$25 billion claims in Kachikwu’s memo fabricated – Osinbajo

Yemi-Osinbajo (1)
Nigeria Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo

The Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, on Sunday pushed back against allegations of contract infractions raised by the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, saying the $25 billion the minister stated in his leaked memo to President Buhari “does not exist.”

The vice-president said the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation only conducted a shortlisting process for crude oil lifting which did not involve financial transactions as stated by Mr. Kachikwu.

“It is therefore wrong and misleading to refer to them as though they’re contracts involving the expenditure of NNPC funds, or public funds of any sort,” Mr. Osinbajo said in a statement signed by his spokesperson, Laolu Akande. “There is no $25 billion missing.”

A spokesperson for Mr. Kachikwu, Uche Ozurumba, did not respond to PREMIUM TIMES requests for comments Sunday night. But the minister had been reported as playing down the content of his memo as administrative complaints and less severe than media reports about it suggested.

The statement is the fifth to come out of the State House since Friday, as administration officials scramble to contain a public relations nightmare set off by Mr. Kachikwu’s memo.

The correspondence was addressed to Mr. Buhari on August 30, but leaked on the Internet on October 3. It remained unclear if the president received it for the five weeks between the day it was sent and when it was anonymously leaked.

Mr. Kachikwu informed Mr. Buhari that Mr. Baru circumvented extant procurement regulations in awarding a series of contracts up to $25 billion —or N9 trillion at prevailing exchange rate of N360 to a dollar— warning of grave consequences the decisions could wreak if allowed to stand.

Mr. Kachikwu gave a breakdown of the contracts said to have been awarded without recourse to the Ministry of Petroleum or the management board of the NNPC as including $10 billion crude term contracts; $5 billion direct sales direct purchase (DSDP) contracts and $3 billion AKK pipeline contract.

He also said $3 billion was awarded for various financing allocation funding contracts and another $3-4 billion NPDC production service contracts.

The NNPC responded on October 9, denying all allegations of sharp practices. The state-run oil giant said it only entered into loan arrangements for joint ventures with Shell Nigeria and Chevron in July.

Mr. Osinbajo acknowledged granting the presidential approvals for the loans on Friday, but insisted they should not be defined as contracts.

“I did grant two of them and those were presidential approvals, but they are specifically for financing joint ventures and they are loans not contracts,” Mr. Osinbajo said on the side-lines of a road project inspection in Bonny, Rivers State.

In his latest statement, Mr. Akande said all the claims bothering on contract improperly in Mr. Kachikwu’s memo were “wrong and misleading.”

“When you look diligently at the referenced projects/transactions one by one, you will see, as NNPC has shown, that none of them was actually a procurement contract.

“Take both the Crude Term Contract and the Direct Sale, Direct Purchase (DSDP) agreements for instance, these are not procurement contracts involving the expenditure of public funds.

“Both transactions are simply a shortlisting process, in which prospective off-takers of crude oil and suppliers of petroleum are selected under agreed terms, and in accordance with due process.

“It is therefore wrong and misleading to refer to them as though they’re contracts involving the expenditure of NNPC funds, or public funds of any sort,” Mr. Akande said.

Mr. Akande suggested that Mr. Kachikwu’s decision to place a monetary value of $10 billion and $5 billion values on “these contracts is an arbitrary act that completely distorts understanding of the situation.”

The spokesperson informed Nigerians that “whenever there is a monetary value on any consignment of crude oil lifted in this country by any firm, the proceeds go directly to the Federation Account and not to any company. In fact, the Buhari administration in the implementation of the TSA has closed down multiple NNPC accounts in order to promote transparency and probity.”

Mr. Akande said even in compiling the shortlisting for the prospective off-takers of crude oil and suppliers of petroleum under agreed terms, “there were public placements of advert in the mass media seeking Expressions of Interest (EoI). Bids were publicly opened in the presence of NEITI, DPR, BPP, Civil Society groups and the press. In some cases even, these events were televised live.”

“For the sake of emphasis let me state clearly that both the Crude Term Contract and the Direct Sale and Direct Purchase agreements are not contracts for any procurement of goods, works or services, and therefore do not involve the use of public funds. Instead, they are simply a shortlisting of off-takers. And unlike what has been reported in the media so far, it is important to set the records straight that the list of approved off-takers does not carry any financial values but simply states the terms and conditions for the lifting and supply of petroleum products.”

