N41 billion Akwa Ibom ‘world class’ hospital shut down

The Ibom Specialist Hospital in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. [Photo credit: the Official Blog of THE INK Newspaper - blogger]
The Ibom Specialist Hospital in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. [Photo credit: the Official Blog of THE INK Newspaper - blogger]

The Ibom Specialist Hospital in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, has been shut down, just two years after it was built and commissioned by the administration of former governor Godswill Akpabio.

Almost all the health workers in the hospital were foreigners, mostly from India.

Mr. Akpabio had boasted that the hospital, which he described as ‘world class’, was better equipped and higher in status than university teaching hospitals in Nigeria, and that it was going to promote medical tourism in the country.

The multi-million dollar hospital was shut down in September after its private managers terminated their contract with the state government and withdrew from the facility.

When PREMIUM TIMES visited the hospital on Monday evening, the facility was locked down; apart from the security officials, not a single person was inside its massive buildings.

Visitors were not allowed entry.

Some persons who had worked in the hospital told PREMIUM TIMES that the private managers – Cardiocare Medical Services Ltd – left because of unresolved issues bordering on funding by the state government.

The Commissioner for Health in the state, Dominic Ukpong, confirmed on Wednesday to this newspaper that the hospital has been closed down.

Mr. Ukpong, a medical doctor, admitted that there was a disagreement between the state government and Cardiocare Ltd over the funding of the Ibom Specialist Hospital. But he also accused Cardiocare of poor management of the facility.

“The administration of the hospital, in my opinion, has not been satisfactory,” Mr. Ukpong told PREMIUM TIMES.

“Their excuses have been that government didn’t meet its own part of the obligation. But I am a witness to the huge amount of money the government has given to the service provider to run the hospital. And we haven’t had much to show for it,” the health commissioner said.

He said money was released at various times for the running of the hospital, besides the $5 million start-off fund the state government gave to Cardiocare Ltd.

The hospital could not get its electric power from the power company since it was not connected to the national grid.

Mr. Ukpong said: “Apart from the fact that the state government was giving diesel free to their quarters, I remember that at some point the state government gave N250 million to them (Cardiocare), at their request, which they said they wanted to use to pay salaries.

“As soon as they were given the money they came and said that that was for arrears. They came back for more money.

“The state government has given them N50 million, also on request.

“They asked that the government should be paying them N30 million monthly for them to pay salaries to some consultants, especially the neurosurgeon. We gave them the money.”

Mr. Ukpong said that the former governor, Mr. Akpabio, who is the Senate Minority Leader, intervened around June and mediated in a meeting between the state government and Cardiocare.

Cardiocare, Mr. Ukpong said, did not honour any of the agreement reached at the meeting, among which was that the company should present to the state government a price-list of the services the hospital was rendering.
“You know people were complaining about the high cost of getting medical services there, and we wanted to make sure that our people had access to the medical care offered in the facility,” he said.

Mr. Ukpong said Cardiocare had insisted that they were scaling down the hospital operation because of lack of funds, but that the company refused to present a proposal for it to the government as agreed in the meeting.
The commissioner said the government released N180 million to Cardiocare after the meeting that was mediated by Mr. Akpabio.

“As soon as they collected the money they left,” Mr. Ukpong said.

A medical doctor who used to work in the hospital told PREMIUM TIMES that it struggled for survival because it did not enjoy much patronage from people within and outside Akwa Ibom.

The doctor, who did not want his name mentioned in this report, said Governor Udom Emmanuel and his administration did not care much about how the hospital was faring, adding that the governor never visited or promoted the hospital in order to encourage local patronage.

The doctor said that what may have eventually brought down the hospital was the “huge” resources it spent on the treatment of the victims of the December 2016 Uyo Church building collapse.

“Our hospital was where they brought almost everybody to; even people that were taken to other hospitals still came back to our hospital for treatment,” he said.

“We had up to 80 surgeries or more. We had over a hundred patients at that time.”

He said the state government did not pay for the treatment of the patients until things became really bad for the hospital.

“The governor released money in July, but by that time things were already bad, the surgeons that were making money for the hospital left,” he said.

The health commissioner, Mr. Ukpong, responded to the allegation, saying that the N180 million the state government gave to Cardiocare Ltd was partly meant for the treatment of the victims of the Reigners’ Bible Church collapse.

