Buhari meets South-east leaders over IPOB, marginalisation, others

South-East Governors [Photo: twitter.com]
South-East Governors [Photo: twitter.com]

President Muhammadu Buhari has held a closed door meeting with leaders from the South-eastern part of Nigeria.

The meeting held inside the new Banquet hall of the State House in Abuja shortly after Islamic Friday prayers.

The leader of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, John Nwodo, who spoke with State House correspondents after the meeting said they had a “frank and robust exchange” with the president concerning the alleged neglect of the region by successive administrations.

“We dealt with problems of development in the South-east, basic capital projects which have for a very long time been neglected not just from this government but for a very long time.

“Major arteries of federal highways in the South-east have been in complete state of disrepair. Enugu-Onitsha, Enugu-Port Harcourt, Aba-Ikot Ikpene are virtually impassable.

“We talked about the inland waterways and the dredging of the River Niger. We talked about the reticulation of gas pipeline on the South-east. We export gas from the south east to the other parts of the country, but there is no reticulation of the pipeline and industrial clusters in the south east,” he said.

Mr. Nwodo also said the meeting discussed the bad state of the only international airport in the region.

“We got assurance from the president that he will deal with each of those problems,” he said.

The Ohanaeze leader said the meeting also discussed alleged marginalization of the South-east by the Buhari administration, saying, “like I have said these problems have been there overtime and we have had several presidents, it didn’t just happen in the last two years. But we expressed the desire that he should be able to address them.”

He said the South-east leaders were confident the president will deliver on his promise to them.

“There is no reason for me to doubt him because this is the first time I have had this interaction with him. I have the feeling that he spoke to us very frankly,” he said.

On whether the meeting discussed the issue of the Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra, IPOB, an organisation seeking secession from the Nigerian state, the Igbo leader said, “We talked about IPOB as a symptomatic consequence of the continuous marginalization of the South-east over a long period of time.

“Understandably our children are restive and we want to make sure that the federal government is responsive to the issues that have cumulated in the quintessence of these agitations.”

The federal government has since declared IPOB a terrorist organisation and arrested several of its members.

Other issues discussed, according to Mr. Nwodo, include “devolution of powers, the constitution, the paucity of the states and local governments in our place.”

“And the president has asked that he be given time to look at this more holistically,” he said.

Those who attended the meeting include governors from the South-east, traditional rulers and leaders of the Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo.


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  • Rollingdollar

    Nwodo, I have always respected you since you became Ohaneze chieftain, please don’t lose my respect by listening to this nonsense Buhari is talking and expecting you to believe him. Ask Buhari how many Igbos he has appointed and you can begin to understand the mindset of a wicked man and Igbo hater.

    • Nigerian

      So you expected Nwodo so slap Mr President? Or you expected Mr president to cal a fleeing terrorist? Please keep hiding with your fellow cowards. Can’t even appear and you have guts to speak to someone who could show up.

  • Bright Ezeh

    Thank God for kanu and ipob supporters if not for them you will not have such a meeting, Referendum is a must


      Begging for hand out is a must by IBOLAS?

    • Julius

      lolz, why do you fools lie so much ? Didn’t he meet with some Igbo leaders before that had nothing to do with kanu ?

      • newday

        Julius , ur syphilis has overtaken your brain

        • Julius

          That’s your answer to my question ?..Well, you should know all about syphilis, that’s what killed your father. So sorry !


    Can they go home, and get to WORK now?

  • Darlington

    Another jamboree by Igbo misleaders. Buhari is an unrepentant Igbo hater.

  • Justice Equity

    Kudos my able ohaneze presidio,this is the right path to thread,Jesus commanded us to love our enemies and do good unto those who spitefully use us,you are indeed the sons of Chukwu Okike Abiama,wisdom is greater than weapons of war.once again kudos for looking at the hypocrite eyeball to eyeball on a round table and talk senses into his unjust soul.

