Nigerian Army counters Abia governor, says no withdrawal of troops from state

Nigerian Army
Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army says it will go ahead with its planned military operation in the South-east.

The army, in a statement issued at about 12:42 a.m on Friday, advised Nigerians to disregard the statement by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu which gave the impression that it was withdrawing its troops from the exercise codenamed “Operation Python Dance II.”

“It’s not true that we are withdrawing the troops,” the army spokesperson, Sani Usman, said in the statement.

The Governor of Abia State, Mr. Ikpeazu, had said on Thursday that the army from Friday would commence a gradual withdrawal of troops from the streets of Abia.

“This (the governor’s remark) should not be misconstrued as withdrawing of troops earmarked for Exercise EGWU EKE II,” Mr. Usman, a brigadier general, said, adding that “The General Officer Commanding 82 Division has not said such thing.”

The army said the exercise will commence as scheduled and would run till the end of the year.

“Members of the public especially in the areas where the exercise will take place are please enjoined to go about their lawful businesses.

“We wish to also state that we would not allow any individual or group to jeopardise the conduct of the field training exercise through unlawful or criminal activities,” the army said.

The army appealed to Nigerians to support the exercise which it said was part of its constitutional duties.

It promised that the troops “would conduct themselves in the best professional manner, abide by the Rules of Engagement and Code of Conduct in line with requirements of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” during the exercise.

The movement of several Armoured Personnel Carriers into Umuahia, Abia State, on Sunday caused a violent skirmish between the troops and the supporters of IPOB, the separatist group campaigning for the independent state of Biafra.

The situation has prompted some Nigerians, especially those from the South-east, to condemn the military exercise as being unnecessary, provocative, and capable of leading to a more serious national security crisis.

The effect of the Umuahia incident spread to Aba, still in Abia State, where suspected members of IPOB burnt down a police station and also in Jos, Plateau State, where violence erupted between the Hausas and the Igbo community.

Meanwhile, a former attorney general in Akwa Ibom State, Victor Iyanam, has said that there was nothing wrong or unusual about the military operation in the South-east.

Mr. Iyanam said Thursday on Facebook that the military for a long time now has been a part of the nation’s security process.

“The police could never have been able to do it alone,” he said.

“Why do we pretend about the military presence in this country? How about the joint Military/Police patrols all over the country?

“Odi was levelled by the military, (and) there was applause for whatever reason. Ibrahim Zakzaky in Kaduna and his followers will not forget their encounter with the military in a hurry. Python Dance Phase1 just rounded off in Rivers State and nobody quarreled with that.

“This story of Militarisation is just not credible.

“A decision on the security situation is neither legislative nor judicial. It is the perogative of the President. The hullaballoo on militarisation is diversionary and mischievous. Buhari cannot afford to be a do-nothing President just so that he would be seen as a ‘democrat’,” Mr. Iyanam said.


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  • Agba

    If MOBUTU SESISEKO OF CONGO can collpse and if Gadaffi of LIBYA can collapse these Buhari’s govt will collapse in a matter of time AMEN.My fellow yoruba don’t be deceive,what they are doing to Nnamdi Kanu is to break you,not ask for your freedom,becase our elders are asking for RESTRUCTURING,which i know hausa fulani can not suuport that,Biafans CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA will be with all of you at this trying time,victory will be yours.Let me pray in my language also;;;;;;;Eledumare awa pelu yin ni igba iponju yi AMIN,If you see any ODUDUWA Citizen that is contrary to my view,they are paid agent from organisation Buhari .DISREGARD THEM.

    • Quantumspirit666

      Your mothers vagina has already collapsed by having a miscreant like you brought into the world.

      • Moses Stone


      • Höly Wähala

        See Yoruba upbringing on display in a public forum… the educated people, the most civilized people, the most enlightened people, is that the way all those peoples write in public without a modicum of self-respect and respect for women? I see why you and whoever upvoted you are rpoducts of broken homes… manners and father-figure presence are strange words in your wasted lives. Truly pathetic, your raw use of crude biology to describe what you did to your mother’s anatomy while crawling out… was that not what she told you as she whipped your arse into order… are you not writing with reverse psychology? Not too smart… SMH!

        • Julius

          Hahahahahahaha, oh wow..see me, see comedy ooo. Wasn’t that what you used to do ,abusing everybody’s mother that do not agree with you ? This ought to be a new world order coming from you. Funny indeed.

          • Höly Wähala

            IGNOORED! Another retarded yoro imbecile… do you and I write so blatantly? Pig!

          • Not funny but pathetic.

          • Julius

            It is pathetic. I merely stated the truth and he can’t dispute it so, it’s back to his favorite..’yoro this, yoro that.

