Despite Challenges, EFCC making progress in anti-corruption war

Acting EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu
Acting EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

The acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, has spoken of the challenges being faced in the anti-corruption war, saying a lot is being done to overcome them.

Speaking with journalists at a luncheon in Abuja on Wednesday, Mr. Magu said despite the challenges, a lot of successes had been recorded by the commission, between January and August 2017.

“Regardless of the challenges that we have faced and continue to face, I am happy to report that we are making progress,” he said.

“Many of you are aware of the achievements that we have recorded in the fight against corruption especially in the area of assets recovery. Two days ago, we got the court to forfeit to the Nigerian Government a sum of N7.6 billion which was hidden in a Nigerian bank by former petroleum resources minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke.

“Two weeks earlier, another court issued a temporary forfeiture order to seize properties worth Twenty-One Million, Three Hundred and Ninety-Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Twenty-Four Thousand Dollars ($21,392,224) belonging to the same former minister. Those properties are awaiting final forfeiture.

“Over a month ago, the Commission recovered over N329 billion from a group of oil marketers for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. These are major recoveries from a sector of the economy. But to give a holistic picture of the aggressive drive to recover stolen wealth, I have the pleasure to report that the Commission between January and August 30, 2017 recorded the following monetary recoveries:

“Four Hundred and Nine Billion, Two Hundred and Seventy Million, Seven Hundred and Six Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty Six Naira, Seventy Five Kobo (N409, 270, 706,686.75); Sixty Nine Million, Five Hundred and One Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty Six Dollars, Sixty Seven Cents ($69, 501,156.67); Two Hundred and Thirty One Thousand, One Hundred and Eighteen Pounds, Sixty Nine Shillings (Pounds 231,118.69; Six Hundred and Ten Thousand, Eight Hundred and Sixteen Thousand, Twenty Euros (Euro 610,816.20); Four Hundred and Forty Three Thousand, Four Hundred Dirham (Dirham 443,400.00 and (Seventy Thousand, Five Hundred Saudi Riyal (SR70, 500.00).

Mr. Magu further said the recent reports about a lingering rift between himself and the Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, should rather be replaced with a concerted effort by the media and other parties to combat corruption.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it would be naïve for anyone to expect the fight against corruption to be smooth; you should expect resistance and opposition which are expressed in various guises.

“From what we read in the papers these days, it is either somebody is fighting Magu or Magu is fighting other people. I know that journalists want to sell their newspapers, but seriously speaking, instead of fighting ourselves, we should be united in fighting the common enemy, which is corruption.

“Personally, I am not after anybody and have no issues with anybody. Those who think they have issues with me will soon discover that I mean no harm. What drives me is the passion to do what is right by ensuring that we fight corruption to a standstill in this country.

“We do not pretend to have a monopoly of knowledge on how to win the war against corruption. The anti-corruption campaign requires a concerted effort. I enjoin members of the public, including the media, to be part of this effort by reporting cases of corruption to the EFCC. Petitions and complaints can be forwarded to the Commission by email via:”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The headline and body of this report has been edited to accurately reflect what the EFCC chairman said.


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  • Frank Bassey

    There is no corruption war. What we have is persecution of opposition and critics of government. Where is Babachir Lawal and Ayo Oke?

    • Macsonbell

      UK and America are also persecuting the opposition??? Think before you talk and not the other way round..Malabu oil deal is being probed in Italy and the opposition is at the centre of the case. Well let Pdp win and come to expose apc. Nigeria will be better for it.

      • Frank Bassey

        Before you zoom off to UK and America, where is the report on Babachir Lawal and Ayodele Oke? Why is nobody talking about them? Please respond, and tell us, in good conscience, if PMB’s handling of their case shows any sincerity and seriousness. Mtcheew!

        • tundemash

          Mr. retard, you have ben advised, vote for PDP in 2019 and let them expose the looters in APC too. Stop crying for your destiny looters!

          • Frank Bassey

            Where is the report on Babachir Lawal and Ayodele Oke? I ask again.

          • 0tile

            Abubakar tundemash,
            Why are you so foul mouthed? While doing your usual trolling why can’t you address his comment with decency? Did you see any insult in his comment, why call him Mr. retard. You are the retard yourself.

  • FreeNigeria

    “The way we are going we have already failed.” This is what happens when misfits are placed in sensitive positions. Mugu Magu is lost and doesn’t know what he’s doing. No wonder they can’t win cases except for small yahoo boys.


