EXCLUSIVE: Ex-President Jonathan’s house burgled

Ex-President Jonathan’s house
Ex-President Jonathan’s house

An Abuja home of former President Goodluck Jonathan has been burgled, PREMIUM TIMES can confirm.

However, in what appears a curious twist, the house was not burgled by known thieves, but by police officers assigned to guard the house.

The Nigeria Police have thus arrested three of its officers for stealing items valued at several millions of naira from the Abuja residence of the former president.

The items were alleged to have been stolen by the officers from the residence located at No. 89, Fourth Avenue in the Gwarimpa district of Abuja.

They include sets of furniture, dozens of plasma television sets, refrigerators, air-conditioner units and box-loads of clothes such as designer suits imprinted with the former president’s name, male and female Ijaw traditional attires, lace materials and bowler hats.

PREMIUM TIMES exclusively gathered that the three mobile police officers conducted a systematic looting over a period of three months beginning from around March 2016, until they totally stripped the house of all movable items, which they sold piecemeal to dealers at the Panteka second-hand materials market in Tipper Garage, Gwarimpa.

Mr. Jonathan’s spokesperson, Ikechukwu Eze, confirmed the theft to PREMIUM TIMES. He also confirmed that the affected officers have been arrested.

According to a security source involved in the investigation, by the time family members of the former president were made aware of the looting early this month, the house had been stripped bare.

On getting wind of the arrest of the policemen, two dealers who had been the main recipients of the stolen items were said to have closed down their shops at Panteka market and have since remained at large.

Mr. Jonathan had lived in the house for about a year when he was vice president. His mother was said to have assumed residence there after Mr. Jonathan moved to the Aso Rock Villa upon becoming Acting President in 2010.

PREMIUM TIMES could not ascertain when and the reason Mr. Jonathan’s mother vacated the residence, leaving it under security guard of the police.


Our investigations revealed that the looting was discovered when a neighbour noticed “severe damage to the house” and called a member of Mr. Jonathan’s family to ask whether the house was undergoing renovation.

The former president was said to have personally gone to inspect the property after which he reported the vandalization to the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris.

After a team of officers dispatched to the scene confirmed the crime, Mr. Idris was said to have ordered the arrest of the three police officers who were still on guard duty at the residence.

“They were arrested about two weeks ago,” the police source familiar with the development told this newspaper last Tuesday.

A trader at the Panteka market, who confessed to being close to one of the fleeing buyers of the stolen items, was interviewed by PREMIUM TIMES undercover reporter.

According to the trader who declined to be named, the police officers first brought some items to the market for sale in early 2016.

“It all started sometimes around March 2016 when a mobile police sergeant came to Tipper Garage market and brought some items for sale. He approached one of the wholesalers to buy them, but the trader said he does not buy items from an unconfirmed owner,” he said.

“He identified himself as Sergeant Musa and told the trader that he was one of the security men guarding Mr. Jonathan’s private residence at Gwarimpa. He took the trader to follow him to confirm that he was not a thief who had come to sell off stolen properties in the market.

“The trader followed him to the residence where he met two other policemen, an inspector and a sergeant. They convinced him that the items were part of gifts to them.”

The source told PREMIUM TIMES that it was not long before he noticed that the stream of transaction had no end, as the Sergeant Musa continued to invite the trader to the residence to pick up fresh items.

“At a point, the trader became scared when he suspected foul play and told Sergeant Musa that he was no longer interested in the transaction,” he said.

He said Mr. Musa however got another customer, a wholesaler in the market, who would eventually buy almost 80 per cent of all the properties removed from Mr. Jonathan’s residence.


When PREMIUM TIMES’ undercover reporter went to the Tipper Garage market, he found out that both the purchase and resale of the items were not hidden, as many of the traders were aware of the racket.

“Whenever particular or specific items of our interest were brought for sale from Mr. Jonathan’s residence, we used to buy from the wholesaler who bought them in large quantity,” a trader said.

Investigation by PREMIUM TIMES confirmed that the traders sold off the stolen items such as suits, women wears, traditional cloth popularly called ‘babban riga,’ Ankara fabrics at about N5,000.00 apiece and bowler hats. It could, however, not be confirmed how much the bowler hats were sold for.

A petty trader at the market said he witnessed the sale of one of the sets of furniture.

