SHOCKING: Two ICPC board members appointed by Osinbajo under investigation for ‘multi-million naira corruption’

One of the board members under investigation, Maimuna Aliyu
One of the board members under investigation, Maimuna Aliyu
By Dayo Aiyetan

Two of the 14 members announced to the board of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other offences Commission (ICPC) are being investigated by the anti-corruption agency for alleged corruption in the region of N1billion, the ICIR is reporting.

The two nominees are Maimuna Aliyu and Sa’ad Alanamu.

The appointments were announced on Tuesday following approval by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo. The proposed new board is to be headed by Bolaji Owasanoye, a professor of law and current secretary of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC).

While Mr. Alanamu is being investigated on corruption charges allegedly committed while he headed several institutions in Kwara State, Ms. Aliyu has a longstanding case of abuse of office, misappropriation and diversion of public funds against her.

In fact, the ICIR learnt on Friday that charges were already being prepared against her by the ICPC in preparation to taking her to court when her name was announced as member of the new board of the commission.

Apart from the ICPC investigation, ICIR said its investigations showed that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Nigerian Police have investigated several corruption cases against Ms. Aliyu, a former executive director of the Aso Savings and Loans.

In fact, in May, a police investigative report indicted her and recommended her for prosecution. The investigative report dated May 31, 2017, and signed by Taiwo Oyewale, a Superintendent of Police, for the Deputy Commissioner of Police, IGP Monitoring Unit, said Ms. Aliyu illegally converted to personal use a total of N58 million being proceeds of three plots of land belonging to her employers, Aso Savings and Loans.

Police investigations showed that as executive director, marketing, Ms. Aliyu got approval to sell three of the bank’s landed properties in Abuja. The plots were offered for N19 million each. Ms. Aliyu is said to have sold the lands for N58 million but refused to hand over the money to the bank.

The police investigations commenced after Aso Savings and Loans wrote a petition in November 2016 alleging that Ms. Aliyu, who had by then retired from the bank for three years, refused to hand over the proceeds of the land sale.

The same month, the bank also wrote a petition against her to the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, the EFCC and the ICPC

In one of the investigations, it was discovered that Ms. Aliyu actually sold the three plots of land entrusted to her by the bank at N40 million each (instead of N19 million) totaling N120 million and held on to every penny.

Apart from the N120 million allegedly misappropriated by her, the bank also lodged several complaints of abuse of office and conversion or diversion of its funds, totaling nearly N1 billion.

The bank alleged that in 2012, Ms. Aliyu sought and got a mortgage facility of N40 million to purchase five houses – four-bedroom detached mansionettes.

However, after she resigned her appointment in September 2013, the former executive director said she could no longer bear the burden of the payments and requested the bank to cancel the mortgage on four units and take them over. She said she would continue to maintain the mortgage contract on just one unit.

However, since 2013 when she left the bank, Ms. Aliyu has refused to hand over the four houses and has not serviced the mortgage on them. In fact, investigators believe she has since sold the units and pocketed the money.

The bank also alleged that Ms. Aliyu abused her office by illegally allocating a house at Aso Groove Estate to her son, Sand Aliyu.

According to the bank, Ms. Aliyu had showed interest in buying the house for her son in the name of a company in which he is a director.

However, because she had all the keys of the houses put up for sale by the bank since she was in charge of marketing and sales, Ms. Aliyu handed over the key to the house to her son without paying a dime for the house worth N210 million. She still has not paid for the house till date and her son continues to live there.

Senior police officers familiar with the case, who spoke to the ICIR on condition of anonymity, are miffed about her appointment and wonder how she could have passed through security checks with all the investigations and indictments against her by security and anti-corruption agencies.

ICIR attempted to reach Ms. Aliyu for comments, but her known telephone number was switched off throughout Friday and was still unreachable as of press time.

Mr. Alanamu, described as a protégé of Olusola Saraki, late politician and father of Senate President Bukola Saraki, is being investigated by the ICPC for corruption and bribery.

He is being accused of collecting bribes from contractors handling TETFUND contracts, which he approved as Chairman of the Board of Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin. Mr. Alanamu could not be reached, Friday.

As in the case of Aliyu, questions are being raised about how he passed security screening with the ongoing investigation against him at the ICPC.

This story was first published by the ICIR. We have their permission to republish.


