LIVE UPDATES: Nigerian Senate votes on major constitutional amendments

Chambers of the Nigerian Senate used to illustrate the story.
Chambers of the Nigerian Senate used to illustrate the story.

The Senate is currently voting on 33 major amendments to the Nigerian constitution.

About 95 senators are present for the Wednesday’s session.

PREMIUM TIMES brings you live updates of the current voting by the Senate.

The Senate voted to abrogate state-LG joint accounts, and guarantee existence of democratically constituted LGAs.

The Senate also voted to reject devolution of power to states.

The Senate voted to expand Council of states to include former NASS presiding officers

Senators vote to ensure ministerial nominees sent to it include their portfolios and are sent within 30 days of inauguration of the president and of governors for states.

Senate voted to empower INEC to deregister political parties over failure to secure an elective seat.

Senate rejects 35 per cent affirmative action for women as ministers as well as 20 per cent for women as commissioners in states

Senate votes to support independent candidacy during elections.

Senate votes to change the name of the Nigeria Police Force.

Senate votes to support single term for president and governors

Senate votes to support separation of the office of Attorney General of Federation from that of the Minister of Justice.

Senate votes to support a time limit for pre-election matters to be resolved in court

Senate votes in supprt of reduction of age qualification for the offices of the president, lawmakers, and governors.

Senate votes to remove NYSC, Land Use, PCC, NSA Acts from the constitution to make them flexible for regular amendment.

NOTE: Approval by the Senate is just one of the steps required for constitutional amendment. It is not a final step.

Senate votes to remove NYSC, Land Use, PCC, NSA Acts from the constitution to make them flexible for regular amendment.

Senate reversed self, voted to retain Land Use Act in the Constitution.

Senate finally voted to delete state independent electoral commission from the Constitution. 73 Yes votes!

Senate concludes voting on the 33 bills to ammend the Nigerian constitution.


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  • 360°?????????

    Premium Times Editor,

    Nonsense! This is NOT a vote on a sensible
    constitutional amendment for national progress but a vote to enhance the power
    and prestige of the Senate president as a proposed co-opted member of the
    Council of State. Period! There is nothing on the table to see, to vote and
    resolve the elephant of corruption killing Nigeria.

    • Secretary to Buhari’s government, Babachir Lawal – as the third most senior official after Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo – had formed a private company and then brazenly awarded a contract of ₦250 million to that same private company of his, to cut grass at the Refugee Camp.

    President Buhari was told and he dragged his feet, but later set up a bogus administrative panel which declared that Mr. Babachir Lawal has no case to answer. President Buhari corruptly and publicly approved the ‘no-case-to-answer’ until all
    hell was let loose by the media, and President Buhari was forced to perhaps reluctantly ask Mr. Babachir Lawal to go on indefinite leave, but without ever filing any criminal case in court against Mr. Babachir Lawal for corruption.
    Please, is this how to fight corruption?

    • 360°?????????

      • Meantime, some other corrupt acts lately
      uncovered by EFCC implicate five (5) bank chiefs and make Buhari look more
      useless. The Managing Director of Sterling Bank, YEMI ADEOLA, was uncovered to
      have actively hidden away from bank books a stolen sum of 153 million dollars,
      stolen from the NNPC. Till today Yemi Adeola remains in office in violation of
      public ethics and public confidence. No fine has been imposed on Sterling Bank
      for this criminal act and the entire board and management of Sterling Bank all
      remain in office with total impunity. Nobody has been made to appear in court
      to answer any criminal charges. Please, is this how to fight corruption?

      • Victoria

        Nigerian senate, Useless people

    • communiqués


      “In Nigeria, the pauperized many have sent a memo to the criminally-rich few:
      ‘We will not allow you to enjoy your ill-gotten gains in peace. We will hound you
      and pursue you everywhere you go. When you buy your Hummers, we will snatch them.

      When you send your children to expensive schools, we will kidnap them.
      When you retreat to your billion-naira homes, you will have to sleep with
      one eye open. With every knock, you will panic and tremble, fearing it
      could be nemesis at the door’.

      ………………..Femi Aribisala

      [August 27, 2013]

      • 360°?????????


        Just few months ago, in January this year, another Buhari appointee; Osita Aboloma
        as the Director-General of the Standards Organization of Nigeria (S.O.N), reportedly
        issued authorization to certain importers to bring in five (5) billion Naira worth of fake
        or defective car tyres into Nigeria. A group of rogue businessmen had conspired with
        top officials of S.O.N and got a genuine import permit, properly signed and sealed to
        import five (5) billion Naira worth of defective car tyres into Nigeria.

        The deal went through, as the consignment passed through Customs because
        the law of Nigeria does not allow the Customs to intercept defective products
        if the products are not contraband. A whistle-blower later leaked the five
        billion Naira scam to the press. Since then all hell was let loose, as the
        Customs Press office simultaneously blew the alarm that Nigeria is
        being stolen away by the creatures Buhari appointed into office.


    perfect Amendment but they should have been a constitutional clause that when a governor or president is underperforming in consonance to the resoureces available to him, he shoud be impeached. because the reason some of them try to perform literally is to get the support of the electorate in second term. and to have what to say as their past record of performance during first term in their campaign for second term bid, but when such law is not there someone will just come in and stole the entire money and left, knowing that he has no option of being elected for second term.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      That is already there.
      They need to remove immunity and impeachment signatories to 10% of registered voters or 50% of last vovers.
      Exclusive federal legislative list should be reduced .

