EXCLUSIVE: Despite being wanted for alleged fraud, Maina gets SSS, Police protection

Abdulrasheed Maina
Former Chairman of defunct Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms, Abdulrasheed Maina[Photo Credit: Buzz Nigeria]

Despite being on the run after being declared wanted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for alleged corruption, embattled former chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reform, Abdulrasheed Maina, was provided federal security cover, PREMIUM TIMES can report today.

Investigators have found that for months, Mr. Maina received protection from operatives of the Nigeria Police Force and the State Security Service, SSS. The SSS also provided an accommodation for him.

Mr. Maina is currently at large and did not report to duties on Monday at the Ministry of Interior where he was recently posted to.

The spokesperson of EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren, said the agency was intensifying its search for Mr. Maina.

The fresh search was triggered by a PREMIUM TIMES report on Friday detailing how the former pension boss, who fled Nigeria in 2013, sneaked back to the country and was reinstated into the civil service, and promoted.

The story sparked outrage amongst Nigerians and the civil society who viewed the case as a litmus test for the anti-corruption effort the Buhari administration.

On Monday, President Muhammadu Buhari ordered for immediate disengagement of Mr. Maina and demanded a report of the circumstances leading to his reinstatement from the Head of Service of the Federation. The presidency said the report has been turned in.

SSS, Police involvement

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that all the while, Mr. Maina was being provided guards by the SSS. A safe house in Maitama, allegedly belonging to the SSS, was also provided for his use.

The SSS does not have a known spokesperson to respond to this story.

PREMIUM TIMES telephoned the director general of the SSS, Lawal Daura, and the service’s director of operations, identified as Mr. Bassey, but both officials did not respond to multiple calls.

This paper also found out that Mr. Maina’s controversial $2 million house in Jabi, Abuja, was guarded by the police.

A PREMIUM TIMES reporter who saw an armed police guard at the property on Monday, confirmed that the operative was posted there from the Maitama police division.

The FCT Police spokesperson, Anjuguri Manzah, said he was not aware of the posting. He promised to find out and get back to this newspaper. He was yet to do so.

Mouthwatering offer

Meanwhile, PREMIUM TIMES has obtained more details about how Mr. Maina purchased the Jabi property.

As exclusively reported by this newspaper two years ago, Mr. Maina used bankers and other intermediaries to launder most of the money he allegedly embezzled from the pension funds in his care.

The process of purchasing the Jabi home, located at No. 10 Hamisu Musa Road, followed a similar pattern.


Investigators familiar with the deal told PREMIUM TIMES that Mr. Maina, who paid for the house in cash, made a mouth-watering offer to the first owner, identified as Adamu Modibbo, a former managing director of Sigma Pension.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that the property was not in the market so Mr. Maina, acting through a middleman, approached Mr. Modibbo with an enticing offer.

Mr. Modibbo initially resisted the proposal to sell the house, where he was living with his family, but was given what an official called an “irresistible offer”.

Officials said both the buyer and the seller contravened provisions of the Money Laundering Prohibition Act by transacting in cash, given the amount involved.

Investigators, who traced the land documents at the Abuja Geographic Information System, AGIS, found that the new title documents were collected by an official of Guarantee Trust Bank.

Investigators later found that the man had resigned his post from the bank and disappeared.

Contacted for comments, Mr. Modibbo said he would not want to make any comment. He said he would rather “allow EFCC to get to the root of the matter”.

EFCC continues search

Mr. Maina’s whereabouts remained unknown by Tuesday evening.

A senior official at the EFCC however told PREMIUM TIMES that the commission had searched Mr. Maina’s family house in Kaduna following a tip off that he was in the city to see his mother over the weekend. The search was fruitless.

Officials also said Mr. Maina has been unreachable even to close associates in the last two days.


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  • Emeka

    Maina is in Malami’s house as we speak. DSS can look for him for years. He was the reason Malami requested files from Magu earlier this year.

    • Gary

      DSS is not looking for him.,they have been protecting him since they brought him back into the country.
      Magu and the EFCC always knew of Maina’s presence and whereabouts but have been unable to do anything about it without sparking a gunfight. Maina has actually been at the Aso Rock Mosque to worship with Buhari and there are photos on Social Media showing this.
      The whole caboodle about looking for the man is just a charade to cover up for the embarrassment caused by PTs bombshell revelation about the rankling corruption and ethnic impunity surrounding the Buhari government.
      In a civilized country and parliamentary democracy, this government would have collapsed by now and Buhari resigned. But Nigeria is neither a civilized country nor a parliamentary democracy. It is a country run by a band of ethno-sectarian Islamists who gained national power using the vehicle of the opposition APC party that saw itself as secular until Buhari and his CPC faction used it to consolidate their agenda.

