Loss of N30 trillion: We’re ready to execute Senate’s arrest order on 30 CEOs — Police

Nigerian Police on patrol
Nigerian Police on patrol

The police have said they would carry out the order by the Nigerian Senate to arrest the chief executive officer of 30 companies alleged to have been involved in the loss of revenue believed to be N30 trillion in the maritime sector.

The senate gave the arrest order on Wednesday after officials of the companies refused to honor the invitation of its Joint Committee on Customs, Excise and Tariff and Maritime Transport, in spite of several reminders.

Police Spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, speakingon phone with Premium Times on Monday, said the police aware of the arrest order and are bound to obey the National Assembly once served the warrant.

“We cannot go against the order of the National Assembly, as soon as the warrant is served, the Police is bound to obey the directive of the National Assembly,” he said.

He however could not confirm whether the warrant for the arrest had been served.

Below are the affected 30 companies and some of the CEOs:

1. Globacom – A privately owned Nigerian multinational telecommunication company with its headquarters at Lagos. It began operations on 29 August 2003 and currently operates in Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana.
CEO – Mike Adenuga.

2. Crown Flour Mills – Also known as CFM is an international company specialized in the production and distribution of wheat, flour among others. their most recognized products in Nigeria include the Semolina and Mama Gold whole wheatmeal.

3. British American Tobacco – Founded in 1902, British American Tobacco is one of the world’s leading multinational companies. Makers of cigarettes chosen by around one in eight of the world’s one billion adult smokers.They are widely known for products like Rothmans, Pall Mall, Kent among others.
CEO – Nicandro Durante.

4. CCECC – China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation is an international contracting and economic cooperation established in June 1979 under the approval of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. They are best known for railway construction, civil engineering design & consultancy, real estate development, trading, industrial investment as well as hotel management.
CEO – Yuan Li.

5. Dana Group – Founded May 1, 1991, Dana Group is an established group of companies which have multi dimensional activities in the global steel industry with its headquarters at Dubai, UAE. They are best known for manufacturing steel and automotive lubricants.
CEO – Birbal Singh Dana.

6. Olam Int. Ltd – a leading agri-business operating from seed to shelf in 70 countries, supplying food and industrial raw materials to over 16,200 customers worldwide and headquartered at Singapore. Olam International Limited engages in sourcing, processing, packaging, and merchandising agricultural products and food ingredients worldwide.
CEO – Sunny George Verghese.

7. Hong Xing Steel Co. Ltd. – An Chinese company widely known for the production of steel with headquarters at China and Lagos.
CEO – Lin Quiantao

8. Visafone – One of the telecommunication companies in Nigeria with its headquarters at Lagos. They are CDMA providers. They were recently recently acquired by MTN and bulk of their services and customers are located in Lagos.
CEO – K. V. Srinivasa / Jim Ovia

9. African Wire – An African-based company widely known for the production and distribution of wire ropes and fittings with headquarters at Windhoek, Namibia.

10. Star Comments and Allied Ltd –

11. Aarti Steel – Incoporated in the year 1979, Aarti Steels Ltd. represents a fully integrated steel manufacturing company with manufacturing facilities of Carbon and Alloy Steel Rounds and Squares, Sponge Iron, Power and Ferro Alloys. The Company also manufactures Spring Steel Wires and Tyre Bead Wire. The total products portfolio of the company is assigned to the automobile industry.
CEO – Sohan Lal Mittal.

12. Abyem-Diva Int. Ltd – Abyem-Diva International Limited is a registered company in Nigeria that covers both air / Sea freight forwarding on Door to Door basis and have a global network service which allows for on time pick up of goods and also speedy customs clearance procedures for on-time delivery of shipments.
CEO – Leke Abejide.

13. Gagasel International

14.Friesland Campina – FrieslandCampina is a Dutch diary co-operative with products like consumer milk, milk in powder and concentrated form, dairy drinks, yogurts, desserts, cream, coffee creamers, baby and infant food, cheese, butter, fruit juices and ingredients (e.g. for pharmaceutical purposes). They are best known in Nigeria for products like Peak Milk, Three Crowns among others.
CEO – Cees C. ‘t Hart / R. J. Streetskamp Bob.

15. Etco Nig. – Etco (Nigeria) Limited (incorporated in Nigeria by Chaim Weiss in 1963) is a leading Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Contracting firm with it’s Headquarters in Lagos and with branch offices in Abuja and Port Harcourt. ETCO is positioned to undertake projects anywhere in Nigeria.

16. Edic Chemicals and Allied Distributors – Is a Nigerian-based company located i Illupeju, Lagos,specialized in import and export of chemicals,distribution of food processing chemicals and pharmaceutical chemicals.
CEO – Edwin Mmuoemenam.

17. De United Foods – The company was incorporated in 1993 and is based in Lagos, Nigeria. De United Foods Industries Limited, produces and markets food products. They are the makers of the popular Indomie noodles. De United Foods Industries Limited is a joint venture between Tolaram Corporation Pte. Ltd. and Salim Group.
CEO – Deepak Singhal.

18. Don Climax Group – Don Climax, the new face of modern era cargo logistics solutions, located in the business hub of Nigerian Lagos and Rivers State – the main gateway for all imports and exports began operations in 2003, efficiently operating as a clearing-forwarding, import, haulage and warehousing organization. They render high focus quality maritime services.
CEO – Obelle Ikenna Donatus.

