Buhari approved N640 billion oil contracts from his sick bed in London, NNPC chief Baru indicates

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari in one of his trips.

President Muhammadu Buhari was granting approvals for oil deals to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation during the time he was on his sick bed in London – and when he had relinquished presidential powers to his Vice President – the head, Maikanti Baru, has indicated.

Mr. Baru said Mr. Buhari approved at least two separate oil contracts on July 10 and July 31 worth $1 billion and $780 million, respectively.

The N640.8 billion contracts (at N360/$ exchange rate) were approved when Mr. Buhari was receiving treatment for undisclosed ailments in London, and when he was not supposed to be exercising presidential powers, having named Vice President Yemi Osinbajo acting president in a formal correspondence to the National Assembly.

Mr. Buhari was flown to London on May 7, barely two months after he returned from his first 2017 medical vacation which saw him spend 50 days in the United Kingdom.

On May 9, a letter Mr. Buhari wrote to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and President of the Senate notifying them that he had relinquished presidential authorities in accordance with the Nigerian Constitution was read on the floor of both chambers.

Despite rumours of his early return, Mr. Buhari ultimately spent 103 days receiving treatment in London, returning on August 19.

On August 21, the president notified the National Assembly of his return in writing, saying he had “resumed” his “functions as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with effect from Monday, 21st August, 2017.”


But on Monday, Mr. Baru revealed that Mr. Buhari had been exercising presidential powers by granting approvals for NNPC joint venture contracts when he was supposedly on his sickbed and not exercising presidential powers.

Mr. Baru gave details of the contracts as follows:

1.NNPC/CNL JV Project Cheetah1200 16/04/1501/09/15Dr. E. I. Kachikwu
2.NNPC/CNL JV Project Falcon78026/04/1731/07/17Dr. M. K. Baru
3.NNPC/SPDC JV Project Santolina100026/04/1710/07/17Dr. M. K. Baru

(CNL refers to Chevron Nigeria Limited, SPDC to Shell Petroleum Development Company and JV to Joint Venture).

The disclosures were made when the NNPC responded – on behalf of Mr. Baru – to the allegations of contract fraud and insubordination raised by Ibe Kachikwu.

Mr. Kachikwu, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, had in an August 30 memo to Mr. Buhari said Mr. Baru unilaterally approved contracts without recourse to him or the NNPC board, amongst other concerns. The memo surfaced on social media on October 3, sending ripples through the country’s polity.

On October 9, the NNPC responded to Mr. Kachikwu’s allegations by publishing the above contract details, which it said was at the instance of Mr. Buhari, who had kept mum since the scandal broke.

But a look at the dates of the three contracts shows that two of them received presidential approval on dates Mr. Buhari was not in the country, July 31 for the second contract with Chevron Nigeria and July 10 for the contract with Shell. Mr. Baru’s name was placed against the contracts as the person who administered the contract in his capacity as the Group Managing Director of the NNPC.

Only the September 1, 2015, contract which Mr. Kachikwu oversaw during his tenure as the GMD of NNPC received presidential approval on a date Mr. Buhari was in the country and wielding presidential powers.

A compilation of Mr. Buhari’s travels reveals that he was in the country from early August 2015 when he returned from Cotonou until September 7 when he visited Accra.

But while it is clear that the presidential approval granted when Mr. Kachikwu was the head of NNPC happened when Mr. Buhari was exercising presidential powers; it appeared like Mr. Baru received his approval when Mr. Buhari was in London.


In his memo to Mr. Buhari, Mr. Kachikwu stated that when Mr. Buhari was unwell in London for several months between May and August, Mr. Baru tried to get direct approval from Acting President Osinbajo for some personnel changes at the NNPC.

But Mr. Osinbajo asked Mr. Baru to go back to Mr. Kachikwu and get his input and approval first before making the changes. Mr. Baru refused to consult Mr. Kachikwu on that.

For weeks, the changes were not made, until Mr. Buhari returned on August 19. By August 29, Mr. Baru announced the changes.

This prompted Mr. Kachikwu’s letter to the president on August 30, complaining that he learnt of the development in the media.

Sources at the presidency corroborated Mr. Kachikwu’s claim that Mr. Osinbajo rebuffed Mr. Baru’s attempts to get presidential approval behind Mr. Kachikwu.

Neither the vice president’s office nor Mr. Baru also denied that claim by Mr. Kachikwu.

It is not immediately clear if Mr. Baru also attempted to get approval for the multi-billion dollar contracts from Mr. Osinbajo. But presidency sources said it was unlikely that Mr. Osinbajo, who did not allow Mr. Baru to make personnel changes, would allow the NNPC GMD to circumvent Mr. Kachikwu with such high-profile contracts.

Ndu Ughamadu, spokesperson for the NNPC, would not confirm or deny if Mr. Baru got the approval from Mr. Buhari in London.

“Presidential approval is presidential approval,” Mr. Ughamadu said.

When PREMIUM TIMES reminded him of potential legal implications of Mr. Buhari exercising presidential powers even when he had relinquished same in accordance with the constitution, Mr. Ughamadu dug his heels in.

“Presidential approval is presidential approval,” the spokesperson insisted.

For several hours on Tuesday, presidential spokespersons Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu, did not respond to PREMIUM TIMES’ requests seeking their comments about this and other problematic parts of the NNPC revelations.

Sola Adebawo, Director of Communications at Chevron, did not immediately respond to PREMIUM TIMES’ requests for comments Tuesday evening. His counterpart at Shell Nigeria, Bamidele Odugbesan, simply told PREMIUM TIMES to “direct enquiries to relevant government authorities.”

Yet, the N640.8 billion oil contracts might not be the only one Mr. Baru got Mr. Buhari to approve while he was still unwell in London.

For instance, the NNPC announced on February 2 ‎that it received 128 bids from local and international firms willing to participate in its 2017-2018 Direct-Sale–Direct-Purchase crude programme, which was adopted by the Buhari administration last year to replace the crude oil swap initiative and the offshore processing arrangement.

Mr. Buhari was not around in on February 2 when the announcement was made, having been flown to London on January 19 for his first medical trip of the year. He didn’t return to the country until March.

On May 19, when NNPC sources told Daily Trust and a few other media houses that it had finally entered into a $6 billion deal with 10 companies for 2017-2018 edition of DSDP contracts, Mr. Buhari was also not in the country.‎

The NNPC spokesperson declined comments about DSDP contracts.


Mr. Kachikwu previously doubled as the Minister of State for Petroleum and GMD of NNPC until he was relieved of the latter post by Mr. Buhari on June 4, 2016, same day Mr. Baru was named as a replacement.

When Mr. Buhari named Mr. Baru the GMD, he made Mr. Kachikwu the chairman of the NNPC board.

The NNPC Act designates the board to oversee the affairs of the state-owned oil giant.

The Act states that the Minister of Petroleum must be the chairman of the NNPC board. Mr. Buhari is the substantive Minister of Petroleum. But he is allowed by the NNPC law to delegate powers, including chairmanship of the board.
However, the law also allows Mr. Buhari to act concurrently as the chairman of NNPC board even while the appointment of the person he delegated powers to is still valid.

Legal analyst, Liborous Oshoma, said the president’s action may be “unprocedural” but might not be entirely illegal.”

“This is similar to what we have witnessed since the president was away yet he was still issuing presidential statements and taking calls from President Donald Trump and other presidents to discuss matters concerning Nigeria.

“All that happened despite the fact that we had an acting president in place and Nigerians raised concerns at the time,” Mr. Oshoma said.

He said Mr. Buhari might not be in a good state of mind when the presidential approvals were procured and their validity could be challenged in court.

“The contracts could be challenged and possibly rendered invalid by the courts because he didn’t have presidential powers at the time he was exercising same,” Mr. Oshoma added.

“The acting president ought to have approved those contracts because no one knew what state of mind the president was at the time.”


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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    These northern cows are shameless thieves. It is my well-considered view that illiterate certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu Buhari has committed an impeachable offence by approving those suspicious contracts from his sick bed in the United Kingdom after he had ostensibly transferred power to Osinbajo. The National Assembly ought to initiate impeachment proceedings against provincial Buhari with immediate effect.

    • musa aliyu

      Pdpigs dog, keep barking

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Mutumu banza.

        • musa aliyu

          Omo ketekete

          • Made uwa

            Nigeria is never one country. Oil money put us to together. If the oil dries-up you will see the hausa man going to his own. All those involved in this transaction should be tried in our criminal courts. A president that is on sick bed transferred power to his vice, still acted on his sick bed. Those that took this documents to London, are they not aware that Buhari was not in the proper frame of mind to do so. Its better we go our different ways this entity called Nigeria is not working.

          • musa aliyu

            Go now! Who’s stopping you? Mtcheeeeew!!!!!

          • Ebimobo U

            This is a complete Fraud. If the National Assembly is not a puppet. Let them do their work appropriate to justify their office and huge pays.

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            Dan yiska.

        • Can you see how they are defending theirs? those people are thesame and can never change. fulanis are known thieves .

      • man leader

        If you cannot make a responsible and intelligent submission please keep off. If your APC’s forgot to tell you, Buhari won the election and has been sworn in as president.

      • MilitaryPolice01

        So everyone that rightfully disagrees with the illegalities happening in this govt is either Pdpig or IPOB ? Na wa, it is well

    • e_orpheus

      That talk sounds like you were a part of the mob in lagos that saw a man running out from a tunnel supposedly containing kidnappers and threw a tyre around his neck and burnt him – an innocent bike rider that only stopped there to take a crap.
      Do you know for a fact that Mr Buhari approved those contracts? Even the author uses the wording Mr Baru ‘claims’….
      Don’t rush to judgment.