“They gave me an outrageous bill which I couldn’t agree with as a doctor,” he said.

“They were asking for N294 million for 300 out-patients and about 70-something in-patients.

“The hospital was complaining about money before the church incident. So, let nobody use that incident as an excuse,” he said.

Media reports put the amount at which the Akpabio administration used in setting up the hospital at N30 billion. But the health commissioner, Mr. Ukpong, said it was about N41 billion.

The hospital, which was one of the signature projects of the Akpabio administration, was hurriedly inaugurated in May 2015, few days to the end of the administration, even when the buildings were yet to be completed.

Governor Emmanuel said in June that the hospital was not well-equipped to produce optimum results, an assertion that has been re-echoed by the health commissioner.

“The whole thing wasn’t totally completed. The dialysis section didn’t come through. Three modular theatres were not yet completed. Some of the areas were not completed because the contractors did not have all their money,” said Mr. Ukpong, who revealed that the hospital was running at only 10 per cent of its total capacity.

The commissioner said the agreement between the state government and Cardiocare Ltd was done clearly in favour of the latter, adding that his office, for instance, didn’t have any supervisory role in the entire arrangement.

Also, he said he was not aware that the hospital managers ever paid any money to the state government, despite the agreement stipulating that they would be paying some revenues to the government.

Some patients who had paid medical fees to the hospital before it was shut down, unfortunately, became stranded when they were later prevented from entering the facility.

Inih Ebong, a former lecturer in the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, was among the patients that were stuck after paying money to the hospital for a check-up.

Mr. Ebong had paid N30,000 for an abdominal scan – Barium enema – recommended by the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, UUTH, which referred him to the hospital.

The health workers at the Ibom Specialist Hospital, on three different days, kept asking Mr. Ebong to come back for a scan even when they must have known that the hospital was about being shut down. They told him at some point that they could not conduct the scan because of equipment breakdown.

Mr. Ebong till date has not been able to do the scan or get a refund from the hospital.

“And this was a scan that required you to stay without eating any food for at least two days before it,” Mr. Ebong said.

“In addition to that, they had prescribed a laxative for me to take, two tablets in the morning and another two in the evening. Then on the third day, the day for the scan proper, I was told to have an enema to clear whatever food particle may have remained in my digestive system,” he said, adding that he took a total of 24 tablets of the laxative and got fed up with it.

Mr. Ebong said he repeated the process of emptying his bowel thrice in less than one month, on the doctor’s advice, while waiting for the hospital to call him in for the scan.

When he telephoned the hospital on September 21, instead of being told to come in for a scan, he was informed that the facility had been shut down, Mr. Ebong told PREMIUM TIMES.

“The radiologist that picked up my call told me that there was no point coming to the hospital as the security guard won’t let me into the hospital premises,” he said.

The health commissioner, Mr. Ukpong, said for now nobody could say when the hospital would re-open.
The state government, he said, was talking with investors from Dubai and Canada.

Apart from this, the commissioner said the government was doing its best to maintain the hi-tech equipment in the hospital.

“I feel upset that it has come to this, but I also feel relieved that a poor administration has left,” Mr. Ukpong said.

PREMIUM TIMES could not reach Cardiocare Medical Services Ltd for its reaction.


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  • Wale

    What makes you guys think that those contracted Indian health workers are qualified to do whatever they’re hired to do in the first place, You guys would circumvent anything for the sake of dipping you leprosy hands into government’s purse. There are qualified and topnotch Nigerian professionals scattered all over the world, why not give it a shot and attract them to come home.

    • Josiah

      This is Nigeria and of course Africa where something that’s Nigerian and African is not appreciated.



  • Olu-Lion

    so nigerian trained doctors are not qualified to work in the hospital? at least have a mix if experts are not available. Garki hospital runs on PPP and its working near perfect better than even the national hospital. Please let the governor put this facility into proper use by partnering with reputable hospitals in nigeria.

  • Debaptist

    Inability to separate politics from provision of basic health services to the people. World class hospital, billions of Naira wasted because nobody thought about the sustainability of that massive edifice, the only consideration was for people to clap hands for Obong owo. Now imagine what that money would have accomplished if channelled to prop up the various General Hospitals in the state. I wept the last time I saw the hospital I was born in Ikot Okoro in the sixties. Shame on our politicians!

