Nwabueze, Anyaoku, Akinrinade, others explain how to restructure Nigeria

Prof. Ben Nwabueze
Prof. Ben Nwabueze

The Group of Southern Leaders of Thought, an association of elder statesmen, have said a negotiated restructuring, implemented through a new Constitution, is the best assurance for the realisation of one Nigeria. 
At a press conference in Lagos, Thursday, the group, led by Professor of Law, Ben Nwabueze, said although a majority of Nigerians are committed to the indivisibility of the country, they need to be given an opportunity to negotiate the conditions. 
“In our circumstances as a country, with a vast expanse of territory, comprising a great diversity of ethnic nationalities, with divergent interests and outlooks, it seems generally agreed that a federal system, truly so-called, is the system appropriate to our situation,” the group said in a joint statement at the end of their meeting. 
“We therefore conceive restructuring as requiring, modified as necessary, the restoration or re-establishment of the kind of federalism that existed under our 1960/1963 Constitutions. That is the central object or purpose of restructuring.

‘In more explicit words, the essential purpose of restructuring is to enable the component ethnic nationalities, grouped together by affinity of culture/language or territorial contiguity, to govern themselves in matters of internal concern, leaving matters of common concern, not overwhelmingly extensive in their range, to be managed under a central government constituted in such manner as to ensure that it is not dominated by any one group or a combination of them. 
“And above all, to ensure justice, fairness and equity to all in the management of matters of common concern. It assures an optimal measure of self-determination or self-government consistent with the territorial sovereignty of the country.”
Members of the group include Emeka Anyaoku; Ayo Adebayo; Kimse Okooko; Alani Akinrinade; Ndubuisi Kanu; Ike Nwachukwu; and Donald Duke. 
Others are Victor Attah; Gbenga Daniel; Solomon Asemota; Kalu Idika Kalu and Pat Utomi. 
On the issue of self-determination, the group noted that it does not connote independent government, but the right of each group, within the territorial sovereignty of the country as one state, to govern itself in matters that concern it alone. 
“As, for example, local government matters which is an example par excellence of a matter of local concern (local government in a village in Hausa land should not be the business of an Igbo man); the election of elective public functionaries in a Region or Zone – governors and members of legislative assemblies and local government councils; etc.
“The term ‘self-government’ expresses the essence of restructuring in our understanding of it. 
“To reiterate, self-government requires that the ethnic nationalities, grouped together by reference to culture/language and geographical contiguity, should be enabled to govern themselves in matters that concern them alone, within the sovereignty of a central government common to all, with powers appropriately circumscribed.”
The group stated that among the factors that impair the objective of true federalism in Nigeria, the most crushing is the over-concentration of political power and financial resources in the federal government “far far beyond what they were under the 1960/63 Constitutions.” 
“The result of the accretions of power to the centre, either by direct grant by the constitution or by perverse interpretation of its provisions, is to alter the power relations between it (the centre) and the states so significantly as to change the character of the system quite substantially from a federal to a unitary system,” the group continued.
“The system remains federal largely in name. Re-visiting the Exclusive and Concurrent Legislative Lists under the 1963 Constitution, we think that the powers of the federal government thereunder should be further reduced in the several respects, indicated in our Position Paper.
“The over-concentration of financial resources and relations in the federal government affronts true federalism in no less a grievous degree. 
“An arrangement whereby every month officials of the state governments, including quite often the state governor himself, go, cap-in-hand, as it were, to Abuja for their share of the money in the federation account disbursed or paid out to them by officials of the federal government as paymaster is a negation of true federalism; it simply caricatures true federalism.”
The group maintained that restructuring cannot be implemented by constitution amendment, noting that a new constitution should be adopted by the people at a referendum to be led by the president or an elected leader. 
“It is sad that, while a clamour for restructuring is reaching a crescendo and is sweeping across the country, the National Assembly is still regaling us with talks about constitution amendment, and is buttressing its position by the erroneous assertion that the 1999 Constitution can only be amended or altered (sections 8 and 9), but cannot be abolished and replaced by a new constitution. 
“By taking this untenable position, the National Assembly makes itself a big obstacle in the way of restructuring.
“The view that the 1999 Constitution can only be amended or altered but cannot be completely abolished and replaced by a new constitution is erroneous because it fails to take account of the fact that the 1999 Constitution is only a Schedule to a Decree, Decree 24 of 1999. 
“That Decree is an existing law under Section 315 of the 1999 Constitution and, like all existing laws within federal competence, can be repealed by the National Assembly. Upon the repeal of the Decree, the 1999 Constitution completely disappears from existence.”
The rest of the members of the group are Elliot Ugochukwu-Ukoh; Tony Killa; Harry Akande; Promise Adewusi; Sola Ehindero; Akin Oyebode; Adewale Adeoye; Chigozie Ubani; and Olawale Okunniyi.


