Buhari praises Osinbajo, mocks #ResumeorResign London protesters

President @MBuhari and Vice President @ProfOsinbajo today, at the State House. 

📷: @novoisioro via twitter
President @MBuhari and Vice President @ProfOsinbajo today, at the State House. 📷: @novoisioro via twitter

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday praised his deputy, Yemi Osinbajo, for the efforts at leading the country, while he (Mr. Buhari) was away on medical vacation.

The president, at a meeting with some state governors, then taunted protesters who gathered in London to demand his return to work or resignation.

“The effort by the vice president is commendable,” said Mr. Buhari, when he hosted governors on Friday. “He used his intellect to run all over the place. I was seeing him 24 hours on NTA.”

Mr. Buhari returned to Nigeria last Saturday and returned to duties as president the following Monday. He had travelled to London, the United Kingdom, since May 7 to treat an undisclosed ailment.

While the president was away, Mr. Osinbajo led Nigeria in acting capacity and earned praises for the leadership he displayed.

“Our acting president,” said Simon Lalong, Plateau State Governor, at the meeting, “we must commend him.”

“In the absence of the president, there was not vacuum because the acting president filled in the gap and did his best up to this moment and showed absolute loyalty both to the nation and Mr President.”

He, however said since Mr. Buhari’s return “everything is taking shape again.”

“This is not to say the acting president was not doing well.”

The president also extended appreciation to Nigerians who prayed for his recovery.

“I’m very happy with the national prayers. It was very covered and reported, across religions and ethnicity, (that) people were praying (for my recovery),” he said.

He said his morale had been “raised greatly” by the “love shown to him”

Mr. Buhari spent 103 days in London. Before his arrival, there had been protests in Abuja and London, asking him to return to work as Nigeria’s president or resign. He also noted this today, subtly mocking Nigerians, who staged protest at the Abuja House where he stayed in London.

He said: “In fact some groups in London came and sang the national anthem and asked that I should go back home. Indeed, I have come back home. I hope those who went there are not stuck there…those that are stuck there with the Brexit, I hope they have weighed the implications that it won’t affect them, including those that have properties there, those who are not paying tax there.

“I hope when they sell their properties, there they will bring some of the money here. We need it very badly here.”

One of the leading anti-Buhari protesters, Charles Oputa, escaped being lynched at Abuja’s Wuse market by a mob, believed to be the president’s supporters. The protesters also faced harassment from the police on the second day of their civic action.

Mr. Buhari praised the governors for “doing (best) best in agriculture and solid minerals. “I am very pleased with the states,” he said.

Also speaking at the meeting with the president, the Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, who declared public holiday in his state to mark the president’s return, said: “we thank the good people of Nigeria and those outside the country who stood firm behind Mr. President and the country.

“Our president went to take care of his heath and now he is back healthy and healthier than before. We are here to appreciate him. We thank Almighty God that he is back safely. We equally thank his able lieutenant, Professor Yemi Osinbajo who held the country firm in his absence.”


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  • Solomon Brown

    Mr Buhari should grow up and learn to steer clear of pettiness, it is unbecoming of a commander in chief to respond to legitimate protesters in this manner, his handlers have done a poor job by allowing him to descend so low as to mocking the immigration status of Nigerians living in the U.K.

    Like a child he does not seem to take notice of the log in his eye while pointing out the speck in someone else’s. Mr President the money spent treating your ailment, while you still drew a salary with a presidential jet on standby was also badly needed in Nigeria.

    • Vox Dei Populi

      @Asteroid19:disqus @

      Look, look, look, Muhamadu Buhari has expired; mentally and physically. He’s a caricature president
      just drifting aimlessly since he scampered out of his hiding place in London under pressure from
      determined Nigerian protesters in the RESUME OR RESIGN responsible movement of activists.

      Since running back to Nigeria he’s had no clarity of thought. He intently lowered the standard
      of education in Nigeria with an announced proposal to make 30% failure grade in JAMB
      examination acceptable for university admission in Nigeria – for the unsaid benefit of
      the Fulani/Hausa/Kanuri Muslim students who’re wont to fail university aptitude test.
      Peaceful riots broke out yesterday as students took to the streets led by the
      Students Union Leaders. On their part the striking Academic Staff Union
      screamed havoc and vowed to wrestle Muhamadu Buhari on this issue.

