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  • FreeNigeria

    so it’s said, so shall it be. Oya Magu, tear down Saraki and his fellow thieves.

    • Yego V

      dye dye

  • omo56

    The mere fact the bunch of crooks in our senate oppose him is the best reason why he must stay in the position

    • Ashibogu

      The Sinators want to steal more of our money so that they will be able to buy Viagra for their sexual escapades with under age girls.

      • Tunsj


      • FreeNigeria

        Soooooo true.

      • Opekete


    • otitokoro

      Not only that, but these thieves are so brazen and self serving they were proposing an amnesty for all treasury looters. Is there anything anywhere in this universe more egregious than that? Won binu VP, won binu Magu or anybody that stands in their sleazy ways,running this country down in the process. When do we say enough is enough and send a quazi military group to round them up and deposit them in Sambisa forest as suggested lol?

  • Sam

    I like the idea of building a prison for the corrupt politicians in Sambisa forest. Thats a knock on saraki’s head lol

  • Hassan Lawal

    …ahh..ahh..ahh…those bunch of thieves shall not sleep for two years…no rest for the wicked!!!

  • Tunde

    Yeeeeesssssss! Thank you PMB! Thank you APO! Thank you Magu! Last but not Least Thank El Rufai for putting action to your words! Prison in Sambisa? Carry Go! I am encouraged! But please please please, Magu, get your house in order! We need a high profile conviction! I know the corrupt have these lawyers that have been perfecting their art for years; EFCC lawyers are playing catch up; they need to shape up or get out of the kitchen if it’s too hot for them! Look for new lawyers if need be! WE NEED CONVICTIONS! Please!

    • Tunsj

      You said it all. Thanks.

  • emailofemi

    The die is cast…simple and clear, let those who hath ear hear

  • dami

    Go to court if you don’t like it…rogues…thieving senators…never adding any value and at the same time stealing the little we have.
    If they have good intentions they should work magu and move on.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    “This week, the senate suspended consideration of all confirmation processes for executive nominees, demanding Mr. Magu’s removal.”

    Meantime, the Senate is also threatening to impeach Osibanjo over this same issue. Look at these fools! What are they afraid of? Now they will ground the Nation? We the PEOPLE that elected you all are closely watching. You will end up paying a steep price for you tomfoolery!

  • Dawood

    Biafraudsters, thieves, pedophiles, smugglers, prostitutes, looters, liars, and shameless criminals will not like this news. NASS is not happy. Good news for Nigerians.

  • Comfortkay

    Nigerian should watch out for these Senators when they come abroad to spend the money.This time we will deal with them.

    • Afo

      Stone the rogues whenever they cross the border of this country.

  • Sword of Damocles

    “so long as Buhari remains Nigeria’ s president, Mr. Magu would continue to work as the EFCC chairman.”
    dexterity in da extreme to invoke the name of the President (garlic to the cabal “vampires”. oti ton(my attempt at Yoruba) language.
    I believe that oyinbo man dey call this one, eehhh…. CHECKMATE. Goodnite!


    When 109? Senators come together and say with one voice ‘SACK MAGU’,

    That is a clear sign that we should ‘KEEP MAGU’.

    Given a choice between Magu and the Senators, i will chose Magu anytime.

  • chibueze Ahaneku

    Nigerians are at a place in history where they have never been before.As complex and challenging as our situation may be presently,a tremendous opportunity is being thrown up for us to seize in order to rescue our country and secure it for our children’s children.All the agitations,militancy,economic recession and low morale should propel us to finally understand that it is now THEM against US:THEM being the ultra corrupt and treasury looters most of who ‘reside’ at the NA,the CABAL and ALL their collaborators and US being the Nigerian people.We must rally around the Acting President with our prayers and full support to put at bay those who have lost touch with the realities that Nigerians face on a daily basis,who could care less about Nigerians because they and their children are no longer among us.They jet around.They have fuel at will.They exploit the security apparatus of Nigeria to arrest and intimidate people at will.They laugh as citizens cry under the weight of the economic hardship by instigating crises.They budget for their lifestyle and expect it to go unchallenged.They manipulate the present situation to pitch one organ of government,ethnic or religious group against the other .They are stirring up unnecessary ethnic and religious crises because they thrive when the country goes from one crisis to another.Power belongs to the Nigerian people who have in the past looked the other way.Now people want to participate and save the country.The average Nigerian in the NE,NW,SS and SE, all have the same problem:End Corruption.When this is done development and progress will follow.We have all we need to be great.Now is the time to subtract what we do not need to be great.