He also disclosed that the Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano (AKK) Gas Pipeline Contract “is a contractor-financed contract which has not yet been finalized or awarded; it is still making its way to the Federal Executive Council, FEC.”

Lastly, on the NPDC, he said there is no contract in the $3 billion to $4 billion range as claimed by Mr. Kachikwu in his memo and later reported in the media following its leakage.


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  • Mega Ebele

    OK where did the minister get his figures? The drama is becoming interesting every day but certainly GMD or the minister one has to go.

    • wode

      “where did the minister get his figures?” That’s the question I expect right thinking people to ask.
      The media should not let this die down without grilling Kachikwu to fully substantiate his claims. He must be made to give explanations to Nigerians for “deliberately” misleading Nigerians if he can’t provide convincing evidences. He has to offer public apologies for deliberately misleading People. He should also not wait to be shown the way out but should honorably resign.


    It takes a lot of damage control afterwards, to overcome LEAKED SECRET MEMOS, and whistle blowers. Simply because, the whistle-blower only gets the one chance to expose, whereas the government then begins an intense damage control, hence all these useless statements.

    If you want to be taken seriously, allow an independent investigation conducted by Gov. Fayose, Oby Ezekwesili, and or the FBI.

    • Sam

      Very funny

      • share Idea

        But your type requested such from previous administration and PWC was appointed for the audit

        • Sam

          Diezeani and Okonjo iweala didn’t deny it the missing money ,they only disputed the amount that was believed to be missing which means their was indeed a theft there .but here even the whistle-blower is saying he meant to raise only governance issue and that there was no fraud. so what else do you want to hold on to ?

          • share Idea

            Can anybody deny that money is not missing in an organisation especially in our type of society where there is weak institutions. Our grouse the discerning minds is that Buhari believes that he is super human and there is no corruption going on in his administration.

            Once, you have mindset of corruption not happening under your administration, there would be no incentives to devise means to block ( or reduce) the corruption prone avenues.

            GEJ and people that worked under him never claimed that they were never corruption during they tenure rather, what GEJ had consistently stated was that he preferred strong institutions (& bpolicies) to strongman mentality.

            Hence, the numerous scientific policies introduced that helped to curb (& some instance blocked ) corruption at FG level.

          • AFRICANER

            It’s no longer in Kachikwu’s hands, whether fraud occurred or not; if you think, you will notice that, if you are a wife beater, and your wife runs into the compound or street, or even a market place and yell that you beat her, when her in-laws pay you a visit, they will not accept any recantations, if they are smart, because, they should know that you have pleaded, and promised, and connived to change her mind. A word is enough for the wise.

    • Akiika

      Oh God, deliver this person from ignorance. Gov. Fayose is your model independent investigator?…you even included FBI? the US FBI to come and investigate your ignorant confusion? God please, let there be less of people like this in that Nigeria.

  • aboki

    The government has responded accordingly as expected to allegation on leak memo submitted earlier by Minister KACHIKWU.
    The two submissions earlier by BARU on the matter has given the clarifications considering the sensitivity.
    There was no money STOLEN from NNPC under BARU as nowhere in minister’s memo submitted stated that.
    The minister is complaining of bypassing, insubordination and lack of due process from NNPC administration. While the NNPC stated categorically had fallow due process on the issues raised.
    The doubting Thomas should give the government and NNPC fair hearing and assessments on the allegations.
    Minister KACHIKWU message or memo is definitely not Devine in nature!
    As some of the beneficiaries in in the protest or memo submitted were shortlisted by Honorable Minister.
    The issue is not a one way traffic.
    The minister may not have the monopoly of everything including the information and documents as regards the issues raised.
    Let us shame the devils and tell the truth.

  • Fairgame

    Just like Sanusi’s $20billion missing NNPC money under the past administration was also fabricated. Atleast we are getting closer and closer to unraveling as a nation.

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    Thanks for the clarification. As i had indicated in the past and as confirmed here, Kachikwu was confused and his letter was based on his confusion and ignorance possible due in part to his being out of the loop about what was going on at the NNPC. Hopefully, this is a wake up call for other ministers to get their facts correct before trying to be clever by half. We all know that Kachikwu leaked the letter in order to get a head of the public. The presidency should in future get Kachikwu to be the one that clarifies in press releases any further ambiguity that emanates from his own ill-advised and deliberately leaked letter.

  • Emmanuel

    If this detailed response by the Vice President’s office is correct, the HMS Petroleum Resources (Dr Ibe Kachikwu) should humbly resign as done in other parts of the world where premium is placed on integrity.