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  • Dawood

    Like I said before, I don’t trust Osinbajo. He’s as corrupt as the rest of them, and it’s only Buhari’s leash that’s keeping him in check. When he signed off on the Sanusi deal, letting off that corrupt pedophile, I quickly concluded that he was a Saraki in Buhari clothing.

    • Sanssouci

      You give too much credit to the Buhari himself, who do you think approved the board nominations? I have since been disillusioned that an honest man will without any encumberance whatsoever hand pick Lawal Daura, Abba Kyari, Babachir Lawal and Abubakar Malami to the critical posts they occupy today. How can anyone even justify this? they were under investigation by the ICPC itself, Osunbande has fallen into a big trap!

      • Gary

        Thank you. Mr Osinbajo is a mere Caretaker President by choice.
        That list was likely approved from London and vetted by the appointees of the Big Boss himself.
        Be prepared to wallow in the mud if you keep the company of pigs.

        • Kallah Bature

          If this is a horrible mistake it should be corrected with immediate effect.

          • Gary

            We have seen too many instances of appointing dubious characters into this government to call this a mistake. Amaechi and Fashola were appointed into the cabinet with similar petitions of corruption made against. Buhari picked a kitchen cabinet that has brazenly packed his regime with their extended families and kinsmen.
            So this latest batch of appointments is simply par for the course.

            Mr. Osinbajo has freely chosen to be a seat warmer and loyal to Buhari rather than his conscience. For that he will have to answer to God, just like the rest of us. And as Vice President his name will be joined to the record of infamy of this regime.

        • Tijani

          If he looks like a dwarf pig, smells like a dwarf pig, snorts like a dwarf pig and grunts like a dwarf pig, it stands to reason and presume that it, the acting and vice president yemi osinbajo is one of the pigs.

    • George

      Saraki is 100% better than that evil Tinubu representative called Osinbaju. Check his histories he has always be on the side of evil working with must useless element called Tinubu and married from must evil family on earth Awolowo.

      • Dawood

        Abeg comot for road-y. Saraki agent.

  • FreeNigeria

    Hahaha what a joke of a country

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Anything goes in Nigeria!

  • DonMe$$i

    APC! One Chance!
    The Kay soyemis/Julius, Tundemash/tunsj/woman enough, Maria, amazing2012, onike, abdulmojeed, blue eyed jackal, etc..will all simultaneously pretend to be in a coma now. Hiding in shame until we smoke them out.
    Tweak the report and say saraki made the appointments. All hell would have been let loose! We would have seen over a million comments here.
    What baffles me is; if the above mentioned minions claim to hate corruption, WHY ARE THE ALWAYS SILENT ONCE IT HAS TO DO WITH ONE OF THEIR gODS? WHY??
    Oya make una commot come fight kwaropshun now??

    • George

      Don’t mind them cat has cut off their tongues completely.

  • Pure Reasoning

    Before anyone is appointed into certain sensitive position in Nigeria, does the security service do any sort of background check or politics trumps everything? Nigeria is nothing but a joke ruled by jokers and crooks.

    • Tijani

      The only background checks undertaken by Buhari-Osinbajo fastordeens are to run the names through fake pastorian fake professorian Daura via London dullardeens CPC and Jagagbantis Bourdillon cabals. This fraudulent looter of a woman named Maimuna for instance was nominated by Rahman Abdul Razaq in a staggeringly nepotistic (or more accurately sidechick-istic move. The politically prescient vulgarian Patience Jonathan did warn Nigerians that “if they say change, stone them”

    • George

      You animal when Saraki based his rejection of same security reports monkey like your types came out condemning him so now what security reports are you asking for again. Your wicked evil pastor Osinbaju is now in-charge of the evil arrangement called Nigeria.

  • OGK

    Do we even have security outfits in Nigeria? They only know two things: Waiting for money on projects to be pocketed and specialising in efforts to indict Magu. I won’t be surprised if these apprehensible Nigerians were offered by Saraki, the graft master supremo.

    • Michael

      The word is reprehensible.

      • Dambaski


    • George

      Your father must be a monkey as well as your evil mother.

      Tinubu offered us this toad Osinbaju see what he is doing now and you are pushing back to Saraki who is working through the diligent report of DSS. God will destroy your household completely.

      • Saka Pena

        Is it possible to make a point without getting base and just ..abusive?

  • Funtain

    The defense as usual will be ‘corruption fighting back’

  • George

    This Osinbaju is the most evil pastor in the whole WORLD.

