SHOCKING: Buhari’s minister, other officials spent N12 million to inspect ghost projects – Audit Report

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

Payments totalling N11,700, 000 were made by the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development to enable Minister, Aisha Alhassan, and some other staff members to embark on ‘familiarisation visits’ to unnamed skill acquisition centres in selected states in 2015, a report from the Auditor-General’s office has revealed.

Interestingly, part of the funds was spent on November 11, 2015, the day the minister was officially sworn-in.

The report which contains observations made on the underlying accounting records of ministries, departments and other agencies of government is the latest from the Auditor-General’s office.

According to the report, an “audit investigation established that the purported acclaimed appraisal visits to skill acquisition centres were never undertaken.”

Details of the report further show irregularities in payment processes, record keeping and dating of the said visits.

The audit committee observed that: ‘‘all the attached receipts for fuelling did not indicate quantity in litres, the rate per litre, dates of purchase and vehicle number of the fuelled vehicles.

”The International hotel receipt of 23/11/15 which was issued for the hiring of a mini-bus from a hotel to unnamed project sites rendered the receipts doubtful.

”Hiring of cars to Project Sites at ridiculous rates of between N75,000.00 and N77,000.00 for two days as appeared on receipts numbers 910 of 22/11/15, 107 of 24/11/15, 0416 of 27/11/15, 531 of 25/11/15, is contrary to exercise of the due economy in line with the provision of Financial Regulation 415.

More worrisome is the date which appeared on some of the receipts. Reports of the investigation by the audit committee revealed that part of the expenses for the verification visits was made on the day Mrs. Alhassan was sworn in.

”Receipt number 5206 of 11/11/2015, the date the Minister was sworn in by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and receipt number 11622 of 8th of November, 2015 with amount N100,000.00 respectively are not clear. The two receipts were for servicing of a vehicle two times within 3 days,’’ the report noted.

Following these irregularities and in the absence of any justifiable defence, the Auditor-General has mandated the ministry to refund the N11,700,000 to the federation account.

Mrs. Alhassan did not pick calls to her phone when PREMIUM TIMES tried to reach her for response to the report.

The 656-page audit report recently unearthed unsettling revelations when it said cumulative unremitted revenue from domestic crude oil sales by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, stood at about N3.878 trillion as at December 31, 2015.

The report, which formed part of the submissions in the 2015 Annual Audit Report of the Federal Government Account by the OAuGF, said the state–owned oil company withheld about N644.377 billion in 2015 alone.

The report also said that at least 44 assorted arms belonging to the Nigerian police could not be accounted for between 2013 and 2015, raising fears the weapons could have ended up in the wrong hands.


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  • Alkeyz Ironsi

    When you go agains buhari that is how you end up, If you have not made that comment your yarnsh for never open, I hope those praising buhari that his fighting corruption can see this, He is only fighting the opposition!!

    • brown charles

      Is Buhari the auditor General of the federation!!! Just looking for a way to insult the president

      • MilitaryPolice01

        I don’t subscribe to the President being insulted, but the question on every ones mind is: Why now ?
        Yes Buhari is not the Aud Gen but he is answerable to the President who he owes all his allegiances. You and I know that, so let’s not play that ‘Buhari is not the AG’ game

        • Daniel

          It is a waste of time responding to Brown. He prefers to be an ostrich on serious issues.

      • Frank Bassey

        You must be from Fuji Island, not Nigeria.

  • Obi

    Make una killam the zoo government , bcoz she says the truth ,she no go rest again.this current government needs to be gathered as wheat against the grain.

  • Simon JEGGI

    The National Assembly should study the Audit report and take further action.This unwholesome acts of civil and public servants should not be condoned.

  • MilitaryPolice01

    With the aforementioned dates why was this not exposed earlier lol. Why is it now that the woman declared her allegiance to a rival. Lol this guys no de even try pretend sef.

  • Gary

    Last night the witch cried. This morning the baby died..coincidence?

