Why we tried to remove president’s powers in constitution amendment – Saraki

Senate President Bukola Saraki
Senate President Bukola Saraki

The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, has said that presidential assent was an unnecessary addition to the process of amendment of the constitution.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, in Abuja that it was with that conviction that the Senate approved the removal of presidential assent to an amended constitution.

PREMIUM TIMES reported how 92 senators, more than the required four-fifths, voted to remove the presidential assent.

However, that proposal failed in the House of Representatives, implying the presidential assent will not be expunged in the ongoing constitution review.

The 7th Assembly had in 2015, while reviewing the 1999 Constitution, approved the removal of presidential assent from the process of the amendment.

But, the then president, Goodluck Jonathan, refused assent to the amendment because of the removal of the clause contained in Section 9 of the 1999 Constitution.

Mr. Jonathan had insisted that the amendment would have been valid if supported by votes of not less than four-fifth majority of all the members of each chamber of the National Assembly.

In addition, he said that it also ought to have been approved by a resolution of the House of Assembly of not less than two-thirds of all the states as provided by Section 9 (3) of the 1999 Constitution.

However, Mr. Saraki said that going by the process of amending the constitution, the final decision of federal and state legislatures should be seen as the decision of the people.

“Well, to me, if two-thirds of the National Assembly agrees to something and two-thirds of the state assemblies also agree, in my view, the President should accept that as the wish of the people.

“Does he really need to assent? Personally, I don’t think so; that is my personal view, because with two-third of National Assembly, two-third of states’ assemblies, the people have spoken,” he said.

Mr. Saraki added that the Senate would follow up on the amendment process in the states to ensure that there was wide consultation and sensitisation.


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  • damilare balogun

    The Senate will fail as they are anti-pple. Wat a useless set of law breaker’s. They willvin dis ammendent. Where in d constition do u av it DAT president assents is not required in d constitution amendment. Evil house of senate

  • D. Aftermath

    Legislooter we hail thee.

  • thusspokez

    Get this first-class crook off the headlines

  • absam777

    May be Saraki should also tell us whether the immunity for senators and representatives is the will of the people. Crook.

  • George

    THis is only man standing as at today.

    Buhari half dead.

    Osinbaju confused from arrival.

    Saraki dutifully fighting all his ways to the top.

    Tinubu in perpetual coma from shocks and more shocks.

    Tunde Bakare lost his tongues.

    Mbaka vanished with his fake news.

    Okorochas rochas silence by Fani-kayode.

    OBJ WAITING for his death.

    Aisha left in cold in e-azza rooms.

    • Kekedu

      And you need your drugs.

  • Curtx Maccido

    In my opinion the issue of constitution amendment process which involve the National Assembly and state house of assemblies shouldn’t require president consent as the president is not bigger than the people (as represented by the National Assembly and state legislators)….however the present crop of legislators are crooks and fraudsters who will do anything to amend their ways into what Nigeria should do…the risk is too high, so let the president consent remains until we have responsible congressmen, senators and state legislators!

  • Holy truth

    Bukole mesujamba sarafraud is d biggest conman in Nigeria today. He just wanted to do anything, I mean anything to manipulate d system. Most of d sitting NASS members are having fraud cases hanging on their necks including d biggest thief sarathief. Dey wanted to take d president powers away so dat in future dey can hold d president to ransom even if dey criminally padded d budget or perpetrate other criminal acts. See how criminally minded dis legislooters are dey also smuggled immunity clause to cover dem 4rm being prosecuted while dey are fraudulently in office or if any of their past criminal acts are unearthed.
    Dis sets criminals headed bukole sarathief are d worst sets of senathieves ever constituted in Nigeria.

  • bigbang

    Decision of the people?

  • Onike24

    This man is seriously out of control and has clearly sociopathic tendencies.

    • persona

      If he claims that the people have “spoken” and the president doesnt need to need to go against the will of the people, how come, the senate, elected by the same people are not listening to the people?
      How come the interpretation of Falana on EFCC is attacked since its personal and it aligns with the will of the people?
      How come the purchase of the cars in a recession even as the people pushed and lamented against it was never seen as the people have spoken?
      How come the personal views of Senator Ndume is subjugated but the views of Melaye is never sanctioned?
      How come they sought and approved no need for prosecution for words or actions on the floor of the NASS when indeed they tried to declare a power vacuum for Saraki to benefit which by every intent is treasonable?
      How come the DSP is saying that INEC’s statutory to execute a recall is still subject to their approval?
      The arrogation of extant powers is very counterproductive to the citizens of this country.

      • Onike24

        We know the man is hypocritical to the core; I know his end will be terrible. He has sown the wind it is inevitable that he will reap the whirlwind.

  • ijelejames

    This lunatic robber called Saraki is still talking, only in Nigeria. He should be locked away in prison where he belongs. Son of a thief and a grand thief himself. Thunder must surely fire him. OLE!

  • Tha HU

    This is a reflection of the depth of knowledge about politics our law makers have. Its a sad reality that a Senate President thinks the overlapping powers doctrine is unnecessary. Sad reality we live in

  • ijelejames

    Mental sickness is Saraki’s problem. When will Nigerians take care of this scum? He is running naked in the market square and should be handled. Nigeria does not belong to him.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Dr BUkola Saraki, has demonstrates through his senate, led activities as someone lacking intellectual merit with his level of his initiative and policy-decision. How can any reasonable senators,with necessary intellectual wisdom and knowledge be coming up with the bill that will requires no presidential accent./ Bukola Saraki, is defective in knowledge,experience and wisdom to lead Nigeria senate chambers, to achieve any people,s dividend and benefit.All senate chamber, led by Dr Bukola Saraki, can best come up with is anti-democracy and anti-people,s initiative. Very sad indeed and shameful.

  • Dawood

    The EVANS of Nigerian politics has spoken.

  • joe

    The lone voice, vote or veto of one honest man is worth a lot more than that of two third of a band of criminals. This group of thieving, kleptomaniac, sons-of-b*tches, bastards do not represent the folk but their pockets.

  • A. Inalegwu

    These senators are butch of self seeking criminals. They want to be the alpha and omega. I have always said it the Senate present have always want to be the president. Since I can’t get there he wants to be the president from the Senate chamber

  • femi

    this is the only thing we can thank Johnathan for saraki baracunda ole wasx trying to snatch power thak God the bastard didntndo it up jona