  • Ashibogu

    What the Federal Government fails to understand is that lack of a proper Corporate Governance framework is a serious Administrative failure. Administrative failure is what often gives rise to fraud and corruption. The Administrative system must first and foremost be corrupted for corruption to take place. All these Fire fighting rebuttals will not help the Federal Government. What can help is getting an International Energy Conultant to look at Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the NNPC and align them with global best practices. It is after this is done that the International Community can take us serious. We have been saying it since the foundation of this Administration that they need to strengthen our institutions so that they can be much more effective in delivering value to Nigerian people. Unfortunately, some people who are currently benefiting from inadequacies in the system have shouted us down . May God help our nation!

  • Agba

    OHHHH Osibajo finally join the criminal in the presidency fully,Nigérians your future is BLEEK.If Kwachukwu of his status can tell Nigérians what happens in his DEPT and Osibajo telling Nigérians the opposite,we are in trouble in this country.

    • wode

      Maybe you have any other facts different from what we all know. Do you know what $25B really worth? Do you think that kind of money can just be mismanaged like that? Don’t tell me that all the facts you have is just Kachikwu’s letter because all that is in there have been rendered void, as a complete false and baseless information.

      • Absolutely Sane

        Such money is possible to be missing only during the era of d Drunk Master, GEJ.

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      the same kachikwu you want to die for, is already cuddling the GMD like his brother. God will save you Ibos. This is how it is so easy to lead you astray.

      • Agba

        Tani ibo,se gbogbo enia ni ibo,bi a so otito ama ku bi a so otito a ma ku

  • Moneyz N Horseyz

    1) Is Osinbajo saying the Crude Term Contract and the Direct Sale and Direct Purchase agreements are ‘zero value’ contracts?

    2) What dates were the Crude Term Contract and the Direct Sale and Direct Purchase agreements approved and by whom?

    3) Give us the list of awardees so we can investigate and eliminate any doubts if the agreements were done to favour cronies and families of some interested parties.

    N/B: Remember, the suspended SGF did not embezzle money directly, he only abused due process by awarding contracts to his own companies and also received kickbacks. When the Senate highlighted their findings, the presidency as they always do, came to his defence. So all we ask is, provide details to the above questions and we will carry out our investigations.

    • wode

      I think you need to keep yourself updated on all these questions. These are questions that have been answered, and even the news released here on PT. Let me help you a bit in answering some part of your questions and leave you to do further checks;

      1 – There is no any contract signed or awarded. So what is being referred to is not contract. Read the piece again.

      2 – The dates when the Presidential approval was given for JV loans, etc was published last week in response to whether the President approved anything why his VP was acting. Check for that too.

      3 – I think this your question is better directed to the HMSPR as part of the claims that need to be substantiated.

      • Moneyz N Horseyz

        There were contracts but not procurement contracts involving public funds. read :

        “Take both the Crude Term Contract and the Direct Sale, Direct Purchase (DSDP) agreements for instance, these are not procurement contracts involving the expenditure of public funds.
        “Both transactions are simply a shortlisting process, in which prospective off-takers of crude oil and suppliers of petroleum are selected under agreed terms, and in accordance with due process.
        “It is therefore wrong and misleading to refer to them as though they’re contracts involving the expenditure of NNPC funds, or public funds of any sort,” Mr. Akande said.

        You can see my questions are very valid.

        1) Is Osinbajo saying the contracts are ‘zero value’ contracts because they do not involve expenditure of public funds ?

        2) Does the shortlisting process require a presidential approval? who approved them and when?

        3) They should provide us with the list of awardees so we can verify the facts by ourselves.

        N/B: Remember, Former petroleum minister is only accused of bypassing due process and awarding contracts to cronies . The exact same or even worse could have happened in this scandal.

        • Dat-Abdulahi

          God bless you. Exactly what I have been trying to tell people. Buhari and his appointees are now doing exactly what GEJ and Diezani did. Unimaginable really…..but we are now where we are! Nigeria is a lost course.

          • Absolutely Sane

            We know kind of people. After you have realized that you are a complete failure, the next thing you do is to be drawing similarity even where none exist. If you want someone to be drawn to your group of looters association, count Buhari out. It is evident that your brother Kachikwu is just crying wolf for not being allowed to influence appointments into top NNPC positions; simple! God don win, no money is missing.

          • Dat-Abdulahi

            Hmm….well, check my comment history and you’d know where I stand on the stark looting that has been going on in this country to date. Objectivity is what is required right now.

