SHOCKING: Buhari’s Minister endorses Atiku for 2019

Minister of Women Affairs, Aisha Alhassan
Minister of Women Affairs, Aisha Alhassan

The Minister of Women Affairs, Aisha Alhassan, has endorsed a former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, for the 2019 presidential election.

The minister made the endorsement when she led a private visit to Mr. Abubakar, a chieftain of Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress.

“Your excellency, our father and our president by the grace of God, come 2019,” she said in Hausa language.

A video of the visit has been leaked and was published by news website,

Popularly called Mama Taraba, Mrs. Alhassan was the APC governorship candidate in Taraba in 2015, an election she narrowly lost to the current Peoples Democratic Party Governor.

Her support for Mr. Abubakar will not be surprising for political observers, as the former vice president is believed to be a major financier of the APC in the North-east including Taraba.

Although Mr. Abubakar has not publicly declared his intention to run in 2019, he is believed to be mobilising and getting ready for the election. He came third in the APC presidential primaries in the build up to the 2015 elections, losing to President Muhammadu Buhari and ex-Kano governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso.

Efforts to get Mrs Alhassan to speak on her comments in the video were unsuccessful, especially as President Muhammadu Buhari has not declared that he would not run in 2019. She did not return calls or respond to a short message sent to her mobile number.

Read the full translation of her speech below.

“Your excellency, our father and our president by the grace of God come 2019. Before you are your people, your supporters for life, the people of Taraba State. They are here to show our homage and to greet you on the occasion of Sallah and for all that Allah has done to you because Allah has raised your status.

“We heard that they are coming to extend their greetings, so we said we have to be part of this and we all come to you. Chairman (Did not mention which chairman), of the party, come out chairman; he is our leader, because he is the chairman of the party, I was only made leader of the delegation.

“Here are some of the party officials (pointing at them while sitting). Everybody here is asking to be allowed to say something but I said no Baba should be left alone you are tired….”

While the minister was saying this, Mr. Abubakar sat listening.


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  • Border_Marksman

    Mama Taraba say no Baba!!!

  • shittu

    The only people hallucinating buhari can run in 2019 are tundeFart, amazing2012, julius, kay soyemi, rommel and abdulmojeed.

    When jungle mature, who no know GO KNOW!

  • This comes after she was seen at PDP headquarters after the supreme court judgement in favour of Ahmed Makarfi. Mama Taraba is a goner as Atiku has no chance in hell of being elected a president of Nigeria, no matter the level of corruption or inducement offered.

    • share Idea

      So says the person that hold only one vote. Keep dreaming…

      • Agreed I have one vote, but I’ve never been wrong before. Agreed there is first time for everything but not on this occasion. Trust me!

        • share Idea

          Please do not over-rate yourself. How can you claim that you have never been wrong – are you not human?

          • Yes, I mean I’ve never been wrong on predicting election results at presidential level. Take or leave it, time will tell!

    • princegab

      Atiku is gathering momentum, he is the best amongst morthern contenders, strong and respected in APC, very agreeable. But it’s all politics, could be much more complex.

      • I know, but he stands no chance whether he contests under APC or PDP. Don’t forget Madam Taraba couldn’t win Taraba governorship election even with Atiku backing. In Nigeria many people in politics are over rated.

        • princegab

          Atiku’s problem is obj and his northern conservatives, if he wins the primary, the other candidates will be in serious trouble even it it’s pmb. Don’t under rate Atiku, he is the father of most of our politicians making the rounds today.

          • Father of politicians? Say that to the new Nigerian voters!! Time will tell!!!

          • princegab

            He needs to get to the grassroots with his political resume. You could be surprised. Dont forget that we rejected pmb on several occasions, at last clinched it.

          • Did we reject pmb or electoral fraudsters did?

  • O’tega

    Is it not better to support the living? This is commons sense na!

  • Angry9ja

    Will there be a Nigeria in 2019?

