PDP will reclaim its prime position in 2019 — Jonathan

Pic.10. From left: Gov.Taraba State, Darius Ishaku, Former President, Goodluck Jonathan and Former Vice President, Namadi Sambo  during Peoples Democratic Party  2017 Special Non-Elective National Convention in Abuja on Saturday (12/8/17).
04231/12/8/2017/Albert Otu/EO/NAN
Pic.10. From left: Gov.Taraba State, Darius Ishaku, Former President, Goodluck Jonathan and Former Vice President, Namadi Sambo during Peoples Democratic Party 2017 Special Non-Elective National Convention in Abuja on Saturday (12/8/17). 04231/12/8/2017/Albert Otu/EO/NAN

Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday in Abuja said that the Peoples Democratic Party had returned from limbo and would reclaim power in 2019.

Mr. Jonathan said this in his address at the party’s a special national convention.

He said the party’s “achievements” while in power would rekindle the confidence of the electorate to vote it back in power in the 2019 general elections.

“The party is indeed back to reclaim its prime position as the party to lead Nigeria to greatness.

“As a human institution, we cannot claim to be perfect and as a political party, our accomplishments up to 2015 are clear for every Nigerian to see,’’ he said.

According to Mr. Jonathan, the achievements of the party while in power are ample evidence to demonstrate that PDP is a party of vision and accomplishments.

Highlighting achievements of the party, he said that elections conducted from 2011 by the government controlled by PDP met globally-accepted standard.

“We succeeded in doing that because of the leverage and the autonomy we gave to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“PDP is a party that wants to place Nigeria in a position to compete favourably with other countries,’’ he said.

On the economy, the former president said that PDP provided “focused leadership” through institutional and sectoral reforms which impacted positively on the country, especially in the last four years of our tenure.

“We tamed inflation at a single digit, maintained price stability, and drove the economy to become the largest in Africa.

“We also made Nigeria to be the number one foreign direct investment destination in the continent,’’ he said.

According to him, in 2012, PDP ensured that prices of food remained stable in spite of flood which affected 50 per cent of farmlands along the flood plains of river Niger and Benue.

Mr. Jonathan said the country was able to regain its goodwill internationally because the PDP pursued programmes and policies that were not only rewarding but were copied by other countries across the globe.

“We can recall that our agricultural transformation agenda transformed key agricultural value chains, boosted local production and created a new generation of young commercial farmers.

“The introduction of electronic wallet checked corrupt practices in the distribution of fertilizer and enabled farmers to get fertilizer like all other agro inputs.

“In the same vein, the YouWin programme empowered a crop of young Nigerians to go into entrepreneurship and in turn employed others,’’ he said.

Mr. Jonathan said although his administration did not block all the loopholes, it came up with “strong innovations” to fight corruption.

According to him, we introduced the Bank Verification Number (BVN) and the Treasury Single Account (TSA) which has helped to reduce corruption.

“Government is run by policies, the creative thinking, brains in the executive council and in the civil servants were harnessed to get to where we are.

“If elected in 2019, PDP will fight poverty and ensure that food prices are reduced,’’ he added, and urged Nigerians to partner the party to restore good life in the country. (NAN)


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  • Chuks

    To be frank in advanced countries Jonathan is only fit to receive welfare support. People like him should not be allowed close to government. The man is a lifetime disaster.

    • Dazmillion

      Jonathan cannot manage a barbers shop in sane environments, talk-less of being in charge of 180 million Nigerians. That was a huge mistake. I wish Jonathan the best but would advise him to retire from politics entirely

      • Ken

        I don’t even understand what goes on in your head. GEJ is the best so far. All you hear are lies and propaganda of Apc. They have succeeded in messing up Nigeria and some of the youths are not being wise


          He he, GEJ is the best? Propaganda? Do you know the meaning of all these words? Shameless looters, soon he will be behind bar and his shameless wife and their supporters.

          • Monnie Uwa

            papa deceive pikin is a GONA for 16 years you have nothing to show for being in power (sorry FIRE) NEVER gain shameless looters. Pls can you go to ABIA State 18 years of pdp has brought our people to their kneels. I honestly weep for a country call NIGERIA where its looters (leaders) cannot see beyond their noose. A sorry state. Useless looters. NEVER again for pdp

  • Lukman Asifat

    The PDPigs are regrouping with their clueless Jonathan still talking,I pity this country of ours because if Jonathan is boasting on the podium that that better forgotten party is coming back.God will not allow that useless party to breathe again.


      AAmeen oo, Olohun oni je Aameen.

  • Bright Ezeh

    All this faces ln PDP rally are supposed to be in the prison by now if it’s in another country , even lf APC fails nigeria PDP is never an option , reassembling of criminals

    • Ken

      Apc has failed not that we are thinking. Pdp can be an option


        No, Never, they are gone and forever.

