Why Igbo cultural, political leaders oppose Biafra, support restructuring – Ohaneze President Nwodo

Ohaneze Ndigbo, John Nwodo
Ohaneze Ndigbo, John Nwodo

The President General of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, John Nwodo has explained the reason why the top Igbo organisation prefers restructuring of the country to total break up despite the relentless agitation of its youth.

According to a statement from his office on Friday, Mr. Nwodo told a cross section of Ndigbo leaders in Abuja on Thursday that no ethnic group has more stake in the Nigeria project than the Igbo and as such Igbos cannot consider a break up as a viable option.

The Ohanaeze boss said that there is no part of this country where Igbos have not invested their resources even without any corresponding investment from others in Igboland.

He said that while Ohanaeze understands and appreciates the circumstances that prompted the youth agitations under the MASSOB and IPOB platform, the elders do not believe that leaving the country is a reasonable option at this time.

Mr. Nwodo said that the various segments of Igbo leadership comprising the Ohanaeze leadership, governors, National Assembly members, traditional and religious leaders after deliberating on the situation in Enugu came to the conclusion that the restructuring option is the reasonable way to go.

PREMIUM TIMES reported the meeting of the Igbo leaders in Enugu, where they rejected the call for a Biafran country but called for restructuring of the country.

On Thursday, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo said the government would soon come out with policies to address the clamour by Nigerians for the restructuring of the country.

In his statement on Friday, Mr. Nwodo said restructuring will bring Nigeria to a level where every person of which ever tribe, religion or class would have a sense of belonging and in return give in their best for the development of the country.

The statement said the Igbo leader was in Abuja to meet with critical stakeholders in the Igbo project to have their understanding and be on the same page with them.

Mr. Nwodo also announced that steps are being taken by the apex body leadership to carry along the youth of the region and ensure that the Ndigbo have a common and unified position on the way forward for them.

He insisted that equal partnership, equal ownership and level playing ground for all is the right way to go to bring the best in our people and set the country on the path of growth and development.

Despite the call of the Igbo leaders after their Enugu meeting, IPOB and MASSOB have not relented on their call for a separate Biafran country.

The IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, recently urged Igbos to boycott all future elections until the federal government accedes to his group’s demand for a referendum on the Biafra call.


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  • art mon

    Premiumtimes is sos excited because they think that Igbos would no longer leave nigeria, how dumb is dumb?

    • Chris Paris

      You are right.

  • Sarah

    Thank you Mr Nwodo and other noble leaders of Ndigbo for championing Igbo interest without resorting to hate speech. Work within Nigeria’s constitutional framework and build bridges with others that also seek redress for any grievances.
    This is the way to avert an uncontrollable chain of events that may end up in another Civil War.

    • Onyeike eberechukwu Kenneth

      Fucking thanks, you better rethink, you short sighted pple,freedom first before any other thing

    • obiora

      To WORK with Nigeria by Biafrans did not start today. It is not a new storey but it end up everytime in news papers.

  • Wale

    “John Nwodo has explained the reason why the top Igbo organisation prefers restructuring of the country to total break up despite the relentless agitation of its youth.” _ PM.

    I just don’t get it; Carving Biafra out of Nigeria does not equate “total break up” of Nigeria as we know it today.
    You guys are saying that the marriage is not working and many Nigerians agreed with you, the best thing for the “wife” Biafran, (they are the ones getting fucked, Lol) is to move out and file for divorce (referendum). So, the husband (Nigeria) can move on and reorganize his broken home.
    We are just tired of all this noise and moving goal post every single time, please go.
    Nigeria cannot be great as long as we have biafrans within; they would “sabotage” every effort to move forward in order to prove their point. Biafra is going to happen, why not NOW?
    The sooner we let this folks go the better for the development of this nation please folks, give it a try. Let them GO.
    Have you notice that Biafrans are always happy to rejoice to every negative news about Nigeria, just like a wife that fell out of LOVE with her husband, so let them go.

    Lagos and “Yorobbers” as they call us, PLEEEEEASE,
    “Boycott yibo businesses”

    “yibo must GO”

    • Lanre

      Thank you for this. My position exactly. However, it will not make sense for the Igbos to have Biafra and Yorubas remain in Nigeria. Yorubas also need to stake their claim. We cannot continue to remain perpetual standby observers.