    • Saka Pena

      You are my brother from different parents.

    • Patriotism

      I concur, corruption must be killed before it kills Nigeria.

    • dudu

      bless you. well said

  • princegab

    God bless Ag President .

    • Arogbo


  • George

    With all these noise what is holding the Magu hands back not to arrest and send the senators to courts if actually they are corrupt.

    This is just a game start by buhari that this Tokenism inherited nothing else. WHETHER the senator agree or not they have no immunity so what is the so called Magu waiting for.

    Nigerians like fooling themselves and accept lies continuously

    • serubawon70

      The answer is CORRUPT JUDGES

      • tundemash

        And the wailing wailers like the monkey George

  • Simeon Nigel

    Bravodo!! to our vice president, professor Yemi Osinbanjo, as he continue to steps up the momentum to still keep Magu as EFFC chairman and this is the right direction for supporting him. There were thieves hidding inside the senate chambers, well away from prosecution from their past evil and wicked stealing attitudes when they were governors for their states. They have viciously detroyed the future of Nigerians grandchildren future wealths as evidence in today’s economic deep recession with no end on sight as yet. Those evils senators that most of them also were former thieving governors that left an extreme bad trails of corruptions’ embedments in their respective states ever before they had chosen as a safe heaven in the senate house. That is why they are seeking for Magu, the chairman of EFCC, jagular or wanting his ‘head chopp-off permenantly at all cost and abusing their senate status privilages that the Nigerian flaws and scam presidential system of governance provided to them.

  • Abdussalami Yaro

    Kai Mr. Magu! I can not but agree with you, more than 100 per cent, on establishing a prison in SAMBISA for looters of our Commonwealth. That is a great idea.

  • persona

    Prison in sambisa, Magu, please tell Buaratai to spare or grant amnesty to Shekau. Shekau has a nuisance value afterall, I guess its why he never die after several attempts, he is supposed to be the O/C torture for that proposed pison where saboteurs amongst us are kept.

  • Ijeuwa

    Saraki and his minions in the presidency, the senate and the APC secretariat are being clever by half.

    I don’t know why Magu hasn’t picked thief Saraki up yet. But it’ll come, yes it’ll.

  • JOHN

    Lawlessness is the worst corruption. The law that set up efcc clearly stipulated that efcc chair must be confirmed by the senate to function otherwise he is occupying that office illegally. There is not two ways to it. God help Nigeria to survive this needless heating up the polity. Efcc should probe el’ Rufai tenure as minister of fct and let’s know your finding instead of him to grand standing. What he is doing now is tie efcc hands concerning him.

    • Sword of Damocles

      Actually you are wrong, the EFCC act requires advise & consent by the Senate, whereas the Constitution of 1999(the Supreme Law) is silent on this issue. Now John, in your infinite wisdom, what law should take precedence? the law which created the EFCC Act in the first place, or the EFCC Act? BTW are there not laws against looting the treasury of a nation state? are the Senators abiding by that law?

      • Irumundomon

        (Actually you are wrong, the EFCC act requires advise & consent by the Senate)
        This is not silent, that is in itself confirmation, in a legal language. Define CONSENT. It is very clear here, it is buhari and those, who has helped him, that is ambiguous about the definition, I’m not a lawyer.

    • thusspokez

      Lawlessness is the worst corruption. The law that set up efcc clearly stipulated that efcc chair must be confirmed by the senate to function otherwise he is occupying that office illegally.

