Nigerian university students, workers force judge to reverse ruling on VC accused of fraud

FILE PHOTO: Acting Vice-Chancellor, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Prof. Anthony Elujoba (L) and Public Relations Officer of the Institution, Mr Abiodun Olarewaju, with some supporters rejoicing over the election of Prof. Elujoba as the Acting Vice-Chancellor in Ile-Ife, Osun, on Thursday (21/7/16) 5236/21/7/2016/EDA/HB/BJO/NAN
FILE PHOTO: Acting Vice-Chancellor, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Prof. Anthony Elujoba (L) and Public Relations Officer of the Institution, Mr Abiodun Olarewaju, with some supporters rejoicing over the election of Prof. Elujoba as the Acting Vice-Chancellor in Ile-Ife, Osun, on Thursday (21/7/16) 5236/21/7/2016/EDA/HB/BJO/NAN

The Federal High Court sitting in Ede, Osun State, has amended its earlier verdict sending Anthony Elujoba, the former Vice chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, to Ilesha prisons.

The reversal came after workers and students of the school protested and locked down the court barring the judge and others from leaving.
Under pressure, the judge sent the former VC to the EFCC custody as the workers and students demanded.

The court also rescheduled the case from July 19 to July 14.

The Non-Academic Staff Union of the university had shut down the court gate in protest after the earlier judgement.

Armed policemen later stormed the court in a bid to restore law and order, but all was to no avail as the irate students and workers continued their protest.

The protest lasted hours after which the judge, Oladimeji David, gave a new verdict.

Mr. Elujoba, a professor, is standing trial for alleged N1.4 billion fraud.

He is being prosecuted alongside the university’s bursar, Josephine Akeredolu.


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  • Mike

    It was something else today. We were locked up in court and the attempt i made to escape was almost met with a serious beating by the protesting students who forced open the court gate and defied the presence of the heavily armed policemen. Wow!

    • DeDream

      u were lucky that those set of students are ajebo with weak student union. if it were those days when we were great ife students, everyone of u must get what we used to call ‘maximum shishi’

      • sola

        Yes o..ife students will always get result on a situation unless they don’t want to be impressed and proud of them as well..”Greatest ife…

  • MilitaryPolice01

    Wow, this Vice Chancellor must be loved by his people especially staff and students.

  • Infoezone Infoezone

    it shows the man is just being persecuted. students will never support a fraudulent former VC

  • marc umeh

    Premium Times did not tell us WHY the protesters took such action. Inquiring minds want to know.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    So, interfering with a judicial proceeding by intimidating a Judge is the way these students will seek validation for their cause. Nigeria is on a downward spiral, ..such a mess.

    • DeDream

      is he d first vc to be remanded in prison or efcc custody? for this vc, the students and staff came out to protest because they know he is being victimised because he used the money to pay the staff their accumulated arrears owned them by previous vc. u were there commenting on what u knew nothing about its genesis.

      • pastorakinleye

        I pity your ignorance and lack of how things work. The VC will still have to answer the question of his failure to follow due process. Appeasing a group of people by flouting regulations will not save him, neither the barbaric outing of the “largesse ” beneficiaries.

        • DeDream

          ur ignorance should first of all pitied before mine! subventions will come in from govt. to any parastals with the purpose to spend the money for. mind u, whatever documentation required concerning the purpose of the money will be handled by those they called junior worker must especially the non academic staff as in universities setting. this is telling u that those non academic staff had privy info as to what the money is for. Then somebody just decided not to pay the money because he is the vc, professor, chief and thief in order to punish the ‘weak animals’. now u are saying due process is to be followed! Pastor !

      • Curtx Maccido

        Arrant nonsense!!! I can’t believe anyone will be screaming this madly over an allegation of N1.4 billion. Are you the first set of students? How can you stupidly justify judicial process obstruction and claim victimization? How do you know the money was used as claimed? If all students were like this perhaps there will be bunch of criminals everywhere. Can you just go back to school and let the law takes it course ….if you loot public funds, you will face the consequences irrespective of the number of students and workers interfering in judicial process!

        • DeDream

          i dey laugh o! i just read from ur post ‘evidence from efcc’? if u depend on that evidence from efcc u must be joker. how many evidences and witnesses from efcc have nailed past looters?

        • DeDream

          u are not an insider in this case. insiders know who is behind, pulling the string. one of the those pulling d string was also in the efcc net, just last year or early this year, he was not even detained talkless remanding in prison with same allegation of N4.8b. U go find out. So, this is one of reasons students and staff were protesting

  • Shahokaya

    Gone were the days when students fight evil in the society. What would Esko Toyor, Bala Usman, Madunagu, Bala Mohd, Ahmad Jalingo, Gani, Beko and other late progressives say of today’s students if they were around?

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      Nigeria regarded as bad today, God help us, when these younger generation, with no moral values, takes over.

    • Olaolu Olayeni

      Nigeria has so much degenerated to the level that anyone is considered a thief. Elujoba’s sin is that he effectively kept the Committee of Vice Chancellors from interfering in OAU affair which had previously bogged down the university community.

      You should know that we are not crazy when we go out to support a man as students and teachers. Normally it doesn’t happen. The fact that it’s happening means there is something extraordinary in this case. This is a man persuaded, practically begged to lead the university out of the crisis the principalities in the school had hurled on it. His six months in office was dramatic with unprecedented promotion cases that were hitherto not considered. It is on record that he returned the check issued in his name by the Ekiti Government. His argument was that the checked was so issued because he occupied that office; otherwise, the check wouldn’t have been issued in his name. Therefore, he returned the money.

      This is a man who spent his money to fund his accommodation any time his out of town for official duties.

      I haven’t seen an angel before. But if an angel is a human being, the I have seen Elujoba as an angel personified. Even the integrity of Buhari will pale before Elujoba.

      Therefore, if such a man is being victimized, we won’t keep quiet, just like if you are being unjustly victimized I won’t keep quiet. We are decent people who can tell the wrong from the right. That’s why we in Ife are different from other institutions keeping quiet in the face of victimization. I’m doing a paper on this man Elujoba who to me is the integrity that is missing in our country to day.

      Just know that if we keep quiet THE BAD MEN WILL DRIVE OUT THE GOOD ONES. Elujoba is just too good and the principalities swirl ineffectively against him.

      Thanks for your time.

      • Otunba

        Did you mean Cheque…… a legal tender? That your own “check” is confusing bro……written three times and spelt the same way? Lord have mercy!!!

        • Rominiyis

          That’s the American way of writing it. The American English spelling is gradually overtaking the English version. USA is a super power while Britain is a declining former super power.

          • Bunmi Fabusola

            Yes indeed! It’s very American way!

          • Olaolu Olayeni

            I prefer to use American style.

  • xandril

    Truly, students tend to hate their management but on this one, they come out en mass to protect him. Common sense should tell Nigerians,that there is something he must have been doing right. This government is filled with liars and can go any length to tarnish perceived enemies names. This is the same way,they have been harassing a prof of law in AAU for just bring upright. Anyway, finally, I think the country is finished except the jackals and the hyena are sent packing urgently

  • Isaac Boro

    Could the students try this during the ABACHA REGIME? Jungle goats.

  • Abdullah Musa

    This is a ‘good’ development for Nigerian law.
    Looters henceforth should lock down Courts to obtain the judgement they want.
    Africans! Primitive even in their universities.