Atiku cries out: Buhari, APC side-lined me after I helped win 2015 elections

Buhari and Atiku will contest for the presidential flag of the All Progressives Congress.
Buhari and Atiku will contest for the presidential flag of the All Progressives Congress.

A former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, on Wednesday said he had been side-lined by President Muhammadu Buhari’s government which he said he helped into power in 2015.

Mr. Abubakar’s accusations at the government came same day one of Mr. Buhari’s ministers, Aisha Alhassan, said she would support the former vice president even if Mr. Buhari runs for election in 2019.

PREMIUM TIMES reported how Mrs. Alhassan, the Minister for Women Affairs, told the BBC Hausa Service that Mr. Abubakar was her godfather and she would support him in the 2019 presidential elections even if Mr. Buhari seeks re-election.

In an interview on the Hausa Service of the Voice of America, VOA, Mr. Abubakar said he had been side-lined despite his efforts in making sure that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was defeated in 2015.

Speaking from Yola in Adamawa State where he celebrated the Eid-el- Kabir festival, Mr. Abubakar said, “Honestly speaking, I’m still a member of the APC; I was part of all the processes, including campaigns until success was achieved.”

“But sadly, soon after the formation of government; I was side-lined, I have no any relationship with the government, I’ve not been contacted even once to comment on anything and in turn, I maintained my distance. They used our money and influence to get to where they are but three years down the lane, this is where we are.”

He applauded the president on the successes recorded so far in the fight against Boko Haram, but said it was not yet time to celebrate and jubilate because a lot is yet to be done and “the ruling government had failed in many fronts.

“Yes, there were successes but not comprehensive success because the Boko Haram miscreants are still very active, killing our people and many local government councils in Borno and Yobe are under their firm grip. People cannot dare go back to their dwellings”

“This thing baffles me; I never imagined that Nigeria will fight a protracted battle with Boko Haram for five years. At a time, we fought the Biafra war, which was more complicated because of the terrain in the South but the Biafran soldiers were roundly subdued in 30 months. But here we are, fighting an endless battle with the Boko Haram and there’s no end in sight”.

On corruption, Mr. Abubakar said little was achieved, asking “How many people were arrested, prosecuted and jailed? How much was recovered from the looters?”

He also made reference to the achievement of the Olusegun Obasanjo administration, during which he was vice president, in recovering stolen funds.

“When we came on board in 1999, I remember we recovered between $4.5 and $4.7 billion from those that looted under (Late Sani) Abacha,” he said.


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  • Ade Omowest

    Go back to PDP, we all know you as a serial defector and perpetual presidential aspirant.

    • The facts

      Just like Buhari who serially defected and severally contested before he hit the jackpot this last election.

      • Ismail Jamal

        Mr the fact, when did Buhari defect. Even if Atiku has all the money in the world and the PDP ticket, he will never rule this country. He is a dreamer, let’s wait and see

        • The facts

          Buhari from APP to ANPP to CPC to APC. Atiku: Well, I remember some people saying Buhari will never rule this country as a civilIan president but here we are. Sir, in politics never rule anything out.

          • blackdove

            ANPP, yes. APC was a merger and not defection. Buhari left ANPP after they compromised and joined PDP government. You are talking about an extremely principled individual.

          • yukkmouff

            “You are talking about an extremely principled individual” – you must be having a laugh! How does one so principled end up in bed with the likes of Jagaban and Amaechi? My friend, GERRARA here!

          • The facts

            Please tell him. Can you imagine people saying Buhari is principled!

          • blackdove

            Jagaban is the most principled politician in today’s Nigeria as far as I’m concerned. Please tell me who Tinubu has betrayed or abandoned? We all remembered how Nuhu Ribadu and Atiku ended up jumping from one party to the other. Jagaban has been consistently in opposition until now.

