DEVELOPING STORY: Two kidnap suspects burnt alive, three others arrested


Officials of the Lagos Rapid Response Squad, RRS, have arrived the scene where four suspected kidnappers were caught and two of them burnt alive.

The officials are being shown the various exits around the tunnel by some of the youth and residents of the area.

The RRS officials are led by the Commander, RRS, Lagos state, Tunji Disu.

Earlier, a group of volunteers believed to be of the local vigilante group had plunged into the tunnel after the soldiers exited without trace of the alleged victim.

Mr. Disu said that the police would comb the underground tunnel with dogs and other experts.

He said this while addressing journalists at the scene of the incidence.

He appealed to residents to be calm and cooperate with the police and other security operatives, adding that two police officers had been injured.

Similarly, he disclosed that three suspects had been arrested so far and would be interrogated.

Read our earlier story below:

Another kidnap suspect in the ongoing saga at Ojokoro has been set ablaze.

The atmosphere is tense as police and other security operatives have been overpowered.

A new suspect who allegedly ran out the hole has been set on fire as police couldn’t contain the mob.

Earlier, two other suspects had been caught and whisked away by police officials.

The suspects caught thus far are four; two set ablaze and two whisked away.

The search is still ongoing and atmosphere tense.

The first suspect had been finally killed after he was set ablaze.

Earlier, we reported:

Another kidnap suspect has been found while security officials search for a kidnap victim in Ojokoro, along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The latest suspect allegedly ran out of the other end of the hole being searched by security operatives including soldiers. He was subsequently caught by the mob.

The mob was bent on setting him ablaze too, but he was rescued by soldiers who took him away.

Soldiers are trying to control the mob while the pandemonium persists.

There is heavy traffic as vehicular movement on both sides of the highway has been slowed down by the heavy crowd.

The first suspect who was burnt by the mob is yet to be evacuated.

Search is still on for the victim, whose cry for help witnesses said they heard.

Earlier, we reported:

The alleged kidnapper who was arrested on Tuesday morning has been burnt alive by an angry mob.

PREMIUM TIMES reported the pandemonium caused by the arrest of the kidnapper after passers-by said they heard a cry for help by a female victim.

Officials of the Nigerian Army have arrived the scene and made efforts to control the mob.

Fire fighters have also arrived to control the fire, while pandemonium still pervades the area.

Search for the suspected victim is still ongoing as some soldiers and other security operatives plunge into the dark passageway underneath the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway.

Read our first story below:

There is pandemonium at Obadeyi bus-stop, Ojokoro axis of the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway, as an alleged ritualist was apprehended by residents in the area.

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that the suspect was caught when passers-by overheard the voice of a woman allegedly kidnapped by the suspect and his accomplices.

Police officers at the scene could not control the crowd who are bent on lynching the suspect.

A witness, Adesola John, said passers-by overheard the voice of the allegedly kidnapped woman and began to comb the bridge on the expressway where the suspect was found.

“A woman was crying for help and people heard her voice and searched under the bridge before they found this man,” he said.

“The woman has not been found and, as you can see, we are still searching.”

Another witness who pleaded anonymity said there may be many victims trapped underneath.

PREMIUM TIMES correspondent at the scene reports that search was ongoing at the time of this report.


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  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    Toyota! Good thinking. Right action!
    Only if Nigeria were a country, then the people could unite like these residents have done…and then go to National Assembly in Abuja and apprehend all the unrepentant Kidnappers including those who keep their victim’s resources in Panama, Comoros Islands, Commentaries, under their Caps etc and burn all of them alive just like this expressway Kidnapper. If we could do this to all our kidnappers in Abuja and elsewhere then recession will stop. Hardship will stop and progress will return to Nigeria.

    • Ramsey

      Spot on Dr. You are very correct on this. Until Nigeria splits though there will never be any challenge to thieves who steal/kidnap public funds. Look at Saraki, Dogara etc they are untouchables. Farouk Liwan was caught with millions under his garments and a video evidence for that criminal offence. Yet he was neither jailed nor executed. Steal N2,000 in Oshodi at 4.30am and let one or two people see you. You will wake up in hell next minute.

      • George

        you are a liar from the pit of hell.

        Has Saraki spent more than Buhari. Pls leave Saraki alone and face your consequence.

    • Dx


    • shasha

      You do not need to go to Abuja if you are a serious minded person. Start from those who are closer to you then you can later proceed to those far away from you. Start with your state governor that was paid Paris Club money yet refuses to pay the workers salaries, your state house of assembly are busy milking your state dry. Because of your low mentality you don’t that your presently state governor and the house of assembly members are the one that will later graduate to those harden criminals at national level. You need to wise up my dear herbalist.

