IPOB is “internal threat”; Nigeria doesn’t need international help – Minister

Pro-Biafra protesters [Photo: TodayNG]

Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, has said the country does not require any international help to curtail any threats posed by the Independent Peoples of Biafra, IPOB.

Mr. Onyeama, at a news conference at the UN headquarters in New York on Friday evening, said the threat from the self-agitation group would be handled.

“IPOB is as of now an internal threat and Nigeria does not need international assistance to resolve it,” the minister said.

According to him, IPOB is different from the Boko Harm terrorists whose main aim was to capture territory and to kill innocent people.

“The president is prepared to tell world leaders that the ingredients for a happy, peaceful country are good governance and a strong economy.

“If we can get the economy right and we can get the good governance to our people, we believe that most of our problems would be taken care of.

“We are a country of young people; the majority of our population is under the age of 35 and a lot of them are restless.

“They are restless because of economic opportunities and that is why we have the migration issue.
“A lot of the youth are the product of very bad governance over the years and that has deprived the young people of educational opportunities and job opportunities.

“So, Mr. president is trying to restructure the country to put in place the bases for good governance.
“Because once you have good governance and your resources are being channeled to where they are supposed to be, which is on development, then you begin to address a lot of issues.”

He said unlike IPOB, Boko Haram was not an internal threat but international, pointing out its allegiance to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, ISIS.

The foreign affairs minister said the position of President Muhammadu Buhari was that the constitution of the country should be respected.

He cautioned that the country’s democracy was still growing and needed to mature and become stronger to handle some of the democratic challenges.

“The important thing we should be focusing on is nation-building using the existing democratic structures,” the minister said.

According to him, the Buhari’s administration of has an agenda for the country and does not want to be distracted from achieving that agenda.

“I think that Mr President came and had an agenda for the country and you really just don’t want to be distracted from that agenda.

“The economy was in a terrible state when this government came in, we went into recession for the first time in decades and we’re just coming out of that recession.

“We want to keep on that path and we believe that a lot of these issues and challenges in the country have their bases in the economics.

“If we can provide a good living standard and quality of life for our people, all these issues (Biafra agitation) will fall by the way side.

“That is why we must not be distracted from transforming the economy of our country. What I’m saying is that we want to focus on the economy.

“We believe if we can get the economy right, a lot of the young people who feel that Nigeria as presently constituted is not addressing their problems, is not giving them the hope, will change their perspective.”

He said government would continue to respect free speech, human right and the rule of law.
Mr. Onyeama said that the Nigerian military respects the ‘rule of engagement’ in carrying out its duties.

He said one of the priorities for the Nigerian delegation at UNGA 72 included strengthening human rights institutions and the rule of law.

He explained that Nigeria was on the Board of the UN Human Rights Council and as such was doing everything necessary to promote human rights.

According to him, the country is also committed to addressing all issues relating to human rights violations in any forms.

Mr. Onyeama also said President Buhari is in excellent shape and form to lead the Nigerian delegation to the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly.

The Presidency had said that Mr. Buhari would depart Abuja on Sunday for New York to participate at the high-level events.

Mr. Onyeama said speculations in some quarters about the president’s health and his ability to withstand the rigours of the high-level event scheduled from September 19 to 25, was unnecessary.

“President Muhammadu Buhari is in very good health to lead the UN General Assembly delegation.
“The president is in excellent form in every way possible. We had the Federal Executive Council Meeting on Wednesday that lasted very long beyond the usual.

“He presided over the Federal Executive Council meeting throughout. He’s now firing up and very fantastic,” Mr. Onyeama said.

According to him, there is no doubting the fact that the president would make the trip to the U.S. and participate in all the events scheduled for the country.

The minister stressed: “He (Buhari) will make the trip; you know the buzz word in the world today is ‘fake news’.

“So, I think it’s a reality of modern journalism, may be because the internet, the cyber face makes journalist of everybody.

“So, all kinds of news filters through but the reality is that Mr President will be here. He’s in excellent health and he’s going to be leading a very strong high-level Nigerian delegation.

