After meeting Osinbajo, Niger Delta leaders withdraw ultimatum to Nigerian govt

Edwin Clark briefing reporters
Edwin Clark briefing reporters

A group of leaders and elders from Nigeria’s oil rich Niger Delta region has withdrawn the ultimatum they gave the Nigerian government to accede to their 16-point demand or face withdrawal from ongoing peace efforts.

The withdrawal was announced by an elder statesman, Edwin Clark, shortly after he led the Pan Niger Delta Front, PANDEF, to a meeting with Acting President Yemi Osinbajo at the presidential villa Abuja.

Briefing State House correspondents, Mr. Clark also said they had an excellent meeting with Mr. Osinbajo, adding “the discussion was very honest, truthful and forthright. We are very very satisfied”.

Mr. Clark, who had on Monday given the Federal Government up to November 1, 2017 to meet the 16-point demand made by PANDEF on November 1, 2016, said after the meeting that there is “no more ultimatum. We agreed on many things. They came with their own address, the ministers all spoke, presented their cases and at the end, the Acting President rounded it up.

“We saw his genuineness and forthrightness; he is a gentleman. We are satisfied. We have agreed to work together and the issue of dialogue must take place,” he said.

Mr. Clark said the people of Niger Delta should know that their leaders were able to discuss the regions’ 16-point agenda as well as “government’s 20-point agenda and we are all satisfied. We all agreed that everyone should maintain peace”.

The meeting was well attended with several leaders from the Niger Delta region and Mr. Clark told reporters that even members of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND, who were at the forefront of agitations from the region in recent years and who, disassociated themselves from PANDEF in a statement by its spokesperson, Jomo Gbomo were part of the meeting.

“MEND was in the meeting. Jomo Gbomo does not exist as a human being, he uses a ghost Name, a fake name. Other organizations were here. I am the leader of the Niger Delta and every leader you can think of from Cross River to Ondo State were all here today,” Mr. Clark said.

Speaking earlier, the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, told reporters that the meeting discussed how far the government had gone in implementing the 16-point agenda of PANDEF.

Part of the 16 demands by PANDEF is the establishment of a maritime university, relocation of oil and gas companies to the Niger Delta, as well as allocation of oil blocs to people from area.

Mr. Kachikwu said ” several issues relating to the universities, the development of the region, amnesty programme, NDDC operations in the Niger Delta were discussed. It was very exhaustive, we looked at the 16-point agenda,” he said.

The petroleum minister said the atmosphere in the meeting was calm and friendly.

“They did in fact pledge their loyalty and their willingness to continue to work with us,” he said.


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  • Owejah

    Perhaps if we have been consulting ourselves, talking about our problems, perhaps …..

    • Julius

      Perhaps indeed !!…Things might be better by now !!

  • Man_Enough

    What bullets cannot achieve, kind words Will accomplish. Kudos to Mr. President.

  • George

    Yeye Clark with evil spirit animal that refuses to give way to the next generation. He was there at 23yrs and at 95yrs he is still there I pray he die on the road soon.


    • Rommel

      What about you, when will you die? perhaps before the people you mentioned

    • Julius

      Faggot, you think you will live for ever ? You might be dealing with AID as we speak, May the good Lord forgive you !

  • Adekunle

    Professor Oluyemi Oluleke Osinbajo
    The man with the midas touch. God has brought you to Leadership for a time like this, I join my faith with all genuine peace loving Nigerians and pray that God will see you through and help you take us to the promised land.

    PYO/NER 2019

    • George

      God will punish you and your wicked tribe Buhari isn’t good again after you said so not too long ago and now its your tribe half a man who will take us to your fake dreamy promised land. Liars.

    • Sani Saleh

      Amen. May the Almighty continue to guide and guard him.

  • Wale Bolodeoku

    The maturity of the Niger Delta Region must be commended. They are not insulting anyone or calling other tribes names. They are not threatening fire and brimstone or declaring a voodoo independence or proclaming a mis-begotten republic, even when it’s obvious that region can truly hold the rest of the nation by the jugular. The FG should as a matter of urgency address whatever grievances these long-suffering people have. Let’s show the world that our democracy works and that we are intelligent enough to handle our challenges. May peace, happiness and progress reign across our land.

    • Oladele

      I have pondered the same for a long time now. Despite all her shortcomings, they still feel for Nigeria and feel Nigerian. I am proud of them. God bless them and thank you for your thoughtfulness.