“The policeman sold one to the wholesaler who is now on the run at N50, 000.00. The wholesaler sold it at N180,000.00 to a lucky buyer in the market who in turn instantly sold it at N390,000.00.

“I personally bought babban riga, and a suit with Jonathan’s name printed underneath it at the cost of N5,000.00 each.”

The petty trader, who claimed to be an apprentice at Tipper Garage, said they were scared when they heard that the three police officers had been arrested in connection with the theft of the properties from Mr. Jonathan’s residence.

Tipper Garage and Panteka market at Gwarimpa are popular locations for buying and selling of second-hand items in Abuja.

When PREMIUM TIMES contacted the spokesperson of the Police FCT Command, Mamza Anjuguri, on phone, he refused to confirm the alleged looting or arrest of the three policemen.

“You should give me time to make some inquiries,” he initially pleaded last week.

He subsequently did not pick the reporter’s calls or reply to his text messages.

The divisional police officer for Gwarimpa also declined to speak with our reporter.

“I cannot talk to the press. You can go and talk with our PPRO,” he said.


1. Niger Delta traditional attires in about 20 Ghana-must-go sacks.

2. Suits, each one with “President Jonathan” inscribed in the inner side, in five big Ghana-must-go sacks.

3. About 10 big Ghana-must-go sacks of women attires made from lace materials sewn in Niger Delta style.

4. More than 10 bundles of Ankara materials, known as Atamfa.

5. About 10 sets of babban riga.

6. One big Ghana-must-go sack containing clothes with PDP logo neatly sewn on each one.

7. About 20 Niger Delta bowler hats.


1. 6 Plasma televisions.

2. 3 refrigerators.

3. Five sets of furniture.

4. Two sets of sitting room chairs.

5. Several air conditioner units.

6. One gas cooker



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  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun

    Double wahala for dead body and the owner of dead body.

    • Jagun


      What i mean is, just as you have a law for the protection of illiterates in society.
      is there no similar law in Nigeria for the protection of fools, morons, and, imbeciles?
      There is thus an urgent need to pass such a law for the likes of Goodluck Jonathan.
      Would Buhari have sworn him in if WAEC disclaimed Jonathan’s Wasc certificate?

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Mumu Jonathan’s house is in Gwarimpa (of all places)! Whatever happened to Maitama and Asokoro? SMDH.

    • @Kazkanye

      It is one of many houses! Perhaps this house may have been built while he was Governor or Deputy Governor of Bayelsa. It appears to be a mere storage for gifts.

      • Julius

        lol@storage for gifts ? Is that what he will tell us ? Good one..un-freaking unbelievable !

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Deranged mofo, get your handle and stop impersonating.

  • 0tile

    It will not be well with those oppressing the people of SS SE. All say amen.

  • Julius

    Lmaoooo..karma is bytch !


      Look at the authors name: Ashafa Murnai.
      He has a terrorists name. Terrorism comes in many forms; character assassination and boko haram..

      • Julius

        Yeah sure so Jonathan, his wife, Jide, Kola and Diezani are all terrorists. Gotcha !

  • 0tile

    Parasites cannot wait for the looting to start. God forbid evil.

  • FreeNigeria

    Hahaha. They stole what he stole. What’s he doing with 36 plasma tv. Even electronic stores in Nigeria doesn’t have that many

    • Ekoile

      Relooting of the loots (Ole gbe, Ole gba!)

      • otitokoro

        My sentiments exactly.

      • Julius

        Lol@relooting of loots !

    • Julius

      Abi oooo..imagine that and it’s only in one house. The one at otuke ought be looted too and tell us what they got..lolz

  • Otile

    Do you know how many such plasma tvs stuffed in Babangid’s house? If those ole robbed IBB would be saying oloshi gbe, oloshi gba?

  • Otunga

    The officers should be released without trial or harassment, in fact they should be commended for their service to the nation

    • Julius


    • Sword of Damocles

      They deserve GCON and other national honors. Na today when all these security personnel wey de guard our looting ruling elites no sey th they fit thief all these looters property and nothing go happen? Thief everything, they no fit do anything, since th be thief too. Na their legacy wey Naija dey live through right now gon gon

  • Shahokaya

    This is pure witch hunting. How can Jonathan abandon such items in mare Gwarinpa for over six years under the daily care of police who have not been receiving tips and knowing fully well that stealing is a virtue when he reigned?

    • Otile

      You people are waiting for the opportunity to loot. You parasites are looking for October 1st to start looting and stealing.