            It sure doesn’t look like Buhari and the NNPC GMD are doing much differently to what the previous government did, awarding contracts to dubious cronies (Aluko & Omokore) for kickbacks. Now, Baru has compiled his own contractors without due process……where do you think this will end? We all have to start demanding for things to be done right irrespective of tribe/political affiliations!

        • share Idea

          I raised similar posers before seeing yours. It is very difficult to understand how this administration and their followers reason? Very simple question, they try to twist it to suit their narratives.

          Your questions are germane and answers needed to be provided. Do they think that awarding contract in itself is a crime – no, it is everything accompanying the contract award – like the beneficiaries, terms of the contract, performance of the contract, who are direct & indirect beneficiaries of the contract like the example of SGF you cited earlier that matters most.

        • pambegua

          Former Petroleum minister was accused of diverting public funds to buy hundreds of properties traced to her name. Evidence were the 54 mansions worth 500b that were parmenently forfeited to FG last week. Evidence was the money laundering case she is presently answering in oversee. Evidence is the amount of money found in her account. On kachikwu allegation he did not accused the FG of EMBEZZLEMENT but INSUBORDINATION by Baru. It was PMB haters/PDP Apologists/Those who gain from the looting of previous administration that distort the facts in the letter Kachikwu wrote from INSUBORDINATION to EMBEZZLEMENT of $26b.

          • Moneyz N Horseyz

            Those allegations of embezzlement are unsubstantiated because that’s the reason she was never charged to court. The cases involving Omokore and Aluko are the ones the FG had her name on the charge sheets

  • wode

    Kachikwu can NOT afford to keep quite. What he has caused, just the ripple effects alone, cannot just be overlooked. He has to substantiate all the information in the deliberately leaked letter. The NNPC GMD debunked his claims. The Presidency too has voided all the claims about the unfounded $25B scandal. I knew that it can never be true. $25B isn’t a small amount of money by all standard. Dangote’s refinery that is being built, as gigantic as it is, is only valued at about $12.5B. And somebody would believe that some people would just play with a sum that doubles that amount? It’s just impossible.

    The media has to pressure Kachikwu to prove his claims in the leaked letter by substantiating all the figures he presented. Failure to do this means that he has to tender public apologies to all Nigerians for the misleading claims in the leaked letter. He should consider resigning his appointment too. If he can make this claim and cannot be substantiated, then that explains why he couldn’t be trusted further with being both the NNPC GMD and HMSPR.

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      that is to tell you, we need to learn how to hear some Ibos when they speak. They were the ones following hausas hook line and sinke thus preventing a progressive governance in nigeria. Now that we have someone with a progressive basis to lead nigeria, they are now crying like babies. If Jonathan had won, there wont be any Kanu who was fighting for one nigeria previously (check out old videos). Educated southerners need to be careful and look at the need of the poor nigerians and not just that we must get buhari out anyhow.

    • Sam

      Seriously I was disappointed with the guys conduct. If you look closely you will understand that he was blowing hot smoke and nothing more.

    • share Idea

      Did you have same impression when APC and Buhari claimed that Deziani stole $49B?

      Kachikwu stated in express terms what happened but your type ignored it and allowed yourself to be deceived by this lying administration.

      Kachikwu stated few of the things listed below –

      1. Crude Oil lifting contract worth billions dollars were approved/awarded by Baru without NNPC board input (meaning if due process was not followed Nigeria would have been ripped off several billions of Naira or close to a billion dollar). The questions are – who are the beneficiaries of these contracts, and what are the terms of the contracts engaged by NNPC, these questions have been technically obfuscated by Buhari and his cabals. Can Buhari setup independent forensic audit just like the previous administration rather than telling us that those two should sheath their sword.

      2. That Ajeokwuta-Kaduna-Kano gas pipeline of about $3B was approved by Baru without the knowledge and approval of the board of NNPC. the questions then are, how is the beneficiary of this contract? Was open and transparent bidding done to arrive at approved winner? Was the contract process ever discussed at FEC? President could not have signed such a humongous contract without such been discussed in FEC.

      May other complaints are left off as I don’t want to bore you with details of what you already know.

      • wode

        Kachikwu said this, Kachikwu said that,.. and where are the evidences that what he said are actually true? Anybody can say or write anything. It has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt for it to be believed.

        • share Idea

          Really, so Kachikwu will now need to prove beyond reasonable doubt before he can be believed by your type. Nigeria we hail thee

          • wode

            And your type can’t believe all those talking contrasting to what Kachikwu claims. Listing to and accepting just what one side says tells a lot about who is talking.

