#ResumeOrResign: Charly Boy escapes lynching in Abuja’s Wuse market


A popular musician, Charles Oputa, popularly called Charly Boy, who has been leading a campaign for the return or resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari, has been attacked.

Charly Boy was attacked in Wuse Market by angry protesters who are believed to be supporters of the president, witnesses told PREMIUM TIMES.

The musician and his fellow campaigners were last week attacked by security officials who dispersed them violently from the Unity fountain, also in Abuja.

“Charley Boy came to this market with some cameramen doing his protest here.

I was standing in front of my shop when I saw him running for his dear life, being chased by those youth,” a trader at the market said.

“They nearly lynched him, because those youth almost overpowered police security near him.”

The musician was rescued by security operatives who fired gunshots and tear-gas to disperse the crowd.

The security operatives later returned to remove Charly Boy’s vehicles from the market, using tear-gas to disperse the protesters who tried to stop them.

Wuse market ‎is Abuja’s largest and is dominated by northerners, many of them supporters of President Buhari.

The gates of the market were temporarily closed and manned by heavily armed security operatives after the incident.

“Charley Boy caused it, how can he come here to be talking against Buhari.

Those Hausa boys dealt with him,” a meat seller in the market who witnessed the incident said.

President Buhari has been in London on medical vacation for about 100 days.

Details later…


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  • tundemash

    Shou ! He ran from lynching after claiming he can die for Nigeria ???


    What a fraud !!! That was how the other fraud Kanu also claimed he can die for the struggle but lied his way out of prison leaving his co-conspirators to rot there.

    • emmanuel

      Whatever your psychotic tells you, they are making impact already. Remain deluded in silence.
      Unfortunately for you, they are more impactful in Nigeria today than your kinsman is also a waste of time and space like his father who trully treat him like a father.
      So, as a grayed baby, cannot think right and will never do any meaningful thing as long as his cousins, nephews, brothers and sisters who are jackals and hyenas from the arid North seat on him

      • tundemash

        Typical loose cannon ranting all over the place. Impact ko, compact ni ! Keep hallucinating.

  • thusspokez

    “Charley Boy came to this market with some cameramen doing his protest here.

    Wuse market ‎is Nigeria’s largest and is dominated by northerners, many of them supporters of President Buhari.

    You might agree or disagree with Charley Boy’s campaign, but nevertheless, he was brave to go to Wuse market — the lion’s den, if you like. Not so with the pusillanimous Igbo hero Kanu who doesn’t have any such balls. I am still waiting for his trip to the north.

    • Mmiri Nke Udo

      Animal what is the meaning of this shity writing. You will be disappointed if you are waiting for my leader in the north. He is too busy and have a lot to do here for our young country. May devil, poverty, illiteracy, bokoharam, isis, and death be your continued visitor in the north. Iseeeeee

      • amazing2012

        So he ran after he claimed he will die for Nigeria ? I wish they lynch him!

      • thusspokez

        Is that all you have got to let out? Go on and let out some more! It will save you from high blood pressure and possible heart attacks.

  • AryLoyds

    Charlee should not waste his time , Nigeria is a ZOO. The only message these animals understand is to cut off their feeding bottle.Parasites

  • Riot50000

    Please castrate him and feed him his small Testicles .
    CHARLIE GIRL is a homosexual

    • Juungle Man


  • emmanuel

    We shall get there soon. Little by little the bubble will burst and Nigeria will go aflame.
    It will not be planned by anyone.
    This should should just have been one of those events.

    • amazing2012

      It is your life that will go aflame. Idiots and cursed. Nothing come out from your mouth than curses !

      • m

        And you?. Your mind is twisted. make your point and stop cursing people. We cannot all think same.

        • amazing2012

          Okay, I am sorry, I withdrew the cursing part of my statement. I am sorry !

