Nigerians want PDP back in 2019 – Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan
Former President Goodluck Jonathan [Photo Credit: Ikenga Chronicles]

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has said that Nigerians still want the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to return to power in 2019. He therefore appealed to the party’s members to rebuild it.

Mr. Jonathan said this on Monday evening as he led other party chieftains to a meeting of Expanded National Caucus of the party at its Wadata Plaza national secretariat.

Mr. Jonathan also assured that many members of the party who left it as a result of its internal crisis would return.

The former president, who arrived at the venue to a loud ovation, assured party supporters that the PDP has gone past ‘its worst moment.’

“The first thing we need to do is to rebuild the party because when the party is strong, everything will be added to that.

“Whether you have individual or group interest, as a politician, you must serve. These are very basic things. But first and foremost, we must strengthen the party.

“Let us cooperate with the Caretaker Committee and make sure that PDP is very cohesive. And when that happens, people who stepped aside may step back.’’

PDP had been factionalised since its national convention which held in May 2016 in Port Harcourt leading to numerous court cases that ended last week at the Supreme Court.

With the affirmation of Ahmed Makarfi as its authentic chairman by the apex court, the crisis that had ravaged the party was finally laid to rest.


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  • edeje

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    • musa aliyu

      Ole, olosi, oloribu!

      • TitoTX

        God! Whoever doing this to Dumbo will not die well. PDP is a cancer that any sane Nigeria does not want to come near or have anything to do with. Dumbo please don’t be deceived, are you reading the news from the US on your petroleum minister or you don’t understand English anymore? $2.1b is still being traced, $43m was discovered in a flat in Ikoyi approved by yourself……Please you people should leave us alone.

        • Kallah Bature

          May be Dumbo wanted to say Nigerians wanted their looted money back from his cronies like DAMduaekwe not PDP coming back.Tufiakwa…God forbid..

  • musa aliyu

    Hear this dumbo. No sane Nigerian will ever wish to remember that disaster called PDP. Go continue taking your root liquor!


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    Soyombo reasoning is well, akimbo;
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    Soyombo must have written this for a bimbo;
    for Ndidi, the attractive but empty-headed young woman;

    Soyombo plotting to leave Biafra in limbo;
    an uncertain period of awaiting a decision;

    Soyombo mumbo-jumbo is ambo;
    the oyinbo sleep aid Ambien (generic: Zolpidem);

    Reason to play crambo with Soyombo;
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    an inconspicuous lotus;

    Soyombo, the sabo sambo;
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    Soyombo try a pot of delicious gumbo;
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    Soyimbo don’t be a dumbo;
    lay off the ofe mmanu.

  • kayode Olufade

    What Nigerians want is exemplary leadership, good transparent governance and purposeful growth in the nation’s economy. The PDP failed Nigerians for 16 years, the APC is failing us right now! No light, no water, businesses are reading negative balanc sheets, no jobs….the list goes on. What we need, the PDP, APC don’t have at the moment. I pray we get there soon if not the laws of necessity will take over and we begin to revert to our natural ‘animal’ instincts; survival for the fittest! God bless us all with wisdom!

  • dami

    This is a very shameless statement by Jonathan and the PDP.

    • suleiman

      Why? Look where the one-party system has led us to; hunger, corruption, insecurity, lawlessness, with private vehicles blaring out sirens, dishonesty, deceit, lies and ineptitude. To you, these are okay as long as it is APC doing it. Many of you behave as if the APC members are saints. Look at the 700 billion voted for road maintenance. Travel on the Kaduna-Kano road and you will find that they have created more potholes, scraping the road and living sharp edges, thus subjecting travelers to danger, tire burst is a constant on that road and there is no hope they will ever come back to fix the damage they have done. Keep dreaming that APC is mr fix it. Nigerians now know better that your Buhari is the most incompetent leader ever produced in this country.

      • dami

        No Sir…Get my comment right….PDP in its present form is a band of thieves and no good doers….simple….my comment is not about how good the APC is or not.
        As to your comment they are not the opposition we want…they can’t even apologize for all the nonsense and hardship they put us through for 16years….with their thievery they are also arrogant….money they stole from us is what impoverished us and they want to come and steal some more – no Sir.

        • sab

          Did I hear you say hardship? How much were you buying a bag of rice then and now? How much was a liter of fuel then and now? I’m sorry you are being economical with the truth. When will these lies and deceits stop?

          • dami

            How much were these things in 1999 compared to when PDP left in 2015?
            No Sir – you tell yourself the truth.