      • Chukwunonso Arinze

        no continue. continue to watch match.

    • True Talk

      I agree with you. Let them move. Nobody is stopping them. What I dislike is the daily noise from this yibo’s.

    • art mon

      may you die with all your supporters in the name of chukwu okike abiama

      • Wale

        May you never ever die; in the same name of your what ever you call your god.

        • Sir Louis

          Wipe out by who?

          • Wale

            You won’t be able to find out.

    • Chris Paris

      Why they don’t want biafran to go, please tell Nigeria government to let biafra to in peace, thanks.

  • Adenike Grace

    Biafra Freedom is better to restructuring Nigerian, forget about properties, Igbo’s own properties and no one lost, according UN, EU AU, and others rules and regulations by taxes ok,

    • vivarevoviva


      A country administered by honest and knowledgeable people is best,
      and it’s to be preferred. The physical elimination of all treasury thieves and their business accomplices
      in Nigeria is a task that must be done. Roll out the tanks now and drain the swamp!

      Let Nigeria’s revolutionaries quickly form a fighting alliance with the military men in uniform. It’s time
      to clean up Nigeria with physical action. Enough of talking to treasury thieves in government who’ve destroyed
      the basis of community happiness. It’s time to kill the treasury thieves and make Nigeria great again.

      • action! action!


        Only a bloody revolution can save Nigeria! All Nigeria’s bribe-takers and treasury thieves

        must be killed (along with their children wanting to inherit) and laid to rest in perfect peace.

        • 0tile

          I do not believe that blood shed or violent revolution can save Nigeria, because bloodshed and revolution will likely wipe out the wrong people, I mean innocent people who had no hand in looting and misruling Nigeria. The only kind of helpful bloodshed is the Jerry Rawlings type of surgical operation where the real rogues and looters were taken out with dexterity. Ghana would be the poorest country on earth without the intervention of Jerry Rawlings. Ghana has oil, gold, manpower and the people are making good use of what they got. In one Nigeria the most important achievement is the tribe of who is going to be the president irrespective of whether the president is capable or dummy.

  • obiora

    We will know who are realy the people of Biafra between Nigerian Politicians and the Masses. Nwaodo and his group are anti People.

    • Julius

      Weren’t it the ‘masses’ that voted them into the office ? Just asking because I have the feelings you haven’t thought that out yet.

      • osciosarl

        Buhari’s government is not the choice of the people that’s why he is finding it very difficult to succeed. Rigging is not people’s mandate.

        • Julius

          Moron, we are talking about your politicians…biafrauds politicians. Can you read at all. PLease, don’t respond.

  • osciosarl

    It’s better to go on having Biafra as a nation than waiting for Nigerian restructuring which will never come in as much as Igbo’s are inclusive. We can continue to be in this slavery instead let us go our way so that the remaining ones can be able to restructure. As far as we are there in Nigeria the situation can not change but if we go they can restructure. For that reason we mist go at least to save the remaining ones.

    • NoSpinEd

      Please elaborate on your use of the word “slavery”. How many Ibo slaves have you encountered at your last count?
      Ibos have always been successful business nomads in search of areas were competition is minimum. Whatever the outcome of this clamor, our illustrious Ibos will be everywhere in Nigeria as they have always been. Does it not make more sense, or serve the Ibo’s interest then to remove all barriers and negotiate a restructuring alternative dubbed The United “States” of Nigeria were there is maximum freedom of migration and ownership of property in any state of the union without reference to tribe or religious creed?

      • Julius

        Thinking has never been one of their attribute . You are correct, they are crying marginalizations and at the same time telling us that they own everything in Nigeria. That doesn’t make sense to me and I do not it makes sense to you also. These are the people we are dealing with.

        • osciosarl

          You take it or you leave it. According to statics, half of valuable investments in nigeria are own by the Igbo’s. They didn’t steal them from Nigerian government as your people are doing but they got them through hard works. Could you remember that late chief Awolowo seized Igbo’s money after the war by releasing them in #20 pounds no matter how much the person might have in the bank but 50 years on the stories are different. God have a way for his people where there is no way.