    • share Idea

      That the big hospital was built by previous administration shouldn’t be condemned rather I pity Nigerians that want good things but could not pay for it.

      The amount contained in this article as what has been spent to maintain that hospital is just laughable. That the state did not commercialize the hospital and allow them fund for itself is mind-boggling. I expected the state to be funding hospital treatment for very few indigent people of Akwa-Ibom while every other people including special advisers should pay the relevant hospital fee. Nigerians would travel all the way to India and pay huge amount but we have refused to pay a fraction of it so that some semblance of standard can be maintained is quite appalling.

    • Gbola

      2 things jump right at me from this failed project – TARGET AUDIENCE and OPERATING/RECURRING COSTS.

      I wonder if the TARGET AUDIENCE of this project are the Political Elites that fly to Dubai and India each time they have diarrhea OR the common masses in the country.
      I don’t care if it’s a First Class hospital imported from America, our political elites would rather go to a 3rd class hospital in India than patronize a 1st class hospital in Nigeria.

      Secondly, when the business plan for this project was designed, all operating and recurring costs ought to have been captured and provisions made for it in each budget.
      I don’t know why money is the problem except that their sales forcast was based on the supposed Elites they thought would patronize the business. Hence their business plan right from the onset was faulty.

      I’m quite sure there are many poor people in need of the health services this hospital offers but aa they called it FIRST CLASS Hospital, they only serviced the FIRST CLASS PEOPLE.
      Meanwhile its Akwa Ibom state funds (which belongs to ALL Akwa-Ibomites) that was used -but only to cater for the rich.

      These are the sort of rubbish that went on during that shoeless zoologist’s tenure.

      God save Nigeria !!

  • Dr. Inih A. Ebong

    We and the AKS Health Commissioner should be talking about refunding the monies paid by patients for no services rendered by the white elephant hospital. My 30,000.00 Naira was hard earned money, and the Government and its agents should not rip me of it. It is executive fraud to popularize and deceive the public to patronize an edifice or set-up that does not work. Can Government now condemn the public for crying foul and accusing it of ALWAYS lying to the citizens and playing bad politics with their lives and hard-earned savings. PLEASE AKWA IBOM GOVERNMENT, RETURN MY 30,000.00 NAIRA SO THAT I CAN SEEK TREATMENT ELSEWHERE BEFORE CAUSE MY UNTIMELY DEATH!!!

  • Gidi

    This is an example of terrible leadership, poor governance and awful management. I am just short of words and people of Akwa Ibom ought to be angry for failure of leadership. Spent N48 billion on a project and have nothing to show for it.

    During the planning process, no one bother to ask how the hospital will be operated outside government funding? Did Akwa Ibom legislators even border to do basic due diligence or oversight hearing? Did the legislators review the commercial model assumptions before approving N41 billion? This is just a basic question to ask.

    At some point, Nigerians will need to come to terms with the quality of people they elect to represent them. This story just drives me crazy to say the list.

    • victoria

      @Gidi – Thank you for your comment. You hit the nail on the head. This is nothing else than leadership failure on the path of the governor and all the Akwa ibom state legislators. They keep on making wrong decision over and over again.No blame for the Indians they see mumu governor and they grabbed the money they can grab and left. This is sad.

  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    Unless you are being dishonest, most people already knew this project was a ‘white elephant’ in waiting. Please dont act surprised its folded up.

    Well, the money is already invested and the State Government has to make the best of a bad situation.

    They need to ensure government HANDS OFF the entire project and brings in private investors. Government should not see this Hospital as a money making platform but rather an investment to facilitate a social service. The private investors should run the platform as a money making venture but without the burden of repaying the State Government for their investment sunk into the project (building ,equipment, land etc)

    Governments should find a way to connect the hospital to an IPP so they can have constant electricity. It beats me how Government thought they could run this hospital 100% by generator! Crazy! It just shows that there was no business plan supporting the deployment of this project. No way can this run exclusively by diesel/generator!

    As always, no one will be held accountable for this fiasco.

    • thusspokez

      Governments should find a way to connect the hospital to an IPP so they can have constant electricity

      You want government to “HANDS OFF the entire project“, yet you want then to connect the hospital to…?