  • GbemigaO

    Are we really serious in this country? If the woman did not speak against Buhari , would we have known about this. I wonder why people continue to talk and write of a purported fight against corruption. It is a farce ! Nobody arrested and convicted. It is all media noises. The money recovered , we do not know where they are , who has spent them and whom did they recovered them from! Is that how to fight corruption ? Really ?

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      we are not a serious people actually.
      And come what may, it’s just about to get messier.

    • PolyGon2013

      My friend. Try to understand this. This woman knew this was coming and she decided to pitch her tent with Atiku. She needs to resign. If the allegation were to be true, she will never win any election again (even at the state level) in Nigeria. She is gone.

      • Otile

        You are true to type. Yesterday you were hip-tied to her, today you have your daggers drawn to slash her throat. Omo odale kilo’se?

      • Kallah Bature

        I think you may be right. Your suspicion makes a lot of sense to me.

    • AryLoyds

      HAHAHA , Fight against Kwarapsion!
      Nepotism is Corruption.

  • Abdullah Musa

    That is why she disowned Buhari.
    We do not wish her well on the path of corruption.

    • Otile

      You are beginning to behave like a Yoruba, change with the wind.

      • Abdullah Musa

        Ekason Sir.

  • Frank Bassey

    When I argue that President Buhari is not as sincere as we project him, those who are acquaintance of evil will be calling me names. Why is it now that this report is exposed – a few days after the woman’s open confession of loyalty to her political godfather? That means, you can steal, loot, rob … and get protected so long you remain loyal to PMB. Our President is not sincere and that is why the so-called fight against corruption is a hoax. But, as I have been saying, NEMESIS must complete its circle.

    • PolyGon2013

      You got this wrong my friend. This woman knew in advance that this is coming. She decided to speak up first. She needs to resign immediately. She is not doing anything now anyway.

      • Frank Bassey

        So, you are privy to classified information like this? Was she the one that arranged for the BBC interview? How come that an offense committed in 2015 is taking this long to unveil? If you know the antics of this government, that is the pattern. Can’t you see what is happening in the Police? Because Senator Isah Misau exposed IGP, Police is now declaring him AWOL seven, I repeat, seven years after he voluntarily and honourably disengaged. Didn’t you hear that Police Service Commission cleared him? Why is IGP insisting he did not disengage properly? Have you forgotten the case of Senator Saraki and Godswill Orubebe whose assets declaration had to be revisited? My consolation is that NEMESIS is at work.

  • danlami adamu

    Haba so soon the useless unverified worthless damaging and paid for stories have started emerging about AISHA JUMMAI from attempted suicide chibok girl to this worthless piece.. Its uselesd

  • thusspokez

    More worrisome is the date which appeared on some of the receipts. Reports of the investigation by the audit committee revealed that part of the expenses for the verification visits was made on the day Mrs. Alhassan was sworn in.

    Hmmm! I welcome every report to unearth corruption, but my mind was wondering if I would be reading this part of the Audit report had this woman not openly confessed her loyalty to Atiku and disloyalty to Buhari.

    Anyway, this is politics and rightly so! Politics is dog-eat-dog business. And if you break ranks as this naive woman had done, expect your opponents to even throw the kitchen sink at you.

    Who knows, the EFCC might even start making noise about investigating her, and unearth her as the APC own ‘Diezani Alison-Madueke’.

    Of course, she would cry foul and even claim sex discrimination. But just remember dear that you brought it upon yourself. You can eat and talk at the same time — it is just rude manners. They will come after you and discredit you and by extension, Atiku — showing the sort of crooks who support his presidential aspiration.

    • El-batuta

      Have you considered the possibility that she knew the government would take action against her, and she went to press first to give the impression that you already have?

      • PolyGon2013

        That was exactly my thought. I stated earlier that she may have gotten the advanced knowledge of this report, and she decided to opt out before it is too late. Alhassan should resign. If I were her boss, I would fire her. Anyway, she is not doing anything in this position now. She needs to go.