  • abodes_124

    PT do be careful with your headlines. you and other media attributed a statement by this sane erstwhile spokesman that Osinbajo said he awarded the contracts that Baru’s spokesman said Buhari had approved from his sick bed. Osinbajo was forced to slap this down. Now you are attributing another statement to him.

    • Sam

      PT is now officially a mob media.

    • share Idea

      If PT wants us to believe that it is not contract, what then exist between the beneficiaries and government. Does it mean that anybody can just go to NNPC and lift our crude without existing contract between those people and NNPC?

      In addition, it would be better NNPC release the names of the beneficiaries of the crude oil lifting, how many crude they have lfted since the contract ( or LISTING WAS CONCLUDED), how much they have remitted into federation account, that way people would know if truly, they have not short-changed Nigeria.

  • Justice Equity

    No body should be deceived with all these criminal afterthought from a backsliding pastor and his spokesman, it is very unfortunate that many Nigerians have decided to stand aloof because of political shame and political correctness while their nation is being engulfed by a wildfire of highly sophisticated corruption and smart looting.
    Now some have even turned around to blame and cast aspersions on the whistle blower for summoning the courage to alert Nigerians and international communities that the Reverend father is wearing trousers under his cassock.
    It is utterly disheartening that a nation that can boast of no less than a million very intelligent ,bright, sincere, resourceful, well educated, upright, sincere citizens, is being led by caramels, goats and imbeciles.
    Only God can deliver Nigeria from the terrible grips of these guys.
    Buhari has no working experience in oil and gas industry, yet he made himself minister of petroleum, what is buharis motives for leaving out the ministry of agriculture, defense ministry or religious affairs where he has competence and greedily went to petroleum ministry to give cover to baru and co to loot nnpc and defraud Nigerians.
    Buhari and his presidency is taking Nigerians like their bewitched almajiri imbeciles whose mind and mentalities have been destroyed.
    On March 28,2015, Nigerian nation became bedridden, on may 29/2015,Nigeria died .
    If Nigerians allows this government to scam them into elongating this fraud beyond 2019,Nigeria shall go down beyond six feet and never to rise again.
    Patriotic Nigerians warned of the buhari danger to Nigeria before 2015 polls but Yoruba’s back stabbed Nigeria because of hatred of Jonathan ,today every body is trapped ,only God can deliver Nigeria.

    • Sam

      Suit yourself. Twat.

  • share Idea

    Nigeria is finished. So APC government after been caught pants-down is still lying?

    Just by this explanation, many more posers are evident.

    VP spokesman said that when company is shortlisted to carry NNPC crude oil, the payment goes straight to NNPC account, and there is no financial cost to NNPC.

    Hence, if Company ‘A’ lifts NNPC crude oil, and sold to foreign company, and the the proceed is directly wired into the MAGIC ‘TSA’ account (via NNPC). Who then pays the company for the services of lifting the crude if the NNPC does not incur any cost? If the company needs to take charge of their expenses before remitting the balance – then, the real questions is how do we determine that the nation is not been ripped off since the process did not follow appropriate process (excluding the Board of NNPC from the process).

    • Gary

      You dey mind them? Now Osinbajo, Eru Awusa, is becoming the point man to cover up their criminal actions at NNPC. They are now selling us the dubious distinction between contracts and loans. Is a loan not a contract? How is corruption and looting done at NNPC? Its from the awarding of contracts for oil lifting and oil swap arrangements between the corporation and the major and indigenous oil companies.
      When Maikanti Barawo then undertakes to award these contracts and then top management appointments without reference to the NNPC Board, is that not a violation of due process to facilitate corruption via kickbacks? Is that not what Diezani did that she’s been pilloried, tried and awaiting execution in the court of public by Ibrahim Magu, another of Buhari’s attack dogs from the North?
      When caught, Baru said he bypassed the Board and got approval from Buhari in his sick bed in London. At a time when Buhari was not only incapacitated but had no legal powers to do so as he had formally handed Presidential powers to Osinbajo. Then Osunbajo was pressed into saying he granted approvals for two “loans”. Who approved the others then and with what authority to sidestep the Board and Constitution on reflecting Federal Character? Is Buhari also empowered to ignore the Constitution?
      These people take Nigerians for fools having succeeded in selling them into electing the bigot from Daura.

