El-Rufai reacts after hoodlums attack two Kaduna senators, journalists

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai
Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai

The Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has condemned the violence, in which two senators, Shehu Sani and Suleiman Hunkuyi, were targeted.

The violence occurred at the premises of the Nigerian Union of Journalists in Kaduna.

Earlier on Sunday, hoodlums had disrupted a press conference held by the two senators, Messrs Sani (Kaduna Central) and Hunkuyi (Kaduna North); and injured at least one journalist working for Liberty TV/Radio, in the violence that ensued.

According to witnesses, including journalists, the hoodlums numbering over 100 were wielding dangerous weapons and overpowered police officers to unleash the violence.

“Having been briefed on the situation, the governor expressed sympathy with the NUJ and the persons that were harassed by the hoodlums,” said a statement signed by the governor’s spokesperson, Samuel Aruwan, Sunday afternoon.

“The governor directed that the security agencies should investigate and take necessary action against the hoodlums. The governor also directed security agencies to beef up security at the NUJ secretariat to protect journalists doing their duty.

“The media must not be hindered from carrying out their constitutional and professional obligations. The government of Kaduna State upholds the principles of free speech and respects the freedom of expression,” added Mr. Aruwan.

Mr. Sani had, in the wake of the violence, told PREMIUM TIMES the hoodlums were sponsored by the Kaduna State Government. He said the press conference was planned to protest “manipulation of the party (APC in Kaduna)” by Mr. El-Rufai with whom he has been having running political battle since both officials came to their offices in 2015.

Apart from Messrs. Sani and Hunkuyi, members of the House of Representatives, including Mohammed Soba and Mohammed Usman were also present at the press conference.

Before the violence, Mr. Hunkuyi had told Journalists that they were sidelined in the election of the party’s delegates that held on Saturday.

The elected delegates would represent the Kaduna APC during the non-elective national convention of the party/

Mr. Hunkuyi remarked that as stakeholders, they ought to be contacted and enabling environment provided for them to participate.

“The list of the delegates were not known to us. The list was fake. So, we wrote two petitions to the national secretariat and zonal to buttress our grievances.

“We hope the national body would look into our complaints and fix another date.”

But the Kaduna APC, in its reaction by the publicity secretary, Salisu Wusono, said the election was “credible, free and fair.”

The party insists on the suspension of Mr. Sani, an arrowhead of the bill to review the Nigerian Constitution to allow independent candidacy in elections.

In his statement on Sunday, Mr. Aruwan did not respond to Mr. Sani’s specific allegations, but warned against political violence and attack on the press.

“Politics should not be a desperate game. And desperation should not be visited on journalists or any citizen.

“The government of Kaduna State will not tolerate any attempt to muzzle the press and innocent citizens from exercising their constitutional rights,” said Mr. Aruwan.

The Commissioner of Police for the State, while addressing Journalists, after the violence which ended only when he arrived, said the hoodlums would be arrested.


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  • Fact O’ figure


    Breaking News:

    There are now a whopping 28 million un-employed youths in Nigeria today – a staggering figure equal to

    the entire population of Ghana; a neighbouring West African country, according to a latest official bulletin

    issued by the federal Nigerian Bureau of Statistics. The new jobless figure in Nigeria today is over half the

    whole population of Nigeria at independence on October 1st, 1960.

    • marcos avelino

      The nigerian state may break down with this unprecedented population pressure. The authorities have been unable to provide simple adequate electricity for over thirty years! Some anarchist want to cut the country into 300 warring ethnic nationalities and nation states like pre Han China . If nigerian leaders dont wake up total chaos may be the end result o their laziness.

      • Gary

        Yes, because we had stable electricity when each region and their anarchists took charge of their own affairs. Before the parasitic conformists from the Sahel introduced Federal Character, Quota System and National Grid.
        Why are you afraid to stand on your own and live in your Sharia paradise? Hope Buhari finds oil soon in the Chad Basin so you can leave us alone. Na by force to take do one country? Parasite.

        • marcos avelino

          Yes its by force even the united kingdom was by conquest of scotland and ireland. The USA was by conquest , India by conquest , China by conquest so get ready to fight if you think you can dismantlle nigeria free of charge you are dreaming son of criminal DNA ibos

          • Gary

            Just wait until 2019 and your wishes will come true. Whatever is left from your self-inflicted destruction by your Jihadists in the North East will NEVER conquer the peoples of the South, with or without Bola Tinubu and the Yoruba Moslems that you’re counting on.
            You will have more on your hands than Nnamdi Kanu and the Biafrans. We will Restructure the country or watch it break up 100 days after the inauguration of a new government in 2019. Book it.