      Before stoking those riots just five days after he returned from 103 days holiday
      in London for no disclosed illness Muhamadu Buhari had played a prerecorded
      tape to Nigerians as national broadcast where he warned that some Nigerians
      crossed the line whilst he was whiling away Nigeria’s time in London but did
      not name names of who crossed the lines of free speech. Now comes the
      same Muhamadu Buhari – all under one week – asking for a very vibrant
      opposition to his shambolic and wholly failing, stumbling and fumbling
      government. What sense can Nigerians make of all this nonsense?

    • Krai For Naija (K.F.N)


      There are now
      28 million un-employed youths inside Nigeria today – a staggering figure equal
      to the entire population of Ghana; a neighbouring West African country,
      according to a latest official bulletin issued by the federal Nigerian Bureau
      of Statistics. The new jobless figure in Nigeria today is over half the whole
      population of Nigeria at independence on October 1st, 1960.

      • Olusola

        Even when there was employment everywhere in Nigeria, did you secure one? You are unemployable. If we pound yam inside leaf and cook soup inside groundnut shell, those that will eat well will eat well and those that will not eat at all will not eat at all!

    • SamPsalm

      And the money you spent on data typing that riposte to an elderly man’s attempt at self-deprecatory humour is badly needed in Nigeria too. Especially, as your attempt at redirecting everything to your idea of the highest level of gravity did not succeed, probably succeeded less than the President’s effort at playing the comedian.

      He is back. He can govern. Let’s go back to discussing to engaging his government – not him – as to its policy direction and deliverables. Trying to play pettier versions of CNN, NYTimes and Washington post shameless playing to destroy a President they did not champion is low and useless.

      • Solomon Brown

        Well if he faced the issues squarely and did not resort to the role of trading high school jabs, maybe there’d be no need to address him the way I did. With that said you should grow up too.

        • SamPsalm

          Dry. Drier than harmattan – very much drier than Buhari’s joke-skill. You should go learn some humour. You have lost yours totally. And so are in no position to analyze a Presidential Joke

  • Honest Somebody


    If his enablers say Buhari is hale and hearty; and chatty and lively, it also means he’s conscious and knows
    the consequences of his acts and omissions and can voluntarily take a better decision to resign. That he’s
    refused to do so, with a sit-tight mentality stance, is the proof that he’s not a definition of man of integrity.
    Nigeria cannot be governed by Muhamadu Buhari’s photographs or governed by hearsay propaganda
    on his energetic sporting activities in the villa whilst he more often lies prostrate with prostrate ailment.

    • Eva Evaristo



      TRUTH IS THAT BUHARI never MADE ANY SENSE or SPEAK TRUTHFULLY on his claimed GCE certificate.

  • ????360° degrees



    • Bulleye


      Muhamadu Buhari is the worst president Nigeria has ever had; the least educated, the most dishonest,

      the most crooked, the worst mentally lazy, the most bereft, the most denuded of thought-process, and,

      the most inarticulate stammering Islamist bigot ever to enter the presidential villa flying Fulani tribe flag.

  • Mamman

    I LOVE this President. Period.

    • Bolade Ogunmakin


      Only the shallow can call to the shallow. You’re beyond correction on plain error because
      what your middling ability to write English suggests as ‘education’ is immediately betrayed
      by the odours of your idolatrous thought-process to fall down in worship of a near-illiterate.

      • pheliciti

        Obfuscated mind

    • musa aliero

      I Hate the presidents performance so far. Period

      • tundemash

        Good on you kid. Use your vote in 2019; till he then , he is the President.

        • Julius

          lolz abi oo.

    • pheliciti

      You are in good company!

    • Julius

      hahahahahahahha, stop giving the Igbos high blood pressure abeg .

  • MilitaryPolice01

    “He said: “In fact some groups in London came and sang the national anthem and asked that I should go back home. Indeed, I have come back home. I hope those who went there are not stuck there…those that are stuck there with the Brexit, I hope they have weighed the implications that it won’t affect them, including those that have properties there, those who are not paying tax there.
    “I hope when they sell their properties, there they will bring some of the money here. We need it very badly here.”
    This makes no sense, how can Nigerians in the UK be stuck with Brexit, is Nigeria now a member of the EU ? What implications does it have on properties, selling them and not paying tax ? loool

    • Sean

      That was a normal African banter! Don’t take every joke yo heart you muppet!

      • MilitaryPolice01

        African banter ? A banter is meant to make sense even though its a casual joke, or can you tell the joke he is trying to tell with this supposed banter

        • Arabakpura

          That’s another version of hate speech!