  • Justice Equity

    I have said it before and I repeat it today, Nigeria is a blessed country, a sweet country ,a nation with outstanding hopes and destiny,a nation that holds a very strong promise for Africa.
    The only problem troubling Nigeria is buhari,buhari is a present and past danger troubling Nigeria.
    Buhari is an embodiment of hate,injustice, inequality, unfairness, oppression, ethnic ,tribal, clannish and religious bigotry.
    No nation can survive a divisive, hateful, malicious ,clueless ,sadistic leader like buhari.
    Nigeria would have covered lots of millage in development and nation building if Nigeria have no buhari as her citizen.
    Consider how far Nigeria would have gone in nation building, cementing of her unity and democracy if buhari had allowed democracy to blossom since 1983, by now the old east and south would have formed a formidable positive partnership
    with the north for the positive development of Nigeria, the cry of marginalization would have ended since 1970 because by now all the geopolitical zones of Nigeria would have taken shots at the presidency and all sides of Nigeria would have had senses of fulfilment and then settle down for serious business of building Nigeria.
    Again if Nigeria have sustained the positive Democratic growth recorded since 1999 without the set back of buharis acrimonious entry into the political turf in 2002.
    It was the offshoot of buharis political turf entrance that heralded the arrival of sharia in Nigeria and its adoption in States of the north west and east of Nigeria, it was the offshoot of sharia that snowballed into the arrival of boko haram in Nigeria to build a caliphate, it was the offshoot of buharis acrimonious entry into the political turf in 2002 that introduced the religious bigotry into the political turf of Nigeria.
    It was buharis infamous statement that Moslems should vote for Moslems only in 2003 that disjointed political games in Nigeria.
    It was buharis acrimonious I no go agree syndrome that rebrought bloodshed ,animosity and violence into the forth republic of Nigeria.
    It was buharis winner take every thing syndrome , humiliate ,punish and destroy the loser syndromes that is at the root cause of the overcharged atmosphere of Nigeria today.
    Ever heard of a president dividing his country on the bases of 97% and 5%.
    Ever see a president with such a divisive, hate,malicious bigotry like buhari.
    It is clear that osibajo is a clear example of how a leader of a nation should function and carry himself with honor, dignity, compassion and love, the result is here for every one to see.
    Buhari should resign and allow osibanjo to continue from the ashes of his destruction of Nigeria, it is unpatriotic for buhari to continue to slow down the progress, peace, unity and good development of Nigeria by his insistence on hanging on to power when his body ,health, mentalities and frame of mind does not support him to continue.
    May God never allow Nigeria to ever witness another leader like buhari again forever.

  • Rommel

    I am very happy to hear that progress is being made in the Niger delta, meanwhile my own people are busy running all over the place under the guidance of one misguided young man still mourning the defeat of Goodluck Jonathan while demanding of Utopian BIAFRA.

  • Hah!

    Where is that Old Briggs Woman? Hahaha! the Deltans knows their leaders woo!

  • Dazmillion

    I dont know why Nigerians never learn. The same story of development has been told ever since oil was discovered in Nigeria 100 years ago and yet the country is as wretched as ever.

  • Dazmillion

    We saw his genuineness and forthrightness; he is a gentleman. We are satisfied. We have agreed to work together and the issue of dialogue must take place,” he said.

    I dont know why Nigerians never learn. The same story of development has been told ever since oil was discovered in Nigeria 100 years ago and yet the country is as wretched as ever. When Jonathan was in power for 6 years would he not have been the most sincere of all president since he is their son, yet nothing was achieve and Clark even called Jonathan his son.

    Now the same clark, at 90 years, is singing the same song again. Please I want to ask how long will Niger Deltans will continue listening to elders that have already been compromised with petrodollars? For how long will this mumuness continue

  • Forrest Sullivan

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  • Mentus

    Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but this is nothing but postponing the evil day so to say.
    Osinbanjo’ heart may be in the right place and he might have made all the right noises but effective governance should not be a one man band issue.
    Donald Trump learnt few days ago that he has to abide by the decision that was made against his better judgement. The issues at hand in Niger Delta are not subject to personal decisions. These promises had been made in the past and have remained fruitless so far.
    Much as violence is not the answer it will be naive to assume that what is promised will transform into reality.

    • aisha ani

      Everything you wrote true, unfortunately the people making the noise are only interested in lining their pockets.

  • Ebun. E. Cole


    Niger-Delta people make me laugh. They leave undone what they should have done. Why should
    the establishment of just one maritime university be made to look like a struggle never seen in history,
    why, if that could have been built and completed between 2010 and 2015 under Goodluck Jonathan?

    But the usually mentally confused Niger-Deltans preferred the dole of 80,000 Naira per month to each militant
    under Goodluck Jonathan, to a maritime university. But wow they rue at leisure and regret their half-empty lives
    of brigandage.

    Who is now to give a maritime university to these drunken ones? They want Yemi Osinbajo, as Acting president,
    to give Niger Delta a maritime university, after the binge, but without thinking that the current 2017 budget provides
    for no such thing. Fools die.

  • Peace Forall

    I read here is only we are very very satisfied, satisfied, satisfied, satisfied, satisfied. Nigeria government is never open to any agreement and can never be trusted. There is nothing honest, truthful and forthright about nigeria. Our people in Niger Delta should stop playing politics with the future and destiny of the youths. Is nigeria going to give the Niger Delta control over their resources? we are watching

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    The time has come when Chief E K Clark should be regarded as part of the problem of the Ijaw people. Not an honest braker or unbiased elder statesman.
    Chief Clark has been part of all the crises from kidnapping for ransom, pipelines vandalism and making treats to resume violence.
    I want to be proved wrong that Ijaw group applied for Modular Refinery license and were refused despite Chief Clark’s intervention.
    As i understand it, people have to apply for Refinery licence and Oil blocks to own one. People lose money in the process as well.
    Ijaw groups should have apply for Modular Refinery Licence like everyone else. I am sure Chief Clark could have done the lobbying and footwork for them instead of failing to do the right thing and blackmailing Nigeria.

  • annoy

    they don pack give am e chop close mouth

  • realist

    Osibajo is more inclined to peace and understand the nitty gritty of being a peace maker. Any meeting he summons, he achieves peace and knows which and who to meet.