          • marcos avelino

            Your white kristian slave masters who took your southern pagan animist savages as slaves for 200 years to brazil and the americas tossing over 20 million of yr sick and dead ancestors into the sea, They found you as warring tribes and cannibals – thats what you will go back to

          • Solomon Brown

            How is that any different from what the arab slave raiders did, were the slaves not castrated, thus denying them the right to reproduce?
            Why do you feel the need to dump on a fellow African,when you know fully well, you two will be discriminated against in both Arabia and the west just for being born with melanin?
            You are a disgrace to your race and you should bury your head in shame for being so insensitive to a matter which affects you.

      • Towns Crier


        One tin of TITUS SARDINES is now 350 Naira today O! Please help us tell that useless Buhari.
        Even ordinary yam is now costing 1,600 per one, according to those who went to market yesterday.

        Nigerians will soon troop to the streets with real violence. Bag of rice is 25,000 Naira today. This is an impossible situation for the people of manage to tolerate anymore. No electricity for two weeks now in
        my own area. No water supply by the useless APC party governor in my state too. Enough is enough!

        • A. Inalegwu

          Let’s be honest with some of what we post online please. Bag of rice is no longer 25k. U can get a bag of rice for 15 to 17k for 50kg. Don’t know what you guys are trying to achieve when u can’t tell simple truth. Everybody that goes to the market knows that you can get it for 16k. We are good in blaming the government in everything. Yet we live in lie

          • Uzoh




          • A. Inalegwu

            Guy na waooh to you oooh abeg go karu market for Abj

  • Cassandra2017



  • Okokondem

    I just read a report about an ongoing efforts by the National assembly to scuttle and undermine through legislation whatever little freedom of expression left with the so called Civil Society organizations such as SERAP.

    The only segment of the society
    that dares to openly disagree or to some extent challenge the overreaching practices of the Nigeria national assembly, the Civil Society organizations, are being silenced through unconstitutional legislative proposal and you wouldn’t know it by the usual silent, noncommittal attitude of the Nigerian populace.

    As for SERAP, believing that writing a letter to the UN or its agency is an effective way to bring attention to or raise opposition to legislative overreaching in Nigeria is not only ineffective but frankly delusional. Around the globe, opposition to such governmental overreaching is generally achieved through organized mass civil disobedience and demonstrations. Unfortunately this is an idea that is never considered by Nigerian people. Instead they whine and complain incessantly hoping or believing that answers to the country’s intractable problems will come through Devin intervention. But Nigerians must not forget that heaven helps only those who help themselves.

    Lastly, while I join others in commending PT in their attempt to shine light on some of the issues facing the country (albeit well short of investigative reporting in scope) I will caution against the occasional foray into the use of sensational headlines…”SERAP drags Dogara to UN..” Really, drag?

  • Al Saad


    Nasir El Rufai is a no-brainer; a totally clueless pygmy who may still need to face interrogation
    for the five (5) billion Naira he wangled from the Central Bank of Nigeria under a likely bogus
    deal finessed by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – the then Central Bank Governor – as cover,
    to design a conference centre hotel (of all hings) for the Central Bank of Nigeria.

    • Sonofomelaye


      “Democracy is defined as a government of the people, by the people, and, for the people,
      but what we had in the time of Jonathan was greedocracy, which is government of the greedy,
      by the greedy and for the greedy. But today under Buhari, we have criminocracy – a government
      of the criminals, by the criminals, for the criminals. Buhari’s wrong appointments, for example, led to
      the emergence of the former (suspended) Secretary to the Government of the Federation, (SGF)
      Babachir Lawal, who became a grass-cutter.”

      …..…APC party incumbent Senator Dino Melaye

      (APC Senator, June 1, 2017)

      • Res Ipsa Loquitur


        • Minimum wage in Nigeria………………………………………….₦18,000 per month.
        • A bottle of Coca Cola soft drink…………………………………₦80.00k per bottle.
        • Smallest can of Baygon insecticide………………………..₦1,200 per tin.
        • A tin of TITUS sardines……………………………………………₦350.00 per tin.
        • Rent of three bedroom apartment…………………………₦450,000 per annum.
        • A packet of St.Louis Sugar………………………………………₦550.00 per packet.
        • A 25kg bag of garri as staple food………………………..₦14,000 per bag.
        • Petrol for six hours of private electricity…………………..₦60,000 a month.
        • Cost of preparing soup for family of six…………………..₦6,000 every two days.
        • Ceeway drinking water ………………………………………₦550 per gallon.
        • School fees for a child in private school………………….₦2 million per session.
        • Cost of two (2) newspapers a day for information……….₦15,000 per month.
        • One packet of Solpadeine headache tablets……………..₦5,400 per packet.
        • Cost of filling up a salon car with petrol……………………..₦10,700 to fill up a car.
        • Private sector graduate starting salary………………………₦80,000 per month.