          • babajide Balogun

            Tinubu betrayed Atiku to work for PDP’s Yar’Adua to be president in 2007. He betrayed Ribadu in 2011 for GEJ. What else does betrayal mean to you?

          • The facts

            Well, Atiku will also say that he was pushed out of PDP. Sir, forget about principled politicians in Nigeria we don’t have any. When it comes to grabbing power Nigerian politicians always throw principles out of the window.

        • Ayobanna Ikeanumba

          My brother, everything and anything are possible!

  • thusspokez


  • Liberty

    Your Excellency, you are still stuck in this ‘pady-pady’ mentality which has ensure that we move 3steps backwards for every step forward.

  • Anonymous

    Sir, i know you want to return to PDP, but first of all try to go to GEJ and apologise for being part of the walkout, for being part of removing PDP, Yes, it was political expediency but it will also be political expediency if GEJ and others block ur presidential ambitions in PDP. Some may see Atiku as a thief or corrupt but i beleive that in total, Atiku will still be a far better president and achieve more than Buhari, CUS THE TRUTH IS THAT EVERYONE AROUND BUHARI AND HIS KITCHEN CABINET KNOW HE IS A DULLARD AND SEMI-ILLITERATE, AND THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS, I AM NOT EVEN SURE BUHARI READS WHAT HE SIGNS, FORGET ALL THE FAKE HYPES, BUHARI IS JUST ANOTHER MUGU IN ASO ROCK AND SICKNESS AND WEAKNESS MAKES HIM MORE DEPENDANT ON THE CABAL. IT IS BETTER TO HAVE STRONG MINDED PERSONS LIKE OBASANJO AND ATIKU THAT MUGUS LIKE JONATHAN AND BUHARI. Just becasue of corruption war Buhari many demerit and failings are being hidden and excused Nigeri is also suffering for it.

    • KBE

      You all recall how GEJ humiliated or humbled himself to go personally to Atiku’s house in Yola to plead with him. The saga is an open affair how Atiku took advantage of that to humiliate the then President and the ruling party. He found new ‘friends’ and decided to set ablaze both old friends and house. It is a pity.

    • share Idea

      I wanted to upvote you till I read part of your comment that included GEJ as part of MUGUs which is not a fact.

      • PREITY

        LOL! I wanted to upvote him too, till he called GEJ a mugu. lol

      • Anonymous

        This ia an arguement you cannot win, amongst the presidents Nigeria has ever had, GEJ was the biggest mugu, u are ignorant but i am well informed, the short is that poilitcians saw GEJ as a cash cow, as a mugu that u can go to meet and get monies, and for others who took big loans to prevent court from seizing their companies, someone who was president and yet gave out trillions for an election that he did not win, under whose regime so much hard currency running into billions upon billions of dollars was shared and stashed, people saw GEJ as a bottle drunker man who hides under his wifes skirt and was easily manipulated by DEZIENI and other women, if i should write a list of GEJs muguness it will fill a book, so dont waste ur time arguing this with me, U CANT WIN.

  • AryLoyds

    Atiku has my Vote 🙂 This is going to be great !

  • Agba

    apc party rest in peace.Buhari’s govt is a failure.

  • KBE

    It serves him right. Law of karma. What you sow you will reap. He became everything under PDP but turned around and joined Amaechi, Tambuwal group to destroy the house. That is how the cookies crumble, so, lick your wounds. Atiku has no shame, he will still go cap in hand to PDP looking for ticket, trying to reap where he did not sow. When the ship was sinking they all jumped out but now that the ship appears stabilized they want to crawl back through the back door.

    • realist

      But the news had it that the PDP is begging the man to come back and get the ticket, contrary to your Opinion.

      • KBE

        I doubt that any reasonable person will beg Atiku to come and collect ticket.

        • OGK

          Yeah, but PDP is not a party of reasonable people. A party whose chairman of governors is Fayose the motormouth tout.

