Loot recovered so far from Diezani, “a tip of the iceberg” – Magu

Embattled former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke
Embattled former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, has described the gigantic loot recovered from embattled former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, as just the beginning.

“What we have recovered so far from Diezani is just the beginning,” Mr. Magu said while being quizzed by TVC news on Thursday. “Its just a tip of the iceberg.”

At least N47.2 billion and $487.5 million in cash and properties has been traced to the former oil minister, Mrs. Alison-Madueke by the anti-graft agency.

“This followed painstaking investigations by operatives of the EFCC,” two staff of the anti-graft agency wrote in an article sent to PREMIUM TIMES.

The former minister is also being investigated for corruption and money laundering in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Mr. Magu said the EFCC is working with other agencies around the world to unearth more loots linked to Mrs. Alison-Madueke.

“We are moving in and we will recover every loot linked to her. We will get other people she’s work with,” Mr. Magu said.

Mr. Magu said his greatest challenge since he took up the tough job to man the anti-graft squad is that corruption is fighting back.

The acting EFCC chairman, whose fate still hangs in the balance following the delay in his confirmation by the Senate, said he doesn’t allow the issue distract him from the job. “It rather motivates me,” he said.

Mr. Magu is one of the pioneer officers drafted into the EFCC from the police by its first chairman, Nuhu Ribadu.

On assumption of office, President Muhammadu Buhari fired the erstwhile chairman of the commission, Ibrahim Lamorde, who had held sway since 2011, and approved the appointment of Mr. Magu as the acting chairman.

However, the Senate has twice refused to confirm his appointment following reports from the State Security Service, SSS, against Mr. Magu’s integrity.

On Thursday, Mr. Magu said the time to end corruption in the country is now. He appealed to every Nigerian to join in the fight.


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    If Nigeria joins the fight against Corruption, the first casualty should be Magu, who is an ILLEGAL Chairman of the Agency.

    The end does not justify the means. He may be an officious oaf, but he has to be confirmed, first. Someone is only in acting Chairmanship, until their hearing Confirmation is concluded; Magu has been rejected, TWICE by the Senate. He is no longer an acting Chairman, he is now a TERRORIST Chairman, strong arming our Senate, and the country, through a former ruthless coup plotter, former military dictator, the only jack-booted thug to depose a democratically elected government in Nigeria, Muhammed Buhari. EFCC is an extension of radical Islamic Terrorism, who gate southerners, but especially WOMEN. They are out to kill Dieziani to distract from Buhari absentia, and violation of every law possible.

    Buhari massacred Shiites in the thousands in broad daylight in 2015. He is holding many incommunicado, including their leader. Buhari suspended habeas corpus illegally. Buhari does not have academic qualification to be president; Buhari perjury himself to INEC, it is alleged.

    Buhari killed a lot of Yorba leaders, including Fela Kuti.

    Buhari is a wicked, sectional leader. Buhari faked his own Boko Haram attack, with an SUV he received from Dasuki who he accuses of giving away stolen money and property allocated to fight Boko Haram.


    My comment was censored.

    • cowhead

      U have not seen anything yet–with these sponsored madness


        If it’s not restored, I will boycott!

        • tundemash

          AFRICAN LIAR, do u have any other means of livelihood ? I dare u to boycott and go hungry !

          • Ade

            same like you. pathetic apc scumbag

    • dpfrank



    There is nothing wrong in protest against Buhari but the timing is wrong, people will see it as protest against the revelation of Diezani loots more so his tribe men are the convener. Corruption is really fighting back. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians Aameen

    • Protest against PMB for what, his health or passing power in the proper manner to his VP?

      Nigeria is bless by the like of this great man.

      Long live PMB!
      Long Live Nigeria!


        What l am saying is that, everyone has right to protest right or wrong. This very one they are doing is politically motivated. God bless you and me.

        • This are paid agitators, not protesters.