      • emmanuel

        It makes it easier to cancel those contracts in 2019. Nothing spoil

    • emmanuel

      Osinbajo is a witch (wizard) who found himself around the church and was used by his church leader as a Businessman Pastor.
      He is a complete guyman an accomplice of thiefnubu in criminality and crooked businesses.
      He flies with broomstick and they are the group that championed the APC use of broom as their symbol of power.
      Never trust the man for integrity. Witches have no sympathy for anyone, except to completely destroy the society they leave in.
      Hear how he lies uncontrollably in every situation. Buhari has eventually found a better player than Liar Mohammed, Adesina and Garba Shehu as lying machine. He now uses Osibande to perpetuate his uncharitable lies.

    • forestgee

      …you forgot to mention who determines the quantity of crude to be lifted! That is the real point of fraud.

  • Isaac Azor

    The real Kachukwu is now unfolding!

    • Vicolo

      Kachukwu has to tell the world the truth or cover his face in shame forever

  • GeeWhiz

    Trying to obfuscate facts. Did Diezani ever give a single procurement contract to Aluko or Omokore? The answer is no. They have all these “swapping” and “lifting” arrangements where unqualified recipients collect oil etc and never pay a kobo to the Nigerian government! Baru is trying to do the same with a company controlled by the cabal (Kyari and others!). Procurement contract my foot!

    • Vicolo

      Thanks so much for explaining to these apc fraudster. Kachukwu has to speak out, except he was fight in g to join in sharing d spoil

      • pambegua

        All we know he speak out when his companies he recommended did not get the complete jobs(he called contracts)

    • pambegua

      Is Kyari and others companies included those one Kachikwu recommended to NNPC to be given contracts? Names the Company Kyari and others that were given contracts or stop spinning this BUNKUM

  • Maria Darego

    Nigerians need to go back and review all the investigations and Audits of the NNPC all through the Deziani Maduekwe years. The only approval that Deziani is facing investigations in multiple jurisdictions is the Strategic Alliance Agreement that she approved for NPDC. That Agreement from beginning to end was a Financing (Loan) Agreement in which a company was supposed to provide financing to NPDC and get repaid with Crude Oil. There is no difference between that agreement and the ones approved by Osinbanjo. The alleged crime committed by Deziani was not following due process in the approval of that agreement as Minister of Petroleum Resources. Osinbanjo is looking at exactly the same scenario. Once you get on the “Not Following Due Process” Train, it does not really matter which station you get off.

    • oyoko

      you lie!!! don’t confuse us, we we are not fools.

      • Adele Uhuru

        you are already confused-

  • realist

    Mere damage control.

  • 0tile

    I was so much distressed when Osinbajo stopped the corruption probe of Sanusi in Kano. Ever since that obstruction of justice I have not trusted the Vice President again. He is at it again, covering up for Baru. What manner of pastor is this man? Does he think he is a deceiving imam or what?

    • Someone

      they are protecting SLS, he wll steal from cbn, steal from kano, steal from people’s toilets.

    • Mizch

      He is of the breed of the Nigerian pastors. Peace!

  • Akiika

    When i read the insane and ignorant online comments and feel like punching someone for unrestrained stupidity, i take solace in that less that 20% of Nigerians have access to internet and it is safe to assume that the ignoramuses are in the minority. Continue your foolishness, Nigeria will move on.

  • KBE

    That is the third version from the same source. I hope Laolu is not losing it and at the same time becoming a liability to the VP. The VP that is endorsing all these versions appears confused and desperate to cover something.

  • dpfrank

    Kachukwu should stop fabricating lies

    • Someone

      stop. offtakers of crude must have a value for thier work. you ever hear of people do work for free? this government is acting like pdp.

      • Vicolo

        But we told you that this govt was a very big mistake cos the rate of corruption by commission and inaction is so unprecedented from the president to every agents of this deceit regime

  • Mizch

    Is the pastor VP saying that Minister Kachickwu lied in his letter to the Oil Minister and President of Nigeria? If he lied, that is to say that he wanted to deceive the incorruptible president and dent his name. Should Kachikwu survive this tragedy? Time will tell. Unless he wants to be man enough.

  • Lanre

    Functional illiterates are ruling Nigeria. All in the name of democracy.

  • Justice and Fairness

    There VP, you are only confirming the Minister of state was kept in the dark on the affairs of the Ministry he is superintending. Are you justifying it in attempt to join Buhari to whitewash his appointee. Please maintain your good name and reputation. Don’t get sucked in in these nepotistic affairs.