Osun West election: Adeleke floors Aregbesola’s candidate, wins nine of ten LGAs

Ademola Adeleke [Photo Credit: Gistmania]
Ademola Adeleke [Photo Credit: Gistmania]

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State has pulled a surprise victory in the just-concluded Osun West Senatorial District election, winning nine out of the 10 local governments in the district.

Its candidate, Ademola Adeleke, who rode on the people’s sentiments for his late brother Isiaka Adeleke, defeated his APC opponent, Mudashiru Hussein, polling a total of 97, 280 votes.

Mr. Hussein came a distant second with a total of 66, 115 votes.

The APC only managed to win Ejigbo local government. Understandably, it is the local government of its candidate. There, Mr. Hussein scored 12, 229 votes, against the PDP which polled 9, 723 votes.

The APC’s loss is in spite of the support from the state government, Governor Rauf Aregbesola and the national headquarters of the ruling party.

The result of the election,  announced by the Returning Officer, Olaide Lawal, a professor at the Federal University, Oye Ekiti, showed that the PDP candidate had 31, 165 votes more than his APC challenger.

The election was adjudged peaceful, fair and transparent by both observers and other participants.

Both Messrs. Adeleke and Hussein had commended the conduct of the election, saying it was peaceful and satisfactory.

Mr. Adeleke joined the PDP less than a month before the election, after he faulted the conduct of the primaries of the All Progressives Congress in which he was a contestant.

Below is how APC and PDP fared in the election.

Osun West Senatorial Bye-election Result

PDP -13406, APC – 2095.

APC 12229, PDP. 9723

APC 4,768 , PDP 7,142

PDP 9201 , APC 8966

APC – 5316, PDP – 5618

PDP -12547, APC 12295

PDP: 18,559, APC: 2,784

PDP 5, 789 APC 5, 360

APC 7179, PDP – 9061.

APC 5, 227 PDP 6, 539


PDP- 9 LGs




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  • PolyGon2013

    The people have spoken. congratulations to Adeleke.

  • T-Rex

    Well,as a non-partisan ‘sidon look’ busy body,let me see how many months it is going to take before he defects back to the APC. Congrats to the Adeleke family.

    • Suleiman Alatise

      Kudos to you for your foresight, many are just commenting based on sentiment.

    • adeyanju oluyemi

      That is our useless politicians for you

    • emmanuel

      He is yet to steal money, so he does not need to defect to the APC. Only thieves who want to avoid prosecution defects to the APC.
      Should he defect to the APC so he can die like his brother?

      • T-Rex

        Some defect to ensure their relevance nationally,not necessarily coz they stole. Adeleke did not join the PDP coz of any ideology but for self interest, and same self interest might likely take him back to APC if the ruling party woo him with the headship of a juicy committee. Very few Nigerian politicians are endowed with the political will to play opposition politics for a long time.

  • Justice Equity

    Only a thoughtless bewitched citizen will still cast a vote for the axis of evil party APC that have within 2 years destabilized Nigeria and reversed all our Democratic gains.
    APC is evil ,may God completely implode,explode and destroy that evil conclave so that peace, unity,hope, progress, and prosperity shall return to Nigeria again.
    May God uproot all those using that evil axis to undermine Nigeria. Amen

    • MilitaryPolice01

      Though I agree with you that APC has greatly afflicted Nigeria, Adeleke’s victory is tied to sentiments re his late brother. If he ran on APC ticket, he would have still won. The good thing is the wishes of the people were reflected. By preventing Adeleke from being the APC candidate who would have tapped from major sentiments to win and secure the seat for APC, Oyegun and co have again showed they dont understand the people they profess to lead

      • emmanuel

        You are a coward, if you do not know where to point your fingers. Infact, you are satanic. Aregbesola’s candidate is Tinubu’s candidate, who they wanted to impose and the other power blocks in the APC worked against them. Simple reason Adeleke sneaked out of the APC.

  • MilitaryPolice01

    My people, I no get time to look constitution now now, but can someone tell me what the constitution says re Adeleke’s tenure, will he run a full 4 year tenure to 2021 or will he have to run again like others in two years time ?

    • Freedom Bini

      No. Once the Senate is dissolved Adeleke goes with them. But oracle had said that he will take over from Aregbesola

      • MilitaryPolice01

        Thanks. Which oracle again ? lol

        • Freedom Bini

          Peoples’ Oracle in form of Ballot Paper

          • MilitaryPolice01

            Oh ok, it is very possible as long the integrity of the ballot is not tampered with by Aregbesols and co

          • Powerlessconscious

            So when pdp win, the election is fair? Do you think it is only that votes these days? Educated people are now coming out too to vote for the future and not for the present because the future is always important.

