APC inaugurates El-Rufai-led 23-member committee on “true federalism”

Gov El-Rufai (standing) and Odigie Oyegun (R) [Photo: Trumpet Media Group]
Gov El-Rufai (standing) and Odigie Oyegun (R) [Photo: Trumpet Media Group]

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, John Odigie-Oyegun, on Thursday inaugurated the party’s 23-member committee on “true federalism.”

The officials were inaugurated at the APC National Secretariat in Abuja.

The members of the committee are:

Nasiru El-Rufai – Chairman, Olubunmi Adetunbi – Secretary, Rauf Aregbesola – Member, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu – Member‎,Abdullahi Ganduje- Member, Simon Lalong- Member,‎ Yahaya Bello – Member‎, Mohammed Abubakar – Member,‎ Sullivan Chime- Member, Kashim Ibrahim- Member,‎ Osita Izunaso- Member, Bolaji Abdullahi- Member,Ogbonnaya Onu- Member, Aisha Al-Hassan- Member, Aisha Ismail – Member, Sharon Ikeazor- Member, Rachael Akpabio- Member,Ismail Ahmed – Member, Oserheimen Osunbor- Member, Fati Bala – Member,Jasper Azuatalem – Member, Rinsola Abiola – Member,‎ and Stella Dorgu – Member.

At the inauguration, Mr. Odigie-Oyegun said, “I wish to recall that reform of our political structure, which was described as true federalism formed one of the core negotiating points by the Parties that merged to form the All Progressives Congress, APC.”

“This is why the constitution of our great party and its manifesto dwelled extensively on the promise of true federalism. It is therefore incongruous that our party will renege on our solemn commitment to the institutionalisation of true federalism in our national political life.”

He told the members of the committee that their job is both critical and very sensitive especially in the light of the renewed clamour for restructuring, devolution of power, fiscal federalism, resource control and all the other names that describe the various forms of reforms being suggested for the current political architecture of our beloved country.

“The APC Constitution and the Manifesto that was vigorously canvassed during the general elections and on which platform our great party got elected has elaborately stated our position on these issues. The party position has been eloquently restated in the terms of reference of this committee which you all already have.

“It is your duty, especially having regard to the emotive nature of the national discourse on restructuring, to distill from our Party Constitution and Manifesto, vis-a-vis the various ideas canvassed in the different constitutional conference reports and the ongoing public debate, the aggregation of the views of our people for a consensus arrangement that is sustainable and conducive to the prosperity and peaceful coexistence of all Nigerians.

“In tackling your assignment please feel free to engage in deep and wide consultation such that your final report will engender credibility and broad acceptance.

“I therefore implore you to find time in your very tight schedule to conclude your assignment expeditiously. I am deeply confident in the capability of this committee to generate a report which will be truly reflective of the desire of our people and a true reflection of what the Party stands for.”

The chairman said every member of the committee was carefully selected based on their track record of committed service and deep patriotism.

“We also took care to ensure strong women and youth representation to assure gender, generational and geographical balance.”

He therefore wished them a very fruitful and beneficial deliberation, saying their work could significantly influence the trajectory of Nigeria.


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  • Justice Equity

    Now you come ,it is better late than never, I for the first time must congratulate the axis of evil party for taking heed to the voice of reason to broaden this committee to make it truly reflective of the geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
    You have began on a good note by constituting a committee that reflected justice ,equity and fairness, the next thing is for this committee to throw away deceit, hypocrisy, lying, propaganda, hate,clannish and religious bigotry which had been the hallmarks of APC ,and sincerely work for Nigeria in such a way that at the end ,posterity shall remember this committee as the men and women of honor who stood up to be counted on the side of truth,love and sincerity when Nigeria was brutally wounded by buharis conscienceless ,myopic, clueless, hate,clannish, religious, malicious bigotry.
    May God give you guys the grace to position Nigeria on the right path to unity,progress, love,brotherhood and prosperity.

