How President Buhari caused NNPC Scandal

President Buhari
Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari

The ongoing tension between the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, and the head of NNPC, Maikanti Baru, may have been caused by the actions of President Muhammadu Buhari.

A memo leaked last week of Mr. Kachikwu reporting to Mr. Buhari about Mr. Baru’s insufferable conducts, which ranged from unilateral award of contracts to insubordination.

In the August 30 memo which was leaked last Tuesday, Mr. Kachikwu said the contracts were up to $25 billion, or N9 trillion, and that they were allegedly awarded by Mr. Baru without recourse tothe NNPC Board which he, Mr. Kachikwu, was appointed to head by Mr. Buhari.

On Monday, Mr. Baru fired back, dismissing Mr. Kachikwu as having no authority over the affairs of NNPC with regards to contracting regulations.

Mr. Baru also denied approving all the contracts Mr. Kachikwu listed in his memo, as well as any form of sharp practices.

A look at the details already provided by the warring sides showed that Mr. Buhari might have caused the problem to begin with.

The crisis started in July 2016 when Mr. Buhari removed Mr. Kachikwu as the GMD of NNPC and replaced him with Mr. Baru. Mr. Kachikwu was first appointed as GMD of NNPC in August 2015.

In November 2015, Mr. Buhari appointed Mr. Kachikwu as Minister of State for Petroleum. He served as NNPC GMD and minister until Mr. Buhari relieved him of the NNPC job.

When Mr. Buhari named Mr. Baru the GMD, he made Mr. Kachikwu the chairman of the NNPC board.


The NNPC Act designates the board to oversee the affairs of the state-owned oil giant.

The Act states that the Minister of Petroleum must be the chairman of the NNPC board. Mr. Buhari is the substantive Minister of Petroleum. But he is allowed by the NNPC law to delegate powers, including chairmanship of the board.

However, the law also allows Mr. Buhari to act concurrently as the chairman of NNPC board even while the appointment of the person he delegated powers to is still valid.

‘’The affairs of the Corporation shall, subject to Part II of this Act, be conducted by a Board of Directors of the Corporation which shall consist of a Chairman…

‘’The Chairman shall be a Minister in the Government of 1979 No. 44 the Federation to be known and styled as the Minister of Petroleum Resources….

‘’There may be appointed by the President an Alternate Chairman who may, pursuant to any general or special delegation given in that behalf by the Minister exercise the powers conferred upon the Minister or Chairman under this Act: Provided that nothing in the foregoing shall be construed as preventing the exercise by the Minister himself of any power so delegated.’’

In other words, even when the minister of petroleum (Mr. Buhari) delegates his power as board chairman to someone else (Mr. Kachikwu), the former can still continue to play his role as board chairman.

This appears to be the root of the ongoing crisis.

Based on the statements by Messrs. Kachikwu and Baru, as well as inside information obtained by PREMIUM TIMES, Mr. Buhari was dealing with Mr. Baru without regards for Mr. Kachikwu, the person he had delegated powers to.

This was confirmed by Mr. Baru in his statement on Monday. The NNPC chief said he received approval from the president, and Mr. Kachikwu had no role to play in NNPC’s affairs.

In his memo to Mr. Buhari, Mr. Kachikwu stated that when Mr. Buhari was unwell in London for several months between May and August, Mr. Baru tried to get direct approval from Vice President Yemi Osinbajo — who was acting president at the time — for some personnel changes at the NNPC.

But Mr. Osinbajo asked Mr. Baru to go back to Mr. Kachikwu and get his input and approval first before making the changes.

Mr. Baru refused to consult Mr. Kachikwu on that.

For weeks, the changes were not made, until Mr. Buhari returned on August 19. By August 29, Mr. Baru announced the changes.

This prompted Mr. Kachikwu’s letter to the president on August 30, complaining that he learnt of the development in the media.

Sources at the presidency corroborated Mr. Kachikwu’s claim that Mr. Osinbajo rebuffed Mr. Baru’s attempts to get presidential approval behind Mr. Kachikwu.

Neither the vice president’s office nor Mr. Baru also denied that claim by Mr. Kachikwu.

In other words, while the vice president, a law professor, saw the need for the NNPC board and its chairman to be consulted before such crucial decisions are made, the president did not.

Mr. Buhari’s role in the crisis was also highlighted by Daily Trust newspaper in its editorial on Sunday. The paper raised several questions about the clash between Messrs. Kachikwu and Baru and observed that the president is responsible for the crisis.

“The question that must be answered is, did the president approve either the staff changes or the contract awards or both knowing full well that the board did not see them, or was he misled on the issue? If he approved them, was he advised on the correct procedure, assuming what Kachikwu said is correct?

“After all, Buhari himself constituted the NNPC board so there is no reason why he should sideline it or usurp its powers. On the other hand, if it is found that Kachikwu’s allegations against the GMD or the president’s aides are not true, then he has no business continuing to be in the cabinet. Baru too became NNPC’s GMD with a reputation for ability, experience and uprightness so no one should rush to judgement until the full facts are in.

“We believe that this unbelievable level of bad blood, rivalry and blatant non-cooperation between the top heads of the oil industry was partly due to the clumsy leadership arrangement instituted by the Buhari administration in the last two years,” the national daily said.

The paper advised the president to relinquish his position as the substantive Minister of Petroleum; a view also shared by the human rights lawyer, Femi Falana.