      • Shahokaya

        Loot from who, a cursed lunatic like you ?

        • Julius

          Lmaooooooooo, good response ! A perverted lunatic at that .

        • Otile

          Are your mad Muslims not looting our oil in the Niger Delta? Where do you get the money to pay your emirs and chief imams?

          • Shahokaya

            Ignored, can’t join words with a cursed lunatic.

      • AryLoyds

        Lol , AREWA ARE LOOTERS 🙂

      • samuel nwadike

        very jealous and lazy.. you can emmagen why they produce beggars in quantity..just ask your self why Hausa is full of Bergen handicap.. there a cause behind them.. trust me

  • Otile

    Do you know how many such plasma tvs stuffed in Babangida’s house? If those ole robbed IBB would you be saying oloshi gbe, oloshi gba?

  • band olu

    Thieves stealing from a thief….I dey laff…

    • Otile

      Why are Yoruba people celebrating theft? Stop laughing.

      • band olu

        Celebrate thieves ke? oti o, we disown criminals unlike others who defend criminals bcos they are from d same region…

    • Julius

      Hhahahaaha, yes ooo .Karma is a bytch ,ain’t it ? Bro laughing is exactly what he deserve !!

  • Shahokaya

    Chei, see house where Jonathan stayed with Patience and his mother before he moves to Villa. Located in Gwarimpa, without security wires or esthetic finishing, yet he moved 36 plasma TVs and 25 refrigerators to the three bedroom house fro the villa. Comparing the middle class house to the mind bugling properties that EFCC has identified as being owned by his wife is enough prove of why the policemen feels taking the abandoned items is not stealing after all bribery is not corruption.

  • Olu-Lion

    i guess he has not entered that house for years, now there are Otuoke guys here in Abuja that are homeless, people in the village that are more or less unclad, hungry and who add to visit friends house to watch TV, here we are some one with 36 TV wasting away. this is just one of the houses. Another issue is why would 3 Mobile policemen be wasted to guard an empty house? this apply to all our past and present leaders, we use our national resources to guard a few while Baddoo Boys break peoples head in Ikorodu.

    • lifesmart

      It’s pathetic that you still fall for sensational reports. ” Police could not confirm….” Learn how to screen out facts from fake news in any journalistic writings.

  • Son of Warri

    So, ethnic bigotry and hatred can be so strong that fools now applaud criminals? Just because the victim is from an area they hate so much.

    This is why we our minds are now set on living Nigeria for you people, so that you “superior people” can hate yourselves, kill yourselves and share blood money – just make sure you find oil in boko haram infested areas, so you can enslave yourselves (instead of us) as well. Oil from the Niger Delta will be gone, so you’ll have to get off your arses and work for a living.

    I wonder how you will be able to afford a President ruling you from both the great beyond and a foreign land though? We do not wish to remain in such a twisted, hate filled a jungle anymore. Enjoy it by yourselves. Thank you.

    • Peter

      By your post name son of warri. If truly you are from Warri. All I can say to you is goodmorning. Pls extend it to your traditional rulers and leaders who supported obasanjo last time at the palace that Nigeria doesn’t need restructuring. Warri people also hates their neighbours ibos who openly voted and supported Jonathan to their own perril.

      • Son of Warri

        Warri people hate Igbo’s? Really?
        You be learner, abeg.

        • Peter

          OK. Go and read olu of warri comment during obasanjo courtesy visit.

          • Son of Warri

            It is a fact that Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, an Igbo man, is helping Buhari carry out anti-people policies in the Niger Delta. Now, do you think it would be reasonable to conclude that all Igbo’s hate Warri people because of that when, like the Olu, he is just one person?
            Your argument is shallow and quite annoying, sir.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    According to the philosophy of the owner the thieving policemen have done no wrong and should be left alone. The Jonathans have lost the sympathy of decent citizens by the dishonorable way he handled national finances. Looting the looter is sweet justice to the dispossessed of the land.


      Look at the authors name: Ashafa Murnai.
      He has a terrorists name. Terrorism comes in many forms; character assassination and boko haram…

    • lifesmart

      Are you sure this is a factual reporting?

    • Goliath Onwuwadike

      It is just like saying that MKO Abiola got what he deserved when he was murdered through a tea poison to prevent him from becoming president as punishment for the billions he embezzled while he was Chairman of ITT together with Obasanjo…which Fela Kuti eventually sang about.