      The main issue is about hospital administration and management — not whether it is state-owned of private-owned. Most countries in Europe operate a universal health care system or variants of it with some private ownership. I prefer such system to the USA health system.

      Nigeria is not the USA, its people are poor and can’t afford to pay for expensive health care. Funding the health service should come from tax collection. Sadly, Nigerian state governments don’t take this part of their job seriously.

  • Mr Integrity

    I reallly appreciate how Akpabio has executed mega projects in Akwaibom, but our problem in Nigeria is continuity, and most importantly poor planning. How can a hospital in Akwaibom be run by exclusively indians? with their dubious character u know that arrangement will never work, while the current governor handle the hospital affairs with negligence since it was not his project.. this is condemnable

  • Akaninyene Akpan

    If Dr. Ukpong, the Commissioner of Health, was carried along, maybe the Cardiocare Medical Services Ltd would still be here.

  • Abrupt

    I really do not understand why Nigeria still exists as a country. Imagine a president going to receive treatment abroad in a ‘country’ rich with resources and manpower. The clown went for treatment and then again and again for almost 100 days. He would come back and begin to order Army to kill and harass people in Biafra land and occupy Niger Delta with soldiers. He then moves to appoint people to offices and positions here and there. Is that what presidency is all about? Meanwhile he says nothing about building a hospital …and mind you, only one Cancer screening (radio therapy) equipment in in Nigeria somewhere at a private hospital (Eko Hospital) in Ikeja – Lagos. Such is the fate of a country when nonentities and brainless empty heads run affairs just because we allow ethnicity and religion to determine who leads. If Nigeria must move forward, the system of governance MUST change to make governance and leadership inclusive – CONFEDERATION or total disintegration. Or rotational presidency that guarantees that a president from every region will be produced overtime. If not, it will be trouble after trouble.

    It is a shame that a state Government can boast of a world class hospital where the so called federal government has none. PT has never written anything good about this hospital because a PDP state governor built it. Were it an hospital built by APC gov PT would have had nice things to say about it. Bad belle people!

    • Aminu Hammanyero

      Mister President, it’s you that caused all the hospital wahala for A/Ibom. Mae go correct am jeje.

  • JasV

    Although there was a lot of embezzlement in execution of this white elephant project but at least we can see the building and equipment. CURRENT GOVERNOR PLEASE DO NOT LET IT DIE. I BEG YOU IN THE NAME OF CHRIST AND YOUR MOTHER IF YOU HAVE ANY. THANK YOU.

    • ’70

      Current Governor is another product of the thievery rocking the nation!

  • thusspokez

    Almost all the health workers in the hospital were foreigners, mostly from India.

    How did they all get work visa?

  • soulchild

    Indians? Most of them are actually more dubious than Nigerians. They treat Nigerians like second class citizens and probably agreed to give kickback to politicians. They have qualms with giving bribes, kickbacks and kick fronts!!!

  • marc umeh

    This type of inefficiency and colossal loss will continue all over nigeria We have all forgotten about the Ajaokuta Steel Industry. The people responsible for these will still be the movers and shakers in nigeria.
    Power avaliability is the most important requirement for this type of venture. It must be guaranted from inception. Also the State could have sourced employees from all parts of nigeria and then contracted out their training. I suspect they prefer foreign domination to domination by ” others”, if you get my drift.

    • marcos avelino

      No they prefer foreigners so the contract can be highly inflated and also safer to protect the under the table deals. Criminals , I dont here hausa fulani or parasites mentioned !! Dishonest people

      • Aminu Hammanyero

        You are on fire Mister…calm down would you. Lol

      • ’70

        Don’t mind them, thieves…

  • marcos avelino

    Good I have always said all Nigerians are parasites whether the oil hole is in your backyard in Ikot Abasi or a thousand kilometers away in Bama. Its all piggy backing on international oil companies who draw a black liquid send it to their countries and give dollars to lazy Nigerians to buy BMW’s from Germany or match sticks from India for more than fifty years. This state that receives the highest FAAC allocation cannot even manage a second class hospital !

  • Mufu Ola

    Stereotyped & lazy people have been clamouring for restructuring as if that is only Nigeria’s problem.D real problem is leadership, not restructuring, structuring or restructuring. How can a govt build “world class” hospital & can’t maintain it?