          • Jb

            Have you run away, answer the simple question. How much was rice in 1999 when the thieves stole power? How much was it in 2015 when Jega use the card reader to do magic.

      • Jb

        Suleiman or whatever you call yourself, the coming of APC has saved our people especially the North east from the PDP generated Boko Haram. If Buhari is incompetent as you want us to believe, by now you won’t have been chance to post all the comment you are making. I believe you were not even able to work freely talk less of posting this useless commence. Any way enjoy your freedom from the peace APC have provided you and say what you wish say. APC will continue to provide you with that peaceful atmosphere.

    • Fadama

      Very shameless indeed.

  • Freedom Bini

    That is the face of Peace. Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. If not for this man war and killings would have been added to the suffering in the land today. He left it to the hands of those who stated they had the magic wand but today what do we have. Oppression had reached its zeniths, Joblessness and hate and division had gone through the roofs.

    • Jb

      Don,t forget so soon that Nigerians were not only oppressed and made jobless, homeless, schools etc, but over 1000,000 lives were destroyed in churches, mosques, markets, offices, homes, streets, schools all under the watchful eyes of this your man of peace while his wife and his political associates were laughing to the bank. Continue with your dream.

  • Sir Louis

    Jonathan likes to live in a dream land as he did when he was President while Nigeria was looted hollow under his watch. He is at it again. PDP hoping to return to power is a mirage. Though the APC has not acquitted itself well, 2019 remains in the hands of the Nigerian people to decide based on recent issues in the polity.

    • share Idea

      What is the recent issue in the country? That we have a missing president that only talks when sending condolence messages to his friends. Nigeria we hail thee

  • utolason

    Jonathan must be on something to believe that Nigerians have suddenly forgotten the massive looting that went on under his government. Come 2019, Nigerians will decide who governs them, but that wouldn’t be PDP.

    • The Rt. or Lft. Hon NinjaK

      That is you – speaking strictly for yourself and maybe your immediate family!
      Yes, there was looting under Jonathan, fine. BUT JUST AS THERE WAS MASSIVE LOOTING UNDER SHAGARI (e.g. umaru dikko days, akinloye champaigne era, rice import scams, etc) , IBB (e.g. $12bn Gulf War windfall, when dollar was 5x stronger than today’s dollars), ABACHA (lets not even bother), ABDULSALAM (e.g. massive depletion of foreign reserves from $7.5bn down to just $500mn in 3 months to vacating office), OBJ (e.g. $13bn NIPP scandal, Defence Ministry Scandal with Perm Sec Makanjuola, Library scam where Govt Agencies like NPA donated millions of dollars to a Sitting President, etc)…….

      So, Mr Man if all these other people could attempt to come back as President, then Jonathan too would not be doing badly if he decides to come back too. Whatever is good for the goose……

      • utolason

        Oh dear! Bros, the difference is clear. PDP went too far this time!

        • suleiman

          Really? OBJ, Saraki, Tambuwal, El-Rufai and all the former PDP governors, ministers, DGs and legislators who are now in APC were not in PDP? You better keep your mouth shut if you have nothing to say

        • The Rt. or Lft. Hon NinjaK

          and how far is too far? your own definition of “far”?
          If $2bn was reported to have been given to Dasuki, and another $100mn or $200mn is being traced to Diezani. Fine.
          But of what significance is that to those that nicked $12bn gulf war windfall almost 30yrs ago (when dollar was x5 of current dollar); or those that cleaned out $7bn from foreign reserves in 1998 just 3 months to leaving office? etc etc
          Truth is Nigerians just love to leave the main wound, and chase the flies!

    • suleiman

      That won’t be APC either because the looting has not stopped. In fact, there is more looting now, only that it is not being reported because everyone is scared of the false allegations by DSS and EFCC who intimidate and threaten to people who talk! Continue to live in your dream world that this government is not corrupt. May be Babachir, Abba Kyari and Shehu Malami will tell us more about grass, MTN , etc. May be Saraki, Amaechi, Fashola, Kwankwaso and co are not in the APC because they are the purests saints Nigeria can produce now.

  • Mufu Ola

    Ogogoro too much!!

  • farooq

    yes,we have missed your talent ……………………

  • endipin

    fa fa Foul

  • Netanyahu

    There is no doubt apc is scared to their pants. Yes, it was not rosy during Jonathan’s time, but we can close our eyes now and tell the difference. All those crap about fighting corruption can be another song to the birds. Nigerians now know better. Never again will Nigerians vote for a janjaweed party like apc. Never. 2019 is all for PDP to take or fail. APC is dead with the certificateless one. At least all the Shiites are now PDP.