“Back in 2015 we urged Buhari not to make himself Minister of Petroleum.

“Even though it is his prerogative to do so, he needs not hold on to a post that he held nearly 40 years ago. If he had found a capable and trustworthy person and entrusted him or her with the full powers, the minister might have been able to exercise full supervision over NNPC. Kachikwu, who was brought in from the private sector, was initially touted as that magic player. If he is not, it is not too late to find the right person,” the paper said.

Yet the NNPC is not isolated in matters of insubordination that Mr. Buhari has so far failed to address.

In July, Usman Yusuf, the suspended executive secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme engaged the Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole, in a tussle over supremacy.

A few days before then, Attorney-General Abubakar Malami had an open dispute with the acting chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, with Mr. Malami accusing Mr. Magu of failing to report to him as required by extant EFCC regulations.


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  • Fantastico2000

    Premium Times Editor,

    What else to expect from a Primary Six certificate President?

    It is a tragedy that the direct effect of electing Muhamadu Buhari as president of Nigeria is this wholesale
    stealing of Nigeria’s crude oil assets and widespread illiteracy in public administration of Nigeria. Never has
    anyone employed by a corporation who, whilst still in employment, sat in judgment over the Board of Directors
    of that corporation, and declared that the Board of Directors has no right or power to run the affairs of the
    corporation according to his say-so.

    This is what Alhaji Baru, the Group Mnaging Director of NNPC has just done in his own words. But since President Muhamadu Buhari is himself half-educated and often derided as a Primary Six certificate president, Buhari does not
    see the gross insubordination and gross misconduct of Alhaji Baru which gets refracted on Buhari’s tribal lens to look normal, as Hausa/Fulani born to rule benighted mentality. Muhamadu Buhari is the cause of what’s been going terribly
    wrong with Nigeria since the year 2015, as the country fell into recession before now swirling into chaos.

  • Agba

    Nigerian should go listen to BABANGIDA coup d’etat speech that kick Buhari out of power in 1984.Buhari never change with NEPOTISM,crisis here and there like 1983/84.

  • persona

    Buhari as a former soldier, understands command and control. He understands the principle of Obey before you complain.
    Baru BLATANTLY ignored the acting president and his direct boss because he saw them as unworthy and that is a break from the chain of command. Buhari should under no guise punish Baru and every person involved such as Kyari who as a board member should have ensured that transparency is the objective as the eye and ears of the president.
    Kyari on the one hand, blocked Ibe and on the other fast tracks Baru getting “approvals” that should have happened at a board meeting not just with the “chairman” signing off.
    For the sake of probity, Buhari should ask for minutes of the meeting wherein the list brought to him were discussed and thus indicated it needed his approval because he was away even though he had delegated his powers to Ibe.
    The failure to do this will tarnish whatever is left of Buhari and he should likewise realize that he is skating on thin ice already across the nation with his non responsive attitude wherein his supporters within the cabinet are beginning to find difficult to defend.


    Dear Leaders,

    Get your act together

    Thank you

    From- Fed up Nigerians.

  • Mercy_JAA

    The President (Buhari) is more of a problem to Nigeria than solution. Please can anyone tell me how Nigerians lives had been made better since 2015. Yes, PDP-Jomathan failed, but Buhari is making things worst. Yes, Buhari is not corrupt, but where is the result of a better life. Buhari’s style is destroying Nigeria. He should take responsibilities for all that has happened in Nigeria since 2015. Now, to the main issue, Buhari is responsible for the Kachikwu-Baru crisis the same he is responsible for Fulani herdsmen, Niger Delta, and IPOB crisis. And there is still more to come because he is not a good leader.

  • emmanuel

    Buhari learnt his skills in 1978 when he first encountered Oil money and he stole $2.8 billion, followed by PTF. He did not need anyone to tell him that the time for mega stealing has finally come.
    First, he took over Petroleum Ministry, recalled a retired Perm Sec of FCT to service to man the door for him while he steals, so that she would signal him when any one approcahes (know the style?), then got Baru barawo to close down Nigeria via Oil money mega looting. The last of it, is to remove anyone from the other part of the country from NNPC leadership sp the stealing can go the way he likes
    In 1978 it was $2.8 billion, and in 2017 it is 1,000%
    He wants the DSS, his private estate undertaker to probe both Daru and Kachikwu, that way, his man would indicts the later and the former continue in office.
    How else is a rogue known?
    I thank Tinubu, Jega and Obama for brining unmitigated criminality and evil upon Nigeria!

  • Timothy

    Ok…admitted…there was an error in Buhari’s part and it was done when he was not in his 100% fitness however and obviously there are people who will want to take advantage of his ill state and push certain policies even if its not in Buhari’s favour…now this man has put a dent on Buhari’s credibility as far as we know its either we revert to a more civilised way of doing things in the NNPC where board approvals are sought first before an award is given…or any appointment whatsoever is made…Osibanjo was correct to redirect him to the chain of command and now fingers are pointing back at Buhari…how this plays out is important for his integrity and those of us who vehemently support him no matter what…but still require him to do the right thing……I know those who dont like him will have a blast at this…enjoy…score one for the haters

  • Watch man

    The mere fact that Baru snubbed the Acting President and refused to heed his directive is enough insubordination to reprimand him sternly. Osinbajo was sitting in for PMB and was therefore the president at that time. Why would Baru not obey his directive? Why would he wait until PMB was back and then he took the same issue he was advised on what to do to PMB? If PMB had not created this lacuna the complaint from Kachikwu would not have arisen.

