            Till 2019


    Again PMB will have nothing to say and nothing to do on this. It’s amazing! This LION CANNOT ROAR NIETHER CAN’T IT BITE! He is neither deaf nor dump but don’t expect him to utter a word on this. And here is his score card on fighting corruption : Babachir IDP GRASSGATE: Silence 100% Action 0%. Abba KyariMTNGATE: Silence 100% Action 0%. Baru NNPC: Silence 100% Action 0%, Ayo IKOYIGATE: Silence 100% Action 0%, Aso Villa Clinicgate: Silence 100% Action 0%, BURUTais DUBAI HOUSEGATE: Silence 100% Action 0%, Malami MAINAGATE : Silence 100% Action 0%, DAMBAZAU MAINAGATE: Silence 100% Action 0%, ABDUL RASHEED MAINA PENSIONGATE: Silence 100% Action 1%.

  • Arabakpura

    We have also heard that the DSS escorted him out of view when the lid on him was removed!

    • Danladee

      GEJ was the President, when these funds were transferred into Maina’s accounts and Lawal Daura was not the DG DSS. Let the hatred for PMB not blinded you, please.

      • MilitaryPolice01

        To find that there are people still bold enough to support this govt is nauseatingly shocking, but then again, I am fully aware that Robert Mugabe has avid supporters

      • Arabakpura

        Story for the gods! Malami and Dan Banza are also ministers working for Jonathan!

        • Intrepid

          Good response.

  • Mani_Kay



    Magu hypocritically declared Maina wanted.

    From the memos in the public domain … the process for reinstatement of Maina started as far back as April 2017 and it is obvious that Maina has been around even before the process officially started.

    Are you telling me that Magu did not know Maina’s whereabout even as Maina was moving around Abuja to push his reinstatement and promotion?

    After Maina resumed over three weeks ago …. are you telling me that Magu was not aware that Maina had resumed at the Ministry of Interior until Premium Times blew the whistle ? ……. tell that to the Marines!

    By the way what happened to all the Magu inspired Whitleblowers that he was using to discover planted cash all over Nigeria?

    If Magu was not collaborating in the reinstatement of Maina … which is extremely impossible to believe …. then Magu is wholly incompetent and should cease from EFCC

  • Intrepid

    I remember how the watergate scandal consumed President Nixon, and sent him packing. The 97/ 5% President will never escape this tempest. There is nothing like Mr intergrity here.

    The whole Mainagate was to source campaign fund for Mr intergrity.

    Buhari is a very CORRUPT HYPOCRITE

  • Intrepid

    Buhari is a skull and bone figurehead President.

  • Maria Darego

    Nigerians should stop disturbing themselves over Mr. Maina. Nothing will ever happen to Mr. Maina. As long as Mr. Buhari and APC is running Nigeria, Mr. Maina would never be arrested or prosecuted. Mr. Maina was probably the third major source of funding for the APC and Mr. Buhari in the run-up to the 2015 elections; the first source being Lagos State Internally Generated Revenue through Tinubu and Fashola, and the second being Rivers State Federation Account Allocations through Rotimi Amaechi. Infact Mr. Maina’s troubles with the Jonathan administration began when Jonathan and the PDP realized (too late) that Mr. Maina was funding the APC and Mr. Buhari. There was always an agreement with Mr. Buhari’s full knowledge masterminded by the people really close to Mr. Buhari (forget all the Southerners) who then ran Mr. Buhari’s campaign, (Interior Minister Dambazzau, Attorney General Malami, DSS Director Daura, etc) that after the elections, Mr. Maina would be given a clean bill of health and rehabilitated back into the system. Everybody kept their promises and Mr, Maina was gently and quietly allowed back into the country and rehabilitated into the Civil Service. The only problem is one stubborn young man named Ibrahim Magu at EFCC, who was brought from nowhere to Mr. Buhari (by Senator Mustapha Bukar Musa representing Katsina State) and made Chairman of EFCC. Mr. Magu has been having a running battle with the real people who did and continue to do all the dirty work for Mr. Buhari! Mr. Magu is now like a falcon who no longer hears the falconer. Mr. Magu was supposed to just go after all the PDP and non-political crooks in Nigeria; but in so doing; all his investigations keeps on terminating at the end of Mr. Buhari’s dirty people and young man just does not know what to do! Mr. Buhari’s dirty people started fighting him and he started fighting them. Mr. Maina is just a casualty of this fight.