      • Sanssouci

        Haba bros, villa mosque ke?

        • Gary

          Yes, too bad PT does not allow the posting of photos. Sooner or later one the media sites will publish a photo of Maina with Saraki and Buhari at the Villa.

          • Otile

            What do you know? Do you know whether Maina visited and prayed with Buhari when he was sick in London?

  • Anonymous

    What is thepoint of all these, there is no soncerity feom Buhari, and his cabinet are cabals working in team work and collusion, nothing good will come out, they will just tidy thematter as usual like NNPC $25B, keep shouting PDP thieves and most of u will still beelive babu cus innocent and not involved cus u are fools.

    • O’Orly


      • Otile

        Osibanjo has taken officials blame and the matter is dead. Do you think we are ever going to recover that money or see where the money was spent? Buhari is a crook.

  • Konkolo

    What kind of government are we running in Nigeria? Why do we have so many mumus directing the affairs of our great country in the midst of so many bright and intelligent technocrats?? What have we done as a nation to be so cursed with idiots as our leaders year in and year out????? Why is everyone that has something to do with this embarrassing mess of a nation passing the buck???????

    • FreeNigeria

      Bcos they have mumu followers

      • Konkolo

        Lol. What a pity!!!

  • Alhaji

    If Buhari tells Malami to produce Maina in less than 24 hours, the thief will surface before we sleep. Buhari is just fooling his brainless fans.

    • Lanre

      The way they have been fooling them since 1960. Wait for 2019 and you will see sheep (Southern Retards) being led astray, if not “slaughter.”

      By the way, where is Lai”Liar”Mohammed in all of this?

    • Sheikh Messi



  • FreeNigeria

    “The spokesperson of EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren, said the agency was intensifying its search for Mr. Maina” ask SSS and Police where they are hiding him. Ask buhari sef, he knows

    • Dammy


      MAINA is on the run as 2nd time fugitive: Matters Arising

      I hope our newspaper editors will draw more correct inferences than the
      oblique reporting they prefer. There’s nothing defamatory in drawing irresistible
      inference that Mr. Maina fled as second time fugitive since Friday night when the
      news broke of his illegal reinstatement into the federal civil service with promotion
      to the post of Director, and, with a cheque of 22 million Naira delivered to him as
      back-pay for the three (3) years he was on AWOL when he fled court proceeding
      and ran away overseas.

      The Buhari government says it is
      now embarrassed by all of these facts, but nobody in Nigeria considers Buhari
      blameless. An elected president who does not know what goes on inside the
      government he heads is not worth having.

      What we are dealing with now includes financial crime of the entire 22 million
      Naira Mr. Maina wangled from the treasury under the pretext of reinstatement.
      All those in the accounts office of the Ministry of Interior, including the Ministry’s
      Director of Finance, must be surcharged to repay the said 22 million Naira,
      before being sent on suspension to face disciplinary proceedings for their
      dismissal from the public service.

  • Spoken word

    This country na real zoo o.

    • Factual Bob

      You’re just insulting zoos across the globe,for zoos are better run than Nigeria ,it’s that bad.

  • Bright Henry

    See the kind of criminal minded people we put in sensitive positions in this country. Maina operates like a smooth criminal.
    However, Daura, Malami and Dambabazzau have serious questions to answer.

    • Sanssouci

      I think we will soon realise that of all these people u called, Maina may be the least evil.

      • serubawon70

        thank you for reading between the lines

  • Sword of Damocles

    Mr Buhari, please tell us again why Lawan Daura is still DG of the DSS? this is not the first time this man(who heads one of Nigeria’s top law enforcement agencies) acted like a CRIMINAL. Remember when Suegbe Saraki’s DSS detail robbed his bureau de change of monies? who helped with the coverup? Remember when Ibori arrived back from prison? who met him at the airport like he was a VIP? Remember when you chosen head of EFCC was twice denied? who provided the ammunition?

    • duwdu

      Well said, Sword of Damocles.


  • GusO

    Mr. Maina stole pension funds. He is heartless thief depriving hardworking Nigerians who should retire into their golden years assured of the payment of their meager pension until their peaceful departure from earth. Why are our judges so corrupt that they forget about the cheated masses and don’t take the special circumstances of someone defrauding helpless old people into consideration in their sentencing guidelines?