Mr. Onyeama said that aside other high-level engagement, Mr. Buhari would meet with U.S. President Donald Trump to further strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries.

The Nigerian leader would hold a lunch meeting with Mr. Trump along with other world leaders.
“The relations are good, so we just hope they would continue to be good and by all accounts, we are going in the right direction.

“What would be discussed are some of the global issues – trade issues with Africa, conflict in Africa, global conflict will also certainly be discussed,” the minister said.

The high point of Mr. Buhari’s activities would be his participation in the General Debate during which he would deliver Nigeria’s National Statement on Tuesday, the first day of the general debate.



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  • Agba


  • Apostel

    all said, very correct.

    • 0tile

      Very correct that Buhari is a dunce…

  • Quantumspirit666

    The people that destoyed the economy AREMU OBASANJO are still running around like village cjiefs in Nigeria. OBASANJO alone is collecting THREE PENSIONS from the Govt. Then OFN, HALIBURTON !!!! THE TRUTH!!!!!

  • Julius

    Well said Minister ! Nigeria do not need permission from anybody or country to deal with any threat from anybody, group or country.

    • Truth

      That your minister, does the children of his village go to school or hospital in a conducive environment? Obviously his kids are not in Nigeria, let us speak the truth and be save. Am not also in Nigeria but am a Nigerian and I feel for those back home.

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Sir,don’t be afraid to call the ipobs their name,terrorists.

    • 0tile

      Janjaweed Buhari is the real terrorist. and you know it.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Die if whish,but running mad is the best option I will suggest for you.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Mr. Onyeama, according to you and the government you serve, the Nigerian youths are restless as a result of missed opportunities brought in by bad governance. Don’t you think that is enough reason for anybody to be restless, be he youth, adult or senior? And you think the best method of quelling that restlessness is to send the military and police to go provoke people into retaliation in order to have justification for visiting horror on them? And you think the only way to quell that restlessness is to continue marginalizing a section of this population? You better think again, for I am sure if you were the president you wouldn’t order this path of killing people.

    Never, mind, Mr Onyeama, you are now smug in thinking that the IPOB problem is internal and so should not need external help? You think that what the Nigerian military and police are doing is just confined to ‘internal matters’? My dear, think again. Torture, crime against humanity, discrimination that drives towards genocide are in the nation’s laws but the nation did not craft those laws. These are laws crafted from the international law jurisprudence that have now been domesticated in the Nigerian law. So, anybody who infringes any of these laws would be liable to be tried by the Nigerian courts, failing which the relevant international judicial system would kick in! So, don’t continue believing that all that are happening at this moment in Nigeria are purely ‘internal’, No, sir! They are also external. The Rwandans massacred themselves in 1994; and that was ‘internal’ but, as you now know, justice was meted through external influence that we now know as the Rwanda International Tribunal of 1994.

    Furthermore, just pray that some firebrands in the UNGA will not browbeat Buhari and give him the works. By the time the international journalists and his colleagues in the GA would turn to him to point the searchlight on him, he might not be able to compose himself and beat back the barrage of questions they would ask him regarding this IPOB matter. And this is more so, considering that we have a Nigerian delegation on the UN Human Rights body! What an irony! Just prepare your principal, Buhari, to beat back nasty and, sometimes, scorching questions in New York. But if Buhari would decide to pass the questions always to his aides, then people and observers would know that something funny has been happening in Nigeria.

    When people, under the doctrine of national sovereignty, continue to abuse and denigrate their citizens and thinking nobody outside the walls of that country is listening, then they would be up for huge and ugly surprises the moment they stepped out of the country.

    Mr. Onyeama, what is happening in Nigeria is internalized with an externality. Period!

    • Julius

      You don’t think that the same International whatever doesn’t see and know what kanu is doing ? Keep lashing on International this, International that. You will be so disappointed. None of those countries will tolerate what kanu is saying and doing. I can bet you that.

