Senate passes bill to enforce inauguration of President, Vice-President at National Assembly

Nigerian Senate Chambers
Nigerian Senate Chambers used to illustrate the story.

A bill which will enforce that an elected President and Vice President of Nigeria be inaugurated at the premises of the National Assembly was on Thursday passed by the Senate.

The passage of the bill sponsored by the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, followed several debates on the report of the Senate Committee on Special Duties.

Before now, inauguration of presidents and vice presidents of the federation takes place at the Eagles Square in the Federal Capital Territory under the oath administered by the Chief Justice of the Federation.

The bill if agreed to by the House of Representatives and assented to by the Executive will enforce the inauguration of president and vice president within the confines of the parliament as is done in the United States and some other democracies of the world.

Reading the report, chairman of the committee, Abdul-Aziz Nyako, noted that the bill if assented to will “be a welcome development as the National Assembly represents all segments of the country.”

The senators after several debates passed the bill through a voice vote.

However, the lawmakers deleted Clause 6 of the bill which deals with the observance of relevant prayers in places of worship before inauguration.

The clause reads: “there shall be national prayers in the week of the inauguration in designated places of worship in the Federal Capital city on Friday and Sunday preceding the date of inauguration.”

The senators observed that prayer is a regular practice and need not be made a point of law.

This is in consideration that people of other faiths apart from Islam and Christianity may rise in protest of this.

Similarly, the committee made amendments to Clause 8 of the bill which deals with accompanying of dignitaries at the venue of inauguration.

Reading the amendment, Mr. Nyako said that “the duty of accompanying dignitaries in a ceremony is totally for ushers appointed to serve in that capacity. Originally, we used to have senators to escort dignitaries; the committee is of the opinion that such exercise should be handled by the clerk of the National Assembly who shall delegate officers to handle the assignment.”


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  • deji 3SC (Up shooting)

    Se iyen lon kan? Awon oniranu..

  • Wale

    “The passage of the bill sponsored by the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, followed several debates on the report of the Senate Committee on Special Duties”

    That’s wonderful. So Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu knows how to sponsor a bill in the senate.
    How come he didn’t get the ball rolling on referendum for the people of SE that he represents in the senate,
    Misplaced priority.

  • Voice of the oppressed

    hmmm haba, this is misplacement of priority by the senators. Passes better bill such as anti corruption and other meaningful bills

  • Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Rejoice, Rejoice, And Rejoice. Something spectacular has happened at happened at the NAS. Our lawmakers have finally passed a bill; and have thought, that as law abiding Nigerians, it is worth us knowing. The first they passed a similar bill was the Social Media bill aimed at keeping our mouth shut from discussing how they are literally robbing us blind with their outrageous salaries and benefits. How many bills have these unarmed robbers passed that was geared towards improving the dilapidated infrastructures in the country, the endless blackouts, the ever-dry taps, the non-existent medical clinics? What bill have they passed to rescue the country that is fast descending into a lawless state? Who cares where the future President or his Deputy was inaugurated? How would the inauguration at the premises of the National Assembly improve the capacity and capability of the President if he or she were not fit for that role? Has President Trump’s inauguration at the Capitol Hill stopped his Presidency from being the most calamitous in the history of American leadership? If we like we can recreate the famous inauguration at Tafawa Belewa Square, if our corrupt mentality and clumsy approach to services is not changed, nothing else would change. NEXT.

  • Sean

    The Moronic Senators, we practice Presidential System like the United States not Parlianentary System as the UK where the PM is sworn in at the House of Parliament. Why do we even need Senate in Nigeria?? It’s purposeless

  • Shetty

    A useless senate wasting time and resources on a useless bill instead to concentrate productively on bills that would improve the life’s of the Nigerian people .

  • chinedu

    Iam so disappointed that the senate sees this bill as worthy of being a law. I may be myopic but my view here is that this is not worth the grammar spoken nor the papers wasted writing the bill. This is a real tumbs down for the senate. It has also lowered my rating of Ike Ekweremadu who I thought was better intellectually.

    • kinsly

      Ekweremadu better intellectually? Did he ever win a case in a law court? Yet he is a lawyer. A complete local politician who rose to stardom because anything is possible in Nigeria. Like a kleptomaniac becoming President…..JONA.

      • chinedu

        It’s just that we lack information on these guys. Anyway we caused it when we allowed all the society never do wells to aggregate themselves as our government.

  • Fola

    To them,
    this is an achievement. Of course, there are several other important issues,
    but they won’t see or make plans to address them. Issues that have direct
    bearing to common Nigerians. Nigerians are suffering in the midst of plenty
    yet, these selfish clowns won’t for once do things to ameliorate the suffering
    of common Nigerians. All they are interested in is to arrogate power to
    themselves, to make themselves important. Issues such as unstable power supply,
    high cost of foods, insecurity, unemployment etc deserve more and better
    attention. But they won’t address them just because in a way they benefit from
    such unfortunate situations.

  • NotTooComplicated

    I am beginning to suspect there is money to be made by having the inauguration at the senate. These senators do not do anything that would not benefit them, and from the speed and importance they put on this bill, it is very obvious to me that there is something they are not revealing to Nigerians.

    When there are other more important issues requiring the input of the senate, they find this bill more important. This behaviour by the senate proves again that they will never contribute anything meaningful to the country. Saraki was invited to talk about NNPC contract issues, but he’s focus during the meeting was that Baru didn’t give the contract to the company he nominated.

    Is there any need to still have the senate eating hard on the meagre finances of the country, money needed to better the lives of Nigerians? I don’t thing so. It should be scrapped.

    Either senators are examining Patience Jonathan’s petitions, or they are busy trying to enhance their salaries, or one thing or the other to their benefits. So, the senate is not relevant to Nigerians anymore.

  • TC

    Idle and wasteful children….smh

  • Quency Olajide Oyegoke

    In what way is that going to boost Nigerian economy and curb corruption?

  • Angry Niaja

    This from Prof Patrice Lumba comes to mind “The children of darkness “Saraki”, hunt like a pack of wolves”, there are more pressing bills left on the shelves, and these bunch of moronic, self serving, thieving, incompetent, useless lot come up with this, why don’t you copy ensuring that the electorate have a better life, slicing your pay package, barawo, I don’t blame you guys, we the people are to blame, if we ALL unite to Say NO to your shenanigans and chased you people out, you would not carry on with such. Barawo

  • share Idea

    There is nothing we would here in Nigeria. Imagine someone saying that American president is sworn-in in their national assembly even when US president swearing ceremony is beamed live to all from an open field close to Whitehorse. Nigerian NASS is usually convoked by President after being sworn in, by this act, are the senators saying that the president would perform swearing ceremony among outgoing NASS members or does NASS envisage that they would all be sworn-in at the same time.

    What a waste of peoples’ time resources

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    Nigeria may soon be renamed “Federal Republic of Saraki” if Buhari continues to ignore the atrocities of these misfits.

  • Sam

    This guyz are really having a filled day….not there fault I must admit

  • Action Group

    What is the rationale in copying everything America with no originality from our own ways of life. America jettison most of the British cultural,judicial and political practices to come up with their own practices far different from that of the British government. Its a shame on our legislators in the National Assembly that they are “copy cats” copying everything American hook, line and sinker without any initiatives of their own.

  • Pluti

    Seems Nigeria need a website with complete details of each senator, history and all his records since they are serving the public they should start sitting in front of the public eyes

  • Justice and Fairness

    Haba! This people no get work. Extremely petty and childish. What is this meaningless bill all about. Constantly on ego trips and looting exercises while the country is gasping for breath due to misgovenance.