    • okenwa

      My own take here is that Alhaji Atiku said boko haram still hold firm in many local govts in both borno and yobe states. Nigeria is truely fantastically corrupt with lies. More truth will emerge as we approach 2019. Waiting hear emperor Tinumbu’s own verson.

      • share Idea

        That one will be explosive as Buhari and his cabal dealt a heavy blow to him…we are enjoying the internal volcanic eruption happening in the propaganda party

  • Abdullah Musa

    Very funny indeed, Atiku celebrating ‘their’ achievement in PDP.
    As for his money, let him send invoice to John Oyegun.
    And Magu will be interested in getting full details of the source of the money.

    • share Idea

      Was this your suggestion when he was spending the money on Buhari. The centre is no longer holding. I told APC gullible followers to wait for the election time, and they will certainly understand how politics are played. Nigeria we hail thee

      • Abdullah Musa

        This far APC has saved our country from destruction.
        And we pray that the destroyers never get the upperhand again.

      • yukkmouff

        Pay no mind to the hypocrite.

      • blackdove

        Atiku is a serial loser. His politics begins and ends with Adamawa State. Maybe you can help him win the presidency- genius!

  • Voice of the oppressed

    Old ways of seeking cheap popularity, lets build a nation and avoid political fame.

  • blackdove

    What a Joke Atiku!
    Buhari kept his distance after reading intelligence reports of your involvement in so many fraudulent transactions.

    • Tunsj

      You got that right.

    • babajide Balogun

      So keeping distance is a way to fight corruption? Find something else to say, pls

      • blackdove

        Are you not aware that Buhari has reopened the Halliburton & Siemens cases? I too know na him de worri u.

        • Factsayer

          Reopened for 3 years without any prosecution.

          • babajide Balogun

            See my brother…
            Those falsehood have become stale. You can’t tell me Atiku is corrupt for 10 years with three different presidents that he contested against and none of the administrations can find something to pin him down with. I won’t swallow that baldadash.

    • Factsayer

      And EFCC is sleeping

    • Lami T

      Oh, so he read the reports after the election, how convenient. Does that even make sense to you?

      • blackdove

        Do you know what intelligence reports are?

  • FreeNigeria

    “On corruption, Mr. Abubakar said little was achieved, asking “How many people were arrested, prosecuted and jailed? How much was recovered from the looters?”” Unfortunately Atiku is still walking freely, thus he can make this statement.

    • babajide Balogun

      That should tell you the corruption allegations against him is a hoax

      • blackdove

        Really? Including U.S congressman Jefferson still serving serious jail time in U.S prison? I too once thought Atiku was innocent until I read the Jefferson trial court transcripts.

        • Factsayer

          Have u read Buhari’s own too?
          Why is EFCC sleeping all these while on Atiku’s case? His name is not on the list of those leaked. Why?

          • Nuorah

            Atiku is not corrupt go anywhere in this World and find out

        • babajide Balogun

          The Jefferson conviction is merely name dropping. Has has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is not impossible it was part of Obasanjo’s ploy to nail Atiku by all means. The US confirmed Atiku has no case to answer in their country. Atiku travels widely, if there was any case against him by any country, interpol could have done its job.

      • FreeNigeria

        Are you really serious?

      • Lami T

        Exactly! We have brains but won’t use it.

  • wode

    This man is delusional, still thinking that he’d be accepted by Nigerians. We knew where he’s coming from with all the noise about restructuring and the likes. Atiku that’s saying that he is not participating in the Government has some of his close associates in the Government. The two media aids of the President are from him as well as Mama Taraba who has just publicly declared her (dis)loyalty. Let Atiku go ahead to spend some of the monies he looted on his dream to become a president. He would definitely go back bankrupt. The Nigeria of today is surely not that of the early 2000s. The votes of the voters would count, no room for rigging anymore. Never would Nigeria/Nigerians go back to the dark ages.

    • yukkmouff

      He’ll make a better president than the ‘Walking Dead’ presently occupying the villa.