      • kareem

        And if Baru makes a false claim about the President, he(Buhari) should keep mute abi??
        A government official can make false claims about a sitting president while the president is still alive and no action will be taken against him??

      • Ndidi

        I hear you. HOWEVER, if Buhari had been an honest and innocent man HE WOULD HAVE MADE A PERSONAL STATEMENT ABOUT HIS ROLE the instant Dr Ibe’s letter was leaked. The fact that he was SILENT actually speaks volumes about his character and his respect for Nigerian people. Silence is not always golden and here is an indication of massive cover ups going on. Even spokesmen have been silent or said ridiculous things like “Presidential approval is presidential approval”. Buhari’s silence indicts him. I was a great supporter of Buhari once, but am now ashamed of him.

  • evidence

    Anybody from the South that continues to support or defend this government is a useless entity and should burn their certificates, if they have one.
    It is time for intelligent and courageous Southerners to unite.
    Only then can we be free of these Fulani hegemonists and only then can we take our destiny in our hands…

    • man leader

      Your submission is very selfish. There are millions of northerners who are not Fulanis and neither do they endorse corruption. Unfortunately the country is not making progress because of such mindset

      • Ndidi

        As we know, “all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing”.
        Every Nigerian from every part of the country should rise up against corruption because sidon look means a vote for corruption. We have platforms like OurMumuDonDo and should en masse use it, make it work for us to clean up this wretched and rotten nation.

        • man leader

          You can be certain that many of us have not been silent and can only be silenced by death. Many have paid the price. Since his days at PTF I have cried out that this man is an embodiment of corruption. I sounded like a lone tree in the desert. Thank God, I’m vindicated.

        • Mailer

          Sorry my sister that platform will be frustrated like every other platform has been. The best thing is for every southern state to push hard for reconstruction or plane division. I don’t know why Nigerians are afraid to part into regions and govern themselves better? This country has been killed and cannot work the way it is composed no matter what. That is the bitter truth.

        • AFRICANER

          Until you place genocide, and violence above corruption, you are playing into their hands. What does Shiites care about corruption when this Junta massacred over 1000 of their members? You have to hold Buhari accountable for his numerous crimes against humanity; that will at least make our country civilized. Corruption is a mantra, and something that will take an organized accountable society to deal with. Corruption requires laws, not men, to handle.

          If a dictator can intimidate courts, or disobey court orders, then he can loot the treasury, or even print money if he likes, because who is going to hold him accountable?

          The little monies that we talk about in Nigeria from oil, is small potatoes compared to what a corrupt president can do; they can actually print naira notes and ship them in with impunity. They control the customs, never has a non Fulani been allowed to chair the customs, or the EFCC, and such parastatals.

          Reverse, let’s stop all criminality, lawlessness, and violence, along with “corruption”. That’s the mantra they learned in War college on their way to becoming dictators.

      • e_orpheus

        Agreed. @evidence you cannot pass sweeping judgment without all the facts. First Mr Baru was silent about alleged illegal contract awards, then he said he the NNPC didn’t need approval for those contracts, now he says Mr Buhari approved the contracts, and we also know Mr Buhari was not in a position to approve those contracts at the time. Wisdom dictates that either Mr Baru/NNPC is telling a lie, or Mr Buhari fouled the constitution, or some shade in-between. Whatever the case purge yourself of South south this and Fulani that and such low state thinking.

    • Ndidi

      I am totally sick of this high handed corruption that is Nigeria. A man of so-called integrity still busy doing what an honest person would find unthinkable. VP Osinbajo and Nigerians, especially Niger Deltans whose oil money it is, are being taken for fools.
      I’ve said it before and will say it again. This is a mad scramble to get hold of Niger Deltan oil funds now that the world is moving away from fossil fuels. The oil money should have been used to clean up Ogoniland and other destroyed Niger Delta areas, a process that will take 30 – 50 years (or more). These lands have been destroyed worse than what Boko Haram has done to the NE, and clean up of Niger Delta should have been our national PRIORITY now, so that the indigenes will have a country in the new post oil world. We all should insist on RESTRUCTURING or failing that break up of this rotten fanatically corrupt country that brings nothing but chaos, confusion, crisis and backwardness.

      • man leader

        Ndidi we share your pain. Sadly the looted monies is not benefiting the north either. Buhari has been using his cousin in Kaduna, el-rufai, to siphon the money to their families in Chad, Niger and Cameroun.

      • MilitaryPolice01

        It is sad

      • kareem

        Hmm. Good morning ooooo! Wailer!

      • AryLoyds

        Buhari and Baru are common criminals!

      • ThΦrn-in-Đ-Ŧlesh

        Enough is enough!!, This country cannot continue to run like this -as if it’s a family business to a particular gang of bandits and corrupt individuals. If restructuring this country will help to put a stop to this stealing with impunity in government so be it ….LET US ALL COME TOGETHER TO INSIST ON RESTRUCTING THIS COUNTRY. It has now become obvious, that certain group of people are benefitting immensely from this current political set-up of the country.

    • yosef

      Go jump into a well

      • Mailer

        Sorry for you. Sorry for your life. You are already in a well. If a group of people hold the whole country to subjugation including you, you have the dead brain to support them. Wake up from this slave mentaliity!!!

    • share Idea

      I support Baru’s position on this because when Buhari was travelling he notified NASS that he was travelling for medical, and that the VP the would be coordinating the activities ( and not acting)… When we raised alarm then about the mischief, we were called names. Has it not dawned all the people that were calling us names that Buhari and his cabals knew what they are actually done.

      • abraham ayinde

        If those jokers in National Assembly know their job, they should realise that what Taliban has done is an impeacheable offence.

    • Mufu Ola

      “Intelligent & coursgerous” Southerners were there for 16 minus 2 years,remember. Address the real issues.Not this childish south against north nonsense.

  • MilitaryPolice01

    Where are the bench warming hallelujah boys of the regime ? I will like to see how they can defend or better still rationalize this. It is well with the poor citizens of Nigeria.

    • Merciless Messi

      When last did you hear a cough or even a ‘fart’ from tundeMESS or kay soyemi?
      My brother, they now wear shame like a garment. They are on the run. Probably limited to occasional comments using pseudo names.
      Gullible clowns! Buhari don show their APC-SW lords pepper!
      Do you hear tinubus voice again? Do you see how they also treat the VP?

      • Victoria

        What Buari did is bad.Jonathan and Atiku are worst. Who is next that can save Nigeria.

    • Merciless Messi

      When last did you hear a cough or even a ‘fart’ from tundeMESS or kay soyemi?
      My brother, they now wear shame like a garment. They are on the run. Probably limited to occasional comments using pseudo names.
      Gullible clowns! Buhari don show their APC-SW lords pepper!
      Do you hear tinubus voice again? Do you see how they also treat the VP?

      • abraham ayinde

        They were pre-warned, but the dog that will go astray will not hear the whistle of the hunter. The empror without uniform in Bourdilon brought us into this unholy alliance. We have never been friendly with the up north from 1960.

  • Charles

    Like i always said, the hausa-fulanis has made it cleared to the southerner on several occasion that we are conquered and inconsequential people, what else can explain the reason behind people from thousands of miles always taken away the resources of other people in this 21st century without reaction.

  • Agba

    When Buhari left for London,they adress Osibajo as co ordinator,people should know that hausa fulani are planing evil,to loot through contract.

    • Olisa Maduka

      This is wrong, why make this a tribal thing; even if they choose to, you should not follow; when others decide to go low, you should go high. Focus on the irregularities and seek solutions, it’s the only way out of this mess.

  • At these terrifying and breathtaking rates of looting by this administration, the Nigeria treasury will be empty by 2019. All contracts unilaterally approved by Buhari without FEC or NNPC Board oversights must be terminated immediately. This is nauseating.

  • shittu

    So under APC, the president has no approval limits???

  • man leader

    I compelled to conclude that the only reason many Nigerians want to join politics is to get rich. That is a CROOK,.

  • Buharin daji

    By 2019 Greece would be a financial heaven when compared to Nigeria according to IMF

  • APCgrasscutters

    Lol! APC has turned naija into a banana Republic.
    I watched Sagay on channels where he, was made to comment on these issues. I had a damn good laff seeing the usually garrulous Sagay looking so tame! He looked so scared to comment! If it was saraki or an ‘opposition’ member caught in this mess, Sagay would have been all over the place! Same as Lai. His boys would have smashed over a million comments here.
    I dey laff oooo!!!

    • AryLoyds

      Buhari is a filthy old man who likes and encourages his corrupt fulani kins men !

    • Dele Awogbeoba

      This is most troubling if true, complete and accurate. Buhari had absolutely
      no powers as president of Nigeria at the time in question so it is
      highly questionable that contracts would be approved by the president
      during that period. If those contracts were supposedly approved by
      Buhari in London then I will support calls for Buhari’s impeachment if
      further issues cannot be clarified. The further issues concern the
      issue of whether the letter to NASS only deprives the president of
      presidential power but does not affect his power as the substantive
      minister of petroleum. Does his hold as minister of petroleum without
      senate approval and by virtue of his being president cease to be valid
      the moment he ceases to hold the powers of the president or the moment
      his tenure as president ceases? Can a minister of petroleum approve such
      contracts without recourse to the person exercising Presidential powers
      at the time? Were the contracts approved in his capacity as petroleum
      minister or in his purported capacity as president (a power which he
      ceased to have at the time consent was given).