        • Thanks ʾin shāʾallāh

  • deri best

    Only God knows the difference between Magus and Satan——-Sadly this is how most drug addicts from the North often behave–when hired by Fulani economic migrants in Nigeria to do their dirty jobs for them———It is like Efcc was created to chase Ijaws in the creeks of the Niger Delta—If it is not Etete and his oil blocks—palaba-then it must be Jonathan—–if not Jonathan then it must be his wife–Mama Peace——–If not Mama Peace it is to hire Yorubas and Fulani writers ati their Ibo surrogates to pen rubbish about Deizani–

    Is this not the Deizani the fake Efcc which has outlived her usefulness said refunded 90b—more than the budget of the country—–The only governor sent to prison by efcc is an Ijaw gwabna late Alams of Bayelsa–which other gwabna have been jailed–in Nigeria since the inception of efcc—-none—–Rilwan Lukman and Jubril Aminu owns oil wells—and rigs in d SS—–both are former oil ministers—Nothing on them–abi’ Because of their Fulani tribal marks——–We have not heard anything on the Siemens and Hulliburton bribery case—No day passes that we do not hear a word about Deizani——-it is shameful that northerners can be this callous-

    Magu it seems is carrying his madness and deep seated hatred against Ijaws too far-Simply because he wants to be seen to be working abi? So must use Ijaws as scapegoats—where was efcc and the police when the properties of Jonathan were looted—–in abuja-?——-Magu should be kind enough to tell the nation how Dangote—Adenuga—Late Oba Sijuade—– Aluko–Tinubu—Oando ati Lady Alakija got their oil wells in Nigeria—or forever shut his dirty drug infested brain–against Deizani

    • Esaye re

      Noise maker. Ootherwise you should have done something to stop the N47.2 billion and $487.5 million already recovered from her. I wish I could stick a big stick in her cancerous punany. I heard she has property in Virginia and Maryland?

      • And couple in the Islands also, she’s a really Nigerian

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Does Magu not know that even the TVC he featured on was financed with the proceeds of Tinubu’s corrupt enrichment?

    • band olu

      He should have been featured on AIT who are financed with proceeds of Dokpesi’s corrupt enrichment. I’m sure u wouldn’t have made this same statement if he was featured on AIT….

      • absam777

        Nice reply. Some people think with their ass up.

  • Dawood

    Patriot Magu, please ignore the confused idiots who’ve been parading the streets lately to show how confused they are. They want our patriot president to resign because he’s ill. These idiots forget that if it weren’t for Buhari, they wouldn’t have a country to protest in. The question I ask the idiots is this: what is NOT being done due to Buhari’s absence? Crick ets. These dumb added are total idiots. We’ve recently been regaled by the news of Dezi Baby being the greatest looter the world has ever known. You’d think these idiots would fill-up the streets of London, demanding that that thief of a woman be returned to Nigeria. No, our ailing patriot president is their problem. The disease afflicting these idiots is not unknown. It’s called Iboritis- the inability distinguish your tormentors from your saviour. This affliction may cause you to mindlessly celebrate your tormentors and protest your saviour. Even Sowore of SaharaReporters and Charly Boy of #mumu no more have caught the ailment. Who be mumu now?

  • musa aliero

    When will magu start fighting the corruption of apc members? Even at least babachir David lawal, or investigate ameachi

    • Vivarevo


      EFCC is doing a good job but can do much better. We’re not dealing with sporadic corruption,
      but rather with an epidemic. Therefore, just selecting a set of heinous cases for investigation
      and prosecution will not cut it. Nigeria today is in complete anomie studded with stealing.
      A root-and-branch defenestration is what’s required from local governments to states
      and onwards to the federal government and all agencies and parastatals. Several
      millions of Naira stolen by each state commissioner across 36 states will add up
      to entire budgets of states itself. That’s how bad it is as permanent secretaries
      and Directors of civil service across 36 states are career criminals themselves.
      An alternative to the success of EFCC is a bloody revolution by armed militias.
      This un-civilization of theft as the only route to success in Nigeria won’t stand.
      Soon, there could be targeted killings of government officials and their kids.

    • Amaechi and Okorocha have repented they’re one of us, to which i say they’re not corrupt.