          • MilitaryPolice01

            lool … the first I heard of African banter not even Nigerian banter.

          • SamPsalm

            His banter does make sense to those of us he directed it to: not to supremely intelligent extra-terrestrials like you at war with everything. There are things to tackle him on but a self-deprecatory joke or a benign, not to say, harmless take-down of his fellow country is not deserving of this your vitriol. Go and see a happy shrink

          • MilitaryPolice01

            Then please explain the humor he was trying make in the joke or ‘banter’ as you understand it, maybe it will put to shame my lack of humor or thin skinned rigidity as a supremely intelligent extra-terrestrial – what bunkum ! Go and see a clown

          • SamPsalm

            Lol. This is why sensible people used to banish over-educated people like you inside university laboratories to grow long beard even with a pension on the side! You demand for explication of the ‘humour’ in a ‘joke’ and can’t even see the stuffy mirthless tenor of your tautological attempt at playing the unhinged analyst. You could do with a 104 day hospitalisation in a London clinic too but this time, your affliction would not be in doubt: mirthlostiasis it. Am sure Buhari would be happy to pay for you if he can afford it

          • MilitaryPolice01

            ‘stuffy mirthless tenor’ ‘mirthless’ ‘explication’ ‘tautological’ ‘mirthlostiasis’ – hahahahahahahahahahaha who is this clown for laughing out loud ?, with all these bogus words, I wonder who is ‘forming’ over educated or lab scientist. At least the last I checked I used simple words that communicated clearly. Guy with the inferiority complex and mental inbalance you have shown in your comments so far, I would urgently prescribe 365 days in psychiatric hospital paid for by Abubakar Shekau

          • Azi

            The hiding message is that those who stole our money and use it to purchase expensive homes in the UK should exit (brexit) britain by selling those homes and bring the money back to Nigeria because sooner or later the UK will make things dificult for them as it is likely not to remain a safe heaven for thieves much longer.

          • 0tile

            Are you talking about David Mark, Danjuma, Tinubu and others who siphoned Nigerian money to Panama, UK, Asia? Buhari knows them all but his own corruption wouldn’t allow him to expose them further. Think about it and tell us what you think about his way of fighting corruption. Nonsense

          • Julius

            He is too educated to see that. He is talking about grammar but can’t see what folks thinks of him. Na wa ooo !

          • SamPsalm

            Good to see you laugh. Some malaise are really not complicated. A new born just needs to cry. A constipated person just need to go see the loo. A dirty person just needs a bath and a mouth-wash.

            In your case, laughter is all ye have lost. And today, thine laughter has been restored after at least six decades of being in disuse. Now go see your daughter and I guarantee they would give you a clean bill of health.

            Laughter is still the best medicine. I would chalk up your bill under pro bono column

          • Sanssouci

            Pls no vex I don’t have extra terrestrial intelligence, can u explain the joke so that I can also laugh.

          • MilitaryPolice01


          • Julius

            LMaooooooooooo..me either. These losers can’t even make sense !

          • Julius

            wow, rubbish and inferior …smdh !

    • Frank Bassey

      Sounds senseless.

      • 0tile

        He is another tout just like his worshipers: tundemash, fake lawyer Kay Soyemi, Mofu Ola, Maria, Rommel, Mumuwole, Awogbeoloshi and gang.

    • Man_Enough

      what my president is telling those who staged the london protest is that a kettle should not call the pot black. both of them are in london.

    • 0tile

      I did not know that Imam Buhari is a tout instead of man of integrity. Why must he stoop so low as to exchange touts of protesters? If one of them pushed him he would pass away then there would be bitter war in Nigeria Imam must behave himself and avoid setting Nigeria on fire Nonsense

  • aboki

    PMB is back n in control !
    To God be the glory.

    • 0tile

      But meanwhile a fat mouse is in control of his overall office. Is he back there?

  • Frank Bassey

    Resume or Resign. Simple message.

    • Folabi Durojaiye


      Muhamadu Buhari is too incompetent to be entrusted with the thinking job of a president. After he was chased out
      of London six days ago, and ran back to Nigeria – abandoning his lies that he was being detained by his doctors,
      who as the riots started could not have gained entrance – he’s destroyed public peace in Nigeria and provoked
      street protests. It takes a slow learner to consider lowering the standard of education in Nigeria as priority.
      But that’s what this Buhari did within five days of running out to escape international disgrace in London.
      He said from now on anyone who can score 30% fail mark in JAMB exam must be admitted to university.
      Buhari cannot resume because he is blank without gumption or plans on what to do as Nigeria sinks.
      Those who voted for Primary Six certificate holder as CHANGE are as sickening as Buhari himself.