    • marcos avelino

      They want restructuring so they can have more billions to buy jets and more properties in Dubai. Yobe or Zamfara hardly get 20 billion per year – thats half of the hospital price tag. Akpabio might have taken 4 to 5 billion as his ten percent kickback here.

      • kanen

        Evil reasoning

        • marcos avelino

          How is it evil reasoning here? You shout day and night restructuring and you cant even maintain a new hospital just completed. Why build it in the first place if not to skim the fat? Your people are very lazy and are the worst parasites of natures underground oil. non of you or your ancestors put it there , its geography that put it. You are parasites as well

    • kanen

      You are an enemy of progress for talking against restructuring.

  • shola


  • GusO

    A white elephant built just for show! It’s gone the way most Nigerian government projects, including our refineries, Ajaokuta Steel factories, etc., go. Yet, Dangote’s Refinery under construction will prosper. It’s a pity that those who looted billions of dollars of our public funds don’t have business acumen because they could have industrialized Nigeria like Dangote is doing. Instead, they banked the money abroad for foreigners to borrow and build industries for their own people. Eventually, they will loose most of the money because as soon as EFCC identifies the loot, the foreign governments will place conditions on the money, suspending the looter from having further access while the banks can use the money as they please to grant further loans.



    • Aminu Hammanyero

      Are you alright?

      • daddydon2k

        He is Obviously not…

    • ’70

      Another drunk is online… God help us!

      • joe

        Crazeman! Not Drunk.

        • ’70

          Ha ha ha… I just tire for this country…

    • Onye Obosi

      The carcass of the albino coward has been a meal for the vultures. Direct your concern to the bald headed bird.

    • kinsly


  • curseless

    The only way any project will prosper in Nigeria is when we can boast of a sustainable vital infrastructure, and in this instance electricity and water specifically. Akpabio outside of politics and his own cut of the contract have a genuine reason for floating that massive health facilities but he probably never done enough of consultation and feasibility studies. Anyone trying to embark on a serious enterprise in Nigeria must be self sufficient in the area of power generation and water. In fact one must pretend that there is no government support in that area. Nigerians clamouring against privatizing should have a rethinking because like anything else this is an eye opener. The rate at which government at all levels are experiencing failed projects shows that it wasn’t thought through to start with or self interest aborted the execution .

  • Rev

    Will God ever forgive the British people for this massively incredible colonial fraud called Nigeria.

    • Aminu Hammanyero

      This is A/Ibom business and has nothing to do with any state or the FEed. What’s your point Mister?

    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      And what does a state government project have to do with Nigeria?

      • Rev

        How porous can your brain be?
        Don t you see that the Akwa Ibom scenario is a reflection and spectacle of the rippling effect of the going on in the country at large?

        • Timothy

          An Israeli once said blacks never move forward because they blame everyone but themselves. This is a typical example. You were given independence, you were allowed to rule yourself…even to the state level it was all about your own people in power…rather than blame your people you now blame the British…where is the sense there? Did the Bristish say you should divert your funds for yourself and you agreed? Did they say you should never do anything for your people and you agreed? What is the rationale that another man in another country will tell you what to do and commonsense will not tell you NO I want to do whats right for my people and you do it…Rev…we are the architect and authors our predicament…its not federal…go to local govt…communities and see the decay…or even in churches and mosques and schools…its the mindset of the people.

          • Baba B

            The guy is just an animal. It was impossible to blame it on the Hausa/Fulani as usual so chooses to blame it on Britain.Most if not all the schools and hospitals our parents and some of us benefited from where built by the colonial masters and missionaries now all the ones built by recent governors and fake pastors all over the country are only meant for the rich in the society.

        • Baba B

          And what has the British people got to do with it? Animal like you I guess if this had anything to do with the presidency you would blame it on Hausa/Fulani.

          • Rev

            Ok let me take the unpleasant stress to educate you. First of all the events in Akwa Ibom is not an isolated happenstance. They are unfortunately a small reflection of the happening in the larger political ecosystem. With that being said, the British by the way, are largely remotely responsible for the issues Nigeria is going through. They deliberately took some decisions in the various constitutional reforms and negotiations that ensured the eventual conflicts we see today in the Nigerian polity, which will ultimately and inevitably lead to it’s collapse. Unfortunately, subsequent Nigerian political leaders did not have the courage to take advantage of opportunities to renegotiate the country on their own terms excluding the British. They were so corrupted they couldn’t see beyond their selfish inclination which has now led to the massive massive death, the frustrated hopes of millions of people, mass emigration, economic collapse, elongated austerity programs, structural economic and political collapse, a Bloody civil war, one of the first genocide in modern history, the first in Africa…etc..
            Come on men…It’s time to think deep.