    • Gary

      The guy never showed up in court for trial. He was actually protected by the PDP under Jonathan until they found out he was a double-agent and also funding Buhari’s campaign. So they went after him and he fled to Dubai from where he continued to support the APC. Bringing him back to Nigeria and reinstating him in office as he planned to run for Borno State in 2019; was payback for his support of Buhari’s successful election.
      Hope you get a clearer picture of the people making a mess of our country and our much-abused people. A nation of the smartest black people in the world but consistently governed scoundrels and sectarian morons.

      • Passionate about Nigeria

        Utterly shambolic…Buhari has failed. This is irredeemable and we need NASS to start impeachment proceedings.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    A nation where a wanted criminal civil servant is provided cover by the same security agencies looking to arrest him is a miserable place. Nigerians wake up, your country is going up in smokes!

  • Moneyz N Horseyz

    With the level of coordinated protection, Buhari definitely called the shots. This is an impeachable offence.

  • obiora

    Buhari must Go. He is behind all those Evil but pretending. Buhari´s real Names are Corruption ,Thief and Evil.The Tyrant must Go together with the others involve.

  • Frank Bassey

    Thank you Premium Times for re-defining Nigeria’s template of Journalism. You are the real flagship of the industry. This is an international award-winning story. It will take you beyond the shores of this decayed, smelling environment. Can you see why EFCC is just deceiving themselves telling Nigerians they are looking for Maina. Majority of these actors are from one and the same state – Borno. Buhari should hide his face in irredeemable shame.

    • Nicolas

      Borno paid heavy price to get Buhari elected as President.”Compensation of Shame” is the title of what we are all witnessing.

  • sab

    APC would have blown the roof off this country had this macabre dance happened under PDP’s Jonathan government. Now we know that he who cries out much and loud would always lack ear and conscience to hear or believe others have right to cry when being severely trampled upon as we are witnessing now.

  • Emeka

    I apologize to PremiumTimes for saying some unprintable things the first day the story broke, believing the story can’t be true. Yes, PremiumTimes has acted suspiciously in the past, for example, in the case involving Intels apologies to NPA and Nigerians for failing to adhere with the TSA policy. They failed completely by not making the story a headline, which of course necessitated the raising of eyebrows and great suspicion it was deliberate, maybe for the simple fact “Brown Envelopes,” may have changed hands.

    Once again I apologize for disbelieving the story at first . This is the worst corruption case perpetrated with the collaboration of the some powerful government officials. They simply wants to discredit pmb, for not allowing them have their way!

    • Agba

      Stop defending these useless fed govt of apc

  • The cabal is finally outed!..now the president would believe his wife,this people are at the heart of his government,all the usual suspect were involved,they all play their parts,only God knows how many of such cases abound in this government!.i think this would be the litmus test of this government.the president must do the needful in weeding out all this dark forces or else he would lose all respects!..this is how jonathan started,he was warned,but ignored the warning!.

    • Moneyz N Horseyz

      Would you please stop making excuses for the corrupt President? With all the different security organisations working in tandem, is it still not clear to you whose instructions they were carrying out? Why do you think the President only ordered for Maina’s disengagement and not his arrest and prosecution?

      • Agba

        You are very intelligent

        • Moneyz N Horseyz

          Thanks for the compliment.

        • Eluba Inas

          Intelligent speculator! How low can we go as people?

      • He doesn’t need to do that when the necessary security agents had swung to action,let us wait and see how the whole thing evolved!.

    • Gary

      All Jonathan needed to have done was drop Diezani, Stella Oduah and the killer of the unemployed, Abba Moro. But the Mumu thought he was better served by placating ethnic constituencies by keeping the thieves and incompetent cabinet members in his government for him to win re-electionin 2015. Then rather than reach out to Tinubu to pick a cabinet nominee, Jonathan went for a Lagos PDP rascal.
      All these after making the fatal error of replacing his own kinsman with Sambo Dasuki, Sokoto blue blood whose idea of being NSA was simply spreading money around.

  • 0tile

    What kind of deception is this? There are 2 Nigerias and separation is the answer. Nonsense

  • international games

    Just change the accronym “SSS” to “DAURA” and you have found the problem.

  • john peters

    those it surprise you,there are two kind of nigerian,northern nigerians and southern nigerias.maina is true son of nigeria and no bagga can get him.buhari will not claim ignorance of all this mess and it is only in nigria these can happen

  • Ijeuwa

    Buhari needs to get rid of the SSS director, Mamman Daura immediately.