    • Timothy

      You are allowed to think whatever you want…say whatever you want…act however you want…but thats if you are an adult but as a child this daydream of what happened is really sad.

    • Gary

      Thanks for your insightful analysis of this debacle. It makes eminent sense.
      I may not be a huge fan of Magu’s but there’s no denying that the man has been blocked and chafing from the actions of Buhari’s inner circle; especially the DSS Chief.
      Magu knows where all the bodies are buried in this Administration but he cannot take on folks who are blood relatives of his boss. Hopefully, Nigerians will realize the debilitating impact of nepotism and the concentration of autocratic powers vested in the President of Nigeria by his near-total control of the coercive and security services of the country.
      The President of Nigeria is a constitutional tyrant (especially with a pliant National Assembly) and Buhari has demonstrated it for all see.

  • Intrepid

    The secrets of buhari’s Junta is beginning to unravel.

    Now Buhari is wearing a small poker face.

    Shame, Shame, shame!

    • Danladee

      But the lodgements of these funds happens when GEJ was the President, and Lawal was not the DG DSS. Let the hatred for PMB not blinded you, please.

      • MilitaryPolice01

        Very true Danladee but the Govt of Buhari promised change from the old order of doing things, so how come they contacted Maina who belongs to the old order and according to his own family members, begged him to come and join the change agenda of the Buhari regime ? Thank you

      • Intrepid

        No hatred for anyone

        • Gary

          Don’t let regime sycophants intimidate you with charges of hatred for anyone.
          Tell the truth as you see it and let anyone refute or rebut your stance with superior facts or arguments. Period

      • Intrepid

        GEJ is no longer in government. Let your sycopancy for your Sheik in Aso rock continue to blind you.

        • Uzoma John

          Has the same Maina not been declared wanted under PMB? Has PMB not asked the appointment to be terminated? Has he not ordered investigation into the matter? What do you losers want? Just to link PMB’s name to this charade. You and your fellow no-do-gooders have failed woefully. Go look for something meaningful to do. Hatred is worse than HIV. You will die of it.

          • Intrepid

            Go and bear your fulde father’s name.

          • Uzoma John

            Mechie onu. Ndi omekome. Umu ogwugwu oge.

      • Gary

        The Pension theft happened under GEJ for which Maina then fled after discovery.

        His return to Nigeria to be reinstated and subsequent payment of N22m in backpay happened recently under Buhari’s key henchmen.
        Please don’t mix up the facts under discussion.

        If there’s anything still unclear, it is the extent of Buhari’s knowledge of the shenanigans undertaken by his kitchen cabinet.
        That is the only thing that can be argued in his favor but even that is negated by the obvious fact that he remains vicariously responsible for the actions of his aides and appointees.

    • Repost by Popular Demand


      Muhamadu Buhari and the road not taken

      President Buhari has a legal option. He can resign from office
      without admission of responsibility for the mess his incompetence caused
      Nigeria. So far Buhari has made Nigeria worse and more corrupt than he
      met it. Almost everyone agrees that Buhari’s selection of a slew of mediocre
      creatures as Ministers, is Buhari’s greatest undoing.

      Never in history
      has such a coalition of retards been assembled and (wrongly) called a
      “cabinet of Ministers”. But because Buhari is inured to shame he does not
      mind being laughed at as the worst president Nigeria has ever had.

      in Nigeria nowadays is one scandal of theft or corruption by Buhari’s aides
      and political appointees – none of whom has any faith in Buhari’s fake and
      false and empty rhetoric to fight corruption. No Minister has any real trust
      or faith in Muhamadu Buhari’s ability to govern Nigeria with competence,
      honesty or knowledge. For if any Minister has any slight faith or trust
      in Buhari this collusion between the attorney general and the Minister
      of Interior would not have been plotted to reinstate Alhaji Maina in
      violation of all laws, and pay MAINA a sum of 22 million Naira as
      reward for running away from Nigeria for 3 years to escape court
      judgment – a plot both Ministers executed with total contempt for
      President Buhari.