      Yes, that law clearly says so, but the constitution is mightier than the aforementioned law, and indeed created or facilitated the creation of that law. Granted, the constitution has precedence over the aforementioned law.

    • Enemona

      You are right about the law setting up the EFCC, what about the constitution? It gives the executive full power to appoint the EFCC chair without any clearing from the senate. So which one takes precedence, the EFCC law or the constitution?

      • Irumundomon

        Confirmation by the senate. I mean to conclude it by saying, in a responsible nations. Some lawyers, who are supposed to be selling spareparts, are all in support of buhari arrogance.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Bruv, no it doesn’t.

    • tundemash

      Is that law superior to the constitution ?

      • Otile

        Salama alekun

  • aboki

    The reactions and presentations on the topic in this forum unanimous with no abuse is delighting.
    Please let us continue to comment appropriately and positively as Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians!
    Nigeria we hail thee!

    • Frank Bassey

      You are damn wrong; you did not read all the reactions.

      • aboki

        By Statistics probability can never be one or zero but inbtw positive contribution is glaringly higher than few negative ones.
        Also its for Nigeria sake despite the few negative comments

        • 0tile

          Allah ya Isa

    • 0tile

      Utangirma Allah

  • thusspokez

    It is good to see the executive arm of government asserting itself in the matter — as it should rightly do.

  • Emeka

    Come to think of it, is it not right to build prisons in Sambisa forest for the corrupt men and women in our society?

    • Afo

      Magu has proposed that and the corrupt NASS is jittery. God will continue to disgrace them.

  • Enemona

    “That is the only message from the President, so those thinking that corruption is winning this war, Magu would remain their nightmare for the next two years or six years as the case may be.’’

    Please give them the nightmares. We the people of Nigeria are solidly behind Mr. President and the Acting President, let those who fear Magu come clean. Only the guilty shall show fear, the rest of us are cheerleaders for the anti-corruption war. As they bring their might of their stolen wealth and influence, so shall we bring our might in numbers, in the millions, we will bring them down in a twinkle of an eye.

    • Irumundomon

      How many apc governors, are in jail today? . Is the law meant for the oppositions alone. Kangaroo nation.

      • tundemash

        Mor0n, you are still stuck in this APC/PDp thing. When your destiny looters get back to power, let them jail corrupt APC people too Q.E.D !

        • paul irumundomon

          Your primary six ?drop out president, is practicing ethnic bias rule, good luck, in your dark day doom. What happened to timubu, fashola ameache and many other looters in apc.?

          • tundemash

            With your Masters degree, your sentence is full of errors. Olodo !

          • paul irumundomon

            Buhari your dump ass president, don’t have school cirtificate, hate and foolishness, drive Nigerians in droves, accepting his ineptitudes. Checkout the daily expenses of your failed president on his medical trip.
            Your mom and wives are fucked daily, keep on checking spellings. I code, and in the US, never been told my English is wrong, but only where students buy grades from their professors.
            Keep your stupidity amongst ypurselves, failed nation, gold luck

          • tundemash

            Twat! I live in the UK (so stop glamorizing living abroad) and I know coding rejects wrong spellings. Olodo, go learn how to spell “certificate” first !

          • paul irumundomon

            Your problems are spellings in all the wrong doings of buhari, and the frequent visits to Uk. It is with pride I said that I live in the US. Check the listing of lezcographic society of people, no one African. Buhari and his cabals, are turning Nigeria to something wonder, more, hatred has brought that nation to her kneels.
            The only good things Nigerians are good at, is checking errors in English laguages, but no one English man can speak hausa. Confused people. You see how the British take away the resouces the unborn Nigerians need to develop, keep on living in dreams and denial. The best Nigeria university, do you know the positions in the world, speak check won’t allow you to see, where we belong.
            You are more a moron.

  • Enemona

    If I were Magu or the Acting President, I would end all this nonsense by picking this guy up, straight up, case closed. Throw him in the roughest part of prison. This guy called Saraki has to be jailed for life or thrown to the dogs.

