INEC suspends Melaye’s recall

Senator Dino Melaye [Photo:]
Senator Dino Melaye [Photo:]

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) says it will comply with the order of the Federal High Court, Abuja, and temporarily suspend the recall process of Dino Melaye from the Senate.

Mr. Melaye represents the Kogi West Senatorial District at the Upper Chamber.

The Commission disclosed this in a statement issued by Adedeji Soyebi, INEC National Commissioner and Chairman, Information and Voter Education Committee on Thursday.

Mr. Soyebi said the commission reached the decision after considering the court order dated July 6, at its regular weekly meeting held on Thursday.

The court order had directed all parties listed in the suit filed by Mr. Melaye to maintain the status quo till the determination of the motion on notice.

Mr. Melaye was seeking an injunction against the commission to stop it from acting on the petition by registered voters of Kogi west senatorial district.

“As a responsible, law-abiding institution, INEC will comply with the order.

“However, the commission has also decided to take immediate steps to vacate the court order for the matter to be heard and determined expeditiously.

“Whereas the court had adjourned hearing of the Motion on Notice till Sept. 29, the commission by law has 90 days to complete the process,’’ he said.

Mr. Soyebi further said: “section 69 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) sets a limit of 90 days from the date of the presentation of the petition (21st June, 2017) for the exercise to be completed.’’

The national commissioner however, said the commission did draw the attention of the Chief Justice of Nigeria to the order.

Mr. Soyebi said this was in view of the negative effect the order had on the performance of the commission’s constitutional duty.

In another development, Mr. Soyebi said the commission had approved a policy of comprehensive audit after all elections.

“This is in line with its commitment of ensuring transparency and overall improvement of the electoral process,’’ he said.(NAN)


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  • Opekete

    Cash and carry judiciary

    • Dees Law


      Judge Tsoho’s black market Injunction

      Why did Justice Tsoho
      fix September 29 for the hearing of the interlocutory motion on Dino Melaye’s
      case? An interim injunction should be given to last no more than 13 days. But
      here now Justice Tsoho gave INTERIM INJUNCTION to last for three [3] months.

      This is unheard of
      in the history of legal profession. This interim injunction is therefore
      corrupt as granted because it violates the law. I will advise INEC to
      ignore this ignorant interim injunction and go ahead with verification
      of signatures to fix a date for voting to recall Dino Melaye.

      In the locus classicus case
      of U.A.C vs Macfoy the honorable Lord Denning had long ago
      declared the binding law as follows; that a void order or act is void and
      nothing need be done on it, because the order or act is simply void.

    • Lawyers Alliance


      I am happy that INEC took the initiative to report this case to the Chief Justice of Nigeria who heads Nigeria’s
      National Judicial Council (N.J.C) and who has to decide if Justice Tsoho should face disciplinary proceeding
      for this nonsense injunction. The predictable decision is YES because a Judge of the High Court should
      know the law and know better that an interim injunction must NOT be granted if within 14 days the court
      will not sit to hear the interlocutory application on notice to INEC – to challenge the nonsense injunction
      on statutory grounds; i.e, that the Constitution stipulates a time-limit for INEC to act which no court
      in Nigeria can nullify indirectly with senseless interim injunction issued in near-ignorance of law.

  • donMe$$i

    Dino had always been considered a ‘change agent’ by the APC mob..until he and saraki defied their ‘lord’ in the SW-APC.
    APC Vs A-fee-cee till 2019.

  • Akiika

    Is this Buhari’s fault again? is he the one that mandated the crooked judge to grant stay of status quo? It is becoming clearer that Nigeria may never get out of the grip of these looters, simply because Nigerians are largely docile and ignorant.
    Imagine a court granting a stay an order to prevent the execution of a written INEC process. I think our criminal justice system is the biggest problem. The money you have, the easier it is to arm twist the judges. What a farce democracy! aren’t we better off with a dictator? at least we know he/she is a dictator and we may get some lucky with some of his policies. Our democracy is fraud! It is a pseudo-oligarchy.

    • Onike24

      Pseudo? How? There is nothing pseudo it’s a clear Oligarchy, a kakistocracy. …. soon INEC will be injuncted from conducting elections….

  • Comfortkay

    Stop kidding me so it is only in Nigeria that Court rukles over the will of the people. There is no need for this country call Nigeria again

    • Pure Reasoning

      You’re right! This is a sacrilege for a court to tell the people “GO TO HELL” This is nothing but a kangaroo ruling by an obvious corrupt judge and court. Democracy is dies in Nigeria and the courts are aiding and abetting it.

  • Sam

    It is approaching we the people versus the politician police and the notorious and corrupt judges judges

  • Dazmillion

    Why dont we in all honesty call it a day on this failed country called Nigeria. How long must we still pretend that there is still hope for Nigeria?A country where thuggery is disguised as the rule of law is no country. A country where the common man cannot recall a criminal representative is no country at all. A country where the president to comatose in a foreign land yet the government is pretending all is well is no country at all.