  • donald,the russian stooge

    see what absence of illegal checkpoints can lead to ……………………. shows these folks in the corridors of power what these guys really are at heart …………………


    “When PREMIUM TIMES contacted the spokesperson of the Police FCT Command, Mamza Anjuguri, on phone, he refused to confirm the alleged looting or arrest of the three policemen.
    “You should give me time to make some inquiries,” he initially pleaded last week.
    He subsequently did not pick the reporter’s calls or reply to his text messages.
    The divisional police officer for Gwarimpa also declined to speak with our reporter.
    “I cannot talk to the press. You can go and talk with our PPRO,” he said”. – PTng

    In other words, this is a hatchet job, a lie, to make the former president look bad.
    Without pictures of the soldiers, you can claim 1000 TVs, and 50,000 policemen arrested, why not?

    This is a distraction. Where’s Buhari? Premium Times?

  • Gary

    So the Jonathans, unlike Timipre Sylvia and other Ijaw carpetbaggers, left office and simply abandoned their home and belongings in Abuja.

    No effort at moving those belongings, leasing or selling off the property if they no longer planned to live in it. Or get a friend or family member to live there. They simply abandoned a multi-million posh property to rot and at the mercy of hungry Police guards. The latter then decided to help themselves to what they saw as their share of the national cake. Especially with the daily media reports of stolen billions and Madam’s million dollar bank accounts.

    Hope folks see a pattern here with the underclass stealing from the wealthy: Atiku’s wife duped of almost one billion Naira, househelp stealing from Turai Yar Adua and now the Jonathan’s having their home methodically stripped and sold by guards.
    Toss in kidnappers abducting the kids and families of the rich for ransom and you have proof of the descent to anarchy caused by desperation in Nigeria.
    Simply the sign of the times.

  • Room 23

    “Mrs. Yaro arrived Lagos on the night of March 15, and immediately checked into the Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel on Victoria Island. Mr. Sanusi flew from Kano to Lagos via chartered jet on the bills of the Nigerian taxpayers. He arrived at about 11 p.m., stopped by his Ikoyi home, before dashing to the hotel where Mrs. Yaro was waiting in a seductive dress in Room 23. The lovers spent that night and the next day together in the hotel.” —Premium Times [June 2, 2013]

    “…I had such a wonderful weekend,” Mrs. Yaro confessed to the governor while aboard her Abuja-bound flight. “You have revived in me what I thought I lost long ago. I thought I lost the passion to love again,” she claimed.

    “Alhamdulillahi. Love you,” Mr. Sanusi responded in a measured tone. —Premium Times [June 2, 2013]

    • H.B.P

      What Financial Reporting Council said…….

      • ₦1.12billion was taken as spent by Sanusi Lamido on lunch for 12 Central Bank Police
      guards in one year.
      • ₦38.23billion developed legs and got missing in Central Bank under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
      • ₦1.12billion was taken in cash and entered in the account as paid to a non-operating airline
      for charter service.
      • ₦240billion was discretionally doled out at will as ‘donations’ by Sanusi Lamido.
      • ₦1.97billion was paid out in cash and entered on Central Bank accounts as “inexplicable
      expense” by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
      • ₦20billion was paid out in cash as Legal Fees by Sanusi Lamido to persons unknown.
      • ₦3.086billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido as expense ostensibly to promote
      Central Bank image.
      • ₦160billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido at the Central Bank for self-determined spending.

  • Jimmi T. Olaosebikan

    @disqus_37tUayk10K:disqus ;

    Crocodile tears for Goodluck Jonathan

    Goodluck Jonathan will surely not get sympathy,
    not any sympathy from anyone for being robbed. He’s been too badly rubbished
    and exposed by the Buhari government’s one-sided vendetta – disguised as ‘war
    against corruption’ – but which in real fact is a war targeted at Goodluck Jonathan
    and his Ministers and aides for thefts. After the United States government filed a
    forfeiture summons in a U.S federal court to recover multi-million luxury items in
    America from Jide Omokore and Kola Aluko – whom Jonathan’s Petrol Minister,
    Dizeani Madueke recruited for moneylaundering criminal activities – the image
    of Goodluck Jonathan morphed from a naïve official to a complicit accused.