  • Great Nigeria

    Lock them all up!!! Insult on all Nigerian

  • Jibril

    Shame on Jonathan, you introduced BVN and STA to stop corruption but your wife, Diezani, Dasuki etc carted away billions of dollars under your watchful eyes. God will punish.

    • emmanuel

      Shut up. Which FG account did you trace any of her money to? Go and check all past presidents from USA to the remote part of the world. I can bet that the Jonathan’s will have their monies back someday.
      Buhari is only vilifying the man, because he is not foolani.
      Obasanjo stole $16 billion NIPP funds and no one has asked him anything. He is a saint.
      Buhari stole $2.8 billion in the late 1970s. Noboy asked him. He staole Nigeria dry for himself and Abacha no one asked him.
      Is it a sin to come from where the resources of Nigeria is found? Time will tell someday



      • Jibril

        Unfortubately is only madam peace that have been in court today.



    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Introduction has been equated with implementing in his Ogogoro-addled brain. No blame am.

      Shebi if wishes were horses, pigs sef go dey fly.

  • Mike Onokan

    It’s very interesting times we are seeing. I don’t blame these pack of pigs thumbing their snorts at us. When we were voting PMB into power, we all thought that all these animals would have been safely put out of circulation in the first six months of his administration. How very wrong we were. They can as well be allowed to come back in 2019. After all, they still have the LIQUIDATION of Nigeria to conclude. I hope Deziani is recuperating fast to resume at her post. Good luck to Nigeria. It’s a big SHAME that this is the best this potentially great nation can offer.


      God bless you plenty Aameen.

  • Du Covenant

    What a brave and shameless man!.

  • Okokondem

    I suppose these people believe a PDP return will be a good thing. Let’s say for the sake of argument they do return to power, will half of the current APC membership who came from PDP return back to PDP? They would, political jobbers. These are no men and women of integrity. Like scavengers they would migrate to wherever they smell a kill, in this case money; money that belongs to all of us. The only reason PDP would aspire to return to power is to finish off the country. But I’ve got bad news for them, there’s nothing left to loot. The glorious days of crude oil is fast becoming history.

    Out here in the diaspora, there’s so much talk about electricity becoming king. Everybody remembers how coal used to be king. Then came petroleum. Unlike nigeria countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have accomplished so much using the proceeds from petroleum. Wouldn’t you know it, shameless Nigerians who think they have made it would travel to these places to squander money stolen from their own country that could have been used to develop Nigeria.

    The more you get to know Nigerians the more you realize how SHAMELESS they are. They comfortably fly Ghana Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and every other Airlines belonging to small African countries that looked up to Nigeria for leadership and as role model in 1960s and 70s. We act as if it is normal that a country with 200 million population, with expatriates involved in oil exploration flying in and out of the country regularly cannot operate a national airline. Shameless people.

    Listen to them pointing fingers and disparaging one another on purely tribal sentiments. There are enough to unite Nigeria but Nigerians would rather focus on what devides them.

    The Igbos have been marginalized since returning to Nigeria in 1970, but you wouldn’t know it by the obsession of other fellow Nigerians to disparage them. The Igbos may have their fault but they are not responsible for the mismanagement of Nigeria’s wealth for the past 50 years.

  • Rick Eson

    Will the citizen be so blind or loose their brain matter to vote in a Party that has orchestrated the highest looting of Nation fund in Nigeria History, can our Nation withstand another looting stage, i guess not. Please God save Nigeria from the corrupt/ looting party. A party that shows no remorse judging the level of looting under their watch and bringing the Nation almost into paralysis.
    Is this a case of the corrupt and looter bandwagon fighting back. They surely taking the citizen for a ride

    • Dan maikoko

      Dont bet your money on it. The kind of pressure nigerians are under now because of the price of rice is so tremendous that they will not see how we came to where we are .I heard people saying that they don’t care if PDP will come back and loot while they buy rice cheap. I guess GEJ and his gangs are emboldened by the persistent inflation to some extent.

      • abodes_124

        the man in the street knows that looting will always go on whoever is in power. all he wants is a government that will make food affordable, create jobs pay salaries and pensions all of which this government is not doing.

        • Uzoma John

          That does not justify what Jona and his thieving ministers and appointees did to Nigeria. You are indirectly subscribing to looting, probably you are one of them or a beneficiary.


        There is no money to loot anymore, with time things will be alright, PDP is dead.


      They are gone for good and they will never resurrect again, shameless looters.

  • emmanuel

    I beg make Jonathan go sleep. Na im put us for this whole problem wen Nigeria dey go through today. One day, he woke up, sacked Azazi, sacked Odimegwu, and allowed Jega finish him.
    Let the man just go and seat down i beg.
    He had all the opportunity to sacked Jega, but his indiscretion caused him his throne.
    Yes we know the PDP would send the nonentities called APC away for good. It is a known fact that the dullards running the show in Nigeria today, cannot do better than football technical advisers who train footballers only at viewing centres and direct them while matches are on

    • Ken

      I disagree with you completely. It Buhari and Apc that put Nigeria where we are.