      On the invalidity of the contracts, there is the issue of actual and ostensible authority.
      If the GMD has authority to sign an agreement then the common law
      generally imputes ostensible authority to the GMD especially if the GMD
      is an authorised signatory for NNPC. That said, the clear illegality of
      it all will need to be investigated by the senate.

      We should now await the response from the presidency.

      • Höly Wähala

        Have you no shame or pride, just yesterday were you not exchanging words with @Tawanda Inc. during which you called Dr. Kachikwu names and a corrupt coward who was “sidelined” but refused to resign? Why are you not saying the same about Pst. Midget who was a clearly a figurehead Atg. President? You are a disgrace to mankind and a hypocrite. Shut the heck up! PIG!

        • Dele Awogbeoba

          For the benefit of readers only, educated people make analysis on the basis of full information within the public arena. This new bit of information broke some hours ago and this is a new angle and, like most reasonable people, one will have to adapt ones’ view to the new information in the public space. Once I have heard from the presidency , then I may be compelled to make further adjustments to my views. Hence my comment above was prefaced with the words “if true, complete and accurate”.

          • Höly Wähala

            Shut up hypocrite… absolve your shame!

  • APCgrasscutters

    See how they side stepped osinbajo.

    ‘WHO IS THE PRESIDENCY’???…..asked babachir lawal!

    • Pawa2

      They did not sidestep Osinbajo here. Buhari approved the contracts as the Minister of Petroleum Resources and not as President. How do you know Osinbajo did not know about the arrangement?

      • SLO

        Did you not read the report? Kachikwu stated in his letter that when Osibanjo was approached by Bari, he was sent back to Kachikwu. Premium Times sort confirmation from the VP’s office and there was no denial.

        • Pawa2

          Well, if they went to Osinbajo then they did not sidestep him. If the account is correct, Baru only delayed the appointment until Buhari came back, maybe – for whatever reason- he did not want to go through Kachikwu.
          The article never said Premium Times sort confirmation from the VP’s office.

  • Mizch

    Could someone there give Buhari a of a Dictionary to check the meaning of CORRUPTION. No person of integrity will sign such a contract from a hospital bed except under duress. Is he still the Buhari we voted for?

    • LadyRosely

      Buhari has always been corrupt. If you voted that in …. sorry

  • Watch man

    If it is true that PMB approved contracts while on sick bed in London, then it shall be null and void because he had ceded power to his vice when he left on medical journey. At that material point in time, Prof. Osinbajo was the president recognized by law and NASS. This goes to show how lawless this administration has been.

    • Pawa2

      Buhari could have approved the contracts as the Minister of Petroleum Resources, not as President.

      • Watch man

        But he transmitted power to his vice, meaning that his vice automatically becomes minister of petroleum resources as at when he was on medical vacation.

        • Pawa2

          The ministerial position is not attached to the Presidency. The main reason why Buhari selected himself as Minister of Petroleum is that he wanted to keep a personal eye on the affairs of the ministry. That would have been defeated if contracts amounting to billions of dollars passed him bye.

          • Solomon Brown

            How is that working out for him so far?

          • SLO

            That argument holds no water. Going by Baru’s statement, it is the NTB that first approves to a certain threshold of 5m and anything above that requires the president / FEC approval. So PMB could not have approved as minister.

          • Pawa2

            You are getting yourself into a twist. Irrespective of whether or not it is the President that gives approval in the end, Baru still had to pass the papers through the Minister before it would go to the President. That Minister was (and still is) Buhari. Maybe after Buhari saw the papers he felt he agreed with them and may as well approve them as President. We do not know if he discussed it with Osinbajo and both of them agreed Buhari could give approval (after all Osinbajo could not have refused give approval if Buhari had already agreed as Minister). Also, Osibajo may have been happier to allow Buhari to give approval since he (Buhari) would have been following the issues and knew about them more than Osinbajo did. Also, Osinbajo may not want to be associated with the deals as he may not have been privy to them from the beginning.

          • SLO

            These are all theories, we need the facts. At the end of the day, It’s not about Buhari or Baru or Kachikwu, but about due process. Anyone that fails to follow due process for whatever reason is corrupting the system and must face the music. If there are any issues with the laws, that too has to be amended.

          • Pawa2

            Of course it is about those people. They are the ones involved in the processes we are talking about. Processes don’t operate themselves, they are operated by people.

      • DKings

        Yes that’s the question. Was he acting in his capacity as Petroleum Minister or as President. If as Minister, then he could well not have done anything wrong but as President then something is wrong

      • Olisa Maduka

        Not so, Presidential approval is what was explicitly required (for contracts in those ranges) not Ministerial otherwise Kachikwu would also have every right to approve them

        • Pawa2

          No. It is only ministerial approval that is required, stop making wrong assumptions to justify what you want to say. Kachikwu is a Minister of State, not full Minister, so cannot assume the role of the minister. Even if Presidential approval is required, how do you want it to work in that circumstance? Do you want Baru to send the documents to Buhari and for Buhari to send it to Osinbajo? Go and read the NNPC act and you will find that the GM of NNPC reports to the Minister. The main reason why Buhari selected himself as Minister of Petroleum is that he wanted to keep a personal eye on the affairs of the ministry. That would have been defeated if contracts amounting to billions of dollars passed him bye.

      • You also forget that Buhari became the minister because he’s the president. So whenever he cease to be president, he’s also not a minister

        • Pawa2

          No that is not true. The Ministry is not attached to the Presidency. Buhari is Minister of Petroleum Resources because he personally wanted to be.

  • Dike offir

    Nigeria as a country is faced with greed,self centered,tribal issues,religions crackdown and yet we keep saying One Nigeria ..tell me which Policy since 1999,has favor the common man in Ajegunle ,not on the street now but Ajegunle..the only thing we get is electoral identity card,National identity card, and what again do we get free?we need to tell the truth…all restructuring should commence from Religion…take it out from the constitution,tribes should be change to place of birth.and parent and school should start talking more about the consequences of been greedy,.if not the issue will keep adding up.

  • Franklin


  • Maria

    If this is true, this is an impeachable offence. Not only impeachable, those involved must be tried and jailed.

    • Höly Wähala

      There is no “if” here Maria, I told you folks at SR that this the ol’ man is corrupt to his bone marrows but weting happen? Se bi you follow call me “Bipolar” for quickly withdrawing my support for President Buhari and his Myetti Allah criminal cabal at the Villa… ntooor gi. More will be soon be revealed… Sai Barawo! Lol, hahahahaa chai-oo!

    • Olusola

      It is not an impeachable offence. See, it was presidential powers that PMB relinquished, he can still perform his roles as minister for Petroleum resources. Yes the shoddy arrangments and all the mess in the country means, I am also fed up with the guy and his cabal. So I am with the rest of you on looking for replacement in 2019.

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        Olusola…even that argument is not entirely clear. Buhari is minister of petroleum without senate approval by virtue of being President of Nigeria. Does his relinquishing of presidential powers deprive him of the power to be minister of petroleum without being so approved by the senate in confirmation hearings or does his tenure as minister cease once his tenure as President end? That part will need to be clarified.

        • Olusola

          I agree. It is matter for judicial interpretation.

        • 0tile

          You are very corrupt indeed, see your line of argument. Are we running a sole dictatorship where on rogue will be a president, make himself minster of petroleum, appoint his cronies to defense, justice, chief of staff and other lucrative and sensitive ministries? If oil was abundant in the North Northerners would have seceded. Apply commonsense.

      • Olisa Maduka

        Even if that were so, what was needed was both NTB and Presidential approval not Ministerial approval (look at the heading again and what Baru himself said to justify his reasons for sidelining Kachikwu). So even as Minister Buhari could not approve it.

        • Olusola

          Yes, because the country honestly is messed up. Everyone does what seems good to him. The NNPC guidelines is obviously at variance with Civil service guidelines. Those are things that fuels corruption. But overall I would want us to start shopping for 2019.

    • Julius

      You know that will never happen in Nigeria. Money will change hands and it will be buried. Somebody might introduce the impeachment just to make money. Remember what happened toOBJ ?

  • Joe crown

    Nigeria oil money is it blessing for Nigerians, no . That country is together today simple because of that evil money (oil). The high level of nepotism in Nigeria is the main problem.

  • utolason

    If Nigeria has the right people in NANS, Buhari would have been impeached and charged to court for being an accessory to corruption.

  • curseless

    If Buhari’s ill health is beclouding his judgements then he should relinquish his position for the betterment of the country. This almighty oil was bestowed on Nigeria to better the life’s of the average citizen but the same has become an albatross to the very well being of the nation. No one is looking good on this issue at all particularly the President who for some reason sidelined his Vice to sign a contract. If Buhari has implicit faith in Osinbajo he needed not exercise that signatory in London as the optics is bad.

  • Intrepid

    Fulani greed for power, even in their dying bed. Impeach the HEARTLESS and godLESS man. Buhari is CORRUPT. NEPOTISM is the worst form of corruption. IMPEACH him now!

