Osinbajo speaks on Boko Haram attack on NNPC, UNIMAID staff

Nigeria Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo
Nigeria Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo

The Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, has spoken on the Boko Haram attack on oil explorers that caused over two dozen deaths.

Mr. Osinbajo described the victims as “extraordinarily selfless Nigerians from the NNPC and the University of Maiduguri,” saying they “put their lives on the line that we and generations to come will enjoy the resources of this land. We will never forget that sacrifice.”

In a statement by his spokesperson, Laolu Akande, Mr. Osinbajo also paid “tribute to the resilience, courage and bravery of officers and men of the Nigerian Armed Forces for their gallant endeavours and sacrifices.”

PREMIUM TIMES had reported the last week attack on geologists and their aides who were on an oil exploration to Lake Chad Basin when they were ambushed.

The Army has since confirmed that at least 14 soldiers, 11 civilian joint task force, CJTF, and five staff of the university were killed in the attack and subsequent rescue efforts.

The university staff were subcontracted by the state oil firm, NNPC, for the exploration exercise.

At least four staff of the university are still missing with three of them in the custody of the terror group. The three were shown in a recent Boko Haram video begging the government to negotiate for their release.

In the statement on Sunday, Mr. Akande said Mr. Osinbajo has “ordered the continuation of search and rescue missions to locate and ensure the freedom of all remaining abducted persons as soon as possible.”

Read Mr. Akande’s full statement below.

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo condemns the appalling ambush, attack and abduction of soldiers, and civilians who were carrying out their duties to the Nation in the Lake Chad Basin Frontier Exploration.

The objective of this patriotic exercise is to open up new areas for oil exploration for the common good of all Nigerians. The terrorist attack resulted in a number of deaths of hardworking and innocent Nigerians, and the abduction of some.

Mr. Osinbajo commiserates with the families, relatives and associates of those who lost their lives in the despicable onslaught and wishes the injured speedy recovery.

The Acting President after an emergency meeting with the Military chiefs on Thursday issued fresh directives to the Nigerian military and all security agencies to immediately scale-up their efforts and activities in Borno State in order to maintain a strong, effective control of the situation and secure lives and property.

While commending the military for the progress already recorded with the rescue of some of the abducted, Mr. Osinbajo has also ordered the continuation of search and rescue missions to locate and ensure the freedom of all remaining abducted persons as soon as possible, using all available and expedient means in the circumstances. He adds that justice would be pursued for the victims and against those who engage in this kind of unacceptable, criminal and terrorist conduct.

Acting President Osinbajo pays tribute to the resilience, courage and bravery of officers and men of the Nigerian Armed Forces for their gallant endeavours and sacrifices for the peace, security and territorial integrity of our country. He eulogises the Nigerian soldiers who have paid the ultimate price in this mission and others linked to the current insurgency, and gives a firm assurance that the welfare of the families of the soldiers will be prioritized.

He also commends the diligence of the management and staff of the NNPC, and the lecturers/consultants from the University of Maiduguri in pursuing Federal Government’s resolve to grow our country’s current crude oil reserve base through potential exploration in the Lake Chad Basin, stressing that the government will by no means be dissuaded.

He said : “some of these extraordinarily selfless Nigerians from the NNPC and the University Of Maiduguri put their lives on the line that we and generations to come will enjoy the resources of this land. We will never forget that sacrifice”

Although pockets of terrorists have been launching attacks recently in Borno State, the Acting President assures the people of the State, the region and indeed all Nigerians, that the FGN is not only on top of the situation, but will define the end of these atrocities by both winning the war and winning the peace in the North-east.


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  • Econometricas2000


    Nigeria: State of the Nation in 2017

    Violence escalates in Nigeria today
    because the dis-affected majority of people simply don’t see the shambolic
    government of Muhamadu Buhari as a force for good or as a solution to anything.
    Whereas, in irony, party loyalty is being misunderstood in suicidal terms by naïve
    Nigerians who’d voted for Buhari as meaning ‘my party right or wrong’. The effect
    is acquiescence by those APC voting-supporters to the near-ruin the ruling APC
    party under Muhamadu foisted on the country through ignorance and utter lack
    of knowledge. After foisting 64% devaluation of the national currency in the
    year 2016; tantamount to across-the-board tax on ever asset and on every adult
    population in Nigeria, the APC ruling party in Nigeria cannot balance the books
    in Nigeria or show improvement in any sector of the country as a result, but
    has instead just recorded 2.5 trillion Naira deficit between January and
    June this year, – a whopping symptom of a financially adrift country
    without ropes, chains or anchors, since the current ₦2.5 trillion deficit
    will now translate and add to government debts through borrowings.