  • Oluola

    That is not TRUE. Nigeria is incapable of handling the ongoing crises. It requires international assistance. Mr. Onyema should not forget that we have United Nation and Amnesty International Officers who are on ground collating information and VIDEO clips of all atrocious activities against Humanity and Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). So, Mr. Onyema should keep in mind that UN can never be deceived by him because they (UN) HAVE more information than Mr. Onyema probably has.

    IPOB issue is not a local but requires the world and International assistance!!!

    • tundemash

      Keep f00ling yourself. When did anyone tell you they are collating anything? Same fake news you guys spread about that the terrorist Kanu was invited to Trump’s inauguration? I wish you luck in your self-deception.

      • Julius

        lmaoooooooooooo, I kept watching the inauguration on tv hoping to see kanu and the biafraudians delegation flying the biafraud flag but, I never saw them. Maybe I missed them getting some ice for my Henny then. Bro dem dey lie ooo no be small. There must be a school in biafraud where lying is being taught. Must be, because they all doing it. and they believe it. Another name for that is called delusional .

        • Truth

          After you people failed to win the American election with your sponsored candidate using our money which was supposed to be used for Nigeria’s development, since that time your brains are no longer working properly. The U N is not brainless like you.

          • tundemash

            Dunce , what has Nigeria got to do with American election ?

      • 0tile

        Why are you passoinately defending your brainless janjaweed president, is he yourh second Sango? Buhari is fooling himself, let him look at his fellow janjaweed friend Omar al-Bashir. At the rate Buhari is going soon the Hage will be hunting for him and he will be hiding like Basir. He lost his memory in England otherwise he would remember what happened to Milosevic, Charles Taylor and Rwandan mass murderers like him.

  • King Bibinama

    Buhari is already jittery of the international justice system. Is this a frantic effort at self exoneration or evading justice? Unfortunately for him the international community know better. This is a matter beyond Nigerian internal politics. Buhari is deliberately mass-murdering unarmed civilian persons in Abia State of Nigeria for the sheer reason that they dared to demand for self actualization with so much audacity. He is liable for trial for crime against humanity under the guise of national security. And if the government does not manage this situation well – which is likely with Buharism – then Nigeria may never be more divided or more at the precipice than is soon unfolding.
    Whatever the case Buhari and his cohorts in hate crime must face the music.

    • tundemash

      Cl0wn, keep hoping on international community who knows you guys are so ruderless you follow no process.

      Onye nwere nti ya nuru.

      Kelechi Mbamnozie is an Igbo who works with the UN. Read his submission on Kanu.

      Nnamdi Kanu, the acclaimed leader of IPOB was not supposed to be in any hiding, never. The fact that he is not operating openly now tells you all something, he is on the wrong side of this agitation again. The struggle for self-determination even if possible, transcends beyond an individual.

      Kanu was advised to rally around the traditional and political leaders of the South. As an Igbo man, I was thought honor, respect, love, self-giving, and honesty by my parents and the community where I grew up. You cannot bring a fight inside the house, if you do, such a person is considered a f00l.

      When Kanu was released, he enjoyed the encomiums of the majority of Nigerians who saw the Federal Governments lawless detention as evil and unconstitutional because he never committed any crime to be locked up for 2 yrs. He was hosted by Senators and Governors, his father’s house became a Mecca of sought, he enjoyed the people’s patronage. Not until the butterfly started thinking himself a bird, the self-aggrandizement overwhelmed him so much that he declared: “there would not be any election in Anambra” and his reasons? Because Kanu said so. He brought the battle into his home. He started receiving Genuflection as a tiny god he approved himself of, and even Senator Abaribe who was among the people that signed his bail surety couldn’t speak reason into his skull, he spoke to him, Eastern Governors and some traditional rulers spoke to him, he was too pompous to apply wisdom, humility, and honor, but he wants others to accord him the same. Now, all those people who would have stood behind him are doubtful of his intentions, so they stayed clear of him.

