Senate finally passes Peace Corps bill

A cross section of Peace Corps members during their 18th Anniversary
A cross section of Peace Corps members during their 18th Anniversary

The Senate on Tuesday finally passed a bill to make the Nigerian Peace Corps a para-military agency.

The Senate adopted the conference report on the bill to establish the Nigerian Peace Corps, after it was so advised by its committee on judiciary, human rights and legal matters.

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives had separately passed the bill last year.

However, after the harmonisation of the two separate bills, the Senate had rejected the harmonised version, which has now been approved.

The bill will be sent to President Muhammadu Buhari for assent after the House also approves‎ the harmonised version.

It is not clear if the presidency will approve of the bill as several departments in the executive including the police and the military are opposed to the legalisation of the Peace Corps which is currently a private NGO.

Details later…


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  • mayor

    Congrats fellow patriot

  • FreeNigeria

    more uniform people to harass and collect bribes for the common man. Who gonna pay their salary and benefits?

    • aisha ani

      Hopefully, Baba slow will veto it.

  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t

    FOR NGN1400 PER BAG.

  • Dr

    The passage of this bill signify the insensitivity and ignorance of the legislature on security matters. The establishment of NSCDC (civil defense)has only created an unnecessary and bitter rivalry with the police. The Peace Corps which started as International Peace Corps is not free from foreign manipulation, therefore it will serve as a tool for espionage by hostile foreign agencies. The lawmakers would have recommended more funds for training and equipping the police rather than create a burden on govt. I call on the executive not accent the bill.

    • Charlie

      Hmmmmmm, why do always have negative mind towards something good? I believe you are a police officer. Because you won’t be getting bribes again like before? That’s the change we want. Barawo!

    • Stephen Diligence

      U must be myopic and pessimistic in thinking.why do we have different fed ministries? Is it not reduce workload?can the military and the police solve all our security challenges,? Don’t be jealous!with clear definition of roles and functions the anticipated frictions will be averted. Be happy jor!

    • Jadesola Babatola

      The NSCDC was a government initiative under the Military in the 70s and it was later transformed by Obasanjo civilian regime into a paramilitary organization.

      Civil Defence exist in many countries as auxiliary security and safety organization with the arm to provide basic community policing and intelligence gathering amongst others. It is not a strange organization and the police has learnt to accept and work with it in most countries. This is why it has survived despite the challenges faced with community policing and policing of strategic installations and core economic areas.

      In the case of Peace Corps, it does not have any resemblance with the U.S. Peace Corps initiatives of the 60s and 70s, which is the equivalence of Nigeria Technical Aids Corps.

      The peace corps that exist in U.S. is a private organization of priests and volunteers working for the promotion of Peace in the community and does not have any government backing.

      The Nigerian Peace corps is therefore an interloper and doesn’t have the institutional and correlative stance to operate as a public institution or an arm of the state because it doesn’t have any constitutional and legal rights to be so conferred unless it is a sponsored executive bill and its recruitment, staffing and organization is designed by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

      Whoever is sponsoring the Bill needs to be well informed about the process of engaging and organizing para military organization in a multi ethnic and culturally diverse society like Nigeria. It is essential for the Executive Arm to clamp down the body until Government is sure that the Peace Corps is not another means to legalize illegality and create more problems than solve the ones on ground.

      The only reason I can support Peace Corps in its present state is if:

      A. It will provide job opportunities for our teeming jobless youths.

      B. It will not have a clash of duties with the Police Force and Civil Defence.

      C. It will be re-organized, retrained and well disposed to the strategy and knowledge of policing and peace keeping.

      D. It will be used as local peace corps to ensure the pursuit of community engagement in public projects.

      E. It will not be issued arms because proliferation of arms in Nigeria is becoming issues of concern to safety and security. A Peace Corps doesn’t need arms to enforce peace.

      May God help our policy makers and decision makers not to destroy the aims and essence of public institutions particularly institutions empowered to do the work of law enforcement and public security and protection.

  • Adeoye Peter Adeola

    Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria, a bill that is passed to augment security in this country and even reduce unemployment. Why are some people always selfish, if Peace Corps offers bribe to reduce unemployment among youth, then you must be able to support your claim with prove and probably seek redress in the court and stop this character assassination. Its a pity our media houses have lost their dignity too, they only post news that will bring profit and make them popular not minding the damages it can cause. I love Nigeria but I hate Nigerians mentality, we want to progress like other countries and yet we want to hinder our fellow country men progress. Go out there and see a graduate earning less than 20,000 Naira in a month, is that what makes us happy? Bad belle people, instruments of destruction, Enemies of progress