        • share Idea

          Did you have this kind of feeling when Sanusi was criticizing last administration – hypocrite

          • Al

            Sanusi Lamido case is different from mama Taraba, find out plz

          • PolyGon2013

            Did you see any of my comment then? Besides, CBN governor position is way different from being a minister. They are supposed to finish their term, but the president can decide to renew or reject his appointment. If I were GEJ, I would also funderstand ways to relieve the CBN governor of duty. You don’t undermine your boss in executive position. If you disagree with your boss openly, then it is time for you to leave the company. You are the hypocrite.

          • share Idea

            I take back my earlier comment if you claimed not to have supported Sanusi then in his open confrontation of government he was working with.

            I am not against people working in a government privately making suggestion or criticism to appropriate quarters. Like you said, once someone serving in a government or organisations openly display disloyalty to head of the organisation or government, such person needs to resign.

          • PolyGon2013

            I also took back my comment on calling you an hypocrite. Have a nice day.

  • Folahan

    I think the president needs to equally show us what he has spent on his medical trip for us to believe that he is genuine.

    • share Idea

      When discerning minds like us criticized this administration that it was only going after its enemies people called us names, now, this minister have said something positive against someone that is eyeing Buhari’s position, PT just remembered that audit report revealed untoward transactions.

      Can PT reveal to us what is contained in GRASS-CUTTING probe report

    • Would you like to know precisely how much GEJ spend on food, afterall his wife became very fat, during his presidency.

  • One remarkable thing about the advent of the Social media is that it created millions of armed chair political and social critics. Some are well informed, others are damned right hopeless; but the common denominator in similarity is the ability to vent your spleen, no matter how directed or misdirected it may be.
    The president was recently lamenting on how the Social media have cross the “boundary” in criticizing his administration. Three days ago, Professor Jibril Aminu alleged that it was fake news that caused the 1966 Civil war! On inception of this government, Buhari threw a gauntlet of challenge to the Nigeria press in this heading:
    “Buhari replies critics: I have declared my assets four times since 1974”
    The Nigerian press, the Fourth Estate of the Realm have been as powerful, fearless, investigative and dependable as you can get. Remember Nigerian journalists put their lives in danger and squared up to the evil and lawless dictatorships of Babangida and Abacha. Dele Giwa was silenced by the Babangida regime. That did not stop the press from publishing. President Buhari has now thrown the gauntlet to the responsible press to do what they are put in this planet to do – Investigate, corroborate and publish. The president has said he has declared his assets four times. If the press think he is fibbing, then they should come out and prove him wrong with evidence. Unduly incisive and gutter journalism would not do it for us. If the Nigerian press think that the President has more heads of cattle than he has declared, he has now dared them to go to Kaduna and do the head count themselves. If the Nigerian press think that out of the 48 illegally operated federated account that there is one in the President’s name, and then they should tell us. The press can also dig deep to cross check whether the President has a nice little bank account tucked out somewhere in faraway Swiss bank. He has declared that he has no foreign bank account. This should be our expectation instead of giving valuable space to some disgruntled and has-been self –obsessed individuals to keep questioning and disparaging the President and his Deputy’s asset declaration. They have declared their assets. Let other public officials follow suit and let us separate the wheat from the chaff.
    Today, the press have disclosed that a “656-page audit report recently unearthed unsettling revelations when it said cumulative unremitting revenue from domestic crude oil sales by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, stood at about N3.878 trillion as at December 31, 2015”
    And “Government Ministers and bogus officials spent N12 million to inspect ghost projects” If all these phony ministers has honestly declared their assets from onset, just like the President did, and if thieves are punished from stealing from our common wealth, then, Nigeria would have begun on a right part to greatness.

    • Chuma Anierobi

      You are not sincere. There is no free speech now in Nigeria. It was there some years ago. Remember what happened to that lawyer at the air port in Lagos on his return from the US? How many journalists had been arrested since APC took over? Say what does not favour this admin and see what will happe n to you.

    • share Idea

      Please can you share a link where Buhari’s assets declaration was published just like Yaradua and GEJ. Buhari’s SA released a list that says he has several cars – how can CCB verify several cars.