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        Buhari is by far more competent than Jonathan who wasted our highest oil revenue ever under any single government in 5yrs, more than that of the preceeding 16yrs.
        It is a shame that you are not aware of this.

    • Julius

      You’ve been saying that now for how many days/weeks and still no result ? I don’t think he can hear you…shout louder ! My advice to you is stop wasting your time and find something constructive to do.

      • Frank Bassey

        If he chose to RESUME, why should I bother myself any longer, irrespective of threat of rats.

        • MilitaryPolice01

          lool abi oo, as long as he complied with one of the demands, the goal has been achieved, on to the rats matter lol

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Mumu PDP Governors, is Buhari your headmaster or what? Would APC governors have turned up if a PDP President was in place? God bless Oshoko Peter Ayodele Fayose (Akikanju olu omo).


    Dem don chase am commot from London….shameless President who abandons his country to vacate in foreign lands instead of building hospitals he destroys the treasury with foreign medical bills.

    • Man_Enough

      those who chased him out are still in london. doing what? they should come home too.


        BUHARI was elected to govern Nigeria so they chased him back

      • 0tile

        What kind of question is this? Was Buhari elected to hide in London? Imam tofi gidan ka

      • Julius

        lolz, they wish they chased him out. No mind dem !

    • Tunsj

      Long time Tawanda Incommunicado. I’m sure you were hiding in your cave.


        Bro, how you dey …long time, I was travelling a lot and accumulating money so did not have time but I am back again to base. Buhari was disgraced in London and he ran home, it was very funny, Nigeria is the laughing stock of people in the US and Europe . The mumu COUNTRY COULD NOT EVEN ASK WHERE THEIR PRESIDENT WAS ..

        • Tunsj

          Welcome back my brother. I agree with you totally that Nigeria is the laughing stock of people in the US , Europe and around the world. We’ve lost respect everywhere. Again, welcome back.

        • 0tile

          #ResumeorResign group disgraced in London, then a fat mouse disgraced him again in his office at Abuja. What a pity!


            Na waaooo , General wey tear race when rat enter im house.

    • Julius

      Yea, your broda Jonathan built some hospitals when he was running the country. Abi . By the way ,he and his wife also ran to UK and Germany for medical care. Remember the 7 surgeries in 7 days she went thru in Germany and she was dead and came back alive but still FAT ?


        Historian !!

        • Julius

          You ought to try to remember pass yesterday. You will be wiser for it. What I said is true, isn’t it ?

  • taiwo

    Is PMB so unhappy that he was “forced” out of London? Why is the expression of bitterness and mockery of a laudable resume or resign protest?

    • ????360° degrees


      Can Nigeria withstand two more years of Muhamadu Buhari’s tomfoolery and economic ruin?

      • Azi

        Buhari will win re-election come 2019, mark my word…go my president…

        • The facts

          Of course he’ll win. Were we not in this country when someone won a senatorial election from behind bars. Anything can happen in Nigeria. If Buhari can spend tax payers money on his health and refuse to tell the tax payers the nature of his illness, why won’t he win an election? The reason is because we are a country that’s docile and full of ‘mumus’.

    • Dawood

      Mock dem, my president. Now the idiots want to go protest Deziani, which is where they should’ve started, and STAYED, until dat winchi thief cough out all our money. They lost bigly, like Trump would say. Now they’re trying to cover their shame with lies. I’m sure their pot-bellied sugar daddies are pissed. All day money wasted- and just look- Buhari is more popular! I’m sure Charly Boy’s sugar daddies want their money back.

      • The facts

        For your information. The protest about Deizani is to expose the government’s lies about the Deizani issue. How can a government be prosecuting someone and refuse to extradite the suspect. It’s like the UK government prosecuting Ibori without extraditing him from UAE.

        • Julius

          Is Diezani being prosecuted right now in Nigeria ? She is going thru that in the UK so, we shall see when that is over and she is extradited back to Nigeria. Facts do matter, try to be factual and stay away from trying to score some lazy cheap shot.

          • The facts

            Deizani was arrested and bailed almost two years ago. Do you think that if UK authorities have anything on her she wouldn’t have been charged to court? There’s nothing on Deizani.