    • realist

      This has finally exposed Buhari weakness – unintelligent and ethnic bigot, who is solely promoting a northern agenda.

    • Dele Awogbeoba

      No snub to Osinbajo occurred as Baru merely postponed any changes to personnel until Buhari returned to approve them.

      • Watch man

        PMB transmitted his constitutional authority to Osinbajo and even notified NASS. This means that whatever PMB stood for was exactly what Osinbajo was going to stand for. If PMB was the minister of petroleum resources then Osinbajo took over as minister of petroleum resources from PMB at that material point in time based on the power transmitted to Osinbajo; that was why he became Acting President. At that point, Baru was directed by he who was sitting as the President on what to do. Why would he not obey? Assuming PMB was going to stay another one year away would Baru need to wait until he (PMB) came back even when Nigeria already had someone taking charge of governance in the person of Osinbajo? This is nothing more than arrogance, gross misconduct and insubordination. There was no need to wait for PMB. It simply meant Baru had no regard for authority.

        • Es3

          Dele should come with his ‘simplistic’ (very typical of those still under the depth of Buhari/APC propaganda overdose) answer to your topical or cardinal question of not just snubbing Osinbajo, but a clear case of insubordination on the part of Baru against a well and constitutionally established Acting President of Nigeria!

        • So oju abe niko

          You need to amend the last sentence slightly to: it simply meant Baru had no regard for (southern) authority.

          • Watch man


        • Dele Awogbeoba

          The fact of the matter was Baru suspended is planned changes because any change during the acting period of Osinbajo needed to go through Kachikwu. Once Buhari was back , Buhari had no such restrictions and he approved the changes made by Baru.

      • Maria Darego

        It just blows my mind that you don’t see anything wrong with this picture because you are focusing on the personalities! Why should a President (even in his Capacity as Minister) sit down with the head of a Parastatal (GMD of NNPC) to grant approvals without the input or knowledge of the Minister of State ( who the President has delegated day to day management powers of the Ministry to). If we are to believe this write-up, the VP saw what was wrong with this picture and Mr Buhari does not! The truth is that everybody at the top in the Federal Government knows that it is a very big mountain climb to explain things to Mr. Buhari in English. Go and ask Emefiele or Kemi Adeosun or Udoma Udoma. Or go and ask the VP himself. Mr Buhari only seems to understand explanations in his native language.

        • Watch man

          You may not be far from the truth as regards explanation of things in PMB’s native language.

        • Dele Awogbeoba

          VP is deputy to Buhari and was a temporary Acting President. Buhari is the ultimate Boss and the substantive minister of Petroleum. He can see the GMD directly just as he saw Kachikwu directly when Kachikwu was the GMD of NNPC.

  • Patriotic Nigerian

    The story has begin to change from allegation of corruption to that of nepotism. When Buhari appointed Kachikwu as both GMD and Minister you were all silent. Kachikwu saw the seed of rivalry in the oil sector when he was GMD. He put in place the practice of nepotism not knowing that it will soon back fire. How would he expect absolute loyality from the person he humiliated by demoting him from
    ED to a mere technical assisstant without any jusfiable reason? When he was doing his unilateral appointment no one complained. So why now? After all Baru’s action does not contravene the provisions of the provision of NNPC act. No one has yet prove that he acted against the law. What premium times and social media critics are concern about is his disobedience to Kachikwu who is a mere appointee like him, who initial saw the seed of discord while manning the dual position of minister and GMD. Pls leave Baru alone and face other important business of yours. Baru is a man of unquestional character and integrity, not even is enemy can deny that.

    • Absolutely Sane

      You have done justice to the whole publication. Any other comment is either going to be tribally or religiously sentimental. Respect bro!

    • Gary

      As usual, your recourse to sectionalism or malfeasance by the Buhari regime is “Jonathan did the same thing”. In the NNPC version it is now “Kachikwu did the same thing”.
      That is the BMC’s all-purpose excuse for the excesses of a government Nigerians voted into office on a pledge to “Change” things from what Jonathan and the PDP did to Nigeria.

      You now want Nigerians to accept the Northernization of the top echelons of the NNPC because Kachikwu “demoted” Baru.
      And I guess once made GMD, it was okay for Baru to make the awarding of $25 billion contracts strictly a Northern affair by consulting only his in-house Northern Tenders Board and of course the consent of Buhari, Northern President and substantive Petroleum Minister.

      This is how you folks want to take charge of a resource found in the South largely for the benefit of the North by a government that was elected by the whole country. Yet you preach national unity and use the Army to kill and intimidate sections of the country that dare question the oppressive structure of Nigeria that Buhari has emplaned since gullible Nigerians voted to make uneducated Islamist President of the country.
      Continue, the elections of 2019 will make or break Nigeria as we know it.

      • So oju abe niko

        Was just about to upvote this until the last sentence. Why can’t some of you make good points without destroying the essence with your silliness.

      • Truth Konveyor

        Election of a president of a country also entails entrusting him with the management of the entire country’s resources. Both Kachikwu and Baru should be working according to Buhari’s dictates. If you don’t like how Buhari manages Nigerian resources put in his hands you can mobilise against him in 2019 and vote him out.
        Any other sentiment you are whipping up is a waste of time.