          • Their demise would eventually come from the fact that they have completely reject common sense and opposing opinion.

          • Julius

            That’s why we are where we are now. They make the wrong choice every time . The civil war could have been avoided if Ojukwu had listened to even his own people..the rest as they say, is History.

      • Julius

        Bro, abeg lay off the mothers…fathers maybe,,just kidding about fathers .

        • Why waste your time by responding to this condemned soul?

  • Mbachu

    Only fair weather leaders will call the military to withdraw from Abia State. They should re enforce to confront the lawless miscreants calling themselves IPOB. When has membership of an organisation become a full time job. Who pays and feeds the jobless IPOB members if not politicians who impoverished and stole them blind? The military are not cowards and must defend the country against uneducated invaders to forestall and prevent a replication of the Boko Haram in another zone. The ‘look good’ Jonathan’s government was literally intimidated into ineffective approach against Boko Haram. Buhari must not listen to the advice of looting political and their collaborators. The military must defend we Abians who don’t believe in IPOB ideology of mob agitation. Abum onye Igbo, na azu afia/ahia n’Aba. I don’t support Buhari’s nepotism but support wholeheartedly his firmness in dealing with political and economic corruption that lead to unemployed miscreants calling themselves IPOB but financed stolen wealth, kidnappers, armed robbers, 419ers, and drug pushers.

    • Olu-Lion

      You get respect. 10 cans of Heineken for you sir. Military wouldn’t blink to turn the SE to theater of war.

  • Senator D

    “People will live in these kinds of places and spaces and mount highwire opinions justifying the military in the streets of Umuahia. I don’t get it.”
    …………………………………………….Pius Adesanmi

    • Julius

      Well, Egbon Adesanmi knew fully well or should know that the United State army had a similar exercise in the state of Texas when some folks down there were clamouring for succession…that was about a year ago.

  • Emeka

    A misguided Nnamdi Kanu should test his acceptance by contesting for election as governor so he can have some constitutional cover to agitate on behalf of his people. The man confuses being notorious with popularity. The military must deal with insubordination and lawlessness being promoted by Kanu and send a convincing signal to all stakeholders. Kanu lied in detention and in his bail bond that his health is deteriorating but has never been to any hospital since his release. He said he is ready to die for Biafra but has withdrawn from going to Enugu fearing assassination. Leaders indeed! Since he is a British Citizen, Nigerian government should consider repatriating him to the UK to be punished according to UK laws.

    • Quantumspirit666

      The asshole also holds a Nigerian passport.If he insists of being a “British citizen” then he should be tried as a FOREIGN TERRORIST in Nigeria. The little hunchback of UMUAHIA already said he is a ZOOAFRAN. Though has no ZOOAFRA passport.KANU should be behind bars.The British would not allow a miscreant like KANU running around in UK. AMERICA would have sent him to GUANTANAMO BAY for serious TORTURE. KANU is a DISGRACE to the IGBOs and he is a curse on the IGBOs. Intelligent,educated IGBOS should have him shot.

  • Mama Kay

    Well said by the former attorney general.

  • Dazmillion

    “Odi was levelled by the military, (and) there was applause for whatever reason. Ibrahim Zakzaky in Kaduna and his followers will not forget their encounter with the military in a hurry. Python Dance Phase1 just rounded off in Rivers State and nobody quarreled with that.

    Mr. Iyanam must be parading a fake law certificate if he doesnt know that deploying a military in a civilian occupied village in Aba, without authorization is illegal under the constitution. Is Mr. Iyanam saying that the killing of men women and children in Odi is okay? Is the killing of a 10 yr old boy by soliders in Imo okay? Does Mr. Iyanam know how many people where killed in Rivers by military? It is lawyers like Mr. Iyanam by their demented thinking that makes the government carry on with illegality and nobody challenges them.

    • Moses Stone

      “that deploying a military in a civilian occupied village in Aba, without authorization is illegal under the constitution.” Authorization from who??

      • Julius

        Good question, I’m waiting for his answer ! I’m not holding my breath tho.

      • Dazmillion

        “Proscribed Organisation: Where two or more persons associate for the purpose of or where an organization engages in: Participating or collaborating in an act of terrorism; promoting, encouraging or exhorting others to commit an act of terrorism; or setting up or pursuing acts of terrorism, the judge in Chambers may on an application made by the Attorney-General, National Security Adviser or Inspector General of Police on the approval of the President; declare an entity to be a proscribed organization and the notice should be published in official gazette:

        “An order made under sub-section (1) of this section shall be published in the official gazette, in two National newspapers and at such other places as the judge in Chambers may determine.