      Now, that they have started chasing him, where will he run into? “Lack of wisdom”
      Now, this is his SIN. The moment he commissioned the local army on record, posted it out on social media and spoke openly at a rally about the need to have the Biafra Secret Force, he failed from grace, he not only entered into the nest orchestrated by the Nigeria State, he ignited the article in the Constitution of Nigeria that prohibits anyone from organizing an army against the sovereignty, whether you like it or not, Nigeria is a sovereignty, Biafra is not and was never so it is not even a conquered territory.

      We reached out to Kanu, advised him to be cautious and apply wisdom, he never listened, he cursed everyone who disagreed with him, we are all “Efulefu”. he cut off his communication channel with those who would have helped.
      Instead of calling for the boycott of Anambra Election, even when you are not from Anambra, you could have channeled that energy to become a political force in the East, compel your followers to come out in masse and vote in the election and ensure that they elect a credible non-corrupt Governor and House Assemblies knowing that every power and politics is local, you would have scored a gigantic political WIN right there and the Federal Government will start taking you seriously.

      You ensure that the same thing in Anambra is replicated it in all the South Eastern and the South Southern States, unseat all these criminal Senators, House members, Governors and let us have our own devoted people represent us for once, NO, Nnamdi was so arrogant that he forgot his culture.

      Anambra of all places, the home of Azikiwe, where we have the timbers and calibers of the East, they saw his afront as an insult, just there alone, Kanu diminished his patronage among Eastern Elders who would have been his backbone. (Elders stays at watch as they send the young to battle)

      In the course of my career, I have seen deaths, people who died in the face of war and the earth refused to bury them, their carcas decaying that even vultures were so full that they could not feed anymore. I have seen men, real men, rebels in the face of war, their skulls shattered, their bones and legs ripped off, some bled to their death, but among all, there is nothing like the sight of an amputated spirit, hahahahaaaa, there is no prosthetic for that.

      Every single information coming out of his house was fake news propaganda, that the UN did this or that was all LIE. We are here at the UN Headquarters and never a time has any issue about Biafra brought to bear in any open sessions, General Assembly, Security Council Consultations, never. But our gullible hardworking brothers whom he met at home never wanted to listen, they believed his lies. The agitation must be seen as non-violent as possible.

      The flagrant disregard of any advice was appalling. In the scheme of things, you need strategists, advisers, foreign policy analysts, intel ops and lots of professionals to sit down and drive a master plan, Kanu assumed all these responsibilities and was very bad at them. So far, you can see that he is not a strategist, knows very little about building coalitions within and outside Nigeria,
      I mean coalitions of friendly countries who can reason with the cause, on many occasions, he switched off his phone because he is a stubborn overlord, look at the carnage he has caused and where is he now? in hiding. There wouldn’t have been any need to hide. He should have been entering the Villa and House of Assembly, lobbying and strategizing, that’s how wise men WIN. Remember, “She stopped to Conquer”

      The facebook warriors who are good at calling people names on facebook and cannot have dialogue and reason together, over to you, let your name calling continue, how many people are dead now because of Kanus irresponsible stubbornness? And among all those deaths, none of his family members are involved, now the government of Nigeria has categorized IPOB as a terrorist organization, that’s what you get when you start to organize an army, its going to be tougher for Easterners who are travelers. My advice, if you wish to travel outside Nigeria, clean up your social media platforms, you could be turned back at any point of entry because of what the Federal Govt just did.

      Final words, all of you that are noise makers on social media, have you ever thought of something very covertly possible? That Nnamdi Kanu may have been paid off to quash the Biafra struggle once and for all? That all these charades were staged? hahahahahaaa, Why did he object against any good advice to go about this struggle perfectly and legitimately? He came back from the UK, was arrested by the Nigerian government that is more or like subservient to the British Lords, Ndi Igbo, wake up before the water reaches your necks.
      If we fail to apply wisdom in settling our impasse, we will all perish as fools. I am not going to perish because I see things differently. I don’t wish anyone death, can we now wear our thinking cap?? Now?? I mean Now?
      Igbo na ekwu si “ijiji nti ike, na eso ozu ala nmuo”, onye nwere nti, ya nuru#