        • emmanuel

          There is room for impeachment. Nigeria is the only country that wait for four years to end before a bad leadership can be changed. Four years from the span of a man’s life is a lot and losses for four years in Buhari’s bad and evil governance is an equivalent twelve geometric years of wanton destruction
          There can be civil disobedience to force useless leaders like this one out of office.

          • Truth Konveyor

            You sound like someone far away from Nigeria. If Jonathan who desecrated and left this country desolate was not impeached how on earth can the messiah, Buhari, be impeached? Impeached for what?
            Buhari is Nigeria’s blessing. He needs a second term to finish all his good works for the nation.

          • emmanuel

            You still live in Tinubu barrage of lies? As at today, the TSA has been badly violated and plundered.
            At Jonathan’s exit the price of Crude Oil was $average $28.oo per barrel. This has been $50.00 plus in close to two years, yet only N430 billion of capital vote has been released in October.
            Mind you, if the currency was devalued by 90%, the implication is that only about N215 billion has been reales in intrinsic terms.
            This is outside the fact that more FOREX has been earned from Oil.
            Onolememhen was everywhere patching, fixing and building road, while this demonic government has been happy our roads are now borrow pit, mines sites and rivers.
            What is the monies used for? Are you only commenting so as to be heard or serious about your comments?
            Every man in Nigeria had life until Jonathan left, but today, there is no person who is not in pains. So which is desecration?
            Please drop this your Tinubu lies brain, which he too has long set aside, except for the remnants of his followers like you!

          • Truth Konveyor

            Please save your breathe because Buhari has come to stay. No matter how much propaganda, hate and lies you spew against Buhari, we in the majority still adore and love him. No matter how you want to rewrite Nigeria history to favour Jonathan, we know the cries of anger and sufferings that made us disgrace him out of office.
            We have never been more proud of our votes. We understand the destruction Buhari inherited. We are so happy for the way he has fared so far and we are eagerly awaiting to reward him in 2019.
            We have not forgotten that you did the same thing – lies, propaganda, insults, etc – against him in 2015 yet we voted for him. You may think you are in the majority because you make more noises but when 2019 comes Buhari’s reelection will shock you again. If you can’t live with that you can get drowned in the River Niger and permanently save yourself the anguish and emotional trauma that go with hatred and bigotry.

    • Es3

      Any evidence that Kachukwu demoted Baru when he NNPC GMD without proper procedures and approvals, or just another beer parlour talk?!

      • emmanuel

        Beat Parlour stories. They engaged in in such games between 2013 and 2015. That landed Nigeria into this present crises.
        These are the kind of lies they will tell about Kachikwu in the next couple of days, to take attention away from Baru’s frauds.

    • emmanuel

      You seem to know nothing about corporate governance and Nigeria constitution. James Ngilari went to jail temorarily, Bode George was in jail, Tompolo’s contracts cancelled inspite of the fact that they went throught due process.
      In Daru’s case, it is gross misconduct, theft, Nepotism, breach of due process, abuse of office and putting igeria economy at grave risk.
      Insubordination is not our business. They can contend with that among himself, Buhari, Daru and NNPC Board. Insubordination in corporate leadership lead to dismissal

    • Owejah

      I beg to disagree sir! To say everything Baru and Buhari did was perfect is to ignore corporate governance principles and stand the truth on its head.

  • odika don

    you people wanted change and you,ve,d got it so. stop complainning. stick with your primary school certificate president because that what you duys voted for

    • Es3

      Primary School Certificate ke?
      Na NEPA bill ni!

      • emmanuel

        Nepa bill would have been better. A smart Lawyer can argue that out. In this case, it was an Oluwole paper given to him by Jagaban. Where the printer added Photograph which should not have been there. Same was full of discrepancies and the presenter was not literate enough to know.
        Buhari’s state of mind and intellect is like the one who copied from his mate in examination hall and copied both registration number and and answer!
        The man who never knew that Germany had been long unified as at 2015, has only Tuwo masa, Islam and cattle breeding in his brain

        • Owejah

          Emma, take time! Don’t bring Jagaban into this fray if you don’t want to receive punches in your face! The man snatched your wife? Can’t you see that the Jagaban himself is already getting pissed off with the inefficiency pervading the system? If you no liv am you go get monkey pox o!

          • Ashibogu

            They have sidelined the Lion of Bourdillon. The man just dey sit down look them.

          • emmanuel

            Ashibogu, your Kube don clear? You don forget the time when we dey quarrel for this place? Una Buhari is doing well.
            Person wen Kube, if he nor see food chop, na kolo don begin be dat. Make you make sure say Buhari let you see food o.
            Country don spoil finish, real yawah don gas.

          • Ashibogu

            Oh Boy! I no dey kube o! Kube na dangerous thing o! Snake chop kube for kube farm, crash so tey dem carry am go house only to wake up three days later. By dat timedem don remove all im teeth. Anyway, Ogadinma( It shall be well). Na im keep Chinedu for Lagos despite no market. Make I go drink tea. Make you hold your side while I hold mine.

        • Es3

          A NEPA bill school certificate with a stamped passport photograph of a 74 years old man!!!

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      With your syntax and punctuation, i doubt if you even have that primary school certificate. Olodo

      • Daniel

        Can you defend Buhari instead of talking about syntax?

        When it is about Jonathan you develop adrenalin and vilify him.

        You also have Aso Rock Clinic in view too.

