Nnamdi Kanu: Nigerian Army vows to punish soldiers who assaulted journalists

Nigerian Army
Nigerian Army

The soldiers who participated in the assault on journalists in Umuahia today, Tuesday, will face disciplinary actions for their “unfortunate” misconduct, the Nigerian Army has said.

At least two journalists were reportedly assaulted by troops in the Abia State capital in the afternoon. The soldiers accused the journalists of filming them as they rode by the state secretariat of Nigerian Union of Journalists.

The journalists said the troops smashed their mobile phones and other electronic devices during the incident, which occurred when the soldiers were allegedly trying to barricade the residence of separatist leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

The soldiers also clashed with supporters of Mr. Kanu as they attempted to place him on house arrest.

The incident has sparked tension across the state, prompting Governor Okezie Ikpeaze to declare a dusk-to-dawn curfew in the state’s commercial town of Aba.

In his reaction to the soldiers’ assault on journalists, Oyegoke Badamosi, a spokesperson for the Nigerian Army 14 Brigade in Ohafia, said preliminary investigation has revealed that soldiers indeed launched aggression against the reporters who were on their legitimate duties.

“What happened was that while the soldiers on patrol near the Abia State NUJ Secretariat, they noticed some people filming them.

“Unfortunately, they seized and damaged their recording devices; an iPad and 2 mobile phones. Preliminary investigation shows that the items belong to journalists on their legitimate duties.

“Consequently, the Commander 14 Brigade and Deputy Director Army Public Relations 82 Division waded into the matter which has since been resolved amicably.”

Mr. Badamosi, a major, however, said some media outlets had exaggerated the incident.

“The magnitude is not as was reported,” he said.


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  • emmanuel

    Some people will end up at ICC

    • Jon

      Can I say it? Buhari

    • chiemex

      is there icc in the grave?

    • Julius

      Aint read “LOL” at the end of that sentence. Try again.

    • Godfrey John

      The two bs , buhari and burutai

  • AryLoyds

    Fake News !

  • Rollingdollar

    105 days in London hospital, no bombing, no pipeline explosion, no civilian casualties, no herdsmen attack! Now he’s back and civilians are getting killed, journalist are being attached, Fulani herdsmen have resumed killings and the python is dancing on a peaceful South East. Oh God hurry and pass judgment on this evil man.

    • abodes_124

      he will surely get his just rewards


        He is already in the throes of a shameful exit from this planet hence he wants to spill as much blood as possible and leave the country in a divided chaos !!

      • Godfrey John

        amen iseeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    • Godfrey John

      This thing is a blood sucking vampire


    Buhari is an inferior Sadam Hussein!

    The world must deal with him the same way NOW!



    • Julius

      lmaoooooooooo@Igbo soldier..una get parate soldiers too or the armed robbers calling themselves biafraud security force ? I was wondering where were they when those soldiers showed up. You too funny sir !


    An army of disgrace, they killed almost 1000 Shiites and buried secretly, they killed unarmed Biafran youth and stole the bodies from mortuaries at Onitsha, they are behind forced disappearances of hundreds of Nigerians , they are good in committing atrocities and hiding evidence hence they attacked pressmen on legitimate duties. The truth is that they were acting on instructions and this promise to punish the rampaging thugs will never happen, in fact they will all be promoted .

    • Julius

      Was Buhari also responsible for the dead Igbo bodies that were discovered flowing down the river in biafraud during the Jonathan administration ? Tawanda, soldiers misbehave during operations which doesn’t make it right. I can give you some examples in some so called advanced countries but, it will be a waste of time because of your fixation on Buhari. I do agree that those soldiers responsible must be punished.

    • Godfrey John

      burutai and his cabals will die a misrable deaths.

  • U. K. Charles

    First and foremost, the zombie military must be made to pay for all they destroyed, both personal and official properties, at the NUJ office ! Then prosecute the hooligans directly involved in this wanton invasion!!! It high time Nigerian military learn from the Israeli military.


    I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that when Buhari dies even the vultures will reject his carcass. What a stinking evil man. So accustomed to violence, killings and bloodletting he orders the Army to attack and kill defenseless unarmed civilians in such crude savagery as never seen in recent history. What a shame.

    BUT I blame the Governors of the East. What are you people (Eastern Governors) waiting for? Why are you dumb? Why allow the demented mind to unleash this calamity on your people and you look on? Arent you theCHIEF SECURITY officers of your states anymore? Instead of you to order a TOTAL SIT AT HOME by ALL workers in your state to protest military invasion and occupation you are busy putting curfews in place. Curfews will only help the useless military to succeed. What you should do is order a sit at home by ALL workers UNTIL the animals (Nigerian Military) leave the Eastern region. Period. I hope IPOB is reading this. A sit at home order until Nigerian Military return to their miserable barracks. Thank You.

    Meanwhile, in my Niger Delta, we expect the freedom fighters to begin to bloe up pipelines here and there in solidarity until the Nigerian Army leaves Biafra.

    • Julius

      Tell me what happened when Ojukwu died .

    • Godfrey John

      Yes these kamels, jackals and hyenas do not hear any other language other than force.

  • thusspokez

    The soldiers who participated in the assault on journalists in Umuahia today, Tuesday, will face disciplinary actions for their “unfortunate” misconduct, the Nigerian Army has said.

    “unfortunate” to be reported in the news or what? Anyway, I hope that the NUJ and the employers of the journalists assaulted see to it that the army kept its promise of disciplinary action, otherwise the matter would be swept under the carpet, and the assault repeated.

    • SamPsalm

      The military is evolving. We need to hold their feet to the fire by documenting abuses.


      Same for the Police. Same for customs. Same for immigrations. Same for every units of governments.

      We cannot continue giving them get out of jail free cards by tarring them with tainted hues of their adventurists past. We do that, we lose. And the bad eggs keep winning.

      We need to start behaving as if we own the military: as if they are part of the Nigerian society – not they against us. That is the way to get themselves to submit to accountability frameworks as everyone of us must

  • Julius

    Good, punish the errant soldiers ! This is what they do and when there is no consequence they keep doing it. Smh..imagine beating a woman and stipped her naked broad daylight in Lagos.

  • Godfrey John

    The nigerian soldiers are untrained. the only thing they do best is to kill. that is why the zoological republic will never succeed as a nation.what do you expect from zoo ? Aisha buhari even confirmed that nigeria is zoo filled with wild animals.we see the evidence on day to day .