          • Julius

            The problem with you people is that you go around repeating the lies you’ve been told. I really don’t blame you, I blame your lying elders for putting all that into your head. Igbos are not better business people that anybody else . Period !. Its true that you are everywhere simply because your land is not conducive for doing business you can’t all be doing business just among yourselves. I know that you lack the capacity to think that far. Listen, Awolowo did what the FGN decided to do at the time. He did not make that decision all by himself but, as usual, you chose to blame him being a Yoruba man. It’s okay because we know better. Some of you came back from the East after the war, going to the bank trying to claim what you didn’t have before leaving Lagos because of the war. Your Zik got his businesses and house back. Imagine Igbo man trying to claim the government house they gave him to live in because he was a Federal employee. I guess houses like that are part of your 95% ownership of Lagos that you are still claiming. You are a fraud and you’ve been a fraudulent people for a long time. Keep lying to yourselves, it’s serving you right as we speak.

      • osciosarl

        Apart from maximum freedom of migration inside ones own country as deemed, what else can you boast of doing good to give the Igbo’s a sense of belonging in a country you claim that they are parts and Parcel of. Are they going to keep on and on negotiating for restructuring of the country that has been agreed time without number to restructure without a practicable result. Let Igbo go so that remaining can restructure or leave alone. Every country in the world can accommodate Igbo’s migration and not only Nigeria.

        • osciosarl

          Did you think that it’s only in Nigeria the Igbo’s have migrated, or did you think that it’s only in Nigeria Igbo have invested seriously. Open your eyes.

  • Okechukwu Vitus

    (King James Bible) Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.
    Ecclesiastes 8:12
    (King James Bible) Though a sinner do evil an hundred times, and his days be prolonged, yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, which fear before him:
    Ecclesiastes 8:13
    (King James Bible) But it shall not be well with the wicked, neither shall he prolong his days, which are as a shadow; because he feareth not before God.”

  • joelaw

    Some scholars in social sciences should look into why other ethnic groups don’t venture into the eastern part of the country to conduct or establish businesses. Apart from the resiliency and adventurous nature of the Igbo, are there other reasons why majority flee their region to conduct businesses in other parts of Nigeria and outside Nigeria. The Yoruba traders have populated places like Senegal and Ivory coast for ages, Benin republic is essentially Yoruba therefore its not surprising they are found in large numbers their too. They have also populated the middle belt for ages, particularly the Ogbomoshos and the Hausas have migrated more to the west than the east. Many reasons have been advanced for this lopsided mix in Nigeria, but for me some or most of the reasons are jaundiced and ethnically biased. The east could definitely benefit from having some of the Igbo businesses located in the region to enhance economic growth. Are there reasons why this is not so. I wish to be educated.

    • PolyGon2013

      It is easy. Ibos do not want other ethnic group in their midst to have any business. They hate other ethnic group in Nigeria. If those people that you mention can migrate to other places like Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, etc, then, you know that something is definite wrong with SE. Even Igbo who build houses in SE don’t leave there. Most of them leave outside of their zone because they don’t feel safe there.

    • simssoon

      The main reason is they’re majority traders or business men and must be closer to the seaport and international cargo.The cost of transporting a container from lagos to east is worth more than Europe to Nigeria.. I guess it’s their major reason ,that’s why you can find them many in Kano and Lagos.And because of the failed system or politics the federal govt, refused to allow or dredge other seaports.but with this restructuring or their Biafra there will be changes because the federal will have little of no power to stop each zone from developing to any capacity they want.

  • Julius

    ‘the elders do not believe that leaving the country is a reasonable option at “this time”..ummmm, take note folks …

  • Otile

    These Igbo leaders are unrealistic. The North does not want restructuring, they prefer to cheat SS SE forever. The only people who are going to benefit from restructuring are Yorubas. They are contributing little but have a lot to gain. SE SS are going to cut their losses because they will loose less than what are loosing now. The Northerners are not contributing anything but will loose a lot of what they are getting from the present cheating status quo. Biafra is the biggest loser of all because they will not be allowed to use their God given talents to reach their talents. For example Nigeria dominated by Northern rulers even after restructuring will never allow Biafra to manufacture sophisticated weapons to sell to the world for their own protection. They will never allow talented Biafrans to head ministries were they can spearhead breakthrough technology to help mankind. There is plenty of latent talents in Igbo land, other tribes have muffled the talents. With restructuring backwardness must continue in one Nigeria. Fools_don’t know this.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      Why cant Igbo develop their states in Nigeria first, call all their people back home and ask other Nigerians to leave their land.
      Igbo look like birds messing up our earth, hoping life will be better for them in the sun.