    • Uzoma John

      Dreamer. Dream on.

  • George

    Man of peace thank you father of Nation.

    • Sonomelaye


      “Democracy is defined as a government of the people, by the people,
      and for the people, but what we had in the time of Jonathan was ‘greedocracy
      – which is a government of the greedy, by the greedy and for the greedy. Today, now
      under Muhamadu Buhari, we have ‘criminocracy’ – a government of criminals,
      by the criminals, and for the criminals. Wrong appointment, for instance, led to the
      emergence of the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation
      (SGF, Babachir Lawal) who became a grass-cutter”.

      ………………APC incumbent Senator Dino Melaye

      (June 1st, 2017)

    • front man

      Man of looting

      • Sir Louis

        Who should be in jail.

  • udemeobong

    PDP return? With what proof? Who is going to be the leader, not YOU Mr. GEJ?
    I don´t care which party, person, or part of nigeria. All I care is constant uninterrupted electricity, judiciary cleansing of corrupt officials, one national parliament, functional and insureable health delivery, fair and high speed transpaent internet connectivity, more money for higher institutions including extra budget for research and free tuition fees, good networking roads for transportation of goods and services, ban from importation of goods that Nigerians can produce by themselves, check the police and army fo violating human rights, send corrupt officials after speedy trials to jail, not only the poor for mere offence like stealing a goat. check foreign influences, especially the way they exploit Nigerians in Nigeria. No country tolerates that,only here in Nigeria that anything/everything goes!

    I can continue the list, but it will never end. So someone pleaase should help me. Thanks. God bless Nigeria, if Nigeria will do what other countries do to get blessing. So many churches and mosques, great pastors and Imams, and yet so many evil doers and bad leadership!!! A paradox you may say itsn´t it?!!!

  • Fadama

    On one condition that you guys field Patience, your wife as the Presidential candidate. Anything short of that, and we wouldn’t vote for PDP.

    • absam777

      I agree. Vote for Patience Jonathan. If Fayose can aspire to be president of Nigeria, ‘mama war’ should also be fielded.

      • Land of Rising Sun


        “We are tired of being a part of Nigeria. There is nothing for us here. We want a better
        place for our children and grandchildren. Nnamdi Kanu is the right man to lead this cause.
        He is not materialistic and has been anointed by God to lead us to Biafra. He has a lot of
        angels by his side, guiding him from all the evil that people are planning.

        Nothing can stop Biafra, not even an Igbo Presidency. We support Nnamdi Kanu and all those
        Igbo who refuse to support him are doing so because of the things they get from the Buhari
        government. Our Biafra struggle is no small one. We are ready to die for its actualization.”

        ………..Umuahia residents’ street protest declaration

        [July 1st, 2017]

      • Fadama

        Absolutely. They have turned into charlatans and that is why I suggested they also have another charlatan for Presidency in their party.

  • band olu

    For PDP to come back in 2019 to continue where they left off, d looting & sharing of money, it will never happen…God forbid bad thing…

    • front man

      God forbid

    • Pat

      God has already forbidden, except if will allow it. It is left for us, the masses, to “Yes” or “No” and follow it with action and commitment. Don’t forget that the stolen money is still in their hands. Most Nigerians can change tone and sell their future for a token. The fact that electoral commissioners, judges, party agents and the voters are still Nigerians is why Jonathan and PDP believes they could come back. Left to us to decide!

      • woman leader1

        We don’t want Jonathan again. He his a disaster to Nigeria.

  • Ahmed Tukur

    After all the maltreatment we received under your leadership. We will never be deceive again, never.

    • front man

      Yes ooo

    • woman leader1

      Never ever we are wise now.

  • Factura


    The problem with Muhamadu BUHARI……..

    Today, under the useless and shambolic APC government there are now 28 million
    un-employed youths in Nigeria; just roaming purposelessly inside Nigeria to beg
    for food – a staggering figure equal to the entire population of Ghana; a
    neighbouring West African country, according to latest official bulletin issued
    by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics.

    Today’s un-employment figure in Nigeria under the APC government is over
    50% of the entire population of Nigeria at independence in October 1960. As it
    is, the 28 million jobless youths in Nigeria are no longer waiting to be
    preached to; or taught to be patient by those robbing the treasury in government
    state houses.