  • Fernando Luis

    Mapping out strategy for Anambra election, and cover up for world Bank boss statement for developing only north. Fools

  • obiora

    They are misleaders because a true leader can not lead himself. Who send them?. Did they talked to the people before going?. Okorocha is doing what he can to be seen as relevant in APC. But we the people are not interested. We will develope our Place by ourselves when the time comes. We do not need Nigeria to help us. So this group are on their own. Nothing will stop us BIAFRA:

    • Nigerian

      You never see anything. Who come be leader? Na you? You are running a Coward movement. Go into hiding abeg

  • obiora

    Nwaodo you are talking with the Tyrant about development what of the People He Killed?. did you talk about them too. Or Buhari is developing their Grave. All you Slave Traders your time and days are coming to an end very soon.

  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun

    The picture is now cleared, not this regime but past regimes have not done anything to tangible in terms of positive development for the past 16 years of POVERTY DEVELOPMENT PARTY (PDP) government in South Eastern Nigeria. Instead of lady minister for Aviation to spend money on Enugu International Airport she spent money $245 million to by BE MY WIFE (BMW) BULLETPROOF CARS, Instead of My Presido Jonatan’s to fulfill is campaign promises to the Igbo’s ( I WILL COMPLETE NIGER BRIDGE WITHIN 3YEARS IN OFFICE) NA LIE HE LIE. Please Igbo Leaders should leave their siblings alone and let them Cast their Votes according to any political party and stop playing politics with bitterness for the sake of the masses and development in the REGION. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

    • systematic

      Good replay

  • Nony Mikky

    Why secret meeting..

  • Biafran 1967

    Why are all South East political leaders obese?

    • Fadama

      Not true. Governors of Ebonyi and Anambra cannot be said to be obese.

  • Agba

    JOHN NWODO status should not be deceive by Buhari,what an insult,Nitoripe a fe je eran,ki a ma pe malu ni broda,because you want to eat meat,that should make you to be calling cow brother.

    • Bassey Frank

      Be sure of what you are talking. Igbos are no push-overs. They do not shout “True Federalism” in the morning, only to change to “One Nigeria” in the evening. The next day, they become dumb.

  • 123141

    Selfish and greedy self-appointed leaders. They went there for the sole purpose of begging for crumbs and positioning themselves for appointment as we approach 2019. Nwodo and co can use all semantics at their disposal to justify their visit to the tyrant and Usman Danfodio neo colonist, but no true Igbo is deceived by their shenanigan.

    • Bassey Frank

      You sound like one overfed with mud. What makes them “greedy and self-appointed” leaders. I am not Igbo, but I know they are not double-faced or camelion-like as some other people. Look at this, and judge you is greedy:

      1. Shaibu Musa – MD, NNPC Medical Services
      2. Ibrahim Birma – Group General Manager, Audit Division
      3. Ahmed Katagum – Group GM Shipping
      4. Kallamu Abdullahi – Group GM, Renewable Energy Division
      5. Dr Bola Afolabi – Group GM, Research & Development
      6. Adeyemi Adetunji – MD, NNPC Retail Division
      7. Usman Yusuf – Group GM, NNPC GMD Office
      8. Bala Wunti – in charge of Corporate Planning & Strategy
      9. Umar Ajiya – MD, Nigerian Products Marketing Company
      10. Muhammed Abah – MD, Warri Refining Petrochemical Company
      11. Malami Shehu – MD, Port Harcourt Refining Company
      12. Adewale Ladenegan – MD, Kaduna RefiningPetrochemical Co
      13. Diepriye Tariah – MD, Integrated Data Services
      14. Rland Wubare – GM National Petroleum Investment Services
      NOTE: Maikanti Baru – still GMD, NNPC.
      Isiaka Abdulrasaq – GMD Finance & Services
      Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari – Petroleum Minister

      • 123141

        Since you admit that you are not Igbo you have ruled yourself out from speaking for the Igbo. Don’t be clever by half. Now that you have regalled us with how fair “saint” Buhari is in his appointments now tell us how many Igbos, if any, are in the Nigerian security council. It’s Nigerians like you who speak from both side of the mouth that are the reason why Nigeria is in perpetual state of underdevelopment.
        Note, not that I care who Buhari appoints or doesn’t appoint. For me all that matters is Nigeria is restructured so every region takes care of its affairs without bothering or depending on another.

