Ministry director commits suicide

Hanging rope [Photo credit:]
Hanging rope [Photo credit:]

A director in the Ministry of Youth and Social Development in Lagos State, Oludare Buraimoh, has reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself in a circumstance which is yet unclear.

The deceased, a resident of Unity Estate, Phase 11 Gbonagun area of Abeokuta, Ogun State, was reported to have killed himself inside his apartment.

The Ogun State Police Command Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi who confirmed the development on Tuesday, said the director took his life a few hours after attending to his son, Dotun, who was down with malaria.

”It is true that the man committed suicide shortly after attending to his son, who was sick. The corpse has been deposited in the mortuary as investigation continues,” Mr. Oyeyemi said.

The police spokesperson said the son of the deceased reported the case at the Obantoko Divisional Police Headquarters.

The late director’s son said that the incident happened around 4 p.m. after his father gave him a drug to treat malaria.

“We were both at home. He came to give me a drug and left me (and I was) thinking he was going to retire to his room. But when I did not hear his voice I called him, but got no response,” he said.

“I, thereafter, went to his room only to find him hanging from the ceiling with a traditional ‘aso oke’ (attire) tied to his neck and a stool with which he committed the suicide,” the son said.

He said on the discovery of the development, he alerted the neighbours, who in turn, told him to alert the police.

A visit to the family home of the deceased by the reporter showed a saddened widow yet to come to terms with the grave loss.

“I don’t know what came over him, it is inexplicable. We have been surviving through thick and thin and now that we ought to sit down and enjoy after all the years of toiling, he decided to take his life,” the deceased’s wife said.

“He did not show any sign of depression. ‎ He was in high spirit. What led him to do this remains a riddle,” she said.


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  • 0tile

    Does this mean that Yorubas are also feeling the catastrophic impact of Buhari voodoo economics? I thought they intended the hardship for SE SS hence all the money Buhari borrows is wasted in the North.

    • OmoLasgidi


    • Liberty

      Very soon, when your darling is delivered of your beloved bouncing baby you will SHOUT Buhari. You probably will name the baby Muhammad Buhari – not caring whether the child is male or female.

      • Julius

        unfortunately, he is a faggot, he can’t have a baby plus, he doesn’t like women. Buhari is his nightmare and he will never have peace !

    • Aminu Mahmoud

      In your warped myopic thinking committing suicides is only motivated/limited to economic challenges, does all the people committing suicides in developed economies does it for the same reason you gave? You can’t even digested what the man’s widow was saying about her late husband but quickly rush to give the situation ethnic colouration as if the act was committed in the name of ethnicity.Please drop the bottle in your hand and not comment until you fully recover from hangover and ensure you take your medication and sleep.

      • Julius

        It’s not the bottle, it’s a mental deceased . God is punishing him for being a faggot.

    • Malik Isah

      Otile, go home ! You lost the election since March 2015.

    • Julius

      Faggot, you remember one of your loser brother, a Medical Dr jumped from the bridge to Lagoon ? I guess that was Buhari’s fault also. Just last week,another one of your brother in Enugu killed his wife and committed suicide Buhari fault..abi. You didn’t say a word then..oloshi, God punish your bigot Fag arse !

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Everybody dey vex down here.otile u c ya life? Repent before God strikes u with thunder.

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    For killing himself, I don’t sympertise with him but with the family he has thrown to sudden murn. He deserve to be jailed if he was caught before.commiting the shameful and heartless act. He is a murderer for taking a life even if he believes it belong to him. He has earn God’s anger for that singular act. For God said in the holy Quran that if you take an innocent soul it is as if you have killed a whole nation.

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      I am not sure you understand the kind of internal torment that leads people to this kind of act. Believe me, just pray you never experience it. It is an illness just like typhoid or malaria and I do not believe you will blame people who die of typhoid for their own death.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Bruv, illness?unless you tell me he did it under the influence of a substance. How is taking ones life a solution to a problem? This is a Western mentality just like the gay of a thing,they tell you what it is depression, having taken all the productive part of your life,deceived you can into a lone you will never be able to pay,engage you with phones via social media, overwhelm you with works you can never be able finish, and above all,distance you from the remembrance of your Lord the creator of everything, and then telling you that all problems are solved by science and that those that cannot be solved are not solvable through other means. Our religious houses have abandoned their responsibility, and have opted for the world,which is the preaching of welth or prosperity, especially the churches. They even tell you it is a sin not be rich. After getting the money, can you get contentment through clubbing, attending tv reality shows, like gandoki or all these comedians. They even tell you that you are too holy. Our Quran is treatment for all ailments. Let me tell you a secrete,when you are feeling depressed or psychologically unhealthy, pick any type of translated Quran you can read,open any page and just read through with the intention of say “you want God to guide you” place your hand on any part of your bldg aching and recite surah fatiha,or q1vs2. So islam has proffered solution to all problems. Forget about the media propaganda against Islam. So why should I did,when I have already retired my fate to Allah who created Me and is able to provide me with my needs. If he does I ll praise and thank him,if he has not done it,I’ll keep on praying to him amidst my efforts. So killing oneself is not justifiable by any any explanation.

        • Ajayi Ifayemi

          This is where you missed it completely. I never said suicide is a solution to anything. It is never the solution, but it will always happen if folks like you continue to regard it as a disease of the west. People who suffer this thing usually cry for help but we tend to stigmatize them and the ultimate result is that they take their lives. Your idea that it is the stress caused by the western world that leads to depression only looks at a part of the problem. There are so many causes and it may interest you that some causes may also be physiological. Of we choose to call people like that “were” “awuka” or whatever. Please take time to study what science has taught us about the disease and you will learn a lot. By the way, I agree that faith helps. In fact I am personally involved in using faith based actions to help folks who are suffering from these diseases, but, brother it has nothing to do with repeating words too many times, we call that vain repetition. It achieves nothing.

    • PolyGon2013

      Depression could lead one to commit suicide.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        In my submission which you equally alluded to, suicide is not an option on the table for what’s reason. Depression or whatever trauma,stress just name it are all symptoms of a sickness,which is a soul lacking in faith in God the Almighty. It is a cure to all diseases. African have been known from the time immemorial to live a life fill with spirituality hence the reason why you see them worship idols of all sorts. So in a way,the culture of suicide is more of the Western world than African.

  • Tha HU

    It’s sad.

    • MilitaryPolice01

      Very sad. I have learnt not to judge or condemn people that commit suicide. Everyone you see today has one mental Challenge or the other, some are extreme depending on the stress, depression or pressure, some bad enough to tip one over the scale.

      My heart goes out to his family. May God comfort them in what I will call double tragedy.

  • PolyGon2013

    Very sad. May his soul rest in peace.

  • Suleiman Alatise

    He died of spiritual poverty, nothing else can push anyone to suicide except faithlessnes, what a pity.