SHOCKING: Parents donate daughters to Boko Haram for suiciding bombing, Nigerian Army says

Borno State Management Agency (SEMA) officials evacuating body of a female suicide bomber at the Red Bricks quarters in Dalori, community in Maiduguri on Monday (24/7/17).
03738/24/7/2017/Suleiman Hamza/DKO/ICE/NAN
Borno State Management Agency (SEMA) officials evacuating body of a female suicide bomber at the Red Bricks quarters in Dalori, community in Maiduguri on Monday (24/7/17). 03738/24/7/2017/Suleiman Hamza/DKO/ICE/NAN

Some parents donate their daughters to the Boko Haram for suicide attacks, the Nigerian Army said on Saturday.

The Army in a statement by its spokesperson, Sani Usman, therefore warned such parents to desist forthwith.

Mr. Usman, a brigadier general, also appealed to religious, traditional and community leaders, and other Nigerians in the North-east, to dissuade people from donating their daughters to Boko Haram for indoctrination and suicide bombing missions.

Mr. Usman said the appeal became necessary following revelations by some intercepted female suicide bombers during interrogations.

“It was discovered that most of these hapless minors were “donated” to the terrorist sect by their heartless and misguided parents and guardians, as part of their contribution to the perpetuation of the Boko Haram terrorists’ dastardly acts against the Nigerian society and humanity.

“The acts of these parents and guardians are not only barbaric, but condemnable and unacceptable.

“Nigerians have a responsibility and obligation to collectively mould our children and wards and define a better future for them rather than condemning them to death by the criminal Boko Haram terrorists and their sympathisers through suicide bombings,” Usman said.

Suicide bombings, largely by teenage girls, has been on the increase in Borno since the start of this year with scores of such attacks leading to the death of several people.

The latest of such incidents occurred on Friday with security agencies announcing on Saturday that three suicide bombers including two females were killed by security operatives. Two members of the civilian Joint Task Force were also injured in the ensuing explosions.

In his statement on Saturday, Mr. Usman urged the people to be more vigilant and security conscious. He urged Nigerians to report any suspicious persons or those whose daughters or female wards are missing or have not been seen recently.

“You can report by calling 193 on any network.

“The public is also reminded that the Nigerian Army’s offer and reward of the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000.00) to anybody that provide information about suicide bombing, is still valid,” he added.


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    Boko Haram is Borno state contribution to national development. They should keep on donating their daughters and sons

    • Alhaji

      “They should keep on donating their daughters and sons.” So that parasitic infliction on the south will be reduced.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    (Yawn) (Yawn). We are tired of the Army’s excuses. All that Nigerians want is for Boko Haram to be TRULY defeated.

  • princegab

    The parents probably sold their kids to haramite. Tell me now if bh is not the product of poverty just as povery is as the result of fantastic corruption.
    Shameless leaders. The looming death will not spare treasury looters and their families.

  • Alhaji

    How many daughters have Buhari, Shettima and Ango Abdullahi donated so far?

  • Arabakpura

    Why can’t they donate the Arewa youths? Oh I see! Those ones are cowards!

    I think it’s time this Boko Haram fight is left for the North East to prosecute because they appear to be enjoying it; too much of Nigeria’s scarce resources are being expended on this while leaving other issues unattended!

    • Patriotism

      Nigerian resources should be channelled to fighting IPOB terrorists instead, since boko haram is now defeated.

      • Daniel

        You mean ‘technically defeated’?

        You need education to know IPOB is recognised by the UN.

        Go back to school.


    “The Army in a statement by its spokesperson, Sani Usman, therefore warned such parents to desist forthwith”.

    The army is full of crap! Instead of forwarding such parent’s names to the AG for prosecution, they are warning them to stop?

    • Alhaji

      Is AG not islamist terrorist? Is he not a muslim? How many Boko Haram borthers has he prosecuted?

  • PolyGon2013

    Arrest those parents and charge them to court. Just warning them is nonsense. And if there were anyone who had done that in the past, arrest them and send them to jail and throw away the key.

  • Gary

    The power of religious indoctrination. Only a moron will not know that an insurgency is unsustainable without local support or acquiescence.

    The terrorists need access to food, water as well as the supply of the young women and men brainwashed into waging Jihad by blowing themselves to kill innocent people.

    Boko Haram terrorists might be getting their guns and ammunition from abroad but the rest is all locally sourced by communities sympathetic to their cause.
    And therein lies the inconvenient truth for the region’s politicians and clerics to admit: Boko Haram has lasted so long because a sizable section of the local populace supports them as a religious duty.
    As do fifth columnists within the Nigerian Army giving them vital information to carry out the deadly ambushes on our troop convoys. Hopes that such underhand support would end with Jonathan’s ouster as President have failed to materialize.