        • Bassey Frank

          You sound incoherent. I am from the South-South. We are as oppressed as the Igbos. It is our resources that are being cornered by a section of the country to the detriment of us facing the never-ending environmental degradation. I lived among Igbos and have many of them as friends. They are the most resourceful people in this country, yet most marginalized. Buhari has pathological hatred for them.

  • GusO

    The paucity of states? Mr. Nwodo should forget about new state creation. It shows that Mr. Nwodo is lying about restructuring. Restructuring is about reducing the number of States in the Federation to a number that is ECONOMICALLY viable and not about creating more States for the corrupt elite to get more governmental and more political positions from which to chop-chop money to the detriment of public services for the ruled. Many States in the Southeast are not generating enough IGR to survive as States but Nwodo is calling for more SE States to get more government handouts to the political thugs and elite. We need at most 12 States in this country with roughly the old boundary of the 12 States created by the old Mohammed/Obasanjo regime but this time comprised of one Hausa State, one Yoruba State, one Igbo State and nine other States — five for the minorities in the North and four for the minorities in the South. So the North and South will have six States each and minority States will have to negotiate amongst their neighboring States as to whom they feel most compatible with to combine their States with to meet the twelve States maximum number. That’s the only way we can form a fair Federation.

    • obiora

      If you believe those Criminals because they speak IGBO then you will Die before your Time. You better call them Slave Traders so you can understand what they are. They will sell you even with out price.

    • newday

      He’s not lying. Parity with other states should come !st

  • Ijeuwa

    Nwodo acknowledged, and rightfully so, that these problems have been there for a long time.

    So why didn’t their ‘son’ Ebele Jonathan Azikiwe fix some of those problems for them for the six years he was at the helm of affairs?

    • Ndidi

      Sorry my friend. We’ve moved away from that type of Nigerian thinking. Yes. GEJ was a disaster but now we are focusing not on whether Obasanjo or Yar’Adua or GEJ did us wrong, but on the way for this country to join those living in 21st century. We now want to find ways of getting out of the rut we are in, and onto a better ground.

      • Ijeuwa

        Therefore? Blame Buhari for what others did wrong? Is that how you live in the 21st century?

        You listen to the average Igbo, and you’ll think that all that bedevils Nigeria is Buhari and Buhari alone. They never give him credit for anything. What the man did to them, I still don’t know. Madness!

        • newday

          Credit for doing what?

    • newday

      SE is not SS. Swallow your confusion

  • Cosmas Chimezie Nwosu

    Referendum is the way out of Nigeria problems

    • Ndidi

      Yep! It’s no longer now about 2nd Niger Bridge and roads. This is 21st century and a Referendum to decide whether Restructuring or Disintegration is what the majority want, is what will save us all.

  • Julius

    This is what some of us have been calling for. Leaders getting involve.Better late than never. Good luck guys !

    • Ndidi

      I remain somewhat skeptical. What most Ndi-Igbo that I know are complaining about is not marginalisation per se, but we want FREEDOM, that is resource control and self-determination. RESTRUCTURING is what will bring freedom and progress. Not a central government making decisions and plans for our region. But instead regions deciding for themselves what they want. For instance, as a SE-terner I am not interested in a 2nd Niger Bridge – I think we need 10 Niger Bridges (at least!) including railway ones, and ones that allow only pedestrian access (economy bridges). Also, for example, some of us want to make Nsukka an “ivy league” university and we have our people in the diaspora ready to assist us to make it a reality. In short we want a SE vision, driven by the SE citizens, and for the SE people. We are sick and tired of our region being caged up by a central government, no matter who the President may be. Nigeria is clearly not working, and the entire country has been thoroughly left behind by the world. But, with Restructuring we will have the chance to gain our freedom and begin to meet our potential.

  • newday

    Nobody is bowing. We all own the country equally under the constitution