      • emmanuel

        What i mean, if Jonathan did not allow Jega to execute the rigging, we would not have had the useless people called APC to run Nigeria aground


      So you believed Jega rig the election for APC and BUHARI? Come 2019 PDP will out of existence many of them inclulding Gej will be in jail IN SHA ALLAAH AAMEEN.

      • emmanuel

        Which nonsense allah are you talking about? allah is fraud and you are.
        please leave Buhari out of this. He has been rejected by God and out of the equation. As for the PDP, They will send the APC into the guag


          As your chineke is fraud and evil? Pdp is dead and forever they are gone.

  • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

    Well said Jonathan. There’s no harm in wishful thinking. Your oyel minister has stained your bright uniform. We dey with our PVC!

  • Dan maikoko

    I will not dismiss GEJ just like that because I know the capacity of nigerians to punish the incumbent. I also believe that Buhari’s shortcoming is the price of food. No sane nation will leave the price of food to the forces of the open market.

  • Curtx Maccido

    Idiots….we are waiting, bunch of thieves and rogues who exploit Nigerians, if pdp survive 2019 their rightful position will be regional

    • Ken

      You are just reacting based on no deep thought. Think properly before you react.


      I doubt it, it be local government.

  • George

    Jonathan pls avoid that mallam Sambo he is very useless like every abokis.

    Pls GEJ don’t be in a hurry let Nigerians enjoy their Bokohari they voted pls relax and watch them dying daily for their wicked choice.


      Yes it is our choice and we are enjoying it. Useless talk he was in power he was defeated now they will be humiliated out of existence. GOD BLESS NIGERIA AND NIGERIANS AAMEEN.

  • Uzoma John

    Jonathan is still talking. I blame the Nigerian law enforcement and judiciary who only are concerned to send the poor to jail. Jonathan is very corrupt and clueless.

    • Jibril

      He is not only corrupt bug he also created bokoharam,kidnapping, massive looting,religious violence,militancy,tribal warriors,hate speeches etc. Nigeria never new these evils until the evil doers party snatch powr in 1999.

    • emmanuel

      Shut up. Cows are not meant to talk where humans are.
      When people are corrupt during Jonathan, he is the thief. But when Buharis men steal and when he also steal it is also Jonathan. You must need urgent psychiatric examination.
      Jonathan is one million times better than Buhari in integrity, actions, intellect love for Nigeria. Unlike the waste of space called Buhari!
      You have corned and stolen everything in Nigeria to your arid desert, yet poverty is the default state of your land. Write another Igbo slangs to convince the insane in your class that you are Igbo

      • marc umeh

        I wonder who the cow is !!#
        Jonathan failed and failed miserably. He had the chance to restructure nigeria .He knew there was massive corruption and he defended it. Deziani was his baby. He did not do much for his people either.
        Whichever way anyone chooses to look at it , that man should stay away from politics.

  • Ken

    GEJ is on sung!

  • thusspokez

    GEJ had he chance, but misused it. I don’t know what he is still going in the PDP let alone taking centre stage. Indeed how can the PDP reform itself with people like GEJ allowed to remain active in the party.

    GEJ’s presence will only remind Nigerians of his stewardship, the epic corruption; the kidnapping of the Chibok girls and make many voters reluctant to vote for the PDP. GEJ is a poisoned chalice. Further, didn’t he also support the Ali Modu Sherrif faction?

  • NwaIgbo

    For 16 years, you and your mindless rogues looted and plundered our treasury.
    For 16 years , you and your rudderless minions killed our institutions, our schools, our infrastructure while at the same time promising “transformation” agenda.
    For 16 years, you and your satanic agents turned our golden geese-the NNPC into your private ATM.
    For 16 years, you and your uniformed personnel( the armed forces) pocketed trillions of naira meant to fight insurgency while Boko Haram rained fire and brimstone on the North East. They even overran Baga while your pot belled generals were smooching with our college beauties.
    For, 16 years, you and your bandits swindled Nigeria of 11 Trillion naira meant for power and in turned gave us darkness upon darkness.
    For 16 years, you and election riggers populated our National Assembly with drug barons, cultists, murderers, pick pockets, nonentities, ragamuffins, high school drop outs, pimps and blood thirsty vampires.

    And, and, you what? You want to come back. Over our dead bodies. Better to be ruled by the Planet of Apes than PEOPLES DESTRUCTION PARTY . NEVER AGAIN!

  • marc umeh

    So the choice now boils down to PDP or APC. I go die oooooh !!!!
    What a country !!!!!