Buhari decries handling of Paris Club refund by governors

Pic 25. President Muhammadu Buhari (r) in a handshake with the the Chairman Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Samuel Ohiri during a meeting of the President with members of the National Council of Traditional Rulers at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Monday (11/9/2017)
04815/11//9/2017/Callistus Ewelike/NAN
Pic 25. President Muhammadu Buhari (r) in a handshake with the the Chairman Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Samuel Ohiri during a meeting of the President with members of the National Council of Traditional Rulers at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Monday (11/9/2017) 04815/11//9/2017/Callistus Ewelike/NAN

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday met with members of the National Council of traditional rulers and decried the way the Paris Club Refund was spent by some state governors.

The federal government had on May 4 released details of the second tranche of Paris Club refund to States totalling N243. 795 billion.

The refund is in respect of over-deductions on Paris Club, London Club Loans and Multilateral debts between 1995 and 2002.

The President, who met with the traditional rulers at the new Banquet hall, Presidential Villa, Abuja frowned at the inability of the affected state governments to pay the retirement benefits and outstanding salaries of workers with the payment of the refund.

“We have to digress this much because I would like to convince you that I’m living with the problems of this country day-by-day, and mostly those of the ordinary people,” Mr. Buhari said.

“There are Nigerians that haven’t been paid for six months; there are Nigerians that have not been paid their retirement benefits for years.

“I’m appealing to the governors, (that was why we voted money, we borrowed money), please make sure anybody under you, pay them because most of them depend on that salary to pay rent, school fees.’’

He pledged that his administration would continue to do its best in executing developmental projects to uplift the standard of living of all Nigerians irrespective of their geo-political backgrounds.

The president noted with delight that the country would be witnessing bumper harvest across the country, this year.

He said the bumper harvest was as a result of the prayers of Nigerians which was graciously answered by God.

“We are lucky, last year and this year, the rainy season was good. If it were not good, I’m confiding in you, which country shall I run to? But God answered the prayers of most Nigerians.

“The rainy season last year was good, this year, from the reports I’m getting, it is good. We thank God for that, only God can do that for us otherwise there would have been lot of problems in this country.

President Buhari thanked the traditional rulers for their continued prayers and support to the government and urged them not to relent in efforts toward ensuring peace and stability in their respective domains.

He enjoined them to continue to educate their people on the need to ensure the continued survival of Nigeria as a geo-political entity.

Earlier in his remarks, the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, said the traditional rulers were in the Presidential Villa to wish the president and the country well and to express their unflinching support for the administration.

He, however, challenged the president to tight up his belt in the discharge of his responsibilities for the betterment of the country.

The Sultan reassured that the traditional rulers would continue to pray for the good health of the president as well as peace and prosperity of the country.

The Sultan also expressed the willingness of the traditional rulers to continue to partner with the government in the fight against corruption and other social vices in the country.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that six traditional rulers, one from each geo-political zone of the country, spoke at the occasion where they reassured the support of their zones for the Buhari administration as well as the continued existence of Nigeria as one country.

The Lamido of Adamawa, Barkindo Mustapha, who spoke on behalf of the North-East traditional rulers, also offered special prayer for God to continue to give the president good health to enable him deliver on his promises to Nigerians.



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  • aboki

    The Governors are left alone unchecked concerntrating on FG on every issues despite the constitutional roles on their subjects as stipulated.
    Many states are owning workers salaries of several months and retirement benefit but our so-called activist are mute chasing shadow.
    They got their allocation from Federation Account accordingly and as when due from FG every month .
    The WAILERS may not comment because of sentiments or hatred inbuilt on PMB person and the government of the day.
    Let us shame the devils and tell the truth.

    • Gary

      As the foremost leader of theAPC how much influence has President Buhari exerted on the Governors of the party involved in the scandalous diversion and theft of the Paris Club Refunds?
      Is the President unaware that the leader of the delegation, His Eminence the Sultan of Sokoto had a whopping N700m of the Sokoto State refund allocated to buying him a so-called Guest House in Abuja? And Governor Yari of Zamfara involved in skimming money to build himself a hotel in Lagos?