        Buhari is a certified corrupted fellow.

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          The crux of his post was about Buhari’s certificate, hence my response. Meanwhile, I have no wish of defending Buhari in his blunders, I’m not dogmatic in my support or lack of it for any politician, I’m only a lover of truth

          • AFRICANER

            You are not just dogmatic, you are a dog!

          • emmanuel

            Which ttruth are you supporting here?
            You only changed your moniker and jumped in the fray, just to show your loyalty to a band of useless leadership.
            Aso Villa Clinic: No Drugs and no syringe. This was first rvealed in March 2017, before the Presidents wife mentioned it last weekend.
            How else can a woman indict her husband? The woman just want the man to come home, take care of himself and leave people with brain to lead.

          • Daniel

            This is not a blunder. Do not attempt to dilute anything this government is doing wrong.

            We elected Buhari to act differently from the past.

            So, Buhari is simply corrupt and incompetent.

        • emmanuel

          Why should foreign investors come to a country where the Clinic that treats the President and Presidency staff do not have syringes or basic drugs? Not even Abacha’s government descended this low. Somalia; as that country is today could not have been so debased.
          Only bastards can defend this demonic government that has set Nigeria backward in 100 years.
          They are Id*ots, usel*ss and scoundrels who are ill in their reasoning.
          Aisha Buhari has deliberately called Nigerians to the task of removing her husband from office, because he is an embarrassment.
          Unfortunately, we have ignored her strategies.

          • Daniel

            It has become a bizarre show of shame of this government.

            They can no more apply commonsense.

      • emmanuel

        Muric man, Your comment is reversed and should be properly ordered.
        Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
        Do you know the implication of beginning your sentence with ‘with’? You converted your statement directly from Yoruba to English,

  • Gary

    Let’s cut through the chase and summarize what’s going on.

    To wit, Buhari is running a Northern government and his Northern appointees at all levels of government, from Abba Kyari in the kitchen cabinet to the Northern Ministers, Service and Security Chiefs, heads of parastatals like Maikantu Baru and the insolent NHIS guy, are unwilling to be subordinate to any Southerner places above them; whether he’s the Vice President like Yemi Osinbajo or ordinary junior Minister like Ibe Kachikwu, who’s also of the much-hated (for killing Sardauna) “Ibo” tribe.

    That folks, is the concise and unvarnished truth of the underlying philosophy of the Buhari government.
    Dovetails with The Wahabbi Islam doctrine that a true Moslem cannot submit to the authority of an Infidel. Just like the Sultan of Sokoto cannot belong to any body that he does not head. They are thus trying to project him to the nation and the world as the foremost traditional ruler in Nigeria.
    You cannot belong to the OIC unless your country is predominantly Islamic do these things are necessary to be emplaced to maintain Nigeria’s membership.

    They and the compromised Nigerian Press will not tell you these truths. I just did.

    • emmanuel

      In Nigeria today, over ninety percent of DGs and Perm Sects are Buharis tribes men and they say some thing is hate speech. In fact, Buhari is hate evil that must be jailed. He is an unrepentant evil man who portends danger for Nigeria.
      He does not care if Nigeria collapse, yet they are afraid of getting Rwanda treatment, which i am so certain Nigeria will not escape at this rate.


      A whopping $26 Billion Dollars could build many world class hospitals in every state capital, repair all roads, construct many dams and bridges, train scores of astronauts, doctors, engineers, promote tourism, settle many ethnic tensions, develop parks, pay past salaries for every single government worker, train nurses, mechanics, free secondary and tertiary education scholarships and so on…

      Yet, most Nigerians do not even grasp the enormity of this money. The discussion should not just center on insubordination, or ethnic jingoism, but on theft of petroleum resources by wayo contracting. This should be an outrage!

      • wode

        I think you need to have a better understanding of the real issue, not the headlines nor sensationalism.

        • AFRICANER

          When there’s an allegation, as we’ve seen with Buhari’s perceived enemies, the suspects are arrested, and taken to court where they then defend themselves. That should be standard for everyone, equal justice under the law demands it, the accused here, Buhari and Baru should go to court to clear their names; they must not keep ‘vindicating’ themselves on the pages of newspapers, and on social media.

          Their enemies do so in courts, so should they, so that they can be cross-examined, and their claims subject to evidentiary hearings and so forth.

      • Gary

        Sorry, nothing new here. They are just trying to practically milk Nigeria’s cash cow to death before oil loses its value in the world market. Hence the awarding of multi-billion contracts, exploration in the North, building a trans-Sahara oil and gas pipeline, devote billions to agriculture in the North and squeezing multinationals behind the scene to contribute to a special fund for the Northeast (above the VAT-funded PINE fund passed into law). Only corporations willing to play ball qualify to get NNPC contracts under Baru.
        Again, you are getting alarmed only because of the huge commitment within such a short time frame. They are doing to the NNPC, same thing they did with Nigeria Airways, the Nigerian National Shipping Line, NEPA, NITEL, the Steel Rolling Mills, the River Basin Commissions, etc.
        They lack managerial acumen but use the levers of power and a sense of entitlement to run money-making agencies into collapse.
        Don’t worry, our Fulani brethren will be ready to restructure Nigeria once their strategic goals of self-sufficiency is achieved. Maikanti Baru is the arrowhead of the plan, so he ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. Sorry, Mr. Kachikwu, that’s the plain truth.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Gary, i have too much respect for you than this gibberish. I agree with you that Buhari is turning out to be a total disappointment, his religion has nothing to do with it.
      Was Obasanjo who set the precedent of appointing himself the Petroleum minister a Wahhabi Muslim too? Please, kindly withdraw this post in the spirit of fairness , you are too matured for it