          • Julius

            Yea sure .. and that’s why she is not allowed to travel out of the country, the UK..right ?. You want me to believe that An innocent individual is not allowed to travel out of the country ? You really need to stop smoking crack !

          • The facts

            If she’s on bail, obviously she can’t travel and maybe the UK authorities know that she’s just being persecuted by Nigeria they have decided not to charge her as a result. One thing I know is that if they’re strong evidence to charge her in the UK, she would have been charged by now.

          • Julius

            Listen to you…”maybe the UK authorities know that she’s just being persecuted by Nigeria they have decided not to charge her as a result”…Excuses, excuses, excuses…stop living your life on excuses, it makes you look lame and weak. Nah, that’s not the reason, according to the UK law authority, they are still investigating her and told her not to travel out of the country. Look, Nigeria would like nothing more than letting her come home and arrest her. The UK authority know that she is a disgusting thief already and they have no interest in helping her on anything. They will throw her out once they are done with her…write that down. She is evil.

          • The facts

            It’s you who should listen to yourself. Do you believe the UK authorities will be investigating someone for nearly 2 years? Do you think their investigators are like the quacks you have in Nigeria? I still insist there’s nothing on her.

          • Julius

            Do me a favour, google the UK case against her. Come back and tell me what you find there.

          • The facts

            See, I don’t need to Google before I discuss issues. I rely on facts not Internet search as people like you do. The case against Deizani in the UK is that £27,000 was found in her apartment and £3,000 found on her mother. Tell me that’s what UK authorities have been investigating for about 2 years. All this bogus claims in Nigeria are the figments of imagination of the people peddling them.

          • MilitaryPolice01

            The facts my brother or sister :), sometimes the best thing to do is to ignore. Don’t reply to everything, by now you should have determined on this page those worthy of response to and those not. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday, bless

          • The facts

            Thank you Brother/Sister.

      • 0tile

        Don’t encourage Imam to mock people, it is mean. A president should not descend to the level of touts and tribal mockers like you and other odua touts.

        • Dawood

          You’re right.

    • tundemash

      Mor0n, where is bitterness in what Mr. President said here advising those who stole your destiny and sponsoring some miscreants in London to bring the loot home ??

      • 0tile

        Next time he is going to run to Saudi Arabia where no #ResumeorResign great people will force him back to Abuja. Imam is running out of luck, #ResumeorResign chased him out of London, then a fat mouse chased him out of his office Abuja. What next?

        • Julius

          And where will you run to when the wrath of the Almighty catch up with your perverted , hateful and disgusting life ?

      • Ade

        Pathetic supporter of an incompetent bafoon president.

        • tundemash

          Pathetic supporter of his destiny looters.

          • Ade

            Animal, tell you dead walking boss to arrest and jail them!

            It takes person with an animal brain like you to see Buhari as a change agent!

          • tundemash
          • Ade

            Oh good news! lol

            Tell your boss to reform the police, we need a systems that works.

            Judiciary should also be reformed to focus more on anti-corruption which his core manifesto

            Not just PDP but we will love to see even seating VP, Govs(both PDP and APC) , ministers go to jail.

            Who are the financiers of Boko haram?? where are they getting their weapons?? Why cant Fulani herdsmens be arrested and prosecuted? Who is financing IPOD? Avengers? when will they be jailed?

          • tundemash

            Democracy and governance is a process. Whereever Buhari gets to 2019, anyone after him takes it up from there and do everything you want hence I advice you to vote in your destiny looters in 2019 to do all Buhari couldn’t do. Is that okay kid ?

          • Ade

            your stinking mouth wouldn’t allow your brain to think! Old man your jihadist president may not get to 2019 because is very bias and agenda driven hence is frequency sicking and weakness.

            My biggest mistake is voting a jihadist as a ant-corruption change agent

          • tundemash

            No one is certain of getting to 2019 including you so don’t try to play God, twat !
            Liar, stop ranting, you didn;t vote Buhari in 2015. Olodo !

          • Ade

            “….I advice you to vote in your destiny looters in 2019”

            Your buhari is not god, is not perfect so if someone have a different view point doesn’t mean is for looters. you guys are just too sickening!

          • tundemash

            Hence I asked you to vote him out in 2019. What is setting you off kid ? Buhari is not perfect and we kew that when we voted him in and he’s doing exactly what he promised; to go after your destiny looters.

