While Nigerians groan under recession, lawmakers buy N6.1 billion cars


The House of Representatives said about N6.1 billion had been earmarked for new Peugeot 508 cars that will be distributed to all the 360 members.

The House spokesperson, Abdulrazak Namdas, told reporters that 200 lawmakers have taken deliveries of their cars within the last few months, at the cost of N17 million per unit. Others are still anticipating their deliveries, which are expected to be met before the year runs out.

“Over 200 cars have been supplied out of 360, and we are still getting more. Every member will get their car by the end of this year,” Mr. Namdas said.

The car purchase binge, which is the latest in a culture that has persisted for decades, was criticised by Nigerians when it was first made public last year.

In December, a lawyer dragged the parliament to court in Lagos after it was discovered that lawmakers budgeted N3.6 billion for the cars.

At the time, it was estimated that the cars would cost N10 million each. But Mr. Namdas said the exchange rate crisis that beset the country for almost two years had taken its toll on the budget of the parliament and warranted an upward review of procurement.

Taxpayers will now pay more than 70% more for the cars, based on Mr. Namdas’ new estimates of N17 million per unit.

But, “the payment for the vehicle is being done in instalments,” Mr. Namdas said, implying that lawmakers would be made to pay back all the expenses from their respective salaries and benefits.

But critics said the tactics had often been deployed to deceive Nigerians as lawmakers would be allowed to go with their cars at auction price when their tenures expire in 2019.

“This is a worn-out strategy that they’re bragging about,” Victor Okhai, a social critic, told PREMIUM TIMES Tuesday morning. “We know they would pay little to nothing from their pockets and still walk away with the car at a ridiculously cheap amount.”

Mr. Okhai said the purchase was “insensitive and gutsy” when past lawmakers embarked on it, and even more distasteful now.

“At a time when barely a fraction of Nigerians could afford to comfortably feed themselves, these lawmakers are buying cars that they don’t need,” he said. “Of what use is a 508 Peugeot to Speaker Yakubu Dogara who already has some of the most exotic cars in his convoy?” he added.

“They hold Nigerians in disdain and they’re not even pretending about it.”

But Mr. Namdas said the House entered an understanding with Peugeot Automobile Nigeria for lawmakers to settle the cost on their own over a few years.

Besides, Mr. Namdas said the purchase would further stimulate the country’s struggling economy, which has been in recession for a year, through employment opportunities in the supply chain.


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  • Inyamiri

    Lawmakers or lawbreakers. These unpatriotic people have no respect and concern at all on the situation the country is. No wonder some people are calling for restructuring even though that restructuring will not yield any positive results. The lawmakers are from all corners of the country and none of them stand out as to say NO! Meaning, they are all brothers in looting.

  • Sandra

    Crazy country..!!!

    • Inyamiri

      Crazy people from all corners of the crazy country.

  • George

    PT with fake news.

    Nigerians groan and who voted for initiator of groaning Buhari, Kenya abi. Nigerians only got what they bargain for so pls stop crying for those groaning.

    I hate repeating this again house of rep. are people who has been enjoying their life before becoming a members so they should just stop because one mad man chooses to suffer by voting for a known moron with the highest sadist mind.

    Buhari was there before, what was he brought, sorrows, pains, killing, arresting, what made those voters to trust him again, jealous, and evilness of GEJ and what do they expected back, groaning, sickness, cries and what are they getting now, their rightful pains, anxieties, sorrows and deaths as expected SO WHY IS PT diverting the blames to the House of rep. just to be heard among the zoo where Hyenas and Jackals compete FOR SPACE

    • Marx-Lenin


      Only a bloody revolution can save Nigeria from a shattering collapse as a failed state.

    • Ibraheem Aruna

      Next time show your real face. You are the one who is fake not Premium times.. Be man enough, show some academic liver show your face, and put a full name. Do not show us monkeys.

  • George

    ethnicity and religion was what your people used to remove GEJ and it must continue for now until Buhari complete his eight years rightful deserved.

    Putting Osinbaju a confused animal with tokenism stature and hoping we will blindly say one Nigeria Southerner now it won’t work. You respect my father I will respect yours disgrace my father yours will be roasted.


    • Uzoma John

      GEJ removed himself with ethnicity and religion. Everything about GEJ was seen in Ijaw and Igbo perspective the reason oil pipelines were blown up and Agamefu Nnahadi Kanu is also messing up. Where was Efulefu Nnahadi Kanu during GEJ’S tenure? Did we hear him make noise all call for arms to kill people. Ndi ara.