    No huge oil transaction involving the transfer of state-owned NNPC oil blocs
    to head-hunted private individuals can take place without presidential assent;
    and, Goodluck Jonathan was president at all relevant times. Ditto, the Italian
    government early this year filed criminal charge against Agip/Eni oil deal with
    Dan Etete’s Malabu Oil – called OPL 245 in Nigeria. Through that OPL 245 deal
    bribes were uncovered in hundreds of thousands of Euros, including slush funds
    passed secretly from America to London branches of JP Morgan bank, en route
    five Nigerians who split the entire illicit OPL 245 sales money with a Russian

    • Krai Bomboy


      The PDP party he’s nearly destroyed with his messes agrees his prosecution. His wife does not speak out
      in his defence over alleged multi-billion thefts. An only companion of his is a fellow criminal; Jide Omokore,
      with whom he looted. President Obama and the Americans hate him with passion as if he’s smelly urchin.
      Goodluck Jonathan’s future will be painful because of his gross immorality and alleged financial crimes.

      He’s said to hide in shame but sends folks out to beg President Buhari to be spared. Emeka Anyaoku who
      ran that fool’s errand for Jonathan, according to media reports, nearly lost his reputation as accomplice.
      Like an incorrigible child who’d been stealing meat from the pot, Jonathan from then on just unraveled.
      He started out as a destiny-favoured chap but appears to be ending up in infamy like common thief.

      • Pubic Record

        “In the case of
        Dipreye Alamieyeseigha – Mr. Jonathan’s former boss and friend whom he would
        later grant state pardon following his conviction on corruption charges – the US did
        invite Nigeria to claim a $700,000 Maryland mansion and a Massachusetts investment
        account worth about $400,000 that were recovered from the former governor. Jonathan
        refused, true to his faith that stealing is not corruption, and the US kept the items.”

        ………………Sonala Olumhense

        (July 19th, 2015)

        • Point_blank


          There are now a whopping 28 million un-employed youths in Nigeria today – a staggering figure

          equal to the entire population of Ghana; a neighbouring West African country, according to latest

          official bulletin issued by the federal Nigerian Bureau of Statistics. The new jobless figure in Nigeria

          today is over half the whole population of Nigeria at independence on October 1st, 1960.

          • communiqués 2000


            “In Nigeria, the pauperized many have sent a memo to the criminally-rich few:
            ‘We will not allow you to enjoy your ill-gotten gains in peace. We will hound you
            and pursue you everywhere you go. When you buy your Hummers, we will snatch them.

            When you send your children to expensive schools, we will kidnap them.
            When you retreat to your billion-naira homes, you will have to sleep with
            one eye open. With every knock, you will panic and tremble, fearing it
            could be nemesis at the door’.

            ………………..Femi Aribisala

            [August 27, 2013]

    • Son of Warri

      You are either ignorant or daft. There is nothing the NNPC does that can pass legal muster, not because all who have been in charge are intrinsically bad, but because we run a system that is based on corruption. Yet instead of raising your voice in support of changing the system, know-alls like you waste all your energy in company of fools to chase the wind.

      Can you tell me what part of NNPC is legal? Yet you spend your days casting aspersion on the only person that was bold enough to attempt to change it into something fit for purpose. I guess you were one of those who demonstrated against GEJ’s attempts to remove the fuel subsidy, because it is an edifice of corruption; only for you “demonstrators” to join the real thieves in Nigeria to accuse GEJ of using the subsidy for corruption!

      It is sad, but Nigeria is a country with a high proportion of truly insane people.

      • Jagun


        What i mean is, just as you have a law for the protection of illiterates in society.
        is there no similar law in Nigeria for the protection of fools, morons, and, imbeciles?
        There is thus an urgent need to pass such a law for the likes of Goodluck Jonathan.
        Would Buhari have sworn him in if WAEC disclaimed Jonathan’s Wasc certificate?

        • Son of Warri

          Millions of Nigerians voted for Buhari knowing that he fraudulently swore an affidavit that claimed he had passed WAEC. Do you really think there should be a law for the protection of such “fools, morons and imbeciles”?

          Our country is what it is. We run a system that tears down our brightest and promotes “fools, morons and imbeciles like Buhari to lord it over us. It is the same system that produced NNPC, which is little more than a patronage system (set up by Buhari, no less) to enslave the masses and reward fools, thieves, rapists and murderers. Today, the very same system has ensured that we bear the heavy burden as the only country that is ruled from a foreign land, by a dead man. A truly failed state.