    For a man that oversaw one of the most dubious recruitment exercises (probably in the entire history of the EFCC), Magu is just another wrong messenger sent to deliver the good news.

  • Bright Ezeh

    Keep it up we are praying for you

  • joelaw

    I doubt if any leader can win the war on corruption under a democratic setting. An endemic character trait like corruption requires a radical approach, no surgeon worth his salt will treat stage 3 or 4 cancer palliatively, a radical ‘commando procedure’ is the parlance used in the surgical world for such cancers. A clean benevolent dictator is required to strike fear into the hearts and minds of corrupt people with surgical precision. A shock therapy to bring thieves and looters to their senses, this is dragging on for too long. All a leader needs do is to use some as example for others as there is no way no matter how smart one can catch all the theives, but at least it will reduce the brazen manner in which people loot government funds. The present approach has embolden and strengthened the evil vampires. Once you corner the judiciary the game is over, The only other approach is for citizens to rise against looters, the danger here is that some innocent will suffer as things can get out of hand. Honestly, we are back the starting point. Buhari, Magu and Osinbajo are lone fighters now it seems.

    • Macsonbell

      The judiciary and National assembly of thieves have ganged up to keep the status quo. Judges facing corruption charges are back selling judgements to the highest bidder,. Despite the weight of evidence against justice Ademola, he was asked to go home as there is no case to answer but Taking is serving 6yrs in Like for stealing a handset. There are two anti corruption bills before the National assembly which they continue to ignore. Instead it’s a bill that will grant amnesty to looters and immunity that occupy priority place in their agenda. Nigerian judges are the most corrupt after the police according to UN report.. Leave Bulgari alone.

    • share Idea

      Will the surgeon also apply the radical treatment to his or herself first as his/her cancer is already in stage 5? If the surgeon is happy to be applying palliative for himself why do you suggest such doctor apply radical treatment to patient. Nigeria we hail thee

      • joelaw

        Is there a ‘pure’ leader or person anywhere on this terrestrial plane?, a resounding NO i will say, only God is pure. There will be no time now or in the future Nigeria will have a saint as leader. A nation is only as good as its people, this is why the legislature, judiciary and the administration are brazenly corrupt. They have all come out from the mix call Nigeria, tell me where there is no corruption in Nigeria, you can hardly get anything done without somebody asking for gratification. It is in this light a surgeon is recommended for Nigeria in her fight against corruption, some disease conditions require a commando approach otherwise the patient called Nigeria will die. Unfortunately, a surgeon can not perform a commando on himself, it will take another to do it for him. While a compassionate disciplined surgeon will carry out the procedure with a goal to heal and save a life, a wicked one uses the same knife to kill. Almost every country of the world that have survived corruption and anarchy had leaders that were no saints but ready to take the bull by the horn by taking radical decisions. If the present leader is not that surgeon, let God give us such a leader.

        • share Idea

          You need strong institutions to ensure that both strong and weak leader would be put in check for the betterment of the society.

          This idea of have very strongman that will wave a magic wand to change the society does not work and will never do in this our globalised world.

  • concernednigerian

    When the war against corruption is sectional and partisan then you will lose it because it is not a just war.

    • tundemash

      What is sectional and partisan about Dasuki, Andrew Yakubu, Gabriel Susan, Nenadi Usman, gov. Josua Dariye, Joly Nyame, jide Omokore, Denziani, Patience Jonathan, Gen. Emmanuel Atewe, etc ????

      • concernednigerian

        Most of the people you have mentioned were not smart enough like the Amaechi’s of this world to jump ship to make the transition from sinner to saints. The anti-corruption war is against the unconverted sinners.

        • tundemash

          When your destiny looters take over in 2019, let them prosecute the smart “Amechis” . Are u happy now kid ?

      • 0tile

        Dasuki’s own fault is that he captured and detained Buhari when errant Buhari committed high treason by overthrowing an elected government. If Buhari was not a Fulani man he would die in prison for the treason.

  • Mentus

    ‘The fight against corruption is not only evil, it is a poison’ according to Magu. Is it the fight that is evil, or corruption?
    Magu is only successful with people from the SE and SS. If the truth be told looted money is abundant in the North but like the Arewa youths, the looters are untouchable ‘for security reasons’. What gives the ordinary man hope is that at the end of it all every unconfessed sin and non-repentance will be punished whether you believe it or not.