    “Investigators said the account had over N500 million cash inflow that were mostly cash deposits made between 2011 and 2013.” “The first tranche of over N61 million was paid on November 16, 2011 and the last made on November 14, 2012.”

    Some of us are so blinded by hatred triggered by ethnicity and religion to be objective. The money allege to have lodged into Maina’s account are said to have been made between 2011 to 2013, which predates Buhari’s regime. How can any sane human hold Buhari responsible for that?

    While the Maina sage that have just reared its ugly head remains condemnable, if must blame anybody, the proper person should blamed.

    • Timothy

      Its very easy for most of us to draw conclusion without looking at details. Currently theirs an audio recording of the same Maina and the founder of Brekete Family and this man Maina as alleging he is being haunted by those who actually stole pension funds and he has evidence but yet no one is giving him protections…he is saying that some of the people doing this pension scam are members of the same Senate that invited him to appear, police and top govt officials. Clearly how he was reinstated may sound dubious but have we all took a step back and actually hear what he has to say or we just judge him outrightly…same reason people are blaming Buhari instead of looking closely to what actually happened and when it happened.

      • SeniO.

        We are in the age of super efficient social media and we have leakages more frequently. There’s also whistle blowers all over. Maina can leak or blow whatever evidences he has to the public and the narrative will change. So far, all his moves portray him as guilty.

        • Timothy

          Yeah I know….I feel the same you feel because what we read in the media is what they want us to think…he is being portrayed a criminal…I dont know if you reside in Abuja…well if you do and you listen Brekete Family radio you will know who Ahmed is…well there’s an audio recording of the conversation with Ahmed where he claimed he never stole any money and all the information they are carrying of him are by those who want him exposed and removed….he claims he has evidence of those behind his prosecution and would do anything to get at him…some of them are in the Senate, The Police…and top govt officials who have actually stolen billions from the pension scheme…he even pointed finger to Okonjo Iweala and said if he is wrong they they should ask her.

          Now hearing this man’s side I tend to wonder…have we really given him a fair trial or we just follow the news and no matter where it leads us we just accept it. Some are blaming this administration…I did actually…some blame Buhari some blame it on past govt…some already are calling him a thief…even ordinary Ahmed of Brekete family radio did…and then he apologised…so if Ahmed could get Maina on radio and they could talk….is that a man on the run?


      Everybody I’ve read is blaming Buhari and his administration for re-hiring a fugitive. Let go your tunnel vision, myopia, and hatred first; free yourself!

    • Gary

      What exactly is your point?
      That because Maina did his stealing under Jonathan justifies the Buhari regime going this great lengths to protect and reward a fugitive?
      Does one wrong justify or negate another wrong?
      Just what is with how you regime defenders reason and deflect to false equivalence when your cult-hero engages in brazen corruption?

    • Mani_Kay

      That is the reason the Jonathan Presidency declared Maina a fraud and began the process of prosecuting him before Buhari and his men helped him to escape.

      Don’t forget that Daura was in charge at DSS at that time … reason Jonathan retired Daura ….. Magu was clandestinely involved.

      But because Buhari is corruption personified …. he quickly recalled Daura from retirement and reinstated him just like he was trying to reinstate Maina before the bubble burst.

      • Uzoma John

        Keep quiet loser. Don’t delve into what you know nothing about. Wailer.

      • Naija man

        Ita Ekpeyong was appointed DG, DSS in September 2010 and relieved of his appointment July 2015. Please explain what period Daura was DG, DSS within the period you claim?

    • Uzoma John

      Are you listening to the haters. They will all choke to death because of PMB. With all the good intentions of PMB, these corrupt haters who throng online what to do everything to tarnish his excellent image – what they and their paymasters don’t have. They should note that we are in a democracy. If this have been military many of these rogues creating problems here and there would’ve been jailed long time. PMB is following due process and all the culprits will be brought to account in due cause. Let the haters go hell. Their sources of un-earned income have been dismantled by PMB the reason they keep wailing and throwing about unfounded rumours. Lazy idiots.

  • Timothy

    i want to plead with Premium Times to try and get the other side of the story and not lead the masses on to what YOU guys want us to hear and not hear what actually happened. There’s a need for a man who sees his wife enter a Hotel and come out to ask questions and not conclude she went to have sex…..if after asking and its obvious a crime was committed then let the accused be purnished. I have reason to believe that its not all we read is entirely true…some of these journalists are paid to give a wrong impression about things and covert the minds of its readers to see things the abstract way and not the way things are truly are….