    • Justice Equity

      The injustice done to the Niger deltans and kachukwu by buhari is too grievous to say the least,kachukwu is from delta state ,one of the topmost oil producing state of Nigeria, buharis and barus states don’t have a drop of oil,why must these guys become pathetically greedy to the point where they usurped Niger delta oil resources and at the same time humiliate the Niger delta sons and daughters as if they are slaves to the Fulani oligarchy.
      Have any Niger delta sons or daughters ever been appointed fct minister or northern river basin authorities head,why must these guys be so heartless.
      I only blame the Niger deltans who allowed themselves to be so maltreated in their own resources. This is one of the reasons why the Hausa Fulani and yorubas will commit suicide anytime they see south south and south east unite because they know that once there is south eastern unity,this rubbish shall come to an abrupt end.monkey dey work baboon dey shop is an error.

  • Justice Equity

    On march 28 2015 Nigeria was murdered, on may 29 2015 ,Nigeria was buried inside a bottomless pit.
    May God Almighty send Nigeria a savior in 2019 to resurrect Nigeria from this pit.
    Every Nigerian must go on their knees and cry unto God to forgive Nigeria for preferring BARABAS to Gods servant Jonathan, now Nigeria has fallen into the evil grip of fraudulent liars,deceitful hypocrites,agents of darkness, cunning crafty looters and satanic inventors. Only God can do what no man can do.

  • Intrepid

    No wonder they say Osinbajo is a mere commisioner. He was never in charge.

    • Sanssouci

      Have a little respect haba! He’s more than commissioner he was “coordinator”

      • Intrepid

        I was not the one that coined that phrase. Read my line very well. I believe yours was just some form of sarcasm anyway. No puns!.

      • speechtherapy

        ……suddenly, that insistence to name him coordinator now makes sense… the need to retain the title of President with Buhari in order to perpetrate this atrocity….but you can’t outfox the constitution…

    • Julius

      You forgot to call him your usual name and insult. How about a ‘fake pastor’ ?

      • Intrepid

        The are no real Pastors in Africa. Don’t be silly.

  • Höly Wähala

    “The contracts could be challenged and possibly rendered invalid by the courts because he didn’t have presidential powers at the time he was exercising same… The acting president ought to have approved those contracts because no one knew what state of mind the president was at the time.” – Mr. Oshoma

    And, they told me to keep praying for him while refusing everyone else access to a supposedly dying man. Buhari himself told me he had never been so sick in all of his fossilized life before. Lawyer Oshoma sure has his own finess way of putting it legally but, all those illegal act by President Buhari amount to an impeachable offense under Nigeria’s Constitution… Bottom lines are many but as per Due Process, those contracts were not advertised in any national daily for competitive bidding hence, null and void. Shikena!

    • AryLoyds

      Buhari and his goons are common criminals

  • Daniel

    Impeachment is long overdue on this dude.

    How low can we get?

    Such a shame!

  • Angry Niaja

    This new revealations has just sealed Buhari’s total disregard for constituted authority for me. A man who purportedly handed over to his VP when he went on medical leave didn’t trust this same VP enough and was still signing such humongous contracts on his sick bed, haba, it does not add up. At the time he was supposedly signing this contract, the man had not been seen, nor heard of for weeks, it does not add up. This is forgery, at it best, The Cabals are at it again. Enough of this madness. Nigerians we have got to take our destiny into our own hands. Buhari has failed this Nation withbthis singular Act. Our mums don do

  • thusspokez

    President Muhammadu Buhari was granting approvals for oil deals to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation during the time he was on his sick bed in London – and when he had relinquished presidential powers to his Vice President – the head, Maikanti Baru, has indicated.

    This is unconstitutional and therefore the contracts would be on the ground that Buhari didn’t have the powers to approve them. This is what I meant when I recently wrote on this website that:

    “The northern leadership don’t have any respect neither for the constitution nor the law nor due process nor the civil service . They run governments as Hausa or Fulani traditional village heads would run their villages. In other words, the village model is their mental model of Nigeria.”

  • Justice Equity

    I call on all Nigerians no matter their faith,tribe, ethnicity, status ,to humble themselves and go down on their knees of prayers and cry unto God to come in His awesome power ,show mercy to our nation, forgive us our sins and deliver Nigerian nation from this national error of judgment committed in 2015,before it is too late for Nigeria and her citizens.
    Except God Almighty intervenes in the affairs of Nigerian nation, buhari will ultimately close the coffin of Nigerian nation.
    The holy book says that the throne is established in righteousness, therefore it is an abomination for the king to do injustice, the Bible says that unjust scales are abomination to the lord.
    This administration is both insensitive, unjust, unfair, clannish, bigoted mindlessly fraudulent. My solace is that darkness can never prevail for ever,after the rains no matter how torrential, the sun shall rise.May God never allow the flood of buharis tsunami to permanently undermine our beautiful nation, may God remember the labours of our heroes past and show kindness to Nigerian nation and her people .God Almighty did it for our nation before when the Abacha whom the Yoruba traitors used to undermine ,betray and judas kiss shonekan,turned into ravenous wolf and held both the traitors and the nation shell shocked, He shall do it again because the hour has come again,buhari and his Fulani band have roundly conquered Nigeria and Nigerians are too powerless,too fearful, too overwhelmed, too traumatized, too hunger stricken,to fragmented, to mesmerized, too humiliated, too hipotonized ,too much weakened and too shocked that they can not be able again to save themselves from the terrible grip of buhari and his cabals.

  • thusspokez

    Mr. Baru seem to have a pattern of undermining his superordinates — first the then acting President Mr, Yemi Osinbajo and then Mr. Kachikwu, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources. Mr. Baru is not someone you want in your government or organisation as he doesn’t understand that structure are there to be respected, and not undermined.

  • wale

    The issue here is not the legality of signing document after asking someone to act. In the context of the accusation that some Northerners see acquisition of federal political power to seize control of resources from other parts of the country to divert for their sectional interest, what Buhari and Baru did sidelining the then Acting President and the Chairman of NNPC Board is to lay credence to the correctness of the judgement of Nigerians who hold this view. People like Fani Kayode and Fayose have been proven right. A leopard will never change its spots

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    This is most troubling. Buhari had absolutely no powers as president of Nigeria at the time in question so it is highly questionable that contracts would be approved by the president during that period. If those contracts were supposedly approved by Buhari in London then I will support calls for Buhari’s impeachment if further issues cannot be clarified. The further issues concern the issue of whether the letter to NASS only deprives the president of presidential power but does not affect his power as the substantive minister of petroleum. Was the contracts approved in his capacity as petroleum minister or in his purported capacity as president (a power which he ceased to have at the time consent was given).

    • speechtherapy

      Problem 1: Buhari’s capacity to undertake any affair of state on behalf of Nigeria whilst on sick leave. Whether minister or President, he has requested and gotten sick leave and that ends that matter. He cannot be “on sick leave” as President and be “on duty” as Minister….this argument fails

      Problem 2: the GMD signs on behalf of the NNPC who is representing Nigeria, that power of execution resides and is delegated to him by the office of the President and the office holder therein. If said office holder was not the rightful individual to so delegate (by reason of incapacity or otherwise) then we might as well conclude that fraud has taken place here….There is a reason the President hands over to his vice in times like this, what if the President was in surgery at the time the GMD was ostensibly supposed to have gotten his go ahead?

      One problem I have with this govt is their penchant to stretch everything to fit their narrative and agenda and in the process creating new problems for us as a nation…

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        1. The legal consequence of the letter affects the two roles differently. Once the letter is effective , the President immediately ceases to have the powers of the president and those powers immediately become vested in the vice president as acting president. No such legal change happens to the president in his capacity as Minister of Petroleum.

        2. The authorised signatory list of NNPC makes GMD a signatory of NNPC and able to sign agreements on its behalf. There are however procedures that must be followed before the GMD can sign such a contract.

        • speechtherapy

          Technically, you might have a point, but my question would then flow to the part of our constitution that deals with what happens when a minister is unable or unavailable to undertake their responsibilities, who takes over? The NNPC was wrong to go looking for the “Minister” in London or wherever since to all intents and purposes, said individual was away on medical leave and having fulfilled the Presidential handover process should have fulfilled the ministerial one automatically! Any other thing here is a prosecutable offense and rank corruption.

          Again, if for instance Minister of Health is suddenly rushed out for a medical emergency, does his deputy not automatically take over and represent the state in matters of treaties and other functions of the office? Are you saying it would be legal for a parastatal head to ferry documents to the minister’s sick bed for execution when there is a substantive junior minister who automatically slots in? What kind of anarchy is that pls?

          I will concede to your argument if you can explain from the constitution what happens in a scenario where a minister is unable or unavailable …then we can take it from there..

  • thusspokez

    Ndu Ughamadu, spokesperson for the NNPC, would not confirm or deny if Mr. Baru got the approval from Mr. Buhari in London.

    What has the Nigerian Senate got to say about this unconstitutionality, granted that it is an impeachable offence?

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    But, what kind of image of transparency does president Muhammadu Buhari, display in the minds of millions of Nigerians, with this outrageous tacit support and preferential treatment of the group managing director of NNPC, Dr Maikati Baru, over his appointed minister of state for petroleum resources? This is very sad and unprecedented in the norm of governance in all strata of government. Openly,president Muhammadu Buhari, supports Dr Maikati Baru, as NNPC managing director, over his chosen minister of state for petroleum resources.Is it because, of religious background that president Muhammadu Buhari, is a known muslim and the NNPC managing director,Dr Maikati Baru, is a muslim, who always goes to the presidency,s mosque to join president Muhammadu Buhari, in prayers at the mosque? This is an open display of religious preference by president Muhammadu Buhari. Very sad indeed!