      • taiwo

        I won’t abuse you because you want to derail from the point. If you can discern properly and if you are not misguided by sentiments you would agree with me that PMB was pained by the resume and resign protest. A good leader should be tolerant and analyse criticism and learn from it. Its commendable that he is trying his best to repatriate stolen funds and the thieves to face charges. But he cannot assume that those asking him to resume or resign are his enemies or enemies of Nigeria. He had overstayed in UK receiving treatment. And is it not a shame that the same government that is trying to reduce medical tourism is spending so much unaccounted amount of money on a foreign soil on undisclosed ailment. So tell me where lies the transparency and accountability. Stop pretending not to understand my point. I’m not asking you to compare this admistration with the last one. Analyse the issue as it is now.

        • tundemash

          You still remain a cl0wn. Being a leader does not make you less human and preclude you from making fun of your adversaries. 219 is around the corner and your destiny looters have promised to give you cash so use your vote then to vore Buhari out; no amount of wailing would vote him out before ;2019.

          • taiwo

            Say whatever you like. PMB cannot assume that all those asking him to resume or resign are his adversaries or were paid. This is how lazy people like you digress from issues. Im not talking of 2019 and you are already bringing election into the discuss. Whatever happens in 2019 is non of my business at the moment. I’m interested in the present. Its obvious that you are being paid to portray PMB as a saint even when he makes mistakes that needs honest people to correct him.

          • tundemash

            Olodo, lying your way though won’t help you. Below were the words of the President as quoted by PremiumTimes;

            He said: “In fact some groups in London came and sang the national anthem and asked that I should go back home. Indeed, I have come back home. I hope those who went there are not stuck there…those that are stuck there with the Brexit, I hope they have weighed the implications that it won’t affect them, including those that have properties there, those who are not paying tax there.
            “I hope when they sell their properties, there they will bring some of the money here. We need it very badly here.”

            So where did he refer to anyone as his adversaries or were paid ? Mr. Hypocrite has the divine right to accuse me that I am being paid to support President Buhari but President Buhari has no right to accuse anyone of that? What a twat.
            When you cool down from whatever you are high on, click on my name and see how long i have been online; ever before you guys were being given amnesty money and laptop; ever before Dumbo Jo became V.P. so I guess I am being paid since then by who ? Dunce !

            I mentioned 2019 because clearly no amount of frustration would change anything in the present so go prepare your card and your bank account; your destiny looters have promised to provide cash in 2019.


    • Maverick

      They’ll soon call you Igbo man in disguise.

      • taiwo

        Abi o. I kuku bi omo Yoruba pembele. If we love our leaders we should caution them so that they don’t become full of them self. I’m a fan of PMB when it comes to ridding the country of corruption but I’m not pleased with his handling of Fulani herdsmen and some SE SS agitators. Restructuring will solve a lot of problems but he does not want to embrace it.

        • Maverick

          But he only fights corruption that is perpetrated by his enemies. You can see the kids gloves he is using on SSG Lawal (₦270m grass cutting scandal, Buratai’s Dubai mansions, NIA boss (Ikoyi Cash) etc.

          What about 2017: That Aso Rock budget that deserves your attention?
          The first time this budget analysis series ran was for the 2016 budget; and it becomes visible each day that the 1810 page document was a horrid, hurriedly-put, corrupt-conduit-filled piece of executive cluelessness.

          Well, since I’m more of a realist than any of the other-ists, I’ll just say that the fact that the world lost an entire tree to the making of the paper it was inked on is a tragedy.

          We have been given a sequel; the 2017 budget was presented to the National Assembly by the President in the presence of the ministers who drafted it—and even slept while the presentation was on—and it was called the “Budget of Recovery and Growth.”

          If you noticed, it is quite a change from the previous budget of change just like the government’s change mantra. Here are some quotes from the President’s speech on what when passed, will be arguably the most important document in the country—sorry, just checked and it is 63 paragraphs long so I will just skip to analysing the 2017 budget as we await the implementation report of the 2016 budget.

          The 2017 budget is N7.298 trillion. According to the government, this comprises of

          i. Statutory transfers of N419.02 billion;

          ii. Debt service of N1.66 trillion;

          iii. Sinking fund of N177.46 billion to retire certain maturing bonds;

          iv. Non-debt recurrent expenditure of N2.98 trillion; and

          v. Capital expenditure of N2.24 trillion (including capital in Statutory Transfers).