      Buhari is the most lying president to have governed Nigeria.

      • Uzoma John

        Liar. When did GEJ publish or made his asset declaration Public? As VP or as President? How does the slogan “I don’t give a damn” come about? You guys won’t stop to amaze. I have sent you links to PMB’s asset declaration but PremiumTimes is keeping them on hold. Devil’s advocate.

        • share Idea

          GEJ made his assets public as VP, and refused to declare it publicly when he was president.

          GEJ told everyone that he does not believe in public declaration of assets, that he did as VP because Yaradua asked him to do it.

          Contrast with Buhari who promised to declare his assets and prevail on people associated/working with him to do same – yet, he has never for one day tried to apologies for not keeping that promise.

          Waiting for Buhari to publicly declare his assets would be like waiting for him to show us his non existing WASC

        • Otile

          Lair, show me where Jonathan made himself Minister of Petroleum and drew the salary therefrom as Buhari is doing now.

          • Uzoma John

            He was Petroleum Minister by proxy – Deziani was looting also on his behalf. We are waiting for the confession of the century. Anyway, the topic is not about Petroleum Minister. You are a distraction.

      • Gbola

        When we asked GEJ to publish his asset declaration forms, he looked us dead in the eye, pompously and callously told us “I Don’t Give A Damn”.

        • John Graves

          And your incorruptible sai baba looked you dead in your muthafuckin eyes and declared a hut in Daura and 100 cows, dumpy. Hope you contributed your 2-cents to assist your dear leader purchase his APC application forms, cheese dick.

    • Talk of a rumbling uninformed and a revisionist i d i o t

  • Shahokaya

    Why won’t this woman wish for an Atiku Abubakar presidency?

  • Kamoru

    She declared her support only a day or two ago for Atiku.

    Is this a case Senator Misau versus IGP?

    • Gbola

      Obviously it takes longer than one day to carry out such investigation.

      Don’t you think she had advance knowledge of this investigation and tried to pull a fast one knowing the public would believe the entire exercise to be “Witch-hunting”.

      • Kallah Bature

        Yes the time is extremely short.May be a query was sent to her for explanation two days ago.She decided to answer same by voicing her support for Atiku. If this allegation is true,then Atiku will do himself lots of good by distancing himself from her support.

      • Daniel

        You are ready to eat Buhari’s pupu anyday.

        This blackmail is too obvious for you to buy.

        What shall we then say of Fashola and co?

        I pity you and your dumb likes.

        • princegab

          That the presidency waited until now , is a corruption in itself. Reactionary forces could not stop pmb but end up hijacking him. Now they are bent as hell to stop Atiku.

          • Daniel

            We shall stop an incapacitated dude from leading is to the abyss.

            We are on the brink already.

      • princegab

        But my brother, 11million is a joke. Why wait till now? Mtn bribe 500 million naira, pmb simply laughed it off.

        • Gbola

          Perhaps she caught wind of the investigation and beat them to the media space.

          Its a nice strategy if that’s the case.

          • princegab

            Her only sin is for talking too early that pmb not going for the 2nd term.
            1st lady made similar declaration last year though.
            She might not be aware of 11 millions embezzlement in her ministry until audit. Meagre amount to warrant shelter for a minister, moreover a “daughter of the soil”

  • PolyGon2013

    Well, it appears that this woman had an advance knowledge of this report. It is no wonder that she declared her support for Atiku. Alhassan, is better off resigning now.

    • Factsayer

      Story. Only 11 million. If na only 11 million ministers overspent we won’t even have any problem . This is blackmail

    • Akpobu

      Please think!!!!!!!!

      • onome Y.J.

        He is a well-known Buhari e-rat and die-hard apologist. Telling him to think is like asking as stone to think

  • Factsayer

    Only 11 million? Common Tinubu aide can steal 11 million in 1 minute.
    11 million is no news

  • Rollingdollar

    Some fools will still believe Buhari is fighting corruption. Grass cutter and rat infested government.