    Lets hear MAina’s side of the story…not all this jargon….you are either looking for an excuse to paint this administration and its officials in bad light or you want to cover up something… the better journalism by asking the other side…some newspaper outfits are going after his own side of the story…dont lead the people on with this type of headlines its almost declarative and affirming the man is a thief or corrupt. Then the people will just take him as such which is not to be so….like the NNPC thing you had everyone following what you thought happened and not what was truly is.


      A fugitive is guilty for running from the law; Maina is guilty of that one for sure, do you agree?

      • Timothy

        A man’s life is at threat and those who wanted him killed are protected or enforcers of the law and he ran…that made him a fugitive….if that is the case would you stick around and see how they kill you?

      • Julius

        Yes, he is but that shouldn’t stop the government from getting to the bottom of this saga. I’m sure he know who is who that was helping him and brought him back to the service. Let him talk. I’m sure you would agree on that .

    • Gary

      Finally showing your true colors, eh eRat?
      Pity that you propaganda minions are now reduced to whining for fairness to Buhari in the face of overwhelming proof of ethno-sectarian bigotry of his regime.
      The jig is up folks but enjoy the BMC stipends even if your propaganda shtick has totally collapsed.

      • Timothy

        Well anyone who knows me would know I just dont make statements to get accolades or for the fun of it….there’s an audio recording of a conversation of this man with ordianry Ahmed of Brekete Family radio….if you are on social media you may have seen or got it. Now the man claims to have proof and have evidences…he was shot at…he was not given protection…no one is on his side as far as this pension scam is concerned…he is the one lablelled the thief as if he alone worked in the office…but there are others there…why finger him out alone? No one is asking the right questions here…we all assume what we read in papers as the truth…some which are just speculations by the media house to turn our view to the wrong info.

        What if you meet his man and he shows you bullet holes of the car he was in when he was shot? What will happen if he showed you how billions were stolen from Police Pension scheme where people were withdrawing 300 million daily for their own benefits and not the suffering pensioners? What will you say?

        • Opekete

          If that is the case then he can make a case to the presidency through his lawyer for protection to enable him tell his tales and all involved in the scam. The fact that he said he is the only one being fingered while there are others involved in the scam is a tacit acceptance of guilt on his part. I believe also that the DSS is grossly complicit in this whole case and it will be disheartening if the president will not move quickly on this issue. This single case could damage the entire credibility the president has built up all his life.

          • Timothy

            You are very correct…which is what anyone who believes the lawyer can easily reach the presidency without being intercepted by the people hunting him….I want to believe he has a case to answer but if what he says is true and there are people after him….frankly his best protection and ever gaining access to the president is through the good people in DSS who brought him in and protected him…as it is if your life is in danger and you know those after you have people in govt and security agencies its only those in the same portfolio can guarantee your safety…since he has been in hiding for so long why come out now? Have you asked yourself that question?

        • stargazer

          A man with a two years salary arrears of 22m naira bought a property of 2m USD tell us mr Timothy how big the bullet holes should be ?
          You can as well shove his audio evidence back into his fat ass .

          • Timothy

            I guessed you paid him the 2 years salary arears and where was this property….please tell us

      • Julius

        C’on Gary, so this is ethno-sectarian bigotry to you ? What about the others involved in the pension scam from the West and the East ? You should be smart enough to know that ethno shit doesn’t come into play when these criminals shares their stolen/looted monies. As a matter of facts, they are all friends with their children marrying among themselves and living LARGE in overseas. Facts do matter Mr. Gary and you know better than your comments on the net. You have to, else we are in more trouble than I thought.

    • Julius

      That’s more the reason the Buhari should act fact and be transparent on this.

      • Timothy

        Thank you…thats what I expect as well…there are those who want to protect him and bring him in so that he can have a one-on-one with Buhari so that he can expose the evil in the pension scheme…but these people are powerful people…the reason the smuggled him in was because even some people in DSS want him dead or else he would expose their principal.. there’s more to it than what we just read…please lets be patient and not judge too quickly

        • Julius

          Oh, I know without a doubt that there is more to this story . I hope Buhari will take this seriously and be transparent…bring everything out in the open and deal with those involved.No blame game, just let everything out.