  • Bayo Ola

    Good job Acting President. This is how to roll. Let the corrupt Oranguntan called Saraki try another card. Ko ni ragba fun Saraki. Meanwhile, I think it is a conflict of interest on the part of the EFCC to accept office space or land donation from El Rufai or Kaduna state government. At least, the EFCC should give a symbolic donation of money for the office space and land that the Kaduna state donated to it. Magu must be careful in accepting freebies from politicians. No need for that!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    EFCC under acting chairman Ibrahim Magu, has been revived and vigorously active fighting endemic corruption viruses in Nigeria public sector.Ibrahim Magu, must be allowed to continue with his good work of war against endemic corruption viruses in Nigeria.Those senators, who are trying to remove Ibrahim Magu, are scare of Ibrahim Magu,s descending on them as most of the senators, are looters and thieves and embezzlers, of our natrional commonwealth.With Ibrahim Magu, as EFCC leader, those senators, minds will be unease for sometime as endemic looting stealing and embezzlement, are rediced to minimum level in our public space.

  • Irumundomon

    The senate rejected him, all the security agencies in Nigeria, denounced him, we are all waiting for allah to make the last rejection. What fight is buhari wanting this man to help him fight, who does this man want to punish, to settle the crime, every other Nigerian can’t fight.
    What a lawless nation, some are clamouring for his stay , but the basic law of our land, rejected him, whether they are wrong is not an issue right now, they should look for a better Nigeria.
    We are almost two hundred million in population, the old, man, who was elected on a very wrong premise, can’t find one person other than magu, a very big shame.
    When shagari was overthrown, the Nigeria nation did not seize to exist, but buhari who came to power illegally, deemed it illegal, for those who are known to participate in the coup that removed him from office, shame to you and those Nigerians, who forgot the rain that got their books, wet on their way to school during recess, what a myopic remembrance in a nation of plenty, why many are dying of hunger.

    • MilitaryPolice01

      The senate rejected him, all the security agencies in Nigeria, denounced him, we are all waiting for allah to make the last rejection.
      Any process where rejection by man comes first before that of the Almighty,then that process is flawed and dictated by man and not God. With your comment and so many of the likes I have been seeing recently, I am inclined to agree with SR that Saraki and co have hired online ebots to propagate their deception to unsuspecting Nigerians.

      No matter how much you have been incentivized by, you should settle down and ask yourself, – on what grounds and on what basis was Magu rejected by the NASS and DSS? Are they justifiable, are they viable or do they reflect malice, vindictiveness and an overt plot to get rid of the one man who is bent on bringing them to justice.

      We will see how this plays out, but my appeal to you is to leave God out of this, except of course you are talking about the small lettered gods who neither see, speak nor hear but are diabolically fortified to strictly carry out the demonic wishes of men.

      • paul irumundomon

        There is nothing that is impossible, under this govt. Tell buhari to dissolve the senate, and all the agencies who rrjected magu, so him and magu, can rule alone. But remember that no man or woman is indispensable. He can continue with his standard six mentality to direct the affairs of nigeria. The law in Nigeria, to him is useless the constitution is immateria, and even the federal character, to buhari is a rag, carry on all buhari supporters. Don’t forget that, somebody is watching, his allocations and style is going to be copied.
        Yar adua, the late president, did not spend one month in the hospital, when buhari called the Nigeria senate to impeach him, but the same buhari as God would have it today is in a bigger mess, can you or all those who supports buhari call for impeachment, to have a sound and a person who respects the law of Nigeria take over.
        That is not asking for too much, buhari set the ball in motion. I can tell you the place and date buhari said what I just ed referenced.

  • Afo

    That is the position of Nigerians and the rogues in the Senate and the entire NASS have no hiding place. God bless Nigeria.

  • Adebayo Funke

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  • dudu

    That’s more like it my PYO. God is your strength.

  • Otile

    Jama’a barka da jumat.