    • Iskacountryman

      apc na real rats…

    • princegab

      If pmb is not fighting against corruption you wouldn’t have heard all these going-on, sir.

      • Yego V

        Can you also request them to be transparent about Buhari’s health pilgrimage. That is anti corruption display

        • princegab

          Not necessary after all, it’s personal health matters but it left doors opened for speculations.
          If i were the President, i will open up even if it was poisoning by whoever.

    • Yego V

      I’m waiting to see a publication on the contract award for RAT Cleansing; if any.

  • FreeNigeria

    Ok she spent 11m, APC just discovered this after she pledged allegiance to thief thief Atiku? Let’s get the same report on other ministers before we start throwing stones at her.

  • Al

    Every action has a reason, for mama Taraba from all indications her outburst has a link to this report or something more criminal. Anyhow the show is interesting one, we are watching.

    • Akpobu

      You are suffering from a disease known as APC lie lie

      • Oladele

        I think it has more to do with the permsec than her. You couldnt have access to money same day you were sworn-in!

        • emmanuel

          This is the best shallow APC strategist can put up.

  • joelaw

    It is incredible the way some Nigerians rationalize issues. Good, as somebody suggested, may be it was after she pledged allegiance to Atiku that this fact came out, fine, but what matters is that the facts came out. The real test for the President is to see how the government reacts to the situation. No matter how this is sliced and diced a rebuke and sanction meted to this presumed “thief” will serve as deterrent to others, otherwise Buhari will not be different from GEJ in this instance. If proven true, every serving ministers tenure and stewardship should be critically checked before disengagement. It is mind boggling that majority of Nigerians see every position of trust not as a privilege to serve a nation but rather see it as a position to steal and feather their nests it is a shame. When i see potential ministers fight for “JUICY” ministries, i begin to wonder what has juice got to do with demonstration of sound stewardship and integrity. We are in serious trouble as a nation, until the collective force of the ruled checkmate this reckless act, why can’t people separate government money from private money.

    • Akpobu

      Jonathan is a cut above Buhari in terms of integrity as some of his appointees had been held accountable for wrong doing during his reign. Mention one APC person that was indicted, prosecuted or sacked for obvious corruption case

      • Onike24

        Jonathan above Buhari in terms of intergrity? Are you people for real?

        • emmanuel

          Buhari has no integrity. If he was a truthful man, how come this report was not released to the press until the woman technically called on Nigerians to ask that Buhari resign?
          You are just an oni jé ku jé commentator. It is good as long as you benefit from a dying system ; by your own ‘definition’.
          TSA is bleeding, EFCC recovered loots have grown wings, his men (male and female) have dug trenches around Nigeria treasury, Ikoyi apartment money and the balance $242 million have been swept under the carpet.
          If you have a drop of integrity in you, ask for accountability.
          Since TSA is a single window account unit, it would be a test if integrity if drawings from it is published monthly

          • Onike24

            You question my integrity? This is the same poster who defended Jonathan, Diezani and still does? Trying to find a moral equivalence between Buhari and Jonathan is a fools errand stop wasting your time!

          • Akpobu

            Unfortunately for you, it is quite incomparable, as I still maintain that Jonathan is much better than Buhari when it comes to integrity. You can say all you want about Jonathan but atleast he declared his asset and your hero Buhari refused to. He believed and respected nigerians as can be seen in his actions but your Buhari has lost every vestige of respect for us as a country and as such he is always ready to denigrate the image of this country whenever he wishes to. Do not forget the thieves are still there in this administration. Next time you question people’s morality and integrity, please come out with evidence and stop being cunning

          • Onike24

            I can’t even….

      • Yego V

        Do you really think before writing? And if you do; you are ok with ANY compromise of integrity. Your concern is the Magnitude! wow

        • Akpobu

          Hypocrite, go and sit down. You see a man who has defined corruption in everything he does and you are here pontificating

          • Yego V

            I hope you’ll come back to brief us on your SGF, the grass cutter. Don’t forget the “rat eradication” contract !