          • Baba B

            This guy, are you high on something? When you finally put down whatever it is you are smoking and you are sober, please do me the favour of first reading the article, and then read your responses and then come back so that I can educate on where to seek help from.

          • Rev

            Unfortunately that I know will be the tone of your response. It is sad that Your total inadequacy in yourself, finds it very comfortable to put down people and disparage them just to make your very poorly biased point. Sad. Even though, it is apparent to anyone who reads my response to you that I have written clearly and intelligently and coherently too as possibly as I can. However, your disparaging response reveals your warped state of mind. You may not be smoking anything sir. But your mind clearly reveals that your mind is truly messed up. And that, is a worse than anything else.
            And I won’t be surprised if your subsequent vituperation is worse than this. I don’t careless, as long as I have reasonably made my point.
            And God bless you sir.

          • Baba B

            I can see that you have desperately up voted yourself and it says a lot about you, therefore, it is unnecessary for me to continue the enlighten you. But just be careful before you get a point of no return.

          • Rev

            Look how porous your small mind is, as you continue to peddle your aatitude of denigrating others as a way of propping up yourself. You really remind me of those who think they can propagate their faith and beliefs by actually destroying others. Not knowing that they are the ones who have already crossed the point of no return.

          • Rev

            You are low on common sense. Keep on destroying a nation. The blood of the millions of innocent people you and people like you have destroyed will haunt you. Stay here and be doing secret agent for evil. That prank you are pulling will not work. The Truth has been spoken.

        • Chukwuka Okoroafor

          Okay, what does a state government project have to do with Nigeria’s amalgamation? Ghana was amalgamated in a similar manner as Nigeria and you would not talk of Ghana this way.

          • Alphonsus

            Someone established a project based on his expectation and understanding. Another person tries to manage it according to his understanding and proeject appears to fail. People who hardly know their right from their left are posting condemnatory comments on those whose visualized the project.A world class hospital does not run itself. It requires people who know what that means. The project was not supposed to be a state ministry supervised project. It should be independent with its governing board and the government and foreign partners should own shares. There should also be room for private share-holding. The idea was to encourage medical tourism as a source of revenue for the state. The prices they charge should not be general hospital level which may be what the health commissioner was thinking of when he said the prices were high. The expectation was that most of the patients would come from outside the state or even outside the country. The general hospitals in the state should take care of the generality of patients. Only very special cases needed to go the specialist hospital through referrals from other hospitals. A situation where the state government would put patients in the hospital and not pay for them should not arise. This is why government run projects fail. Remember Ngeria Airways? Had the best of pilots, many planes, operative monopoly, and many customers, but it died. All kinds of federal public servants were flying with their families from everywhere to anywhere free of charge. If the state government does not detach itself from the direct management of the hospital, its objective may never be achieved. To my fellow commenters, try and be positive. If you have an idea about how something, anything, can be done, let’s hear you. Being always negative and insulting is not the character of a wise man or woman.

    • kinsly

      Just shut up joor.

  • Gary

    In the second decade of the twenty/first century, Nigerians in the Niger Delta cannot fully equip and run a medical center? When the federal government has a teaching hospital in every state and God knows how many private hospitals are in Lagos?
    Goddy Akpabio contracted Indians to run a hospital and milk Akwa Ibom just like James Ibori did with the Specialist Hospital he built in his hometown and converted to a Teaching Hospital for the Delta State University?
    God, what is wrong with these people that we are cursed with conmen and scoundrels ruining the lives of our people?
    So what’s next? Another abandoned white elephant project while the current Governor presses on with his skyscraper Akwa Ibom Guest House in Lagos?
    Who will deliver us from these people?

    • princegab

      That’s Corruption for you bro

  • princegab

    They’ve made all the money they could, it’s time to throw the hospital away. Incumbent will have to build his own. 21st century corruption.