    • princegab

      Where is naija going? No devil can move it.

  • DIM

    Is this Minister aware of the mood in other parts of the country? In 2019, it is Igbo president or no Nigeria. The Igbo has waited 50 yrs without a president. Anyone thinking of a Norther president in 2019 should have his brain, upper and lower parts of his/her body examined properly. The Igbo are ready to make Nigeria ungovernable as it was promised to President Jonathan by the North. Yes. What goes around, comes around. No more Northern president. Period. Or secession.

    • princegab

      The Igbo should wait 2023. Ample time to prepare. Atiku has a serious up hill battle for the primary to fight.

      • All Trust

        You are sensible. 2019 should still be for the north so they can make up their 8 years. The best way to do it in my opinion is for Buhari to if possible complete a second term. The reason is that if any northern person other than PMB takes over in 2019, that person is likely to create a similar ”GEJ effect”, attempting to stretch the northern presidency by another 4 years, a possible 12 years for the north. This will likely cause turmoil in the land.

        • princegab

          Turmoil not likely, adequate arrangements and agreements should be on the table. If economic gets better, 3 quarter of Nigerians won’t be in politics. So, as far as the polity run good, 4 years run fast..

      • Mufu Ola

        Any Igbo that want to be President must present himself for scrutiny & must campaign to be recognised as a prospective President.Not that some rough necks will sit in their bedrooms & expect Nigerians to hand over Presidency to them just bcos “Igbos have never been President”. It’s their wahala if they’ve never tasted Presidency.They must work real hard for it just like others did.

        • princegab

          What have others done to merit the presidency that Rochas and Ngige have not done? One of the duo for vp in 2019 with subsequent upgrade in 2023.

          • Mufu Ola

            My point is that people should stop this “our turn” mentality. D uncoventional believe is that North/South should rotate.No where was it ‘agreed’ that only major tribes should be representing zones.Unless we want to be dishonest most Northerners who win Presidency always work hard to achieve their ambition unlike d blackmailing we always do in South about ‘its our turn’.If u want to be President, organise yourself well & plan your strategy.

          • princegab

            You are yet to understand Nigeria’s polity.

          • Otile

            He is a slave, he is looking at it with the point of view of his masters.

          • princegab

            It’s about inclusiveness and unity, we are of different tribes but will be tribalistic if the presidency does not go round. All tribes are bless with potential candidates. Having it in the constitution is not a bad idea. Infact, a semblance of “national character”

          • Otile

            My own point is that unless an incumbent northern president dies you got zero chance of your man at Aso Dutshe. The north handed their patrimony to Obj and commanded him to return it to them after 8 yrs, and thus it happened. Do you understand?

          • Passionate about Nigeria

            I laugh…Rochas??? Ngige??? Lol!!!

          • princegab

            You laugh now, they will laugh last.

          • Passionate about Nigeria

            Let’s keep it real, shall we? You seriously think Nigerians will vote for either of them?

          • Otile

            He is a lunatic.

          • emmanuel

            God forbid Rochas become Nigeria VP or President. His brain is not better than Buhari’s own. No inferior man is needed as a Country’s President in this contemporary world.
            Such a man that spends public funds to install bill board of a hand shake is an inferior being without a brain.
            We cannot have another Buhari again in Nigeria. Ngige cannot see the top of a table, if invited by American President for lunch. His brain has been corrupted by the brainless APC leadership

          • princegab

            They are no saints but good presidential materials. Thanks for your observation, they will buckle up.

        • Otile

          Yorubas cannot boast of being president of Nigeria by merit. Each time a Yoruba becomes a president it is through tragic misfortune of a northerner. This time around they rallied around Buhari praying hard that he checks out soon. The Fulanis insist that Yorubas poisoned their imam, but who knows?

    • Muhammad Lawan

      I think there is a misunderstanding here. I dont think the North is aversed to any part of Nigeria breaking away. Afterall Nigeria doesn’t belong to the North alone. What north is saying is that nobody should smear it’s name and call it all sorts of derogatory names because they want break away. Am very sure the north will not stand on the way of anybody that intends to leave Nigeria.

