Sokoto kingmaker quizzed as Sultan Abubakar Sa’ad is named in N700million suspicious transaction

The new Sultan of Sokoto Saad Abubakar sits on his throne during his coronation ceremony in Sokoto, Northern Nigeria
Sultan of Sokoto, Saad Abubakar, also the spiritual leader of Nigeria's Muslim, sits on his throne during his coronation ceremony in Sokoto, Northern Nigeria, March 3, 2007. REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde (NIGERIA) - RTR1N1ZM

Crack detectives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on Tuesday and Wednesday interrogated Kabir Tafida, the Sarkin Fada of Sokoto, who also acts as the chief of staff to Sultan Abubakar Sa’ad.

Mr. Tafida was questioned over a suspicious transfer of N700 million into his account from the Sokoto State government account, people familiar with the matter told PREMIUM TIMES.

He was released on administrative bail Wednesday evening following what a source described as “unceasing pressure on the EFCC by the Sultan and the Sokoto State government”.

Mr. Tafida was first invited to the EFCC office in Abuja on Tuesday where he was interrogated by a team of investigators.

He was then asked to return on Wednesday for more questioning.

One source said the money in question was taken from the Sokoto State’s share of the Paris club refund recently made to Nigeria’s 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, but PREMIUM TIMES is unable to independently verify that claim.

But we were able to clearly determine that at least N700million was recently transferred from the Sokoto State government account to Mr. Tafida.

The kingmaker is not known to have offered any service to the goverment, investigators said, adding, “the suspect has also been receiving huge funds from the government of Sokoto on behalf of the Sultan.”

Mr. Tafida was reportedly allowed to go home on Tuesday on self recognizance following pressure from the Sultan and the Sokoto governor, another source said.

When contacted Wednesday evening, Imam Imam,  the spokesperson to Governor Aminu Tambuwal, simply said he had just learnt of the development and that the Sokoto State government would issue a statement shortly.

No such statement has been sent to PREMIUM TIMES as at 7 a.m. Thursday.

However, a top official of the state government said the N700 million traced to the Sarkin Fada  “is from the government of Sokoto State and is meant for the purchase of a House for the Sultan in Abuja”.

He said the monarch lacked official residence in the nation’s capital, adding, “the matter was discussed extensively at the meeting of the state executive council and due approval granted.

“In fact, the money is captured in the state’s 2017 budget and was officially released,” he said.

But investigators said the state has to explain why the funds was transferred to Mr. Tafida’s personal account rather than that of the Sultanate.

“Also why was the money not paid to an estate agent or a contractor buying or building a house for the Sultan,” one investigator said. “As far as we are concerned, there is something suspicious about this transaction.”

The spokesperson for the EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren, could not be reached to comment for this story as his known mobile telephone lines failed to connect Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been updated to correct the amount involved in the transaction in question. It is N700million, and not N500million as earlier indicated.


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  • Abdullah Musa

    Holy ‘pilfering’?

    • El’ Buba-Kanemi


      The Emirs acting as provincial administrators of the Sultan are not gaining respect either but losing it. The Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was, for example, few months ago uncovered to have himself rummaged the Kano Emirate Council bank accounts and wangled 3.5 billion Naira un-accountably.

      His case was reported to the Kano state House of Assembly which after receiving bank statements in evidence slated Sanusi Lamido for Parliamentary vote that could have resulted in dethronement for corruption, but for the rather illicit intervention of the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo who led a shameless delegation to Kano to coax and impede the State House of Assembly from performing its constitutional duty.

  • esio

    Sultan the Boko Kingpin. Sharing the loot!

  • abdul dull daura

    The money is for GEJ will be the next reaction.

  • leonardsonyekwere

    Well, are Nigerians seeing why these men are swearing by their own blood, that they will never allow Nigeria as it is currently constituted, restructured?

  • George

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm where are the Yorubas I am waiting to hear from you people.