      • 0tile

        Do you have anything useful to contribute, if not shut the trap. Your ad hominem attack on Igbo people is crass idiocy. …why can’t Igbo develop their states in Nigeria… You mean Igbo build federal ministries in Igbo towns for themselves, build railroads and airports with their money for themselves. Which other tribe is doing these for themselves? Do you have any commonsense at all?

        • PolyGon2013

          The allocation that you get monthly, which you don’t even deserve is enough for your state governors and legislature to use to build whatever your want. No one is stopping you. Get a lesson from Lagos State and others who use their allocations to build and improve their states.

          • 0tile

            Get true lesson that Lagos was the capital of Nigeria. Most of the infrastructure was built by collective money not by Lagos state. Lagos is not a good example to give me for self-help. Beside Lagos which other Yoruba city is more developed than any small town in SE SS? SE in particular was totally destroyed by Nigerian vandals yet Igbo rebuilt their cities without any help from the Federal government. Today the Federal government has incurred so much debt trying to rebuild the North East partially destroyed by a few Boko Haram Muslims. What kind of justice is that to the South East?

          • joelaw

            Lagos was created 50 years ago and, i can tell you the few federal infrastructure left behind. When Lagos was created only the housing estate built by Awolowo in Ikeja was the biggest thing there. Take away the national stadium, federal secretaria, the old race course nowTBS and national theatre there will be no federal presence. Ikoyi, Falomo and V.I were not what they are today when the state was created. Road expansion, landscape, proper town planing, the opening up of Lekki,Ajah and banana island are new additions. Lets give it to Lagos, she has made a number of giant strides in her 50years dwarfing whatever structure the federal government left behind. These things are real and is the reason other sates copy Lagos. All structures left behind are presently in a state of decay.

          • 0tile

            Are saying the Apapa Port was built with Yoruba money and no Federal input? Murtala Mohammed International Airport, no Federal input, American Embassy in Ikoyi, no Federal input, Dandan Barracks, no Federal input. Yorubas built all these money making institutions from the scratch by themselves. Awon omo Odua o ga o.

          • joelaw

            I don’t like ethnic tainted discussions except they are based on facts. Remove Dodan Barracks, MMA and the Apapa port from the equation and please don’t forget 80-90% of revenue from these places go to federation account not Lagos. There are ports in other cities of the country too. During Obasanjos reign Lagos was denied revenue allocation for months but she kept matching on. Recently, Lagos volunteered to rebuild Apapa road, she has a plan for Lekki port and an alternate airport in that axis too. There are many states with federal presence before their creation with no meaningful additional development to show for it. Sir, I guess the point I’m trying to make is people should stop ignoring the contribution, doggedness, and focus of the visionary leaders of Lagos, who in spite of their human frailty have made it a place where everybody want to be. The budget of Lagos today is that of about 10-15 states put together, and about 7 times her federal allocation. In the hand of a skilled surgeon the knife is used to save lives and in the hand of a criminal it is used to kill. Yes, it’s easy to say the high income is due to huge taxes, of course that’s the way it is in Europe and the West. To create an enabling environment takes a lot of money and the fact is Lagos is anticipatory in her thinking, the state thinks far ahead and plan accordingly. Honor must be given unto whom it is due, Lagos deserve some kudos for veering her citizens in the path of growth, she has a long way to go, but she is on the right path. I salute leaders of the state.

          • 0tile

            Show me any capital or former capital of any country on earth that has not prospered better than other cities. Our Yoruba brothers are fond of priding Lagos as the sole architect of Yorubas, but it is not. It is no accident that New York City, Washington DC, Ottawa, Rome, London, Freetown to mention but a few are more prosperous even more developed than other cities within those various countries. It will be ridiculous to attribute their success wholly to the indigenes of the states where these cities are located. Can Kwari people now attribute the success of Abuja to Kwari ingenuity?