      • Du Covenant

        You are so full of hate that you can’t smell the beast right in front of you in the name of Atiku. Why must he be a President of Nigeria?, are there no better candidates than Atiku in Nigeria today?.

        • Factsayer

          Why did u vote for coupist and certificate forger like Buhari. I’d there no better candidate?

      • jude L/A USA

        Your post is clownish bro. Rubbish!!!

      • Tunsj

        Your comment is baseless and ludicrous. Childish.

      • blackdove

        You that will die before Buhari? Keep running you mouth.

    • Lami T

      If you had said, all Atiku said, his call and ideas for restructuring is wrong, if you had given facts as to when Atiku was tried and found guilty of looting, then I will say you have an idea of where the country is and where we are headed. But it’s uninformed blab like yours that confirms that some Nigerians have been left in the dark ages, but I hope u see the light.

  • Politico2019


    Buhari’s APC government has no chance of success as a house divided against itself.
    Vocal party members are publicly stepping out to show Buhari a red card to stop the
    continuance of his failed government and prevent any reelection bid. That’s what’s
    most important in the tragedy of Buhari whom the APC rank and file can no longer
    support on his mediocre records in office. Almost everything was made worse by
    gross incompetence of Muhamadu Buhari. Education was devalued; the national
    currency was devalued; public morality was devalued with one-sided counterfeit
    war against corruption; just as trust was devalued by Buhari’s glaring nepotism,
    as national unity was devalued alongside, by Buhari’s preferment of Muslims.

  • Abdussalami Yaro

    What an ungrateful bi…h! Atiku should thank his stars he is not in jail by now. The man is in total delusional euphoria, thinking himself as a political juggernaut. What actual political weight did he placed on President Buhari’s election? Buhari was destined to win, with or without Atiku’s help. Therefore, Atiku should get it clear that, no amount of insidious anti-party activity will make him relevant in the Nigerian political space.

    • Tunsj

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! The Corrupt Clown has no credibility.

      • Factsayer

        And ur dog (efcc) has not arrested him yet

    • blackdove

      Don’t forget that Atiku spent a fortune running against Buhari in the primaries, and lost big time.

    • Anonymous

      If there was any justice in the world, Buhari should have been in haigue for hate speeches and crimes against humanity during his tenure as a millitary head of state, millitary government does not excuse murder and suppression of citizens.

      • Du Covenant

        It was travesty on Nigerians that Buhari/Idiagbon did not complete the job of putting the country on the right track. There is no country that makes progress without discipline, laws are meant to be kept and obeyed not broken as some of you have in your DNA. If Buhari had been allowed instead of IBB, Nigeria would have been a much better place for all than it is today. In 20 months Nigerians understood that decency pays. No wonder there is no single country on this planet that has made any progress because black people made it so. Just look from the sahara down, it is chaos, lawlessness, unruly behaviours, wars, disease, hunger and unimaginable hate every single day!. You rip what you saw, the rest of the world is moving ahead!.

    • Lami T

      Please when people are talking empty heads like should shut their mounts. Jail for what? For an accusation he has not been found guilty of? If Atiku had committed half of what OBJ said accused him of, I promise you he would have been in jail. So please be sensible.

  • The Percolator

    Atiku has showed some dignity by keeping away when not invited to be a part of the govt despite his contributions towards the victory of APC. You can’t knock him for that.
    Even the SW folks are complaining they have been sidelined by the cabal around Buhari. These are ominous signs of discontent within the ruling party. I doubt the winning coalition still exists for 2019

  • Ola

    A man has 36 wives and one of them says she won’t have sex with him again and may find another husband.

    Do you think the husband will lose sleep because of her leaving.

    • Factsayer

      It means minus one

      • Ola

        It means that minus can be replaced with even blinking an eye lid.

