Ailing President Buhari speaks on recovery, planned return to presidential duties

President Muhammadu Buhari in his office
President Muhammadu Buhari in his office

President Muhammadu Buhari has written to thank the President of Guinea, Alpha Conde, for the nationwide prayers held last week by Guineans for his recovery and good health.

In a letter dated July 24, 2017, President Buhari, who had earlier made a phone call to Conde, who is the current Chairman of  the Assemblies of Heads of State and Government of the African Union, stated:

“I thank you for your kind and thoughtful action in organizing nationwide prayers for my good health. It is a gesture that I will forever cherish and treasure.

“Your Excellency will be pleased to hear that I am making good progress, and as soon as doctors advise, I shall return to my duties and continue serving the Nigerian people who elected me and are daily praying for my recovery.”

In an earlier letter, President Buhari had also accepted his nomination as leader of the “2018 AU Theme on the Fight Against Corruption”, which came from African leaders at the 29th Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the AU in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on July 4, 2017.

“While thanking you for the kind words and for the nomination,” the President wrote to Conde, “I wish to express my readiness to accept this new important role and to reiterate my commitment to contribute towards our collective efforts to strengthen good governance and development on the continent.

I, therefore, look forward to working closely with you in the realization of this objective.”

Excerpts of the letters were made available Tuesday afternoon via a statement by Femi Adesina,  the Special Adviser to the President on media and publicity.


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    • Alhaji

      That is the change you voted for.

    • Mahmat

      When the Zoologist and his prostitutes were looting the country you fools were celebrating. I wish a bag of Garri goes up to 100k. That is when jobless online dummies like you will start seeing things from the correct perspective. Nonsense.

  • pointsblank


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    • No Komment


      “Truly, the APC party and all their friends,
      moles, associates and agents need to be swept from power and
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      has vanished into thin air for the last 70 days. It is no wonder that his
      office is evidently in the grave and that, for the better part of the last two
      years, he has been attending a prolonged and turbulent meeting in hell,
      struggling with the angel of death.”

      ………..Femi Fani-Kayode

      (July 25th, 2017)

  • truth_is_bitter

    The Cabal (Weaker Animals) went to London to attempt to bring back Bokohari of the North Eastern Animal Kingdom. But the resident veterinary Doctors said he can’t return because he has lost his memory completely. Guess what! …The Cabal INSISTED and demanded the Doctors prove what they meant my ‘memory lost’. So the Doctors took them in for a little Chat with Bokohari (Stronger Animal).
    Below is the conversation that ensued in Hausa (as translated by a seasoned interpreter) since the ‘Stronger Animal can now only converse in Hausa and the position of English in the brain is inactive.

    CABAL—-: Your excellency, the Stronger Animal, we have come to take you home so you can retrieve your presidential powers from that fake ex-Pastor Osinibinde.

    BOKOHARI—-: Here Whaz?? Iz it not President Goodluck Gonathan I waz contesting election with? Why now Osinibinde?

    CABAL—-: Stronger Animal, but you won the election. You defeated ex-President Jonathan

    BOKOHARI—-: Then when is the swearing in ceremony?

    CABAL—-: Your excellency, you were sworn in 2 years ago. U are president of the federal republic now.

    BOKOHARI—-: Walahi!…Gakia, I don’t believe you. If you are speaking truth, then why am I not in Aso rock? Why am I in London? …If you are right, then why did I have to contest with Osinibinde again?

    DOCTORS: —-: Please gentlemen, you can now see for yourself. Even in West Germany they would not allow this kind of patient return to work.

    • Rex


  • Lanre Owolabi

    Oh Yes! Now that 6 PDP Governors have decided to go to London to ‘visit’ a ‘living’ Buhari, they are trying to stage the unthinkable. First this fake message…and then they will soon announce to the whole world that his Doctors have recommended that visitors should no longer be allowed.

    Until PDP Governors see Buhari and return with photographs we as Nigerians and Biafrans and Niger Deltans will never believe the stories of apparitions here and there of a man claiming to be president.

    • Dominion

      Fool….Thot u are biafra, wetin concern you with our president. Olosi

      • Netanyahu

        You have started smoking this nonsense again? Like someone rightly pointed out the other time, your parents will regret not using condom when you were conceived.

    • Damzel

      Not with Photographs please! We need, or shud I say DEMAND video evidence. It wont cost even a Pound (Less than N500) to do the recording. We are waiting!

    • Gary

      Of what use or benefit to the country is having selected VIPs to go see the President of the Republic now resident in London? If the President is fit enough to receive visiting delegations, surely he can spend a few minutes on video to talk to the people who elected him? Or better still come home to resume his duties. And is unable to do either, do like the late Fidel Castro did and let Osinbajo run the country unfettered.
      Why are they playing games with the country’s future?

    • Mahmat

      He is not claiming to be president dummy, he is the president of Nigeria. That zoo that caged animals like you.; and so you shall be caged forever.

  • Agba

    What is all this nonsense now?

  • Frank Bassey

    “Excerpts of the letters were made available Tuesday afternoon via a statement by Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to the President on media and publicity.”