    Let’s just imaging this Tafid is from Southerner region tell me if the EFCC will even allowed anyone to see him by now not to talk of him going home on useless-self-recognizing.

    500M from the same Paris money they have been warned to use diligently just few days a governor that once insulted GEJ for nothing chooses to wired 500M to personal account of a mullah in the name of buying a house to a dilapidated element called Satan of SOKOTO.

    People have you been hearing again as usual from the under age fucker fake emir called SANUSI, he has hidden his dirty face after he was showed his pant he weewee on.

    • raji

      Thank God we did not see anybody on street protesting in support of Sutan, if it’s your people they would start protesting in support of the criminal activity and before you know it they will say it’s persecution.

      • dan

        The money has not been forfeited, neither has the Sultan been arrested, so why will anyone protest? EFCC has been cowed to release the man that was arrested, so case closed, it’s a family affair, the initial arrest is a mistake that will not happen again.

  • Daniel

    This is why we say restructure.

    Once you restructure, Sokoto State will have to tax its residents to survive or better still give the money to the Sultan.

    Can we now see why they love being for unity?


    • jon

      And will that stop any state from stealing the tax money ,we need to eradicate corruption at all cost

      • George

        sharap go your own way is that too much for you to understand.

        go and kill your own kwaration and we will kill ours.

        Could you imaging Sokoto that has no toilet giving a sadist 500M to buy house in another state

      • Daniel

        You have to fight corruption by being​ responsible.

        You cannot appreciate money except you work for it.

        So ,we have to get rid of the freeloaders in politics . Use what you have in your backyard to manage yourself.

        How can you fight corruption when people get free money?

        Free money to the extent the Sultan needs a 500 million Naira house?

        I cannot wait for this crude oil to dry up or lose value completely.

        If I know my governor does not go to Abuja to collect money, I will be more interested in how he spends it.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Define restructuring

    • tundemash

      Define restructuring and how does it stop looting ? Did you need restructuring before Dora Akinyuli made NAFADC effective ? Did you need restructuring for EFCC to bring this out ? How does restructuring stop Bayelsa Gov or Oyo state gov from looting their states ?

      • mayGodpunishopressors

        Restructuring which will include control and produce what you need will make corruption isolated, unlike now where only few Nigerians are productive. Another good thing about restructuring was that it will bring healthy partnership among states and regions. For example, Lagos may be very rich financially but lack lands for Agric while Kebbi, or Adamawa may have lands but lack funds, and in this case they can come together and enter MOU.

        • tundemash

          So i guess there are no corruption in the states and local govts. Cl0wn !

      • Daniel

        It is against commonsense to run a multi ethnic society with a unitary constitution.

        What did Obasanjo achieve?

        Do you have light or roads now.

        You APC elements are so half educated and dishonest.

        • tundemash

          Define restructuring and how does it stop looting ? And yet u ranted this much without explaining how it stops looting ?

          • Daniel

            Simple : use what you have in your backyard to manage yourself.

            If you cannot stand alone, collaborate with a neighbouring state.

            Ultimately , we all pay tax to the FG for national maintenance.

            If this is not simple enough for you, then you must be another dishonest El Rufai needing a committee to define restructuring.

  • George


    This is what happen to dirty men who refuses to hid his face forever. UP UP FANI KAYODE.

    1., Questionable paternity whose father remains unknown even to his mother. SERIOUSLY. I LIKE THAT POINT.

    2., FFK was never a ritualist, ====ROCHAS WAS WE ALL KNOWN.

    3., A cultist,=== THAT WAS HIS BIRTH RIGHT.

    4., A 419er, === EVEN THEIR PASTORS DO IT TOO.


    6., A traitor or a dirty and unreliable street urchin and scammer. === DOUBLE POTION OF EVERYTHING THAT IS BAD.

    7., He never ruined the lives of millions, FANI IS RIGHT.

    8., Bowed before strange gods and slept in coffins to make his money. FANI HAS KILLED ROCHAS FOR LIFE.

