Ohanaeze faults Nigerian military, says IPOB not a terrorist organisation

IPOB Protesters
IPOB Protesters: [Photo credit: Daily Post Nigeria]

The highest decision-making organ of the Igbo socio-political organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the Imeobi Ohanaeze, has faulted the declaration of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, as a terrorist group by the Nigerian military.

The Imeobi stated this in a 9-point communique it issued at the end of its meeting on Saturday at the Nike Lake Resort Hotel Enugu.

The communique was signed by Ohanaeze President -General, John Nwodo, and Secretary-General, Uche Okwukwu.

The military had two days ago declared the pro-Biafran separatist group, IPOB, a terrorist organisation after clashes between security operatives and the IPOB members in Aba and Umuahia which led to many injuries.

The clashes followed the launch of operation python dance II by the Army in the South-east region.

The clashes also made the South-east governors proscribe the Nnamdi Kanu-led secessionist group on Friday. The governors meeting in Enugu was attended by the Ohanaeze and the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu.

But the Imeobi in faulting the military’s declaration argued that the defence headquarters did not follow due process.

“That Imeobi resolved that IPOB is not a terrorist organization. There are processes under extant national and international laws, especially the Terrorism Prevention Act 2011, as Amended in 2015 to determine whether a group is or not a terrorist organisation”, the communique said.

The group also described as regrettable the decision of the Nigerian Army to commence Operation Python Dance II in the South East and called for immediate termination of the exercise.

It further argued that military option is never a solution to problem of nation-building.

“We refer for instance to the goings on in Spain, Scotland and other parts of the world to reaffirm that only through dialogue can the national question be resolved. Consequently, we condemn all acts of violence in pursuance of freedom of expression”, the group said.

The Imeobi said it noted with great concern the continued ‘policy of marginalisation’ of South-east Nigeria, arguing that it is “the basic cause of the renewed agitation by the separatist groups”.

The group described as “unfortunate and deplorable” the reported loss of lives during the military intervention and conveyed its sympathies to the bereaved families.

The Imeobi maintained “that it is the sole responsibility of the Police in every democracy to maintain law and order and protection of lives and property of its citizens”.

It commended the efforts of the governors of the South-east, South-east National Assembly caucus and Ohanaeze leadership to douse the tension in the region and urged them to continue in their efforts until normalcy is restored.

They reiterated its stance that “a united Nigeria under a restructured federal system of government that guarantees justice, equity and farness is the best system for this country”.

“Accordingly, Ohanaeze is mandated to organise a Special Summit soonest of Igbo nation in support of the restructuring agenda”, the communique added.

The Imeobi also approved the dissolution of the national executives of youth and women wings of Ohanaeze.


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  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun

    Hmmmmmm, until criminals takes over the command of IPOB then we will be shouting no security in South east. Ohanaeze has been playing nasty politics in the South eastern Nigeria, they encouraged their people dictated to their people not to vote for Buhari, now Buhari is developing South eastern Nigeria they are still playing politics of the blind and playing with human lives. You Ohanaeze were selected to represent your people for development of the South eastern Nigeria, but you are playing the POLITICS OF CHOP I CHOP. Let have peace and stop supporting nasty politics of chop I chop. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    • Fernando Luis

      Talkertive yorubastard coward. Which south East your slave master Buhari is developing? Or the south east in your rotten anus? Wake up from your miserable slumber. Olodo!

      • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun

        Your leaders surrendered to a Yoruba man. Senseless gunman being.

      • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun

        The truth is bitter, sorry oooo, ODESIN, SUUPO, ODOYOOO.

    • emmanuel

      You seem to lack understanding of democracy and that is because of your probable low exposure. That a people did not vote for a particular candidate does not mean they should be excluded from enjoying from the common wealth.
      For you poor reasoning, let me teach you a little, it is satanic to deprive a people whose two states produce Crude Oil for Nigeria to enjoy from benefiting same in four years because an bad person is in power.
      I wish you can see from that perspective

      • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun

        Hahahahaaaaa, so why don’t we have Beeaaffraaa during Jonatan’s government. Chop I chop politics. Who is depriving who, Politicians or the masses. You people are so greedy that you haven’t contributed anything positive to your LOCAL GOVERNMENT THAN CRIMINALITY.

        • emmanuel

          Good to know, was there massob? IPOB took off when Uwazurike became compromised and that began during Jonathan. Except you are pretending not to have followed the issues that led to toppling Uwazurik.
          Let us not practice evil just to make points. If you are trully politically and informationally correct you can testify to my statement

  • musa aliyu

    We now know that ipob has full backing of the born-to-rule. We know what they want and we will soon give them.

    • Julius

      So ipob has the full backing of the Northern politicians and elites ?

  • Naziru Adam

    The question to ask the Igbos or the Ohanaeze in particular is “who” marginalize them? And “what” sort of marginalization? Also ask them again: list your proposed restructuring publicly so that the rest of Nigeria will know.

  • tundemash

    Same Ohaneze who have been”chopping” from every govt in power is talking marginalisation? Who is marginalising who? Bunch of idle tired but not retired rogues. Same with Afenifere!

    • emmanuel

      How many geo-political zones are there in Nigeria? How many regions have six states? Why is there only one region as an exception?
      Is the evil in you so innate that you are blinded from any well meaning cry? The same is used as a means to muzzle down the South at the NASS in respect of anything that must be re-organised in Nigeria.
      Meanwhile, marginalisation and corruption is not same. Corruption in Nigeria has no tribal identity but marginalisation have.
      What you are also doing is marginalisation

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        As a matter of law , there are no geo-po9litical zones in Nigeria. The law only recognizes states and there are 36 states in Nigeria.