    It’s after all true that there is a cabal operating with impunity in the presidency.

    They even planned a coup d’état while the president was sick!!!

    • Gary

      Thanks for reminding us that most of these happened while Buhari was in London and Osinbajo was supposedly Acting President.
      Apparently he was not recognized in that role by the real owners of Nigeria who just carried on as they liked at NNPC and Aso Rock.
      Then they tell us that the unity of the country is non-negotiable. And Osinbajo and fellow victims agree.

    • Eluba Inas

      Mamman Daura is not holding any office. How about making effort to identify who is who before you vent your vitriolics.

      • Ijeuwa

        The SSS director, Daura, should be fired and arrested for housing Maina secretly and providing him body guards – no wonder he has been fighting the EFCC chairman. The IGP should also explain how Main got policemen as body guards.

  • thusspokez

    Gosh! I am lost for words: Nigerian Law Enforcement Agencies Protected Fugitive From the Law.

    BTW For all we know, Nnamdi Kanu could well be somewhere enjoying similar hospitality provided by government agencies. Nothing is unbelievable any more in Nigeria. Everything has become normal, including abnormality in Nigeria.

    The Senate and House of Rep. would now need to expand their investigations to include the sinister roles played by the SSS and Police. SHAME on these agencies! Their respective heads should resign or be sacked.

    • Gary

      You might as well ask that the government step down as nobody will be left if Buhari were to sack everyone deserving to get fired.
      The Army Chief massacred hundreds of Shiites for blocking the road.
      The unqualified IGP has also killed Shiites while renting out Policemen to private companies for millions he refused to account for.
      Well, you have mentioned the DSS Chief and the sleazy AGF.
      The Finance Minister instructed the CBN Governor to divert part of the Paris Club Refund to a private account of the Governors’ Forum.

      Only the NSA appears to be untainted so far in Buhari’s inner circle. Magu is an outsider but twice rejected by the Senate on the advice of the DSS.
      So tell us who will be left if Buhari did the needful?

      • thusspokez

        You might as well ask that the government step down as nobody will be left if Buhari were to sack everyone deserving to get fired.

        Well, the proverbial ship is sinking; what alternative does he have, other than jettisoning some cargoes to lighten the weight to get the ship to dry land?

  • Agba

    Nigeria is fantastically corrupt country BY British prime minister

    • niran ade

      You just finding that out? We have been so forever.

  • thusspokez

    As for President Buhari. he is an epic disgrace and embarrassment to Nigeria. I suggest that he resign to save Nigeria further embarrassment. That this man was a former head of state is difficult to believe.

    But in a way, I feel sorry for him: He recruited “Muhammeds” and close family members. presumably, they are the only people he trusted. Epic betrayal is with what these traitors paid him back? The Muhammeds are not only involved in may rackets, but are constantly undermining him and his administration, and making him a laughing stock not just in Nigeria but across the world?

    You run a business, and you give all the top jobs to relatives in the face of severe criticism from share holders. You soon find out that these so-called trusted relatives are not only stealing from the business, but also disrespecting and undermining you and the business.

    If Buhari were wise, he would immediately purge his administration of the Mohammeds and ungrateful and disloyal relatives. But would he learn a lesson from this monumental betrayal? I doubt it! He will instead come out defending them.

    • Otile

      Don’t say Mohammeds, say Mohammedans. Always call a spade a spade.

    • Gary

      I swear, Buhari would have been better off if he had settled for his wife and children, those who are hugely invested in seeing him succeed, as his kitchen cabinet.

      At least he would have benefitted from the honest advice of his wife and well- educated children to have something to show for his nepotism.

      • thusspokez

        Gosh! you make sense; and I agree with you. His wife seems a decent lady with his interest in mind, but she is hated by the Muhammeds who see her as an obstruction.

      • Solomon Brown

        You are neither here nor there, one minute you are taking the stance of a staunch Buhari critic, the next you backpedal and try to excuse his indecency, there are no grey areas around the rule of law.

        Nepotism and holding others to standards you fail to meet are not issues up for a debate. “In a land of the blind the one eyed man is king”, that old saying rings true everytime I stumble across a post from you. Get serious.