          • emmanuel

            Even if you withdraw it on account of this post, your inate nature of violence and crass wickedness remain in born in you? Did you just visited this and other forum for the first time?
            Have you suddenly forgotten how vile you are? Abi na today you suddenly realised there is anything called civility? Are you no more a janjaweed?
            I beg, carry your hypocrisy waka.

      • emmanuel

        Okay, Charlie Boys is better dead than you he-goat? hypocritical basta*d!

    • Spyman29

      You will be the one first to be consumed by the flame

      • emmanuel

        Are you not a walking corpse already? We know how you could not sustain renewal of your internet data bundle for a long time, until your masters started the stealing sleaze again. You are better dead with your vegetative super master than waste our time in Nigeria.
        We want to make progress like the rest of the world and not leave like cattle rearers in herdsmen.
        So you think it would be business as usual when they linch him to death?
        Na that time you go knwo say craze man get relatives.
        Hear the nonentity who talk about hate speech. Insolent brain!

      • princegab

        If this naija is not dead, then it’s going to be eternal suffering.
        Sorry for generations unborn.

    • Moore

      your fathers house will be consumed by flame. OLORIBURUKU

  • Dazmillion

    Charlyboy must be very f**lish. Did he think he was visiting shoprite lekki? Does he think the Hausa Fulani man, especially in the north, wants Buhari to resign even if he is brain dead.

    Does Charlyboy not know that the Hausa Fulani view him as an old Ibo man, a Biafrian no less. How will the same Hausa that gave Ibo quit notice allow another Ibo man to tell them that Buhari should resign because he is called Charlyboy AKA suspect sodomite.

  • jon

    shaly shaly i no tell you dont mess with baba he will election even in sick bed , please Charles go and stand for Councillor election

  • amazing2012

    How I wish he was lunched ! The people that pay him will have his body in a dead bag one day.
    Idiots you think people did not know the source of your campaign ? People know the value of Buhari and de for him. We know the value of peace without bombs here and there. The bombs and killings that were committed by both boko haram and Igbos in our midst.
    Bastard, homosexual bhodist. You can see how Christians are defending him because they are the same.

    • Iniabasi Akpan

      Its not all abt buhari’s value,the moron has none anyway. Its all about the stupidity of d northerners.

      • Moses Stone

        And the foolishness of the southerners like you abi?

    • emmanuel

      Mind who you call North these days. The wool over the Jukuns, Beroms, Idomas, Ebira, Okuns, Zango Katafs, Egons, Tivs, Souther Kandunas and the rest of the Indigenous people of Nigeria North has been completely removed. You would be shell shocked soon when you are left dry.
      Nonsense, you take so much from Nigeria Pie, yet are the most debased of humans in contemporary world.

      • Moses Stone

        Was there any wool before?? It was just your flimsy imagination to think that those tribes you mentioned will join your biafraud. Talk for yourself and your drug dealers not for us in the north.

      • Tukur Bello

        Don’t be deceived by those shouting marginalisation of the so called middle belt. A region with 4 former heads of government that ruled for a combined period of 25years. They currently have the senate president, the speaker, the president of the court of appeal, the chief judge of the federal high court, the chief of army staff, the chief of air staff, the IG of police, the Commandant of civil defence, the EFCC boss, the Customs boss etc. And you believe they are marginalised??? Think bro

      • princegab

        Thanks bro, tell them the cool truth.

    • mayGodpunishopressors

      You always miss the point. You always attack the persons and not the message or the subject, and that shows your level of reasoning. Why do you think that anybody that is against Buhari/APC must have been paid by oppositions and Pro-APC/Buhari were not paid to come to the street. Going by buhari’s previous statements on Boko haram, how surw are you that he is not in league with them?.

      • amazing2012

        Please tell me the massage that has to be PAID before it will heard ? Tell me if the president did wrong ? The senate have confirmed that the president did nothing wrong, he obeyed the constitution, by communicating with the NASS and hand over the power to his vice as stated by the constitution. Is there any function that osibanjo is not allowed to perform ?Do you mean charly boy is ignorant to know that ? Or he is used by individuals who mean no well to Nigeria ? What will say if people get killed and the market destroyed ? Is the market laws makers ? Is the market Buhari ?