    • FirecloudOFGOD

      Would the facts have come out if she continued to grovel before Buhari? Hypothetical though the question is, Buhari’s government should not hide under the canopy of probity to do what it needs to do.

    • thisnigeria

      There is just too much money at the center where supervision is practically inexistence. Projects which are better executed by the state or even local government are being executed and supervised by the Federal government that is far and removed from the project site. Most times, the locals do not know anything about the contract until after it has been paid for without execution. This is why people are talking about devolution of power.

  • dimgba

    That’s buhari’s way of fighting kwarapshian.

  • Daniel

    Arrant trash for brainwashed Buhari fanatics!

    So once you tell Buhari the truth about his incompetence, you are declared corrupt?

    Blackmailing the woman this way is too cheap and obvious.

    Those fighting mama Taraba are only benefiting from Buhari’s cluelessness.

  • realist

    Almost all buhari’s ministers are due for replacements with credible people. They were appointed on the basis of ethnic affiliations. Most of them are PDP apologists but are there because they belong to the North at the expense of those who really worked for the party. Now that they want the woman out they are exposing what is the common denominators for all of them. Or how will Amechi and the rest recoup the money they spent to install Buhari. We are not fools.

    • Yego V

      That’s not what Buhari told us: He waited six months to appoint the BEST. And that’s what you have: BEST Liars: BEST Sports Dumbs; BEST …..

  • The Rt. or Lft. Hon NinjaK

    The usual Nigerian stupidity!
    Suddenly the Auditor General has awoken from his slumber – and his 1st choice of Ministry to probe “just happens” to be Alhassan’s Ministry of Women Affairs? Lets wait and see what will be discovered by the same Auditor General in places like Transportation, Works/Power/Housing, Agric, et al. Crazzzy people!

  • Mizch

    Just because she indicated her interest to support another presidential candidate in 2019 and her sins are revealed. Any person perceived to disagree with Buhari-APC is corrupt.

    • Baba B

      And why are you not thinking she hurriedly made that statement knowing fully well that the auditor general’s report will indict her? Just thinking oh! Because you can’t put anything past the average Nigerian politician especially when it comes to playing the ethnic, religious or victim card.

      • Mizch

        You are free to think that way too.

      • Carl Robshaw

        The lady is financially solid with a net worth that would make any suggestion that she is remotely connected to the ‘scandal laughable.

    • john


  • princegab

    Atiku’s campaign handlers should pick it up from here , start reaping sympathy votes.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Would the facts have come out if she continued to grovel before Buhari? Hypothetical though the question is, Buhari’s government should not hide under the canopy of probity to do what it needs to do. Half way through a process. most serious institutions or governments evaluate their progress and make appropriate adjustment of policy, direction or resources (man and material), in order to continue to deliver.
    Based on her action so far, whether Aisha is corrupt or not, there is no reason waiting for day after tomorrow before asking her to tender in her resignation or be sacked, as long as she has stopped seeing eye to eye with her boss! We should not read meanings to a meaningless publication that does not in anyway implicate Aisha. For example the paper reports: “Interestingly, part of the funds was spent on November 11, 2015, the day the minister was officially sworn-in.” What is interesting? I will say it is ridiculous to imply that Aisha had anything to do with what happened BEFORE she came into office.

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      The facts may not have come out just as you implied. The truth is there are so many of these shenanigans going on, so only very few of them get treated at a time. Even the press was not looking at her direction for anything. Now, she has drawn undue attention to herself by speaking without thinking. She has attracted all sorts of attention, including yours and mine. The press is hard at work, and believe me, for many of these people, all you have to do is look and you shall find.

      • FirecloudOFGOD

        I guess you are right; at least for most of our fly by night politicians!

      • john

        The first paragraph implicates her. Get your head out of the sand. If this information was gotten through the investigations by the reporter, trust me it would be stated…

    • john


  • Omooba

    Attack dogs unleashed as in the case of Missau by IGP. We siddon dey look!

