Kenya Supreme Court annuls country’s presidential elections

Kenyans on a queue voting. [Photo Credit:]
Kenyans on a queue voting. [Photo Credit:]

The Supreme Court in Kenya on Friday declared the presidential elections held on August 8 as null and avoid, Kenyan media reports said.

Consequently, the court ruled that a re-run be conducted within 60 days.

“The presidential election held on August 8 was not conducted in accordance with the constitution,” Chief Justice David Maraga ruled, according to Kenya’s The Nation Newspaper.

The ruling favoured Raila Odinga, head of the country’s main opposition who had challenged the electoral commission’s announcement of President Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner last month.

Mr. Maraga said this was a majority decision, but two judges dissented.

The electoral commission “failed, neglected or refused to conduct the presidential election in a manner consistent with the dictates of the constitution,” the Supreme Court ruled.

The election was marred by violence, after Mr. Odinga rejected the result, citing irregularities and illegalities.


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  • CousinBrother

    That is a working Judiciary for the ‘giant’ of Africa to learn from. Election dispute of that magnitude decided within a month! In my beloved country, Nigeria, it could take three years to kickoff the trial.

    • Alhaji

      It could even take more, based on the islamist, unqualified, quota and corrupt compositions of judges in our courts.

  • Joshua Kwame

    Just within a month of the conclusion of the election! Wow! Great democracy in Kenya. I wish Nigeria political class can learn this

    • Honest Somebody

      @joshuakwame:disqus ;

      Buhari’s 2015 presidential election was fraud likewise

      The 2015 presidential election in Nigeria was likewise attainted of frauds.
      That bogus election was not so much won by a riotous APC Islamist party as lost
      by a rather senseless PDP incumbent government led by a coward called Goodluck
      Jonathan who was too scared to simply uphold the law and the constitution of Nigeria
      when presented with clear-cut and conclusive evidence of voter fraud in Kano state.

      At that election held at the same time with each voter given two ballot papers, one for
      the presidential election and one for the National Assembly parliamentarian election,
      the figures counted afterwards were so divergent they were ludicrous.

      The box of the parliamentary ballots in Kano were one million votes less than the ballot
      papers found inside the box for presidential election. What sort of fraud election was that?

      Nigeria has a Supreme Court, yes, but in name only since no reasoned verdict has ever issued
      from Nigeria’s Supreme Court on matters of public law concerning election in Nigeria. All verdicts
      so far issued by Nigeria’s so-called Supreme Court spell FRAUDULENCE if taken together,
      since the Judges just blow in the wind, like un-answered questions.

      On television screens Nigerians suffered to watch atrocity
      in Kano state where underage children ineligible to vote were smuggled in tens of thousands
      to cast ballots in brazen violation of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution. Never once in history did the
      slovenly Supreme Court justices nullify any election for such conclusive illegality.

      What else is left to write home about such a court – two of whose justices were lately found with
      tons of cash, believed as bribes, intentionally hidden under their beds or stuffed in pillow cases
      to evade detection.

      • PolyGon2013

        Re-electing Jonathan would have been a disaster. Thank God, he did not win! GEJ lost that election fair and square. 55% of SW voted for Buhari, and almost 90% voted for him in the North. The only place where Jonathan held sway was in SE and SS. Even Jonathan scored more in SE. So, if you combined and totaled everything, there is no way, Jonathan could have won that election! With the annulment of the election in Kenya, you need to wait and see how Kenyans would react.My hope is that it turns out well for Kenyans! GEJ was a disaster.

  • Dr Micah

    Daz great decision.l wonder why some African leaders want to become permanent phenomenon in the seat of power.

  • MilitaryPolice01

    Wow, I dont have the time to double check if this type of ruling is unprecedented in Africa especially by a Supreme Court, but this is good for any democracy and helps assure the electorate that they indeed had their say. My sincere hope is that there will be no violent fall outs leading to loss of innocent lives and property.

  • Onyibest

    Africans are democratically waking up from their slumbers. Thus, other African countries should as a matter of fact, emulate from the great Kenya. You guys are courageous, daredevil and very wonderful. Kudos to Kenyan Supreme Court.

  • Nkem

    Is anybody still in doubt that our own country (Nigeria) is a huge fraud, our politicians a band of rogues and the judiciary a total disaster? A candidate steals the people’s mandate and is rewarded with the chance to mindlessly plunder the public treasury while his legitimacy is still being contested in court. Then after about two years (half way into the stolen mandate), when and if the courts eventually give judgement, the rogue would have stolen so much money that he would now have the resources to become an emergency billionaire and be more prepared for the next election.
    When EFCC doesn’t win cases in Nigerian courts, we say it is incompetence. So what can we say about the state of election litigation in Nigeria?

  • thusspokez

    Spear a thought for all those Kenyans killed in the recent election. President Uhuru Kenyatta escaped charges of crimes against humanity by the ICC following large-scale election violence he allegedly masterminded in 2007/2008. One hopes that this judgement would put an end to the violence by both sides.

  • Alhaji

    Members of Kenya Supreme Court are not muslims, corrupt and quota judges like Nigeria. That is why they have honest judgment

    • Frank Bassey

      Neither do they have a president with do-or-die determination to rule, even if it amounts to spilling blood.

  • galaxy

    Nigeria, we hail thee. Could this happen in Nigeria? It is a tall order. It is never possible.

    • Tath_Ngui

      It is possible. With courage, a few good men and women who love the country and the future more than their short lives, with conviction and vision, it can happen. It must happen.

      • galaxy

        where are they? I am over 40 years old, I have searched, I could not find any except myself. Unfortunately, I can never stake even my 1 naira for the course.

  • Frank Bassey

    In Nigeria, the Judges that voted for the annulment of the presidential election will all be arrested in the early hours of tomorrow in charges of corruption. Their asset declaration, 20 years old, will be revisited.

    • Liberty

      That’s not true!
      Buhari missed becoming the President of FRN by a single vote in 2007, when the Supreme Court panel that sat over the matter voted 3 to 4 in favour of late President Yar’adua.
      And, regarding Asset Declaration, the length of time it takes to call a deponent to come defend his/her depositions should not matter, especially where such depositions were later found to be false as at the time they were made.

      We could not have been vilifying GEJ for condoning corruption and simultaneously be castigating this regime for witch hunting. In the words of Fmr Gov Adam Oshiomhole, whatever the insinuations, at least there wsd a ‘witch’ before the ‘hunt’!

      • Frank Bassey

        Single or multiple vote; Buhari was rejected by Nigerians as President. That is the message. Regarding asset declaration, ask yourself who decides on whose asset to investigate. According to records, CCB has over 11,000 declared asset in its kitty. What criteria determines whose asset to single out for investigation? Is it a mere coincidence that only the assets of those in opposition or those whose faces are not liked by PMB and his cohorts are investigated? Did you not see the mess EFCC and CCB plunged themselves into in the case of Orubebe? Is that not a shame? My concern with PMB is that he is not sincere. I sympathize with him, though. The moment he lost becoming President on the platform of his CPC, it was obvious that he cannot rule without compromise. And that is why Nemesis is angry.

  • tony ogbe

    That’s a good place of Democracy. But then they are going to have to wait till next year budget to conduct another election.

  • Liberty

    God knows! Perhaps the verdict should have been out right declaration of the opposition as the true winner of the polls. In that case, the present verdict may just have been a clever way to give the incumbent an unfair opportunity to win the contest.