    9., He never sold his soul to the devil or his body to reprobate men who lust for other men in return for money and power. FANI TAKE IT EASY ROCHAS STILL HAS AN ABANDONED WOMAN HE CALLED WIFE.

    10., Unlike Rochas FFK frowns upon such things and comes from a noble heritage and a spiritually clean and strong foundation. ROCHAS CANNOT CLAIM ANY OF SUCH CHARACTERS WE ALL KNOWN.

    11., Rochas knows where he has soiled his hands and what the source of his power and wealth is.=== DEVIL KINGDOM.

    12., He has much to answer for and the evil spirits that, by his own admission, have been tormenting him ever since he became governor will soon take their pound of flesh.ROCHAS HAS NO REDEMPTION

    • raji

      We are not surprise with FFK behavior because we know the history of his father.

    • Julius

      lolz, see you life so ? You are quoting a drug addicts rants. Ya funny indeed !

  • Watch man

    Whether Nigeria restructures or “serutcurtser” will not solve any problem. The country has enough laws to fight crime and corruption. The problem has always been the operators. Who knew NAFDAC until Akunyili was appointed DG and she began fighting drug barons with the same laws? She had huge success. We have chronic, pathological, ‘perennial’ leaders with unimaginable insane propensity to loot, covet and do wickedness; their kleptomania has no control. Until these evil operators of the law are dealt with Nigeria would still have a long way to go. When the miscreants were blowing oil pipelines there were oil spills everywhere, and with general destruction of land and the aquifer. I commented that the real pipelines are these evil operators of the law and those are the “pipelines” that the blowers of pipelines ought to blow up for Nigeria to move forward.

    So Nigerians wake up, Niger Delta militants wake up, so-called civil societies wake up; arise and fight the real greedy, covetous and wickedly insane “pipelines” sitting in NASS, in the Executive and in the Judiciary; fight them to a stand still, “blow up” those that need to be blown up; they are a threat to Nigeria and future descendants of the masses of Nigeria. This nonsense must stop.

  • The Rt. or Lft. Hon NinjaK

    Standing logic on its head!

  • Abu Bilaal Abdulrazaq bn Bello

    Someone please help me out…. between the Traditional Institution and the Nigerian Senate, which should be scrapped first??? Honestly these traditional thieves masquerading as tradition rulers need to be shown the way out. They contribute little or nothing to the betterment of the lives of the people they lord over. On the contrary, the sweat of the ordinary man in the street is used to procure an opulent lifestyle for them, not for adding any socio-economic value to their societies, but simply for inheriting/occupying the seats of their ancestors. They drive around in Rolls-Royce and other vintage cars while their subjects wallow in abject poverty. They were garbs and apparels imported from different parts of the world, while their subjects roam the streets naked. They school their children in ivory towers (Cambridge, Oxford, etc.) while their people swim in stack illiteracy, not even able to to spell their own names. The traditional institution has outlived its relevance. Scrap it now along with the senate. From the Sultan of Sokoto to the Emir of Kano, and to the Oba of Benin and the Ooni of Ife, let them all go. All they do is bear big titles, don expensive regalia, and feast on the people while they all worship them.

    • Watch man

      “Someone please help me out…. between the Traditional Institution and the Nigerian Senate, which should be scrapped first??”

      Both should be scrapped!

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Yes both!

    • thusspokez

      Someone please help me out…. between the Traditional Institution and the Nigerian Senate, which should be scrapped first??? Honestly these traditional thieves masquerading as tradition rulers need to be shown the way out

      Bear in mind that Nigeria is a republic; and that the constitution neither recognises traditional rule nor any traditional ruler, but they seem to muscle their way into governments and get the latter to be their benefactors and they, the beneficiaries of largesse at the expense of the people.

      • David Adeniran

        Even in Britain, some anti-establishment are advocating that the monarch must go! It is no longer relevant nor needed for modern day government.

        • thusspokez

          Even in Britain, some anti-establishment are advocating that the monarch must go

          At least, their constitution recognises the monarchy. Not so in Nigeria. Nevertheless, these traditional rulers still exert a lot of power and influence.