    • Höly Wähala

      Don’t blame the Calabar garden boy, what did you expect from a clown who eats dog meat everyday? Of course, eventually the dog will start barking from his mind, that’s not Iyang talking… na animal talk be that!

  • thusspokez

    “A decision on the security situation is neither legislative nor judicial. It is the perogative of the President. The hullaballoo on militarisation is diversionary and mischievous. Buhari cannot afford to be a do-nothing President just so that he would be seen as a ‘democrat’,” Mr. Iyanam said.

    This man is quite rational and talking sense. The Nigerian army are in every state, and soldiers are often deployed or redeployed to different states. Further, the army are always conducting exercises as part of the routine training and preparedness — of course, most are not reported in the newspapers.

    I therefore don’t understand the rationale of the people criticising this deployment and military exercise in Abia state. They are making it look like an invasion by a foreign army.– Epic nonsense!

  • Sarah

    It is imperative that Kanu and known members of BSS are arrested today 15 September 2017.
    Buhari cannot afford to dither at this stage. Full authority should be delegated to the military commander on the ground to effectively achieve the outcomes of ‘PYTHON Dance’.
    For the avoidance of all doubt this is NOT a civil police affair. The police are not equipped/trained to deal with insurgents. This report shows how the police crumbled in the face of Ipob/BSS. Ipob killed a police sergeant and stole 2 guns in Rivers state. Kanu publicly welcomed a Turkish arms dealer a couple of months ago. Since then cargoes of arms have been coming from Turkey to Ipob/BSS. Customs intercepted just 3 shipments but more got in through other entry ports.
    Buhari, as President & Commander in Chief, has no ‘bloodless’ way out option to resolve this situation. He has DITHERING or SWIFT options. Both will incur further loss of lives but the former will be costlier than the latter.

  • Quantumspirit666

    INDISCIPLINE,HOOLIGANISM,RAMPANT TERRORISM of law abiding IGBOS by the ZOOAFRANS is a security risk.The lawless ZOOAFRANS should be shot at sight.

    • Moses Stone


      • Quantumspirit666

        Well your mother must be a dimwit to have an asshole like you to begin with.Why dont you move to UMUAHIA and find out what its all about? KANU the little huncback of UMUAHIA on walking stick will welcome you and your entire family.PARASITES.

        • Moses Stone

          I am not a BIAFRAT. And am sure you are used to insulting your mother so thats why you find it easy to insult others. If you have regard for your mom’s cunt, you wont speak ill of others.

  • Rick Eson

    The army are mandated by the Constitution to act when the sovereignty is challenge.
    The army must stick to legal rule of engagement.
    Marginisation is not enough reason to challenge the sovereignty and Igbo are not the only one marginalise. Igbo as individual has the capability to realise their goal without politics. It Is what you can do for your country not what your country can do for you.
    Time my fellow Igbo exercise caution and not be led into darkness.

  • Höly Wähala

    Yoropig miscreants are having a field day here posting trash with forged Ibo names as monikers, no wonder serious discussion on national matters are only being held at Vanguard now despite the volitility of our lingo… it is still better than joining words with fraudsters here. Mtchwww… boring!

  • Anasieze Donatus

    Can there be a peaceful act of war? Is hoisting the flag of Biafra
    in the east any less an act of war than the flags raised by Boko Haram
    in the Northeast? Certainly mounting a guard of honour of
    hundreds of uniform wearing young men called Biafra Secret Service was a
    military exercise, and not one that belongs in a bridal shower. The
    recent reappearance of veterans of the civil war clad in uniforms of the
    Biafran army was also not a matter to trifle about.

    Perhaps some people fancied that they were in Nollywood when they
    placed curses of death on Nigeria and it’s peoples and demanded the head
    of its president. Perhaps they were only joking when they merchandised
    the Biafran colours as they swore that they would prevent the government
    with all its ammunition from conducting elections in Anambra in just a
    few weeks. But wouldn’t it be silly of the army to believe that their
    planned weaponry are songs and flowers and then do nothing? The military
    sings too and uses flowers and grasses as disguises, but always tuck
    their guns somewhere close. Can we blame them when similarly they read
    songs and flowers in these circumstances as evidence of concealment of
    some ammunition? I AM A RATIONAL IGBOMAN

    • Höly Wähala

      Your last sentence gave you away… I read your first and last to authoritatively tell you that you are a Yoropig, same chap pestering this space with various fake Ibo monikers… a fraudster like @Dele Awobeoloshi or, any old yoropig.