        Don’t forget we have 36 senior wives and 20 junior ones waiting in line. (Ministers)

    • MilitaryPolice01

      Ahh so Buhari has 36 wives, Kai how him go carry cope na. Chai o boi odikwa risky o

      • Ola

        Buhari has 36 Ministers and 20 Junior Ministers (Standing by) so if one decides to leave , it frees up space for another person to step up.

        No wahala.

        • aisha ani

          Na turn by turn.

    • Otunba

      It is more than that in this circumstance, even though I have my doubt if many Nigerians actually want somebody called Atiku at this critical stage in Nigeria. But the act of using people and later dumping them is not what we should encourage in politics; it is counter productive. As a leader, president, gorvernor or local government chairman, you need everybody that helped you achieve success. A little here, a little there helps a lot.

      • Ola

        Nobody has dumped Atiku. Trust me he has his own people already in the government. This Minister is one of them now.

        But you know the typical Nigerian God father , once he is not giving a front row seat every occasion ,then whatever is going on is not good to him.

  • GG

    This Atiku man should go and sit down. If he can’t find seats people should give him chair.

    He is living in his dream world. He would stop his wasteful ambition. I think when he has lost all the illegal wealth he would know his place.

  • Factsayer

    Magu will receive phone call and suddenly Atiku will be added to the list of media prosecution to satisfy the gullible mumus

    • aisha ani

      I tell you.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    President Muhammadu Buhari and Alhaj Atiku Abubakar, are both members of the ruling APC, whatever the constraint may be should be sorted out between them towards 2019 presidential election.But, current minister of women affairs,Hajia Aisha Alhassan, who committed insubordination and open betrayal against president Muhammadu Buhari, must be removed and replaced with a more loyal and focus minister to look after women affairs.

    • blackdove

      Atiku has always been a PDP man at heart. He will be decamping once again anytime soon.

  • Billy Onoja

    This Atiku Man may end up as Nigeria’s President. Nigerians should not afraid of those who speak their minds. Atiku is bold ,strong and reliable. We are in a democracy, and it is good Buhari was given a chance. Atiku will have his Chance in 2019; that way Nigeria and Nigerians will judge.

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      You can go ahead and vote for him. Please leave the rest of us to determine who we will vote for. A man that cannot even go to the United States today for fear that he will be locked up. Please!

    • Abu Saleh

      Another hired help

    • government

      The truth is that Atiku is kind-hearted and intelligent.He will make a good president.

  • Leke

    Are these two incidents not too coincidental – Atiku claiming he has been sidelined by this government despite his contribution to the success of the party to get into power, and mama Taraba claiming she would support Atiku and not her boss, Buhari for Presidency come 2018. First I want APC to save themselves the embarrassment being caused by their leaders through all these unguarded public pronouncements every now and again.

    APC’s refusal or silence to address issues like these when they come up would not take the issues away and I must confess, the party is so fond of pretending it has no issues to resolve. Why cant the party leadership nip issues in the bud when they happen? A stitch in time, they say, saves nine! My own take on this matter is that mama Taraba should shut up her mouth. Nobody is interested in who she supports to become the next President in 2018. That is supposed to be personal. In the meantime, for declaring her support openly for Atiku a a serving minister in Buhari’s administration, she has shown that she cannot be relied on to ensure the success of this administration, I think she needs to resign.

    Atiku on the other hand is crying to APC to pick him as a replacement to Buhari in 2018. This is justifiable afterall, the Presidency is zoned to the North by APC for 2018 and Atiku is still in APC. It will be sad if by now APC are still dilly-dallying whether or not Buhari would serve a second term. Picking Atiku to replace Buhari is as good as APC serving a second term afterall. If you allow Atiku to cross back to PDP, then you have given PDP an automatic pass to Aso Rock because the next election is going to hinge on personality and not on party as long as the candidate is a northerner.