        • emmanuel

          We all know that, but that has been used for certain sharing, representation and allotments. In human development and social interaction, certain norms are not written down or official accented, but they represent generally accepted pratice and this is just one. The NASS and Executive operates with it most times. That makes it quasi-formal (legal)
          The fraudulent military establishments set that up when they began to create states and have used it buoyantly since then.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            Actually, it was Ekwueme that came up with the idea after all 36 states had been created.

    • Charles

      please don,t lump Afenifere with ohaneze, because ohaneze is a bunch of weaklings that can even abandon their wife and children at the mere backing of a puppy. They are traders whose merchandise is to betray their own.

      • tundemash

        Afenifere isn;t different; they are after their stomach !

  • thusspokez

    The highest decision-making organ of the Igbo socio-political organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo

    “Highest”? Chineke! Let’s ask any Igbo person here, what proportion of the cost of their breakfast today was funded by the Oha-whatsit? (kiss-teeth!)

    Nigeria is a democracy, who elected them? Decision making comes with responsibilities. This Oha-whatsit gives nothing to Igbos, e.g., no scholarships, homes, financial help to poor Igbos; no loan to small businesses; not even rice and fried chicken to IPOB members. And yet it is claiming to be the high and mighty decision making body for Igbos. What gives it the right?


      I TOLD YOU !! The ideology of Biafra cannot be killed with bullets, it is here with us. you can only postpone the doomsday if you continue pretending that the status-quo is ok.

      • Uzoma John

        You are a loser. I asked you to go to Kanu’s village to hoist your Biafran flag if you are a man. Oti mkpu. Noisemakers. Ndi Igbo with integrity know what we want. Not stupidity and lack of strategy. Those who died as a result you and Kanu’s actions and inaction died in vain. I warned that Igbo can achieve what they need without tigbuo zogbuo. Intellect and superior strategy for development and advancement is the fight not name calling and hate speech, Ndi omekome.



          • Uzoma John

            There is no struggle. The only struggle is for us to look inward as Ndi Igbo and ask our political leaders what they are doing to develope Ala Igbo – hold them to account. Stop chasing imaginary enemies. You actually the enemy to yourself. Stop misplacing priority.

    • Otile

      Boko Haram has challenged you thugs to face them and leave Igbo civilians but you cowardly ran down to the East to take cover. Shame

      • patriotism

        Both IPOB and BH are same and desearve same treatments. Shekau and Kanu must be captured death or alive.

  • Maitama Tambari

    What is the meaning of a terror? The web describes terror as extreme fear – “people fled in terror” synonyms: extreme fear, dread, horror, fear andtrembling, fright, alarm, panic “she screamed in terror”

    Is it not the right description of the proscribed IPOB! Their action was spreading terror to other States of the Federation. They are terrorizing the people including killings by shootings in Delta State. They are territories.

    • emmanuel

      so many communities across Nigeria have been abandoned by fear and terror unleashed by foolani herdsmen and Buhari si celebrating them.
      Those who want to destroy Nigeria by employing oppression and suppression will one day pay for it. Nothing last forever.
      I am sure Assad of Syria is not having fun today. Go ask him, if he did not have the military at his disposal when Syria insurrection; which resulted from oppression began?

  • emmanuel

    Labelling IPOB a terrorist organisation as a tendency of a fallen regime. It is one of the streams of quick fixes deployed to justify poor leadership and consequential diatribe.
    Regimes across the world that engages such weak strategies are known to be ignored by the world.

  • Godwin Oluchi Obialor

    The Federal Government and the Nigerian Army know that IPOB agitators group is not a terrorist group as a matter of facts.
    But hence the Authority has the desire to start killing all the members of IPOB, the Authority felt that the only way and the reason that could justify their preconceived plan is to label IPOB group as terrorist.

    This is like to give a dog a bad name because you want to kill it.

    My appeal to FG and the Nigerian Army is that they should not shade the blood of innocent young jobless youth who have no other options than to join any group that offer them anything in Nigeria. Military action is not the solution in a situation like this. The World is watching.
    – DR GODWIN OBIALOR – President,
    NGO – Call of Hope Mission International, Madrid, Spain.

  • Jack Goodman

    Ohanaeze Ndigbo is a mediocre organisation which is increasingly becoming a laughing stock due to their shifting position on every issue. The wooblers in ohanaeze have not gotten over the loss of the 2015 presidential election by their clueless Man Friday, Goodluck Jonathan to PMB and would stop at nothing to discredit the government of PMB. They are a bunch of charlatans and no one should take them seriously. Even Nnamdi Kanu has labelled them as useless old people who do NOT represent Ndigbo.

  • GusO

    The Ohaeneze is a front for IPOB and should be watched. How can you describe an organization that killed an innocent Hausa man in Rivers State and four innocent Hausa men who have families in Asaba as not a terrorist organization? I have not heard the Ohaeneze express sincere condolences to the families of the men killed by IPOB terrorists. Mr. Nwodo, the leader of Ohaeneze exhibits all the hallmarks of a narcissist.

  • wilsongaga

    Ohaneze has now become a branch of ipob, which country will allow another country’s flag to stand in its territory?,the ohaneze are among the sponsors of ipob as such be also label a terrorist organization, these criminals will want people to sleep with two eyes closed, The military should not leave the south-east and nobody has the right to tell the military where to deploy their men as they have the security architecture of the country at hand.

  • Charles

    mumu ohaneze, when you first call your son a thief, what do you want a stranger to do, you first proscribe IPOB, the strangers followed suit by declaring it a terrorist group, unamumuneverdo.?