19. Skill G Nigeria Limited – Skill ‘G’ Nigeria Limited is a leading company in the promotion of science, technology and technical education in Nigeria and the West African sub-region specializing in education instructional material development, supply and installation, training/ capacity building and Education Resource Centre Administration.

20. Premium Seafood – Premium Seafood is a wholesale food company dedicated to sourcing and distributing shrimps and frozen seafood.
CEO – Edgar E. Samson.

21. La Rauf Nig. Ltd –

22. Standard Metallurgical Co. Ltd – Standard Mettallurgical Company (SMC) Limited is a limited liability company registered in Nigeria and specializes in the production of iron, steel as well as wire rods.

23. Kam Industries – Kan Industries (Nigeria Limited), a wholly owned indigenous company, was registered in 1997 under the Companies and Allied Matter Act (1990) of Nigeria as a manufacturer of steel products such as, Roofing Nails, Couper Nails, British Reinforcement Concrete (BRC) Mesh wire and Binding Wire.
CEO – Alhaji Kamoru Ibitoye Yusuf.

24. IBG Investment Limited

25. Orazulike Trading Co. Ltd – is a Nigerian-based limited liability company and one of the major importers of steel, steel pipes, electrodes, building rods and plumbing materials in Nigeria.
CEO – Ichie Joseph Orazulike / Nnaeto Irazulike.

26. Popular Foods Ltd – Popular Foods Limited is a Nigerian -based company headquartered at Lagos. They are specialized in the importation and exportation of food products ad well as distribution of seafoods.

27. A-Kelnal Integrated & Logistics Services –

28. African Industries – African Industries is a diverse West African multinational group currently operating in several locations in Nigeria. They are responsible for the production and exportation of grade steel, chemicals (for soap & detergent), architectural glass, paving stones, among others.
CEO – Raj Gupta.

29. African Tiles & Ceramics – An African limited liability company. Specialized in the production and distribution of tiles, marbles, ceramics among others.

30. ZTE Nigeria Limited – is a Chinese telecommunications company with offices in Abuja and Lagos. They produce devices such as phones, tablets and other accessories.

The chairman of the committee who made the announcement at the committee meeting expressed disappointment at the officials of the companies involved stating that their refusal to honor the invitation was disrespectful to the National Assembly and that the 8th Senate would not tolerate such behavior from anybody or institution, particularly in the present situation that involved the Federal government funds.


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  • princegab

    Presidency is inviting investors nass is pursuing them away. A clear indication that it’s time for revolution.

    • thusspokez

      Being an investor doesn’t give you the right break the law or undermine the institutions in your host country. Try it in the US or Europe and see what happens to you, even if you are Bill Gates.

      • princegab

        Nass is the law breaker. They are jeopardizing Ag President’ s efforts and at the same time hopping to be bribed in readiness for reelection campaign.

  • edeje

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  • thusspokez

    The senate gave the arrest order on Wednesday

    So what is the police waiting for? And why make give them public notice before the arrest. Some of the CEO might well abscond.

    • Charles Nath Ike

      The arrest warrants have to be formally and separately drawn up and individually sealed by the approving officer (Senate President or Clerk of NASS) with the names and addresses of the persons summoned. These 30 pieces of documents will be delivered to the Police before they act. So you see it takes a big of time.

      • thusspokez

        Spare me the procedure. So what is your understanding of the senate issuing arrest order? That is it a mere verbal order to the Nigeria police and not formal requests with all the necessary documentations required by law to accompany the order?

        • Charles Nath Ike

          Ok, i agree with you. Dont be angry, you hear. As the Senate was issuing the order, the “documentations” were also falling down from their mouths to the Police. Sorry, I didn’t see that. It was a virtual transmission of documents.

  • Concerned

    Jokers – how are they going to arrest the likes of Mittal and the many others resident abroad?

    • thusspokez

      What exactly is your point?

      • Concerned

        Can’t you read ?

  • George

    Behold the 30 CEO’S are Southerners and the Police as usual will do their works quickly and sharperly.

    One Nigeria for the Northerners by the Northerners and for the Northerners.


  • “The Nigeria senate gave the arrest order on Wednesday of chief executive officers of 30 companies alleged to have been involved in the loss of revenue believed to be N30 trillion in the maritime sector after officials of the companies refused to honour the invitation of its Joint Committee on Customs, Excise and Tariff and Maritime Transport, in spite of several reminders.”
    This is yet another hogwash pantomime, which in its first read unmasked the hopelessness and absolute dormancy of our lawmakers and the useless EFCC. Tell me any country in the world, apart from Nigeria, that is, adapt to zero tolerance to corruption, would the lawmakers be sending invitation to alleged fraudsters to visit them in their sumptuously furnished offices for a chat?
    What is obtainable in other countries is for the Anti-corruption agencies to gather their evidences together, make them credible, arrest an alleged fraudster or economic saboteur, and charge them to court. What is point sending them glossy invitations and probably waiting to roll the red carpet for the “Chief Executives” to come at their convenience? Perhaps these senators think that everybody is as useless as they are and have nothing important to do with their time.
    For one to attain to the position of a CEO means that probably you know one or two things about your rights. What exactly are these bogus Senators supposed to discuss with the CEO?
    Sometimes one is flabbergasted by the level of reasoning by our so-called leaders. If this doleful step is all they can come up with as cure to the monumental waste called Nigeria, then we are all doomed for a very long time.