        • Econometricas2000


          Nigeria: State of the Nation in 2017

          Violence escalates in Nigeria today
          because the dis-affected majority of people simply don’t see the shambolic
          government of Muhamadu Buhari as a force for good or as a solution to anything.
          Whereas, in irony, party loyalty is being misunderstood in suicidal terms by naïve
          Nigerians who’d voted for Buhari as meaning ‘my party right or wrong’. The effect
          is acquiescence by those APC voting-supporters to the near-ruin the ruling APC
          party under Muhamadu foisted on the country through ignorance and utter lack
          of knowledge. After foisting 64% devaluation of the national currency in the
          year 2016; tantamount to across-the-board tax on ever asset and on every adult
          population in Nigeria, the APC ruling party in Nigeria cannot balance the books
          in Nigeria or show improvement in any sector of the country as a result, but
          has instead just recorded 2.5 trillion Naira deficit between January and
          June this year, – a whopping symptom of a financially adrift country
          without ropes, chains or anchors, since the current ₦2.5 trillion deficit
          will now translate and add to government debts through borrowings.

          • Econometricas2000

            ………(2) Nigeria: State of the Nation in 2017

            BUHARI’s government is becoming not
            so much bumbling as sickening. It is now a ceremonial presidency for
            photographs, tours and travels to London, and nothing else sensible. It would
            have been hilarious if it were not tragic that a presidency ushered in by
            wholly ignorant masses has proved irrelevant and worse than useless to be
            considered a solution to Nigeria’s existential crises as 28 million youths are
            officially recorded as un-employed today, and as Buhari’s ignorant rule shrank
            Nigeria’s national economy for the first time in 25 years
            ; collapsed aviation
            industry with only four airlines flying with two planes each, and with banks
            and manufacturing companies shuttering and retrenching thousands of workers,
            in response to Buhari’s mindless devaluation of the national currency by 64%;
            simultaneously with 62% hike in pump price of petrol – both of which shot
            inflation up by 17.1% and tripled costs of goods and services across the
            country over against stagnant wages, thus deepening poverty.

  • Arabakpura

    Does anyone still trust anything that comes from the mouth of El Rufai? His phantom arrest order issued on the Arewa old youths gave him away as a jackal!

    • George

      Both Hyenas, Jackas and little lion and big lion are complete evil that must dies.

  • AryLoyds

    El Rufai is a THUG who has been intimidating all opponents and southern Kaduna people

    • Cassandra2017



      • Fact O’ figure


        There are now a whopping 28 million un-employed youths in Nigeria today – a staggering figure equal to

        the entire population of Ghana; a neighbouring West African country, according to a latest official bulletin

        issued by the federal Nigerian Bureau of Statistics. The new jobless figure in Nigeria today is over half the

        whole population of Nigeria at independence on October 1st, 1960.

        • Naija News

          @aryloyds:disqus:“In an apparent mockery of Nigeria

          and her President Muhammadu Buhari, CNN, on its programme displayed at 4:59pm
          local time on Sunday said, “The head of state from which country has not set
          foot in his homeland in over two months?” It went ahead to tick an option with
          the name Nigeria as the correct answer. The options were given as Saudi Arabia,
          Cuba, Nigeria and Syria.”

          • George

            That is a great achievement

          • Harrison_J

            @disqus_P6H4CtCIeu:disqus ,

            This tragedy called APC party…..

            There’s no more
            illiterate gathering of stuttering ignoramuses in Nigeria than the leaders of APC
            party whose un-erringly self-refuting arguments grate good sense when they try
            with silliness to persuade Nigerians to accept to be governed by photographs of
            Muhamadu Buhari on medical self-exile in London, and then say that he’s fully fit
            and convalescent except that he’s only interned there and taking his multivitamins.

            It is such
            nefarious argument devoid of reasoning that redounds to the detriment of those
            who sink inside Nigeria from the egregious error of voting Muhamadu Buhari and
            his APC party dunderheads into power – a party studded with local Muslims; devoid
            of ethics, given to stealing, and bereft of properly educated people with the ability
            to think properly from premise to conclusion

  • ed

    The police commissioner was at the scene but made no arrests. He now promised that the thugs that were lead by a police officer will be arrested.
    What a joke that we called government and police in Nigeria. El Rufai the governor that paid Fulani’s terrorist herdsmen to kill innocent children women and men in Southern Kaduna is behind all this criminals.

  • George

    Enemies camps will never have peace, the spirit of confusion will forever consume them and set them all on fire.