  • Azunna Samuel Samuel

    Chalie boy, should remember that his father is more alive that he has become a father and should also reason like a father for the sake of his children

    • Pluti

      If our fathers were strong witted enough, protested bad leaders and bad policies implementation earlier before now, we wouldn’t have been writing here. He’s doing this for his children and generation unborn. Your mumu never do?

  • obika

    October 1 is loading, The signs are everywhere. Northerners are in deep love with Buhari. It doesn’t matter whether they are hungry or not. They are just in love with him and all of them are ready to kill for him or even die for him. I can tell this from my office, my field work experience in the core northern states. They prefer an imbecilic northerner to a competent southerner to remain in power forever. Competency has no meaning in entire core north.

    • Dan arewa

      Just move your shit out of the North by October 1

      • obika

        No! I will not move in a haste. I will take my time to relocate from this fucking country. I have prepared for them. On October 1 or any other day, if a northerner come to attack me with a stick, I shall defend myself with a knife. If he comes with knife, I shall defend myself with my small gun. If he comes with small gun, I shall fight back with my AK47. If he comes with AK47, we shall fight fire for fire. This is not 1966 brother. Why did the army shut down Wuse market today? Because the Igbo in the market also attacked the Hausa in defense of their prodigal son. Even though the Igbo did not send Charlie boy, we still defended him. The Igbo is ready to defend themselves in the north. We can never be the victim again. My plan is to gradually move out of the north in peace but if they want it otherwise, then I shall kill as many as I could before I leave.

        • M

          That is how it should be. Fire for Fire until nothing is left.

        • Dan_Arewa

          Who told you the Army shut down Wise market today?
          They man the gates entries to the market.
          You should read the news with pure mind out of hatered.

        • Moses Stone

          BIG Mouth EMPTY threat.

          • obika

            Come with whatever you have that day to meet the empty threat.

          • Moses Stone

            Just go to Wuse Market and save Charlie Chaplin abi na Charlie boy. Thats all. We go see how this ya big mouth go save you.

        • Moore

          When you kill as many as you could, you will never leave alive. Stop spreading hate speeches. condemn Kanu and other imbeciles like him spreading hate. it will not bring any good to anyone. The igbos are the bad losers, that decided to set the country on fire because their clueless ATM machine was voted out of power.

        • Moses

          Softly…remember Charly talked like this last week.

    • raji

      Please specify, are you talking of the southerner that run the country aground.

      • obika

        I am talking about the mentality of all core northerners. I am not talking about any body here. I am talking about the fact that is not hidden.

        • Moses Stone

          what about the mentality of the drug-peddlers who said they want to leave Nigeria and are given an ultimatum to do so??

          • obika

            Come and enforce the quit notice. I will set example with your head. Backward thinking people.

          • Kaka

            October 1. It’s up to you.

          • Moses Stone

            You say u want to leave and we said carry go. Now u want to stay and be making noise online. If na your mama born you meet me at Unity Fountain tomorow by 6pm if you no sleep inside Kuje prison call me bastard. Shege wawa.

    • Moore

      what is the competency demonstrated by clueless impotent man that brought Nigeria to his kneel. This bigotry is only making it difficult to get people to mount genuine opposition against PMB.

  • Intrepid

    Now the area father will think twice about his anti Biafra stance. Once again life without freedom is like death itself. Gun point unity is what southern slaves are experiencing. But they will never see reality.

    • emmanuel

      His father manned a probe panel and Buhari refused to attend and nothing happened. about seventeen years after, he still thinks there is anything called Nigeria where all men are equal.
      He should have grown from Charlie Boy today to Charlie man, if not he better change his stage name to Charlie Toddler!