    The youths are bracing for rifles and revolvers, to impose a mob solution
    on a dysfunctional Nigeria. Blood flows in Ikorodu in Lagos state in a
    bloodbath to mirror the carnage in Borno state. It matters not the motive of
    each gang. What’s key is that Nigeria is the common target. A country that
    forces its youths to arm and kill for survival or for political choice or
    economic grievance will sooner or later have Biafra all over the place.

    • Qaqa Abu


      “The real problem with the country is that Jihad has been launched in Nigeria;
      and Islamists that have been interfering in the governance of the country;
      using “Taqiyya” (approved deception) as “Stealth/Civilisation Jihad”,
      and Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen as violent Jihad,
      are relentless in their pursuit of eradicating democracy
      in Nigeria.

      The objective of the Islamists (Political Islam) is to supplant the constitution of Nigeria
      with Sharia ideology as the source of legislation in the nation. The conflict between
      democracy as national ideology, and Sharia as a usurping ideology,
      is responsible for the crisis unfolding in Nigeria.
      The nation is in the throes of Jihad.”

      …………Army Generals T.Y Danjuma,
      Joshua Dongoyaro and Zamani Lekwot

      (July 14th, 2017)

      • Dandelion


        All over the public service in Lagos state now, it is either you hear or GANIYU or KAMORU or ABDUL or RAUFU or RAJI or LATIFU and such crass-sounding names. You will never hear PETER, PAUL, JAMES, MICHAEL or JOHNSON inside Lagos state government today under the overall control of Bola Tinubu.

        That is what General Theophilus Y. Danjuma describes above as “Taqiyya” – meaning using approved deception on the naive Christians to effect ‘stealth civilization Jihad’ by saying: “WE ARE ALL YORUBA”.

    • Gbabe




      • Revosvivas


        A country
        administered by honest and knowledgeable people is best, and it’s to be
        preferred. The physical elimination of all treasury thieves and their business
        accomplices in Nigeria is a task that must be done. Roll out the tanks now and
        drain the swamp! Let Nigeria’s revolutionaries quickly form a fighting alliance
        with the military men in uniform. It’s time to clean up Nigeria with physical
        action. Enough of talking to treasury thieves in government who’ve destroyed
        the basis of community happiness. It’s time to kill the treasury thieves and make
        Nigeria great again!

  • ed

    President Jonathan read the mode of the country wrongly again. Former president personally picked Sheriff the well known Boko Haram terrorist sponsorer to lead PDP. The PDP crisis of the last 2 years was a creation of Jonathan.
    Today Nigerian are seeking self determination for the regions.
    PDP were hopelessly corrupt while in power for the 16 years.
    Nigerian took a chance on the Known Islamic Jihadists that claimed to have changed called Mohammed Buhari.
    Which led us to the current Islamization on Nigerian. Fulani’s terrorist herdsmen killers are now the powerful invaders all over the country with Military and police backing.
    APC and PDP can never regain the confidence of any rational Nigerian.
    Disintegration is the answer.

    • front man

      Fayose, wike and other strong pdp members chose Alli modu Sheriff to be there chairman

      • Olatubosun

        I can’t laugh

  • abdul dull daura

    People will always shout PDP looted. Is it possible to steal in an economy the money you did not generate? Given the fact that the oil in Niger Delta, the main stay of the economy is still very much in the ground in higher quantity now. Buhari and his Almajiri followers will always blame a past government for his incompetence. how do you expect a man who forgot where he left his O Level certificate if he had one to run a minimum of $36b/yr economy? Not even when he was a young man. Buhari crashed the economy in his first coming and again in the second. If you blame it on the fall in oil prices, then he must be having evil jinx for the fall in oil price whenever he is in power.
    It cannot be taken away, GEJ IS THE BEST.

    • front man

      Stop all this hatred of yours and face it how can your lord Jonathan be the best president
      He allowed those thieves to moved the country’s money to their personal account, diezani just said she’s ready to go to jail and many will follow, what do you think about that

    • woman leader1

      So all you want is backwardness, Please be truthful for once.

    • SpeakOut

      I tire for you oooo, You’re part of those that has been looting our public treasuries right….