      • Sword of Damocles


      • George

        Don’t worry now you have a man who isn’t going to remove himself soon. Enjoy it stop crying because I am okay what ever happens.

        • Uzoma John

          Me or you, who is crying? Devil’s advocate.

    • Amir

      Ediot!! Must inexperienced and incompetent GEJ be president? Why not campaign for your father? Are you so worthless and valueless that you are mentioning Jonathan everywhere after 2 years? Anuofia.

      • Sword of Damocles

        my friend it was not just incompetence, dumbo is/was a THIEF. You think diezani et al will steal all that money and not give Oga on top his share? Please jonathan is an armed robber fullstop. dont add dont subtract

        • George

          No more thief now what the dead is spending is UK is water. God punish you and your generations forever.


    • tundemash

      Mor0n, ethnicity and religion was what OBJ used to impose the Otuoke Cl0wn on Nigeria.

  • Tony

    This is why I am in support of what Kanu is doing, every part of Nigeria should start a civil disobedient just like Nnamdi Kanu…, this is an opportunity to chase these thieves out of our lives forever and build a new nation. Sometimes a little trouble making is good for these polilooters to sit up!

    • tundemash

      And is that what demented Kanu is preaching ?

      • Yego V

        I wish we have another “demented” soldier to help do away with these politicians

  • Thomas

    I doubt that Nigeria is actually in recession by the way the youth and able bodied continue to idle away ..

  • Senator D


    1. *Sen. Pres. Bukola Saraki. PDP Governor for 8yrs and PDP Senator for over 3 yrs.* Joined APC in 2014. He is the Senate President.

    2. *Speaker Yakubu Dogara. Two-term PDP House of Rep member.* Joined APC in 2014 and was elected for a third time in 2015. He is the Speaker.

    3. *VP Atiku Abubakar. Nigeria’s PDP Vice-President for 8yrs* and presently an APC Elderstatesman after jumping from one party to the other since 2007.

    4. *Sen. Victor Ndoma-Egba. PDP Senator for 12yrs.* Decamped to APC about two months ago. He is the serving Chairman, NDDC Board.

    5. *Sen. Heineken Lokpobiri. Two-term PDP Senator from Bayelsa State.* Decamped to APC after the 2015 elections. He is a serving Minister of the Republic.

    6. *Sen. Ita Enang. Two-term PDP Senator from Akwa-Ibom.* Joined APC before the 2015 elections. Presently the SSA to the President on NASS.

    7. *Gov. Samuel Ortom. Long-serving Benue State Secretary of the PDP. Former National Auditor of the PDP and former Minister under Pres. Jonathan.* Joined APC in December 2014. He is the Governor of Benue State.

    8. *Sen. Barnabas Gemade. Founding father of the PDP, former National Chairman of the party and Senator from 2011.* Joined APC in December 2014. He is a serving Senator.

    9. *Gov. Atiku Bagudu. A two-term PDP Senator from Kebbi.* Joined the APC at some point. He is the serving Governor of Kebbi State.

    10. *Gov. Aminu Tambuwal. Former PDP Speaker of the House of Representatives.* Joined APC in 2014. He is the serving Governor of Sokoto State.

    11. *Sen. Abdullahi Adamu. Two-term PDP Governor of Nasarawa and Senator in 2011.* Joined APC in 2014. Still a serving Senator.

    12. *Sen. Danjuma Goje. Two-term PDP Governor of Gombe State and Senator in 2011.* Joined APC in 2014. Still a serving Senator.

    13. *Hon. Dakuku Peterside. Was a PDP Rep member from Rivers State.* Joined APC along with Gov. Amaechi. He is the DG of NIMASA.

    14. *Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso. Two-term PDP Governor of Kano State and former Minister of Defence under Pres. Obasanjo.* Joined APC in late 2013. He is a serving Senator.

    15. *Hon. Rotimi Amaechi. Former PDP Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly. Two-term PDP Governor of Rivers.* Joined APC in late 2013. He is a serving Minister of the Republic.

    16. *Gov. Rochas Okorocha. Was a Special Adviser to PDP’s Pres. Obasanjo. Became the Governor of Imo on APGA’s platform.* Joined APC in February 2013. He is the Governor of Imo State.

    17. *Sen. George Akume. Two-term PDP Governor of Benue State and Senator in 2007.* Left the party in December 2010. Still a serving APC Senator.

    18. *Gov. Nasir El-Rufai. Former FCT Minister under Pres. Obasanjo.* Left the PDP in 2010 and joined CPC. He is the serving APC Governor of Kaduna State.