      • Anasieze Donatus

        As i have said severally, you are berate of noble ideas and i will never join issues with you. It seems you lack memory but check all your response to my comment,i always say the same thing. Finally when igbo;s are ask to stand out out you wont be among until the last real igbo’s are counted before those who refer to themselves as IKA-IGBO

        • Emeka

          Don’t waste your minute on that frustrated asylum seeker.

          • Anasieze Donatus

            Thanks bro,never again will i notice that boy

        • Höly Wähala

          Get lost monkey, caught your silly ass pandering with fake moniker… fraudster!

    • You made a good point, after the war what was the punishment for the people who war on this nation? NOTHING instead they got paid, the flag and the uniform of biafra was not ban or condemned. So you see they have the right and joy to celebrate not just failure but also zero learson learned for extreme bad behaviour ergo the next generation took up the cause.

      The name biafra should have been banned and punishment for it use should have been swift.

      Biafra is a job not finished.

  • Dan maikoko

    When book harm wanted to declare jihad, they bomb the UN building in a buy a and declare their insurgency. But when Kanu wants to declare his insurgency he has to hold a meeting with southeast governors and another meeting with biafra defence league and then another meeting with the IPOB supporters in the US and then another meeting with God knows who. This is all happening when the army is the southeast already. Boko harm has devastated the north and now IPOB will do the same for the SE. It looks like the only sensible region in Nigeria is the south west. The yorubas have shown unity, maturity, intelligence and an overwhelming sense of purpose that they are able to get everything they wanted from Nigeria and more. Tell me which part of Nigeria has the unity that a former commissioner in one state can be a governor in another state? Only the yorubas. The ibos claim intelligence and resourcefulness but where are these when they are about to trigger the destruction of their homeland, the loss of assets in all of the rest of Nigeria even if they secede. For how long will the ibos continue to rebuild? The ibos decided on a political path while the rest of Nigeria opposed that path. How is that a crime? If Kanu has the support of his people as he claimed why not direct that all officials of government and elected officials of Ibos extraction table the secession agenda as the final solution for the ibo problem? This would have been easier, safer and more productive. One thing, if any politician for personal gain dare to oppose Kanu then he should direct that he (the erring politician) be not reelected.

    • Ahmed Garba

      After reading your piece, the only logical conclusion I see is that they have refused to genuinely pursue their secession by either making a formal requests or notification through the secretary to the federal government, their senators and governors not because they don’t want to , but out of hatred for the president simply because he is a northerner. Arrogance also comes into play considering how they rain insults on every one who is not ignoring. I would truly like to see them get what they want with out insults or intimidating any one.

      • huuummm that would be the day.

      • Dan maikoko

        Thats it. This same federal government has the surrender document for the igbo states formally called eastern region. Can you imagine the German people coming out to claim sovereignty over Poland or Austria/Hungary? It is unheard of.

    • Well said

  • Igwe Bu Ike

    So the aremy will stay throughout the year? not 30 days as they original planned? This amounts to occupation.

    • Emeka

      If the Army can occupy the SE for 2 years so be it. Any disciplined and law abiding citizen need not fear the military but should feel even safer. The army has a way of punishing their men who abuse, torture or humiliate INNOCENT civilians and we must hold them to account. I’d rather have the military as constitutionally empowered defend me than have unemployed, brainwashed and uneducated IPOB miscreants abuse my freedom in the name of agitation.

    • Julius

      Not at all. Don’t the army have barracks all over the country that they live and do their exercises all year round ? Would that be occupation ?

  • Watch man

    This is a pure evidence that the Governor and the military are obviously not in sync. There is a cross-purpose here. They are not working together. Consequently, there would be plenty misunderstanding. So unfortunate!

  • wode

    That must have been a terrible blunder in the side of the Governor if he hadn’t gotten the understanding and agreement of the military leadership, and most importantly that of the C-in-C, before making such a public announcement. His speech too was suggestive of the fact that he hasn’t spoken to the President before the press briefing. That’s quite disappointing if that’s really the case.

    I would have been deeply surprised were that statement to be true anyway. It would have been an indication of superiority of the voice of few ethnic champions above that of the State and the larger populace. Whatever wrongs that might be in place, irrespective of their ages, need to be cleared. We need military to unearth wherever weapons could have been illegally stockpiled and hidden through out the country and nobody should hold the state into ransom again. Not until that, the ethnic jingoists would stop at nothing exploring and exploiting our fault lines.

  • The igbo-biafra’s are follow follow people, instead of turning to their governors and local council to ask for their right they would rather impose their will on Nigeria ‘we want the presidency’ because other region sees us as undesirables and would not cast their lots with us, so give us the presidency by all means.


  • ubuntu1

    Coup’Detat …………Loading!!!!

  • Olatubosun

    Our troops are trying

  • Olatubosun

    Let’s give kudos to them