      • Olatubosun

        Don’t mind him

    • Olatubosun

      You are enemy of progress

    • Don’t mind those confused Nigerian youths. This is d only country where a full fledged prof is deputy to a complete school drop out and u expect no recession

  • YahayaOmaye

    Jonathan, go and answer questions on Malabo fraud then we will talk. In some countries persons like you would be in jail for messing up the economy

  • front man

    Thunder fire u Oga jona and your pdp members after all you did to this country by allowing those bastard stealing and moving the country treasuries to other countries for their selfish interest

    • woman leader1

      Can you imagine, and all he could think of again is coming back to destroy this country more, God will not let that happen.

      • Olatubosun


    • Olatubosun


  • Dandelion


    The stealth civilization Islamist called Bola Tinubu…..

    All over the public service in Lagos state now, it is either you hear
    or GANIYU or KAMORU or ABDUL or RAUFU or RAJI or LATIFU and such
    crass-sounding names. You will never hear PETER, PAUL, JAMES, MICHAEL or
    JOHNSON inside Lagos state government today under the overall control
    of Alhaji Bola Tinubu who is the face of political Islam in Yorubaland.

    That is what General Theophilus Y. Danjuma
    describes below as “Taqiyya” – meaning using approved deception on the
    naive Christians to effect ‘stealth civilization Jihad’ by saying: “WE ARE

    • Oskirin

      u av failed woefully aagain by ds ya deranged analysis.mad man of a crazy father.

  • Rommel

    Dumbo didn’t go far enough, he should have said Nigerians wanted him and Diezeani Madueke back in power, somehow, the PDP looters feel that they have succeeded in removing the steam from the anti corruption fight, we’ll see

    • AryLoyds

      Anything but Buhari and his APC band of rogues will be a welcome development and relief.

      • joe

        Yes. You might as well go raise from death, all the dead armed robbers like Anini and Osunbor to come and take over the government in 2019.

        • Paschal Charles

          Anini and Osunbor is better that Murderer you call your president .

          • joe

            We all know that Anini and Osunbor are mentors to people like you. That is why the country is virtually inhabitable due to the high rate of criminal activities.

          • Paschal Charles

            I prefer to be Anini or Osunbor than to be a mass murderer. The blood of innocent unarmed Biafrans murdered by Buhari are tormenting him. Where is the Murderer you call your president ? Since Jan 2017 he has has not spent up to one Month in the country he claims to be ruling and he is the only president in the world who is hidden at an unknown cave . I thought he is God who has power to kill in mass , now he is afraid of the same death he is inflicting on people .

  • wode

    This man still remains illusional! He hasn’t learnt anything.

  • share Idea

    My hero and great democratic ambassador we love you and absolutely agree with you that every politician should have service as number one priority

  • woman leader1

    This man called his just a funny dude.

    • Olatubosun

      Don’t mind him, he is a crazy clown

  • woman leader1

    After putting Nigerians in this mess, you are still talking of coming back, I reject every plan of backwardness in Nigeria.

    • Olatubosun


    • Usman Ishiaka


  • Jb

    Only fraudulent people who are born looters and will die as looters if they don’t seek sincere repentance still believe in you and your looting party not right thinking and God fearing Nigerians.

  • luvnaija

    In his mind
    Planing to do another round of looting

  • Olatubosun

    Jonathan that paved way for corruption……. I laugh in German

  • Olatubosun

    No one will vote for pdp

  • Folami

    I hope it will end where it started… facebook and Twitter!!!!

  • joe

    Well is it his fault? This is a guy that raided the Nigerian treasury in broad daylight and who is still walking about a free man. What do you expect?

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Followers of Jonathan will have the hottest place in hell reserved for them. What an effrontery!

    • 0tile

      You heard that over 33 people were killed in Kaduna axis yesterday but you played dead. As soon as you read what Great Jona said you people jumped like wild cats to attack him. Ifa Orunmila will make you mouths rot, watch out.

  • JasV

    Jona, Jona, Jona, how many times I call you? At your age you are still screwing yourself in the thighs, you are indulging in self masturbation. No wonder you didn’t know that money was being stolen left, right and centre. Even your mama pissy pissy under your nose you didn’t know that she has followed gift money out of your house. Clearrrrrrrrr out of my face. Yeye thing. Maybe your ogogoro drunken, ogogoro DNA damaged nigerians want pdp back, but definitely not truly, properly born and bred Nigerians. GOD FORBID BAD THING. GOD DESTROY NIGERIAN LEADERS LIKE YOU FROM GENERATION ONTO GENERATION IN JESUS NAME. AMEN. IN MOHAMMADU’S NAME ALSO FOR THE MUSLIMS AMONGST YOU. ALHAKUBAR OR HOW DO YOU SAY AMEN IN ISLAM JARE?