    • emmanuel

      Ehennn? so APC can also constitute constitutional review committee? A party that does not know if they have a goal. Blind people leading the blind

    • Edimondo

      @justice_equity:disqus: Muhamadu Buhari is behaving badly

      by wanting to take Nigeria with him into the intensive care unit
      of London hospital and by retaining a right to keep drawing presidential
      salaries and allowances; including a fleet of aircraft, cars and, houses,
      whilst medically unable to perform the duties of the job to which those
      salaries and allowances are attached. For his gross immorality Buhari
      must go because he is a moral burden on federal republic of Nigeria for
      abandoning his duties to a deputy but retaining for himself the salaries,
      benefits, privileges and allowances of the actual post of president.

  • emmanuel

    Is Nigeria APC or APC Nigeria? Slimy animals and visionless people. Everything they do points to their senselessness. They behave as if they never had any form of education.
    So being in power is just feeling a gap and not delivering leadership.

  • Okey Bakassi


    The APC party and the fall of Nigeria

    APC PARTY IS THE MOST ILLITERATE political party Nigeria’s ever had. APC party is a coalition of illiterates,
    smelly and crass people with no gumption, knowledge or honesty. The APC is now showboating to flatter and
    deceive as if the APC party has ever once thought up any brilliant idea and accomplished it. APC pledged
    free meals for primary school students in Nigeria but never got started on it for two years. Ditto, whilst
    the APC government itself cannot pay salaries to employed workers; in an irony of ironies, the APC
    promised to give dole of 5,000 Naira to 25 million ‘most indigent’ Nigerians who are not to do any
    work in return. A party of dunderheads will always lead a country astray. The I.M.F screamed
    havoc two weeks ago that there is no coherence whatever in Buhari-led APC government.
    The APC party members are utterly bereft of thought as they threw Nigeria into the worst
    economic recession in the country’s history within one year. Retarded people wedded
    to backward thinking of Islamist supremacy can never think straight; but crookedly.

    • Sound O’bugle


      Today, there are now
      28 million un-employed youths inside Nigeria today – a staggering
      figure equal to the entire population of Ghana; a neighbouring West African
      country, according to a latest official bulletin issued by the federal Nigerian
      Bureau of Statistics. The new jobless figure in Nigeria today is over half the
      whole population of Nigeria at independence on October 1st, 1960 and equal
      to all the living human beings in Ghana today.

  • Frank Bassey

    How can a government be so dumb and daft to assume that the anticipated recommendations of a useless ineffectual and clueless party (APC) of active, retired and expired rogues will be more acceptable to Nigerians than the broad recommendations of a neutral National conference that was attended by Nigerians across party lines? So El-Rufia has more credibility that all those great men and women that participated in the last national conference. Honestly, what the North wants is war, and war they will get double. Lets wait till October 1. Lets see the magic that will guarantee Nigeria’s continued existence after 2019.


      Yoruba! Must you have a Fulani Chairman, or President? Why do you have to be 2nd banana all the time?

      • Pubic Record


        “APC is not a political party but a satanic lodge of devil-worshipers and a cult of death.
        They bring nothing but death, decay and destruction. They thrive on death, they feast
        on death, they wait on death and they worship death. Everything they touch results
        in death. It is no wonder that they have cut out the heart of our nation and almost killed Nigeria.
        It is no surprise that their leader and our President has vanished into thin air for the last 70 days.
        It is no wonder that his office is evidently in the grave and that, for the better part of the last two years,
        he has been attending a prolonged and turbulent meeting in hell, struggling with the angel of death.”

        Truly, the APC party and all their friends, moles, associates and agents need to be swept from
        power and buried alive in 2019. It is duty for us to do this and to pull our nation back from the brink.
        APC party is a misguided association of pernicious liars, confirmed Luciferians, practising satanists, accursed corpsocrats, blood-sucking ritualists, unrepentant beasts, godless coprophiliacs, gruesome
        undertakers and unconscionable necromancers who have a deep-seated and unbreakable covenant
        with the spirit of death.