      • emmanuel

        You are asking for friday free worship day. Currently, Muslim public holiday is a total of fourteen days in a year; for doing nothing and that is not insensitivity to you.
        Meanwhile, you spend those days boozing and engaging in using the human part collected during your fast for charms.
        Imagine an animal say he kept the body parts of the lady they killed for ritual until he finishes fasting so he can make charms with it and that is the kind of thing you want extra days for?
        Should you not be concerned about Aso Clinic or humongous contract which the Minister ought to bring to FEC for approval, but were handed out by the crooked GMD?
        What has Islam brought to Nigeria outside sorrow tears and blood? I know you are Buhari’s tribesman, so you can support his inefficiencies and callous leadership

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          Run to mummy for your meds, you need them now

          • emmanuel

            Mummy does not know where to get gum for inhaling and she does not have pit latrine to also inhale, so pass some to me.
            I understand you have stock of the chemical used for embalming corpses in place of śépé. I need some jare. Bodi don low, Buhari don weaken me, make i high small. If you get monkey tail, i nor mind. But make Monkey pox nor catch me.
            Yeye fowl, na who go give you your own, which can only be administered at Aro or Yaba left or Uselu?

      • Gary

        Sorry, the duck rule applies here. If it looks, walks and quacks like a duck, it is a duck.
        Please feel free to rebut my assertions with counter-evidence. OBJ made himself Oil Minister principally to enrich himself ( his brother inlaw Abebe brought Statoil to Nigeria) and some Yoruba Young Turks in the oil marketing sector through the Fuel Subsidy regime.
        Now to Buhari, please situate the massacre of the Shiites, shortly after he tried to unilaterally join Nigeria into the proposed Saudi-led initiative to counter Iran. After the massacre, the first international conference hosted by Buhari was a meeting of Sunni Islamic nations, right there in Abuja. While Nigerians were distracted with existential issues as the economy crashed into recession.
        If you think the hardship of security and strategic MODs is happenstance, please research the requirements for membership of the OIC. Jonathan, in his futile bid to win Islamic votes, already set the precedent by attending an OIC summit.
        Buhari’s commitment to fundamentalist Islam predates his presidency and even Stevie Wonder knows it. Only those Nigerians under 35 see learning that now.
        Again, this is a public forum so feel free to present a counter/narrative to explain Buhari’s worldview and public policy since he and Northern junior officers killed Aguiyi-Ironsi on July 29. 1966. We will all learn from it.

    • wode

      It’s most unfortunate that most of you cannot comment without going sectional or explore fault lines to further your claims even if they lack credibility.

      Why have you chosen to only see things just the way you want to see it and not the way they exactly are or seem to be?
      Why are you failing to ask the right questions as to what went wrong?
      Was it not the same Kachikwu, among the very few set of people appointed by this government, that was made the GMD of NNPC? He was subsequently made the HMSPR while still holding the first position reporting directly to the President? Where was the allegation of nepotism when this was happening? The question that we have failed to ask is what could have lead to the crack in the level of trust that was given to Dr Kachikwu? I believe that there are some undoings of Kachikwu which has made him to lose the trust. It’s obvious that the President is still protecting him by not exposing some of his fraudulent activities to the public.

      • emmanuel

        The simple reason you already know. Over ninety percent of those who head both pubic and civil service today are Buharis tribesmen, which is divisive and have no place in modern history, except that it leads to eventual violence and ethnic wars.
        People are afraid of a repeat of wars, but are engaged in acts of wars that caused wars across the world in different countries.

    • The_Voice

      Everything Buhari & his people are doing is based on the principle of ‘state capture’.

  • Daniel

    The man Buhari is very cunning, but by half.

    We are only in the early days of the expose that abound in this government.

    Very corrupt!

  • Mentus

    You nailed it Gary

  • Ola

    I just feel for Nigerians , we are not serious people when it comes to doing the right thing for all.

    Every time an attempt is made to privatize NNPC and even our Refineries, it is this same people that will protest and cry
    “you cannot sell our commonwealth” . The labour unions are notorious for this and that is why the rot in the system will forever hunt us.

    This rot is an Institutional problem. If Buhari leaves office today and another President is elected , the problem will still be there. Pass the PIB bill or sell of the rotten NNPC.

    • emmanuel

      Why has the PIB been perpetually held down? It is ethnic issues and that is Nigeria problem.
      The problem of this country is not corruption, but ethnic loyalty as opposed to National patriotism, which cannot not end, especially with what has happened in this government.
      We know ethnic groups who only make their people traditional rulers following wanton looting from the federal level of governance. So the most important qualification is ” must be a certified thief of federal monies”. Sanusi added more to the feather, must be a serial adulterer who sleep with other persons wife.