  • Mallam Ibrahim Magu is a former acting efcc chairman. We hope he’s not getting paid for this hatchet job any longer. Chasing women all over the place. If it’s not Diezani, it’s Mama Peace. The next efcc will do a better job. We need a brave efcc chairman that can bring obj, Atiku, Tinubu, Amechi, Okorocha etc to book.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    @George_USA:disqus : If the former oil minister to PDP-Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s FGN-government, Diezani Alison Madueke, is your cousin or ethnic queen, good for you.She is currently facing National Crime Agency,s charges for bribery and money-laundering in London,UK. And some of gains of our looted public funds are gradually being recovered by EFCC led by Ibrahim Magu. And, Diezani A.Madueke, will surely be sentenced and serve her prison term in UK. before ever coming back to Nigeria, to face another prosecution from Nigerian court.
    But, the acting EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu, is competently and vigorously executing his duties by implementing president Muhammadu Buhari,s mandate to fight and eliminate endemic corruption culture from our political national space.Mr Ibrahim Magu, deserves the full support of every sane, patriotic Nigerians, home and diaspora.

  • NwaIgbo

    When will we ever give a word of encouragement or praise? If for 16 years corruption had been exposed and brought to book like now, may be this national malfeasance could have been under control.
    It is impossible to please Nigerians, is it because most Nigerians have corruption DNA. I implore all Nigerians, politicians, armed forces, the judiciary, police, market women, students, religious organizations, civil servants etc to just do a little bit to stop corruption , let us see where corruption will be in few years time.

    • mayGodpunishopressors

      You must very sick for generalizing that Nigerians have corruption in their DNA. Was this how we were?. Nigerians are good people, loving, kind, despise evils like corruption, hates, falsehood etc, until military took over the political leadership of the country and bastardized merit, credibility, justice, transparency and accountability for mediocracy. Nepotism becomes the business of the day. Unfortunately for us, the so called military officers that bastardized the country are still active in the political affairs of the country dictating who is to occupy which political office at each point in time. They are busy protecting their loots and nobody dare to ask them questions or confront them. The military destroyed almost everything in Nigeria: Name it, education, health, electricity, water, roads etc. Worst still they used religion to caused disharmony and distrust amongst us to the extent that a Christian do not trust his moslem brother and vise visa. Boko haram is one of the fruits of military incursion into religious affairs in the country. In 1975, my cousin who lives in kano bought a Peugeot car ( I was in primary1 then) and came to the village with the car; the first his mother did was to question the source of the car. Mohammed have to explain in our presence his kind of business, and even at that the mother sent a primary school teacher from the village to kano for verification and that is in our DNA. Whatever you see today in Nigeria is the military DNA not us.

  • Mr. Mann


    Nigeria is a tragedy in world
    history. Here lies the carcass of a country of illiterates where stealing is
    the national ideology and directive of state policy. The educated ones amongst
    the throng of the populace look as bad as the stark illiterate majority in their
    common endeavour to live by plunder, and hence in Nigeria’ there’s no class or
    role model, since everyone looks alike as thieves. That’s why the British
    government raised alarm last month that it is now very concerned about ‘Nigeria’s
    unity’ – implying that nothing seems to hold the riff-raff country together
    again. With the courts exposed as bribe exchange rooms, and the Judges therein
    arrested and arraigned to face criminal trial as rogues; including two current justices
    of the Supreme Court, stealing has overridden Nigeria’s potentials, in tandem
    with bribery and forgery, to make the country look more like an abbatoir of
    blood-letting orgy, since theft is the motive of politics in Nigeria, bereft as
    it is of any other ideology, and stealing is an un-regulated activity,
    involving murder.

  • Abdulkadir

    Correction of misinformation. Mr Lamorde was not sacked by Buhari. He served his term of office fully.

    • George

      He was sacked and under investigations but he went under ground till now.

      3trillion was reported looted by that moron but because he was Northerner no one look into his case.

      He was invited by the Senate till now he refused to honor his invitation. hE IS LUCK HE ISN’T SOUTHERNER.