          My brother, did you vote for Buhari?

          Lastly, I don’t recall Jonathan ever swearing in Buhari. That would have been an illegal act, because it is the job of the head of INDEPENDENT judicial arm of our tripartite system. But you might be operating in an alternate reality, so who knows? Buhari was sworn in by Chief Justice Mahmud Mohammed (the then Chief Justice of Nigeria). Do you really have enough knowledge about our system to speak, or don’t you think you need some quiet moments to learn and observe while those with knowledge speak?

          Thank you. Bye.

          • OGK

            You must be a clever-by-half Jonadaft lackey. You never remember your Jonathan swearing in Buhari but remember him passing the baton to the general. More importantly, you are so clever to declare that NNPC was established by Buhari. May God preserve your ignorance.

          • Son of Warri

            If you do not know that Buhari set up NNPC, then you are really ignorant. Buhari was not only our first ever Minister of Petroleum in 1976, but also the first ever Chairman of NNPC (set up 1977).

            As an aside; it was during this time that 2.8 billion Naira (equivalent to 5.2 billion Dollars at the time) went missing from NNPC’s accounts in Midlands Bank in London, UK – Babangida has made it quite clear on more than one occasion that Buhari stole that money.

            It was to cover up this theft that Buhari spent the first 7 months of his reign of terror burning NNPC documents; as well as setting up Decree Number 4 that criminalised the press for telling any truth that embarrassed government.

            Shame on you and Buhari.

  • Danny

    If Premium Times could give us this kind of details regarding Bokohari’s terminal illness wouldn’t it be good? International News media like CNN would not have been making mockery of Nigeria as they did yesterday on their global TV program when they asked the question below:

    In which country has the President not set forth his foot on his country in 2 months?

    a) Iran
    b) Syria
    c) Libya
    d) Nigeria

    ***ANSWER = Nigeria
    Shame on PT. Do you mean you have not heard of this trending news? Your focus is on determining how many bowler hats (Resource control hats) that have been stolen from Jonathan’s house. Rubbish.

  • George

    Yeye northerners muslims always want to thief from us very shameful animals either they are begging or stealing who God cursed no man can blessed.

    • Julius

      Yeah, na Muslims..abi.

  • Truthometer

    No professional courtesy here. Thieves stealing from thief? Na wah oo!

  • Africa

    `36 Plasma televisions’…..

  • Bright Ezeh

    Thief stealing from thief why did our corrupt politicians bought all the houses build by abacha to support the poor masses and lock the houses up while the suffering poor masses are sleeping under the bridges a house in gwarinpa locked up since March and no body lnside it is a wicked act by our corrupt politicians

  • Commando Ak-47


    Properly educated Nigerians should wake up and smell the coffee. Nigeria’s un-civilization of THEFT
    is the first cause of national failure, recession, and murderous violence, because theft comprises
    violence since it cannot be procedurally regulated peacefully across all offices and places.
    A country so beset by epidemic of theft is just a step away from very violent implosion.

    Nigeria has no chance of success so long as theft is the basis of personal success.

    Until theft is visibly punished in public by killing treasury thieves and their families,
    Nigeria will NEVER become a liveable place for humans, to talk more of progress.
    Nigerians must rise up and burn government officials who stole the treasury.
    Wives and children of treasury thieves must be laid to rest in perfect peace.
    That first step of physical elimination of recidivist treasury thieves is nigh.

  • vaale-kupu


  • walejohnson

    Good News. Pls keep it up boys. If This govt can’t probe him because he was a president before Area Boys can handle him. Under his watch our commonwealth was looted.


    This Jonathan said “STEALING IS NOT CORRUPTION”. Is it that he has electronic shop and a fashion house in his house? The implication of this incident is that when you have poor and wretched guards looking at wasted or idle wealth staring them on the face, and in their hunger state, then you want them to act angels? GEJ should thank God because I am sure I if these guards saw GEJ with some huge cash they would have eliminated him and bolted away with the cash. POVERTY IN THE MI STATE OF PLENNTY. POOR MAN HELP YOURSELF. AFTER ALL NA STOLEN YOUR WEALTH YOU ARE HIRED TO PROTECT AND YOU ARE PAID PEANUTS

  • edeje

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  • Aminu Baba

    Stealing is not corruption. The three mobile police officers are mere hungry goats after yams in Mr. Jonathan’s residence. What is all the noise about?