      • George

        No no those closer to them are saint Tinubu and saint Ambode. Yeye smelling tribe they are.

        • okpada

          Which tribe are you? Who is your state governor? Just mention his name whether they are better than the people you mentioned. Mumu dee

  • Rommel

    Why do we sing praises for those who have collectively kidnapped the resources of Nigerians while dealing jungle frustration on little flies? had Nigerians risen up one day in any part of the country against those in public office who are dealing mortal blows on poor Nigerians,the country would have been better for it, we don’t know exactly what happened as was witnessed in the mob actions of Aluu 4, people need to excise restraint in certain situations so innocent lives are not wasted.

    • lemmoR

      Sharrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaap my friend. “…kidnapped the resources of Nigerians” ? Are you ok? Resources of Nigerians or Resources of Biafra and Niger Delta? Point to one resource North or West of Nigeria? Have you not read the last message (July) from Niger Delta Avengers delivered by General Mudoch Agbanibo that we (Niger Deltans are NOT Nigerians?

      • okpada

        Did Biafra have any resources? The five Eastern states are parasites like any other state outside South South states,and Ondo states cum lagos

    • George

      you told us immediately GEJ goes everything will be ok so why are you and your people still crying with same voice you people used to says SAI BABA.

      • Sword of Damocles

        fcuk GEJ, if stood infront of me today, I will separate his ugly head from his body, Now enuff about that ape, OK!!!

  • thusspokez

    If the victim is the right culprit, then serve him right. He received wild justice but nevertheless, it is still justice for his intended victims. One other positive is that it also saves the Nigerian tax payer the would-be cost of prosecuting and keeping him in prison for who knows, how long.

    And if you think that I don’t sound political correct or 21st century, then what about the ritualist still partaking in ritual activities in the 21st century?

    • Sword of Damocles

      and if the necklaced/murdered person was innocent?? when a mob is judge jury & executioner, what do you have??? They would not dare try this with their real SWORN enemies, the politicians, so why do it to normal citizens??

      • thusspokez

        and if the necklaced/murdered person was innocent??

        I wrote: “If the victim is the right culprit…”

        With the greatest respect, where did you learn to read? Tut tut tut!

        • Sword of Damocles

          Probably at the same institution you learned to THINK:
          thank you for your “compliment”, however even “If the victim is the right culprit,”
          Why should a mob have the right to murder???

          • thusspokez

            Top institution in the West, my dear.

          • Sword of Damocles

            ditto… what law does this fall under?

            I presume “He got his just deserts” was also learned from “Some of the top institutions in the West”???
            Yeah right. I got my education from an ordinary state university in CA, and my masters from GWU in DC so you know. I am sure you went to Oxford + Cambridge + Stanford and YALE. Please try to remember Rene Descartes’s philosophical dictum: “I think, therefore I am” We will reckon again, of this I am sure…..

          • thusspokez

            what law does this fall under?

            This question presupposes that every aspect of human life and interrelations can be captured and legislated for, by law makers. I would think that no written laws of any nation has more that 10% coverage. It is not possible to legislate for everything, there!

            As for your “I think, therefore I am”, it is a logical fallacy both in the context of this discussion and Descartes’ construct.

  • Olawale Ola

    Good for them…

  • Pluti

    The senators and house of assembly live closest to us

  • Blood-thirsty barbarians who are yet to evolve. No one has the right to take the law into their hands.
    What if the accused were really innocent?

    • princegab

      In a failed state, civilised people would take the law into their hands for survival. Blame leadership not the people.

  • George

    This is only country headed by a dead man where no one ask questions or confirm before killing.

    Bible said when evil men rules the masses suffer.

    • princegab

      You’ve metamorphosized into a monster wailer. You sound like @ Tawanda reincarnated.

  • George

    What is the difference between that killed kidnapper and Tinubu?

  • Collins

    Was this story written by a journalist or some tout who had access to the website? No background information. Nothing. What tunnel are talking about here? Where is it located? What led to suspected kidnappers being hunted there? I could go and on.

  • Bigtin

    Mob ….Country!

  • Femi

    Did the crowd interrogate him before setting him on fire? How do we know that members of the gang did not mingle and cooperate with the mob to silence their erstwhile colleague? Well that’s the mob for you. For those calling for revolution -that’s how it will work