          • princegab

            Don’t wait for Buhari’s seriousness. The man is not serious.

          • Julius

            He ought to be serious with this..I have no doubt he will. Removing the dude from the service is the 1st step, now we are waiting for the next…

    • olowoyojoel

      If Maina was not guilty why run away? Ok lets assume he was not guilty, someone facilitated his disappearance to protect himself (sss) and his family confirmed that sss provided him with security. Reason is because sss was involved in corrupt practices with Maina. This is what premium times just revealed, same reason sss gave false report on Magu and Mallami wanted Magu to submit investigated files to him.
      Can you now see the fact in this kaleidoscopes?

    • stargazer

      So bring maina out from his hiding cave to tell us his side of the story then. We are waiting but just for your information aiding and abetting a known criminal is also a grave offence oo

      • Timothy

        I believe EFCC is doing that part

  • Intrepid

    The simple question to some few remaining blind supporters of the CLANNISH and cluelesss Buhari.

    Why would someone who was sacked and declared wanted for corruption, be smuggled into the government of anti corruption fighters?


    • Julius

      Did you even care to read the story and find out when those payments were made to his account and who was the party and the president in power at the time ? Maybe they are the same criminals behind his return to the service now . Just think about that.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        The question, my brother, is: why would a person who was sacked and declared wanted for corruption by a fantastically corrupt administration smuggled back into service and elevated by a supposedly corruption fighting administration and no head has rolled yet? Julius, Boohari don fall my hand finish

        • cheky

          Don’t mind Julius, they are the reasons why Buhari is making a lot of mistakes. They created the impression that he can do anything and get away with it, and yet win 2019 election. If they had criticized right from onset (CBN employment saga, Ikoyigate, Grass-cutting, etc), it wouldn’t have gotten to this.

          • Truthman

            Do you mind him? Did the previous government not fire him? Buhari is never in control of anything. From his days as a military head of state who was relegated into second position by his deputy to PTF where the operations were hijacked by a consultant to the most rudderless government ever in the history of Nigeria.

        • Julius

          I’m totally with you but, all I’m saying is this begings from somewhere and to ignore that is to ignore reality. I hope the president deal ruthlessly with those behind this for his own sake.

  • Maitama Tambari.

    It is important for reporting on Maina, years of his corrupt enrichment is clearly mention as you have done now in the case of DSS. The transfer of money was made in 2011 – 2013. It is important because those that encouraged, benefitted from Maina during their era are now using Maina to discredit this Administration in bringing Maina back to play their hand.

    • princegab

      Bringing him back is a ‘pay back’ but backfired. Northerners looted more under gej.

      • stargazer

        And northerners are still looting unhindered now under buhari.

        • princegab

          Of course, headed by Buhari. 50 yrs of military rule turned them into embezzlers. They don’t care that Northern masses are poorest in the world.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    The DG of the DSS, Lawal Daura is an accessory to graft in several cases in play, and the earlier this Aso-Rock insider is kicked out the better for this administration. The DSS reeks of criminal malfeasance!

    • princegab

      You are stylishly absolving the President of any crime where as, he is the epicenter. We can say authoritatively that pmb employed those around him to do what they are doong.

  • Naija man

    Haba Premium Times!!! This ought to have been the headline: “PENSION FRAUD: HOW SSS PAID N152 MILLION INTO MAINA’S SECRET ACCOUNT BETWEEN 2011-2013!”
    You could have as well stated in your bold catchy headline that the payments were made between 2011 and 2013 instead of hiding it inside the story . This is a mischievous and deliberate attempt to mislead readers.


    Firing Squad for the GAMBARI Thief

  • omo56

    This cannot make it as a script in any movie any where in the world. Right out of Alice “Through the Looking Glass” or Alice in Wonderland

    Paying the person whom they are supposed to arrest money?

  • Maverick

    So many scandalous activities in this APC government. I have lost counts of them.

    • Ambali Abubakar Isa

      Read and digest the content, it says “The first tranche of over N61 million was paid on November 16, 2011 and the last made on November 14, 2012.”
      Was APC in power as at then?

      • Maverick

        APC is drowning in the same corruption they talked about.