  • LagosBoy

    This man can and never will change…He his still as dumb as when he was the president of Nigeria..
    After all he and his PDP had done to naija, He still thinks there is a chance in hell for them to come and rule this country again, NO, NEVER…

  • Arc_Deji_Alabi

    It’s either this man is really not intelligent or he is out of tune with current news. With all the songs Diezani has been singing and the revelations from America, it’s funny anyone can think of PDP winning 2019

    • xandril

      Please d tune is better than the suffering Nigerians are in now. We are tired of the media propaganda of APC. Give us result and not excuse

      • Comfortkay

        Bros mi which NIGERIAN are suffering? l have never see anyone demostrasting for lack of food or shelter, where is the suffering in Nigeria?
        When people are suffering they will go and protest, did you see that anywhere? Please say the truth because the truth will make you Free.

        • emmanuel

          You are a demented f**l. Shameless mag**t whoc could not renew internet data subscription over a year because of hardship.
          All APC arsenal of lies are dried up and you are still deluding yourself.
          If you do not know, Liar Mohammed has avoided the press lie a plague for a long time, after Nigerians suffocated him with his brainless lies.
          Na who be you, wen wan raise up your ugly demonic head?

          • Comfortkay

            Hey you need a serious medical attention.

    • Tunsj

      The government ought to prosecute his wife for stealing.

  • @Kazkanye

    Jonathan!!! i beg pass the weed.

  • Voice Out

    PDP coming back better and stronger. APC has killed Nigerians with hunger and lies.

    • stackCrawler

      PDPigs can never rule again

      • 0tile

        The longer El-Zakzaky is held in captivity the more Buhari relatives plot to murder him there. Nigeria will be set ablaze the day Buhari’s people murder El-Zakzaky in prison. The assassins may claim he died of heart attack but nobody will believe them.

    • Tunsj

      Keep on dreaming my friend.

    • Lukman Asifat

      My friend in wilderness of thinking,continue deceiving your self.To hell to all PDP criminals and looters.

  • Frank Bassey

    It is not enough to just say it; PDP must scout for a strong, resolute Public Relations practitioner to couch, dish out enough propaganda to knell APC. Constitute a strong, cerebral research team to dig into the archives and exhume APC’s rotten, smelly and awful bones. There are plenty of it. Never again will a WASC-intended candidate rule this country.

    • emmanuel

      Nothing short of that.

    • Lukman Asifat

      Dr Jonathan,the former president was a PHD holder,what impact on Nigeria polite ?.Under him former petroleum Minister stole Nigeria blind and other PDPigs who looted our resources.

      • Frank Bassey

        Now we have an empty, decaying, dry brain; WAEC-intended candidate, how far have we gone? Are you blind to see that Nigeria is still being stolen blind and we are hiding it? Where are the LOOTERS who use IDP camps and Grass-cutting to siphon money to themselves? Are you not aware that the camel heads in authority are using clandestine, secret and illegal appointment of their people into office to steal the country blind? What really is stealing? PMB/APC used propaganda — LOOTING, CORRUPTION, STEALING — to confuse Nigerians. Compare your life now and before these dumb, illiterate, WASC-intended hypocrites came into office. Nigerians have tested both sides. NEVER, repeat NEVER again will a brainless, hypocritical, blood-thirsty individual rule this country again. Of course, restructuring is coming. Let the saints go and control their own resources. Fools!

        • Lukman Asifat

          Animal in human skin,welcome to your kingdom.PDP government of 16 years that mortgaged the entire life of Nigerians and you’re using your maggot brain to promote.Well only deep can be called a deep.

          • Frank Bassey

            This country will NEVER be ruled again by a man or woman with a feet of clay, heart of impunity and head of wood.

  • Olugbenga Roberts

    Brother Jona, wake up please. You must be daydreaming! Nigerians don’t care about which party rules, they only care about good governance. PDP has been tried and failed, we are awaiting the full assessment of the current lot.

    • 0tile

      Since Buhari is no longer around why cant Osinbajo free El-Zakzaky from religious captivity? What is Osibanjo waiting for?

    • Afo

      It is only the type of GEJ with whom stealing is not corruption but in their DNA that want wicked PDP back in their homes. For me and my house PDP is gone for ever.

  • Tunsj

    If I wanted to hear an a**hole speak, I’d fart.

  • 0tile

    Where was Osibande ordained his own pastorhood?