      • tai28

        Registered voters do not impeach, they can only recall an elected official. Impeachment power is vested in lawmakers

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          Please read before posting.

  • Opekete

    These group of self serving sinators will blame themselves in not too distant future. They will find themselves suddenly blocked and locked in by a popular uprising that will be vicious and unsparing. Time will tell.

    • emmanuel

      That is exactly what i see ahead!

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    Land Use Act in the constitution retards market value of our Land, hinders development and ease of doing business .
    Land ownership, registration and transfer of ownership should be simplified.
    Government claiming to own Land people’s family has occupied for thousands of years is armed robbery.
    The current C of O procedure is cumbersome and administered by corrupt civil servants and public officers who demand 10 – 100 times the fees due to the treasury to complete the process.
    Land use act only renders our most valuable assets – Land worthless until extortion money and government fees are paid. While Inept government remain oblivious to corruption and extortions going on in the process.

  • Osakue

    Thanks be to Jah!

  • Osakue

    If we keep seeing good amendments like these contiunes who will be asking for the scrapping of the senate.

  • Jon

    The Northern Military Constitution should be dumped and a new people’s constitution should be established. Hausa/Fulani say no devolution of power to the States. They want to maintain the status quo that favors them. The South should come out and say enough is enough. Divide the country. Enough is enough.

    • Wz O’ Ord


      STEALING IS THE PROBLEM WITH NIGERIA. You can’t resolve theft with constitutional amendment.
      Stealing is a psychiatric illness. Only death can cure it. Nigerian youths already armed with deadly
      rifles and revolvers are on a distinguished road to do what the Senate cannot do. Theft is only
      resolvable by physical action on the streets for the physical elimination of the treasury thieves.
      Constitutional amendment has no relevance to the question treasury theft poses to Nigeria.
      Bullets aimed at the skulls of treasury thieves and their wives and children, answer it all.

      • Poetico2000


        Kidnapping is stealing by other means but Muhamadu Buhari is
        self-limited by bile, poor education, nepotism and narrow vision. He’s able to
        do what he’s able to think up – which is not much, actually – and so, Nigeria
        is stuck in a time-warp, so to say, and mistaking a war against heinous thefts
        by the PDP administration as the whole meaning of war against corruption.
        Whereas’ it’s only a part of it. A genuine war against corruption won’t hold
        APC party members immune as party members but bring every malefactor to
        justice. The foreign press still can’t see the wood for the trees and make the
        right judgment call on Buhari’s ersatz and rakishly one-sided war against
        corruption in Nigeria. The country’s overall ethics have slackened in
        consequence on the prejudice driving Buhari’s wrong-headed war against graft
        which, to be frank, is actually more fought overseas by America and Italy who
        both bring thefts occurring inside Nigeria into their own national courts, to
        expose a lot more than Buhari’s sloven efforts so far achieved. Nigeria’s
        actual task is to fight corruption across the board – from Bourdillon to Kano –
        rather than limit corruption to the Ijaw in the creeks and only to the Ijaw’s
        neighbouring Igbo and Ikwerre kinsmen.

        • JOHN

          Magu illegally having any roles at efcc is itself the worst corruption. How can corruption successfully fight corruption. The nepotism in Buhari appointments is terribly over destroying the economy as people of very low mentality engaged cannot add any value to this country.

        • Reginald Dandeson

          I concur with your views.

  • Economist2000


    Breaking News:

    The Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele, has yesterday “expressed
    concern over the increase in the fiscal deficit under Buhari/Osinbajo government to
    over ₦2.5 trillion in the first six months of this year
    .” In effect, he said he’s become
    less optimistic that Nigeria will soon exit recession without a relapse, especially given
    Buhari/Osinbajo government’s addiction to debt and its overall shambolic performance.

    The international community too has not flagged any good news or flagged a silver lining
    in the darkling Nigerian economy as it slides further into widespread crushing mass poverty.
    Neither Muhamadu Buhari nor Yemi Osinbajo has a clue or answer on what to do to now or
    next to put back the Nigeria’s Humpty-Dumpty shattered economy together again, as the
    official un-employment figure in Nigeria soars past the 28 million mark under Muhamadu Buhari,
    to exceed the whole population of Ghana today.

    • Straight Arrows




  • JOHN

    The singular amendment that will bring peace to Nigerian is the recognition that we have over 500 religions in Nigeria. That only Islam is violently mentioned in the constitution and is what has emboldened the Islamic governors, terrorists and jihadists to continue in their intolerance, killings, destruction and the crisis rocking this country today. The first amendment must be the removal of any religion from our constitution, meaning Islam must be deleted from our constitution otherwise the remaining over 500 other religions must be mentioned in the constitution. This must be the first and most important amendment. Otherwise this killers will continue to be emboldened to feel that they are untouchable.

  • International games

    Wait O! Does Nigeria Amend Constitution by Senate vote? Don’t the State Assemblies vote on any part of it? What kind of “Amendment” is that? This is fake Democracy abeg. Nonsense.

  • Netanyahu

    By rejecting devolution of powers from the center, the senate is blocking all efforts to restructure, abi? They have brought ants-infested firewood home. Lizards must visit. Awusa/foolani north is asking the rest of the country to go to hell. We shall see. Anyway we are waiting on the house of reps.