      • Julius

        wow…daris God ooooo !!..I’m so glad that this is from an Igbo man though they will denounce him as not Igbo enough or a fake Igboman. For those that wish all of us well, please keep speaking and standing up for the truth. Kanu is a fake, a fraud who nobody in their right minds should be listened to. Like some of us said, including this writer , kanu will get innocent ppl killed and won’t lose sleep over them. I said he will run and hide when the shit hit the roof and true to form, he is now in hiding. The same moron talking tough and telling the world that if the Nigerian law enforcement officers come to biafraud to arrest him, they will be killed and burn the country down. Does it ever occur to his retarded followers that the same UN and Trump that they are depending on can’t hear,see and read that ? Can anybody say that to Trump about his country the USA ? Now he is quiet..imagine that and ordinary law abiding folks bearing what he brought home to them. Tough Igbo man indeed.

      • King Bibinama

        Good narration and analysis. Yet non of Nnamdi’s sins or ills, many of which were obvious even from a good distance justifies or provides a warranty to Mr Buhari to embark on a militarized killing spree in the East. Many of the victims of the ongoing mass murder by Buhari are ordinary people who have not be privy to all the things you have said and in fact needed not to be. Most people agree that Nnamdi Kanu’s undue popularity and larger than life image is a consequence of the failure of leadership in the country. The same political class you have mentioned in your analysis including Buhari himself who in particular has been the face of brazen hate and contempt for the people. Little wonder that he is so quick to unleash mehem on these helpless and defenseless segment of the citizenry? In your apparent capacity as representative or official at the UN or someone of some related previlage, should you not be more concerned about the plight of these brutalized ordinary people, rather than seemingly justifying Buhari’s unwarranted use of disproportionate force, just because of Nnamdi Kanu’s idiosyncrasies?
        The army claimed that they never intended to arrest Kanu in the first place. So why not given that he committed such treasonable offence as setting up secret police, etc. Could Buhari not simply arrested Nnamdi Kanu either before or after after the scheduled court hearing? Why spare the shepherd to slaughter the defenseless sheep? Why has Buhari not applied similar zeal to deal with the so called Fulani Herdsmen and other marrounding killers having a field day under his nose?
        I am not concerned about the sins or mistakes of Nnamdi Kanu as I am about Buhari’s zealousness to torture, humiliate and slaughter his under informed followers, whom he had previously threatened and abused in the past. Buhari by his words and actions is liable to trial for crime against humanity.

      • ubuntu

        Your premise is wrong. Refusal to participate in an election AND encouraging others NOT to is an essential part of the democratic process.
        First of all, it is legal.
        Secondly, it causes issues that are not on the table BUT heavy on the mind of the voters.THIRDLY, THERE IS A PROVISION IN LAW FOR WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A LOWER THAN REQUIRED TURN OUT OCCURS.
        Because our people are bush villagers, we do not know our Laws, so we come to social media to talk nonsense.
        Kanu has obeyed all our laws. If his words offend you, you should know that that is why there is freedom of speech. It is for speech we do not like.

      • 0tile

        Your senseless support for sharia is mind boggling.