          It doesn’t seem to matter in Nigeria whether something is abolished or not. Few people obey the law in Nigeria and the law enforcement agencies look away as we are seeing with Nnamdi Kanu.

          • David Adeniran

            The Nigerian Constitution recognises traditional rulers too!

          • thusspokez

            Nigeria wouldn’t be called a republic if it recognises monarchs would it? Please provide me reference to the section(s) and paragraph(s) in the constitution so that I can look it up online.

          • David Adeniran

            I just checked now and I realised unlike the 1979 Constitution and all previous Constitutions, the new Constitution is silent on the role of Traditional Rulers!

          • thusspokez

            …unlike the 1979 Constitution…

            The 1979 Constitution didn’t mentioned traditional rule or rulers either. As I have said earlier, it would be a contradiction if Nigeria, calling itself a Republic were to endorse traditional rule and monarchy in its constitution.

          • David Adeniran

            My friend, the 1963 and 1979 Constitutions were so-called Republic Constitutions any Traditional Rulers were still accorded constitutional recognition. Please forget account this your analogy! You only need to do your research on that. Don’t you that 1963 was FIRST REPUBLIC and 1979 was SECOND REPUBLIC?

          • 0tile

            It does not matter what they call it to make you happy. One Nigeria headed by a Northern Muslim is always a fiefdom.

  • thusspokez

    ‘Bandage Head’ is as crooked as the politicians. Did any of his predecessors have a so-called official residence in Lagos (when it was the federal capital) or in Abuja since it became the new capital? I don’t think so! So why now, when he already has an official residence in far away Sokoto state?

    And Nigerians, being what they are, every traditional leader and religious leader would next be demanding that their state governments provide them official residence in Abuja and maybe in Lagos, Kaduna, Port-harcourt to mention but a few. And who knows, even in London, Washington, Paris etc.

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    wow,I can’t believe this! I am screaming!!!. 500 what!,and then I fainted!

    • David Adeniran

      Lol! A fainted man doesn’t talk!

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Guy,I don faint again! Lol

        • Iskacountryman

          for small 500m house…abeg wake up, drink nono…dat na pocket change…

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Hooooo,pocket what?in someone’s personal account? At once? Haba!make una no finish me patapata now. See again now I don faint.

          • Iskacountryman

            abdul…abdul…abdul…no make me call you 4 times…o

      • Julius

        hahahahahahaa, in Nigeria they do ooo !!

    • AryLoyds

      What is the big deal ? The money is meant for religious purposes. Let us all pretend as if nothing happened and move along.Deris God Oh 🙂

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Religious purpose? Hey yaa,I am fainting again! To do what? Invite the angels of to sue the devil or to import more religions into the country or what exactly?

        • AryLoyds


          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            You are laughing?ah I fainted again. Nigeria matter don tire me.

      • Julius

        lolz, I think you are putting their defense together for them. You are correct..lmaoooo !

    • Sherrif Don Jos

      You removing 200 from it…. They said 700M….lol

    • Julius

      lolz…I’m surprised that something like this still surprises you ! It doesn’t with me anymore..Diezani spent $100 millions buying furniture… In $$$, how about that ? Now, I fainted when I read that..lolz

    • Sanssouci

      Welcome to Nigeria Brother Abdulmojeed! from your reaction, you are obviously new in this country. Between the revelations of the military, To NNPC bigwigs to the way the 2015 elections were funded, those of use here since 2015
      are unfortunately no longer shocked by such revelations. Please faint not nothing will happen, the Sultan is untouchable. His colleague the Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi Lamido, just a few months ago was embroiled in a 6 Billion NGN financial mess that would have certainly cost him the crown save for the timely intervention of Osinbajo himself and Dangote who were able to prevail on the Kano house of Assembly to shelve the inquiry. Those Kano chaps got carried away witht he anti-corruption narrative lol. You see, we already know that nothing comes out of such stories anymore, the rhetoric that there are no sacred cows is just a slogan for the gullible, weak and feeble, but at least we are glad that this current era we are in, is stripping everybody naked, which in itself is a great plus for democracy. Once again Welcome to Nigeria and please faint not you will soon get used to it!

