Boko Haram commander confesses to leading operation to kidnap Chibok girls

Boko Haram Commander Auwal Ismaeela
Boko Haram Commander Auwal Ismaeela

A member of the Boko Haram, identified as a commander in the terror group, has confessed to leading the operation to kidnap the Chibok girls in 2014.
The ‘commander’, identified as Auwal Ismaeela, confessed to the act in an interview with PRNigeria, a news agency.
Over 200 girls were kidnapped by the sect from their school dormitory in Chibok, Borno State in April 2014. About 100 of them still remain with the terror group after majority of the remainder were released in talks with the federal government.
Mr. Ismaeela, who has surrendered to the Nigerian military, also told the news agency that he led other major operations and said he regretted his actions.
Read the statement by PRNigeria on its interview with Mr. Ismaeela below.
Ahead of the Islamic Festival of Eid-Kabir coming up by the weekend, a top Boko Haram commander who played a major role in the abduction of Chibok Girls and killing of youths in Madagali has surrendered and confessed to several acts of bloodletting on innocent people and destruction of properties across the length and breadth of the North-eastern part of the country.
In an interview with PRNigeria at a military facility for the repentant and surrendered Boko Haram members in the North-east, the ex-terrorist leader said he regretted the atrocities he was forced to commit against humanity.
The commander, Auwal Ismaeela, is currently cooperating with the Nigerian military with useful information on locations and hideouts of other top commanders of the deadly sect. He regretted his actions which according to him, run counter to several Islamic injunctions.
Mr. Ismaeela encouraged other top commanders of the sect to give up and surrender to the military.
“My self and Abu Hafsat, a Boko Haram commander, led other squads to abduct the Chibok girls.
“We led the operations to invade Gwoza, Bama, Limankara mobile barrack, Bita, Bosso, Madagali, Chibok, Pulka, Firgi, and Mubi.
“In Madagali which was my home town, myself, Adam Vitiri, Abu Adam and Habu Kudama, some high-ranking Boko Haram Commander led an operation in 2014 where we killed some students and youth at the Central Secondary School in Sabon Garin Madagali.
“In one of the operations, I abducted my wife named Maryam who had two kids for me in Sambisa Forest.
“It is unfortunate that I was brainwashed and misled not only on some abductions but in the killings of my own people that were innocent. I wholeheartedly regret my actions.
“During a battle in Konduga where myself and other Boko Haram commanders led the operations, I lost my right leg and was almost got burnt. Even at that, I did not stop fighting for the course. Sheikh Shekau ordered that I should be given a tricycle which I continued to use for various operations before I eventually surrendered.”
He gave several reasons for his decision to voluntarily surrender to the Nigerian troops after realising the misleading sermons, barbaric indoctrination of the sect leaders and atrocities being committed in some of the Boko Haram camps.
He said: “I willingly surrendered to the military because I was tired of the senseless killing and fight. I realised that our people have resort to stealing and all sort of atrocity contrary to the teaching and practice of Islam.
“Women were being raped, sometimes publicly. Children died from malnutrition and disease as the living condition became harsher. As there was no food in the camp, people died every day because of hunger.
“I will continue to cooperate with the security agencies in providing useful information on our mode of operations and to disclose top-secret hideouts of our commanders.”
Meanwhile, more than One hundred (100) Boko Haram members and some commanders had in the recent past surrendered to the military knowing full well that their actions had become inimical to the overall interest and well-being of the nation and the surrounding countries of Cameroon, Niger, and Chad.


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    Listen to this guy and think who he reminds you of : this monster is involved in killing and raping young human beings, killing and burning entire towns, but once his evil people got involved in “stealing”, (in other words “kworruption”), then he could not stand that. That’s Buhari, right? Right!

    Terrorists and murderers that can’t stand corruption, that’s what we have as neighbors. Monsters that God has cursed right from the beginning. Look at him.

  • Du Covenant

    Pay back is now…..what an animal!.

  • TrueFairGame

    I dont think the innocent you killed or hurt and their relatives will ever forgive you even if you are useful to the military. You are simply a poison to the society. you surrendered because you are no longer winning and due to difficulty. Personally i feel they should not be forgiven. The military should just use them for intelligent and later ‘take care’ of them.
    I have seen people like that during Rwandan reconciliation. Human society is for Humans not retarded animals

  • JasV

    This monster, this devil incarnate has a mosque, an Imam, an alfa where he worships. The reason I and many others will associate Islam with terrorism is that none of these people will publicly come out to denounce him, excommunicate him. Let the Alfa in Saudi Arabia where you have the headquarters of the religion excommunicate terrorists or else you are seen to be one and all the same.

    • Dan maikoko

      Wild as your accusation may seem you are right in all of them. The late Imam Jaafar of kano was the teacher and mentor of Muhammad Yusuf the late leader of Boko haram. Sheikh Jaafar openly denounced the boko haram sect long before you or anyone in nigeria realise the danger they posed . Jaafar paid the ultimate price for that on the very friday morning he invited all Muslims to come to his Friday sermon where he promised to expose the financiers and backers of the sect. They did not allow him to deliver the sermon. I, being a faithful follower of late Jaafar, had the privilege to hear The Sheikh directly accuse prominent members of the christian association of nigeria CAN and certain foreigners with backing Muhammad Yusuf. I dismissed this claim then until it surfaced after the sheikh was killed that the lawyer defending yusuf was a northern christian and a prominent member of CAN. That is not all, multinational industrial concerns who, for all intents and purposes are indistinguishable from the national governments they represent , are plotting worldwide conflicts to further the new world order and to promote arms sales after the end of the cold war. The saudis and the americans are working in concert to promote islamic extremism to further the above agenda. The rise of ISIS, invation of libya and syria are a case in point.

  • Julius

    He should simply be shot !!

  • Dazmillion

    Did demented Buhari put this man up to this confession?

  • deri best

    same old Fualani lies

  • Dejandon

    This guy surrendered because food is finished in their camp and the military is closing in. Please ensure he meets with duly required justice

    • Jon

      Some verses in the Hausa/Fulani holy book – Koran states that all non-Muslims (infidels /unbelievers) should be killed. Is that not hate speech by their holy book? Who is going to prosecuted all Hausa/Fulani including Buhari, a believer of the hate speech in the Koran? Who is going to prosecute the Emirs, the Sultans that are believers of the hate speech in the Koran?

      Fucked up fake country – Nigeria.

  • Amin

    instead of feeding this man with tax payer’s money, simply kill him for that is justice to the path he took

    • Jon

      Some verses in the Hausa/Fulani holy book – Koran states that all non-Muslims (infidels /unbelievers) should be killed. Is that not hate speech by their holy book? Who is going to prosecuted all Hausa/Fulani including Buhari, a believer of the hate speech in the Koran? Who is going to prosecute the Emirs, the Sultans that are believer of the hate speech in the Koran?

      Fucked up fake country – Nigeria.

    • Dan maikoko

      You kill him and you don’t get anything out of him. You use government money and feed him and then extract information from him to kill others like him for pennies and with lower risks to your men. The choice is yours.