Pro-Buhari group, #ResumeOrResign protesters clash in Abuja


The daily rally by #ResumeOrResign group convened by Charles Oputa, popularly called Charly Boy, was on Friday disrupted by members of a group sympathetic to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr. Oputa’s group had started its rally on Monday to protest the prolonged medical vacation of the president in London.

It said it would hold the rally until the 100th day of the president’s departure from the country. Mr. Buhari left Nigeria 95 days ago.

Less than 20 members of the group had gathered at the Unity Fountain, Abuja, for the fifth day of the rally until the venue was intruded by members of the other group rallying in support of the anti-corruption fight of the president.

Dozens of youth in the pro-Buhari group stormed the venue chanting ‘Sai Baba Sai Baba’, forcing members of the Charly Boy-led group to beat a hurried retreat from the premises.

Security operatives however intervened quickly to avert a violent clash of the two groups.

The convener of the pro-Buhari group, Goodluck Obi, was also seen yelling at the members of his group to avoid confrontation.

Mr. Obi said their gathering was to support the anti-corruption policy of President Buhari and also to disabuse the minds of Nigerians of the impressions being created by the”Resume or Resign” group.

He said the call for the resignation of the president was unnecessary.

“We want to let people know that it is not only illegal, unconstitutional and to no effect, it is also null and void. The constitution does not support it,” Mr. Obi said.

“Section 141 of the Nigerian Constitution, which is the most respected document of the country, supports the fact that if the president is traveling and he perceives that he would be away for long, he should transmit his powers to the vice president, which is exactly what our honorable president has done.

“Prof. Osinbanjo, in his capacity as the Acting President, is doing well. We also want to use this opportunity to warn Nigerians, lest some few elements destroy the democracy we have built for so long.

“Buhari is a man of honor, he’s a man of valor, and he’s a man of integrity. He has all it takes to be the president and we are standing by him,” Mr. Obi added as he addressed journalists observing the drama.

Deji Adeyanju, one of the conveners of the #ResumeOrResign group, however countered that his group would not relent until the presidency discloses the medical status of President Buhari.

“This is the right thing to do. It is important to know that today is the 95th day that our president has been away from Nigeria on medical tourism,” Mr. Adeyanju said.

“President is undergoing chemotherapy in the UK, like it is reported in the media.

“They must come clean. We are not interested in any distraction. We are not even interested in engaging them in back and forward argument. We are interested with just the issues.

“Are the reports true that the president has cancer, and that he is undergoing chemotherapy, that that’s why he cannot return?” Mr. Adeyanju said in a press statement he later issued.

“The Presidency must give Nigerians full disclosure on the health statue of our president. The president is not above the Nigerian people.

“We are not distracted by a government that says it is fighting corruption and it is hiring crowd to protest. We are not distracted.”


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  • Edimondo

    Premium Times Editor,

    Muhamadu Buhari is behaving badly
    by wanting to take Nigeria with him into the intensive care unit
    of London hospital and by retaining a right to keep drawing presidential
    salaries and allowances; including a fleet of aircraft, cars and, houses,
    whilst medically unable to perform the duties of the job to which those
    salaries and allowances are attached. For his gross immorality Buhari
    must go because he is a moral burden on federal republic of Nigeria for
    abandoning his duties to a deputy but retaining for himself the salaries,
    benefits, privileges and allowances of the actual post of president.

    • Eniola Obaleye





      • Diran S. Williams


        People who
        accept to be governed by photographs have no civil rights anybody in the world
        can respect. Such a people are slaves by other name. Nigerians must be sensible
        this time and refuse to be governed by Buhari’s photographs. But if Nigerians
        will rather present themselves as morons, they would be trampled upon anyhow by
        the thieves ensconced in public office across the country.

        Nigerians must rise and think correctly. All reasonable Nigerians must join the
        principled protest march called RESUME OR RESIGN to set a correct standard in
        the country. Kudos to Charly Boy and to all other great men and women who
        sacrifice their time to signal to the rest of the world that some Nigerians can
        still think properly.

  • Audu Mohammed Almustapha

    I know it, biafraud has take another’s dimension.