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  • Mamman

    Nwabueze & Co travellers. Your own very blood,the Ibos including you as a young man, first restructured Nigeria in 1965 or thereabouts after it was very well structured. You cried then that the North was too big and that it was impacting negatively on the development of the other regions despite the fact that it was taking care of itself both politically, culturally & financially, including its internal security which was close to perfect. You people engineered the killing of all our political leaders & their allies ostensibly to enable you take full control. God thwarted your plans. Now, after over half a century, you are leading another group to cause confusion. Last time I checked, in all the scriptures, God is described as omnipresent. What gives you the confidence that God won’t thwart your pig headed & archaic ideas again? No amount of hatred of Buhari can change the course of history. Go preach to your lazy, govt-revenue dependent people to wake up from their slumber to work hard. QED

    • UK BOY

      Another E-Rat bastard. The continual payments you all receive to vomit your hate without objectivity would be your downfall. The status quo favours you guys the Hausa-Fulanis and as such you’ll kill and maim to keep everyother ethnic nationality in this Prison that you’ve created- writing nigeria in you peoples own image. Unfortunately the south is waking up to say enough is enough, you’ve all gotten away with murder for far too long. Implement what has been proposed and see every other south ethnic group pick up steam and race away to full industrialisation and economic liberation, this is what the north is afraid of, that if the south get developed too quickly, they can never be a conquered territory- because in the eyes of the Hausa-Fulani man or woman, nigeria has since the end of the civil war become a fully conquered territory (a conquered estate to the caliphate). This clamour for restructuring would never end, and if the north continues on this path, the instability that would ensue from all agitators might take on a different cloak, and i pity what would become of your strangle hold of the nigeria, worst case scenario there’ll be violence (and don’t think that it would be from only the igbos- because i know that is where all your fixation of hate is pointed) from all corners except the north west and north east, at that point things would have fallen apart and the centrer cannot hold any longer.

      • Abdussalami Yaro

        You people, tend to be carried away by euphoria, you can’t think beyond your limited and demented minds. You people should shine your eyes and minds, what you wrongly think will happen after restructuring, will be nothing but a mirage. The Republic of Southern Sudan is enough lesson to be learnt. Do you really love yourselves?

    • Rommel

      What you wrote represents very well why people want restructuring of the federation, there are states in the north like Gombe,Nasarrawa,Taraba, Yobe,Zamfara etc that should not exist because they are presently economically unproductive, yet they maintain bloated bureaucracy dependent solely on funds from Abuja, IGR in such areas is next to zero, it is rather the north that is 99.998% dependent on federal government revenue so check yourself very well first before making such wild allegations and mind you, I am an unrepentant Buharists

    • Charles

      One question i having been asking without receiving an answer is: why are the Hausa/Fulani afraid of restructuring? please could you provide a sincere answer.

      • Emotan

        Me too have been asking why the north is terrified about restructuring?
        Is it true that the children of Sarduana and northern Nigeria where Zik, Ojukwu and many prominent Nigerians were born are now so poor after many years of taking the lion share of Federal Government development projects and oil money? What is truly wrong with our brothers from the north?