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Lol,no I mean am I dreaming? Nigerians have grown tough skins on the news like this. Why I am mostly scared is the calibre of people involved in this scuffles. Emir of Sokoto, the most powerful monarch,the most powerful religious office. Who do we then turn to? Who will placate our crying baby. Who will help ou sinking boat? I am sick and tired. Our pastors and our imams have failed us,our monarchs, the obas,the emirs, the ezes,name them have all failed us. Our politicians are the legalized armed rubbers. They stole cows and yet accused the one who stole an egg of being a thief. Who will be our role models? Who will fight for us? Where is our Moses? No wonder why baba buhari might not succeed in his fight against corruption. More money are being stolen everyday. Guys,please help me I can no longer comprehend these any longer,I guess I may be fainting again. Juli,you don get odechi,d tin no dey fear you again,Ssansouci don carry bullet proof,wetin I go use a beg? Make una helep me.


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  • Nkem

    I wonder what will become of this fake entity when free oil money eventually stops flowing.

    • Sidi

      @disqus_llPIQ7cNxP:disqus: In a sensible country
      with rule of law the Sultan of Sokoto will be arrested, charged with
      obstruction of justice, convicted for conspiracy and jailed for seven years
      according to the Penal Code of northern Nigeria. This uncovered ₦700 million is
      proceed of crime. It should be forfeited to EFCC forthwith. State budget is
      never released to any citizen in personam. The Sultan of Sokoto acted below par by
      pressurizing EFCC to let the accused criminal go. The sultanate is filthy with
      numerous stories of financial shenanigans.

  • Reginald Dandeson

    Where is the fight against corruption?

    • tundemash

      How are you aware of this looting ?

      • Reginald Dandeson

        Your response seems to suggest that it’s okay to just publish news about an alleged looting of public funds. You seem not to understand the deep question I’d asked in one short line. Read my response to @Truthometer for clarity, please.

      • 0tile

        Abubakar tundemash.

        It is only natural that you must step in to defend your chief imam Sa’ad Abubakar with your life. How do you know that no looting occurred in Sokoto, were you there?

    • Julius

      Isn’t that the reason that you are reading about this now ? Do they not have to investigate it as they are doing now ?

      • Reginald Dandeson

        You seem not to understand the deep question I’d asked in one short line. Read my response to @Truthometer for clarity, please.

    • Truthometer

      Use your brain for once, bro. In the past, nobody hears about things like this. PMB, is actually working on behalf of the people, by allowing EFCC to do their job without interference from high level. In the days of GEJ, stealing and corruption was an “a la carte” and the door of CBN was wide opened for aggressive pilferage, without any repercussions. Appreciate good deed for once, even if you don’t like the man running the show. It may enrich your life, if you appreciate the message even if you don’t like the messenger.

      • Reginald Dandeson

        Some of you just punch away at your keyboards without even thinking about the meaning of the words the keyboard helps you put together. It is total stupidity for you to write an epistle in response to someone you claim has never used his brain before. Someone who asked a deep question in one short line. And in your shallow-mindedness you assume you have said something meaningful, I guess?

        Is the fight against corruption done on the pages of newspapers and social media? If a whopping N700 million is paid into an individual’s account from State coffers is that a small amount to warrant releasing that individual to go home on personal recognition? Simply because pressure is being mounted by powerful persons to that effect? So, I ask again, where is the fight against corruption? N700 million is close to One Billion Naira. And the individual involved goes home on self recognition? And you say you want to succeed with an important thing like the fight against corruption? The case of the Kano Emirates is still fresh in our minds. It’s gone under the carpet and gone forever. Just because some powerful persons were mounting pressure to that effect. And we say we’re fighting corruption? Where is the fight and how will it succeed under such modus operandi?