    • Passionate about Nigeria

      And you must not be aware of the mood in other parts of the country. Do you really, seriously, honestly, sincerely think other tribes will vote Igbo in 2019 or indeed EVER with all that they’ve been doing since the 2015 elections? You need to sound out other tribes and see what they really think of an Igbo presidency given the negative hate speech, Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu utterances…. We now know the kind of people Igbos are. See, the only tribe that will be voting for an Igbo presidency in the near and distance future will be the Igbos and all the Igbo votes in the country will never translate to an actual Presidency. Igbos fail to realise that if you feel marginalised and deprived, you don’t communicate that angst by abusing everyone else, threatening everyone, name-calling at the slightest provocation and then somehow expecting people will be sympathetic to your cause. Nnamdi Kanu has done irreparable damage to the Igbo cause. Irreparable damage. The insults and hate speech from Biafrans on the internet to anyone who has an alternate view has done irreparable damage to anything called Igbo presidency. Irreparable damage. That 50 years you referred to has become a NEVER. Deal with it. And good luck on the making Nigeria ungovernable: That will happen if there is no God….

    • marcos avelino

      The Ibo dont need nierian presidency , they have already swallowed more than 50 percent of the nigerian economy , they better be carefull before they loose all

  • GG

    Premium Times probably just cost this woman her job

  • Olumide Adefarakan

    You see the damage not teaching History as a subject has done to most Nigerians. If you all ranting have been students of history, you should have known that Waziri Atiku Abubakar (hate him or love him) is the political leader of Sen. Jummai Alhassan. Even PMB knows this much. Unfortunately, you follow-follow social media rats do not know this fact or pretend to live in denial. And just because she is a cabinet minister does mean that she is obliged to lose her identity. After all, other cabinet members are also linked to some other leaders. Whatever you may say of Mama Taraba, you cannot say that she is lacking in PRINCIPLE. If the Will of God (not your will or mine) that Atiku Abubakar will be President in 2019, there is nothing you can do, for you know from history what became of persons that seek to stand in the way of God’s Agenda. Give her break, please!

    • MilitaryPolice01

      Olumide I too will choose Atiku anyday over the present. Atiku is more cerebral, more of a leader, good in identifying skill and ability, he is liberal minded, more exposed, can stand toe to toe with other world leaders and speak confidently and intelligently,he is neither a religious extremist nor ethnic chauvinist and he is comfortable with Nigerians from every part.

      Having said all the above, Mama Taraba should have resigned if she is confident the govt she serves is not worth continuing in 2019. Nigerian politicians lack principle and this is a perfect illustration.

      • Passionate about Nigeria

        Atiku is a thief…no more of such thank you very much!

        • Kickboxer

          If Atiku is a Thief, which may be true, then brainless Buhari is an international looter

      • emmanuel

        I beg to differ with you on her resigning. It is sometimes good to reform from within as far as ones energy and available structures would carry.
        She has kick-started a process of either getting Buhari to resign or be kicked out and that is better for Nigeria.
        If she resigned and made this statement thereafter, We should have heard either the Minister of information or Buhari’s two media aides tell Nigeria that she was sacked for stealing Billions of US Dollar and that her statement was a case of corruption fighting back.
        She has won great victory over the forces currently against Nigeria’s future and fortunes.

        • MilitaryPolice01

          You have a good point

  • share Idea

    The pack of lies from axis of APC is no longer affecting PDP, now, it been directed at their members. Nigeria we hail thee

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Madam Taraba is only brown-nosing the money-bag. Mr. Atiku will not become Nigeria’s president; he’s got too many skeletons to hound him.

    • 0tile

      Said who?

    • yukkmouff

      If the Walking Dead from Daura can be president, what makes you conclude a smart ass like Atiku can’t?!