          We will begin with the State House budget, which is, 42,917,666,214. This almost double what the previous government budgeted for this in 2015 which was 23,465,865,117. Out of this, 19,970,000,000 is the total capital budget while the total recurrent budget stands at 22,947,666,214. The total overhead is 10,171,082,268 and that for total personnel is 12,776,583,946.

          This is the first piece in the #SaatahBudgetSeries2017, and I will be looking at the budget of the State House (which was referred to as Presidency in previous budgets).

          STATE HOUSE

          There are 16 agencies under the State House, and they are: State House Headquarters, The Office of the President, The Office of the Vice President, Office of the Chief of Staff to the President, Office of the Chief Security Officer to the President, State House Medical Centre, State House Lagos Liaison Office, Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS), National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS). Kuru, Bureau of Public Enterprises, National Emergency Management Agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Bureau of Public Procurement, Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission and its centres, and Office of the Chief Economic Adviser to the President which funny enough the President only appointed in August of this year.

          The first piece of shit I was hit with, ironically, was the “Sewage Charges” budget of the State House Headquarters” It was put at 52,827,800. That means 144,733 every day. That’s a lot of shit as far as the eye can see. Compare this with the “Sewage Charge” budget for 2015 which was 4,957,143 and for 2016 which was 6,121,643.

          This simply means the shit charge went up by 1050% compared with the 2015 budget, and 850% when compared with the 2016 budget. The 52,827,800 question I want to ask now is what exactly are they shitting there?

          The State House Headquarters budget for “Honorarium/Sitting Allowance” is 556,592,736. Let me remind you that the previous government budgeted 174,471,371 for same item in 2015, while in 2016, this administration jacked it up to 507,518, 861.

          The State House Headquarters still continues to budget for “Residential Rent.” This is something I have failed to understand up till now and I wouldn’t mind someone explaining it to me. That aside, the amount budgeted for this “Residential Rent” in 2015 was 22,459,575, while in 2016 it was put at 27,735,643.

          I don’t know how or why, but in the 2017 budget of “Recovery and Growth,” this same “Residential Rent” went up to 77,545,700. Whoever the Landlord of that State House Headquarters is, in this economy, he must be a very lucky and fortunate chap.

          There is an 8,539,200 budget for “Anti-Corruption” and I’m perplexed as to what exactly it is.

          The last time there was a budget for “Motor Vehicles” or anything like that was in the 2014 budget by the last administration and it was a total of 132,200,000. This government came in in 2016 and somehow concluded that the State House Headquarters did not have enough “Motor Vehicles,” so they started by budgeting 877,015,000 which was something like a 650% increase from the 2014 budget for the same item.

          The State House Headquarters still doesn’t think there are enough “Motor Vehicles,” so in 2017 they have budgeted a total of 197,000,000 for the purchase of “Motor Vehicles” and “Buses.” At this rate, by 2019, this government would’ve succeeded in buying enough “Motor Vehicles” to drive the entire country off the edge.

          2016 will end up being one of the darkest years in this country in relation to power supply. So, I do not understand where the State House Headquarters got megawatts from in 2016 that they have now budgeted 319,625,753 for “Electricity Charge” in 2017. Just so you know, the “Electricity Charge” for 2016 was put at 45,332,433.

          The 2016 State House Headquarters budget for the “Rehabilitation/Repairs of Residential Buildings” was 642,568,122, while in 2017, I don’t know, but it looks like an enormous asteroid managed to hit and destroy the residential building at the State House Headquarters because what is budgeted for “Rehabilitation/Repairs of Residential Buildings” happens to be 5,625,752,757.

          As usual, knowing that we have travelling President, 739,487,784 has been budgeted for “International Travel & Transport.” Last year only the Vice President budgeted for books. This year neither the President nor his Vice budgeted for it. Apparently, they’re tired of reading.

          Just like in last year’s budget, the entire capital budget for the National Emergency Management Agency is for the “Construction of Office Building,” all 374,473,456 of it.

          The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has budgeted 5,999,070,468 for the “Construction/Provision of Office Buildings.” In 2016 they spent 58,434,683 on that. If you do the math, that’s an increase of over 10,000% and qualifies as an economic and financial crime.

          The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission also budgeted 230,536,000 for “Legal Services.” I don’t know if this is enough, but since they say it is; and as long as none of that amount goes to the case-bumbling, Twitter SAN, Festus Keyamo, no wahala.

          In 2016 the EFCC budgeted 93,136,000 for “Motor Vehicles,” but since maybe the corruption they should be fighting has gotten faster, they have upped that to 455,000,000. So if you had a plan of running away from the EFCC, I am sorry, they will have almost half a billion Naira worth of cars to chase you with. It is a car race now you know.