    • amah sossy

      The last I checked, Dasuki, Andrew Yakubu, Gabriel Susan, Nenadi Usman, gov. Josua Dariye, Joly Nyame, jide Omokore, and so on are not southerners and neither MRS and other oil companies belong to southerners. Stop the faulty propaganda.

      • 0tile

        Who among them has suffered jail term expect captured Dasuki who once detained Buhari for high treason? Is that what you call just war on corruption?

    • Tony A

      Dumb argument.

  • 0tile

    What war on corruption? What has been going on is witch hunt against Buhari’s perceived enemies. Who among the most corrupt Nigerians hiding our money in Panama City has Buhari and goons held? How many known Buhari corrupt friends and relatives have suffered sanction or inconvenience other than mere public gaze and speculation?

    • Macsonbell

      At least you have the efcc email address now. Forward any information you have about Bulgari and his goons for action. Make a copy public, but be ready for the price of false information..

  • Man_Enough

    In the end, good will triumph over evil. Magu, do your best and leave the rest.

  • curseless

    The failure to fight corruption in Nigeria is based on the fact that the Legislative, Judiciary and the executive arms of the government are malignantly corrupt and unless at least two arms of these bodies can purpose to be upright Nigerians will continue to suffer. All these corruption witches and wizards speak the same language in their covens at night ,and hence it is not surprising that they are taking the average Nigerians for a ride. In a country where the rule of law reigns supreme all these corrupt animals will be in the jail right now. The worst thing is, they walk around with impunity knowing that at the end of the day nothing will happen to them. Cry the beloved country! Is Jerry Rawlings around?

    • GusO

      Definitely, two out of the 3 arms of government support corruption: the Legislature and the Judiciary.

  • marig

    You are doing reasonably well, Magu. It is tough going but no one has made as much recovery of stolen money as you have done in the history of this country. No one! No govt has taken the war to the looters as this govt has done. Keep fighting and at some point, the hard shell of corruption will crack.

    • 0tile

      How much has he recovered and where is the money?

      • marig

        The money recovered from your princess alone, did she come out to deny it?Or maybe the courts are lying too?

        • 0tile

          Did you say the money recovered from Babachir and Oke?

          • emmanuel

            By February 2016, they told us they had recovered over N2.6 trillion. In August same year, when prompted to know how much the government had recovered, we heard N18 billion, N9 billion and N21 billion between Malami, Magu and Liar ,Mohammed. They have returned back to same cacophony and cocktail of lies again.
            The other day, they said they recovered $90 billion from Diezani (N27 trillion). What a waste having these people in government.

        • share Idea

          Please do you expect anyone to deny what the person does not have? Deziani have challenged EFCC to release to the public the accounts details they claimed that belonged to her. Magu is having a running battle with his boss (AGF), and he is resorting to media to help him.

          If they have a genuine case against Deziani, they should charge her to court. It is only in Nigeria that government agency that claimed to be fighting corruption would be happy to seek forfeiture of alleged funds and properties without charging the people behind the properties or funds – what it tells discerning minds is that EFCC does not have capacity to do thorough job

  • kexiena

    Good job! I hope the monies recovered don’t get re-looted, and instead put to good use for projects. Jonathan and Iweala especially should be ashamed of themselves for letting all these money miss before their eyes.

    • No just those two alone.

  • Ijeuwa

    Corruption has eaten very, very deep into the heart of the country. As president Buhari said, even those who’re supposed to help in fighting corruption are themselves very corrupt. That is why even some of his closest aides are fighting Magu and the EFCC.

    The scale of corruption in Nigeria demands a serious fight to defeat the hydra headed monster. That serious fight hasn’t happened yet, and may never happen as long as the judiciary itself is unbelievably corrupt.

  • g_kazaure

    Magu is a sick mind. Who is more corrupt than Magu? NFIU is supposed to be autonomous but Magu will never allow that because that is the cash cow where he deployed his criminal gang in EFCC to demand for bribes for every transaction whether legitimate or illegitimate. This is the reason they tried to embarrass the Sultan recently when the Sokoto State Governmenet decide to purchase a house in Abuja for him.

    Magu has become an embarrassment to the government and the earlier he is booted out the better.

    • tundemash

      Mor0n, send proof of that Magu’s NFIU cash cow allegation to DSS or Attorney General’s office. Anyone can claim anything online. If i claim, you are a b@stard online, does it make it a fact ? Send in your proof.