      • Rev

        Abi…o! This man, Buhari has ABSOLUTELY nothing to offer Nigeria, than some outdated reputation as an Anti crusader from the early 80s. Nonsense.

  • Mama Taraba only reminds me of what my teacher taught me in school, that in politics, there is no friend nor foe but only interest. So, why blame her.

  • Bright Ezeh

    Politicians just too much love for money, PMB is not distributing money like atiku abubakar corrupt money, thank God PMB

    • Tunsj

      You got that right.

    • Dawood

      Na true o, my broda. De woman no fit thief under Buhari. Atiku, the great thief, is her hope.

  • AryLoyds

    Yes just another useless leaders replacing the present one. Just what the ZOO needs!

  • Du Covenant

    This woman is clearly an example of what is fundamentally wrong with our country. She is bent on having a very corrupt individual lead this country again regardless. Well, she is entitled to her opinion as an individual, we shall see how Atiku will become the President of Nigeria.

    • Dawood

      Obviously she has no shame. She’s no different from that woman who runs to the limo because the owner flashed a wad of dollars. She should’ve resigned before stabbing her boss in the back.

      • Du Covenant

        My broda, what has she even done as a Minister?, such a parasite should be shown the way out of this administration right away as her allegiance is somewhere else.

    • papa

      If you say she is bent on having a corrupt leader meaning you are calling Atiku corrupt but the problem I have with your statement is that the APC opened her arms to receive these your so called corrupt people so who is deceiving who?

  • OJpo

    In my view there are no surprises, the young mum is one of those in POWER that doesn’t happy with war against corruption of BUHARI administration.
    You know, I know, all of us know whom Atikgu is. It’s profoundly WRONG for anyone to expect the Lady to be loyal to the government that doesn’t protect her interest .

  • Ebitari

    What’s shocking about the minister’s comments? Is she not entitled to her freedom of speech as guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution to which the president swore to uphold?

  • Kickboxer

    Poor woman…she must have endured brainless Buhari so much so that she couldn’t take it anymore…anyway, she, by her comments, shows that she is not fully of the ZOO….and that is good for her!!

    May God protect her before Terrorist Buhari sends people after her…

  • Rev

    They are all the same. But Atiku is 1million times better than this dullard from Daura! Can you imagine?

  • Anasieze Donatus

    Come and serve is very different from come and steal.The Jackals and Hyenas are now coming out.My advise,RESIGN NOW if you do not believe in the Man you are serving

  • Hadassah

    We all are entitled to our opinion, she obviously realize the country needs a Visionary leader like Atiku forging ahead.

    • emmanuel

      The woman is not alone in what she just did. It is a devious upper-cut arranged in the form of leaked video, but meant to pass very vivid information.
      There are a few Ministers behind her who want this whole interregnum ended, so that Nigeria can move ahead.
      Thanks to the woman for doing the obviously needful; like Dora Akinyuli.
      David Cameron also did such thing to cast aspersion on Buhari’s integrity, when he discussed with the Queen of England, shortly before Buhari’s swearing-in.

  • Steve

    It is clear that the administration of Buhari has made it increasingly impossible for these looters to go back to their business as usual style of bleeding the resources of Nigeria. Hence the cry out for Atiku, who openly endorsed the sharing of Nigeria’s common wealth when he yelled “PDP, share the money” at a party rally. Atiku’s partner in crime Jefferson in the USA is still serving his jail time in which Atiku tried to pay a bribe to the senator for a political gain while he parades around in a lawless country without being held accountable. Why do Nigerians forget too quickly how Atiku has done nothing but enrich himself by channeling juicy oil and gas contracts to his erstwhile moribund chains of company thereby breathing financial life into them till date. As much as Buhari’s government isn’t performing optimally. it will be of grave consequence to even conceive an Atiku presidential campaign talkless of getting into Aso rock. Atiku and his likes needs to go be a president in Kuje or Kirikiri republic.