    • Ashibogu

      The man from Canada, how life?

    • Patriotic 9ija

      Dr.Pat think well pls. What is wrong with Buhari for supporting BARU as his appointees? Do u want him to support his enemies that poison him? These project that u claim to support him on is a Contracts that will be executed in Nigeria to Nigerians not that he (Buhari) support him (Baru) in awarding contracts that will b done In Daura or to another country, OK now what do u say when Jonathan was supporting Diezani as petroleum minister that loot $20BNNPC Fund?

    • Intrepid

      Babalawo, you ain’t seen anything.

    • Gabriel Olasebikan

      Dr Pat Kolawole, its like you have now seen an optometrist and a ophthalmologist.

  • Dazmillion

    I will keep saying it, anyone who still thinks Buhari is fighting a war on corruption should quickly check himself into the nearest psychiatric hospital for urgent mental evaluation

  • Kambiri

    Hausa-Fulani and oil. They will never let go the control of NNPC which is why the vilify fmr. Pres. Jonathan. Buhari was sick yet approving contracts from his sick bed just that the billions of dollars will be secured for his kinsmen. That is why his anger over Kanu’s utterances on IPOB territorial ambitions elicited anger, furry and violence on the people of Abia State. The indivisibility of Nigeria is rooted on the love Hausa-Fulani has for oil.

  • Fantastico2000


    What else to expect from a Primary Six certificate president?

    It is a tragedy that the direct effect of electing Muhamadu Buhari as president of Nigeria is this wholesale
    stealing of Nigeria’s crude oil assets and widespread illiteracy in public administration of Nigeria. Never has
    anyone employed by a corporation who, whilst still in employment, sat in judgment over the Board of Directors
    of that corporation, and declared that the Board of Directors has no right or power to run the affairs of the
    corporation according to his say-so.

    This is what Alhaji Baru, the Group Managing Director of NNPC has just done in his own words. But since President Muhamadu Buhari is himself half-educated and often derided as a Primary Six certificate president, Buhari does not
    see the gross insubordination and gross misconduct of Alhaji Baru which gets refracted on Buhari’s tribal lens to look
    normal, as Hausa/Fulani born to rule benighted mentality. Muhamadu Buhari is the cause of what’s been going terribly
    wrong with Nigeria since the year 2015, as the country fell into recession before now swirling into chaos.

  • olat

    Samuel Ogundipe ??

    I don’t Trust his NASS PEN

  • Sam

    The term indicated is vague to say the least.and
    I cannot understand why our media houses just like sensationalist approach to journalism . Did you try to confirm from Baru if that was what he meant or was indicating in his submission?

    I read it then how Buhari sent back the AGF from London to go through the VP who was acting president then for official needs. how do you reconcile this two scenarios?


      The difference is crystal clear. Oil money was involved in the former.

    • Sanssouci

      That single AGF incident that has been milked die by Buhari’s handlers to portray him as a “transparent due process man” is an isolated event i suspect. Perhaps AGF came at a very wrong time, maybe Yola Suicide Bomber had just finished showing Buhari pepper that day, maybe the illness flared up at that time… in any case Osinbajo was emasculated during that period, the extent of which we may never know. Don’t believe the hype that it is 1 big loving family

    • speechtherapy

      AGF came with ordinary paper to sign, Baru came with “paper” to share…..big difference

  • North/West Allies

    This Cabals again, Buhari has lost control of his government

    • Sanssouci

      Did he at any point every really have it?

  • Funsun su chi

    Premium Times Editor,

    You people inside Premium Times you don’t want to publish my own comment, not so?
    Anything i write to you people you will cancel it, why? Did i call Buhari a bastard?
    Did i say Buhari is a real thief in the night? Did i say that? Why cancel me now?
    Everybody can see that a big crime has happened here but i was diplomatic
    in my letter. I did not ask for public execution, so, why do you cancel me?
    If the law says this is is the punishment for Buhari can we not quote it?
    Must you become Buhari supporters by force or what? Not good O!

  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    Justice, incorruptablity and integruty are not established through words but through deeds.

    The perception can not be too far from the reality. The perception is that this Buhari administration is not altogether above board in many instances.

    Incorruptibility was President Buhari’s Unique Selling Point (USP) during the last elections. If President Buhari has totally destroyed this reputation, with what will he campaign if he decides to run in 2019?

    if President Buhari does not run in 2019, will the opposition not have sufficient ammunition to totally disprove and discredit any claims of supperior value systems that the APC candidate will try and stand on?

    This is a lesson for us all, the lesson is that no matter how large the good will you enjoy from people, you can squander it to ZERO very quickly through your wrong actions.

    Nigerians are petrified by the actions of this government, not just in this particular instance but right from the inception starting from the 6 months delay in nominating a cabinet, lack of coherent economic policy for over 1 year, inability to bring the country together in unity, failure to transparently tackle corruption etc etc.

    We wish Nigeria and our President well but we must confront Mr. President with facts when hes derailed and HE HAS DERAILED in key aspects of effective leadership. Is there anyone who can tell this to him so he understands?

    • First, we will need to translate this message to either Arabic or Hausa language and sneak it in through an Hausa man. the the message will get the attention it deserves.

  • Julius

    Why on earth would Baru went to the VP behind the chairman to get an approval for anything ? This is an example of the act of insubordination Mr. Ibe was talking about. Good for the VP for refusing to sign off on Baru’s scheme. This is not new, they have been doing stuff like this forever. Anybody that works in any ministry will tell you this is what the Northerners do, they at times refuse to take orders from the southerners even when that southerner is their boss. Nonsense. Baru must go !

    • Intrepid

      ‘Why on earth would Baru went to the VP’ My oh My! Your grammar is very disgusting. Go back to your abusing business, which you know better. M0nkeyface.

      • Julius

        lolz, this is you job now..keep trolling and correcting grammar. By the way, I thought you gave that up since somebody told you what to do with your grammar. Here you are again. I got something for you too…keep reading.

        • Intrepid

          I am correcting your 1diocy.

          • Julius

            I said, keep doing your job. At least you are doing something. Right ?

          • Alhaji

            At least his grammar is still better than your president’s who went to the UN to read like a primary three pupil in the south.

          • Chibuzor Moses Ukemezie


        • Intrepid

          The person who talked about my grammar, was later taught by someone else, on how not to make corrections on things that he/she didn’t understand.

          • Julius

            I can count the number of folks that do not meet your online grammar standard, according to you .like they give a shit what you think.

      • grammar police, go and collect your prize

      • Jyde

        Forget grammar and get serious.. Anybody can say it anyhow, type your local language here and we get the texts translated by google for you. Check the message as the substance we need. Grow up man.

        • Julius

          That his way of denigrating people. He has been doing that to the folks that do not agree with him. Otile will make up names, post some bullshit and responds to himself under another name. That’s all he does. He even corrected and called the VP an illiterate fake pastor because he is a Yoruba man. I’ll keep slapping him everyday so he needs all the corrections he can handle.

  • Law Company


    Buhari’s $25 billion contract scam: What the law says must happen next

    No private person
    or individual is permitted by law to enter into disguise and purport to sign away
    Nigeria’s assets. At all times relevant Muhamadu Buhari was a private individual
    without any power of office or any right. The NNPC contracts Muhamadu Buhari
    signed as a private citizen without power of office are null and void and of no
    effect. Any accountant in NNPC who pays any money under it shall be liable for
    imprisonment for intentional violation of law.

    Weeks after Buhari had transmitted presidential power constitutionally
    to Yemi Osinbajo; and weeks after the Senate had acted on that letter by
    officially investing Yemi Osinbajo as Acting President, the rustic Muhamadu
    Buhari had no right or power to sign $25 billion NNPC contracts in his private
    capacity as an individual, anymore than a bus conductor in Lagos or a Fulani
    herdsman in Taraba state could have lawfully signed $25 billion NNPC contracts
    to bind the federal republic of Nigeria.

    The law of Nigeria has therefore answered the question of what must
    happen next. Muhamadu Buhari must be impeached. That is what the Constitution
    of Nigeria stipulates and thus it is not optional at all but compulsory. Muhamadu
    Buhari must be removed from office for gross misconduct bordering on
    criminal fraud

  • Al

    Oppositions are having a free Lunch courtesy of premiumtimesng, it’s not a surprise biafrans & associates are desparetely looking for every slip mistake to rubbish buhari where he comes from but let them have it in mind that buhari is beyond there selfish imagination, buhari his a true man of God, a true leader, his integrity is tested and proven beyond reasonable doubt. If you don’t like him or where he comes from that your business you can go and hug live transformer or jump into lagoon sharp sharp bcuz your oppositions will destract him from discharging his responsibly

    • R Matthews

      lol… To demonise and carpet what are serious allegations, the best you can come up with is “Biafrans”?

      That is too weak. Even Buhari will demand a more smart response from you.

    • Wetin Naija

      I hope you sincerely love this country. Where else in the world can this happen?

    • Ebube

      This is the dumbest post I have seen in a while. How did you come up with this? You must be a special breed of dumb.
      Call a spade a spade. Buhari is fast becoming a big disappointment. Blindly supporting every of his actions wont do him any help. if you doubt me ask GEJ and his blind supporters.
      Calling him out when he is wrong does not mean you oppose or hate him, It is you being patriotic.