  • joe

    It was never about making health care accessible or affordable to the people of his state. It was about enriching himself. It was about mak8ng a lot of noise and making a big show – “I built a world class hospital “. In spite of the fact that you have Nigerian doctor performing wonders all over the world, this unthinking crime-driven mind had to ho indians! Indians?. Until we somehow manage to stop jokers like these from running anything in our country, Nigeria will be in a state of perpetual recession.

  • chyke

    That’s Akpabio’s world-class hospital for you. What is the antecedents of the Indian company running the facility. I bet my two cents that the certificates of most of those Indians would be fake.

  • Africa

    It is so easy to blame Buhari; the wayward PDP people can’t even manage a hospital after spending billions of dollars.

    • Timothy

      Bros when the man had a cold he flew to london for medical check-up after he claims he built a world-class hospital. Can u imagine the waste. So what next now?

    • Ubong

      alphabet , whether pdp or apc or ooo do not govern us but you and I (human beings) govern ourselves and others. Whatever happen to us s due to our personal wickedness and decision to treat our fellow parents, brothers and sisters like animals. Calling alphabet in this sad and monumental management failure is of less value. to the suffering of the people and lack of support from our wicked leaders to patronise this assumed hospital.

  • Leke

    Enough of this blame game of our Colonial masters. They did not say we should not govern ourselves properly when they handed over to us. We are the architects of our own misfortune if you ask me. Just like Nigeria, was India not colonised and set free in 1947? Go to India today. They are on the verge of full development because they knew what to do as soon as Britain set them free, even in the face of daunting problems. Whereas we have been winging for nearly 60 years, passing the buck and doing nothing except to cart away the little we could have used to develop ourselves. We are the creators of our own problems and that is the basic truth. Enough of blaming others! Until we realise that selfishness, greed, embezzlement, corruption, impunity will ultimately destroy us, our development will continue to be a pipe dream.We need to wake up from our complacency and this me,me, me and me alone attitude. Until we see the country as ours and come together as one, discipline ourselves and face our problems head on by returning to those core values which we have discarded for the sake of money, we are going nowhere in terms of development. Period! It is the coming generations that I really pity because they don’t have a clue as to what they are likely to face in the future.

  • Dr Anil Kumar Khari

    The fate of IBOM specialty hospital was clear since the day it was inaugurated. The hospital management Cardiocare recruited lots of expatriates consultants mostly from Venezuela and India including me. In fact at that stage the hospital didn’t require so many consultants, they should have recruited the consultants steps by step. In addition they had also recruited almost all the paramedics from overseas mostly from India.
    The money doesn’t grow on trees – at the beginning Hospital can’t generate adequate money even to pay the salaries of expatriates consultants.
    Both Cardiocare and IBOM state government are blaming each other for the failure of running this project. None of them is the looser except the expatriates consultants and other staff of the hospital whose salaries were not paid neither by the management nor by the IBOM government
    Hardly for a few months they were paid their regular salaries. The pay for one month’s and then hold for next two months. Since I had worked in this hospital as Consultants & Head of Radiology department since it’s inauguration the following facts are genuine.
    Hardly for a few months the expatriates consultants and other staff were paid their salaries regularly.
    They pay for one month and hold for next two months. This keep continuing till August 2016, knowing the ill intention of the management and the tussle between management & IBOM state government I had resigned with a prior notice of three months thus honouring the term & condition of contract.
    The cruel management stating they don’t have funds to pay our salaries didn’t pay our three months salaries. Instead they issued us a promissory notes that Cardiocare will pay us our hard earned money of US dollars 30000 equivalent to nearly 10 millions of Naira as & when they gets funds either from the IBOM state government or from private investors.
    It’s almost an year since then, forget about the dues the management even never replied back.
    It’s almost the same fate of other expatriates consultants who had given their best services to this IBOM specialty hospital – in turns the cruel Nigerian system screwed them up with their corrupt system.
    This is my worst ever international experience after working in almost ten different countries. I feel we have been exploited both by IBOM state government & Cardiocare. Only God will punish them for the injustice that they have done with us.
    Simultaneously I feel so sorry for Nigerians who will be again spending lots of money for their medical treatment in the form of medical tourism overseas. May God bless them.

  • azodike

    How long will we allow Indians and Lebanese to steal from us?