          • JJ

            Lagos was a trade center in Africa long before Nigeria was formed. At the time telephone lines were being connected between Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan, and UK your region were still in their clans and were still cannibalistic. Check the history. Nothing drew back the west especially Lagos more than the ibos with their criminal minds and hatred. The same reason your region lacks any development or investments. I know your region and the people very well, and from what I know, I can tell you frankly that no reasonable Nigerian, even your people, the ibos would like to invest in your region if they have choices. The region is full of hatred and crimes. Anambra state is exceptionally worst.

            Sometimes I wonder how a tribe that claims to be over 95% Christian religion could be so wicked, criminal minded and with minds so full of hatred. Maybe, if you people can repent but I doubt. It seems inborn. Mind you, righteousness exalts a nation.

            And noise apart, from the time immemorial till date, apart from crime, there is nothing positive that your region achieved before the SW. You can prove me wrong by naming one or two.

          • 0tile

            You are not saying anything at all. You must be out of your senses to say that Badoo canibals are exemplary yorubas. Your most famous leaders are druggists eg Tinubu and Buruji. Other well know leaders in yoruba land are shameless ‘incestors’, you know what I mean. I do not need to go into your kind of gutter language with you. Fuck_off moron.

          • joelaw

            There is no doubt that Lagos had a head start when it was created as you’ve suggested and I agree, but so also were the old regional colonial centers of Kaduna, Jos, and Enugu to mention a few. I really however don’t know why it is difficult for people to accept the giant strides of Lagos. This has nothing to do with any particular ethnic group, but leadership. No matter what anyone says Lagos development today dwarfs whatever the federal government left behind. On the comparison between Lagos and Abuja, there should be none. Abuja is a virgin territory, bought and built from the scratch with federal money, the indegenes can lay little claim. On the other hand nobody bought Lagos as it was inhabited by natives who owned it (the eguns, aworis, yorubas from hinterland, binis, and freed slaves from Brazil), the colonial masters made it capital and used it as administrative center because of the port facility. Lagos today is growing because of the contribution of many ethnic groups, however the visionary style of her leadership is what drives it. There is this indomitable Lagos spirit that makes living there fulfilling business wise for those who live there and love to call it home.

          • 0tile

            Are you saying that Apapa Port was built with Yoruba money and no Federal
            input? Murtala Mohammed International Airport, no Federal input, American Embassy in Ikoyi, no Federal input, Dandan Barracks, no Federal input. Yorubas built all these money making institutions from the scratch by themselves. Awon omo Odua o ga o.

          • MultiBen

            @ Otile: why not calm down and reason as i can see the direction your argument is coming from and hinging on it strongly.
            Give yourself a deep thought: you claim there are geniuses and brains in the SE yet the SE is still wallowing seemingly in crisis of self destruction.
            The money that has accrued to the SE state by allocation, if their are visionary leaders , the SE would have been the destination for tourism.

            The SE is not the only region that is “marginalised”, given everyone the chance to talk , you will know that its not only by our farm that Fulani and their herds destroy.

          • King Bona

            That is why we the youths will never elect them again . Is Buafran referendum or no more election in Biafran land. I know no family will dare the angry youths to come out to vote that day. Just watch and see

          • Patriotism

            Possiblity of impossible will happen where APC will sweep Anambra easily, the only state held by biafraud agitation through APGA. Typical childish act.

          • Learn to forget SS no tribe or region will ever cast their lots with the igbo-biafra greedy 100% or nothing tribe, other wise you will fail miserably again like your forefathers

          • Sir Louis

            Well said, Otile.

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          Igbo leaders have been part of Nigerian government since 1959, they took money for themselves as part of the corruption & attracted nothing to Igbo land.
          They even took money from 2nd niger bridge.

        • John Douglas

          It is true, fraud dominated all your states Abia, Imo, Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi completely no roads, no infrastuructures, no hospitals, etc. fraud and corruption everywhere in SE more than any other part of the country. With this you want to extend to rich SS, to dominate and still our land and resources. Yes Ausa still our oil but they don’t take our land and respect us as human beings. Igbos are the most greedy in all tribes in Nigeria.We are not part of biafra nonsense, count us out.