  • Sanssouci

    Several people still give PMB the benefit of the doubt that it is only those surrounding him that are corrupt, they argue he is just inept perhaps because of age/sickness etc…; others will argue that a righteous man cannot be a magnet to the vile cast of characters that surround him. Inaction on this scandal, and by action I mean at the very very least sacking Malami, Dambazzau & Daura (who provided security to an international wanted fugitive) would lead to the inescapable conclusion that the cabal is untouchable because PMB is also an active participant in the sleaze and they have dirt on him hence are holding him to ransome. Ball is in your court PMB

    • Tommy Soto

      I wholeheartedly agree. PMB will have to commence several high sacking within days or he will be implicated in these stench shenanigans in the eyes and minds of the ppl. Daura should have been gone months ago.

    • ojomaje ijato

      Yeah, Buhari is at the crossroads. His inaction or action will tell us if he is a Cabalian (part of the villa cabal) or not.

  • Papi

    Maina was used during the 2015 Presidential campaign by APC against PDP. Maina is the game changer.

  • michael ogbonna

    It is really unfortunate that maina can be called back to office without the consent of PMB and his approval.I am yet to find reason/s to believe such cock and bull story.

  • Boss

    Congratulations, Premium Times. This is the expose we expect from the press not twisted headlines of Vanguard and The Guardian.
    So this is the reason the Attorney General wants the file of all high profile corruption cases. Buhari should know by now that the AG, DSS and Chief of Staff are part of the corruption problem. He should start the clean up by asking the VP to nominate an AG now or elevate Prof Sagay to AG .

    • Sam

      See, our president will never do that. He is such an old man who purposely surrounds himself with rogues despite wise counsel from his dear wife. He is tribalistic and won’t bother vetting any of his Hausa men when giving them appointment.

      I expect that by now, a good president should have sacked whosoever reinstated that man. Two days after, they should be in jail. Just watch, nothing will happen

    • Tunsj

      Couldn’t agree more. Premium Times is the best and most credible newspaper in Nigeria today. They hold politicians feet to the fire.

    • marc umeh

      What if the president is the problem?

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    What a country!!! This is what happens when an illiterate certificate forger and perjurer called Muhammadu Buhari is President. Nigeria is a bad joke and a huge scam.

  • Screw-em

    This is mind boggling!!!, Sai Buhari say this is not under your watch. Fireworks galore, Dambazu,AG, and DSS chief must be shown the door out. Damn!!!

  • musa aliero

    I can only say God bless premium times for this exposing all these atrocities happening in Nigeria. Continue with you investigative and constructive journalism.

  • marc umeh

    The North is holding Nigeria hostsge. This should be obvious by now. They claim the president is ignorant of all this . If this is so the he should resign immediately.

    • Waandu

      And the South was holding the country hostage through the kidnapper Evans.

      • Arabakpura

        Very juvenile comment! Indeed very childish!

  • Solomon Brown

    The circumstances which led to his reinstatement is information already in the public domain, the AGF alongside the minister of interior were instrumental in aiding this crime of the century.

    What more investigation is needed before we see some action, are we going to sit on our hands and allow criminals investigate themselves, and then emerge with a not guilty verdict?

    This isn’t rocket science or some complicated endeavour, when anyone is caught red handed with his/her hand in the cookie jar, you don’t go around asking who the thief is. Enough said.

    • Arabakpura

      If the minister of injustice Malami and Gen Dan Banza are not relieved of their duties with immediate effect, then, it should be concluded that Gen Buhari is the most corrupt man of the century!

  • Arabakpura

    Chai, there is God o!

  • Lakeside

    Nigeria stinks to high heaven.

  • Christopher Ozili Okafor Biose

    The Nigerian Security Services is a neocolonial outfit. It exists primarily to protect government officials as well as rich and powerful members of the society, whatever their criminal status. So, in the case of Maina, the Police is doing its job. There is need for total overhaul of the system to reflect the interest of the masses of the people rather than the interest of the oppressor class, indigenous colonialists .

  • Daniel

    Nothing good can come out of this government.

  • Iweka Okparaocha

    Can you imagine this is the kind of privileges the Hausa/Fulani gets that nobody else in Nigeria receives. These are bunch of criminals and they protects each other because they’re Muslims and from the same tribe but hates people from other areas of Nigeria. Nigerians has to decide to come together and stop this nonsense, put a stop to this Hausa/Fulani domination without fear or cowardness. It is becoming a shame and a let down on most other Nigerians. The Government, Nigeria Police Force and State Security Service (SSS) provided accommodation for a criminal Abdulrasheed Maina. In fact, it is a disgrace.