      Mamman, I strongly disagree respectfully. Nigeria has never been “very well structured” contrary to your claim. The so-called 1960 and 1963 constitutions were as bad as all others. And the then regional governments were worst by design. The Hausa-Fulanis, Yorubas and Igbos were the sole designers and executors of the constitutions, which did not protect those considered or misnamed minorities. In short, these 3 ethnic group were struggling over power before and after independence and are still struggling to date. This struggle led to the first military coup executed by mostly Igbos, then the counter-coup by the North, especially in the interest of Hausa-Fulanis. That coup brought Gowon, hence the conflicts alongside mistreatment of Igbos in the North; secession threat and civil war. The minority fears that were played around and is ignored to this day predates the so-called Nigerian independence of 1960. Of course, the Willink Commission raised the minority fears or the fears were raised and the need for comprehensive actions stressed yet nothing was done as the WAZOBIANS downplayed them and lied they will be addressed after independence. That lie persists to date because they are stealing oil own by core Niger delta or South-south communities at gunpoint. What is happening is armed robbery as resource control based on derivation that benefited the WAZOBIANS then no longer matter; they have thrown away planting Groundnuts, Cocoa and Palm Produce to sharpen their greed and violence for oil. In deed the regional system then treated all other ethnic groups like conquered peoples as they packed them under these 3 so-called major ethnic groups or Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo which are not more ethnic than others rather these so-called minorities are as equal and distinct groups with equal human beings in them like the WAZOBIA ethnic groups or H-F-Y-I. This is even though regional system, which I recommend as the best way out for Nigeria if peace and development, stability will be achieved, brought about development and competition due to power devolution and self-determination or internal self-government alongside fiscal federalism, which then favored the WAZOBIANS because Groundnut Pyramid, Cocoa and Palm Produce were the main resources. Of course, 50 percent of proceeds based on derivation was given to Hausa-Fulanis, Yorubas and Igbos, respectfully. Today, the resources is oil and gas, and they are in core Niger delta and not WAZOBIA’S land; the same derivative principle beneficiaries to wit the WAZOBIANS have drafted draconian laws with their criminal and violent, deadly minds to deprive the land owners of the same proceeds they benefited. Not just deprivation of resources alone; they are being polluted and ignored—compelled to die in suffocation. When they complain they are harassed, imprisoned or further killed—hanged to intimidate them for demanding their right to their land and resources of oil and gas therein. Except the military and guns they control alongside dubious, criminal mindset and acts nothing makes the WAZOBIANS majority while others are minorities when they are all human beings with distinct ethnic groups, distinct territories, cultures and languages. The WAZOBIANS are not super-humans or more human in any way, manner of shape, form than others. In short, if the WAZOBIANS considered themselves majority they should have used their falsely magnified numbers to create more for themselves first and not even all Nigerians instead of killing oil land owners to maintain and protect the criminal status quo. Reality show that those who claim to be majority are mostly dependent on oil money, without which they can not create budget in their unfairly and unjustly military created multiple states to pay common one month salary. So when you claim “Go preach to your lazy, govt-revenue dependent people to wake up from their slumber to work hard,” in about lines 8 and 9 of your comment, I wondered what you mean and which ethnic group or people you are pointing to. If you are Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba or Igbo, these 3 ethnic groups, which have about 23 mostly nonviable and parasitic states out of the 36 states are the most dependent on oil money from South-south or core Niger delta. Except Lagos state and oil producing states which can conveniently create monthly or yearly budget, tell me which state in the North, South-west and South-east can conveniently create budget and pay salary without sharing oil money? It is this truth about the largely parasitic northern and South-west, South-east states that makes the so-called National Assembly they dominate feel protecting the criminal status quo is the answer. Implying the lawmakers who are from WAZOBIA states, even though they know is the best solution do not believe in restructuring Nigeria from current unlawful and illegal unitary military decrees and constitution (s) designed by the same WAZOBIANS to a Peoples’ or People’s Constitution laced with self-determination and true fiscal federalism in a new regional system with more regions. Fiscal federalism under regional governments and self-determination or internal self-government will return Nigeria to that time when the regions despite corralling so-called minorities into their bellies competed and developed, grew with their human and natural resources while contributing 50 percent to the center. Again, this time regionalism will work best as more regions including South-south shall be created and current mostly nonviable states dissolved, if Nigeria is honest, want development, peace and determine to kill corruption or reduce it to the smallest particles.