    Look at his tokenism face you will see evil mind of deeper demon.

    What is ashoooooooleeee lady with ear-rings on her nose doing in ICPC or have they changed ICPC TO SENIOR harlottttsss office for seniors leaders.

    • utolason

      You don’t know know how people are nominated and appointed into government bodies. If you do you wouldn’t lay the whole blame on the acting president.

    • Quency Olajide Oyegoke

      George you are too funny. Laugh won kill me die.

  • Kenny

    One of the hallmarks of a fantastically corrupt country!

    • George

      No, this is HALLMARKS of fantastically corrupt president who lied his way to power through the help of mumu Yorubas headed by fatherless Tinubu and fake pastors like TUNDE BAKARE AND ANIMAL ambaka

  • George

    Look at their names (Maimuna Aliyu and Sa’ad Alanamu) you will know they are above the laws; reverse that names to something like Amaka or Mary their sins would have be remember immediately but because their names are superb favored nobody could think they are sinners.

    We call on the British Prime Minister, President Donald Trump of the United States and the United Nations, UN, to conduct a referendum for the peaceful dissolution of the Nigerian states into Arewa Islamic Republic, Biafra Republic, Oduduwa Republic, Republic of the Niger Delta,RONDEL, and the Republic of the Middle Belt to be collectively known and addressed as the United Republics of Nigeria based on the principles of non-exodus and non-violence.

    We strongly restate our commitment and dedication to this model as it is the irreducible minimum acceptable political requirement for the ethnic nationalities of the Niger Delta to remain in the Nigerian state. We consider this as the best option to avoid the impending humanitarian crisis of a full-blown Nigeria civil war and armed revolution which will be foisted upon the African Continent and the world at large.

  • Omooba

    How many in oday’s Nigeria can really pass security screening where corruption is endemic? From senate president down the line. It’s a national tragedy that even women are becoming more culpable.

    • Charles

      please be realistic, from the president down the line

      • Omooba

        The president is angel Gabriel and the vice Raphael.

  • persona

    DSS will not see these petitions and write to the senate to not allow her to be approved but will write 2 sets of letters on Magu.
    The reporter should make it obvious that the Ag.President has no role whatsoever in vetting candidates. A list of nominees based on federal character was sent and the DSS, Police, etc should have done background checks unearthed by the ICIR.
    It shows that the security agencies choose to turn a blind eye when they have or approve of a candidate.

  • kayode Olufade

    Being investigated by the panel they are becoming board members to? The efcc and police should send memos on this to the presidency to clear their conscence . I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty, it’ll be interesting to see how the presidency handles this case

  • Sir Louis

    Great nation, giant of Africa. Up Osinbajo!

  • Gary

    Folks, hope we notice how easy it is to be tagged as a corrupt leader when one is surrounded by aides who are patently incompetent and in office to feather their own agenda.

    Osinbajo and Buhari may not have stolen any money themselves but they have appointed those who have or still plan to steal.

    Same thing Jonathan did as a President and when his attention was drawn to it, the thieves he had as aides advised him to dismiss the rantings of detractors.

    They were called detractors then and Wailers now. Two yeas hence, people will read screaming headlines about how Buhari-Osinbajo ran a corrupt government. All thanks to the thieves they surrounded themselves with.

    • Sanssouci

      You’re right, but the question now is how clean can you really be if all your critical aides are rotten, and u take absolutely no steps the fix it? It means you are either incompetent having poor judgment and discernment to employ or even comprehend the extent of damage they are doing, or you are a crook yourself, it can only be one of the two. Look at what we are seeing in the US now, whether good or bad 6 months in, Trump is still fine tuning his inner circle cos he knows at the end of the day the buck still stops on his table, no excuses.

  • Hamza

    Who the hell are these people? Who recommended them in the first place? Most of these fake rich elites are nothing but bloody criminals! Why are they not in jail? Especially the woman! Argh!! Nigeria! So it is not easy to find clean honest people? Almost everyone in position of authority can be found wanting. I think corruption is inherent in the black man. So sad.

    • Freedom Bini

      Na Saraki nominate am.

  • Anieke Emeka

    If this report is true. It then shows how corrupt the APC government is. How did the acting president make appointment. This is corruption of highest order. Yet he said that those asking for restructuring are beginning for appointment. This is a government of the friends by the friends and for the friends. May God save Nigeria.