  • Freedom Bini

    Adeleke for Governor

  • Spoken word

    Aregbe carry your trash back to alimosho.

  • adeade

    Honestly I love this as it sends a message to Aregbesola that people can decide who to vote for irrespective of the party.. Aregbesola must be crying now .. even the APC stalwarts in Osun state are tired of him..

  • George

    Last time I met with Tinubu in London before the last general election I told him you will miss your throw why trying to remove another from his throw and that has been exactly what had befall him.

    Kogi he lost, Akure he lost, senate he lost, Federal rep. he lost, ministerial appointment he lost, and more are coming.

    May God Almighty continue to gives GEJ wisdom to avoid these animals.

    • GOV11

      No matter how Tinubu “misses” his “throw,” it will be nothing compared to GEJ’s massive “throw miss” in the last presidential election. So I wonder why you think GEJ should avoid “these animals”, even though they seem to be more calculative than him.

      • emmanuel

        Do you think everyone who talks against Tinubu is Jonathan’s person? You clearly exhibit the kind of traits that led to the wild wlid west – ignorance. Yet you talk about sophistication.
        Of course, we all know that Tinubu is politically dead. He would only succeed in throwing in more monies into the turf, which the new crop of power players will swallow.
        Go back to Ikene in the last fifty years and you will know that Tinubu is already also on the way into a depressed life. You can glorify him to assuage you overbloated ignorant ego, but the truth remains!

        • Powerlessconscious

          Yes. It is.

    • SAM .A

      The result u see here has nothing to do with your mumu thought nor Dumbo Jonathan.That is matured politicking in Yoruba Land . It was first done in Lagos for Otedola of RNC while the people voted against Sarumi & Agbalajobi of SDP which was their party for thier stiff neckedness .Now Aregbesola and Hussein have dug their political grave , Senator Adeleke will be singing their dirge . Kudos to mature Yoruba politics and warning to their leaders .

    • adeyanju oluyemi

      They are all idiots including GEJ

    • Clear Conscience

      Where and when in London did you meet Tinubu? Just state the date and time and your name and we will investigate and verify your claim.

  • SAM .A

    End of the road for Aregbesola pedestrian and his godfather politics . He and Hussein have dug their political graves . Senator Adeleke will commence thei burial . It is time for people to commence his recall , otherwise APC will loose gallantly in Osun . People can no longer be taken for a ride .

    • Clear Conscience

      Don’t mess with South West electorate; they would not be fooled twice, irrespective of party affiliations.

  • Taye

    Hopefully this will send a signal to APC that they can not just be putting people in to contest elections with total disregard to what the electorates think. They did it in Kogi state and the result is a headache and sadly they did not learn from that. Hearing the reason why Aregbesola replaced Adeleke for the candidate who lost the election is a total disregard for the electorates who has the final say.

  • emmanuel

    We already know that APC and Aregbesola are bad brands. it reached maturity stage in its product; less than three months after it came to power.
    Most of thE bye-elections, re-run elections and fresh elections conducted in the last nine months clealy shows that God and the people have rejected the APC.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Biafraud. A peaceful election in the southwest. It is only biafraud that rejected APC because corruption was fought. PDP is not a role model for yorubas. When highest post election come, pdp will loose. It is not thousand that will come out to vote but millions.

      • emmanuel

        Model? APC is Tinubu and his is the most virtuous man in Nigerian. Fashola as Works Minister said Third mainland was going to fall down in January 2017 if nothing was done about. Pronto, Kemi released money to him and what we saw him do was scrape off the upper layer of Alepere to behin Unilag on one side, re-ccoated with his usual wishy washy bitumen and stole all the money. That is a way to fight corruption.
        Aregbesola has perpetually stolen most monies released by the same FG to clear workers salaries – that is fighting kwaraftsen
        The APC FG fudge has consumed you all and God and man has rejected you all.
        First, it was working from the realm of the Holy spirit that quarantined Tinubu in Lagos, Next Oyegun was silenced, Oshomole followed and Buhari went into final hibernation.
        You think say God dey sleep?

  • Afo

    The power of the ballot exercisable by the people is gradually returning. We pray it continues so as teach the corrupt politicians bitter lessons. Adeleke won the primary in APC and some people who felt they could play god pushed him out and even if he went to APGA to contest, he would have won massively. It is no longer platform but quality of the candidates that matters. Good people should be encouraged to step forward in subsequent elections. God bless Nigeria.

  • Kevin Peter

    Governor Rauf has seen it all should stop creating further confusion in the state. This is also a signal to the nation at large that if the electorates are dissatisfied, they’ll always have alternatives. Great victory for PDP! CONGRATS

  • Bright Ezeh

    Warning to APC but PDP is not a good alternative