    Wonderful!!! So within 11 minutes of Mr Adesina releasing the statement PT has it as front page story on its web page. Hahaha… something is fishy here. It just doesn’t add up. Was PT waiting for the story or the press statement to be released? Of what national or economic importance is this story? Desperate men!!! You must convince Nigerians by all means necessary that a bedridden and incapacitated Buhari is alive and well. This tactic isn’t working. No videos. Nothing. It is a novel absurdity.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    So, a letter that was written by somebody else in the name of certificate forger and perjurer Buhari is the same as “speaking” in Premium Times’ dictionary? Why the desperation to present a false picture by the media and the Nigerian government? Regardless of all this 419, Buhari must resign, be impeached or better still, just drop dead.

    • Sonofmelaye


      “Democracy is defined as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people,
      but what we had in the time of Jonathan was greedocracy, which is government of the greedy,
      by the greedy and for the greedy. But today under Buhari, we have criminocracy – a government
      of the criminals, by the criminals, for the criminals. Buhari’s wrong appointments, for example, led to
      the emergence of the former (suspended) Secretary to the Government of the Federation, (SGF)
      Babachir Lawal, who became a grass-cutter.”

      …..…APC party incumbent Senator Dino Melaye

      (APC Senator, June 1, 2017)

    • Patrick Otobo

      What do you expect from `Premium Times (Premium Lies!!) The King of Junk Journalism??? In their understanding writing is the same as speaking and yet Musikilu Mojeed (The Editor in Chief) is the best investigative Journalist. What a shame!!!!

    • Mahmat

      You may likely die before him…..believe me.

  • Dazmillion

    Anyone who still doesnt understand that Nigeria is a failed state in all parameters should quickly check himself into the nearest psychiatric hospital for urgent mental evaluation.

    • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

      I consent to your proposition. However, the tragedy of the Nigerian situation is that as people check into the nearest Psychiatric hospital they are sure going to encounter psychiatric patient – Doctors as resident Psychiatrists. That is, Doctors who are themselves psychiatric patients with advanced ailments attending to self and fellow patients.

      When you make an 81 years old certificateless fossil as President in a country of 185 million people with 147 million under the age of 45, then you can be sure that such a state is doomed to fail and waiting to explode. After 84 days of abdication of duty, not even a single Senator has the guts to move a motion for resignation or impeachment. Truly Nigeria is worse than a Zoo. But the Weaker Animals or Mumuwoles are too dumb and far removed from reality. Break up of Nigeria is the only hope.

      • Dazmillion

        Doc, i gave up when Osinbajo told us that he had, over an hour conversation with a delirious drugged up patient, where they discussed serious matters of state. I soon started suspecting Osinbajo must have stumbled into Abacha’s cocaine room at Aso Villa and must have helped himself to some pure cocaine.

      • Spyman29

        If only your Zoologist GEJ have performed, who needs PMB

    • Spyman29

      On the contrary, you are the one that need the services of the Psychiatric Hospital

  • Gary

    So the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, currently convalescing in London at the expense of the Nigerian people, finds the time and courtesy to write the President and people of Guinea for praying for his recovery. But not his fellow Nigerians who have been majorly praying for him from the country left in inertia by his illness and absence from duty.

    That is how much Mr. Buhari and his inner circle think of the very people who gave him a historic mandate to govern them on a pledge of “Change”. They have never failed to let go of any opportunity to portray the Nigerian people as conquered subjects rather the employers of the President.

    So it is more important for Buhari and his handlers to show gratitude and loyalty to the ancestral homeland of his Fulani rather than those with whom they share the same national space and citizenship for no more reason than that the British put us together and there’s Niger Delta oil to exploit.
    The Guineans have cause to pray for a Nigerian leader who has opened our borders for an influx of armed Fulani pastoralists from all over West Africa to overrun the fertile lands of this country in search of pasture. Again at the expense of the citizens of Nigeria now engaged in an existential struggle to protect their ancestral lands from the invaders and their ravenous herds.

    That is it. On a daily basis, those who govern Nigeria make the case for Nnamdi Kanu and the separatists.

    • yosef

      You are obviously uncultured.

      • Reginald Dandeson

        It is quite obvious you don’t know the meaning of what you wrote, @yosef.

    • Spyman29

      Whosoever that give birth to you will regret not using condom on the day you were conceived after reading this trash you have just posted here

  • FreeNigeria

    The President in diaspora has written a letter. His long coma has destroyed what’s left of his little herdsman brain. he thought he’s writing to Osibajo and Nigerians. poor man

  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t

    FOR NGN1400 PER BAG.

  • Owoeye Gbenga

    Nigeria is in trouble with this Buhari illness and stage- picture. When is Nigeria going to be liberated from the hand of power hunger?

  • henry

    Nigeria youth Stop idle talk go to work or find something to do and leave Mr President to recover. Talk talk talk.

  • George

    As I was about to write my comment my son reading through my shoulder said Daddy this man called Buhari has just fulfilled one of his campaign promise, I turned asked what promise my son said he promised he will serve even from his grave and now he has accepted another offer from foreign land.

    This is a small boy who has realized the damages this devil has caused Nigeria.

    • Mahmat

      You son is also sick in the head just like you.

  • suleiman

    This is how it will continue. The cabal will take him out for 89 days and bring him back to truncate the constitutional 90 days provision. While Baba is out, the looting continues and this is why they won’t let him quit even if he wanted to. Haba, Baba Buhari, must you continue to be president? You have already made your mark, so make bold to quit the stage and allow Nigeria to move on. If you truly love this country, you should quit and focus on your health. We love you and wish you could continue as our president, but your health is more important than the presidency. You will honor God, this nation and yourself if you do this righteous act! May God bless you with good health