  • Ugonna Eme

    Former Vice-President Atiku is a democrat. He is free to aspire and to become President in 2019. Whether the Buharis jihadist like it or not. Nigeria belongs to all! Enough of this poverty. Sai ATIKU FOR PRESIDENT! We Igbos and Nigerians want Atiku for peace!

    • Oladele

      You want to back another wrong horse! Atiku cannot win any election in Nigeria, the APC primaries he came 3rd. Please dont do it, no one wanted you marginalised, please, we warned you in 2014 but didnt listen. If he was that popular why did his political daughter not win Taraba gubernatorial? Or at least dont push all Igbo into one single contraption of a candidate shutting in.

      • Whalerolex

        Imagine the people we are looking at for 2019 elections. Atiku, Buhari, Fayose, Thiefnubu, Dino, El Rufai, and if care if not taken, Solomon Dalung will show face… Who drove Nigeria into this ditch sef?

    • Abu Saleh

      I’m sure ur real name is different from what u wrote above. We are aware of hired hype-trolls on social media. U sound like someone, employed by the atiku campaign group.

    • Liberty

      If Buhari Jihadist, as you described it brings poverty, God help you because Atiku Presidency will bring you even more poverty.
      You think everything that glitter is gold, ko?

      • Frank Bassey


        • You miss road

          Kokoette, please go to Onne and see for yourself how Atiku’s Intels is blossoming while the Niger Deltans are languishing in abject poverty. Give him yoir presidency (not ours) and then watch how your descendants become slave in the own land.

          • Frank Bassey

            It is better to field a known CORRUPT leader, Nigerians will know how to deal with them this time round; than a silent corrupt saint. Look at this work of a saint:


            1. Shaibu Musa
            – MD, NNPC Medical Services
            2. Ibrahim Birma – Group General Manager, Audit
            3. Ahmed Katagum – Group GM Shipping
            4. Kallamu Abdullahi – Group GM, Renewable Energy
            5. Dr Bola Afolabi – Group GM, Research &
            6. Adeyemi Adetunji – MD, NNPC Retail Division
            7. Usman Yusuf – Group GM, NNPC GMD Office
            8. Bala Wunti – in charge of Corporate Planning
            & Strategy
            9. Umar Ajiya – MD, Nigerian Products Marketing
            10. Muhammed Abah – MD, Warri Refining Petrochemical
            11. Malami Shehu – MD, Port Harcourt Refining
            12. Adewale Ladenegan – MD, Kaduna Refining
            Petrochemical Co
            13. Diepriye Tariah – MD, Integrated Data Services
            14. Rland Wubare – GM National Petroleum Investment

            NOTE: Maikanti Baru – still GMD, NNPC.
            Where are the oil-producing states?

  • aiteteji

    What a poor level of thinking from an elder statesman. Firstly, Atiku cannot differentiate between fighting a conventional war and an un conventional one like that of Bokoharam or any other islamic insurgencies. The dynamics are clearly different. You can’t compare a situation whereby terrorists blow themselves up in the middle of the market with soldiers who aren’t trained to do so.
    Secondly, how can Atiku see legislative and judicial corruption as Buhari’s failure. Maybe he, Atiku, should join in mobilizing Nigerians in fighting against such those arms of govt. I bet he wouldn’t. They are probably coverinng his ass, else he would be in Jail by now. He better go siddon if e no get anything to contribute.

  • Atiku is a dog

    Another hate speech from the Hausa Fulani against Biafrans.

  • Atiku is a dog

    Must you draw your useless example with Biafran war? Ok you won Biafran war then but now how’s market with you & your Nigeria? Ewu mpama.

  • Frank Bassey

    “the Boko Haram miscreants are still very active, killing our people and
    many local government councils in Borno and Yobe are under their firm
    grip. People cannot dare go back to their dwellings” ; THE MILITARY DARE NOT HEAR THIS. THEY WILL DENY IT PRONTO.

  • Mr. Abdin

    It seems it’s only in Nigeria that expression of opinion will be a problem. God bless Nigeria.