    The military and government have their work cut out for them: name and shame those individuals, clerics and communities found to be in cahoots with the terrorists and their murderous ideology.
    Those people aiding and abetting mass murder are not spirits and need to be fished out and punished to the fullest extent of the law.
    Enough of coddling committed killers with amnesty masked as a so-called Deradicalization program. That has borne no fruit in ending the intractable insurgency in the Northeast.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      I am amazed how boko haram get petrol and food in semi arid north east. Why nigerian army has not been able to cut off their sources of supplies of all essentials including water and money.


        There is even fifth columnists in the army that collaborate with Boko Haram

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          That is why i have no regards for our military.
          Their leadership are either not to the job or spending more of their time on self enrichment like the police extorting money from the public instead of serving them.
          Military intelligence and SSS are their to fish out fifth columnist in the military.
          I like to see more of ambush and killing more of boko haram cells. NE is semi aride, why can’t their movements be checked.

    • Arabakpura

      Simple thing! They should use only their own allocation to fight this war! They have to stop using the resources of other states since they are enjoying the game; it must not be war without end! We gave them this long rope because they said Jonathan didn’t want to fight Boko Haram! Now, that their own brother is on duty, it is clear that the region is using it to make money out of Nigeria; this has to stop!

      • Alhaji

        Why do you think the parasites are still against referendum and structuring if they should use their allocation?

        • Arabakpura

          The agitation this time will be different; watch and see!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      But on top of that Gary, I can’t blame the parents because what they are demonstrating is the failure of organised society to offer them another alternative.

      If the politicians and government have been providing them with proper education and ensuring that kids attend schools, neither parents nor kids would be easy to brainwash, at least not enmass.

      My disappointment is largely fuelled by the fact that after several years of living with Boko Haram, the government is still hoping to get different results from applying the same failed measures they have for years. This is an oxymoron. You can’t continue doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

      Boko Haram has always been an indication of failed responsibility, its continuance is another indication of continuing failure.

      If I was the Governor in either Borno or Yobe today, I’d ban open ALL RELIGIOUS gatherings, assemblies and institutions for the next five years and turn all their facilities into schools and force all parents and kids back to school so as to diminish the role it (religion) plays in their everyday lives. The sad fact is that the society has been radicalised against sanity, it needs an urgent and extraordinary measure to deradicalise it.


        It shows the level of your ignorance. You can’t infringe upon people’s religion, dictator. We have a Constitution, and various United Nations guaranteed Human Rights.

        There’s only one religion that’s a problem, deal with it.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    Boko haram insurgency has lasted longer than the Nigerian civil War and we not seeing pictures of malnourished in areas occupied by boko haram.
    They still have access to food to feed their hostages, fighters and sex slaves.
    Can someone tell me why?.

    • Ade

      Fighting a civil war is totally different from fighting terrorism, Boko Haram hinged on warped religious belief which is a tougher war to win than civil war, It was far easier to identify the “enemies” in BIAFRA war but difficult in a gorilla war fare, again, the age and time of these 2 wars are different, God forbid that there should be another civil war in Nigeria today, it can never be like the last one; also the tribes in the North Eastern part of Nigeria stretches far beyond our border, they have close ties with Niger, Chad, Cameroun – there are similarities of culture, religion, language beyond Nigerian territory, so it is totally impracticable to block them from gaining access to basic supplies like food etc. Lastly, during the civil war, it was only the children of the poor that lacked access to basic amenities like food, the BIAFRAN military officers that fought the war were all well fed. Finally, please, note that i am not in support of the pogrom unleashed on the Ibos and other acts injustice against Ibos or any tribe in Nigeria before or during the civil war, wickedness must be condemned in all its ramification, i pray it never happens again but note: the 2 wars differ.

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        Ade, I lived through the civil War and still have memories of events as they happened yesterday.
        I see history trying to repeat itself between igbo and the north.
        The pogrom although unjustified could have been avoided, but for Ojukwu who sent flying back to the north.
        We are seeing the use of hate language from igbo like in 1966.
        I know about kanori people and kanem bornu empire. Boko Haram has not been contained to my liking. They need to up their game and use more intelligence to prosecute the insurgence.
        What have they done with the intelligence that came with the captured, escaped or rescued etc.

        • Daniel

          Shadow- chasing is when you think Boko Haram can be stopped by using the military.

          What is playing out in the North East is due to a couple of factors.

          One, these are youths so brainwashed by religion .

          Two, they have been denied education for empowerment.

          Three, they have no economic opportunities.