          • 0tile

            Nobody said that yoruba is part of Biafra. You are a typical yoruba pretending to be from somewhere else, your English gives you away, your yourba tribesmen know you and they gave you double upvotes. Traitors.

      • Tiony

        All you guys should go out and get a job,you guys are idle.

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          Armed robbery, kidnapping, drug running, smuggling fake drugs, fake goods & expired food into Nigeria perpetrated by some of your people are no job. If you think so God help you.
          If you don’t want us to talk about it, you are in self denial because it will not go away.
          300 Nigerians on death role in Asia & 400 in jail in South Africa happens to be all Igbo, they were not unfairly jailed like some of you want to believe.

    • PolyGon2013

      Our Minister of Science and Technology is an Igbo man. And they have been there many times before. Which technology did we have a breakthrough on with an Igbo man as a minister in Science & Technology? As for contribution of Yoruba to Nigeria, we contributed the most: Industry, education, science & arts…the list goes on.

      • 0tile

        The Igbo man who is the Minister of Science and Technology is a case of misplaced talent. Buhari is so idiotic_to waste that man’s talent. The man is a medical doctor but he was assigned to do something else. Look at another Igbo man Rotimi who studied English language, he was given the task of Transportation. Where is his business acumen? Is that how to develop a country? With Buhari’s cabinet it is garbage in garbage out, and the country is sinking today.

        • Babawale

          Ben Carson is veteran neurosurgeon but he’s now a secretary of housing.
          So say something else to defend ur baseless point or excuse for failure of an Igboman in government.

          • 0tile

            Do you believe that the best way to use a surgeon is to give him a lucrative appointment as a Secretary of Housing or Minister of Science and Technology? Anybody can do well as a Secretary of Housing surrounded by perm secs and hordes of other secretaries but any anybody can do well as surgeon in an all-important operating room. Use your commonsense, Yoruba man.

      • Spirit

        Look at you bloody coward talking.your land have been developed by resources from the easthern region.everyone knows that you ppl are lazy assholes

      • King Bona

        All we want is to have referendum to decide. These so called Ohaneze will be put to shame.

      • Charles Ekwy Agbo

        Which industry? Which education? You are dreaming. Go and check statistics in education and manufacturing.igbos are on top not minding that Lagos got western education before onitsha. But Ogbod being vibrant in every aspect have taken over. Check well bro before u comment out of context.

        • PolyGon2013

          We lead in education. You don’t have any industry. However, you do well in trading with respect to sole proprietorship. When it comes to industry that employs thousands of people, Yoruba reign supreme.

    • Smart

      Otule is it true that bayelsa, delta, rivers and akwaibom states are part of biafra? As revealed by kanu

      • 0tile

        NonSamart is it true that Kwara, Edo and Kogi states are part of Oduduwa Republic as revealed by Frederick Fashehun?

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          Yes, they are

  • Patriotism

    Clearly, the biafra agitation is a childish nonsense by immature boys who don’t even know the consequences of what they are doing fueled by political lossers aiming at destabilizing the APC government. Ignore them and work for them even though they will never appreciate any good done to them.

    • King Bona

      They do not represent 98 percent of Igbo people so they are not the Igbo representative. Our representatives are the youths and very soon the Biafran youths will begin our own way of opposing them too. They are the same political group that have embezzled the future of the youths and we will take the stage of showing them how much they have betrayed us very soon.

      • Patriotism

        They witness and know the consequences of the last civil war but the so called youth don’t know. Even your coward hero ojukwu run away admits regret for supporting the war. You have started again just as it started in 1966 like joke saying agitation is not war but for freedom biafra or death external influences lead us to fight ensuring support to biafra with selfish motive with promise and plan to exploit ND oil. If don’t respect your elders then which country are you going to form, a jungle country survival for the fit.

  • asholds

  • King Bona

    They are not true Igbo leaders because 98 percent of Igbo people are not with the so called Ohaneze and they have never contributed to any meaningful development to Igbo land since their formation. We the Biafran youths will begin to oppose them soon on our own way. Mark my word.

  • spiritincomand

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