  • Man_Enough

    Restructuring has become a propaganda instrument in the hands of those who oppose the government of the day. When politicians find themselves in opposition, they begin to preach restructuring. If the cynicism is removed from the debate we will discover that all we need is good governance and faithful followership.

    • Daniel

      No genius can manage Nigeria to prosperity, IF the system we run is not re-arranged.

      Are you -suggesting you will not allow your 20 year old child leave the home and be independent- minded to a large extent?

      That is basically what restructuring means.

      I live in a space in Nigeria, so let me use what is in that space to manage myself.

      We are talking about stabilizing Nigeria for prosperity.

      This debate goes far beyond party politics. It is about your status and future as Nigerian.

      You can’t continue to hold down your freedom.

      So quit the myopic view.

    • Reginald Dandeson

      Does the military document that was appended as a Schedule to Decree 24 of 1999 which you refer to as a Constitution make room for good governance and faithful followership? Can you possibly have good governance and faithful followership in a system that thrives under inequity, injustice and impunity? How many nations in the world are being democratically run successfully under a constitution handed down to over a hundred million citizens by fiat of military Decree? Please provide me answers to these.

      It’s difficult to understand why many of you Nigerians find it exceedingly difficult to see things simply as they are, just maybe because you find yourselves or someone close to you in a privileged position. It’s unpardonable.

  • Dan Arewa

    I am not yet convince of your idea on a new constitution. You are still calling for 1963 constitution. Is that a new or old constitution? Does that constitution prevent dominance on minority of SS from SE? Or Minority of the North from the Almighty Fulani dominance?
    You guys are just hitting around the Bush. Your ideas is not acceptable.
    If still you insist on that, then Farewell!

    • Reginald Dandeson

      Am afraid you did not read the report with clear mindedness or understanding. They already figured out the question you’re asking concerning the 1963 Constitution and made provision for that in just three words: “modified as necessary.” Read the full paragraph below:

      “We therefore conceive restructuring as requiring, modified as necessary, the restoration or re-establishment of the kind of federalism that existed under our 1960/1963 Constitutions. That is the central object or purpose of restructuring.”

      Comprehension is very important. And the lack of it constitutes a major problem and obstacle to successful national discuss, just like your comment has shown.

      The men you said are hitting around the bush are actually hitting the nail on the head. That may not necessarily have to be acceptable to you, by the name you use on here, but it certainly is acceptable to tens of millions of reasoning and reasonable Nigerians.

      • Dan Arewa

        Myself and majority of Nigerians are Still am not yet convince. Don’t you see how Nigerian representatives hit a 9 inc nail on the head of restructuring agenda on the floor of National Assembly?
        If you and any body that is still not convince by the stand of the NA on that agenda, he can still forward the request again.
        But don’t forget to give more explanation, clause by clause to them.

  • Stanley

    Well done Prof Nwanbuaze and Co. Now we are understanding this restructure better. It will ensure that the government of each federating units will put up their thinking cap and work with their people and for the people. The harder you work the richer and better your unit will be. Sokoto unit can be richer, safer, cleaner than Lagos unit. Just like Niger State has brought N160 billion Dangote sugar project that will provide 15,000 jobs for their people. If the APC government fails to do it, they have just 2 more years to go. Let PDP begin to warm up. They will capture the entire south and middle belt and restructure the Country for us. Isha Allah.

  • Okele


    You cannot restructure anything if you cannot talk freely about the pathology
    of Nigeria’s fraudulent Fulani federation. Freedom of speech is the first step,
    haba! You must talk about how lazy drones steal the treasury. This thing tire me O!

    Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is a joke. I don’t see any difference between him and
    Muhamadu Buhari – both of them are clueless. Was it not Vice President Osinbajo
    that was saying punishment of hate speech is official priority? I just ask myself:
    ‘Does this man think at all? What is hate speech in law? There’s nothing called
    hate speech in law, nothing

    But see! Oshinbajo is looking for what does not exist in a country where
    constitutional freedom of speech overrides even pre-existing laws of sedition.
    This is the low quality of people that Nigerians voted into power. No surprise
    that both men drove Nigeria into the worst economic recession ever within
    one year of taking office.

  • Luke Aikkiomon


    People have been saying APC party wants to herd Nigerians into a line like cows.

    The way they plan to do so is to control thought-process with police power as APC

    thinks it has already defeated the newspapers in Nigeria, and now wants to control

    thought-process on the internet, in a battle the APC party of illiterates will surely lose.

    • Honest Somebody


      If his enablers say Buhari is hale and hearty; and chatty and lively, it also means he’s conscious and knows
      the consequences of his acts and omissions and can voluntarily take a better decision to resign. That he’s
      refused to do so, with a sit-tight mentality stance, is the proof that he’s not a definition of man of integrity.
      Nigeria cannot be governed by Muhamadu Buhari’s photographs or governed by hearsay propaganda
      on his energetic sporting activities in the villa whilst he probably lies prostrate with a prostrate ailment.

  • Justice Equity

    Nigeria must be restructured in a way to allow those who want to lazy about,marry hundreds under aged girls,give cow more rights than their citizens, breed English rats as their own children, go to only religious schools, kidnapp their girls for forced marriage, sell their children to terrorists, make their kings gods,hate modern living, science and technology, etc to have their way and live in peace ,while others that want a decent living, compete with advanced world and democracy ,will also have their way and live in peace.why is it very difficult for Hausa Fulani to allow Nigeria to prosper and develop, why must they insist on a marriage with people whom you so much hate and scorned at in your closets.
    That is the Nigeria that can work and endure.may God Almighty give us that nation of our dream.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      I share your dream of a restructured Nigeria, with more powers to the Regions to developed at their pace, as it was before militry misadventure into politics. Provided it will recreate The Midwest/Bendel as its own Region.
      But don’t you think, that this cry for biafra and restructuring, is taking attention away from ongoing War against corruption, kidnapping and smuggling nacautics, fake drug and expired food lead by people and friends of corrupt people and criminals?.
      The timing of these agitation is too convinient and designed to fraustrate the war against corruption and criminality.

      • Reginald Dandeson

        I think you are very wrong on the issue of the agitations for restructuring and the fight against corruption. Is there anything that precludes both from going on at the same time? A government is never formed to tackle just one national issue in its basic tenure of four years.

        These men who belong to the SLT have done a great job of clearing the politically generated foggy atmosphere regarding what is meant by restructuring. They have also responded to the President’s request for a focused explanation of what restructuring Nigerians are agitating for. The respectable men deserve many kudos for standing up to the challenge. Let’s now hear who will say he still doesn’t understand what is meant to restructure Nigeria for efficiency.

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          Why didn’t these self styled apostles of biafra and restructuring raise them in 2014 Jonathans confab.
          Where were they when NDA reduced our oil production by 60%when oil prices were as low as $28pb.
          They have never supported the war against corruption and criminality because their are involved.
          Enugu, Eboinyi and Imo states combined IGR are less than that of Kano or. Edo states.
          They depend on federal allocation. Why are they calling for restructuring, when they will come out worse off.