  • Ishaku isaac

    Why does anybody need a 656 page audit to track just N12m ??? Is it because the Honorable Minister has stuck out her head and publicly admitted that come 2019, she would vote for Atiku that they are now calling for her head?!

    • Sir Demo

      Part of the 2015 Annual Audit Report the article said

    • TOBBY777

      Her vote in 2014 for Atiku did not give him the apc ticket so her vote come 2019 wont give him the pesidency. WITHOUT LOVE, LIFE IS A MISTAKE.

      • Daniel

        You reason in a very awkward manner.

        Learn to process the information you receive.

    • chudi

      Well said bro. The ex-SGF who looted 100s of millions and they didn’t tell us the number of pages the Osibanjo led probe panel produced on him. The looter is still walking around freely

  • Tommy Soto

    I agree with many readers, Minister Alhassan should submit her resignation letter immediately, or be sacked. There’s know room for snakes, detractors, and alleged public corrupt officials in this administration. Ditto with SSS Director- General Daura. The guy is not on the same page with the historic loot and corruption fighters.

  • Comfortkay

    Now that mama Taraba has been nailed, she should leav the government.

  • musa aliyu

    Same difference

  • tsunami1earthquake

    The witch cried in the night and the baby died the next morning! A 2015 audit report has not been made public until now, the last quarter of 2017. And this report would have been gathering dust but for the recent dust Mama Taraba raised with only a slight whiff from her mouth.

    Other ministers will now be whipped into submission; they will not follow Mama Taraba’s way, otherwise their own skeleton in the cupboard would be unearthed.

    Who says this government is not as clean as a whistle? Say it and I shall throw you into jail. Just dare me!

    • Yego V

      You can imagine if ALL ministers and heads of parastatals are being audited. And if done, such reports should be made public. I guarantee that Liar Mo will be there to “defend” all. That’s what he’s been born to do. A government fighting corruption indeed. Can you imagine how long its taking Buhari to “read” the report of the SGF’s probe. Thank God it was not past regime of GEJ, the former SGF would have been in jail already.

  • TOBBY777

    Nigeria politicians and their funny ways. She is probably aware of the probe of his actions, she decided to rush to the public to support Atiku so that when she is call to question tomorrow, she will tell those that care to listen that she is being prosecuted for supporting Atiku. WITHOUT LOVE, LIFE IS A MISTAKE.

  • chudi

    Haha. This government has come to witch-hunt. What has happened to the ex-SGF who plundered 100s of millions of naira cutting grass

    • Yego V

      We are waiting anxiously. Remember FEC meeting was cancelled to receive the report. You’d expect that, by now some action/s taken. I said it before, that if Buhari survives 4 years, his regime would have recorded more scandal in compared to GRJ’s irrespective of the magnitude. Its already gone too far with Buhari himself spending one third of the year on medical pilgrimage that we don’t know the details neither do we have an audit, if we ever will.

  • chudi

    If you see a planted news paid for in brown envelopes, you’ll know. This is certainly one. Shame on Premium Times.

    • Yego V

      how ?


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  • Ahmed Tukur

    That’s why she’s looking for a new master. Because ; the goats have eaten large amount of yam.

  • ndemokon

    It sounds like witch-hunt. Why does it come out now? Any report on other MDA’s?

  • Du Covenant

    The title of this article in itself is wicked, why not mention the Minister involved from the start instead of the mallicious ‘Buhari’s Minister’?. These Ministers are not Buhari’s children, they were appointed in good faith by Buhari to serve the people honestly. For the benefit of the author of this article, old habits die hard and everyone knows that Buhari as an individual is trying his best but, Nigeria and its people is hopelessly a rotten society, if an official is found wanting, name that individual, bring the evidence up and demand that actions be taken rather than always blame or drag Buhari into the mud. Buhari and his deputy reduced their salaries, have the governors, senators etc changed their attitude or moved a finger follow the example Buhari has set?. If you have made up your mind not to see any good in the current Buhari leadership, please keep it to yourself afterall every journey begins with a step and stop the distractions!.

  • Pecee

    Is a shameful zoo govt of nig