      • Segun Adeleke

        Which proof are you looking for again? Has the DSS not indicted him? You sound more like the moron here. Please park well. Take a cursory look at the comments so far and you can see that there is a general view that Ibrahim Magu is corrupt. Internet rat like you can not change the opinion only to resort to insult. Nonsense.

        • tundemash

          DSS indicted ? is DSS a court of law? Did EFCC not indict your lord Saraki ? A twat you are.

      • emmanuel

        You are a demonised being. Someone should send DSS report to a corrupt EFCC? Most tines, your sadistic attitude lead to some altercation on this forum.
        Do you think that everyone have low cognitive domain like you?
        Read yourself “Mor0n, send proof of that Magu’s NFIU cash cow allegation to DSS or Attorney General’s office. Anyone can claim anything online. If i claim, you are a b@stard online, does it make it a fact ? Send in your proof”
        You need your brain washed with the chemical the local guys use to wash Dollars in the cheap scams

        • tundemash

          Kid, you have a right as a Nigerian to sue so go sue with your proof !


    The biggest fraud in the country, as far as I’m concerned, is Magu. The supreme law of the land is our Constitution (1999 as amended), and this Magu fellow has been flouting the very letter and spirit of the Constitution; on top of that, he has been flaunting his ability to do so.

    Magu has been rejected twice by the Senate to be Chairman of the EFCC. What kind of country is this? One stops being “an acting Chairman” the moment one is rejected; you then become not only a rejected Chairman, but a TERRORIST Chairman thenceforth.

    So, as long as this guy remains in office illegally, with galling effrontery, unmitigated temerity, beguiling impudence, a necking chutzpah, a shameless insubordination, with a brazenly irreverent discourtesy, and latent rude incivility, the country will continue to have my pity.

    Must we tolerate his distractions and madness? Or should we be protesting them? I say the latter.

    • g_kazaure

      Gbam! You are on point.

    • sola oludele


    • Zubby

      Which section of the Constitution stated that since Magu was not confirmed by the Senate he therefore becomes a terrorist Chairman (in your words)?
      Prove this point by referencing the Constitution or just stop writing falsehood. Your write-up is so hallow and empty because you were so busy with high sounding words without substance.


        First of all, you must mind your tenses when you are on a quest to shame someone for using “high sounding” words; it appears to me that your low sounding words are subject to criticism as well, viz, the Constitution ‘states’, not stated.

        Now, on the substantive issue you raised, section 2(3) of the EFCC Act states: “The Chairman and members of the Commission other than ex-officio members shall be appointed by the President and the appointment shall be subject to confirmation of the Senate.”

        If he is not Confirmed, he is not Chairman, acting Chairman, but only a rejected Chairman; if he continues to arrest people, then he is kidnapping, and terrorizing…

        The difference between a kidnapper, or a terrorist, and a law enforcement Chairman such as EFCC, is that the latter is Constitutionally authorized to do “kidnap”, and “terrorize” suspects.

    • tundemash


      What section of the law states “One stops being “an acting Chairman” the moment one is rejected” ???
      Stop displaying amazing stup1dity just because Magu is putting heat on your destiny looters.


        Notwithstanding your rudeness, the answer is the lack of the Constitution stating that a rejected Chairman can continue as acting Chairman.

  • Daniel

    This Magu man has refused to grant me a simple request.

    Please sir, publish the statement of account recovered loot.

    Publish the list of property recovered so far.

    And publish the ones under litigation.

    We also need the names of all those involved published.

    And do not forget to update as you recover more.

    As a republic and change government, transparency fights corruption faster than anything thing else.

    Else, I regard you as not serious.

  • thusspokez

    The chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, has described the war on corruption in Nigeria as almost lost, saying a lot needs to be done to revive it.

    Since I interpret Mr. Magu explanation as excuses (or lies if you want to be that ill–mannered), I should ask him who he thinks is responsible for the ‘almost-lost-it’

    But I should answer that question by saying that, it is (as it was) Nigeria’s pusillanimous and inept law enforcement agencies like the EFCC. For example, the serial looting activities of Diezani Alison-Madueke was an open secret, and yet the EFCC accorded her untouchable status.

    The likes of epic corrupt politicians Tinubu and Amaechi are accorded untouchable status by Magus’ EFCC. And I am sure that, one day, Mr Magu’s successor too will bring out the violin and play us his or her version of the “Almost lost it” song.

    Mr. Magu (at this point, imagine me looking into your eyes), your EFFC is the reason corruption continues to flourish in Nigeria. Where you have humans, you are bound to have corruption, but crime without punishment is like letting money loose in a banana warehouse.