          • Justice Equity

            My friend you are commenting with a load of prejudice in your heart,I can assure you that you are not free in your mind concerning the igbos,your hatred of them is so thick that you pretence at covering it with cunning crafty afterthought is like attempting to cover the sun with bare hands. Try to free your heart and mentality from igbophobea , Igbo hate and jealousy of igbos, then you will have a sound mind,clear conscience and clear eyes to understand what the elders are talking about.
            First the forerunners of restructuring in Nigeria after the civil war ,are not igbos, they are the yorubas, igbos caught up with gospel of restructuring after taking stock of the development of Nigeria and Igbo nation since 1999 after the PDP convention in jos where it became Cristal clear that Nigeria can never make real progress the way it was structured, it is on record that it was the same year that uwaxulike started Biafra restoration agitation .
            Again igbos were very eloquent and unambiguous in their demand for a restructured Nigeria during obj national conference and at 2014 national conference.
            Again looking at the list of elders at this meeting as reported, it is unmistakable that Yoruba elders and Igbo elders are in attendance and in agreement to the demand for restructuring, why are you then singling out igbos for your hate bigoted attacks ,why taking out ebony ,Enugu and IMO while leaving out ekiti ,osun and ondo.
            Again who told you that kano and Edo generates more revenue than Enugu and others,is Edo state more developed than Enugu and IMO,are you aware of the fundamentals that is playing out against IMO ,Enugu,and ebonyi that made their IGR low,
            You are not more intelligent than Enugu ,imo or ebony people as to sit in your frustrated corner and be telling over 20 million people what is better for them when you are not in their shoes.
            Let me tell you the truth,you can put it on record, if Nigeria restructures today ,5 years after ,the old eastern region shall be the most industrialized, most developed and most modern zone in Nigeria. They have the human resources, they have the world reach, they have the mentalities.
            Nigeria as presently constituted and structured is a serious impediment to the growth, prosperity and glorious development of the land of the rising sun.
            May God grant the restructuring of Nigeria so that the world shall see the glory of the land of the rising sun.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            We will all be proud if igbos do Nigeria and Africa proud all over the world. Not on death row and jail.

          • Justice Equity

            The fraudulent contraption called united Nigeria is the real reason why igbos are ventilating their God endowed great sophistry in a negative way overseas,if Nigeria restructures today ,within the next 5 years more than 90% of diaspora igbos shall return to the land of the rising sun to use their inbuilt exceptional divine resources to build the most modern ,progressive, prosperous developed society in Africa. Igbos shall recreate Dubai,Taiwan,Singapore, Japan and Malaysia in Africa.
            May God help Nigeria to restructure so that the hope of Africa and black race shall emerge from the land of the rising sun.

          • Myth

            What you’re saying is right. Igbos really need to tone down these criminal activities they are perpetuating worldwide. It’s becoming too much. Even in the country I’m in, Nigerians are known as drug dealers and 99% of the Nigerians you’ll see in jail here are igbos. We’re bringing shame to Africa

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Igbo leaders don’t seem to accept that their criminals are doing anything wrong..
            One said recently that they were unfairly jailed.
            Igbo are protesting to frustrated Buhari war against corruption and criminality they perpetrate at home.
            Not because they will be better off in biafra or after restructuring.

      • Justice Equity

        My brother like I posted earlier, you are commenting with a load of prejudice in your heart and mentality, you seems to be plaques with Igbo phobia, your comments about the Igbo elders demand for restructuring is ill conceived, prejudiced, malicious, full of lies and totally false to say the least.
        First the Igbo demand for a restructured Nigeria began at aburi in Ghana in 1966,it consequent upon the turning around from agreement he signed in aburi on restructuring by gowon that led to the civil war.
        After the war,yorubas started the later gospel of restructuring after the June 12 experience, the Igbo rejoined the restructuring gospel after the PDP convention in Jo’s in 1999 when it became Cristal clear that Nigeria can never make real progress the way it was structured.
        The Biafra restoration agitation by uwazulike commenced in earnest after that episode.
        The Biafra restoration agitation and restructuring agitation predates buhari,so it patently peddling of falsehood and hateful lies for you to pretend and go ahead to post what you posted ,having known the truth.
        Again, the war against corruption is a continuous exercise which was began by obasanjo in 1999 and fought through Jonathan until buhari,it shall continue after buhari till kingdom come, for so long as human beings are saddled with financial responsibilities, greed,stealing, corruption and mismanagement can never be ruled out.
        Obj established efcc and icpc and saddled them with the task of fighting corruption, he also established Nafdac to tackle unwholesome importation of drugs,there is also NDLA saddled with the task of fighting drug pushing and there is police ,DSS etc saddled with the task of fighting criminals.Therefore
        For buhari and his supporters like you to hide under the guise of fighting corruption and criminality as an excuse to hold Nigeria down and continue to mismanage Nigeria ,and stop the nation from enjoying peace, true unity,prosperity and justice, equity and fairness ,is tantamount to hypocrisy of the highest order.
        It is not buhari that is fighting corruption, it is the institutions of government set up under our laws that are doing the job.
        If buhari sets up a constituent Assembly or constitutional conference to restructure Nigeria, there jobs can never obstruct or hinder in any way or manner the constitutional jobs of other institutions of government.
        Only deceitful liars,hypocrites, enemies of progress and those benefiting unjustly from a comatose and disorganized Nigeria are making the kind of false claims and falsehoods you are peddling.
        May God help Nigeria to restructure so that the hope of Africa and black race shall emerge.