        So, go cleanse up the dross that beclouds your brain and come back here to answer the questions, now that I’ve helped you understand the originating question.

      • Reginald Dandeson

        The Sokoto Kingmaker is allowed by the EFCC to go home due to pressure from high quarters to that effect. And you shamelessly assert that “EFCC is being allowed to do their job without interference from high level?” How more blind to obvious truth can you be?? Is that how your meter measures the truth?

  • John


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  • International games

    If Niger Delta oil money is used for Sultan’s house in Abuja, then they must also build for Obi of Onitsha, Alafin of Oyo, Tor Tiv, Obong of Calabar, Oba of Benin, Ochidoma, Atta of Igala, Aku of Taraba, Gbong Gwom of Jos, Shehu of Bornu, and one for me also. I am a big Chief in my house. Each of them should get 700 Million Naira, so that we know that Nigeria is finally bankrupted by these Bastardly wicked Sultans and Senators.

    • Oskirin

      who said dos obas u counted don’t av similar or bigger amt dt is voted to dia offices? go n check n come back n tell us.

  • suleiman

    One wonders why all these traditional/religous rulers are so greedy. What does the Sultan need all this money for? Yet they preach heaven to the common man, heaven which they will never see. I knew this man’s father personally, the one Sultan in our modern day that was pious and above board. This current sultan is simply a politician wearing a turban and posing as a religious leader!

    • Afo

      The fund should be recovered as done with the N500m from the governor of Zamfara. Prosecute the Tafida and the governor once he finishes his term. Why divert the Paris refund which is meant for the welfare of the people. Wicked people.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Obas, Obis, Emirs and Sultans are liabilities on the national purse. How does any sane mind rationalize an expenditure of 700 million Naira corporate welfare for a residence in Abuja for a traditional ruler whose throne is in Sokoto. Nigeria is a pot of hot mess. This outrageous disbursement is one reason for recession and instability in the land. NIGERIANS WAKE UP.

  • 0tile

    Unfortunately Osibande is going to jump in and squash the case to save Mr Sa’ad as he did for his friend Lamido Sanusi. Nothing will come out of it, after all it is not taxpayer’s money, it is booty from Niger Delta crude oil money.

  • 0tile

    With this manner of monarchical robbery French Revolution comes mind. Marie Antoinette, see that Mr Sa’ad has cheated you, he is getting free but you were hanged. Again if General Abacha was alive he would certainly depose Mr Sa’ad and exile him to Malumfashi.

  • 0tile

    French Revolution comes to mind.

  • Daniel Uzoigwe Chimezie

    So, you spend N700 million of public funds to purchase a house in the capital city for a Sultan whose sultanate is in far away Sokoto? And you are boldly defending such ineptitude. Nigeria is totally captured by the elite. Reforms will not work here, it’s total revolution. Else, we are not getting anywhere like this.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Very useless explanation. If a house were to be purchased for the sultan, there would be no need for this shuffling back and forth of money from one account to the other. The purchase process should be a straight movement, if ever it had been approved by government.

    In my view, there is stealing of money here and that crime involves a triumvirate comprising the sultan, the kingmaker and an unnamed person in the state government. More investigations will unravel this apparent jigsaw puzzle.

  • Oskirin

    700m for sultan house? kai…ds people una no fear Allah…must d sultan live in d city centre whn he comes to abuja ni? dere are portable houses in kuje, gwagwalada, bwari and oda satellites towns in sultan can stay…as for me,,,ds is a white elephant project.

    tambuwa,pls if u are reading ds,,,kindly 4 Allah’s sake remove 10m frm d money and return d remainning 690m to provide portable bore hole, good road n hospital 4 d people of sokoto.

    den, u go n meet d FCT minister to apply 4 land(free) in dos areas i said,build 3 bedroom flat 4 d sultan with 10m.u will come back and tank me 4 ds useful advise i give.if not,una go chop cane on d day of kiyaomah…