      • KAL

        Lamorde was never sacked! He served his term and may interest you to know that he is still serving in the Nigerian police. Must you bring ethnicity and other parochial considerations into all issues? Meanwhile, this Deziani woman claimed and sworn when Dele Momodu interviewed her that “she did not steal a kobo from Nigeria”. If these revelations aren’t moving you to be on the side of the country for once, I am sure nothing will and your humanity should be questioned. Smell the coffee and know that Diezani’s activities and her likes brought you to your sorry state and getting out of it won’t be helped by ethnic jingoism and other considerations. A thief should be roundly condemned as a Nigeria thief and NOT an Ijaw, Yoruba or Hausa thief if this country must move forward.

  • George


    This lady has been working as a private citizen in oil companies all her life so she isn’t expected to have any properties because she is from Niger Delta.

    How is the investigations against Lamordi going on.

    We shall see how this one sided Nigeria goes on and oil money sharing continue.

    • Uzoma John

      Loser. Defender of the corrupt. If Deziani worked in Shell, does it translate to owning Shell? She cannot earn monies so far recovered from her in 100 years even if she owns Shell. Thief defending a thief. God help you.

    • ayo

      Ibu onye oshi…..Confirmed…..
      onye ara…..

    • gtjimoh

      How much is her earning from her stint at SHELL? All her earning and retirement benefit as a manager in SHELL can not buy the house at Yaba not to talk of those other ones mentioned. I work in the oil industry too, so know what i am saying. The woman is simple a greedy and inhuman person period.

  • dami

    They should extradite her to the USA….there she will do “time” for her actions of theft.

  • suleiman

    If this is true, then this woman is a demon. It will only take God to bring this woman to justice. But for God’s sake, what is an individual doing with this much money. How could people be this wicked? Any way, the devil knows no bounds to his wicked act. She is the embodiment of evil. But come to think about it, once a man is trapped under a woman’s skirt there is not much he can do. This was the case with Jonathan and Dizeani! May God save this country

  • dele20

    If such gigantic loots of N47.2 billion and $487.5 million in cash and properties recovered from Diezani Alison is just the beginning, I wonder if this woman is a monster or still remains a human being.

    Diezani had an adamant mission to completely assassinate Nigeria by corruption. She is a political murderer.

  • dele20

    Hmm, still “a tip of the iceberg”

  • dele20

    It takes only the ignoramus to blame this present government.

  • dele20

    If it were any other country, the country would not exist again, this present government is really trying.

    Hmmm, God will take control, I reason with PMB’s anti-corruption

  • James Ojapa

    The corruption going on now will make diezani’s loot like child’s play

    • dpfrank

      He that alleges must prove

  • Aminu Baba

    Now we know what agitates the mind of the street gangsters behind #ResumeOrResign. Musicians, actors, jesters, gays, lesbians and hairdressers out in the street to earn their living from treasury looters. Shameless pack of immoral jesters

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    Very disappointing, one of those who aided Diezani acquired such stupendous wealth is much around. Some of us who watched in 2014 how Senator Makarfi’s Committee defended the missing $20 billion unremitted oil revenue would hardly ignored the ignominious role the man and his members played that fateful date.
    Now, with the moral deficiency displayed then, they want to sell the same people and party as choice for good governance in land. Ironically, the maroons on the podium want us to join the foolishness.

  • shola

    “Mr. Magu said the time to end corruption in the country is now. He appealed to every Nigerian to join in the fight.”
    And you will succeed also with the help of whistle-blowers. You can wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror.

  • Olatubosun

    They should allow us to stone this Diezeni

  • Olatubosun

    She is a professional thief

  • Water No Get Enemy

    Where is Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and members of PDP in all of this Diezianigate? The looting is monumental,GEJ & PDP cannot be exonerated from this,both are highly culpable and Nigerians should continue to reject PDP from ever ruling Nigeria again.This is the party that ruled Nigeria for sixteen years with nothing to show for it except ‘serial’ looting by it’s leaders.

  • Oladeji Y

    Where is Dele Momodu the whitewasher of Madam Diezani?