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          If igbos do the right thing, it is to the glory of Nigeria, Africa and the world.
          Today, when Nigerians are killed in South Africa, jumped to death in India. In jail all over the world. The probability that he an igbo is, . 9 near absolute.
          If saying it is a show of hate towards igbos. so be it. I will continue to say it.
          God bless Nigeria.

          • Justice Equity

            All you go about commenting on is any negative news you see about ibos, by your name you sound Edo,what business is your sisters and brethren doing overseas, are the igbos the only people doing drugs in overseas, is there any vile business that is peculiar to igbos overseas that your brethren are not into.your hatred of igbos is born out of hate,envy,jealousy, phobia of igbos. How many Nigerians of other tribes travels outside of Nigeria to hustle like igbos.yorubas are many in London, is the percentage of Nigerians caught in London for nefarious activities not mainly yorubas, how do you expect that your people that concentrated only on prostitution,drugs and female trafficking in Europe shall be found in Asia where they badly travels to,or how many are your peoples population in relationship to igbos.
            Can you mention any nefarious activities that igbos engages both at home and abroad that your brethren are not into. You are a hypocrite, a deceitful pretender and hate bigot who don’t even understand why you are miserable.
            Go ahead with your hatred ,igbos shall continue to excel in all ways because the shout of the King is amongst them.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Igbo commit heinous crimes at home and all over the world.
            Prostitution is not a crime, it is a vice.
            Mrs Eki igbinedion started rehabilitatimg Edo vice girls since 2005.
            Igbo are still in self-denial about their criminality as if it’s their way of life.

          • Justice Equity

            Mrs Eki igbinedion started rehabilitatimg Edo vice girls since 2005……yet your mother, sisters, aunties, and grandmothers are still into prostitution and even your children unborn.
            While they into it,your men are into drugs, kidnapping, cultism,human sacrifice and witchcraft.
            How on earth will a lazy,bewitched, occultists and pathetically hypocrites like your witchcraft overwhelmed immoral satanic people like you guys be busy bodying about the children of God, when darkness ,wickedness and witchcraft activities is the only business you guys knows and can only do.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Again criminality that leaves thousands of igbo on death row and jail all over the world, could not be compared to vices some Edo women where trafficked into.
            One of their traffickers has been jailed 20yrs in London and many are being prosecuted at home. While rehabilitation of the trafficed continues.
            An igbo jumped to death to avoid arrest with drugs in India this week. How will this continue.