    • emmanuel

      Look at your mumu face. Your people have stolen much more than all other ethnic groups put together from Nigeria, yet you are poorest in all human developmental indices.
      With all the unqualified admission to institutions of learning, preferential employments without requisite skills, unmerited promotions, theft of political power etc, you cannot still compete with other humans.
      Belong to the class of nama, hence you value them more than humans

      • Sword of Damocles

        Your words are dripping with hatred. Clap for yourself. Ironically you use the term “human developmental indices” in your diatribe, i guess hatred must be an indication of GOOD “human developmental indices” in your warped hate filled mind. Mind you(no pun intended) i am of the belief, that if the President has ANY RESPECT for the Nigerian people, he would have his Foreign doctors brief the masses on his prognosis and when & IF he can return to his duties. In any Rule of Law democracy this would be the rule & not the exception, but this is Nigeria where “ala carte”(pick & choose) rule of law is practiced. People like me are in a pickle: support this government because the alternative(PDP) is an EXISTENTIAL threat to the viability of Nigeria. nice choices huh?

  • deri best

    There will always be either an Ibo man or Yoruba man in every Satanic act in Nigeria-Often-designed in support of the Fulani emirate—Sadly the two groups are being led by the same Yorubas and Ibos again—while the Fulanis watch from the sidelines–what a shame—Separation now or never

    • marcos avelino

      Separation into 300 ethnic warring states ? That’s how the British found this place 100 years ago. Calling for anarchy will not solve anything – ask somalis they are paying the price for over 30 years now. Ask Seirra leone or Liberians.what anarchy means.

  • Comfortkay

    I want to know what the Charly boy does for a living?
    If you have a serious job , you would not have time to organize a protest, maybe some Agbero Politician that hate the President gave him money for those that are protesting, Nigerian do’nt do any thing for free.

    • Eze

      and Oby Ezekwesili who till today organises protest for the bringbackourgirls campaign also has no job abi. I am not in suport of charly boy’s protest, but this does not mean animosity should come In to play because I am not In support of his course.

  • Kelly

    Sometimes these my Igbo brothers will not stop to amaze me. Can this Mr. Obi say in good conscience that what Mr. Buhari is doing is the right thing? That if he owns a company he will hire and retain a medically unfit director to manage his company from a hospital, even when it becomes obvious that his new director will become a baggage to his company with his medical condition. We should be careful what we support because somehow it will come to the person. I don’t know how much money he has collected to do this, but am sure he will leave to ever regret this misadventure the rest of his life. It will hunt him when a better opportunity comes in the near future. He should ask Daniel kanu of Youths earnestly ask for Abacha.

  • ’70

    Ok, he has cancer, so what next?

    • Soundo Bugle


      Today, there are now
      28 million un-employed youths inside Nigeria today – a staggering
      figure equal to the entire population of Ghana; a neighbouring West African
      country, according to a latest official bulletin issued by the federal Nigerian
      Bureau of Statistics. The new jobless figure in Nigeria today is over half the
      whole population of Nigeria at independence on October 1st, 1960 and equal
      to all the living human beings in Ghana today.

      • ’70

        Scary figures, just wondering first how they got all those statistics from? Secondly in case you have not noticed, PMB fully handed over to a man I judge is more competent than he is prior to going on his medical vacation as can be seen by PYO’s action, so why all the hulla ballo?

  • Gabriel Olasebikan

    What is wrong in calling for the resignation of “almighty” Buhari? Didn’t he ask for the impeachment of Yar’adua?

    What goes round must come around…..

  • princegab

    Both groups are in solidarity with pmb. No malice intended expect that the presidency approach to protesters is amateur. Garba must have bought the 2nd group of protesters to swell his ago. Nigerians love their President and want him back. The presidency should at the least tell them the truth.

    • Goggy


      “A sincere person who wants to
      sincerely help but can no longer perform his function should be able to say, ‘I
      cannot perform this function anymore.’ So, there is no need pretending, unless
      the person is not honest. And if the person is not sincere, he is not out to
      help anybody. If I am helping somebody and I know that it is beyond my power to
      help again, I should be able to come out to say I cannot go further.”

      ……………………Catholic Bishop of Auchi
      Diocese in Edo State, Most Revd. Gabriel Dunia

      (August 12th, 2017)

      • princegab

        Cool truth, thanks. Hopefully pmb will do so when he comes back. He honestly handed over to ag President before leaving for med check ups. Ours is a little bit of patience, willy nilly, as democracy is a process of laws and regulations.