          There a line item in the EFCC budget that mentions the “Procurement and Upgrade of Microsoft Product Licences” which 142,237,198 was set aside for. This is as vague as something can get, and when it comes to corruptly enriching yourself, being vague is the best bet.

          In 2016 3,260,000 was budgeted by the EFCC for the “Purchase of Photocopiers” while in the 2017 budget 13,755,000 is the magic number.

          1,100,595,088 has been budgeted for the “Furnishing of the New Head Office” whose construction cost in the 2016 budget was put at 7,912,502,911. Now, guess what. There is a budget for the “Consultancy of the Head Office Project” and 244,727,624 is budgeted for it. I am sorry; you will have to guess what again.

          Let me not stress you, 4,583,616,838 is budgeted for the “Completion of Ongoing New Head Office Building Construction” which 7,912,502,911 was budgeted for in 2016, bringing the total to 12,496,119,749. For those of you that numbers scare, that is over twelve billion Naira for the construction of the EFCC new head office. If the budget for the “Furnishing” of same building is taken into consideration, it becomes almost fourteen billion Naira. That is the anti-corruption model; build a fourteen billion Naira edifice to scare corrupt individuals and firms.

          The Bureau of Public Procurement has budgeted 52,957,485 for “Defence Software” and I find myself wondering when they became the Ministry of Defence. But things change, just like this government wants us to believe. I wish them a happy defence.

          In the course of going through the 2107 budget, I noticed a significant change. There no longer existed a column to show the state of a project. Previous budgets had the “New” and “Ongoing” tags designated to line items, and it made it easier to understand or rather follow the money. We might not know, but that little omission, which I believe was on purpose, has the ability to make corrupt practices invisible.

          The 2017 budget is beginning to look more like a shit-storm, but that shouldn’t be a problem because as you saw from the beginning, they started by budgeting generously for it.

          We have come to the end of the first part of my budget analysis; hopefully the second part will have something better to offer us.

          Read more at:

          • taiwo

            With the billions spent on Aso rock clinic even under current administration, PMB needs not spend 100 days on medical tourism. This is one of the point but some loyalists and supporters will look away from them and rather beat about the bush.

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          Any Buhari critic is labelled Igbo wailer.

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      Doesn’t he also has the right to say what he thinks about them ? There is a President somewhere calling protesters, news organizations ‘fake people and fake news’. What’s the difference ? I do understand criticizing the president but, we must be mindful of his right as well.

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    Elsewhere, I have commented that Prof. Osibajo is a disgrace to academia. This whole charade is a shame to anyone with sense of decency.

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    Gbam!!! PMB has resumed, his haters should jumb into lagoon. God answered our prayers and we continue praying for his continuation in 2019. May God grant PMB good health, long life, wisdom and strength the lead Nigeria effectively until 2023.

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      You should speak for your self

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    Apparently, Otile and Tawanda are igbos people because of their chronic hatred of PMB. We know the real reason of their biafra is connected with Crude oil in SS. You are planning to seize power with your already appointed President Mnamdi Kanu to loot our oil for igbo survival. ND is not part of your biafra nonsense, we can fight for ourselves. Kanu said he was offered biafra for 5 SE states but he rejected. It means he is a criminal trying to get power inorder to steal our land and oil. You cannot use religion to deceive us join your fraudulent biafra agitation.

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      Nigerian unity is non-negotiable!!! Kanu is deceiving poor igbo masses to get money and recognition.

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        Is Gani Adams deceiving yoruba masses to get money and recognition? Is Oduduwa Republic dead?

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      Honestly, this Biafra issue is a drown issue as far as south south is concerned. We rather remain with Nigeria, than join people that claimed they alone are the only ones with brains. The cruelty and manipulation against our people by biafran war-lord during the biafra war cannot be ignored. Go and declare biafra in your igbo States and leave Niger Delta alone. Thanks.

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        You are out of reality, you can not speak for niger deltans because majority of the so called niger deltan are Igbos. Biafra is not by force if you deceide to stay under Hausa Fulani lead Arewa or Oduduwa you are free.

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          He is Yoruba, he does not know that there are many Ibo people in the SS. He ignorantly believes that only Ijaws are the SS, Niger Delta. The Fulanis are more knowledgeable of the Niger Delta than Yorubas. Tragic

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