          • Justice Equity

            More than 50 Edo women died in the Mediterranean sea every month while trying to cross into Europe for drugs and prostitution after immoral Edo witchcraft old men and women initiated them into prostitution witchcraft societies and promised that they can turn into birds in the event of danger.
            Should the oba and people of Edo continue to allow the future of Edo children to be wasted like this.
            Go to Edo state, they are still living in complete darkness wickedness and under development because of their witchcraft activities. While others are seeking how to buy and sell and make money to develop their environment ,Edo people are still initiating their children and unborn children into all manner of witchcraft activities and satanic movement. That’s why darkness ,wickedness and underdevelopment is the signature of Edo state.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Majority Nigerians who died in the medetarenian sea are not Women, but Men.
            They are not majority Edo but Igbo. There is no more evidence that all the Women were out there to prostitute themselves, than to assume that every Nigerian female bank worker prostitute herself to meet target.
            You can not claim to know Edo more than I do, I started my primary education at Enugu. I have been to most Igbo towns and villages. I am glad I am Edo and not dog eat dog – Igbo.

          • Justice Equity

            , I started my primary education at Enugu. I have been to most Igbo towns and villages. I am glad I am not dog eat dog – Igbo….. I can now understand your predicament, having been to Enugu and many Igbo towns,you have witnessed first hand ,Gods unmerited favor ,grace,mercy and kindness to his children ,the sons of ERI ,and you allowed yourself to be completely incensed, overwhelmed and overthrown by envy,jealousy, bitterness and hate ,just the same way that Cain felt about his brother Abel and same way that sons of Jacob felt about Joseph whom they maliciously accused and betrayed him and sold him into slavery because of Gods mercies, favor and grace upon Joseph.
            Friend there is no criminality that you can ever accuse Igbos of doing that Edo people are not into,so first rid your darkness covered land of satanic worship and witchcraft societies which have continued to make 70% of Edo land ,a land of misery, poverty and wickedness to the extent that more than 90% Edo indigens who are doing well in life can not travel home in their lifetime or they get killed through witchcraft satanic manipulations and high level occultism.
            Igbos are the salt and light of Nigeria ,that’s why every imbecile and mental dwarf hate them for the uncommon grace, favor and mercy that God blessed them with.
            You can hate them,malign them,lie against them,conspire against them, backstab them,envy them,even kill them etc but you can never prevail against them because the voice of the King is amongst them.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            No sane person envy greed and criminal tendencies. Self destruction and seld – denials.
            I need to be persuaded that Igbos love peace and the living with the law as other Nigerian tribes. What is there to envy?.
            I pitty some of you, who would sell your mother for a few Naira. Can’t be trusted.

  • Dan

    The clamour for restructuring of the country, as encapsulated in the report above, should be supported by all Nigerians, if it will help to bring about the desired equity, justice and development in all parts of the country. The clamour is coming mostly from the southern part of the country because of the perceived ingenuity and docility of the North who appeared to be contented with receiving monthly allocation from the centre despite its huge potential in agriculture and other mineral resources. If Northern leaders in collaboration with their southern counterparts have not been engaged in squander-mania, looting of resources and neglecting the common man it would have been a different ball game. In the process of the clamour for restructuring of the country let justice, equity and fair play prevail; hoping that it will bring about the desired progress, development and prosperity to our dear nation. May be the first step is to get rid of the National Assembly whom i think may not support the idea since they are strong beneficiary of the corrupt system and status quo. PMB may not necessarily oppose the idea if it is well articulated and presented in way that is devoid of political colouration and that it will be beneficial to the common man who the elite always use to shortchange the nation.

  • marcos avelino

    This people want to create a nation based on ethnicities. The world is now a global arena or village. The european nations fell into a long period of ethnic wars when they created nations based on ethnic identity. So Mr Ben Nwabueze suppose a small tribe joins a collection to form a region or zone and then later finds it is been skimmed out or discriminated against , can it secede and form its own zone or join another zone? then repeat that process many times and see what you have This is nothing but crass anarchy you are proposing. The world is fast moving beyond the current nation state and the end of the oil era is within two decades.

  • Reginald Dandeson

    These men who belong to the Southern Leaders of Thought have done a great job of clearing the politically generated foggy atmosphere regarding what is meant by restructuring. They have also responded to the President’s request for a focused explanation of what type of restructuring Nigerians are agitating for. The respectable men deserve many kudos for standing up to the challenge. Let’s now hear who will say he still doesn’t understand what is meant to restructure Nigeria for efficiency.