      • Mufu Ola

        It’s not dumb.It’s statement of fact. U & your gang members are not even dignified in your obvious desperation.

        • Chibuzor Moses Ukemezie

          Go and sleep if you don’t have anything to say, sycophants

        • Ebube

          Please explain to me how the news how it is a fact? Do you think everyone who criticize the President is suddenly an opposition of Pro Biafra? Please check my past posts. Nigeria is where it is today because we allow Politicians too much leeway all in the name of Loyalty. Our Loyalty is meant to be to our country first before anybody.
          Address the allegation in the report and leave other sentiments. Does the whole transaction show transparency in any way?

          • Mufu Ola

            No fraud has been insinuated or proved in all the transactions & allegations. Only breach of protocols are being alleged but these corruption agents are already jumping all over attempting to drag everybody into their mud.That’s the point being made.Concerning “loyalty”, I’m not a blind follower of individuals but it doesn’t mean giving space to mischievous elements to expand their agendas.These corruption agents & their allies are desperate to polute the air & stigmatize d war against corruption.

      • Al

        You people are the most dumbest living thing on earth, you and your Gej are only interested to drag buhari into mud so that he can die with you politically. I will keep telling you Buhari is beyond your dumb expectation, buhari has not disappointed us in anyway, we trust, we have confidence in his leadership and that’s the main reason we voted him into power his a complete gentle with high integrity.

    • 2015 Progress

      Define integrity and put Buhari’s actions side by side and see whether he fits in, his disposition to rule of laws, his appointees indicted in corruption. Like Abba kyari and mtn bribery scandal, SGF grass cutting contract in IDP, Mr Ayo Oke and ikoyigate scandal. And now Baru Maikanti with this current NNPC saga,where are the anti-corruption organizations, why all the delays and cover ups.
      By the way is it the opposition and Biafrans that are leaking the information? And no body is desperately seeking his down fall, because many already knew his pedigree.
      All these are from APC in house fighting, many voices of dissent and discordant tunes. Remember the key actors here are all APC members, no outsiders.

      • Al

        You people are typical mumu of the highest order, the more you pple talk nonesense the more you get confuse yourselves. Government is all abt spending money, so are telling Nigerians govt shouldn’t work? or they shouldn’t award 640 billion contract?? due process of the awarding the contract is perfected as procurement act said and that’s why your brother Minister of state was mad bcuz no chop chop as usual. Pls you people should go sleep if you don’t have anything to contribute for the nation development.

        • 2015 Progress

          Sorry, but your insults have actually exposed who you are, what you are and where you come from.
          What is due process and transparency,it’s like you twist facts to suit your own interets instead of what they are defined.
          So by passing the chairman of the board and getting approval from a president on sick leave is your definition of due process.
          Why was Prof Yemi Osinbajo an acting president, if Buhari was signing official documents from London sick bed. I never knew Nigeria operates another presidential office in London, until now.

          • Al

            Bye-passing, shortchanged, outsmarting, cross carpeting and unger-G are all your imaginations and tools you used.
            A true northerner doesn’t know all those words talk less of using them as source of income. I will advice you to use appropriate law of the land to compel the nnpc procurement office or tenders board to see if the Act has been breach so that peace will reign Hausaman no outsmart your brother Ibe Kachikwu

        • okenwa

          Glory be to God an Anioma man is now my brother because of scandals. He is no longer south south or Niger delta.

  • IG

    In a sane country, this is an impeachable offense with immediate effect. Its high time this sluggish president realizes that the people surrounding him will only implicate him and get him out of Aso Rock. How come I supported a man who is now turning blind eyes to all the negatives things happening in the country and allowing his families to take absolutely control of presidential power. THIS IS DISGUSTING AND I AM HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED IN MR PRESIDENT

    • Mufu Ola

      Let Buhsri be “impeached” so your family member will succeed him.

      • Chibuzor Moses Ukemezie

        People like you deserved to stoned if we were in ancient era. chikina

        • whereto

          I think you are operating with too much bile. The matter is still unfolding and there are still grey areas. Don’t allow hate stop you from thinking.

        • Mufu Ola

          Hatemonger! U still have a long way to go.

    • speechtherapy

      …short answer: he was never the man he has been built up to be… check his history, anywhere and everywhere he has served there has always been a strong case of corruption against him…

  • Black power

    I am speechless!

    • Kallah Bature

      Yes you are right to be.All actions taken in relation to the NNPC contract were perfectly legal and no law was circumvented.Again it was done in the best interests of the country.

      • Jyde

        You are very wrong . If you meant a president who had relinquished powers because of ill health could give approval while an acting president was not aware ! We should call a spade a spade. Plsssssssssssss.. this is irritating pls.

        • Dele Awogbeoba

          Lets wait to confirm certain vague issues. We need confirmation as to whether presidential confirmation means it was given by Osinbajo or by Buhari. We are still unclear on this at the present time. If given by Buhari and it was illegal due to the fact that he was not lawfully exercising presidential power then he (as current president) can retroactively approve such award. Tjough the damage would already have be done to the president politically.

          • rules MrOnome

            I always look out for your comments on Buhari matters. Call A spade a spade! We are aware of the technicalities! There’s no excuse in sight for Buhari here. Plss!! Wake up!! Or are you being a loyal employee?

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            I am a commentator here just like you. I wish I could get paid for my views but i do not.

          • okenwa

            You are always waiting for confirmation and proof whenever buhari and APC is in hot soups.

      • babajide Balogun

        This Bature is talking to himself surely. Everything is wrong with the NNPC scam and this govt. the First Lady would have been a better president, I bet.

    • Jyde

      Likewise me !

  • Wetin Naija

    Who will probe Buhari and the cabal in Aso Rock?

    • Ebube

      Nigerians should do that at the next Presidential election. After all that is what Democracy should be.

  • This is an impeachable offense, if it can be substantiated. How can he exercise the same power he’s relinquished. This is a case that NA assembly should show interest not trivial issues like dino’s recall and other jejune issues

  • FreeNigeria

    Saint Buhari, Where are the praise singers for the cow head president. Buhari stink corruption and wickedness

  • Yemi

    Poor investigative journalism. NNPC said it got “PRESDIENTIAL APPROVAL”, and you went ahead to assume that this simply means Buhari. What if you are now told that it as Acting President Osibanjo that approved the deals. Is that still not “PRESIDENTIAL’?

    • Jyde

      Please, do not politicize facts ! We are not all Naija type of politicians. Check, well and facts are clear enough. Osinbajo did not give approval after asking Baru to go liaise with his boss and he refused to do so. Prof is not a mediocre.

    • Ebube

      If you read the report, you would note that he Presidency, NNPC and all other parties involved had their chance to clarify issues but chose not to. The Press in other to force a response and not to be seen to be covering up has done the right thing here.
      As it stands, it is now in “Mr Integrity’s” (President Buhari) court to clarify the issue.
      Personally as someone who supported this Administration from day one, I am personally disappointed and frustrated with the way the president has been handling issues. He won this election because Nigerians were tired of the corruption in GEJ’s Government and his lack of seriousness in dealing with it.
      Buhari, unfortunately is toeing that path now. The way he handles any corruption case that hits close to him does not show he is the “Mr Integrity” he has claimed to be and made us to believe he is.
      One thing is foe sure, elections are coming and they are coming fast and Nigerians never forgets!

      • olu

        That is if the voice of the people in the coming elections are made to sound out. Not everyone will be like GEJ when it comes to making election results count.

        • Ebube

          He doesn’t have a choice. Nigerians are smarter. He either starts making amends now or he will have Nigerians to contend with in 2019. Especially those that sincerely supported him with the hope that he will come through on His promises. I for one feel betrayed by him already just as GEJ betrayed most of us that supported him in his first term.

  • Gary

    Well, the breeze caused by Kachikwu is blowing and now exposing the hindquarters of the fowl. I put out my neck on this subject yesterday and must have caused some butt-clenching discomfort on this forum.
    But we are now getting confirmation from Mr. Baru that he and his ilk will only answer and take direction from President Buhari, whether he’s in Awo Rock, London or Afghanistan.
    To save himself and public image, Baru is now throwing Buhari under the bus that he approved the humongous contracts and sectional promotions in NNPC.

    Please note that Buhari had lawfully handed over Presidential powers to Yemi Osinbajo as Acting President but neither Baru now his Aso Rock mentor Abba Kyari would deign to subordinate themselves to anyone but Buhari. So they ignored both Kachikwu and Osinbajo and went to London to get the consent of their man to further their agenda.

    I hope people realize that any decisions made by Buhari while Osinbajo was Acting President is illegal and ultra vires, since he was technically not President after invoking Section 145 via notification of NASS. He could only resume and be recognized after he again formally notified the Assembly on his return.

    So Mr. Baru, you are still not in the clear. All you succeeded in doing is roping in the President as having approved the shenanigans you have undertaken at NNPC.

    • Timothy

      Correct….lets see how things play out…meanwhile its like many are not happy with the turn out and they are fishing for public sympathy because however you look at the case….it was brought to the VP who re-directed him to chain of comman (Kachikwu) which was the normal thing to do…it is expected that after such an advise one would have taken the steps to correct himself…rather he jumped the protocol and went to london to have Buhari sign off on it…and of course he wont have done it without some backing from someone in Aso top guns….Its up to Buhari to first admit he recruited Baru thinking he had some sense and I know my people may have their own agenda and apologise to Nigerians for making these people part of his govt….

