DISCLAIMER NOTICE: The Pervasive Online Impersonation of the PREMIUM TIMES Brand and Identity

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The attention of the Management of Premium Times Services Limited, publishers of PREMIUM TIMES newspaper (www.premiumtimesng.com) has been drawn to the continuous activities of impostors and fake news websites attempting to impersonate our brand and identity, while seeking to pass off suspicious, if not disreputable, content to the public as emanating from PREMIUM TIMES.

We are a very ethical organisation with a clearly defined mandate and principled ethos hinged on delivering the highest standard of socially reliable news and information to the public. As such, we urge all our readers to be a lot more wary – particularly in these times of the endemic infestation of fake news – of news and information coming from a number of dishonourable sources, attempting to imitate our name and brand identity. They are trying to thrive on and create confusion through the inflections of our name – in barely noticeable form – and/or visual character.

To avoid being misled in terms of the origin of any news and information being circulated and bearing resemblance to our identity, kindly scrutinise the URL of any such news or information claiming to be from “PREMIUM TIMES” carefully. Ours is www.premiumtimesng.com, and all the links to our stories are extensions of this primary address.

We are neither “Premium Times News” (www.premiumtimesngr.com), nor “Premium Times International” (www.premiumtimesinternational.com), or any other such rash manifestation, some of which brazenly – yet criminally – appropriate the outlook of our social media pages. An instance of this is the Facebook page of the fraudulent “Premium Times News” whose URL, https://www.facebook.com/nyesomwike2015/, betrays the details of a known Nigerian politician, even as it illegally displays our logo.

The addresses of our authentic social media pages, serving as channels for the distribution of our content, have been and remain:

Equally, our associated web URLs include:

Any other URL laying claim to being a source of genuine PREMIUM TIMES content beyond those listed above is nothing but a illegal creation for the sole purposes of unlawful impersonation, and potentially illegitimate – and, we daresay, criminal – conduct.

As far as we are concerned, some of these news sources that have been trading through different clones of our brand identity, are also doing so in the malicious endeavours to deceive the public and create credibility issues for our noble profession, and platform.

As the time affirmed maxim goes, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”, please be perpetually cautious of news and information floating around in this post-truth age, while continually interrogating their rapidly metastasising origins, even as a number of them keep attempting to act or look like us.

At PREMIUM TIMES, we are primed to continually delivering on socially responsible journalism, whilst expanding the space for constant civic engagement with institutions and social processes.

We will also keep working with law enforcement to rein in on identity thieves and manipulators, whose ultimate aims are to misinform the public and profit from this, in manners that abuse our sacred mandate as a purveyor of truth and accountability.

Thank you.



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  • Papa_Oghworiodo


    How are you today? There is a little rain here, even last night too. Very cold a bit. But we are managing.
    The topic of today is FAKE NEWS by evil people doing very fake Premium Times of their own somewhere.
    Don’t be afraid, if it is not Premium Times it cannot be like Premium Times because your English is better.
    If it is Buhari’s people doing the other fake Premium Times, they cannot write the Queen English you write.

    Buhari himself did not go to school so much and that means he cannot copy you people with degrees.
    So, don’t be afraid of that, you hear me? You can hire America to help you catch them with CIA internet.
    Nowhere in this world that America cannot know with computer, even Warri here too, they already know.
    I am giving you this advice as an elder on how to catch fake news people, they are just like bush meat.
    They will run when they know that the hunter is coming with a big gun. Nigeria today is a fake country.
    Muhamadu Buhari spoilt everything with devaluation of the Naira and increase in petrol pump price.

    • Doctor Juris

      Premium Times Editor,

      Nigeria under Buhari: State of the Nation

      Fish rots from the head. Any government led by a Primary Six certificate holder
      can’t be sensible or thoughtful but brutish and ruinous. Were Muhamadu Buhari’s
      shambolic government in Nigeria itself less studded by morons it would be funny,
      rather than this tragic.

      Alas, with a retard like Lai Muhammed as Buhari’s Information Minister,
      a near-cretin who cannot yet logically explain how President Buhari’s ear
      infection led, inexorably, to blood transfusion for 103 days in London
      , but who
      continues to draw salary, nonetheless, for lacking in believability, the first qualification
      for the job, even as he’s surrounded by jaded creatures in his own image, such
      as 77-year-old Duro Onabule – who himself holds tight to a virtual sinecure
      post as N.T.A Chairman, but with nothing to show for it in the public interest;
      other than his own personal benefits, salary and allowances; whilst N.T.A rots
      into laughable mess, the Buhari government was virtually dead on arrival.

      Muhamadu Buhari does not know but neither does his mediocre cabinet know
      that secession by verbal declaration of self-government is lawful activity under
      current international law today, according to recent verdict of the International
      Court of Justice. A primeval government stuck in the olden days, which sends
      troops out to kill lawful agitators of secessionist self-determination, even in the
      course of a bogus show of force in Biafra, will risk jailing under international law
      as it stands.

      • Spyman29

        Is somebody like you that Premium Times are warning people about

      • Julius

        Damn, genius, what has Buhari got to do with PT ? You people are too funny !

    • Good Samaritas


      Are you saying Buhari has made Nigeria worse than he met it? If that is what you are saying nobody can disagree

      with that but if you say Buhari can change to become good all of a sudden, nobody can agree with you on that one.

  • Julius

    Hummmm, I’m wondering this might have something to do with the haters that label them a ‘yoro press’. Never know !

  • Jonathan

    Shame on you, Wike.

    • Mufu Ola

      Do Wike have anything to do with it? D fraudsters may have stolen his ‘identity’ also.