      • Moses Stone

        It was IBB that refused to honor the invitation not Buhari. Gets your fact right.

  • obika

    Anti-Igbo song is playing out. Can’t you understand??????????????????

    • Geoffrey

      Now, here’s the test. An anti-igbo song is playing as you said, and you’re igbo, yet you go out to dance. Is that wisdom? Tell Charly to kwantinue.

  • Dan arewa

    The fagette got he deserved

  • Ken

    The end of those guys who attacked Charley Boy is near. God is God!

    • Moses Stone

      Sharaaaaaap !!!

    • Coolio


    • tundemash

      fo0lish doomsday prediction.

  • Arabakpura

    Youths of a wasted generation who don’t care if they are fed shit! Nigeria: turn by turn plc!

  • emmanuel

    Dailly events and occurrences are drawing us closer to the doomsday. No rhetorics or media sanction can stop it.
    I have a strong feeling that something would happen someday and that would be it.
    Buhari has prepared the ground for the end of Nigeria before God rejected him.

    • marcos avelino

      Yes of course hes been rejected by the ‘god’ of your imagination – you tribal and sectarian bigot

    • tundemash

      Hallucination ! Stop using drugs.

  • factfinder

    Chaley boy’s visit to Wuse mkt protesting against” Buhaha” is like going into the den of hungry lions expecting to come out alive or unhurt. It is impossible! Don’t u know that the northerners are bokoharamic and violent in nature???

    • Spyman29

      Thrash for attention

  • obika

    The northerners in Wuse markets are only following the footsteps of Nigerian police, DSS and army controlled by their fellow northerners. That’s their own way of dealing with the protesters and being on top of the situation.

  • Debaptist

    He said it that he is ready to take a bullet for Nigeria, let him take the campaign to Kaduna, etc. Outright lack of wisdom!

  • Dan_Arewa

    Come see Charley GrandPaa running helther skelcther asking for help.
    Let’s him come out Tomorrow. He said he can die for these protest. Lets him write his wish before embarking for another protest in case of in-cases.

  • Man_Enough

    The boy should go to Daura and protest.

    • Moses Stone

      hahahahahahahahaha … chai … you wan kill am???

    • Ishmael

      Ha! You’re wicked o.

  • Oskirin

    charly,,u fumble oooo.y u go aboki place?

    • Moses Stone

      hahahahahahahahahaha … Hausaman talk say “destiny comes before bad wish”. Na his legs carry am go there.

  • oyoko

    Charlie, don’t know that Buhari is not just a politician, but a “BRAND”

    • Chinedu

      He collect money from crooks and PDP agents. Let him use the money to take care of his damaged car.

  • donald,the russian stooge

    grand pa charlie …….no running …………..you vowed to die for naija ……….please,grab the opportunity with both hands ……….

    • Moses Stone

      Hahahahahahahahaha … na shakara my brother. He no go even faint for naija talkless of dying.

  • Bejim

    Poor Charlie Boy! A butterfly calling himself a bird. He is lucky to have escaped alive.

    • Moses Stone

      hahahahahahahahahahahaha … real butterfly wallahi

  • Truthometer

    He promised to give up his life for Nigeria; what then was his purpose of running for his dear life? It’s time for him to make good his promises. Next time, he should wait and allow himself to be lynched by the almajiris, in the name of Nigeria. We shall always remember him in our history book.

    • Bosco

      Lol…he said it was worth giving up ones life for, but I guess his words were only metaphorical. Charly ran when it mattered most! I mean, what report woul he have given his ancestors in the great beyond? Talk is truly cheap!

      • wode


    • Malik Isah


    • Prince

      Truthometer laugh won kill me here..o

  • George

    This is eyes opening but it served Charly boy right because he joined the malluhs to insulted GEJ when it matter most and here on earth he is receiving his reward before going to hell fire to sexy Tinubu ashhhhhholleee.