  • Decimator

    Nobody was looking for him after all. Sorry

    Was it not the same Fulani administration of Mohammadu Buhari that invited their larger Fulani Nation spread around Niger, Chad, Senegal, Mali, Guinea etc. to invade, kill, maim and ransack villages in the Nigerian Enclave claiming they have a right to movement of goods under ECOWAS.

    The same administration through their spokesmen Garba Shehu and Lai Mohammed, who claimed that the fourth most deadliest Terror Group according to Human rights watch is only criminal gang according to them doing nothing, wrong other performing their constitutional duties
    of killing and maiming innocent citizens of the Nigerian Enclave.

    The same group that saw self-determination as inscribed in the United Nations Charter as the greatest act of Terrorism.

    How on earth does one expect them not to protect someone of their clime, who performed his constitutional duty of being appointed to head a department in their administration just because he was merely accused of ordinary corruption?

    Those who still bank hope on “One Nigeria Unity” being falsely preached by Mohammadu Buhari and his larger Fulani Nation had better realised that they have long called it a quit.

    Citizens of the Nigerian Enclave once more, it is over!!!


  • El Rufai

    It is time to Impeach Buhari. This crime and layers of coverup is inexcusable. Obviously, the president himself approved it. Maina Stole directly from Nigerians their life savings and the president for his own selffish reasons approved it. See what happened in Brazil and many other countries that their leaders committed lesser offenses. Buhari should go to jail for this unheard off scandal. It is also time for Apc to begin distancing themselves from this scandal if they plan to win in 2019.
    Buhari is going Down!

  • Dazmillion

    The DSS boss is a man named Daura from Daura the same village as demented Buhari. The same Daura covered up the Saraki money laundering incident where DSS agents decided to steal some of Saraki corruption money.

  • obaji john

    Which way Nigeria?. Nigeria is doomed already from the first day this man without a clear resume came to power. God help my country.

  • Omo Oba

    MALAMI on his own should save face and resign. Malami has LOST all credibility he cannot and MUST not remain AGF. How can he moving forward to prosecute crime in nigeria? HE should do the needful and resign if he has any atom of decency left in him. If not the NBA should disbar him immediately. The legal profession has taken a hit lately with all the judge bribery scandal and has been trying to redeem it self. To show any seriousness in regaining trust of the public, the AGF should resign immediately. We will not rest on this matter. We will start a mass movement to bring down this administration. Things are bound to get really messy if the AGF doesn’t not leave NOW!

  • jamilddy

    it is well deemed to have been in the frontlist of efcc rack,buhari,s administration owes the masses an extensive explanation on how,when and from which nuck and cranny this unscrutinize re-enstatement happens.

  • rules

    Whether PMB was complicit or oblivious of this scandal, it makes a case both for moral and/or technical incompetence! I hope those still making excuses for PMB realise this?

    NASS should grow some balls and act accordingly! But oh, I forget, the public good and protection of the constitution and democratic values is not their priority. Maybe when Saraki and the NASS feel the need to ‘blackmail’ ‘the presidency’, they may just wake up to their obligations by accident!

    Nigeria, which way?

  • chinedu

    At the risk of sounding like a monobox, let me reiterate that Maina terrorised the 7th senate with dss. The present attorney general prefers using dss for his anti corruption crusade. The minister of interior who has dss men cleaning his shoes in the public provided the office for the fugitive. This present story of the fugitive having had dss officers guarding him should not come as a surprise to anyone. The ring is easy to draw and to my mind the culprits are easy to fish out. But can that happen in the country where hypocrites and pretenders hold sway?

  • Noik

    Thank you Premium times for breaking this news. You have raised the bar in investigative journalism. Our other media should take a cue from you rather than churning out sponsored news.

  • Good job premium times. Please continue digging out the rots in our nation.

  • Fola

    This is shameful under the watch of PMB who prides himself as modern day saint. If you are not corrupt but your foot soldiers are stealing blindly left and right, what’s the point of your arrogance? Under his watch, power mongers are busy doing shaddy deals; cornering whatever they can lay their hands on. This is happening simply because of Buhari’s errorneous belief and posture that anything from the south is not to be trusted. but even if it is shit from the north, he can vouch for them – which is why he is still helpless about the case involving ex-SGF Lawal and Oke of NIA. So many corrupt people are today in his govt, yet he is helpless on what to do about it. But if it were to be opposition members, EFCC will not allow a minute break. Useless leadership.

    • Otile

      No matter how anybody looks at it this is the worst looting government Nigeria has produced. Within 2 years they raided the country and reduced millions of citizens miserable.