    • Onike24

      I couldn’t agree with you more. We have reached the end of the road.

  • TDaniels2

    Nigerian judiciary is notoriously corrupt without exception from the customary courts to the Supreme Court. We just saw a real court yesterday in Brazil that jailed its former president 9.5 years in prison. Can this ever happen in today’s Nigeria?
    Abuja courts have been noted abinitio to be led by bunch of mafia and criminals. It goes back to June 12, to the 1992 days, court sessions are held at midnight in a kitchen. It’s unfortunate that federal high court Abuja had not changed for better over the years!

    The same court sets Saraki free, despite the overwhelming and incontrovertible of mountain of evidence against Saraki. Same criminals, only difference is just the gowns and wigs /frocks!
    Unless common people rise up and effect changes, highly unfortunate nothing, nothing, and nothing will change.

    Negotiations and placating have never change any cabal, criminal gangs or mafiaso in any part of the world. It’s up to Nigerians, what type of a country or zoo do they want? An orderly one or a disorderly one? A sane and decent one or a kangaroo and chaotic jungle?

    When the judges and the judiciary act with impunity, it just make the efforts of patriotic Nigerians extremely difficult if not nearly impossible! But no need to lose faith in a better tomorrow for Nigeria.


    • serubawon70

      You are on point. If things continue like this I will not be surprised if one day some young military officers decide that enough is enough

      • bigbang

        Don’t even think of that. The military is worse than the current politicians.

        • Yego V

          I ‘would rather have a military dictatorship for what it is, than to be ruled by a so-called democracy that’s absolutely corrupt and demonized.

  • Frank Bassey

    I said it from the outset that the exercise is one effort in futility. Gov. Bello should concentrate on effective governance of Kogi State which he doesn’t seem to have the capability to execute.

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    INEC had been speaking of and inadvertently inviting a court order even before Dino went to court to fraudulently purchase an illicit order. How do you adjourn an ex parte motion to Sept 29 on a recall that must be determined latest 31st August in violation of ACJA law that forbids adjournment of such cases beyond 14 days? The Judiciary is inviting anarchy into this country by its incessant sale of judgments instead of justice. People have already started executing jungle justice as a result of their loss of confidence in the Judiciary e.g Badoo boys in Ikorodu. If the CJN fails to vacate this notorious order, he would have become the biggest cover for the corrupt in Nigeria. The people of Kogi west did not use a court order to elect Dino and they do not need one to recall him also. The Judiciary cannot truncate the will of the people in any guise.

    • Wilson Eseago

      My friend you have said it all, in the beginning of this govt, Buhari has said that the judiciary is the problem he has and it is so.

  • bigbang

    It is difficult to recall politicians in Nigeria. The system is rigged in favor of people like Dino Melaye. The solution is Education. Nigerians must be better educated to be able to fight people like Melaye. Learn everything you can about the system. Learn how to use the judiciary. Protest outside these people offices. Protest outside the National assembly. Learn about the candidates in the next election. Don’t just vote for party.

  • bigbang

    Hell no to military intervention. I don’t want. The military would be worse. It will be like substituting a set of bad people for more bad people. Hell no.

    • Yego V

      I’d rather have the military and know that I’m under oppression, than have these evil murderous agents of Lucifer proclaiming democracy and justice that doesn’t exist. I bet you did listen to the audio tapes where Dino was boasting “they have the police and judges in their pockets”. Its no longer boasting; this is real.

      • bigbang

        No no no. The military is worse than the current system set of looters.

        • Yego V

          Explain to me your understanding

          • bigbang

            Past military leaders looted the country. They created this current unitary system that has set us back. They clamp down on many freedoms like freedom of expression and assembly. I can only go by our own history. Military is worse. No no no hell no.

          • Yego V

            Tell me how much the military looted verse how much the politicians looted starting from Obj 1999. Leave Shagari out

          • bigbang

            Hell no to the military. The same military killed Keno Saro wiwa. hell no to the military. I will rather keep the current system

          • Yego V

            And tell me who killed Bola Ige, and people of Odi; and Christian of Southern Kaduna etc etc.?

  • kayode Olufade

    Where justice lies and dines with curroption, then all is lost!

  • Curtx Maccido

    Am suggesting the kogi west electorates visit the judge who issue the order and also stop by ozekhome’ s place to teach them ‘physical battering’ lessons. Until we all agree to face these minority fraudsters..,rogue politicians, corrupt judges and lawyers, crock public officers….they will continue to mess around with all!

  • Yego V

    At times like this, I find it easier to tolerate military dictatorship than accommodating this judicial contempt