          Four, which is new, is their use to bargain for political power from the South by the ever power-hungry Northern elite.

          So,if you think using the military alone is the solution, far from it.

          Northern (Fulani) must come clean in order to defeat Boko Haram. We need the truth.

          In addition, how does it feel like when they tell you herdsmen terrorising , maiming, raping and pillaging in Nigeria are foreigners?

          How does it feel when these cattle herders roam about with AK47 on their shoulders, yet we have the DSS, the military, the police, NSDCS, Immigrations,Customs, etc helpless?

          Your INCAPACITATED president once said killing Boko Haram boys means killing Northern youths.

          Hmmm… We must learn to know where we are coming from and what we are dealing with.

          The North has a complex hot potato on their palms.

          Unfortunately, they are wasting huge resources they do not produce on it.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            I said use more intelligence.
            How would you understand, when all you know is brut force and criminality.

          • Daniel

            What is the essence of the intelligence you propose and whose job is it?

            You need to learn comprehension properly.

      • Richard

        Thank you how many have you donated

        • Ade

          Richard, you amuse me, U wan make I donate to Bokoharam? God forbid, I belive in sanctity of human life, human blood is too precious to be shared for whatever purpose

          • Richard

            O’boy what can I say now the north so hated the south so much the former gov of kano shekaru said the northern governors were contributing money to boko-aram, a girl was captured in Kano about 3 yrs ago claiming her father donated her to boko-aram and now the military are saying it. What kind of country is dis

  • AryLoyds

    Donating children for sucide bombing is one of the tenants of the religion of Islam.

  • Alex

    Why won’t they donate when their state governments marry wives for the Males just for the popouse of manufacturing multiple children alone?

  • Ayinde

    Donate ! What does the military mean by that. These kids are all over the place, as low hanging fruits. Available for all that is willing to pick. The problem has its root in the rate and manner those kids are produced. Worst of all no body bothers or care for them. Drive through all the streets in the major cities in the North, you will note and observe these. That statement is just like an attempt to hide the facts and give it a nice coloration.
    Simple, just go onto the streets without money, just attempt giving them a plate of food, you’ll get hundreds of them. Donation is a Bunkum – LiE .

  • Richard

    Boko aram is northern war with everyone contributing the real story will soon out

  • Curious K

    Male suicide bombers are guaranteed 72 virgins in Boko heaven, I wonder what these girls will get in return for blowing themselves up. Why is the qoran silent on the reward for girls

  • Daniel Uzoigwe Chimezie

    Mhen, this is hard to deal with

  • George

    THeir allah approved of it.

    Useless people

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Why is time being wasted? The simple thing is for the Northern youths to give the people of Borno and other parts of the North East quit notice! The quit notice is NOT for only people of the Southeast. If this quit notice is not given then we know that the Northern youths are just playing about and not serious with their self-assigned role as watchdogs of the country.

    Quit Notice please! We are waiting!

  • Frank Bassey

    You can’t avoid having excess children from which to “donate” to Boko Haram as suicide bombers. When you marry four wives and produce about 30 children without food, education, health care, future, of what use are they to you? That is the science and technology the North contributes to the development of Nigeria.

  • Names of SUICIDE bombers pls!

    he North will forever retard the progress of the people of the East and South of the useless Animal kingdom called Nigeria. Obviously the only part of the unfortunate Nigeria that can coexist with the North is the Yoruba West. Read their comments on this forum and even as regards this callous, senseless and Animalistic evil act of and you will appreciate the enormity of the cowardice and st00pidity of a people.

    In a country where suicide bombers are never named what do you expect? Read the whole story again and again and again, and you will not see the names of the parents stated in black and white. Were it Europe, US, Australia or Cote D’Voire or elsewhere you would have the names of the parents and their collaborators etc made public. But in a warped Nigeria you here nothing and everybody is silent.

    The only solution to this is BREAKUP of Nigeria and nothing more. As we prepare for Niger DELTA Republic declaration simultaneously with the declaration of Biafran state on October 1 the whole world will the surprised at what they would get and what will become of Nigeria.

  • Cry my ZOO Nigeria

    What are the names of the Parents?

    Don’t 180m people at least deserve to know these parents? They could be colleagues to some Nigerians or even a class room teacher to some children in some school somewhere in Nigeria…and you would not know that the man you work with is a Boko haram suicide bomber supplier. Truly Nigerians are Animals. Why is nobody asking for names?

  • JasV

    What do you expect from a bunch of ignoramuses?

  • Arabakpura

    Bro, apologies! This system is very frustrating! I have tried to hold out for hope but it can’t be found in the horizon!

  • Arabakpura

    No worries! Thanks for the admonition!