        ………..Femi Fani-Kayode

        (July 25th, 2017)

        • beachcomber2000




    • Mafioso


      There’s no more illiterate gathering of ignoramuses in Nigerian than leaders of APC party whose un-erringly self-refuting arguments grate good sense, when they try with silliness to persuade Nigerians to accept to be governed
      by photographs of Muhamadu Buhari on medical self-exile in London, and say that he’s fully fit and convalescent
      except that he’s taking some multivitamins.

      It is such nefarious argument devoid of reasoning that redounds to the detriment of those who sink inside Nigeria from the egregious error of voting Muhamadu Buhari and his APC party dunderheads into power – a party studded with local Muslims; devoid of ethics, given to stealing and bereft of properly educated people, with the ability to think properly from premise to conclusion.

  • Akins@Lolly


    To me, APC political party looks more like
    a local government party. It is too local. APC should have been
    registered by INEC as a party fit to contest at local government elections
    only. Just imagine, even Buhari – a very careless somebody with no education,
    is the leader of APC party! Why will Nigeria not fall to pieces? And look at
    the other pregnant man – the baboon of Otta – who was part of the thieves that
    supported half-illiterate Buhari to emerge as president. The baboon of Otta has
    now lost any respect even as a useless former president because of his usual
    bad judgment. All he is doing now is talking about himself and how great a man
    he is. Meantime, his country is breaking up in real-time violence and bleeding
    all over the place but all that the baboon of Otta talks about nowadays is how
    Abacha jailed him in 1996 for three years. But of course Obasanjo and he can’t
    talk sense because he brought Buhari who’s done far more damage to Nigeria
    than the Jonathan mess did.

  • Owejah

    Worthless talk shop of unserious politicians! How can you get into government and spend more than half of your tenure before you begin to think of trying to understand the process of how to fulfill your electoral promise?

  • Intrepid

    el rufai is biting more than he can chew.

  • George

    So its apc that will restructured Nigeria not the government of the dead by the dead and for the dead Buhari.

    Where is Tinubu that handed over APC chair to this Benin daughter fucker instead of Ikimi thinking Oyegun will be easy to use and discarded.

    In all Nigerian citizen its this second to nothing El rufai that will decide for us. It served Nigerians very well taken foods from free-born and handed over to foreign slaves and here we are.

  • Adekoya Adeite Sunday

    100 % of the commentators here are from one section of the country. It simply confirmed the kind of hate and never see good genes they inherited from their forefathers. It is unfortunate they are transmitting same to their generations to come. May God help you people because when you believe there is no other person but you then once again may God help you.

    • emmanuel

      Smelly he-goat, what have you got to offer?
      You have had all you can in your demonic enclave, unfortunately, the evil bestowed on your by your very fraudulent forefathers will never leave you alone.
      A people who are contraption of slaves from all parts of Africa and liars by origin and life style. You are a piece of trash and you know.
      Tell us about your origin and the one you call your progenitor; your source and i will tell you how fake your ancestors are and how cheap your history of lies and fable was entrenched in your mediocre life saddled by absolute dependence on the spirit of the devil – juju
      Those you referred to, are sane and sound minds, they have not been bewitched by the evil spirits that rule your land and make you “take lies for truth and truth for lies’!

    • George

      TELL YOUR president to either return, resume or resign and return back home.

  • Decimator

    Those who still think it is the politics of APC and PDP had better known it now, if they have not realised it yet. It is over with the One Niga- Area Tyranny tagged Unity by the Autocrats and upholders of the Status quo.

    It is now purely the Citizens versus the Tyrants and upholders of the status quo.

    He or she who has ears had better listened at this last moment.

  • emmanuel

    See where we are in the twenty first century? Broom on top of table, when hoovers replaced brooms over two centuries ago.
    It trully show how backward we are in this part of the dark world.
    The thinking in the APC is short, scary, senseless and visionless. There are a thousand and one icons, symbols, logos in contemporary tech world that typifies change.
    Nigeria is dead with a broom on top of a table. That is a satanic symbol of retrogression.

  • Chuma Anierobi

    PDP did not take over the confab rather she constituted a national body to do that and these gang of rascals are making a mockery of our land.