    • Gary

      Why not ask why the PIB was not passed? Because the Northern legislators voted as a bloc to pass it over the proposal to reserve a measly ten percent of oil receipts to the producing communities.
      Farmers all over Nigeria, subsidize with oil money for loans and fertilizer, get to keep one hundred percent of their produce but when it comes to Oil, letting the owners keep ten percent of the resource is a non-starter.
      And you call that justice? Please take a trip to Ogoniland and see what oil exploration has done to their environment. And Justice Ibrahim Auta sentenced Ken Saro-Wiwa and his eight comrades to death for daring to protest. Colonel Alli, Buhari’s current Customs Chief, presided over the hanging in Port Harcourt.
      After which, the Abacha regime ordered civil servants to carry placards round the city in support of the hanging of their kinsman.
      Refute the facts outlined above.

      • Ndidi

        Not only can I not go to Ogoniland, I can’t even bear to watch footage of the place on TV. A huge crime has been perpetrated on the Ogoni people and on all those indigenes of oil producing areas. Niger Deltans shouldn’t put up with this high handed injustice.

    • Ndidi

      PIB is now obsolete since the world has left the fossil fuel era behind. The PIB began in 2000, when things were different. The only thing that will work is if the oil producing areas had control over their resources. Every LGA should generate its own revenue and every Zone should have resource control and self-determination.

      • Akiika

        How about we audit what the ND zone have been doing with the allocations and extra 13% derivative fund they have been receiving from FG? What will change when they control their resources? Will the politicians suddenly turn born-again and start being prudent, ethical and incorruptible? if each hamlet controls its resources, we will still remain in this quagmire. Our problems are with our institutions, if the judiciary and legislative arms don’t make corruption punitive and unattractive, then we will be doomed forever. We the people need to ensure competent and moral individuals only are allowed in the corridors of power. Our present identity politics mindset will keep looters in power perpetually and the country farther from any progressive development. There is definitely need for restructuring, the present arrangement is skewed.

  • thusspokez

    Yet the NNPC is not isolated in matters of insubordination that Mr. Buhari has so far failed to address.

    In July, Usman Yusuf, the suspended executive secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme engaged the Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole, in a tussle over supremacy.

    A few days before then, Attorney-General Abubakar Malami had an open dispute with the acting chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu…

    Given the records of Nigerian heads of state from the north, I have argued many a time that perhaps northern leaders are not equipped enough to run a country.

    Maybe drawing from their cultures, their style of leadership and management is amateurish and even primitive and akin to running traditional Hausa/Fulani villages. It is quite different from the styles of management of southern heads of state. But even in running a village, one is obliged to obey traditions and customs or in the higher sense, the village’s constitution, law and due process.

    The northern leadership don’t have any respect neither for the constitution nor the law nor due process nor the civil service . They run governments as Hausa or Fulani traditional village heads would run their villages. In other words, the village model is their mental model of Nigeria.

    This rather amateurism in leadership and management style setback Nigeria and is the reason for the high level of mediocrity in the Buhari’s government. Both GEJ and OBJ are far from perfect, but their styles of management were far more modern than Buhari’s. it is a two steps backward in governance after the one step forward of the previous administration.

    Further, if northern leaders do not improve their leadership and management style and skills, but continue to exhibit
    amateurism, confusion, chaos and ineptitude in government, there will eventually come a time when even northern voters would start rejecting them in presidential election — seeing how little or no benefit they get often from amateurish and chaotic northern leadership.

    • So oju abe niko

      This is not politically correct, but it is fairly close to the Nigerian reality. The issue here is competence. Unfortunately, most partisans would not admit that PMB is simply incompetent. He was not a competent manager in his first outing, and he is considerably worse now that he is an old man and without the tool/backing of a military government coercion. Even sticking strictly to the military governments alone, Buhari by far was the worst manager of the bunch, not including Abacha – Abacha ruled in a period of crisis, so it very difficult to evaluate him fairly.

      On a second thought, perhaps this is only just a Buhari thing or a Katsina thing – Yardua equally stunk in the short time that he was in the saddle. In contrast, Mr Shagari was a decent administrator, even though he presided over a very corrupt government. Mr Shagari is an example of why personal intergrity alone is not the sole qualification to run a government.

      • Ndidi

        I had been hearing that Idiagbon was the real power at the time of Buhari’s first showing and that it was Idiagbon’s strength of character that got things moving. Now that I have seen Buhari’s style, I realise that what people had been saying regarding Idiagbon is likely correct. Buhari is a mistake, so too was GEJ. We should have voted in one of the smaller newer parties. Shame that under Buhari there has been no change. Just the usual corruption, tribalism, injustice and no plans for the country.

  • thusspokez


    There is only one institution that could put an end to this confusion; and that is the National Assembly, and yet not much is heard from the Senate or the house.

    The NASS could amend the NNPC Act to have the NNPC report to the Minister of State or Minister of Petroleum. NASS could also amend the Nigerian constitution to strip the President from, in addition to his job, holding any ministerial position. Job done!

    • Gary

      Thank you. But guess who enjoys a skewed majority in the Assembly and this wield a veto over any legislation they oppose?
      Ding Ding!!

      • Jon

        Here is the solution:

        Southern Nigeria knows 100% that Buhari and his parasitic Northern Nigeria cannot survive without Southern Nigeria. So, why can’t Southern Nigeria use that as a leverage to sound a note warning to the parasitic North to choose one of this: RESTRUCTURE or De-amalgamation. This restructuring thing needs be done real quick before Buhar, Baru and their parasitic North steal Southern oil revenue dry.

  • Jon

    Buhari is a thief. He has a history of stealing oil revenues from 1977 to date.

  • Hah!