    • Econometricas2000

      ………(2) Nigeria: State of the Nation in 2017

      BUHARI’s government is becoming not
      so much bumbling as sickening. It is now a ceremonial presidency for
      photographs, tours and travels to London, and nothing else sensible. It would
      have been hilarious if it were not tragic that a presidency ushered in by
      wholly ignorant masses has proved irrelevant and worse than useless to be
      considered a solution to Nigeria’s existential crises as 28 million youths are
      officially recorded as un-employed today, and as Buhari’s ignorant rule shrank
      Nigeria’s national economy for the first time in 25 years
      ; collapsed aviation
      industry with only four airlines flying with two planes each, and with banks
      and manufacturing companies shuttering and retrenching thousands of workers,
      in response to Buhari’s mindless devaluation of the national currency by 64%;
      simultaneously with 62% hike in pump price of petrol – both of which shot
      inflation up by 17.1% and tripled costs of goods and services across the
      country over against stagnant wages, thus deepening poverty.

      • pointsblank@aol.com




        • princegab

          Our oga was hijacked, though i blamed him for that. But that he is alive and on good hands means there is hope for naija. His illness will turnout a blessing.

      • Fact O’ figure


        There are now a whopping 28 million un-employed youths in Nigeria today – a staggering figure equal to

        the entire population of Ghana; a neighbouring West African country, according to a latest official bulletin

        issued by the federal Nigerian Bureau of Statistics. The new jobless figure in Nigeria today is over half the

        whole population of Nigeria at independence on October 1st, 1960.

  • princegab

    This is a subject of serious investigation. Why exploration in war zone of all places? Ag President should please trust not, the NE leaders especially the university that has become a breeding ground for bomb making.
    Ag President should do us a favour, declare emergency rule in NE until pmb comes back.

    • Augustine Madu


      Look, my own problem is that there is no progress at all in Nigeria under Muhamadu Buhari – nothing!
      Everything is just getting worse and worse. Go to the market and see cost of food now! Do you people
      know that 25kg of rice is now 25,000 Naira which is more than minimum wage? Do you know that the
      cost of 12 inches length of yam is now 650 Naira as at today? Why won’t there be bloodshed now?
      If salary cannot make somebody eat food for 30 days why will there not be violence everywhere?

      • princegab

        Thank God for the end is near for Nigeria. War shall bring salvation to the downtrodden but death to the looters.

        • Ben Igwe


          Yam is 1,600 Naira per one. I don’t know the kwashiokor yam that @madu is talking about.

          • Towns Crier



          • George

            So you still go price Sandines that means your pocket still heavy.

      • emmanuel

        The id**ts claimed that Rice now sell for less than N10,000.00. Unfortunately, Nigerians have been silent in weeks with acute pains, lack, hopelessness and despair; the last phase before implosions.
        In the wildest imagination of the scoundrels in power, they think they have subjugated the people, but time will tell.

  • Gary

    Thanks for a factual and empathetic statement from our Caretaker President.
    Now someone please tell Lai Mohammed to shut up before his usual bid to sugarcoat bad news with dimwit and infuriating propaganda comments.

  • AryLoyds

    Boko haram is a good islamic organisation , this initiative is a good move, they dont want their oil wealth stolen by the Nigerian Gov and their land polluted.

    • Otile

      This is true, my brother.

  • emmanuel

    Did the acting President apologise for the lies told by the military, or he thinks the military is not part of Nigeria Government?
    These are the kind of things that send would be foreign investors side stepping a country.
    The APC lack good leaders and Presidential handlers.
    They think lies are the best virtues to lead a nation.
    Hear Osinbajo say they want to grow Nigeria Oil base? I thought we were diversifying from Oil to Yam Tubers? The APC of visionless accidental leadership!
    At the rate we ar going, if our local and foreign investors team up, they can sue Nigeria for bankruptcy and put this failed country into receivership.

    • emmanuel


  • Otile

    The whole thing is nothing but miscalculated greed. They died for oil. Nt-o-o.

  • George

    Silly old monkey lookalike VP the tokenism half a paint moron of Yoruba tribe trying to please his Mullahs leaders as Awolowo, MKO did before the Mullahs still finished them without mercy.

    Osinbaju is the most useless animal as at today from the Yoruba tribe after Tinubu and Aremu that son of a secret cult man.

    Dom Jazzy joined the trail just because he want to be initiated through his WHITE GARMENT church in Ajegule where he has been worshipping the spirit that gave him fame and Davido whose father is secretary of OFR who their trades is bloods sucking has joined hands to be insulting their mothers with out shame as expected but the question we want them to answer is where AWOLOWO, TINUBU, OBJ, ADIMINI,IBB, ABACHA, DANGOTE, EGBENGA DANEIL, FEMI, ABUBAKAR, BUHARI, FASHOLA, ALIKIJA, got their money from if only Daizea has 90Billion and she have returned it, so why is Buhari still looking for money to fund his useless budget.

  • George

    I heard that cat has cut off Liar Mohammedu tongue last night. God will punish him and bUHARI for the destruction they brought upon reasonable Nigerians.