      The preponderance of current Governors are members of the President’s own party rubbishing his directive about prioritizing the payment of workers’ salaries and pensions.
      Would be nice if they could at least draw some distinction with their PDP counterparts in that regard.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Gary, used to feel you shoot straight from the hips and took no prisoners, but that illusion has long been removed.

        Presumably, your objective critique conveniently excludes the likes of Fayose and other PDP Governors who have simply stolen their funds.

        Forget about preponderance when it’s almost an even hand of thieves. Anything other approach is excusing perfidy under the cloak of partisanship.

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          Gary has shot straight from the hips, as usual, and he ain’t excluding ‘the likes of Fayose and the PDP governors’. He asked a very pertinent question :”since the preponderance of current governors are from the president’s own party… “? What has the president, as the national leader of his party, done to ensure strict compliance by these crooked governors?
          You have a point too, though, about the even hand of thieves. If the President and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces can’t protect us from this band of thieves, we really need to be prayerful then . My two penny

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Bruv, the problem of the Governors cannot be addressed by Buhari.

            It’s an unpleasant fact of democracy and the “federal constitution” we profess.

            Thieving governors can only be chastised at State level, but who’ll bell the cat?

        • Gary

          My point above was that given the propensity of the PDP Governors for corruption (for which voters punished them in 2015), one would have expected Buhari to exert some influence on the APC Governors to be different in handling public funds. But alas, they have shown no distinction in the disbursement of the Paris Club Refunds. Despite the President’s open appeal to prioritize the payment of outstanding salaries and pensions arrears.
          I was not attempting to cover up for the known thieves and rascals of the PDP, just disappointed that the APC is showing itself to be no different.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Thanks for your rejoinder, Gary.

            I am a Buharist, so I guess you have an idea which way my pendulum would swing on this matter.

            My point is that this is a federation and as such, leave PMB somewhat helpless. Say, for example, Fayose is an irritant, he also belongs to PDP and a lot of us believes he has criminal / corruption cases unresolved from his first stint at government house and he’s still owing his state workers money. All these makes him a perfect target for vengeance by the Presidency or PMB, but he is still being given what his state deserves. I trust you get the drift, Bruv?

            Now, to take it further. We all know that there are only a handful of purists in the APC ranks and the vast majority of the others are simply political brigands. I won’t name names.

            But if they were willing to band together to install their arrowheads in the NASS at the very inception of this government, against the Party wishes, need I say more about these people with personal agendas?

            Lastly, these and the recent series of events within the government and APC doesn’t disappoint me any longer. I crossed that threshold when Baba Oyegun emerged as the APC Chairman.

            The rest, as they say, is history.

    • Ndidi

      President Buhari knows he needs the NASS especially the Senate on his side for the fight against corruption to succeed. Yet, when the rotten Saraki and Dogara cheated their way into leadership positions of the two houses, the President just sidon look.

  • G.O. Sajia


    Muhamadu Buhari is the most useless president Nigeria has ever had. When invited to meet with
    officials of the U.S government in 2015, after a few months of taking over, all the sense Buhari took
    to Washington D.C was to tell the then U.S president on live television that there were plentiful rains
    in Nigeria (in 2015) and that he was happy to report imminent bountiful harvest – which of course,
    never happened all through the year 2016, as prices of foodstuff instead rose 300% beyond the
    purchaing power of 90% of Nigerians, especially after the same Buhari devalued the national
    currency (Naira) by 64% and expected his illusive plentiful harvest to remain at same price.
    Like a broken record, two years after, Buhari took the microphone to sing the same song:

    “We are lucky this year that
    last year and this year the rainy season is good. If it were not good I must
    confide in you that I was considering which country to run to. “But God
    answered the prayers of many Nigerians the rainy season last year was good and
    this year with the report I’m getting is good. We thank God for that otherwise
    there would have been a lot of problems in this country. But God answered

    the prayers of many Nigerians the rainy season last year was good and
    this year with the report I’m getting is good. We thank God for that

    otherwise there would have been a lot of problems in this country,”
    the rainfall-wishing President Buhari told traditional rulers in Abuja,
    as if rain-watching is all a president is supposed to do to promote
    the welfare of the people without thinking or doing anything.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      You are supposed to be sensible in your address. Your opening statement shows how s2pid you are. It shows how poorly and uncultured background you have been brought up. Your president is useless, wait,your hatred for this God sent will not harm him in the list,rather,it will only complicate of compound your heart problems. I chose to address you because you have been befoooled by your narrow mind that has made you think you were sensible with your vituperation.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Quite very sad that state governors, collected the first batch of London/Paris Club loan,s refunds and looted the huge funds.Again, second batch of London/Paris Club loan,s refunds were released in August,2017, still state governors, especially, Ondo State, governor Rotimi Akeredolu, fails to expedite action and release for payment the outstanding pension and civil servants, salary and pension-payment in order to ease poverty and suffering of Ondo State pensioners and civil servants and boost the domestic economy of Ondo State.
    Just like former Ondo State, governor Dr Olusegun Mimiko, a close-friend of governor Rotimi Akeredolu, whom governor Rotimi Akeredolu, refuses to invite EFCC to investigate the collection of Federal bail-out funds from president Muhammadu Buhari, and first batch of London/Pari Club loans refund which Dr Olusegun Mimiko, collected and looted early 2016 and November/December,2016, without paying any part of pension and civil service arrears outstanding till the expiration of his tenure on February 23,2017.Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, refuses to invite EFCC to investigate and recover our huge looted public funds by Dr Olusegun Mimiko, because, governor Rotimi Akeredolu, too intends to steal and loot as well as embezzle, our state funds and asset to enrich himself without any future challenge from any quarter.

  • Arabakpura

    Sokoto state governor gave some portion to the Sultan for a needless Abuja house while citizens go hungry and a lot are out of school!

  • thusspokez

    President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday met with members of the National Council of traditional rulers and decried the way the Paris Club Refund was spent by some state governors.

    President Muhammadu Buhari is 100% responsible for this mess. How dare he doesn’t blame himself for his gross mismanagement of the fund?

    When his government was giving away the money, I expressed my total shock (in my comments on Nigerian website) that the money were being distributed without any strike conditions, guidelines under which the money should be spent, and penalties for any misuse. What did President Buhari expect?

  • Kenny

    Absolutely sure PMB doesn’t have the balls and intellectual capacity to move our nation-building enterprise to the next level.

    • Baba B

      You or your father should have stepped out and still should in 2019. Olodo!

  • Ezekiel

    And they are clamouring for restructuring when they can’t run the small states correctly greedy governors with the exception of few.

  • chinedu

    Good statements from the president. This sounds like the ordinary citizen. But the fact I know about pensions is that my octogenarian father’s discussions today is about ninety percent of the time the refusal of the federal government to pay his pension in the last eight years. He torments himself and us the children with this constant query on why they have refused to pay him. Despite the fact that over ten letters have been written by this old man to the federal pensions office,the best reply he has gotten was two years ago when someone called his phone from purportedly the pensions office requesting for #80,000 to help facilitate the payment of the backlog. Countless enquiries from lawyers and other associates have gone without responses. My point here is that even the federal government is very much guilty of what the president is talking about. I will want the president to adhere to what the holy book advised where it asked people to remove the log in their eyes before removing the speck in another man’s eyes.

  • Konkolo

    Vagabonds in power. Most of these so called State Governors/Local Govt. Chairmen were hungry men with no known means of income before trusting them into position of authority. What is expected is what we are seeing from most of them now. Embezzling the peoples’ money with reckless abandon with no one to check-mate them. Nigeria has been killed and we all awaiting the burial date. It shall never be well with all those that stole our national wealth from 1960 to date.