      • newday

        This is not the first time a VP has been ignored. Jona as VP was consistently treated as such when Yaradua was out on extended medical leave.

    • KBE

      That is why Presidential approval by proxy Kyari is Presidential. Collecting from Diezani to pay Kyari nothing spoils.

  • Maria Darego

    I am 100% sure that within the next 24 hours NNPC will issue a release indicating their “typographical error” in the contract approval dates. The dates will be “corrected” immediately in all the relevant files. After all we had to go back to a circular from an SGF in 2009 to justify bypassing the NNPC Board in all NNPC contractual affairs.

  • Jon

    Why is anyone surprised? Buhari is a thief. He has a pattern of oil theft. See below and I quote:

    “In 1977, $2.8 billion was discovered missing in the NNPC. Guess who was Minister of Petroleum?
    Muhammadu Buhari.

    Bukola Saraki’s father, Olusola, was the senate leader at the time and he headed the committee that was set up to trace the missing money. The money was traced to the Midland bank (U.K) fixed account of Buhari who was Minister of petroleum and head of NNPC then. The Olusola committee presented the report to the House towards end of the shagari regime BUT the House decided to act on it after general elections.

    However, on December 31, 1983, Buhari hid under the political commotion that followed the election results to overthrow the Shagari government.

    Olusola Saraki granted an interview to Vera Ifudu, an NTA reporter and told her how the missing money had been traced to Buhari’s bank account. But Buhari sacked Vera Ifudu immediately from NTA! She challenged her dismissal in court and won. Court also ordered she should be compensated.

    Fast forward to Abacha Era. Buhari was appointed as PTF chairman and he brought his family members as consultants and contractors to the PTF. Obasanjo assumed Presidency in 1999 and set up an interim management for the PTF to audit its activities. He was shocked by the outcome.

    In November 2000, Obasanjo directed that the PTF should be scrapped and its headquarters handed over to anti-corruption agencies. OBJ discovered that Buhari’s PTF paid out over 9 billion naira to contractors WITH NO WORK DONE! But he covered up because of “army arrangement”.

    So when i start reading about corruption, NNPC, Buhari in one sentence, it does not surprise me. The man has an history in that field and it is not a pleasant one”

  • KBE

    “Presidential approval is presidential approval,” Mr. Ughamadu said. This statement says a lot about Buhari, APC corruption fighting mantra, the nation Nigeria and the labor unions. This is most unintelligent , insensitive and irresponsible statement by so called spokesperson of an organization like NNPC. This whole saga exposes the cabal, the lying hypocritical Buhari and the APC party of propaganda. The whole saga further confirmed what we already know that Osinbajo is an outsider, a figure head and has never be or may never be part of the government in the real sense of the word as long as Buhari’s kinsmen in Kwari and Maman Daura hold sway as also villa. Presidential approval is Presidential whether obtained illegally or not. Buhari is guilty as charged so he has to keep mute. Nothing has change except that the likes of Tinubu and co succeeded in selling rotten meat as fresh to amazingly ignorant voters. In the midst of all these the so called labor union PENGASON and NUPENG rolled out drums in support of Baru. Who will ever take such people serious. Nigeria need a true change. Little wonder why Patience Jonathan and Diezani had become poster girls for APC.

  • Maverick

    Buhari is corruption personified. APC is a bad alternative!

    • Gary

      He’s worse…not only corrupt but an ethnic and sectarian bigot to boot.
      Yet Nigerians were sold this crafted and false image of the man as a man of integrity despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Up to the extent that Yemi Osinbajo would equate him to his own father! He must he regretting that now.

  • Bright Ezeh

    Which means osibanjo acting president was not for oil contract lssues, both osibanjo and kachukwu was out of the contract, other tribes are slave’s to hausas and fulanis in Nigeria, Buhari your corrupt

    • forestgee

      Osibanjo was a coordinator, but they said it!

  • Chibuzor Moses Ukemezie

    The truth will be revealed soon. you cannot conceal a pregnancy it must surely protrude.

  • forestgee

    What type of country is this? Why is Nigeria a failing State? This is a clear case for impeachment. APC is the biggest disappointment in the history of Nigeria

  • Bright Ezeh

    If PDP did well we would have avoid this one chance, l think Referendum is the only option left

    • olu

      Why link every bad news to PDP?. Everyone who voted had his choice made either for him or by himself, if people misjudged or were misled by APC, that might be reasonably accepted but not still blaming PDP, especially over matters like this.

    • Chym

      Lol…. Yes referendum on Biafra

      • Adele Uhuru

        No you guys don’t get it- its not about Biafra only – it should be a referendum the entire amalgamated country – let everyone decide if they choose to retain the acronym Nigeria…………

        • Chym

          OK now

    • okenwa

      You made your choice so why blame PDP?

  • Gidi

    This is arguably the most troubling news to date on this NNPC scandal. As more facts emerge, the statement i made on this subject yesterday seems to be apt, Buhari should step up and accept responsibility here. Not only was his action illegal, if indeed he approved the contracts while on sick bed, but it set a bad precedent for the democratic institutions. After all, we have an acting President that is fully empowered by the constitution to act on President’s behalf while away.

    Again, there are many questions that need to be answered. The explanation provided by both NNPC and Aso Rock is inadequate. If Buhari is not bold enough to face the public, at least, he should send his garrulous press secretaries (Adesina and Garba) to face the media and provide appropriate answers.

    Overall, I am not impressed with how Buhari is handling this mess. He bears sole responsibility for causing the mess to begin with by usurping the power of both Minister of State for Petroleum and Vice President. Buhari’s action literally encourage unelected officials to run a circle around a constitutional and due process. Sad.

    • speechtherapy

      …sorry, this is not a “mess”, this is corruption pure and simple and indeed an impeachable offense.

  • Toughie Man

    Learning to become a democrat in old age is not easy. All along, Buhari has been a dictator, with maximum powers as a military ruler. He cannot be subject to bloody civilians, that fact is well ingrained in him and Maikanti Baru sees Ibeh Kachikwu as a fellow appointee by the same master and knows that he is only answerable to his master. Chi kina! Whatever procedural errors, insubordination, long leg, unconstitutional or legal implication of this matter on the long run, Buhari will win. Buhari is behaving as all the people in Nigeria cannot do him anything. He has abused the citizens goodwill by giving their votes and trust which he wittingly and unwittingly abused. We are watching carefully, because if his party, APC fails to reprimand him and call him to other and the various prodemocary activists in the country have all gone to sleep, by the time they wake up from their slumber, Nigeria would have sink beyond redemption

  • Razorblade Abefele

    Mr integrity for you. Hausas Don take over.



    This is 100% impeachable assuming it took place in a civilized country outside the Zoo

    • Arabakpura

      But when we told them that the Professor of national unity was not in charge, a lot of people did not believe!

      • Gary

        Here’s something else…unless they have Buhari’s signature on relevant memos signed in London, there’s nothing to say that the Aso Rock cabal did not sign off on the contracts and promotions on behalf of an incapacitated President undergoing treatment at the time.

        Abba Kyari held fort in Abuja while Mamman Daura was the gate-keeper in London who controlled who and when anyone could see Buhari, including his wife and children.

        So over to you, Zahra Buhari-Ndimi. Help confirm from your father if he actually and illegally approved the decisions now being attributed to him by Mr. Baru and the same cabal your mother complained about before they told her to shut up and nicknamed her “Suicide Bomber from Yola”.

        We want clarifications on this matter and it shall not be swept under the carpet like other Aso Rock scandals.

        • Adele Uhuru

          Clarification on what exactly- they are looting the nation to oblivion and you are awaiting clarification?

        • Arabakpura

          Thank you! That’s a sound opinion!

  • Jandu

    Very sad how a whole nation is reduced to a sectional stealing point!! People defend their own blindly despite the facts pointing to wrong doings. How can Nigeria make progress like this???

  • Arabakpura

    This Gen Buhari is messing up Nigeria everyday! If you are a thief and you want to divert attention from yourself, just start shouting thieves anytime you see a crowd of undertakers! While they are distracted, you can start your stealing! This is exactly what Gen Buhari is doing!

    • Akiika

      Did you even read the report? What was stolen? by whom?

      • Adele Uhuru

        Buhari is a crooked individual- his collection of bandit in sensitive position reflects that – this is the reason why he refused to relinquish power whilst he was sick for months…… this country blind, you current being robbed so keep your hands up praise Buhari while he stuffs his Bank Vault in Duara

        • Mosley

          Remember this is our time syndrome.

      • Moneyz N Horseyz

        Corruption is the slightest deviation from the established norm with an ulterior motive.
        Graft is the use of political power for personal gain.
        So corrupt officials bypass due processes because of their ulterior motives, mostly to favour their cronies with contracts for kickbacks.
        Politicians use their influence to hand-pick awardees of contracts for personal gains, that is graft.

        So the allegation against Boohari / Baru is very simple : They connived in the awarding of $24bn worth of contracts to pre-determined awardees for personal gains.
        They bypassed the NNPC Board on purpose in order to avoid any hitches to their fraudulent plans
        The worth of the contracts could possibly have been inflated for maximum returns

      • Arabakpura

        Put on your spectacle! Corruption is not only when money is stolen! Leadership deceit is worse than stealing money in the corruption spectrum!

    • Akiika

      Now that the then Ag. President Osibajo has confirmed that he indeed signed the contract, what’s the next conspiracy theory?