    We told them all when they joined mullahs to be insulting GEJ that very soon they will be at the receiving ends so as it happened to Bisi Akande, Tinubu, white head Wole Sohinka etc so it have happened to this little man called Charly Boy.

    Many more will receive theirs very soon.

    • You are ignorant. Jonathan put us in this mess. If GEJ is your god continue to worship him but stop insulting intelligence.

      • George

        Pack well omolele GEJ put us here not ABACHA, NOT ADUSALEM, NOT OBJ, YUADUA but GEJ. GOD WILL PUNISH YOU HARSHLY

        • Inyamiri

          You must be ojukwu’s pikin. Did you know much trouble Ojukwu caused to you? May be you were not born then. Ask your grandparents. They had the experience first hand.

  • EnaJr.

    The hopeless and senseless 66-year old spoiled brat chose the market place of all places to stage a protest!!! This stupidity could have caused this city a major ethnic/religious riot and possibly loss of lives. 66 and still ripe with all shades of ‘mumuism.’ He should proceed to Kano for the next leg of his campaigns. Mtttchew!

  • FreeNigeria

    Oputa pikin, you don see am say Nigerians like their suffering. leave dem alone in it. let dem enjoy their darkness and brain dead president

    • FreeBiafra

      Easy. He’s not brain dead yet.

      • Chinedu

        The way you talk…I believe you brain is rotten

        • Eze Kenechukwu

          No sense of humour. The reply was an obvious joke

  • Malik Isah

    he changed his mind about taking bullet for Nigeria then

  • wode

    I am surprise that this man, as old as he is, is still comparing protest in Lagos with that of Abuja. He may need to climb a bit high and go up north so that his voice can be heard clearer. For me, it’s a needless protest he’s engaging in.

  • Kamoru

    Democracy the almajiri standards of northern Nigeria.

    • Inyamiri

      They must have leaned it from ALUU.

  • Bright Ezeh

    Charly boy you lnsulted the lgbos for agitating for biafra , just enjoy your nigeria with almajiris your brothers, settle your case with your brothers count ndiigbo out of your fight with your brothers the almajiris

    • Inyamiri

      Another almajiri is occupying the highest seat of power in Abuja which I think the last biafran to occupy was…. 1960s. Biafra I hail thee!!!!

  • Sir Demo

    What was he expecting? Rousing welcome? Millions voted for Bubu and are ready to defend his mandate. If I Dey there I will join the youths in teaching him a lesson. You an individual and hence must know ur limit o

    • O. Omifunke Ifasade

      Millions also voted for President Goodluck Jonathan

      • tundemash

        And he was voted out democratically in 2015 so why not wait til 2019 to vote Buhari out ????

      • deji 3SC (Up shooting)

        But majority carries the vote. That is democracy for you.

  • Mark M

    It is pathetic when people support the lynching attempt of someone who dares to say (and protest) what’s on the mind of many citizens of the country. Nigeria is not a democracy – Fela was right all along – “demonstration of craze”.

    The irony is lost on the masses – Charly ‘s protest actually best serves their interest, especially the youth – yet they wallow in sheer ignorance and instead brand his actions as “anti-Buhari”. All because of a few hundred Naira and ethnic jingoism. What a pity!

  • e go beta!

    Charlly Boy is a great Nigerian, we should be happy that he stood up for one Nigeria!

  • princegab

    You have to thread carefully with the illiterates. From mere sleep, one could judge death for what it is. We must take the northern quit notice seriously.

  • Femi Bamiro

    He probably think Abuja is Lagos where he can do any thrash and no one will mind him. Let him take his campaign to kano and maiduguri jare. Am sure he will have followers there. The Brooks have dried and no more free money

  • Spoken word

    looks like charley boy wants to commit suicide.

  • SS Khalid

    There is one thing no one seems to be asking. What took a demonstration to the market? The last time I checked, public protests in Abuja are mostly staged at some select public spaces in many cases, Unity Fountain.