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  • No Komment

    “We are again worried by the deafening silence of APC-led government on the allegation of corruption against the
    Inspector General of Police by Senator Misau,. The N120 billion fraud allegation against the I.G of Police
    is too weighty and the police authority must purge itself of this accusation. The sudden realization that
    Senator Misau is a deserter further exposes the complicity of the police force on this matter.
    This allegation must not be swept under the carpet by APC (party) like the ones against
    the EFCC Acting Chairman Magu and others. The APC-led FG cannot be said to be
    fighting corruption and at the same time covering up corrupt officers.”

    ………….Peoples Democratic Party [PDP]

    (September 4th, 2017)

    • kinsly

      Useless comment from a useless Party.

    • Sam

      Let me break it down for you a bit , if you own two phones, Iphone7 and Nokia 3310 .two thieves snatch each at the same time which of the thieves will you go after? I hope you can answer this!!!!

  • share Idea

    APC friendly media at their game again. One week Deziani loot discovery, the following week, audit report of NNPC account.

    There was a court ruling during GEJ’s time when Sanusi claimed that $49B collected NNPC were not remitted, and NNPC stated at that time that majority of the funds recorded as unremitted where deduction for their contributions as Joint Cash Call. Thereafter, Sanusi discounted his figures to $20B.

    Today, PT is claiming in their report that deductions claimed by NNPC as JVC is classed as unremitted. It is only in Nigeria that some journalitic and government official behave very funny.

    How can NNPC generate income without corresponding cost. It is good to be in an ideal situation where NNPC make all their budget open, and refrain from dedecting JVC from source. However, government should live upto their responsibility of providing Cash call as at when due without allowing NNPC to negotiation unhealthy deals with oil majors to provide the needed fund with a promise that their expenses will be defrayed once the crude is sold.

    • Amir

      Jona brain, we have moved on despite the setbacks from fortunato, the clueless. Every sensible Nigerian knew Jona was no match intellectually to Sanusi.

  • Mizch

    Here is the ordinary menu of corrupt Nigerians:
    Breakfast …….Fried Naira.
    Lunch…… Boiled Dollars.
    Supper……Roasted Pounds Sterling.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen


  • Tommy Soto

    I see the looting e-rats are already attacking PT and trying to deflect and defend this massive thievery.
    Sanusi has been vindicated. Maybe his figures were off but he didn’t have direct access to NNPC books.

  • Wale

    What’s the point ; No-one is arrested, nobody is incarcerated.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    “It is not clear what the corporation used the unremitted funds for.”

    What a statement! From all the news that have filled the pages of Newspapers all over the world, is it not obvious that it was used for junketing and buying exquisite jewelry, Yacht for friends and choice properties in Abuja, Western capitals of the world and in Dubai UAE?

    • Emma

      Well said …When fuel were subsidized, the country was importing over 59m litres of fuel per day. Now subsidy has been taken off, the country imports just 30m litres/day. Suddenly, we no longer need the extra 30m litres (which were never consumed by Nigerians in the first place), a fact stated by Sanusi. They spent billions subsidizing fictitious fuel imports….. and you’re telling Nigerians “it is not clear…” what they did with the funds…Guy, wake up and stop wasting our time!!

      • FirecloudOFGOD

        I guess between you and me, our sophistry in the use of language are on different levels. It takes a mind steeped in knowledge, grammar and intellect to understand the use of “”it is not clear..! That is all I can tell you for now.