      • Arabakpura

        Why did it take him one week to do this? They are terribly too slow in actions and attract unnecessary opprobrium to themselves! Could it be possible that the minInter of state was not aware?

      • okenwa

        So Mr Baru don’t know the different between acting president osinbajo and president buhari?

  • Kenny

    Corruption! Corruption!! Corruption! !! Buhari’s love for oil money knows no bounds.

  • Akiika

    If this is true……it is wrong for President Buhari to approve contract while he is technically not the president.
    Having said that, i read through the previous comments and i concluded that you guys are horrible critics. You are poorly educated, ignorant and reacting largely based on tribal sentiments. Firstly, there is nothing in the report that suggests that any money was stolen, so why are you accusing the president of being a thief? You are simply wording the narrative to satisfy your bias. This government’s performance has been below average, but way better than the gang of thieves we previously had.

    • Gary

      Yeah, you now want to make a dubious distinction when it comes to Buhari.
      Was there proof that money was stolen when Sanusi made his own allegations under Jonathan? Are you from Mars and acting like you don’t know that contract awards in Nigeria are reciprocated with kickbacks from awardees to the awarder?

      Or how did you imagine previous NNPC chiefs and Oil Ministers got rich? Abeg stop the partisan nonsense and focus on getting to the bottom of Barugate.

    • Adele Uhuru

      Your President is just like these same old politicians that are solely motivated by crooked mean of acquiring wealth – he is a thief, why do you think this was do or die for him and his followers ?

    • Truthman

      Yeah, your saint rode to power on the stolen horse of Rivers State and my shares in Oando, destroyed to put Buhari in power.

    • ubong

      We still have 98% of them now in this government that you alluded to be doing better. President Buhari is highly respected person. I admire his personal actions with late Tunde Idiagbon on their war against indiscipline and corruption before the gang of thieves led by IBN swept them aside. If he actually signed or approved any contract when he had officially surrender his presidential authority to his VP as acting President, he should as s father do the modest thing and tell Nigerians he is sorry, particularly his supporters who are expecting him to act differently taking into conizance his war against corruption. Nigerians will forgive him because he is relatively better than his military peers that were in the same office

  • Someone

    dilma rousself of brasil was impeached for similar.

    knowing our senate/nass, they will do nothing. not even talk.

  • Someone

    this nnpc scandal is even bigger than we were thinking.

  • Someone

    dilma rousself of brasil was impeached for this type of behaviour

  • Mosley

    The cheap oil money is the lure of the presidential position, so nobody should be surprised.

  • Rev

    This man was just appointed by the Northern cabal and others to use this old man to milk Nigeria dry…nothing more nothing less.

  • rules

    Mr. Buhari was never fit to be President of a Nigeria in a 21st century. All I see in this gov’t is incompetence, nepotism, blame trading an overall lack of political will to synthesie and steer any real change. Shame on you Mr Buhari, APC and all your apologists. At this point I don’t even know where hope for Nigeria lies. The ideals of ALL political parties are questionable!
    I’ve always maintained we look beyond mere Party affiliations and other simplistic sentiments that inform political loyalties in Nigeria. Mr Buhari never struck me as one a strong character. He NEVER made clear his position on any policy matters. The man DOES NOT possess the intelligence (both IQ and EQ) required for the office he holds. I wish I can send a text to everyone I warned in 2015 to say “I told you so”.
    NASS show some decency and start impeachment proceedings (or signals at least).

    Disappointed Nigerian!

  • JOHN

    The lawlessness and impunity being displayed in the Buhari/APC government is sickening. This is the height of corruption by persons deceiving Nigerians that they are fighting imaginary corruption. Reading Baru’s excuse and defence meant to decieve the uninformed, he was silent on the second leg of Kachukwu’s accusation of nepotistic appointments to the heads of NNPC parastals. He would say as well that Buhari approved the corrupt and extreme bias north over dominated appointments that he made. This is not fair to other parts of this country especially the SE and SS where oil and gas are produced that have negatively affected their environments. First those nepotistic appointments should be reversed immediately in favour of fairness to the areas that produce the golden eggs. Should the so call power that be refused to correct this obvious anomaly, it is a proof that they are corrupt, unpatriotic and do not believe in the unity of Nigeria. Nepotism and impunity in this government are the worst form of corruption.

  • Taylor

    The north is the greatest problem of this country, even bigger than book haram. All their interest is how to loot money. Look at all the former presidents and their co looters are northerners but the most annoying thing is that they’re not competent in the positions they forced themselves into. Another evil from their lootomania is that they’ll ferry the money to Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia etc to develop their countries while Nigeria especially the northern part of Nigeria is disease infected. The offence committed by Buhari in this saga, is an impeachable one because he be acting outside the law of the federation. Those Buhari apologists from the South West should cover their face in shame. Nigeria can’t make progress under APC because their own corruption is unquantifiable.

  • Tahir Bunu-hamza

    Buhari approved N640 billion oil contracts from his sick bed in London, NNPC chief Baru indicates
    October 11, 2017Samuel Ogundipe


    Osinbajo admits approving N640 billion oil contracts for NNPC
    October 12, 2017Samuel Ogundipe

    Sam, how did you arrive at the former as well as the later?

    • Tare Daniel

      Osibanjo has denied that report. Claiming he only approved loans for the NNPC and not contracts so Sam’s report is accurate.

      • pambegua

        Approving loan for the contracts? Why should you approved loan for a contract you are not aware of. Newspaper are just using their caption/ Headlines to market their papers. Read through sometimes you will discovered a different thing

    • princegab

      The confusion is a creation of the Presidency

      • Tahir Bunu-hamza

        I am satisfied with the clearance given by the VP.

  • PureWater1985

    Rape of Niger Delta and plucking of its resources continues by the H/F with their willing tools and lap dogs from the south. Thieves.

    • okenwa

      Include Chief Edwin Clark among the thieves.

      • PureWater1985

        No names yet but the rapists know themselves.

  • Okokondem

    We now know why Buhari was so dogged in his quest to become an elected president of Nigeria, contesting a record 4 times, and thanks to the Yorubas his dream became a reality. I’m just wondering, with this revelation of Buhari busy in London undercutting and undermining Osinbajo’s constitutional authority as then acting president, how does it sit with Tinubu and his other fellow Southwesterners who helped make Buhari’s dream of becoming a president a reality? I suppose they don’t care as long as Buhari is dealing with the Igbos.

    The northern oligarchy figured out the strategy of divide and rule long time ago and has continued to implement it successfully by letting the two prominent ethic nationalities in the south — the southeast and the southwest believe they can’t tolerate each other. Kudos Igbos and Yorubas.

    Just in case you have forgotten what this analysis is about, we are finding out that Buhari was still playing president from his London vacation, a clear contravention of constitutional dictates.

    • Ade

      My brother, I share your sentiments but we in the south west persistently complained to GEJ that we were marginalised by his administration and he ignored us, meanwhile IPOB and Kanu would have served as a good opportunity for the entire to unite and demand for a better Nigeria but unfortunately, Kanu made it a SE affair. The way forward is come 2019, vote Buhari out and let us begin to look for a credible leader, it is now so glaring Buhari is as dirty as others before him.

  • MC

    Are Buhari’s corruption and dictatorship nature just beginning to manifest before you all – premiumtimes, SW and other cheerleaders and propagandists – that contributed to his current position? Fools!

    • pambegua

      Just because because you hate Buhari does not make him currupt. Kachikwu complaints about INSUBORDINATION from GMD NNPC Baru of contracts awarded without his knowledge but BUHARI HATERS AND PDP APOLOGIST without investigation interpreted the later to EMBEZZLEMENT. Aisha Buhari complained about lack of drugs and equipment in Aso Rock Villa clinic so that those in charge of the clinic will do the needful but Buhari haters and PDP APOLOGIST who employed majority of the the management of the clinic in the last 16 years without even investigating whose duties to buy drugs and equipment in the clinic continued shouting that Buhari embezzled Aso Villa Clinic budget as if Buhari is the chief pharmacist and Medical director of the clinic. Yes its true he is the President but give him every benefit of daubt every currupt report will be attended too. Nobody will go scot free. He may be slow but nobody will go scot free. Thank God Judiciary now are improving. Gone are the days of PDP when DEZIENI,UDUAH,FAYOSE,ANNENIH, DASUKI n the SARAKIS, DINOS will run to currupt judiciary for injunction not to probe them and GEJ/PDP will protect them. No matter how closed SGF Babachir THE GRASSCUTTER is to the president when the president was convinced of his currupt involvement in NE IDPs he suspended him whereas GEJ/PDP protect Dezieni and Oduah and DASUKI even when there is evidence of ATM machine in the Govt. Bahuri may be too slow due to his new Democratic nature but be assured nobody will go scot free including himself if he was genuinely found wanting. For now its just his haters that are distorting facts BUT THE LOVE WE HAVE FOR HIM DUE TO HIS integrity remains unshakeable

      • Adele Uhuru

        Pitiful you seem to think we are all lacking the mental capacity to analyze and read between the lines and realize that this bigoted administration have bamboozled us all. Buhari have introduce an innovative approach to corruption which is appoint your kin to high office and have them steal for you whilst you protect them from prosecution – Now the compliant from Aisha Buhari is an exposure of the corruption at the villa, this is only a small perspective of how low this administration will go to enrich itself. But listen keep on making excuses, you will realized how gullible you have been when the “shit hit the fan” you will understand that this group is nothing more but a group of thieves robbing you and your kind blind………………………..