  • emmanuel

    Big lie. There was never any war against corruption, it was a war against corrupt enemies of the present government.
    Both corrupt operatives and friends of this government are free men and women, left to enjoy their loots and also carry on with bare-faced stealing un challenged.
    Magu according to the DSS and the Attorney General and Minister of Justice is a corrupt man. How then can a thief catch a thief?
    This is like a case of a thief being chased and his accomplice join the crowd to shout thief; thief in his bid to escape from the scene.

  • 45Degree

    The only person remaining in the corruption fight is Magu. Even Buhari has since came off the corruption bus. How can you stay in Hospital overseas for 104 days with all expenses paid by Nigeria and ensure the 4000 pounds per day Presidential jet is left idle in London and come here to talk about CHANGI? We are not even entitled to ask him question. Then he is running around looking to arrest Kanu BUT left herdsmen, his people, to terrorize the whole country while keeping quite? He can “bark” as usual but corruption would bite him.

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Don’t mind the illiterate certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu Buhari who behaves as if he is the best thing to have happened since sliced bread. Nonsense.

  • TDaniels2

    Magu is properly right. Lack of political will is one of greatest factors against winning the war against corruption. Political will to purge the government agencies and political institutions starting first with NASS, state houses of assemblies and state governors. The fear of Buhari was meant to be the beginning of wisdom, it seems that the fear of the corrupt establishments has become the wisdom of Buhari. PMB needs throw down the gunlet to the corrupt class in Nigeria, come out clean or prepared to rot away in jail for life in the Sahara! Anything short of comprehensive purge will not serve Nigeria well!

    • FEMI A USA

      They can not do it because they are all corrupt. Take a look at S. Korea, Brazil, China and others. Even ordinary No confidence on Jacob Zuma such thing does not happen in the country. Besides, where is their Transparency they talk for so long. Recovery from whom? Only Diezani etc. All the looters Thieves, Fraudsters are in this Administration and APC. There are no difference between PDP and APC both are the same coin. I start to APC from July of this year; they are a fake and propagandists. Shi o.

  • NwaIgbo

    As most of us are missing the point about Magu, let me ask some burning questions here;
    What type of government allowed individuals like Diezanni and others to siphon the nation’s wealth to such unimaginable degree?
    What type of banks do we operate that colludes with criminals to steal government money?
    What is it about oil that brings about curses instead of blessings to poor nations.?
    Why is Nigerian’s NNPC a den of thieves at the same time ordinary Nigerians are queuing up for hours to buy petrol?
    Why do individuals own oil wells instead of states?
    How come we are still in darkness in a nation awash with oil and gas??
    Why and who stopped us from using our money to transform Nigeria into Dubai and UAE?
    Could we have survived as a nation if a new government did not come unboard?

  • 45Degree

    How in the world you have the executive power and you are “whining” judiciary is your problem? Your Vice-President is a SAN but you have problem fixing the Judiciary? Well, you are bound to have problem when you aren’t sincere with corruption fight BECAUSE you are corrupt. You are ONLY comfortable with people from Katsina and Daura when more than 16 million people voted for you. Can Daura people make you become president? Can Fulani herdsmen votes win the presidency? You have decided to put the wrong people to run down the economy. How in the world do you make a single man have 3 major portfolio of Housing, works and electricity? Common man, you don’t need a crystal ball to know you already failed. A lawyer whose only sport is running around cow and catching fish during Argungu festival is the Sports Minister?

  • Waandu

    I suspected that Premium Times will come back and edit the initial headline of this story. It was too explosive.

  • vaale-kupu

    Nigeria has almost lost the war on corruption because President Muhammdu Buhari, either wittingly or unwittingly has chosen to use corruption (Ibrahim Magu) to fight corruption. The end result is what we are seeing today which Magu himself has admitted. It beats my imagination that a fellow that was rejected twice by senate based on damning report by DSS is the one superintending the anti-corrpution agency. Worthy to note is that the DSS still maintain it position on Magu.

    I agree with those who posits that EFCC is the most corrupt institution today. Corruption is so rife in EFCC. Ask lawyers that have dealings with them and they will tell you. Premium Times and The Nation Newspaper will report otherwise.

  • emmanuel

    The TSA is said to be clinically abused by this government. Forensic auditors, systems analyst, etc would have to open the big mess going on in this government via TSA and EFCC to the world when the time comes.