      • King Bibinama


        King Bibinama
        Comments 85 Discussions Recommends
        Discussion on Premium Times 28 comments
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        King Bibinama
        King Bibinama Peter_Edo 5 hours ago
        Of course if you could think and express yourself you’d not just copy and paste half of the report for a comment. How then could you ever properly respond to an objective thought on the subject matter? Sorry.
        Edit View
        King Bibinama
        King Bibinama 7 hours ago
        Let’s hope that the next government will not be saying how Buhari’s administration plunged Nigeria into fragmentation. Jonathan’s administration’s lowest points far outweighs Buhari’s highest. And that’s a simple fact.
        The learned honorable minister is either claiming that Jonathan caused the fall in oil price or that the growths in the non-oil sectors, notably manufacturing and agriculture, witnessed under the former president were mere fards. It’s true that many Nigerians are underinformed due to acute limitation or lack of information and knowledge infrastructure as a result of exploitation by their leaders. But that condition must not be perpetuated or exploited just so incessantly for mere political or personal gains.
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        Discussion on Premium Times 23 comments
        IPOB is “internal threat”; Nigeria doesn’t need internati…
        King Bibinama
        King Bibinama tundemash 5 hours ago
        Detected as spam Thanks, we’ll work on getting this corrected.
        Good narration and analysis, yet cl0wnish judgment!! Does the multitude of Nnamdi Kanu’s sins or ills, many of which were obvious even from a good distance, justify or warrant Mr Buhari to embark on a militarized killing spree of his unarmed civilians in eastern Nigeria? You probably think so. But most well meaning and concerned Nigerians agree that Nnamdi Kanu’s undue popularity and larger than life image is a consequence of the failure of the leadership class in the country. The same class of persons referred to in your analysis including Buhari himself. Buhari in particular has been the face of brazen hate and contempt for the people. Little wonder that he is so quick to unleash mehem on these helpless and defenseless segment of the citizenry? In your apparent capacity as representative or official at the UN or someone of some related previlage, should you not be more concerned about the plight of these brutalized ordinary people, rather than seemingly justifying Buhari’s unwarranted use of disproportionate force, just because of Nnamdi Kanu’s idiosyncrasies?
        The army claimed that they never intended to arrest Kanu in the first place. So why not given that he committed such treasonable offence as setting up secret police, etc. Could Buhari not simply arrested Nnamdi Kanu either before or after after the scheduled court hearing? Why spare the shepherd to slaughter the defenseless sheep? Why has Buhari not applied similar zeal to deal with the so called Fulani Herdsmen and other marrounding killers having a field day under his nose?
        I am not concerned about the sins or mistakes of Nnamdi Kanu as I am about Buhari’s zealousness to torture, humiliate and slaughter his under informed followers, whom he had previously threatened and abused in the past. Buhari by his words and actions is liable to trial for crime against humanity.

      • King Bibinama

        All you have said is that Mr Nnamdi Kanu’s disagreement with the political class, particularly those from his region, warrants President Buhari to embark on a killing spree of his unarmed countrymen, on account of Mr Kanu’s “sins”. You must be truly the “cl0wn” that you introduced yourself as.

        • tundemash

          Terrorist Kanu in disagreement with the political class from his region ? Whatever you are smoking is stronger than your small head can cope with.

    • Julius

      Yea, like he was jittery when he locked him up in a cage in jail till he was granted bail…right ?

      • Nigeria My Country


    • Sir Demo

      Every country now knows that Igbos among the Nigerians are the prime drug mules. They are avoiding you like plague

      • King Bibinama

        Your ethno hateful mind is affecting your mental health. You seem to be hallucinating…. about the Igbo. Get well soon!

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    Well Onyeama, achieving good living standards will help curb the agitation but the way to make this more likely is to do the needful with the foundation of Nigeria. This is also happening because people do not feel that the governments (local, state and federal) are responsive to them. There is also the Sharia agenda being pushed by forces in the administration of your boss.

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    i have read all your comments and the many reports on this IPOB, Nigeria, Arewa, Odua issues etc. All i can say is such mortal chaos is beneath my concern. But there is one thing i wake up with joy every morning knowing that in the end, all igbo, hausa, yoruba and all other Nigerian tribe people alive today will die, their children will die, and their grand kids will also die. one day hausa, yoruba and igbo etc will die out like mayans and other lost tribes. Death is the most powerful entity in space and time. Even God’s die. So death is more powerful than your poetry Gods (jehovah, allah, jesus, prophets, angels etc). My wish and prayer every night is for a 200 mile long/wide rock/metal asteroid to strike this planet and wipe out all life on it. its long overdue haba. The human race of earth is a failed experiment and doesn’t deserve to continue existing. i dont want my kids and their kids to grow up and live in a world filled with primitive barbaric creatures full of hate and envy, dumbass homosapien 1.1 creatures with brains operating at less than 10% capacity, a planet that houses the most annoying creatures of all “The Black man a.k.a Africans with their prostitute women” . Death to the Human race, death to Homo sapiens 1.1, long live we the Homo sapiens 5.0 (Homo Novus)