    So what the fuss about? This brouhaha has made me to never again take side on issues until I see or had the to sides of any conflict. it is indeed very unfortunate for some literate personalities to be behaving like Fayose. very bad indeed.

  • Jon

    Buhari is a thief and a killer and if tried and convicted, should face Saddam Hussein treatment.

    • Akiika

      Freedom of speech does not imply freedom of insanity. What did he steal and whom did he kill?

  • MilitaryPolice01

    In 2019, Nigerians must endeavor not to make this mistake again. Since it is not in doubt that the north is producing the next candidate, my plea to our northern brothers is to commence immediate search amongst themselves for a citizen that is detribalised, responsive, sharp with good intuition, a gifted leader with the ability to communicate and think literately, see Nigeria first in all his or her decisions. Nigeria cannot manage another 4 years like this.

    • Ndidi

      Even in 2019, without Restructuring, Nigeria will remain fully corrupt and a full failure. We should put Restructuring ahead of any 2019 elections. We all know that 57 years have shown us that Nigeria as it stands, is NOT WORKING. So let’s be honest about it and Restructure (or else split up).

      • MilitaryPolice01

        I think Good Governance should be our priority as a nation. Without good governance, restructuring once done will amount to the same failed structure. Don’t forget that at some point in our recent history we were told that the creation of more States and Local Governments was the best solution to the Country’s problem. If you look at it critically you will see that lack of good governance is central to all the woes facing us as a nation be it poverty, agitations, crime, corruption, nepotism, name it.

    • FEMI A USA

      Why North? Are other regions not capable to produce a competent person? This is where the country’s flaws begin. By the way, Nigerians deserve their Buhari. A failed State where an high school person governing the country. The land of crooks.

  • Jon

    Southern Nigeria knows 100% that Buhari and his parasitic Northern Nigeria cannot survive without Southern Nigeria. So, why can’t Southern Nigeria use that as a leverage to sound a note warning to the parasitic North to choose one of this: RESTRUCTURE or De-amalgamation. This restructuring thing needs be done really quick before Buhari, Baru and their parasitic North steal Southern oil revenue dry.

  • Ndidi

    Sad that the man we voted because he claimed he would have a TRANSPARENT presidency has revealed he is just a sham. All this is in order to gather up as much as Niger Delta’s oil money as quickly as possible since the world is no longer in the fossil fuel era. I feel very sad about all this never ending corruption, especially for Niger Delta’s oil producing areas who are being treated with great injustice and unfairness.

    • Akiika

      I have read your comments in the past and i’ll assume you know how wrong it is to throw around unsubstantiated allegations. Do you have evidence for this “All this is in order to gather up as much as Niger Delta’s oil money as quickly as possible since the world is no longer in the fossil fuel era.” This is divisive and inciting bigotry to say the least. Come on, we all agree that this administration has not performed as we had anticipated, but Baru Vs Kachukwu saga has been a case of “he say/she say” allegations. An estimated worth of project was reportedly approved without due process was the allegation, not stolen. As low as i still score this administration, i think they are still struggling towards the right direction, a stark departure from the wholesale looting of the past administration. I respect your opinion but i expected it to be factual.

    • JB

      A good way to ensure empathy and fairness to the Niger Delta cause is to require that all NNPC leaders spend six months in a year in the communities where oil is produced. They are not to stay at any NNPC or Shell camp; they should live with regular folks in the same community to experience life from the perspective of people who live in those communities. Such a law should make community residency a requirement for the petroleum minister and senior NNPC leaders irrespective of their states of origin. That is, perhaps, one of many new approaches required to address the injustice.

  • Bassey Frank

    It has become clear that Buhari’s integrity was over-rated while his incompetence was grossly under-rated.

    • forestgee

      Apt! The reason why this man was rejected 3 times in the past is now clear. To be blunt, he has no integrity.

  • Someone

    bad article.

  • Justice Equity

    The injustice done to the Niger deltans and kachukwu by buhari is too grievous to say the least,kachukwu is from delta state ,one of the topmost oil producing state of Nigeria, buharis and barus states don’t have a drop of oil,why must these guys become pathetically greedy to the point where they usurped Niger delta oil resources and at the same time humiliate the Niger delta sons and daughters as if they are slaves to the Fulani oligarchy.
    Have any Niger delta sons or daughters ever been appointed fct minister or northern river basin authorities head,why must these guys be so heartless.
    I only blame the Niger deltans who allowed themselves to be so maltreated in their own resources. This is one of the reasons why the Hausa Fulani and yorubas will commit suicide anytime they see south south and south east unite because they know that once there is south eastern unity,this rubbish shall come to an abrupt end.monkey dey work baboon dey shop is an error.

  • Arabakpura

    Gen Buhari is a mistake we shouldn’t repeat; except he goes and brings back to life Gen Tunde Idiagbon! It is obvious now that Idiagbon was the miracle worker we thought Buhari was – may God rest his soul!

  • deji 3SC (Up shooting)

    It is a good thing that Baru and Kachikwu are watching over each others shoulder. This will prevent massive looting because one party will blow the whistle of the other one. Their collabo will be to the detriment of Nigerians.
    When Dieziani and Yakubu the former GMD were looting the NNPC dry, there was unholy harmony between them.
    Nigerians should be thankful to Buhari…

    • Gary

      Wow…this is the best comeback for the BMC eRats?

  • Mizch

    Please is President Buhari receiving double salaries (as president and minister) in a country where millions of qualified people are not employed?