    • Alexandro Rodrigues




  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    This is true Nigerians, act in response to Charlie Boy,s led demonstrators, who are demonstrating against the ailing president Muhammadu Buhari,s taking medical holiday to seek adequate medical attention in London,UK. And with the fact that Nigerian medical care is archaic and with outdated facilities, it would be suicidal and very wicked of any Nigerian-patriot, to oritest that president Muhammadu Buhari, travel to London,UK to seek adequate medical treatment as current Nigeria deteriorating medical services are quite like subjecting president Muhammadu Buhari, to committing personal suicide by demanding he stays back in Nigeria.
    But, it quite very nice that Nigerians, are coming out in opposition to the unscrupulous demonstrators, led by Charlie Boy and his jobless,motor-park-tout- group demonstrating against absence of president Muhammadu Buhari from Nigeria.

    • D

      Parasite! Are you not supposed to be sleeping in Nigeria by now?

    • NOI sucks

      I don’t have anything against protesters, but why should the protest start with Buhari, Deji Adeyanju is a man of questionable character, he is in PDPigs, he has a right to protest though, now, I strongly believe the protest should start with the rogues in the National Assembly and the judiciary, who seem to be on the side of the looters and against Nigerians, these rogues are seeking to pass a bill on amnesty for looters, seeking immunity for themselves while the judiciary is busy taking bribes, why didn’t they protest against the AGF and the federal government for not releasing the names of looters as directed by the court? They are bunch of fools. It’s an open secret that the president has cancer, what else do they want to know? Their hatred for Buhari and the 2015 loss prompted this silly sit out, miscreants.

    • 0tile

      Omo, who taught you English? They do not call you Dokita Mumuwole for nothing. Why not ask Ogbeni Anasieze Donatus who gives you copious upvotes to write his own English like you?

  • DELTA Force

    No longer shall parasites be allowed access to my oil RESOURCES as our Niger Delta leaders declare the Niger Delta Republic and the quit notice given to the North & West to leave the Niger Delta comes into effect by October 1. What a beutiful country we will have without Hausas and Yorubas. There shall not be suicide bombers, Islamists terrorists and Ritualists. There shall be peace and prosperity everywhere all the time. I can’t wait to see a Niger Delta Republic

  • Karl Imom

    Resume-or-Resign is the work of political malcontents and criminals who earlier planed to put Mfr. Saraki in the Asso Rock through the back door. Saraki wants to become Vice President, let him contest elections to that office. In the United States where our constitution was copied, the President of the Senate is the Vice President. The leader of the Majority Party in the Senate is simply called the Majority Leader, and the third person in the hierarchy of the Federal Government is the Speaker of the House of Representatives. We have created a system that allows known thieves to steal power. Why do we NEED a Senate President and the Majority Leader at the same time? WE need Constitutional Amendment to abolish the position of the Senate President in NIgeria,

    • De Salavador


      Buhari’s gross failure is the cause of all fights

      The Buhari/Osinbajo government
      is not doing well. After two years in office the duo have not come up with
      sensible plan but will like to take the credit for the happenstance of global
      crude oil price rising today to $54 per barrel; and boosting Nigeria’s export
      revenue to create a slight surplus over the country’s imports expenses this
      quarter if it creates a temporary reprieve, like a break of sort, from ongoing
      economic recession, at least by a quarter of a year’s trade surplus. But that
      jobless recovery from recession, as unfolding, is just as bad as the ongoing
      20-month recession itself.

      So long as 28 million Nigerian youths are un-employed, according to the
      federal Bureau of Statistics, a trade surplus in one quarter of a year signifies
      that Nigeria is still sitting on a keg of gun-powder.

      The knowledge and drive
      needed to push Nigeria up and away from likely violent implosion is what’s been
      missing in President Muhamadu Buhari who’s so far neither resigned nor resumed.
      Buhari’s sit-tight mentality with his mantra of ‘dog-and-baboon-will-soak-in-blood
      is the root cause of these street protests to force Buhari’s hands to act responsibly,
      after failing on the job for two years by his making the Nigeria’s situation far worse
      than he met it.

  • ’70

    Anytime I hear the name Goodluck, I always shudder! Don’t really know why…