    19. *Gov. Bello Masari. PDP Speaker of the House of Reps in 2003.* Joined the CPC in 2010. He is the serving APC Governor of Katsina State.

    20. *Sen. Adamu Aliero. Two-term PDP Governor of Kebbi State and Senator in 2007. Later became FCT Minister under Pres. Yar’Adua.* Joined APC at some point. He is a serving Senator.

    21. *Sen. Udoma Udo Udoma. Two-term PDP Senator from Akwa-Ibom State.* I don’t even know if he ever decamped to APC. He is the serving Minister of Budget & National Planning.

    Now, *save for Atiku who is a serial Presidential aspirant waiting for another election year to continue with his impossible dream of becoming Nigeria’s President,* all the above are holding offices in this regime. *They all played a part in the 16-yrs of “PDP destruction”* but somehow are members of the APC that want to “rebuild”. Wow!

    APC cannot save Nigeria…They are all square pegs in round holes….Thieves all of them!!!!

    • FreeNigeria

      Like someone said, “it’s the worst people ruling over the best of us.” These politicians are rotten to the core. They are curse on the nation.

  • akinwumi komolafe

    The cars will be driven by the parliamentarians–who are doing very little to spur socioeconomic and technological transformation of Nigeria–on our terrible roads hazardously riddled with craters and potholes.The cars are tinted, and from them,the oppressive,hedonistic parliamentarians will snigger at Nigerians, majority of whom are sheepish, helpless and hapless.However,in future, history will have much to say about the parliamentarians’ insensitivity and selfishness.

  • Okokondem

    @Senator D

    Thank you for the impressive list, an insightful and informative contribution to the current dialog. What is missing however is a proposition to mitigate what is obviously an intractable problem, the fact that Nigeria is stuck with these leaches, that won’t go away on its own.

    Ever wondered why average Nigerians remain apathetic and indifferent to the wholesale pillaging of their commonwealth?

    Do Nigerians not see and read about people around the world stand up against misrule?

    Frankly, I get irritated finding otherwise intelligent people gather here to complain about problems the country has tolerated for nearly 60 years without proffering a solution.

    Do Nigerians seriously expect to wake up one morning and find these miscreants to suddenly become honorable? Oh, I keep forgetting they are already referred to as “honorable”, imagine the irony.

    Someone gave the definition of insanity as doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

    Nigerians cannot seriously believe the Devin intervention they seek as solution to Nigeria’s problems precludes active, proactive intervention on their part.

    The whole “sidon de look” approach Nigerians have adopted is getting old. You want change, go out and demand it, that’s what democracy and freedom of expression entails. Get going people!

    • George

      You people brought this evil Buhari pls enjoy it and stop calling on Nigerians. I hate you and your type, Sai Baba will produce foods for your table.

  • Abdul

    Hear this criminals, the purchase will create jobs through supply chain? as in really? this is so funny. This people are taking us for a ride, what is this for God sake?

    • Okokondem

      “the purchase will create jobs through supply chain”

      The late Ronald Reagan would call that “Voodoo Economics.”

    • George

      Trace the monkey in UK first kill him and when you return I will march with you to Senate.

  • Bakanridi

    You cry to cry to high heavens, these people will not listen to you. Imagine an ordinary civil servant earns a paltry sum of N18000 minimum. He has plead, cry and demand for an increase but so far the issue is still discussed at committee level. I hope this time around issues relating to the downtrodden will looked into as 2019 is drawing closer by the day.

  • George

    All thoss planning to remove bUHARI God will destroy you all. He is our president either dead or alive he must continue.

    Sai Baba is not going anywhere Osinbaju is coordinator and that is enough for Yorubas.

    Mama Peace has promised to buy him APC form in 2019 so no vacancy. shame on TINUBU.

    • tundemash

      Monkey, we know you, I am happy you are getting more and more frustrated !

  • tundemash

    ah ! ha !! ha !!! And the sadists / ignoramus / sore losers crying and complaining now were all clapping when same roguish Senate were refusing confirmation to Magu; a man investigating most of them. May the Senate fritter away more of your destiny !

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


  • John Okoh

    The House of Reps and Senators are all rogues and should be tried for raping the country. These people think they are above the law. No shame on them. This job should be made part time and their salaries should be slashed by more than half and all the humongous benefits they are getting should be revoked.They are the highest paid legislators in the world for doing nothing. Ever wonder why nothing works in Nigeria?No water supply and no electricity in the so called giant of Africa.Why should investors come to Nigeria to do business? Majority of multinational companies have left because of corruption and lack of basic amenities and yet these so called law makers are living like kings. They are there answering Hon. Unbelievable.