33 killed in latest Kaduna violence – Police

Fulani Herdsmen [Credit: Today.ng]
Fulani Herdsmen [Credit: Today.ng]

The Police said on Wednesday that calm has been restored to villages in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State, where 33 people died in clashes between villagers and Fulani.

A total of 27 herdsmen people living in the area were killed in two separate attacks, while six other villagers died, the police said on Wednesday in Kaduna.

Agyole Abeh, the Commissioner of Police in the state, said at a press briefing that the incident started on July 11, when some villagers attacked a boy and his father.

He said  the death of the boy later in a hospital, prompted some Fulani youth to attack the village where those who allegedly killed the boy hailed from and in the process six villagers died.

“The youths from the area immediately mobilised and went into the bush attacking and killing, maiming and burning any Fulani settlement within their sight.

“The police were contacted and immediately mobilised and went to the scene, but the youths had already fled into the surrounding bushes leaving behind a death toll of 26 Fulanis, which are mostly women and children.

“The injured were also recovered and taken to hospital where they are receiving treatment.

“Calm has been restored to the area and a joint police/military presence has been beefed up in the area to bring about lasting peace and restore confidence in the people of the community.”

The commissioner assured that the police would arrest and prosecute “those responsible for this dastardly and callous act.”

Mr. Abeh berated a section of the media for erroneous report of the incident, and advised reporters to always authenticate their facts before going public, so as not to misinform and further escalate such clashes.

The News Agency of Nigeria report that the command also paraded 57 suspected criminals arrested for alleged rape, armed robbery, illegal possession of fire arms, kidnappings, cattle rustling, and theft.

The commissioner said six cars, arms and ammunition were recovered from the suspects as investigation continues.



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  • Mentus

    This is the version the police – Abe will like you to publicise. Was any police officer present at the time. It is remarkable that they took the time and pains to identify who is Fulani and who is not.
    The onus should be on the publishing media to interview people on the ground and give both sides of the narrative. Do they want us to believe that the group not usually known to attack innocent citizens just decided to attack a Fulani man and his son without provocation.
    These Fulani led state apparatuses sometimes think Nigerians are brainless and cannot read between the lines. They are the ones causing disaffection in this nation by their blatant discriminatory practices.
    Abe even had the effrontery to warn the papers to report his own version as if he was there.
    Unfortunately some people had read the earlier version and know which one to believe.
    It is a shame that Nigerian papers in most cases go along with the ‘official’ versions even when they know otherwise.


      Are you there? Let hear your own version or you keep your mouth shut.

    • Frank Tee

      Thank You. You have spoken well.

    • Ola

      Mentus , if you have a version that is different from what is reported, please let us have it instead of blaming people for doing their job .

  • Frank Bassey

    Two good things that happened to this government are the election of Alhaji Nasir el-Rufai as Kaduna State Governor, and the appointment of Mr Raji Fashola as Minister of Power, Works & Housing. Their appointments have decapitated their image and we can now see them as humiliatingly UNDER-PERFORMERS. These two gentlemen were acidic critics of GEJ, now it is obvious that el-Rufai is not only short in stature, but mean in thinking, brief in ideas, and extremely in capability. He should be ashamed of himself that since his appointment, blood has been flowing more profusely than the waters in River Kaduna.

  • AryLoyds

    Animal Kingdom ! Human Lives means nothing to these people!

    • 0tile

      They are unpeople.

  • Ola

    Frank Bassey, if people in a community almost 50 miles outside of state capital decide to keep killing each other despite every effort made to find peace, how come the Governor is to blame for that.

    And what has Mr. Raji Fashola got to do with the news being reported, is he now the Governor of Kaduna State?

    My friend , you are the one whose language is spilling more blood than water. Please take a minute and read your posting over again and stop blaming El Rufai and Fashola for the irresponsibility of Nigerians like yourself.

  • 0tile

    You will not hear anything from omo Yoruba and their mothers on this. If it happened anywhere east of the Niger insolent Yorubas would have flooded the net insulting Igbo people and talking about how Biafrans would kill themselves. Dele awogbeogba lead your i-mob, or are you afraid of saying something that may offend your slave masters. Cowards

  • George

    One day these people we wake up and see no one is standing again.

    So this is how we will be living in this country. This isn’t Zoo because in Zoo animals live in peace and orderly.

    Who is the president of Nigeria? Thank God for Goodluck he handover on time. May God bless him forever, Amen.

  • Dazmillion

    The beauty of the contraption called Nigeria. 33 people killed and not a single arrest, in the end nobody will answer for these crimes. Please be ready for tomorrow’s headline which should be “45 killed in another round of mayhem by the usual suspects”.

    But when the Ibo man asks for a referendum, it is called hate speech and a declaration of war. When a Niger Delta man asks for resource control, Odi will be invaded and innocent villagers slaughtered for asking questions about their resources. When farmers ask why herdsmen are armed with AK47, their wives and daughters are raped for daring to ask such questions

    This only shows Nigeria is a country ran by mad men and not by animals because if you visit a Zoo you will not see a monkey killing another monkey or a lion killing another lion. A Zoo is a peaceful environment where you take your family to relax on a lazy weekend. Nigeria is a psychotic hell hole that should be dismantled.

  • Why u shud SUPPORT Biafra

    Just think about it, for 57 years, these group of people have continued to recycle themselves in government and amassing wealth that they can’t spend for 10 life times at the expense of YOU the masses. It is outrageous and irresponsible for the youths to remain loyal to these evil cabal. I am not advocating violence. I am advocating that you stand up and protest and demand to take your destiny into your own hands alongside the Biafra peaceful protesters. Biafrans are already doing what is necessary to affect change and that is why you must support the cause. And by the way, the Nigeria military should protect the people and be for the people instead of killing the people at the government bidding.

    Just imagine, 33 killed and nobody will address a nation, nobody will be arrested. Just like suicide bombers who are never named, the killers of these innocent ones will never be named. And the crooked animals and hediorts will tell us that Nigeria’s unity is non negotiable.

  • Bright Ezeh

    Nigerian news is always heart breaken see people dying like flies when you spray lnsecticide , biafra is what we need not restructure and live with cow’s in the North,

  • Mentus

    Ola, read another version in Vanguard titled ‘Scores killed in renewed violence in Southern Kaduna’ where eye witness, somebody who actually lives in the community was interviewed.

  • efada acha

    Govt response is so swift in Kaduna and taraba probably it does not favour the people it’s expected to